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American Here.
I'm graduating university in May of this upcoming year. My buddies and I want to go to Europe for ~6-8 weeks. Our goal is to party and have fun.

I am looking for "Party Capitals" on the beach (think Ibiza, Mykonos, etc., pic related).

What options do I have? For now, I'm thinking Ibiza, Mykonos, Split. What other places have great nightlife yet are still beautiful and on the beach?
Should we look into some mainland cities also?

Thank you very much!
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City i'd say Budapest for sure ! It's beautiful, cheap, has attractive girls and cool clubs and bars.

Obviously Ibiza is the ultimate I'd you are into that sort of thing but beware it is expensive to the point of insanity. €10-15 for a bottle of water one of the super clubs.
You'd be better off somewhere like split to be honest, will be cheaper than Ibiza and more beautiful
>going transatlantic just to party
waste of money desu

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Hey guys, need some help from any Germans here.

I have this sick ex-airforce coat with shitty old shoulderboards I put on myself. It is the thickest and best jacket I own and I'm planning a trip to Europe, including Germany.

Basically, all I wanna know is will I be legally allowed to wear this with all the anti-military laws? Shoulder boards will be removed if it's necessary.
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Yes, you will be able to wear that. Jesus. Does it have a Swastika on it? Does it have an SS Totenkopf on it? If yes, then you wouldn't be able to wear it.
I wouldn't out of courtesy, though. A lot of people take that seriously, at least in America. I've seen people get punched for shit like that. At most a field jacket or something, but if you come off looking military and aren't there might be that one dude that shoves you around.

No, nothing like that. The closest thing to any insignia are the boards and they don't even properly match it.
Just triple checking though, I don't wanna get in legal shit abroad.


I've never had a problem here, being an Aussie and all. But Germans may be different, and from what I've heard, the only way people actually get offended is if you claim to have served or wear medals that would imply you have. Which I will definitely...
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Tell me your country's interesting trains. Luxury train? Railway gun? Anything is okay.
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Great post op, fuck this guy.

We have Amtrak, it's very slow but a very unique way to travel the USA. Would recommend for a short trip if you've never taken it
aus regional trains are the best I've ever been on
all really really clean, safe, people will talk to you

trains in northern vietnam were the scariest I've ever been on
people would try to fore ther way into your cabin, shove packages through the windows, the toilets at both ends leaved into the hall, the train would stop for hours for no reason in the middle of a field

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I saw the US Government released a warning for US Citizens traveling to Europe due to the terrorists activity recently. I already have tickets to go to Italy in like 25 days, I'm going regardless of the warning. But I'm just wondering what stuff I can do to make myself not be such a "American" over there just to avoid being a potential target. Any advice is appreciated.
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im going feb 9th... going regardless
what warning
Tell them your Canadian. There is way less hostility towards them.
why are you acting so shocked? Highest alert is where its at all the time, really. Check travel.state.gov whenever you're going somewhere if you want to know what (the US state dept) currently is the warning status of your trip destination. It's a pretty useful website by region, city, and might list things like crime against tourists, from gypsy stuff to cafes or things to be aware about. It also lets you register yourself much as you would a float plan or hiking thing, just so someone knows where you are.

I'm going to tell OP if you want to look like a local, wear a european brand of something, like your shoes or some adidas crap, or else look a touch more fashionable or slightly more businessy, as is the norm in Italy. American slob-comfortable and casual wear isn't typical of a local. They'd have on fashionable pants or a sweater over the shoulders. Women wear skirts, not shorts and sleeveless isn't good for visiting churches.

I think you'll be fine in Italy, but the usual warning to think on your feet, avoid crowds/demonstrations, sports gatherings, and such. Fanny packs/man purses are more common than backpacks. Avoid it all, if you must, by wearing something under a jacket when in crowds.

If you were a policeman or someone with some kind of training, you'd not sit with your back to a door when dining or in a store. Awareness always is just what you do to avoid being a crime victim, and applies to terrorist stuff too.

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What would be more practical to learn , french or spanish? and why? (pic unrelated)
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File: 1379534393520.jpg (32 KB, 250x236) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Spanish. It basically opens up two continents to relationships, business, travel, and life.
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should have said but im a britfag
It depends if you live in the Western Hemisphere, then Spanish. Africa and the Middle East, then French. Eastern hemisphere Spanish isn't spoken much outside of Spain, but French is behind English.

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Hey /trv/

A friend and I are planning our third roadtrip to the US this year. We have a two-weeks possibility this oncoming february. We don't know how is the situation in Oregon, Washington and Northern California. We also consider driving from Miami to Houston.

Any advice on good winter itinerary ? What roadtrips have you taken ?

Pic semi-related: roadtrip from last year
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Why Miami to Houston? Sounds like a pretty dull route. Drove home from Houston to NC once after a plane transport foul-up, it was not vacation-worthy.
How bad is it ? We wanted to go south to have at least decent temperature !

It's either we go up north and deal with it, but then we're afraid that roads are going to be either closed or messed up, or we go south but to me it seems a bit dull as you say. However as we're from Switzerland driving in the US is pretty cool for us anyway
Flat and empty through Texas, flat and slightly less empty otherwise. If you do that route, do your research and find stops that interest you in plenty.

File: 40553_overland_b_403.jpg (37 KB, 450x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This question is slightly /out/ ish but do you think either of these backpacks are worth buying for backpacking through europe around autumn? I know Kathmandu is looked down on by some travel types, but both these models are on sale in my country, and don't look half bad.

I'll probably be doing some light hiking, day-trip out of country town stuff, but I'll primarily be lugging these around urban areas.


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What the fuck is wrong with you, dude? You're backpacking around fucking Europe, not going off to climb K2. Try on a couple of packs, read the reviews, and buy whatever seems durable and is comfortable.

I took my first four-month trip with my fucking school backpack and then another, longer one the next year with a 35L hiking back that I bought for $70 at Dick's Sporting Goods. Both held up fine and did exactly what I needed. Who cares if somebody is going to "look down on" your bag? They're an elitist prick.

Travel with something which works for you, regardless of if it's a cheap piece of crap or an expensive piece of crap with a helicopter built in.

Also, since my tone was already douchey:

>he needs a 60L backpack for a Europe trip
what the fuck is wrong with your attitude, dude? The first pack I linked says it's for "experienced travellers" (whatever that specifies) and opens longways, clearly designed for being multipurpose and not a hardcore hiking thing, second one is explicitly for "urban environment".

I'm not concerned at all of people looking down on my backpack, but I was referring to a poor reputation of the quality of the packs themselves, people saying they're overpriced/break easily, shit like that. I'm not informed enough to know how valid those assumptions are, so I asked.

You come across as a horrible elitist prick on a board I like to think as one of the most civil on 4chan. Good job packing as little as possible I'm sure than impresses everyone you mention it to. I know I can travel on less and yeah, fuck those 60-70 litre behemoths people take around, but I've decided 50-55 is a size I'm comfortable taking.

Yeah, sorry.

At the end of the day, it's your money and your decision. Have you tried checking out the reviews online? Have you can considered alternatives and gone into a store to look at your options? There's nothing wrong with taking in a tent and a handful of clothes, stuffing into a hiking bag off the shelf, and strutting around to see whether or not it's comfortable.

The mention about backpack size was just me meme-ing. What I was trying to convey - in admittedly not a very civil or proper manner - is that the choice here is entirely yours. You already know that, but there is plenty of information available online. Backpack threads on /trv/ never seem to gain much traction or go beyond people recommending various brands which are available in some parts of the world but not others.

I personally would not spend that much money on a backpack. Unless you're planning to go far off the beaten path, you don't need something overly rugged or extremely weather resistant. You'd be just as well served by something with a similar frame and attached rain tarp.

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Anybody know of any good language guides or software I could download to learn Arabic? I've heard mixed things about Rosetta Stone, just curious if you guys knew any alternatives.
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أنا لست الأمريكية

The most important phrase to know in Arabic
figure out your purpose, dialect or standard? standard for news, dialect for travel and conversation.

Rosetta stone is ok for news, but not for dialect. For dialect you can find some decent stuff by just searching online or getting a phrase book.
Preferably both. I plan on saving up and going to the middle East as my dream trip. Unfortunately, it probably won't be for awhile what with how expensive it can be. In the mean time, I'd figure I'd learn how to talk the talk before I walk the walk, so to speak.

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Just got back from a 2 month trip to Armenia, including long weekends to tbilisi and karabakh. AMA
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Did you have a good time?
it was awesome. friendliest people ive ever met, cheap prices on everything, and beautiful scenery. also, collectively the most beautiful women ive ever seen in one place
How come 2 months? That seems a bit long. Did you meet anyone there or do you have some relatives from the country?

File: Desert Landscape.jpg (223 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Desert Landscape.jpg
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Can anyone from expereince tell me how warm it is likely to be?

websites suggest a bit chilly and a jacket will be needed, but looking at historical temperaturres for last 2 years suggests low 20's celcius which is pretty nice for a northern european (shorts weather).

whats the truth?

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From Vegas
Pants, light jacket.
If you're from a place with real winter seasons, you won't find Vegas to be nearly as bad. Now, if you're going outside of Vegas to the places like you've pictured, you're gonna want more. It's damn cold out near arizona and Utah. This is where you'd find places like your picture.
thanks, no will just be on strip day and night walking it i the day between resort and likely in the evening occasionally... are your suggestions daytime or night, or both, if it is low 20's in day we consider that nice summer day in n europe. is that likely?
Prepare for 10C weather because that'll probably be more the average. It's below 20C already here, with some nights hitting the 35-40 Ferenheit mark. Not sure where that lands on the Celsius scale but it definitely gets pretty cold. If your winters average less that 10C you'll love the weather here.

Recommend nights on the strip as its definitely more lively. But day time trips are better because you'll have smaller crowds and less drunk tourists.

File: afgh2.jpg (3 MB, 4000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ask anything to a guy who drove from Europe to Afghanistan for shits and giggles.

Moved here from /b/ on advice from nice people.
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y tho?
File: afgh8.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448

To see if I could. And I did.
K then. How long did it take, and where did you start?

It makes sense, considering the content of this board. It would also be beneficial to conversation (e.g. I could ask an anon with an Estonian flag what their opinion on Tallinn is)
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No we are world citizens.
Also try eating grub worms, they full or protein.
No, we are not.
Is there even such a thing?
That was kind of a meme, but IMO this board should be divorced from the shit on /pol/ and now /int/, if your nationality is relevant to your post just mention it.

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0 B,
Im a norwegian girl, planing on going to Taiwan next year to teach english. I don't have a college degree, and I'm not from en english speaking country. Does anyone have any experience getting a job without this? Possible to still get a work permit?
Would getting a TEFL be a good idea? Thinking of doing a 120 hour TEFL course.

Also if anyone has experience teaching in Taiwan, it'd be great to hear!
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Hvorfor et bilde av rompa di?
is pic related?
I lived and taught in Taipei for 2 years.

No, you can't get legal teaching jobs. You can't get a work permit and residency card (ARC) from the government unless your passport is from an English speaking country (US, UK etc..). There is no way around that. Also you're meant to have a degree too but I was never asked to show my original degree, only a scanned copy or sometimes never even asked. It's easy to provide a fake or photoshopped version of your degree.

One method: try and find an (illegal) cash-under-the-table job. It's not a great idea but possible. Since you won't have an ARC you'd be teaching on a tourist visa and you'd have to fly to Hong Kong and back every 180 days to renew it (tourist visa is 90 days, extendible to 180 days). I knew a few people who did this. I have to say they never made much money...

You could enroll in university there and get a student visa (and ARC) which would mean you wouldn't have to leave the country every 180 days. You could then teach (illegally) on the side. University in Taiwan is pretty easy, not much work. Most students I knew barely ever went to class. I don't know about fees but it was either cheap or they had scholarships. There are also modelling jobs around if you're white and attractive but these are pretty unstable. Most foreign models are students and model part time and don't make much money.

Being white and female (preferably blond/attractive) will be your main advantage though. Also helps to know people there and network as much as you can.

tealit.com is the main site for jobs. Why not just apply (with a picture) and see if you get any replies?

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Greetings, fellow travelers, I will be in Las Vegas and San Francisco next month, and I am wondering if I should just get me a rental car that i can return at SFO, instead of returning it at LAS and entering a plane to San Francisco.

After a quick look at prices, it should not make that much of a difference, and even if it does, I dont really mind spending a few hundred more or less.

so the question is - is it worth it? I am an European, so driving through the US for a while seems kinda interesting, just for the sake of it, but I am not sure if that particular...
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You're right about not seeing much of the drought from a car window. And many people consider that stretch of highway as one of the most boring/worst in the entire country due to the road being straight with little in the way of scenery and lots of truck traffic.

The northern route across the Sierra Nevada through the Tahoe/Reno region is very pretty. If you combine that with the Death Valley idea you'd be able to see the eastern side of the Sierra, which is spectacular. There's nothing in Europe...
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>How to best get from Las Vegas to San Francisco

The best way this time of year is by plane. You're right that the route through Yosemite is already closed; too bad, as that's the nicest way to go. The drive down the coast (on the Pacific Coast Highway) is quite nice, but isn't quick. The drive through the Central Valley of the state is quick, but not nice. Death Valley really is worthwhile; winter is a good time to go as it's not so incredibly hot then. I suppose...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>And many people consider that stretch of highway as one of the most boring/worst in the entire country due to the road being straight with little in the way of scenery and lots of truck traffic.
good to know!

As far as I see it, I can choose from three somewhat close options with the highway 5 being the one you dont reccomend.

what about 99 (east, going through Fresno) and 101 (west)?

the long way across death valley and the Sierra would probably mean that I have...
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Do you have a cool dick?
Why are you posting this here?
What is the most scenic place in your country? Do you have immigrants? Crime?
Yeah can you translate madventures season 1&2 to english

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