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Hello guys.
I want to visit Czech Rep. Slovenia and Hungary on my summer break. I'm looking for some tips, about which places One need to see, what food & drinkd i have to try, form peaople tah actually live there, not tourist guide bullshit. Im uni student so i don't have shitload of money, also im travelling with my gf. Also stories about this particular countries are very welcome/
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Don't really know much about Slovenia, but I like their balkan-style barbecue.
Hungary is a culinary paradise, at least for my European taste buds. Wine, fresh vegetables, langos, salamis, all kind of stews, fish soup, really good.
In Czechia definitely beer and Kofola, that's what locals drink...if you want some local spirits then Becherovka or Fernet or Slivovice. For food, definitely try all kind of sauces with knedle, or schnitzels or soups. Typical fast food is fried cheese with fries or in a burger.

For cheap travelling - the cheapest international connection is probably by buses, but there are some good offers for Budapest-Czechia trains as well and they are definitely much more comfortable. For getting around Czechia it mostly depends, but in some directions trains are very fast and cheap. There are private train operators running on the main line from Prague thru Pardubice and Olomouc to Ostrava (and further to Slovakia to Žilina and Košice) and the tickets can get ridiculously cheap. I like to say that this line gives you the best budget train traveling you will ever find in Europe.

I'm also visiting Budapest, and I was wondering if any locals know any good sneaker stores. I know of Nike official and Footlocker on Vaci Utca. Also, if there are any cool thrift shops or local designer shops I'd definitely give those a try. I know what to visit, but I don't know what stores to hit.
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About Czech Republic
What to see:
Charle's Bridge in Prague
Prague Castle
Žižkov Tower
Prašná Brána near Náměstí Republiky
Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad
If you plan to also have some trips, then consider Terezín, Český Krumlov, Karlovy Vary or Castle Karlštejn.

Where to eat:
Strahovský Klášter (Strahov Monastery) near Prague Castle if you love beer.
Richer Brewery (this is place locals go to, no turists, so if you want authentic experience) which is on the tram line 3 or 10 station Bulovka.
For Breakfast...
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> Be me
> Be a foodie who loves temples and culture
> Have a job that offers unlimited PTO with 2 weeks minimum vacation
> Wants to spend no more than $3k (minus flight)
> Wants to explore SE Asia
> Been to Singapore and Indonesia before, so no need for those two spots
> Thailand too touristy
> Whittled it down to Cambodia...
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Going next summer. Pertains to me as well.
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my wife and i chose cambodia over vietnam a couple years ago. absolutely no regrets. temples are amazing, modern history was jaw dropping. everything was cheap as hell, people were super nice.

food left something to be desired, imo-everything is lemongrass+palm sugar+fish oil. it was delicious for 3 days, then utterly disgusted by it.

if you pick cambodia take the betelnut tour to phnom tamao wildlife reserve. i shill the fuck out of it every cambodia thread i see because it was the highlight of a trip of highlights (and they provide a fucking phenomenal homecooked...
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I enjoyed the food overall in Vietnam much more than Cambodia. However the food by the beach in Cambodia was some of the best I've had. I recommend Vietnam though as far as food goes. Cambodia if you want drugs, sex, and tourism with some temples here and there.

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austria flag map edit.jpg
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>Be me traveling to Austria with two other girls
>Friends want to stay in flat found in the site Airbnb for three days
>Hostess is female with two kids (or so she wrote on the site)
Is this safe? (I'm girl too)
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Tits or gtfo
>Is this safe? (I'm girl too)
I fucking hate this meme already fuck off back to /b/ and reddit
1) tits or gtfo
2) I hope you like smelly muslim dick

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Traveling to Hong Kong on business for a week in a couple days.

What should I expect? Anything specific I need to know of?
Background info: I'm American and mixed.
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You will never run out of things to do and see in Hong Kong. It's awesome.

If you're single? Stack up on condoms. And viagra/cialis. Or just buy them at local pharmacies. HK is one of the easiest places in the world to get pussy of all kinds - paid for or not.

Should I watch my back there? Like how do they treat Americans?
Going to Hong Kong on tuesday, researched Lan Kwai Fong and the maid sunday so far.

Any other tips to get laid?

In Prague. Give tips on what to do pretty much anything goes, i suppose.
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go to Letná beer garden, spend hot summer drinking cool beer
If you are going to Prague do not miss:
Charles Bridge in Prague
Old Town Square
Prague Castle
Žižkov Tower
Go around Kampa at night with some bottled beer
Prašná Brána near Náměstí Republiky
Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad
I wrote a ~12 page Google doc for a 3day trip in Prague complete with nightlife and ideal walking tours. Post a email and I'll send it to u

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I've been doing TEFL in Japan for the past four years and, let's be honest, seem to have fucked myself out of anything else. Have decent Japanese (N2), but other than that, my resume is all TEFL.

Most people I see that seem to be getting into TEFL are only doing it temporarily. Can it be a long-term career? I've heard of university jobs, but assume I will have to move out of Japan for this, since university jobs here in Japan are all contract or part-time only.

So, I'm a bit lost. Any advice?
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if you want to be poor, sure
Nope. Your 4 years of teaching and living abroad can't be applied to anything in the real world.
TEFL can be parlayed to a career as a legit school teacher, at international schools especially. But I don't think Japan has a market that. I think it's pretty much restricted to third world countries where people with money want their kids to have a quality Western education. Like the Middle East and South East Asia.

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New Japan General, Fukuoka edition:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about...
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Why does everyone use fIip foanes?

What are your favorite foanes to use in here?
not everyone does.

but japanese like simple things, generally.

for a while it was illegal for kids to have smartphones, and t's still illegal for japanese stores to have communication apps for kids under 18.

until a kid reaches high schools it's uncommon for them to have a phone that can call more than their parents, school, or emergency.
If you want to get into bars and clubs, what ID do you bring? Passport?

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frozen copenhagen.jpg
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Hi /trv/!

I'll be kicking off a two month European vacation in February with 4 days in Copenhagen. Any recommendations on what and what not to see & do?
How are the locals?
How is the nightlife?
I know the food is consistently lauded but opinions on that and anything about Copenhagen I'd love to hear.
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I'm a local and I'm nice.
Expect February to be cold, wet and dark, but don't let that hinder you from seeing things.
I suppose you want to see the mermaid and the other historical sights. You could walk from Langelinje to the city center and stop along the way for the sights.
For food you could check out Papiroen, but stay away from Nyhavn, it's a tourist trap.
Seconding papiroen.
Nightlife is fun and active, maybe a little less accessible then the rest of Europe.
I fucking love Copenhagen in winter. Only downside is, as soon as it gets dark, it's a little dead, but it's so comfy under the snow.

Food is good, especially for high end dining. In general, I didn't get disgusted by anything, as I love seafood.

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Im leaving for eastern europe in july and would like to know any advice, cool place/things to do etc
Here our schedule:
Prague 4 days
Vienna 2 days
Bratislava 3 days
Zakopane 3 days
Krakow 4 days
Wroclaw 4 days
Prague 1 day hop on the plane

Ive read some stuff about bratislava can be seen in one day but im mainly going to have fun with my friends so its ok if we dont see new things everyday
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I'd move a day from Bratislava, Zakopane or Wrocław to Vienna, there's a lot to see there and you'll run out of time with just 2 days. Otherwise a solid list.
Bratislava: can be done it 6 hours
I think you could dedicate some days from Bratislava and go for Vienna for an extra day or get a train to Brno
Krakow: can be done in 2 days easily, I suppose you can visit the salt mines and concentration camps for the other 2 days while there
Zakopane is honestly not worth it unless you really like mountains, nature etc. Add a day or two to Prague or Vienna. Wrocław can be probably done in 1 day less as well, unless you want to go really in-depth.
Im not sure about Bratislava.
You could go visit Auschwitz while you are at it as well, although i am not wsure if it will fit what you want to do.

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I cannot enjoy traveling, I really don't enjoy spending my money.
>$20 for a bed in a hostel? Shit u could have bought lots of cool stuff with that money
>$10 for a meal in a cheap restaurant? Well it was tasty but in the supermarket the food is cheaper
>$200 for a one way plane ticket? I'd really like to go but I don't earn that much.. I don't want to be broke when I'm back home

I always get this feeling before, during and after each travel; I...
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Not really greedy, but more frugal I'd say.
I'm so used to being a poorfag that I avoid spending as much as I can and end up missing out on a bunch of neat things when traveling.
That'snot greedy, that's cheap/being a cheapskate
Yeah, I can relate. I never bother paying for any beds and people usually feed me, so I used to spend not more than 10 euro a week or something. (Also, I'm always hitchhiking of course) I suggest you giving no fuck about this, OP

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tl;dr I'm trying out cheap one-way plane tickets and I plan on bringing my 30L backpack to avoid luggage fees. on the left is the caliper of the allowed cabin luggage which is free, and on the right are the dimensions of my backpack.

the thing is, it's smaller regarding the volume and width, but it's 5 cm too high. will I still be able to pass? I really don't have much experience with planes.
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depends on airline. usually it is not a problem, but it depends on airline.
Ryanair? If so, they usually don't give a shit.
Ryanair? the same company that had a slightly smaller baggage check at one airport and so charged everyone to check baggage that fit in the checker on the outbound flight?

Ryanair are the cunts of airline travel

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What are some must have travel accessories?
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/reopen thread

Never travel 'cross the sea
Without Imodium, A.D.
If you're gonna be on a plane for 8-12+ hours, you might as well trip balls

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travel much.png
323 KB,
First time on this board. I am planning a road trip from Texas to Montana and back. My priorities are Zion, Yellowstone, and Glacier.

The side destinations that i am planning are
>Perdernales Falls
>Colorado Bend
>Carson forest or Santa Fe forest
>Glen Canyon

I will be jumping from park to park and intend to camp for 90% of the...
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>priority is zion
>route goes nowhere near zion

about par for the course
>literally skipping all of Colorado
Dude you gotta see at least the Front Range, Rocky Mountain National Forest, Cave of the Winds, Garden of the Gods, Mesa Verde (but not if you have a fear of heights), etc.. Colorado is absolutely based, and you should definitely hit it on your return trip
Spend a a few days in Canyonlands, there are a lot of nice hikes in the needles.

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Gonna be my first time in Chicago pretty soon. What is the best place to eat deep dish pizza?
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lou malnatis > giordanos > gino's east
I work at a Lou Malnati's, 2nd job as a driver.

IMO the pizza is better than Giordano's and Gino's East, and that's coming from a lifelong Chicagoan. If you don't want to spend a lot and like thin crust, Freddie's on 31st is good.
this is true.

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I'm travelling to Paris and was hoping someone would have any suggestions on what to visit.

I am more interested in some small points of interest, something artsy, somewhat lesser known
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eiffel tower's breddy gud. louvre. notre dame.
Shit load of museums:

Musée Gustave Moreau (Symbolist painter)
Jacquemart-André (a museum in a beautiful mansion)
Cognacq-Jay (same deal, beautiful mansion)
Carnavalet (museum about history of Paris)
Always check out churches
This is my favorite museum in Paris, I've rarely had to queue for more than 5 minutes to get in

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Hey /trv/ I never thought I'd find myself making a thread like this but I have to put my stupid ego aside.

After about 8 years of talking with a Colombian friend over the internet who lives in Medellin, I have decided to pay her a visit and go to the city (full disclosure, I never met her in person before). I'll do 4-5 Workaway weeks in a hostel to take in the place a little more.

I'm from the UK and speak no Spanish, never been to Latin America before. I am aware of Medellin's past and the progress it has made but understand there are still...
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It's pretty simple
>don't go to shitty favelas by yourself, it's pretty easy because there's nothing there but poverty
>don't walk around by yourself at night outside of commercial areas
>get businesses to order taxis for you if unsure

It's not the 80s anymore, plenty of tourists go to Medellin and are fine. Carry around $50 in a pocket in case you get mugged. Westerners don't get kidnapped unless in the countryside by FARC. Attracts way...
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What's up

I'm a European guy who lived in Colombia for a little over a year, visited Medellín a handful of times and I must say it is one of my favourite cities on the continent. The people are awesome, the parties great and the women beautiful. Not to mention the food! If you get the chance (who am I kidding, you will at every corner) definitely try a Bandeja Paisa. Fucking good.

Anyway, the security situation in Medellín has improved immensely in the past 15 or so years. While of course there are still problems of course you will have nothing to...
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int aus.png
539 KB, 628x625
if youd gone to germane wouldn't you try the beer?
If he goes to france he should sample the wine

and of course in colombia he must try some cOcA

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40 KB,
I'm heading to Ireland for a week in July.

I'm flying in and out of Shannon Airport/Limerick, but I'd like to visit Dublin.

Can I get away with not renting a car? Is the bus/ train system robust enough to get around?

Also, are there any "must see" attractions out in the countryside?
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There are buses, but with car its gonna be so much better. Best experience in my trip was just driving around connemara and killarney area at random
I have nervousness at the thought of driving on the left side of the road :(
Irish guy here.

Tbqhwu m8, I'd just rent the car. Trains here are expensive as fuck, so generally we rely on buses (like Aircoach and GoBE, which are the cork-dublin ones), but public transport overall is fairly patchy. Car would be a lot easier.

As for must see stuff, definitely go to the Aran Islands. Tend to be a bit full of burger tourists in the summer, but still great. The Burren and the Cliffs of Moher are worth a look, and West Cork and Kerry is just fantastic in general.

The Ring of Kerry is what all the burgerfats do on coach tours, never...
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I have aspergers syndrome and my main fear about travelling is that it is only for socially competent people. For example I remember talking to this little French girl (she was pretty but kind of simple) telling me how strangers let her sleep on there sofa and how everyone she met was nice to her. If I did this I would almost certainly be treated like shit, in fact the only people I ever see do well out of things like erasmus are people who were already popular at home. For example a guy I know who was a 21 year old virgin basically made no friends, whereas a pretty foreign...
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I traveled fairly widely and I have quiet bad aspergers

people thought I was really weird everywhere, it was like "where's wally" in a lot of places I went to

I also found the organizational aspect caused me a lot of anxiety, flights, plans, timetables

but people were really helpful everywhere I went, and traveling was one of the best things I ever did

just don't take the "don't plan just do it" approach, you will stress out too much; plan things propperly in advance

socially you will do about as well anywhere, I didn't go to more parties or meet more people; realistically don't expect that to change.
If you just go in sightseeing mode, you don't really have to deal with people much, except for stereotypical interactions with hotel clerks and waiters at restaurants.

I tell you, when I went to spend a couple of weeks in Japan, I pretty much couldn't talk to anybody, but I still had a good time.
I am borderline asperger and i love to travel. Just plan a lot so you will have much less anxiety. Alcohol helps me a lot on the social part, of course depends on who you find.

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Let's try this here one more time.
QTDDTOT - Questions that don't deserve their own thread.
Anything /trv/ related that don't need a whole thread.

When's the best time to buy low-cost airline tickets? A few weeks ahead or wait for last minute deals?
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How's the situation in Ukraine vs Russia?
I'm thinking about going there in September to visit Prypiat and then take a train from Kyiv to Moscow.
>How's the situation in Ukraine vs Russia?
very poor, animosity on the personal and political levels is growing; increasing economic consequences of conflict in Ukr
>I'm thinking about going there in September to visit Prypiat and then take a train from Kyiv to Moscow.
if pripyat interests you then go ahead but other than the nature-taking-over-streets part it is kind of dull, one of those places for which it is more fun to say you've...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Any tips for Oslo and the Bergen Railway?

What's the cheapest/best way to go to St Petersburg?

>When's the best time to buy low-cost airline tickets? A few weeks ahead or wait for last minute deals?
This also interests me

File: Spirit-New-2-resize.jpg (51 KB, 960x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Should I avoid this like the plague?
7 replies and 1 images submitted. Click here to view.
I would rather fly Spirit than contract the plague. But they're famous for having a hard time getting their planes to take off on time.

If they were going to save me more than $150 or more than 2 hours' travel/transfer time, I would book a ticket with them. Worst case scenario, you have a travel horror story to share.
It's a super budget carrier that gets you around as long as you don't need to check-in a bag. (pure carry-on traveling)
>zero service
>zero amenities
>typical A-320/A-321 commuter flight
For anything under 3h go for it, else think about it twice.
it's cheaper than even googlge says it it round trip from atl to Boston for $109

I will fly them in the future for short flights but probably not bad for longer flights if i get the nice seats int he front.
I'm also a severe cheapskate and i could not give a shit about any "service" I just want to pay you gas money get me from A to B the business model is perfect for me.

They even fly to south america which is nice super cheap flights to Lima may be worth the shity little airplane.

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604 KB,
Will have two weeks. Flying into bogota. But I know shit about this country. Just that it has every climate imaginable, hot broads, and great blow.

I like to party. I like the beach. But I like temples and ruins too.
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Plan my trip, /trv
>But I like temples and ruins too.

Well you're in luck, Colombia is known for those things.

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4 MB,
Hey I've been traveling alone in Japan for 10 days now
And I kinda feel lonely here do you guys have any recombination on how to get pass that? Curntly in Osaka
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Same answers as anywhere else, meet people, hostels, events

Check the Japan general first of all

I went for two weeks and got pretty lonely but I do that everywhere, too self hating to make the effort
File: IMAG0356.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1840) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x1840
Go to an izakaya or some expat bar.
Space Station in Amemura is normally full of ex-pats and a good time

You should have gone with Airbnb, hosts love showing their new white friend around

File: Vienna-Venice-Rome.jpg (97 KB, 643x504) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB,
My travel plan is to stay 3 nights in Vienna, than travel during the night to Venice, stay there for 5 nights, followed by taking the highspeed train to Rome and stay there for 4 nights.

I'm just wondering, is this a good balance/good loacations?

PS: Please don't recommend Florence/Tuscany area, as I have put thought into going there, but won't.
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Max 2 nights in Venice and moar in Rome. Seriously though, try Florence or Milan too
Yes, I'm doubtful still, but maybe change it to:

Vienna: 3 nights
Venice: 3 nights
Rome: 4/5 nights
Florence: 2/3 nights

But I'm planning Florence/Tuscany area mostly for an other time, because of Pisa, Sienna, Luca and what not etc.

I'm mostly wondering if 3 nights is enough for Venice and how much is recommended for Rome.
3 nights is okay for Venice, I wouldn't go under. Rome is a big city and you need to think of how much stuff you want to see

File: australia.jpg (82 KB, 440x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82 KB,
I'm planning a trip to Australia that includes a tour through Sydney, Ayers rock, and the great barrier reef.

Any input on traveling here would be great, I also am brown skinned so If i need to avoid any places not kind to foreigners please feel free to advise.

i'm going to be bringing about $1000 cash.
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Belanglo State Forest is very nice this time of year!

Are you renting a car to get to Ayres rock or are you just flying or on an organised tour?

Tbh, one of the funnest things in Australia is to rent a 4wd and go exploring throughout central Australia and the Northern part of the Northern territory, so much to see and do.

Depends what time of year you go though, Darwin is shit during rainy season, but in the dry season there are so many national parks and waterfalls to check out without the fear of getting eaten by salties.
>Browned skinned
>not kind to foreigners
why not just collect your free citizenship and welfare and stay forever?

Will go to Moscow for a couple months. Where should I go / apps should I use to hook up with the locals? 20m in case some grill wants to meet up ;)
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Also what places/situations should I avoid so I dont get stabbed robbed or shit
It's pretty safe in Moscow, you aren't going to be robbed/raped for sure.
I studied abroad for a year in Moscow in college.

The hardest part about the entire thing was learning Russian, which I'm happy I can carry a conversation in now. Moscow is pretty safe, don't go down dark alleys, walk around by yourself at night, etc. Same shit as any big city. I had a couple of schoolmates who had family in St. Petersburg and we all went there by train a couple of times during the year to visit. If you are invited to someone's home, bring flowers/vodka/a gift.

Russian qts, and russians in general were hard asses at first, even...
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How do you maintain a work-travel balance? Have you had to make any major sacrifices in one or the other? Are you happy with the decisions you've made, or would you do something different if you had the opportunity?
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OP here, and not entirely happy with the decisions I've made, but also don't know how to change. During university I didn't do much travel except the occasional ski trip or interrailing trip, so after graduating I took a gap year. I did a volunteering placement in Africa, then spent a couple of months in central and southeast Europe, and had a great time. Then, at about this time last year, I travelled to Canada to work at a summer camp and had pretty much the best summer of my life. I've had on-off depression in the past and this was just the perfect cure...
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In my life there isn't really a balance desu, it all just boils down to 4 key times I know i'll be able to travel in my life, and trying to make the most of them. The rest of my holiday time is mostly about resting up and seeing family/friends.

>1. Gap year

Just out of school, it's a very socially acceptable time to take some time out to do shit. I personally did the classic thing of saving money while working for a few months, then travelling for a few.

>2. University Summers

Uni summers are really fucking long, so if you've had a job through the year or as in my case, some left over from my gap year you can go for 1-2 months for these years

>3. Mid-late 20s, between jobs and with nothing tying them down

One of the most common types of people you'll see abroad, people who have plenty of money from their first few years of work, but it didn't work out for whatever reason or they just needed to get out and do something while they have the chance. Easy enough to do when you have no kids and aren't so married to a career that you can't get away from it.

>4. Mid-50s to mid-60s

Again you see a lot of these, people whose careers are on the wind down or gone altogether, have tons of money from a life of work and nothing to do now their children are all adults, so they take advantage of the time left they have with good health to see the world.

And I think for most people that's realistically it. With a few exceptions (who you obviously meet a disproportionately large number of when travelling) you can't keep dropping your career for months at a time through your life because it looks bad, and even I could personally I'm not sure I'd want to. I love travel, but the things I do in my life at home are what I consider my actual 'life'. The travel is just a sidetrack.
So 30-55 will be the worst part of my life?

File: 1465149504737.jpg (32 KB, 456x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB,
Johannesburg...I'm planning to take a trip there and I want to know does the rand have a good exchange rate? Is it really that dangerous? As an American, can I eat the meat there...like braai? Best hostels there? How's the nightlife and using a taxi is a safe option? If I do plan to go out, what time should I leave to go home?
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R.I.P anonymous ;_;
Joburg... now why the fuck would you do that?
op gonna die

File: luxembourg.jpg (77 KB, 900x506) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hello anons

I'm going for a short trip this weekend to Luxembourg. Going with some friends for a couple of nights

I've read a bit about it on wikitravel but it seems it's even smaller than I thought, and thus not too many amazing things (as in huge churches or whatever)

Anyway, was wondering if anyone might be able to suggest some interesting things to see there, that maybe aren't listed on wikitravel

General impressions would also be appreciated!

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the city itself is tiny, not much to see. But there are some nice castles around in the country. As you can imagine, they are not very far, you can see 2-3 a day.
i live in germany at the luxembourgish border
thers not much to see, like already said some castles

other than that you can visit Schengen (where the eu free travel agreement was signed) not much to see there either, there is a piece of the berliner wall and some museum i never was inside

what else? maybe go to see Saarschleife in germany if the weather is nice
The city is pretty.

Lots of Portuguese people in Luxembourg. That should translate into some outstanding restaurants.

So this is it, we finaly made it!

Me and my GF are moving from Sweden to travel in Peloponnesia, possibly for the autumn, or for longer.

We are both vegans (cheap food) and look forward to eat all the fruit we can, and we are bringing our bikes aswell.

Now, we are checking places to stay in Airbnb and found a nice apartment in Patras to start with, for a month, but are currently looking after more places to stay at, the cheapest we can.

My main concern is that my gf has tons of money, whilst i don't Now i don't want to leech off her, and...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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you spelled "cunts" wrong.
i don't know much bout greece but you seem like a nice sincere dude. i hope you and yo gril find what you are looking for
>special needs-carer
You could start by taking care of yourself.

Why would you work on your vacation for significantly less money than back at home, with the added disadvantage of not knowing the language and looking for a job in a shitty economy? Just do some extra part-time work in Sweden and go loaded with cash by Greek standards.
Also lost it at foraging in the countryside.

File: hero.jpg (526 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
526 KB,
I'm going to be in Scotland for 2 weeks around new years.

I'll be doing some hogmanay related events ofc, but there seems to be so many to choose from? What would give me the best local flair?

Where is the best place to spend new years in Scotland? I'll be between Edinburgh, Glasgow, and maybe Inverness. A restaurant? A pub? Maybe a local festival ? I'm going with my girlfriend, so a romantic or highly atmospheric and fun place would be ideal.

What else is there to do for a history and museum buff in Scotland ? I'm sure there are...
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Op here,

Is an international driver license required for Scotland? I thought they are generally only required in countries that do no have English as a primary language.

Edinburgh reporting. Hogmanay is pretty good here and people come from other parts of Scotland for it (mainly the street party on Princes st) My folks go to a dinner thing in a castle turned restaurant sort of place but I'll have to get the name. I was there once and it was a very grand affair and would be something you could take a gf or whatever to if romance is your thing. Not sure about Glasgow but I imagine it would be quite atmospheric with just the sheer amount of people.
New year celebrations in Glasgow can be a very sketchy affair. The big one is Edinburgh.

Also worth considering is the fireballs at Stonehaven. http://www.hogmanay.net/events/scotland/fireballs-stonehaven

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