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Guys, I got a fear of traveling and never have
I have had drinking buddies here that came from Korea
now they are back in Korea
and they want me to come
how much do I need? I have no idea how to travel
any tips and shit?
do i get vaccines?
fuck im tripping out typing this
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Just go for a week and see how you like it.
I don't know how much money I need
this shit is completely new to me
isnt a ticket like super expensive and shit
i should stay for longer no:?
Look on google flights. Buy the cheapest ticket, put some clothes and toiletries in a bag, and fucking go there.

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which course did you take (if any)?
where did you go?
what was it like?
any tips?
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>which course did you take (if any)?
None, just had a Bachelors and got a job
>where did you go?
China, kind of wishing I did Taiwan instead, but I wanted to travel all over easily.
>what was it like?
After a few months, you revert to your normal life, just in a new location. But it's a great way to travel all over and get some money, if you have a year to blow on not advancing your career or education.

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Dubrovinink Sunset.jpg
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When do the majority of tefl jobs start in China and Korea? Is it August/September the start of a new term? Or are they always hiring?

I am going to finnish university in May and should have around £5000 (about $7500 US) saved up by then. After graduation in July I plan on doing a trip through Eastern Europe, the Balkans and then the Middle East. After this I would like to go to China, or possibly Korea, to do TEFL. By the time I finnish my trip around Europe and the Middle East it could well be October. Should I be able to find start dates in November for TEFL?

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China and Korea tend to accept people with just a bachelor's degree and without any other type of special training.

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Anyone live in/visited Wilmington, NC? Have a job offer there & would like to know what I'm getting into since I may not have time to really explore the city before accepting/declining.
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I've visited.

The university is known for partying, although I've never been. The downtown is really interesting - cool ancient colonial houses slowly being gentrified by rich white people whose great-great-grandfathers probably owned the block once.

Outside of the historical area, its dirty and downtrodden. Probably has a high crime rate, although I haven't lived there long enough to notice. Outside of Wilmington are lots of beach towns - nice neighborhoods, but probably expensive.

Feels kind of like the grime of NY with the colonial background of DC.
It's a nice town from my experience. some shit parts, but that's more or less anywhere. traffic can suck, too. it's basically any mid-sized city with suburban hellscapes and whatnot.
I live hear. What kind of work?

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Hey guys, i'd like some help please.
I'll be moving to Dubai in a month or two, what can I expect?

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How Asian do you look and are you male or female?
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Expect summers that you literally will not be able to comprehend.
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pic is me

I heard they have AC literally in every building?

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I am going to Brazil for 2 weeks with another person and we leave Friday. We're going to Manaus, Rio, Sau Palo, and to see Igassu Falls. I have everything ready to go but just need some info from a local or someone who has been there:

-Is it safer/easier to take a Taxi or the train in Rio or Sau Palo vs just using Uber?

-I know Rio isnt the safest place, but will I be ok at least running around duing the day to typical tourist areas?
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1) we are in a midst of a corporativist war between Uber and taxis, and the first ones were ultimately forbidden in Rio. I don't know about São Paulo
2) Stay strictly in tourist areas, don't be a gangsta and walk always with some R$ 150 in your pocket. If you are robbed, give it to the thief (you can face serious problems if you find a thief without money)
Even staying in the tourist areas during the day what is the likely hood of being robbed?
OP again. I also just remembered we're pretty much staying in Copacabana the entire few days we are there. I hear thats a more safe zone.

Anyone else who scrapped all France related plans? The country isn't safe for kids anymore.
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>Hide thread.
Not to exaggerate, but seriously, just think about the following, two terrible things happened this year, and it looks like it will keep happening at least with the same intensity.

So from any year on now, there will be 2 days where if you are a tourist and shit out of luck, you die.

Great so 2 out from 365, big deal.

However if you are a tourist, the next days will also suck, since everything will be closed, museums, the tower, cafés, everything.

Not to mention who wants to fucking go sightseeing after 130 people were murdered a couple blocks ago?

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People still went to New York after 9/11. Don't be a pussy and bow under those bastards. Have a nice trip.

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So I want to visit some city in central or eastern Europe and for now I'm wondering between Prague and Budapest. I'd love to hear some first-hand reviews and I'd be grateful if you can reccomend me some cheap and neat hotels in those towns.

Also any other suggestions for towns in the region with a lot of history that usually stay under the radar are welcomed.
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Never been to Budapest, but you can't go wrong with Prague. Fairly cheap and incredibly beautiful.

I'd also consider Krakow in Poland and Vienna in Austria. Ljubljana in Slovenia too. You'll be sure to have an amazing time in any of them. Krakow and Ljubljana are a little smaller than for example Vienna or Prague. Not sure how long your trip will be though.
Been to both, and I greatly prefer Budapest, but they are kind of different types of capital cities. Budapest is all (slightly faded, but only slightly) imperial glory, elegance, high culture and charm. And the baths (especially Szecheny) are a must - at any time of year.

Prague is a bit more overtly "urban" and industrial and maybe a bit too tourist-orientated, although the historic parts have charm too. I suspect it is rather better to visit in summertime though - Charles Bridge and the area around it are at their best of a summer evening. It has better beer...
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OP here, I was also thinking about Ljubljana as well. I was there once but I was only passing on my way to Switzerland so I didn't get to see the city. But I loved the scenery in Slovenia. I also found this small hotel which is fairly cheap. Thanks for the answers.

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Hey guys!

I've made a lot of posts about India over the last couple of years and decided to start a general. Use this thread as a place to share stories, post pictures, give opinions, organize /trv/ meet-ups, and, most importantly, ask questions.

I lived in New Delhi for a while and feel comfortable giving advice and tips about the city and its surroundings, as well as several other states within India. I'll be going back again from December until January, so if anyone wants to meet up, let me know! I don't have too much of a life outside of work, university, and travel, so I can probably respond to most questions pretty quickly unless I'm off on a trip.

>hard mode: no "designated or "poo in the loo"

I'll start off with a question: has anybody here ever been to Kolkota? I've been thinking of going there for a while. I'm not exactly sure why, but it seems chaotic, colorful, and vibrant. What were your experiences in the city and what would you suggest doing?

Also, since this question always comes up a lot:

>no, brown girls do not crave white cock. India is a pretty shitty destination for sex tourism unless you're planning to relocate there long-term
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I may or may not be going to Punjab and New Dehli due to some recent events. Any idea of what I should expect there if I do go? I have been in New Dehli once before, but I was 5 years old and only have a vague memory of it. I cannot speak fluent Hindi or Punjabi before you ask, though I'm looking at resources online.

Expect in regards to what?
Culture, how to act there, certain social norms, activities, food, ect.

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What kinds of travelers do you automatically dislike?


>people who have backpacks with "countries I've visited" flags sewn onto them
>hostel creeps who have no game and spend every night trying to get different women drunk
>women who have been in a new country for two days and are already meeting guys off Tinder and bitching about their newly created drama
>hippies who are inspired by the "spirituality" of dirt-poor...
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>>probably gonna get some shit for this, but people who sit around looking over The Lonely Planet and just plan their entire trips from guidebooks
Why does this bug you? Do you ignore all the highlights of a country on some principle?
You should spend less time disliking people brodude

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What's some great travel gear?

Backpacks, luggage, shoes, gadgets, etc...

bonus points if you don't look like an ass with it.
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when I started I had so much shit, and my bag weighed a ton, it was like hiking getting anywhere

all you really need is water, enough fresh food for a day, a few clothes, some kind of gps enabled internet device, ear and eye covers for sleeping and an umbrella

I took a clothes line when I was backpacking and some bag locks

buy a pillow for the flight, and throw it out, then buy another one for returning home

bring condoms, your medications, pick up panadol when you get there

I had a full medical kit and a swiss army knife, and never used it in three months
I had a sleeping bag, never used, as well as those anti bed bug sheets, never used. I had a water bottle, but I bought bottle water most of the time so It was unused, scan proof wallet, unused (your call)

I took a money pouch with cash and a passport, It was so damn uncomfortable and a nuisance; but some people I was with had their passports stolen, so I'm undecided on that count
A decent pillow is good, makes sleeping on buses, trains and in airports much better. Get either a miniature version of a normal pillow (comfy but bulky) or an inflatable pillow (shaped like an actual pillow, fuck those U-shaped things).

Try to minimse the number of chargers and electronic gadgets your have. It's good these days since most things can charge via usb. If you're only going to a few places it's easier to just get an adapter for that country than one of those big universal things.

Money belts are a controversial topic but they are undeniably useful in certain situations.

It seems to be impossible to find shoes that are comfy enough for long days on pavement, sturdy enough for day hikes and decent-looking enough to not look out of place in social settings but if you find such a thing please let me know.

Cheap plastic ponchos are much lighter and smaller than actual raincoats so they're a better option if you don't need something durable.

Water filtration devices are largely unnecessary since bottled water is everywhere. I've honestly never been anywhere where I couldn't get it. That said it doesn't hurt to have a few water purification tabs if you're in some isolated area where the water is very expensive.
I found out that bringing large zip lock bags are great. They don't take up much room and are perfect for keeping your clean clothing separate from dirty clothing.

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I'm about to get inside that, the weather is terrible so I'm not sure if I should chose inside or outside sets.

Any idea?
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Is there a typo in there? No sure what you are asking.
Bump with pirate ship
If that's a squall line, i's past you, unless the boat is going to turn around and go beck into it.

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I'm doing some travel in the south of England in a few weeks time, are there any must-visit towns there?

So far I have Bath, Salisbury (for Stonehenge), Brighton, Devon, Torquay, Brixham and Weymouth on my list. I was interested in Cornwall too but I was told I'd be going during the off season so a lot would be closed, but I'd still be interested in checking it out. Time and budget are both flexible, bot I'm obviously not looking at five-star accommodation nor spending a long time there.

I've also been looking at train timetables, is that the best and cheapest way to get around?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Trains are generally your best bet, yes. Buses are an option, but they're not great in terms of timescales - they run infrequently, and they tend to be slow. Bear in mind that tickets for most travel in the UK by train are a lot more expensive before about 930am or so.
Is it OK to buy them on the day or better and cheaper to book them a few days in advance?
sometimes I get to the station and its more expensive so I always book online now a couple of days before travelling

>mfw my rental car is far nicer than my personal car :__;
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>mfw my rental car is something I didn't even know existed
All these new weird as fuck Renaults man
What model? By which rental company?
>All these new weird as fuck Renaults man


Somehow they got kinda cool looking.

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Which is better: Hard or soft luggage for travel?
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soft luggage only has three advantages

it's light
it's cheap
it can be folded up when not needed

hard luggage has the benefit of keeping you belongings from being broken (probably the biggest concern), allows for more security because they can't be slashed, are less likely to break, provide more protection from water or other liquid contaminants

the only time I'd recommend soft luggage is when you are carrying something one way
Baggage handler here. We prefer hard luggage with 4 wheels. They tend to last longer and instead of having to throw them to the other side in the plane luggage compartment, we can simply roll them.
I like hard-case, myself. Airport staff are nigs (whether literally or not) who WILL throw your shit and drop it like they just don't care (which they don't). Recently took a trip with Aer Lingus and I had the luck to have a seat right above the cargo loading door. I saw my hardcase suitcase (100% sure it was mine due to distinctive orange string I tie to the handle) fall off the top of an over-stacked trolley, and then watched as the fuckers threw it hard on to an empty trolley, then again as they tossed...
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What US states will never no snow or cold?
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I don't think this is really a question for /trv/, but here is my very rough estimate of where it does and doesn't snow in the United States. I probably fucked up in a few places but this is my best guess and one which I hope is not too far off.

Everywhere below the blue line probably doesn't get too snow every winter or doesn't get very much snow when it does snow. Everywhere below the red line probably will not see snow on an annual basis although I think basically every state gets...
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File: homepage_map[1].jpg (236 KB, 637x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's the USDA plant hardiness map.


I'd only describe anything above zone 9b to be snow-free. But even where I live in zone 9b in central California it gets cold and occasionally freezes, but I've never seen snow here.

There are very few places zone 10a and above in the US. Which are generally warm year round and can grow tropical plants.

You probably want North Dakota or Minnesota. You're welcome.

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