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What's up, guys?

What can I do in Fort Lauderdale? I'm flying to Mexico City in March and have stops in FLL on the way there and back. My layover is ten hours and I'm an American citizenship, so I won't have to waste time clearing customs on my first arrival and then on my second departure.

Is it possible to visit Miami? Is there anything I can comfortably doing carrying around a small backpack, which will be my only luggage?

Feel kind of stupid because I've traveled a ton but haven't been to Florida since I was 5. I have...
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I live in Lauderdale, what day/times will you be here.

March 2nd from about 7am until 6pm and March 16th during the same time range.
hmmm thats kind of rough a wensday during business hours. If your try to see stuff then just yolo it southbeach. If you'd rather chill lauderdale has a nice beach as well and food.

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Anyone from Portugal or has been there?
I'm a Canadian planning on taking an extended holiday and I want to surf, unwind, and live somewhere cheap.

Is Portugal a good idea?

I dont know much about it, and i've travelled a fair amount, everything i've read about it sounds pretty good...

I've done this kind of holiday in mexico but want to try somewhere new.

Somewhere in the EU would be cool because i have duel-citizenship there.

my target is to live for $1000/month or less for everything...
is this possible in Portugal?
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>live for $1000/month or less for everything
literally more than the average portuguese wage
I have an apartment near Sagres. There was a surf school there so I assume they get waves. I went there and denied myself nothing and was spending less than €50 a day. If you cooked for yourself and kept away from alcohol I see no reason why you shouldnt be able to live there on €1000 a month.
OP here thank you.

Sagres looks beautiful!

ya €700 a month would be ideal... €350 on accommodation and €350 for food and fun.

i want to surf and sketch/paint old buildings (and drink and meet women).

peniche and lisbon also look good

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Got into Ulaanbaatar this morning and fuck it's cold. Top temp is -9. Staying in a really nice German style hostel, had the best breakfast I've had in months of travel in China.

I know a few regulars have been here before, anyone got good advice for Mongolia and Ulaanbaatar?
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Looks comfy as fuck

Hope the best for you OP
What the fuck kind of houses are those and how can I buy one in America?

They are called Yurts, they are a bit like tents but tend to be more permanent (they might only pack up and move twice a year).

You can probably make one yourself.

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0 B,
Anyone have any travel experience when your depressed like a bitch? I have a, well had a trip planned for se asia, still want to go but not feelin to chipper.

Looking to spend like 10k
no obligations at home
traveled through South America, loved it

>engagement ring
>trip to se asia
>nvm, im confused gonna go blow random dudes even though i had 4 years to figure this shit out.
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wait are you a grill?

Just take the trip, I usually forget about all troubles back home when traveling since you're too busy trying to figure a bunch of shit out, exploring, etc. It's a great way to escape for a bit.
nah i'm dude. Fuckin prostitutes and sake will cure all aliments?
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MGTOW feelsquatch.jpg
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You just dodged a huge bullet anon.
That women was going to cu'ck you within in a inch of your life and leave with children you were going to pay for forever.
Western women are horrible. South east asia is exactly what you need right now.
Dont forget this lesson anon.
Never , ever get married and prenups dont work anymore.

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I don't usually post here so feel free to send me to a pre-existing thread for questions like this or something but here we go

My girlfriend and I will be in NYC (We are from Melbourne, Australia) from the 20th of December until the 10th of January.

So far we have booked tickets for a broadway show and a couple of sports games along with purchasing a NYC pass to do all the main tourist shit (Empire state etc.)

Any tips from locals to do not so touristy stuff or people who have been there during the winter for a vacation before and can tell us what you...
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Will be there over Christmas too.

I'm kinda at a loss myself, will be monitoring this thread as well.
Also since you're going with your gf I would recommend Rockefeller center. During the Christmas time they turn it into a ice skating plaza, I'm sure if you have ever watched a romantic movie set in NYC you have probably seen it before. Go rent a pair of skates and spend some time on the ice with all the other tourist couples.
This was definitley on the agenda, cheers. Going to check if it operates on Christmas Day since we're not sure what will and will not be open

They do say the city never sleeps though right?

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what do i do in a new city?
will be going to montreal alone (i'm from Toronto), but have no clue what to do really.
do i just walk around, see the sights (biodome, botanical gardens, parks), restaurants and bars?

i'm awkward and shy. is there a good way to meet new people as a tourist? i'm pretty anxious about going alone to restaurants and bars (usually things you do with friends)

i haven't traveled alone before, and when i did travel it was only family trips. what do i need to know to make the most of my time?
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what's your age/sex/ ?
I'm from Montreal

>inb4 rapey time
I'm planning to do the same as you anon. I've heard that it's better to stay at a youth hostel with good reviews, since they provide events/pub crawls for patrons and it's an easy way to meet/talk with other people. Walking alone and seeing the sights seems kind of lame unless you already have an interest in that location (like if your a history buff who enjoys seeing landmarks of particular events)

If anybody here is in Paris, I hope you're okay. Please stay safe.

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Religion of peace, am I right?
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im worryed about the TGV

My friend is on vacation in Paris . He told me that he risked being in the bags blacks . Fortunately, everything ok

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britbong here, going to college in america for a year, this doesn't count towards my degree so i can party as hard as i want, any tips on getting the most fun out of a year of american college? share any college stories for me to take inspiration from?
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Where you goin'?

Best ways to enjoy yerself are somewhat influenced by where you are.
top choice, Austin, Texas, the other two i pretty much picked at random so Vermont, and West Lafayette, Indiana wherever the fuck that is, i can't even point to Indiana on a map
I second Austin. I grew up in Michigan and UofM there is pretty awesome, but you don't really get snow in Austin so less packing and more partying. Plus the city itself is full of young people moving to the city so you'll meet great people who aren't in college. Look for the university of Texas at Austin.

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Worth a visit to Kazakhstan and in the particular the north area of the country (near Astana)?

How is the nightlife and its population? The girls are pretty and open-mind?

It's expensive to live in Astana??

Thank you guys!
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>The girls are pretty and open-minded
>Worth a visit?

You can get drunk and have sex in your own country. I wouldn't recommend going to Kazakhstan if you just want to sit around in some dingy city and try to seduce local girls.

You do you, I guess, but your questions are pretty simplistic. Go look at Roosh V or some shit if you want to know about le sexy game.
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Go watch Borat
He's got a pretty accurate description
Always the same answers when someone ask about a country AND girls.. oh God.
yes, i'm the OP.
I write again the question:

"Worth a visit to Kazakhstan and in the particular the north area of the country (near Astana)?

How is the nightlife and its population? It's expensive to live in Astana??"

Thank you!!

Has anyone here taken the trans Siberian railway? How was it? Is it worth the cost?
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Not OP but I'm strongly considering doing that this summer.
Any personal experiences would be great.
I'm going this July from Moscow to Vladivostok. When are you going Anon? I don't have first hand experience obviously, but have done most of my planning if you have any specific questions OP. For a 18 day trip across with stops I'm looking at about 3k USD including visa costs.
I'm saving up for a big trip in a few years, road trip through eastern Europe, then transsiberian to Beijing, then train through southern China.
Gonna be long and costly, but I rally wanna experiment the trans siberian, and since it's a week long by itself I might as well slow-travel the whole thing.

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Americans why do you ask how someone is doing if you dont really care?
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>Why is a culture derived from forced ass kissing and glib customer service so shit?
Because it is.

"How are you?" ≠ "Hello" know the difference
Well if someone says they're doing good then yeah, end of greeting. If they say "not well" or anything like that then it works as a way to push past formalities and address any issue the person has or, if you're both friendly, dive straight into conversation.
This exactly. Most of us do care. The ones that don't are usually really cynical about small talk.

What does the rest of the planet usually say after "hello" when they don't have any pressing matters at hand?

Hi guys!

Im moving from Denmark to VB in the states.
Im just looking for some nice activities and stuff.. Any ideas? :)
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The beach
Take trips north eastward to major cities. Dc, Baltimore, Philly, Atlantic city, NYC.
Being a foreigner it's not so bad of a spot to get to many historical spots for the United States. Many colonial towns and rich in history near by, you are close to where the first settlers came in and then revolutionary war and also fu*k over the natives like a bunch of bitches fu*k the white man
-flatfoot blackbear

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Aside from the usual giant buddha island type stuff, any of you dudes got recommendations for what to see/do in Hong Kong? I'm going there next week with my parents and brother. My brother and I will be spending a lot of time with them, probably, but I think we'll wind up having evenings/nights to ourselves.

I'm not super into nightlife, but get down occasionally. Into comics, fight sports, toys. Really liked Mandarake in Tokyo (which was a shopping complex full of that sort of stuff), wondering if there's anything like it in Hong Kong. Plus food recs, obviously.
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Lan Kwai Fong in central is your night life, Friday or Saturday night. Wednesday and Sunday nights, go to Wan Chai.
Bumping for interest... I'm considering a trip in the next year bouncing over from Sapporo... When is best (weather and cost wise) time to visit? Is there any decent wildlife viewing opportunities. Food that cannot be missed on a 4 or 5 day stay?
You could go visit in's point In Nathan road eat everything you see if you don't like Cantonese food try cafe de coral it's everywhere maybe go to wan chai for some bitches and you could visit women's market have fun Dude Hong Kong is awesome crazy people great food and the weather is nice the whole year except in Sommer

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Best and worst airlines you've flown with?

Best for me was KLM. Excellent service, and free food and drink. Monarch were pretty good for a holiday airline too.

Worst is probably Thomson but I always end up flying with them whenever I go on holiday. They literally have no service apart from drinks. No meals. No inflight entertainment. People think Ryanair are the worst but I've been lucky enough to only fly with them to Dublin so I've not been on one of their planes long enough to experience just how bad they are.
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Best was Etihad Airways. I'd rank KLM second for me. Better than the German airlines I've flown in. American/US Air ways have been the worst. Delta most meh. Not horrible, not great.
Best: Turkish, KLM
Alright: Aeromexico
Worst: AA, United
yea my best was probably either KLM or Icelandair

KLM in flight entertainment is really good and theres so much free food and drink

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0 B,
Who else wants to get out of the USA?

this country is a blight on the world, hatred towards intellectuals, love of money over man, and a corrupt government run by corporations.

Planning to move to Germany or Scandinavia after getting my degree in Stats and English, hopefully teach something along those lines, find a Nordic waifu, and have a cozy family life.

Anyone else done this? Anyone else want to do this? How difficult is this to do?
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Really difficult if you don't get the degree first, those countries don't want to pay for an Americans education if they aren't sure you won't use it for them. They educate their own to help their respective country, on that side note you're right about America and you have my pity
What if I don't want to study there, and rather just live and work there?
Oh boy, we haven't had a self-hatin' scandiboo in these parts a real long while.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Notice how that doesn't say running away like a pussy. Why don't you try to improve your own country first scurrying away?

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