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Hello /trv/
I have just received a job in palo alto and i am in the process of moving to the freemont/union city/hayward area. Does anyone have advice on neighborhoods? What is good and what is bad. I will most likely be moving alone looking for a 1 bdr apt. my salary is around 70K yr
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I'd stay away from Hayward -- a lot of parts are pretty scummy. Union City is better, and Fremont better still -- also Union City and Fremont are an easier commute into Palo Alto. Fremont has a high Asian population; there's a large Chinese grocery store there. You'll need to buy a car -- public transport from the East Bay to the Peninsula is a pain in the ass.
how traffic? yeah i was thinking union city mostly. I just want to live there for cheap but stay away from the crime riddled areas.
Airbnb is a great place to start if you are looking to meet others, travel around a bit, and get a cheap place.

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I'm in the US on vacation right now and I want to be American and shoot some guns, play base ball, and play USA football.

How do I do this?
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where in the Us are you?
> Gun Range, they will loan some out.
> Baseball, busy park or college campus.
> Football, see #2



But do I need paperwork or ID and stuff?

And yeah I guess you're right about college for sports. I'll find one around me.

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Soon travel to the unknown Ukraine... Any tips for do's and DONT's.
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* Visit Donetsk
* Visit Luhansk

Probably nots:
* Visit Mariupol

* Visit Crimea
If you plan on driving, bring small bills for bribing police. Applies for russia and most likely ukraine too :P

look out for fake money. Ukrainians are pretty good at recognizing them. I was given some at a bus station (buying a ticket at the counter).

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dragonaire BIG.png
1 MB,
I clicked here on accident. I hope you guys are having a good day.

Safe travels.
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I used to have that exact pokemon card, then it went through the wash. My 8 year old self was heartbroken.

I want to travel up north and see the borealis sometime too. Boreal forests and taiga in general just seem really neat.
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These are the only two cards I still own.
What a coincidence

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can some1 translate this please
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it reads; war on Germany, exterminate. Toughest ships, tougher men.
Your pic is mirrored

It is written there:
The Pacific Fleet (Russian: Tихooкeaнcкий флoт)
large antisubmarine ship Admiral Vinogradov
(or simply destroyer)
Pacific fleet
Big counter-submarine vessel
"Admiral Vinogradov"

Lets talk about islands. I guess 'red pill me' is the phrase I want to use.

If you look up so-called 'island paradises', all you see are perfect paradise images which obviously are not representative of the real places. Like I often hear Bali is overpopulated but you only find praise and pictures like this on google.

What 'island paradises' across the pacific and indian oceans are actually as-advertised, and which are overrun or overrated? Is it necessary to pay out the ass for these tiki hut resort things to find these nice parts?

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I lived on Oahu for three years and the North Shore is as advertised bruh. Every page has two sides, that is certain, but the side we are shown is definitely not inaccurate. It actually looks like that. e.g. Waikiki beach is a shitty fat fuck homeless fest but the beaches everywhere else are 100% glorious
Many of the Thai islands are shit holes. Especially Phi Phi. Stick to the less densely populated islands that invariably harbour less tourists.

Don't forget some of the Greek and Italian islands. They are absolutely stunning and the smaller ones aren't commonly visited by tourists.
I shouldve figured thai wouls be like that.

Yeah i definitely have a list of greek islands im going to visit, and theres obviously a ton in the caribbean but im focusing a bit on remote-ish places in the pacific and indians oceans

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So most of the threads here are about hostels, but what about /comfy/ hotels?

Maybe it's just me being British and being used to being totally ripped off, but holy fuck. Some countries have some incredible deals on hotels.

For example, I'm going to Brazil next week. Rio, the Green Coast, Iguazu falls. Every hotel I'm staying at is basically 5 star luxury. Rooftop pools. Spa. Gym. Multiple internal restaurants/bars. One of them has 6 different outdoor pools.... and the cost for all of this? For 2 weeks? £700 (about $1000). For the same standard in...
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If you're going to Vegas with another person (or a few people), and I assume you are, there's a nice, clean reasonable hotel with suites that include a full kitchen, washer and dryer, etc.

I stayed there myself earlier this year. It's just off the strip, but they have a free shuttle you can use. Also free breakfast, and a laundry room (coin-op).

King suite will run you about USD $140/night.

Staybridge Suites: http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Hotel_Review-g45963-d1197075-Reviews-Staybridge_Suites_Las_Vegas-Las_Vegas_Nevada.html
I was traveling a bunch earlier this year. I tried to stick to $50-100 a night, and mainly did that. I stayed in one hostel and while it was OK, it helped remind me why I prefer a /comfy/ hotel. Mainly cuz I have a hard time sleeping, and I like sticking to a kinda boring schedule.

Anyway, it seemed like my money went furthest in Bangkok and Italy. I stayed at this really nice place in Bologna with good breakfast, heated floors in the bathroom and shit for maybe $60/nt. A place in Rome with coffee brought to my room fro around the same. The BKK place was enormous and...
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File: sneintonpc416.jpg (191 KB, 920x1003) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I once had a "hotel room" in London that I could--literally, and I mean literally--touch both walls with my outstretched arms.

i have a plan to take an old van and convert it into a high tech camper van and travel around the us creating content for the internet. videos, blogs, vlogs, I even have a plan to make a documentary. the biggest issue i still keep running into. money. It won't cost that much to get going but I'm a poor OEF vet that is has to live with the inlays because the foundation i thought the army was helping me build crumbled under my feet as soon as i walked out of there gates. All i want to do is drive around the us (at first) and show everyone everything. I want to not only...
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Been done to death anon.
There are so many people doing this now that it is a cliche
I can't disagree with that. I just don't see another way to live my life. It has been done to death but it also works for some. I'm not looking to get rich i just want to be happy.
>OEF vet
How about you go get a job as an over the road trucker?
You can pull your weight and get paid paid very well at the same time.
You get a ton of extra money your first year for being a vet.

I've started university this October, but I'm completely unmotivated to continue. I'm not certain if I want to study what I'm studying and I have constant thoughts of just going abroad (currently thinking about the UK) and living there and working for some time and then traveling for a bit with the money I saved up. I've worked in Scotland this year for a month in a restaurant just for the summer and met a lot of young people my age in their 20's who aren't in university and are sort of in the same position in life as me, not really sure what...
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I was once in the same position as you. I chose to remain in university. I should have traveled when I had the chance.
you can do it after school, or else, after job, u save some money and have like 1 year own holidays
hey man, here's my advice to you, don't drop out of school, that's pretty dumb.
stay in school get a good paying job and use that to travel to your hearts content instead of having to scrape pennies at a minimum wage job just to make traveling feasible.

you can actually make a lot of money travelling, and ive had a blast doing it.

im 23 now, and my best travel experience was the year I did studying abroad in Australia, it was fucking unreal. seriously, it was magic.

use school...
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hey /trv/ I am looking to find out the craziest things to do around the world. No matter how dangerous it may be like exploring the Odessa catacombs. I have already ran with the bulls, I traveled from Pakistan to Afghanistan via the Khyber pass. Ive been to rough areas of the world but want to keep going but for now I am out of crazy ideas.
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When did you travel the Khyber pass? Have you seen much of sub-Saharan Africa? There is some proper crazy shit there.
Sword Wars in Cruz das Almas, Bahia, Brazil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JddihHv1VI4
Last December was when I went through the Khyber pass. I was told it was impossible to do as they have closed the border to anyone that isnt Pakistani or Afghani. It took 7 months of planning and with the help of friends that live in Islamabad they helped me get the proper documents to travel in the provinces but I had to learn some Pashtu and on the papers I put was teaching "english" it took a lot of bullshit to get everything moving. All the small details like reading the Koran so that I could pass off as a muslim convert and having that as my religion on my visas....
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I'm so depressed!

I live in Belgium and it has been more then 15 years my dream to go to Japan.

A few weeks back my stepmother started talking about going to Tokyo the first week of November.
However when she asked my father he said are you crazy? I'm not going to Japan! So that was the end of that.
We tried to convince him a few times, because I needed to know so I could get a passport.
He always said so we figured it was not going to happen.

Anyway now it turns out that my stepmother booked a flight anyway without anyone knowing.
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How old are you? Why do you need to go with your parents?

If it's your dream... make it happen!
Please check the catalog next time and post in the Japan General Thread >>1046277
I'm 28, but nobody of my friends is intrested in going to Japan.
Currently without a girlfriend so that is also not a option.

Could always go alone, but that would be a last option.
After what they did I might just do that without telling anyone and dissapear for atleast a month.

If I'm going to do that I will need to save up a little bit because as you propably know Japan can be quite expensive.

And I kinda wanted to learn some basic Japanese before going to Japan to make my trip...
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Just tell me your requirements ( what kinda place you like)slums, crowdy, calm, meditative, isolated, undiscovered, deserts, hills, tropicals, islands, whatever and whats your budget and i will try to plan your perfect holiday
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How about beaches
>Sri Lanka
Mountains and scenery.
>Order indian food at a restaurant.
And done.
That is also good,
I wanna go early next year, I'm think of going late January/early February for 3 months. Looking to spend less than $1000 a month. Was going to fly into Chennai and travel north. I'm definitely interested in Kerala/Tamil Nadu and I want to see some northern sites as well, I love hiking/mountains/nature etc.

I'm going to vegas for the first time in two months. What should I expect?
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A shithole of a city. If you have $, there's lots of fun to be had but the $ will disappear faster than you can blink
And if you're going on New Years, expect th casinos to be crowded shoulder to shoulder and the line to get a drink taking up to 45 min
If you like clubs, check out Omnia. If you like bomb food check out these food places, Taco Ey Taco, Raising Canes, and Bachi Burger. If you like hiking check out Red Rock. If you want to do something fun and random one night go to the pinball Hall of Fame.

hey /trv/, first ever post here

me and a friend are going to Iceland for a week and a half in the middle of December to try and give ourselves the best chance of seeing the aurora. I know we won't be able to do too much other sightseeing because of how short the days are, but is it really that bad? like, do we need to bring a portable floodlight or something to navigate our way around town?
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You can just google this shit. You'll have about 4 hours of sun a day. And I'm pretty sure they have streetlights in Iceland.
Yes it is that bad. But fuck you for thinking this is a third world country.
I don't think the day length is your biggest obstacle to "doing something" but rather the weather, and the fact the winter things to do are centered in the city. A city with only 2 days to see describes Reykjavik well. Its a 1 day city, desu. With all the tourists at home, and the rest of the country hunkered down for winter at their city home, activities center around the opera, a music festival, working out at the gym, dining, soaking, working at the office, or maybe shopping. There are 2-3 museums...
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File: Thailand_map.gif (14 KB, 370x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm going to be there for 11 days or so. I'll be staying in Bangkok for at least part of it and my friend wants to go to Phuket.

Are hostels safe to stay in? I have some luggage (a fairly big backpack and a suitcase), will it be secure there and will I have some place to store it with it being relatively safe from theft?

Approximately how much Baht will I probably need to include hostel, food, alcohol (probably), travel between Bangkok and Phuket and back, etc?

If anyone has answers to some of these questions, it would be greatly appreciated.
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About 2 years ago I went from Bangkok to Phuket and back with Air Asia.
I don't remember the exact fare, can't have been more than 100 $ I guess.
Anyway if things haven't changed since, domestic flights depart from Don Mueang, not Suvanabhumi.
There's also the train and bus options if you don't mind a longer trip
Thanks for the reply. I think I'd probably be going by train.
the train's actually pretty nice. Tons of food vendors come through selling weird shit.

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