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I'm going to fly with a plane, and I'm scared as fuck. Help!
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Don't be
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Planes are fun. Planes are your friend.

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Greetings /trv/,
I have 2.5 months to travel and I'm flying to Kuwait first, then taking a boat to Khorramshahr, travelling around Iran, visiting Herat and surrounding areas in Afghanistan, going back to Iran, then crossing to Pakistan.

Asking advice from people who've been there before about cool things to do or see. I've been to Iran before so I've seen most of the major attractions, but any lesser known points of interest would be good to know about. I know very little about Pakistan so any insider tips there would be appreciated.
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>I know very little about Pakistan so any insider tips there would be appreciated.

Pakistan can be more dangerous than parts of Afghanistan, but luckily for you the chances of you going anywhere near those areas is unlikely.

Some Advice

Islamabad isn't worth it, unless your really interested in going there because its the capital city or you really want to learn about politics.

I'd recommend going into Kashmir, shits good and its very safe as long...
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Excellent, thanks for the info. How long ago were you in Pakistan? Is it possible to visit the Swat Valley without prior arrangements?
Yeah I was already planning on venturing up to Gilgit, I'll put Peshawar on the list as well as that sounds interesting.

And did you visit Herat yourself? I'd like to hear more about that if you did. I speak enough Persian to get around so I'm pretty keen to get outside the city a bit and visit some rural areas, of course I'd ask around concerning the...
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I saved some info from a thread about Pakistan from september 2013, so this might be outdated. But here goes.
But first a question from me: can you make yourself understood in Pakistan with Persian?

Baltistan seems to be good.

>Islamabad is a constructed city, sort like brazilia. Its not very nice and not much to do. If you are going to stay there, stay in rawalpindi, which is where most people who work in islamabad live. Also, go to fucking Peshawar, you will not regret it. >Dat frontier/Kiplingesque/wartorn feel.

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Going to hang out in Thailand for awhile.

What should I eat?

I feel all sorts of sexual innuendo coming on, but let it come. So to speak.
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McDonald's, Thai food if you don't have enough money.
Golly, how provocative.
Take advantage of their fresh fruits. Theres plenty that are quite exclusive to Thailand and perhaps S.E Asia and they're cheap.

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>in japan because bored and why not
>winter rolls in, my apartment gets really cold
>use translucent plastic as an insulator for easy ghetto warmth
>out buying plastic before winter sets in
>super qt3.14 cashier asks why I'm buying so much plastic
>tell her about my ghetto-ass window trick
>she's intrigued, asks if it works well, as her apartment gets...
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You were expecting it to turn out like a JAV film?
>Japanese cashier engaging in chit-chat and asking questions

Suspect, tbh m8.

Idk I've had short conversations with cashiers here....

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Have you ever traveled to Mexico?

How was your experience?
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As a mexican who has done a fair bit of domestic travel, I think it really depends on your budget and the part of the country you want to visit. The place where I have had the best time was in Xilitla, San Luis Potosi, a little hidden gem stuck in a region that is a bit violent nowadays. Guanajuato is a nice old city, Mexico City has stuff for everyone, Cancun is a touristic shithole and Playa is a bit better. Oaxaca is a rather poor but otherwise strong in tradition state with good food(and sometimes disgusting such...
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I've been to Mexico many times. My favorite places are probably Mexico City, which I approached with terror but found delightful, and Oaxaca, which has one of the cleanest and best-preserved historical centers I've seen anywhere in Mexico (another is in Querétaro).
I spent a few weeks traveling through the southern and central states. From Quintana Roo to Jalisco. It's my favourite country that I've been to so far. I think you can find everything you're looking for in one of the regions of the country so I highly recommend going.

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FH000034 (3).jpg
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New Japan General since the old one is past the bump limit:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Travelling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza

Also info on prostitution http://rockitreports.com/category/sex-in-tokyo/

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refrain to the old thread...
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If anyone have advice on this post, please tell me thanks. >>1046044
Is joining the Yakuza simple or something?
Do you have something specific you want on Comiket? Otherwise it's kinda crazy to go. You'll never have enough time to just browse randomly.

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'Travel' as leisure is for schmucks

Thankfully I realized this early on life as a child/teenager, having spent a cumulative year of my life in several dozen countries, but many people have never been overseas before and get lured into this scam because they hear about how great it supposedly is.

You want to experience 'travel'? Go to that local suburb you've never been to. Or go to a nearby nature reserve; there's bound to be one. Stay there a day; a week; a month - it doesn't matter.

The truth is that the world is pretty...
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The only good time to travel is with friends.
what if you just really want to experience different cultures/surroundings? i get the trope of the yuppie white 20-something instagramming every little place he goes and romanticizing poverty, and it's obnoxious. but can't a person be self-aware and just really want to see another part of the world? people have done that for centuries
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Do not feed.

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hi there, I'm looking for some neat stuff to do in Scotland. From seeing Skye or seeing a local musical.

Any scots have a recommendation or two?
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Rent a boat on the union canal.

When are you there and where are you starting your Scottish journey?

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How does /trv/ afford exuberant air costs? It's about $1,000 roundtrip to Europe and 1,500 for Asia. Maybe I just have a skewed view of money, being a dirt poor college student. It's frustrating because I have wanderlust bad.
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You probably just don't know how to find affordable flight tickets. Return to Europe can be found from around €270,-. Don't know about USA-Asia, but return Europe-Asia starts at around €300,-.
I was using kayak, leaving from east cost US. Checked multiple times of the year and they're roughly the same.

Am I wrong? Where should I be looking?
Okay. First, it is very interesting to follow certain websites that post cheap flights and stuff on their website. I don't know any American websites for this but I am sure they exist. This is a British example: http://www.holidaypirates.com/flights. Of course this will not help you directly so a few options:
- Norwegian Air Shuttle. Dirt cheap flights from Boston, New York, Orlando, Miami, and some west coast cities to Europe (mainly Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and London). Just a quick look shows me a $299,20...
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Okay so I recently got a job in a larger european airline, which means when I have time of, I can can get plane tickets (Star Alliance) cheap as hell, and get pretty good discounts on some of the major hotels and car rentals.

So I was wondering if you guys could recommend me some good travel destinations for traveling alone. I just want to see the world and get some perspective.

Pic related, rly enjoy my own company, though I have nothing against being social.
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Where have you already been, what sort of stuff interests you? My mind-reading skills seem to be weak today...
I've been round in most of Europe, when traveling with my family, when i was a boy. Well, art, culture, nature, literature, architecture, food, people, music, most things interest me rly.
My bad, it was a little vague, but I really don't know where to start.
>inb4 Thailand

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> choosing to study in France

Have I made a mistake? The majority of students that are doing exchange are going to Sweden and Germany besides the anglo countries. I
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You goofed.

France is literally shit-tier these days. Prepare to have a miserable time.

What's your degree?
I will be doing electives there.
Answer the question m8. It's relevant. What degree?

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so i study chinese and next year i have the chance to either go to Taibei, Beijing or Shanghai.
Where should i go?
Do you guys have any experiences/tipps?
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Shanghai over Beijing, any day of the week.

Beijing is a fucking shithole, Shanghai is wild, beautiful and completely nuts.

I really liked Taipei too, but SH is always going to be my second home.

Taipei is better for food though, I'll say that.

Bear in mind if you're going via a confucius institute, it doesn't include taiwan
I like Beijing, some areas of Beijing are really nice.
Also for standard mandarin, Beijing is better even though it is now fully filled by nongming (peasants) with disgusting accents.
i will most likely get a scholarship from my univeristy so i can go anywhere i want including taiwan.

I have that feeling that Taiwan is way more progressiv and open to foreigners than China. Is that true? Did you have any problems with the locals or did you just hangout with other freigners?

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Where have you been?
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File: whereivebeen.png (40 KB, 1356x736) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm fairly happy with mine, got some work to do though.
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The only map that matters, every true Englishman has visited all of his dominions

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I am looking to go to one of the Baltic capitals over the Christmas period just for a few days before i head off on my second SEA trip in January, so which city would you recommend the most?
Criteria - Architecture, Price, Good food, Bars and general nice ambiance.

So, Tallinn, Riga or Vilnius?

I will maybe be going alone or maybe with a girl.
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I can't say I know the Baltic countries but I would say Riga is the most beautiful city.
Probably this. Vilnius is not bad either though. Tallinn felt more modern out of the three.

I enjoyed Riga most of them but that's maybe because they had the best hostel.
Hmm. I went to them in a row in winter and I enjoyed Tallinn most. For some reason Riga didn't do much to me (was enjoyable though), but I am sure I need to go back sometime in summer. Spend few hours in Vilnius and it looked great in the layer of snow.

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Are there any good travel shows i can watch online?
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>it's a Justin tries to say something smart episode


I like that show. It gets kind of weird when they try to be "deep", but it;s the show that made me want to travel.

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