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I graduate college in 6 months and i'm looking to live in another state. I'm from Southern California if that matters.

Where would you live and why?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Austin, Texas.

Denver, Colorado.

or Seattle, Washington.
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what do you want in a city? what kind of scenery do you want? what will you be able to afford?
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>californian wants to move
>but only to places that are already full of californians
every. fucking. time.
>Where would you live and why?
Probably Seattle since the weather isn't unbearable like Texas and it has more things to do than Utah or Colorado.

My brother and me will fly to Japan next year, for 2 weeks. We're searching for nice and impressive spots for seightseeing. Can you recommend me some good spots?
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Nice dude
a good place to die
Stay away from Niseko, it's full.

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>On a cruise ship
>the ship sinks, but you make it to a life raft
>drift for a couple days until you see land
>as you approach, you see this

What do?
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swim the fuck away from North Sentinel Island and try to swim over to Tarmugli.
swim closer till i can get a better view
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>Living on the middle of fuck all nowhere not knowing or giving a shit about the modern world and forcing everyone else to fuck off.
I envy them

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Off to Oslo on Thursday night, will be staying until Monday afternoon. Can anyone recommend some things to do other than viking ship museum? Going to see two metal shows on saturday and sunday night, any good metal bars/shops and general interesting history/sightseeing/nature?
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Im not too familiar in Oslo but im norwegian but from what iv heard of bars (if they still are open): Kniven, Elm Street (maybe closed), Cafe Fiasko.

For other activities i guess the Wergelands park can be a nice place, maybe more during summer but google it and have a look.

Another common turist attraction is the kings castle in the end of the main walking street in centrum area, Karl Johans gate (street).
Rock in, Kniven are good rock/metal bars. Neseblod records in Schweigaardsgate is a historically interesting metal shop. The folk museum (folkemuseet) might be interesting, Vigeland park is obligatory place to visit. Stay aaway from Karl johans gate (Except rock in in a side street) rather go to youngstorget/torggata and Grunerlokka.

Theres some weird black metal tourist sites, but I dont know much about that. Other than that, I fucking love Oslo, one of the greatest cities.

Check out the Vigeland park, Tjuvholmen for modern architecture, Vulkan food hall, Crow Bar brewery in Torggata, Tim Wendelboe for coffee, Torggata for kebabs etc.

Anything else youre interested in let me know

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0 B,
How is living in mexico?
My grandma inhereted me a small house in mexico a couple of years ago. Its in Guadalajara.
I have never been to mexico so i dont know shit works there. Im from oregon, Im white, and i dont speak spanish.

What can i expect if i move there?
I want go there for a couple of months and try out first.
I have like 15k dollars to blow, how long do you mexicans thinks that can last for?

I posted this on /int/
Bad idea!
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I thought americans cant own real estate in mehico ?
Is it a 99 year lease?
It's a beautiful life, never been to Guadalajara but it's sypposed to be a lot like here (Monterrey), carefree people, close family abd friends, amazing food, shittons to do around the country, and if you know where to stay out of you'll hardly run into crime.
I imagine crime is a lot like in the US actually, unless you go to border territory.
Oh and with 15k you can party all over the country for like a month, or live well off in Gdj for a year.

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I am a male-to-female transgender person and I would for somebody to relocate somewhere in the world with my soon to be husband where we could live in isolation yet not completely cut off from civilization. Our dream is to find somewhere we could live in peace and find peace within nature. We want to grow our own food and supply our own electricity. We want to form our own band or tribe as we have a few close personal friends interested in joining us.

Where would a good place be to accomplish this? I heard Canada somewhere between the frozen Inuit lands and the metropolitan...
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Also, I'm sorry for bring my gender identity into this, but I figured I might as well as this may become a factor in where we relocate to. I heard Canada doesn't really have that much of a problem, but nothing is set in stone yet according to location. In the first line of my initial post I meant to say my soon to be husband and I. The word arrangement got a little messed up.
Canadian here. I know a female to mail tranny here and all he does is bitch every single day about how nobody accepts him or understands him. Maybe this isnt the place for you.
But if they plan to live away from people. Would this still apply to OP?

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What is life in singapore like?
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It's like having someone hold you face down in a large ashtray whilst aggressively fingering yout rectum.

Still want to go?
Well you know I gotta study.
I've been there three times. I love it there, everything works way better than in the U.S. Expect life there to be like any other first world country without the crime.

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Come for the advice and insights, stay for the put-downs and memes. It's that time again, kids. ESL General.

Feel free to ask about any country. I have experience with Korea and I'm now in Japan with an above average job, so feel free to ask me anything.
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I'm thinking of falling for the meme. I'm worried about how permanent of a lifestyle it is. It seems most people just do it for a couple years.

A few more direct questions.
1.is it possible to earn a degree online while teaching abroad(say in accounting or something)
2.I know some countries require a degree to teach, does it have to be a teaching degree?
3.does anyone have experience with India, Any of the Gulf states, Russia, or the Maghreb
>1.is it possible to earn a degree online while teaching abroad(say in accounting or something)
Well in theory, yes of course, why wouldn't it be... But you'll have to pay fees and study
>2.I know some countries require a degree to teach, does it have to be a teaching degree?
No, definitely not. A teaching degree is an advantage in places where they actually give a fuck but usually not a requirement. As in most industries experience is the...
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Can I get into the EPIK programme if I'm not from an English-speaking country? I will have an MA in English language and Culture from a great uni and a CELTA degree by the time I'm done with everything though.
Any tips?
Also, is ESL in Malaysia any good? I'm just orientating myself atm.

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Don't usually see one of these so I thought I'd make one.
So in two weeks, I'll be traveling to Uttar Pradesh, namely Delhi then to Saharanpur and probably other touristy places in the golden triangle.

What am I to expect? Reasons for traveling is my name was a half anglo from Saharanpur and by the google images, it looks like a shithole. I'm very much into culture so I dislike gentrified places, so what actions should I take to ensure safety?

Traveling with 3 women in their 40s - 50s, 3 men and my gf (in our 20s).


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>my nan was anglo dutch portugese and half Indian, born and raised in Saharanpur*
File: saharanpur riot.jpg (320 KB, 670x573) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
saharanpur riot.jpg
320 KB, 670x573
some images of riots in saharanpur, clashes mainly between muslims and hindus in the region
not sure if you are aware of it but indians shit in the streets

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Hey /trv/,

I live in the United States and I'm not in the Christmas spirit this year. I wish to take a trip over Christmas and New Years instead of being at home listening to a dated Mariah Carey song. Has anyone experienced traveling over Christmas? Where may I go?
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Depends on budget

Best place to go for Christmas is Europe obviously, German towns prolly do it the best

I went to the Alsace region in France and that gave me a warm feeling all throughout my trip

But you're budget needs to be bigger
>Depends on budget
I have ~$15,000 without strings attached atm.

>German towns prolly do it the best
I've been to Germany before and would love to return especially to Berlin and Dresden.
That's a mighty budget. I just did the grand European tour and thought Prague would be a really beautiful city to spend Christmas in.

Have you seen Queen Latifah's Last Holiday? Yeah. I recommend you watch it and go all Queen Latifah.

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So I'm probably gonna leave the US next spring and just waddle around Europe(Germany, France, idk) and maybe Turkey (Istanbul) or Egypt (Cairo). I have very little money and have no idea what I'm doing. Has anyone here done anything like this?
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>Has anyone here done anything like this?

Yeah, I've been traveling before.

Do you have a question or anything?
I did it in Peru then had to go back home after a month because I also had very little money. The more you save, the longer you can travel and you have plenty of time to save 1-2k at least. Keep in mind where you're planning to go is more expensive than Peru (not sure about costs in Cairo desu)
How do I effectively save money while traveling? Can I couch surf? Can I find random jobs in random cities so I can get some money?

Some boring airport questions coming up.

So arriving at Manchester ( UK ) airport on a weekday lunchtime in January by train. With 72 minutes before boarding for a European flight with Norwegian and only hand luggage.

I've never waited more than 30 minutes through security at any airport, but I've never been by Manchester before. So my questions are in two parts.

Norwegian say that the boarding gate closes 30 minutes(!!!) before departure, which to me is rather extreme. Can I assume this is not actually the case and that I could quite easily roll...
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2 MB, 2448x3264
You've got nothing to worry about.

Security will take 15 mins if its busy, less than 5 if it's not.

I've never used the phone pass myself but I have seen plenty of people scanning their phones to get through the gates so I assume you will be okay there.

I use Manchester airport 20+ times a year.
yeah i fly out of manchester whenever i go abroad and its nearly always a breeze, and that's usually in holiday season.
i flew with norwegian recently and they sent me my boarding pass via email straight after the online check in, but if you're using a phone pass then yeah im sure that will work, manchester is a pretty modern airport
>Norwegian say that the boarding gate closes 30 minutes(!!!) before departure

Standard procedure. If everything goes by the books, this will be true, so don't doodle with it.

>Norwegian say that you can do online checkin and they'll send you an SMS with your boarding pass 2 hours before departure which you can use on your phone, and that it's not possible to do like Ryanair and print your boarding pass out at home ( which would be much easier ). Has anybody used this system, does it work? Do...
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I'm graduating from university next semester, and having spent my entire life in Wisconsin (I've traveled abroad considerably, but have only ever lived here) I'd like to move somewhere else in the US or Canada for a few years. I love WI and could potentially see myself returning, but I need to get out for a while. Here is some criteria:
>Snow-filled winters
I love the winter, and the snow especially. I also enjoy autumn and having all four seasons.
>Close proximity to mountains/foothills and forest
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Wyoming is also on my list, but I feel as though I'd have a hard time finding a town that offers the cultural amenities I'm looking for.
You can't afford to live in Portland unless you have a trust fund. It is a cool city with an easy vibe and many breweries but it's barely a Maine city. Really all it does functionally is propose liberal referendums that the state shoots down. Occasionally talk of splitting from the rest of the state.

t. mainer

Which of these 3 countries would be least likely to kick me out for "overstaying" my duration? I am learning Mandarin and would really like to stay a long time in one even though HK is mostly Cantonese, most know Mandarin.
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Why do you want to play with fire? Just get a visa. Alternatively maybe you can try visa runs, I'm not sure if it's possible with any of those countries.
>how long can i break the law in these 3 countries?
hopefully you choose the strictest one and get sentanced to life in prison

you fucking apes are just as bad as the people who go to countries where they execute people who own pot then go buy drugs while you're there

>most know mandarin
do you understand how rude it is to go to a country and speak the language of a country that they hate? good lord
all this racism, holy shit

how can you /trv/ at all?

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2 MB,
How much money will this cost
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Free if you walk, swim and steal food.

Numbeo tells me it's $1.19 for 1 liter of milk in Buenos Airse.

So $1.19, granted you walk, swim, buy 1 liter of milk and everything else. Jail will probably be free, too.
I think it will cost 36k

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I'm wondering if anyone here is a big film lover and what the best travel related films are.

Have you guys seen Sans Soleil?
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Sorry for the completely predictable answer but Lost in Translation is my favorite travelkino and one of my favorite movies ever
The Beach
Can we talk about documentaries as well?
Personally I love the Madagascar Diaries.

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Sup /trv/, after much musing I'm considering going travelling, as all my friends are doing it and I've never really done it before. I've always wanted to go to Canada, but it's not exactly where I would consider a place to "go travelling", like it's not what people most think of when going travelling. I guess I want to go there because I have a friend from there, it looks nice, and because I haven't done much I'd like to start off somewhere pretty easy as a UKfag. I've got £2k in savings, and a credit card with £4k, so I feel...
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Hey OP, if you like nature, the West Coast is pretty top notch especially in BC. Plenty of amazing hikes and parks. Banff and Jasper are some incredibly scenic parks in Alberta that I'd recommend. As far as cities go Montreal is a ton of fun in my experience and has plenty of things to do year round as well as a super vibrant nightlife if that's your thing. Toronto might be your best bet when it comes to visiting museums.
File: tofino.jpg (159 KB, 940x627) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 940x627
The thing to do with Canada is choose a section and visit--don't try to see most or all of the country, as it's too big. Airfare within Canada is also not as cheap as in Europe.

A lot of Brits I know have flown to Calgary, rented a car, driven through the mountains to Vancouver, and flying back from there. It's a long drive, and since it's a new place, you might want to break it into 3 or 4 days.

The Rockies are amazing, and there are at least 4 National Parks that you will enjoy. I'd suggest staying a night in Jasper rather than Banff...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Going to new Zealand tomorrow (top island). What should I do? Up for almost up for anything
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i hope you get bitten by a spider there
i hear they have good spiders
t. never been to nz

>top island
Kek, prepare for utter disappointment.
Ignore the complete shithole that is east coast of South Island also.
Visit Fiordland, West Coast, Marlborough Sounds, and Southern Alps. You'll have the experience of a lifetime.

File: stuttgart-logo_0[1].png (331 KB, 955x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
331 KB,
I'm going to Stuttgart for a day for work and I recently learned that I have 3 days holiday remaining this year.

Should I stay out there for 3 more days after work? Is there anything interesting to do there for 3-4 days?

I'm not interested in night life or anything like that. I would enjoy historic sites/museum and if I get the chance to see a Bundesliga game that'd be great.
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Stuttgart is boring af to be honest

And Stuttgart is the wrong address to see Bundesliga at the moment. Did you have a look on the table?
If it's in december the Christmas Market is pretty large and cool, drink some Glühwein and stroll around. It has a few sights and some night life but else it's just your ordinary medium sized city in germany.

The VFB Stuttgart actually plays in the Second League so if that's good enough it should be easy to get some tickets to a game.
Else you got a large number of Bundesliga clubs in a radius of 1-4h by train.

The surrounding area has some cool stuff as you're not far away from...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Wow had no idea they got relegated.

Always thought they were a big club for some reason

File: received_1201727026529648.jpg (105 KB, 960x876) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am going to visit Rome for 4 days with some lads and i wanna ask some.fellow Italians or someone who have visited Rome before.
What to visit? Where to go at night, what to i must expect, some good suggestion on food where to.eat for example. So any suggestions?
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i am going there with my gf for the new year, the only think i know is that there food is overrated and overpriced, (didnt tried myself),

So i need some more infos too, if anyone is willing
Start by visiting google.
Don't miss the Eiffel Tower

File: NO_FILE_GIVEN.png (0 B, 0x0px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
0 B,
Canadafag here

Where can I go start a new life? Friends, job, relationship, etc.

Japan has always been my first choice, but I don't know any of the language. I had an interview in Poland which seemed great as well.

The point is that I have to start over from scratch. If i have to live in my current situation for another week, I'm going to kill myself.
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Bump, though I'm not sure if this board is popular enough to get a lot of responses.
I broke up with my long term girlfriend, and this happened after a long span of unemployment.

I went to my psychiatrist and he diagnosed me with MDD, and I am a red flag for schizophrenia since it runs in the family (my mother). As you can imagine, I have grown apart from my friends because of all this.

I have no siblings or other family, and everything at home reminds me of pain.

I'm well aware I have it better than most but it's enough to make me wake up each morning wanting to scream. Have I...
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That's awfully selfish of you partner

File: traveling2.jpg (42 KB, 1200x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've spend one year in school for electrical engineering, and transferred to study Ag. Business. I only chose to study Ag Business because I college rodeo. I have been riding bucking horses for a few years and spend a lot of time driving and traveling to rodeos in the western US. I have recently decided I want to quit college and travel. Not just the US, but to Europe and Asia. I will most likely finish my engineering degree in the future. As of now; I just need to live while I'm young.
So to get to the point, I am curious. What are some of the trades, hobbies,...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Dunno. Pilots... Flight Attendants ?
So I'm thinking about the same thing at the moment, the only difference is I'm a chef, so while I can work pretty much anywhere, I can't really get around the world very fast, working for shorter than 3 months in a place isn't really an option as a chef.

So what I figured out is that I should work somewhere in a high pay country (Swizerland, Austria, Australia etc.) for half a year during tourist season. Most hotels don't require you find your own accommodation and let stay in the hotel for the 5 months or so, that you work for them, meaning you...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Become a ship's cook. This way, you can also travel between work, because you spend very little money while aboard.

File: SAM_1786.jpg (3 MB, 4000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
Where should I go? Where would you go? Next April I've got a measly two weeks, not counting travel time, to simply go to Europe, sit back and enjoy my youth. Total freedom to choose has left me paralyzed, however.
I'll be hitchhiking and stealth camping.
My first priority is finding somewhere with good hiking/nature. Friendly villages and good food a bonus. I don't care about cities.
Some possibilities that have occurred to me:
-Fuck around the Loire Valley
-Do something more serious in the French Pyrenees
-Climb Mt Olympus in Greece
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You'll have lots of luck around the adriatic. Also, north of Budapest on the Danube has a lot of beautiful, sparsely populated sights, and your dollar will certainly go further
Take like 100 euro to be able to return home if something happens or if you're starving (asking people who pick a hitchhiker up for food is bad if you are not that poor).
Also I enjoyed Czech Republic and would like to go to the Balkans.
Dude It sounds like we are in the exact same situation here....

File: 11.jpg (684 KB, 2000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
684 KB,
sup /trv/

I will go to Canada soon for.. up to a year.. and i'm gonna start in Vancouver.

Right now I'm looking for a place to live there.

Do you guys got some suggestions where to find good house-sharing except craigslist?

any other suggestions/advice for Vancouver?
- where i should live/where i shouldn't live
- where to go/where not to go
- where are a lot jobs around
- bars/clubs
- dispensarys
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Just moved here as well, bump
>looking for a house in Vancouver
Kitsilano has nice beach access, North Van has nice hiking, downtown apartments have pretty nice views.

Hey guys, this might be my own fault due to lack of information, but I'll arrive in NZ tomorrow and just realized how expensive everything is.

I'm used to spending 5-10 USD a day and am now confronted with hostels taking 25+NZD a night and food being even more expensive than in Scandinavia.

How did you guys travel NZ on a budget? I don't have a car license nor do I have the capability to carry cooking utensils on my own.

20 replies and 3 images submitted. Click here to view.
Hard to avoid. went last yr. cook food, find a way. beautiful country but economics dont make sense.
File: 1477769782103.jpg (35 KB, 300x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 300x360
>ywn backpack across middle-earth
How long you there for OP?

Get seasonal work/bar work/ labouring etc. I was able to get work via the hostels I stay in, they work like a job agenties.

Hitching is was easy mode when I was there. Some long waits but it's free transport.

Most hostels have kitchens you can cook in. Some let you stay for free but you do chores like cleaning and stuff. I slept rough a few nights. Just avoid South Auckland when doing that. Look on local Craigslist for a tent .

Any other questions? I check...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Space_Needle002.jpg (242 KB, 1280x665) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
242 KB,
hey, looks like i will be in seattle for 5 days, including christmas. im going because my gf is a flightattendant and on christmas i can go with her for free (hotel and business class flight) so i will take the chance since i never been to the states. i knew there where some threads about seattle but i never read them.. sorry. two main questions: how about the mary j? can i legally buy it there just like alcohol or do i need a medical paper? and what else can we do in seattle? we wouldnt mind renting a car. thx
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Never been to the city proper, but I've skied the area. Anyone over 21 can buy weed. Since you're there for 5 days I'd strongly recommend stevens pass or any of the other mountain areas, you can rent snowshoes pretty inexpensively and see some alpine lakes and mountains about an hour from Seattle. Have fun anon
>post is about Seattle
>suggest going to an area well over 2 hours from Seattle.

It's like someone asks for travel advice for London and you tell him to go to Paris.

I'd rent a car. There just isn't that much to do in the downtown area. I would venture out and see some of what they have to offer outdoors. As far as cities go, it's not much. You'll realize this after you go to Pike Place and come away disappointed.

File: Bolsheviks.jpg (750 KB, 972x1212) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
750 KB,
I would like to do a citytrip in January. I have cheap flights to Vilnius, Riga, Copenhagen or Oslo. What would the best choice be (price/quality) to go to?
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Stockholm is an option too
I heard that they have more mosques than Abu Dhabi now. Yruly worthwhile experience.
Fuck off back to /pol/, retarded underaged virgin.

File: trip.png (525 KB, 1244x665) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
525 KB,
howdy /trv/

I've got 9.5 days from thanksgiving weekend on to make a trip to some proper mountains, just me and my girl. We've got a sedan, all the outdoors gear we need, spry bodies and a can-do attitude. I'd like to make a somewhat circular trip, minimizing using the same roads twice. If you have anything to recommend we see, I'd love to hear it. All we want is to spend 2, maybe 3 days in the Grand Tetons/Yellowstone. The rest is open for suggestions!
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Swing through Colorado on your way up. My girl and I went last summer for a week and loved every second of it. We started in Colorado Springs for a few nights then out to Salida. Once you get past the front range, the drive is amazing. Would be a good precursor to the Tetons.
Hit up the Rockies and the Ozarks on your way back
File: maxresdefault.jpg (274 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
274 KB, 1920x1080
This isn't exactly mountains, but considering your route, you'd be foolish to not stop at Monument Valley UT/AZ. It is absolutely breathtaking.

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What's the biggest adventure you guys have been on? Stories, advice, complaints? I'm currently planning a ~100 day backpacking trip through western Europe and would love to hear some inspiration from others who have done similar feats.
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Sorry mate. Still better than 99% of people out there who consider a late night run to In 'N Out an adventure.
out there maybe, here - sure not and you'll get bullied. Consider this as a good reason to pick your target audience in the future with an utmost care
I guess if ya'll wanna be elitist about it that makes sense.

Going to Ireland next summer with some family for 10 days

We all generally like the same thing i.e. nature shit, old shit, historical shit, beautiful shit etc.

>Parks, monuments or museums to see?
>What are some cool things to see for free?
>Pubs or cities good for some mellow family nightlife?

I just wanna drink whiskey and sing folk songs and sleep on hay piles but my family has got other things in mind so advice is appreciated
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Galway is a cultural hub and has a decent nightlife. I'm from there, it's a good town, especially with family.

Northern Ireland's worth a visit to have a look at the memorials and the walls.

Don't talk about the war.
been planning around Galway, since its close to connemara and cliffs of moher

What are the walls in northern ireland?
Some parts of Northern Ireland still have community division walls that seperate Catholic and Protestant areas. Mostly they're kept around as war memorials.

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