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Some of the best days traveling in my life.

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Thats future Russia right there.
Laos has an "s" on it.
I was expecting a nice hour long video. Instead its 3 minutes. Fk you

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Are there any work/volunteer programs abroad that don't suck ass or cost $5000? I want to travel and actually /do/ something, whether it's wildlife conservation or being an au pair, but everything I've looked for is always hyper expensive or "work teaching children for 16 weeks with no pay in sierra leone".

Has /trv/ ever found a good place to find overseas work that doesn't require an advanced degree or thousands of dollars?
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>Are there any work/volunteer programs abroad that don't suck ass or cost $5000?
There a bunch of them, but most expect you to have specific useful experience or skills. Three of the best, in increasing order of difficulty to get into:
1. Volunteers in Asia--I believe you have to pay for these, but the org and the postings are legit. Have both student/young-and-useless and professional programs. viaprograms.org.
2. VSO -- Voluntary Service Overseas. UK-based, but global....
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These are two volunteer possibilities that I did, just as example:
The peace project in Nicaragua
ACI in Costa Rica

They both have different types of work such as teaching to children or taken care of nature, and they're not expensive. Check them out!

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Hi /trv/,

My girlfriend and I are planning to go to Central/South America in January 2016. We have talked about quite a few different options, including Mexico, Ecuador & Galapagos, Peru or Argentina. We have three weeks, and none of us have been to that entire part of the world before. We don’t want to go too many places while we are there as spending time on going from a to b isn’t that fun. Taking the weather in to consideration are there any parts of the central and south America where it would not make sense to go?

Suggestions, recommendation and...
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Day two bump
>Ecuador & Galapgos

Highly recommend if the natural history and significance of the islands is of interest to you. One of my bet trips ever.

Can be pricey, though.

I've also had some good times in Colombia.

What sort of stuff interests you, and how heat-tolerant are you?

Experiencing the islands is something I have planned to do for quite some time, the idea is to do some diving while we are there. One thing that worries me is El Niño wont that hit around December/January? If so wont that make the weather very unpredictable?

Colombia could also be an option, i have also thought about seeing Chile and Argentina any know if that is doable in 3 weeks time?

The budget matters but not that much, we are already flying half-way round the world

How do you avoid gypsies?

They're always trying to pickpocket me and they're fucking everywhere: Barcelona, Paris, Istanbul and Sweden. The worst is when they try to sell you worthless stuff to distract you; I once caught a gypsy girl trying to steal the wallet from my pocket.
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>How do I avoid someone that I can spot from 100mtrs away?
Take it to /pol
Don't look like a tourist and or an easy target. If they try to sell you shit or talk to you just ignore them
lol i guess you have to be born in eastern europe to get the necessary skills.

let me share some of them with you.

do not carry anything that is more valuable than the average of what tourist are carrying in the area. do people have cheap phones in that country in general? that's a sign for you to leave your golden iphone 6s at home, and take a throwaway huawei or something. do not let your camera hang on your under no circumstances.

do not show all your cash. have coins spread all over your pockets of your trousers and jacket and every other pocket you have. similarly, put different notes in different pockets. depending on how much you need to pay and how many people see you pay, take out only the most suitable note, and do not touch the other pockets.
dress down. in istanbul go as far as to carry plastic bags instead of proper bags if you're in the really bad area. make sure the bag is moderately used, and not see-through. better yet, do not carry a bag if it's avoidable.
probably the best advise is to have a poor face. do not look content with your life, especially during night. someone asks you something? ignore it. do not look their way. if you accidentally look, do not smile, do not frown, no sudden movements, just keep your pace and act as if you just accidentally looked their way instead of noticing their presence. do they follow you? go to a lighter area. look for security cameras, places where there's more traffic, anywhere where people could hear you ask for help. if you're being followed first try to avoid going in the direction of your hotel, just try to go somewhere moderately crowded.
speaking of crowds, avoid crowds otherwise. people should not touch you in crowds, even if it's a latin place. create your space and guard it. if someone enters your space, make brief eye contact with them, check their hands, but also check for any other pressure or loss of pressure of your bag straps.

that was 101, any eastern euro person could write a novel on this

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What are state border checks like?
I'm moving from california into oregon, and bringing a bunch of reptiles with me. Nothing is actually illegal, but I don't want to deal with all the shit I would imagine i'd get going through a border check with a fuckload of exotic animals. Are there even checks? Is it only on major highways or are there other ways to go?
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Does any US state other than California even have state-state border checks?
lol...you must be from la

no border checks for personal vehicles
Yuropoor here. We went ona roadtrip from Florida to California and didn't encounter a single border check.

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i'm an american moving to taiwan for a year to teach english

not sure where i'm stationed yet, but does anyone have any tips or experiences living there?
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Apparently the other expats are really terrible and you shouldn't believe them when they say how much the country sucks.
>avoid people who aren't from there, it's actually a nice country
got it haha

would you happen to know if there are any japanese styled arcades?

also, do they import hollywood movies or am i stuck with whatever is locally produced?
and i guess more to the interests of this board:

does anyone know the general atmosphere is toward americans? like if i happened to ask someone for directions in english would they be offended or too shy to say anything?

what are some places worth exploring when i arrive?

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I want to travel internationally (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Antarctica, etc.) but I don't have anyone willing to go with me and my family insists that I don't go alone so does anyone here have experience with travel groups? Reputable companies, cheap(ish) prices, and lots of free time are big pluses.
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go alone
just go alone, fuck what anyone else says, for me traveling alone was one of the best things that ever happened to me.
Wait a second here...

Hello. I think I will go to the UK from 21th of Dec to 27th. I know it's Christmas season. . I will go trip with my friend. But both of us don't know where to go yet. .
I ask for any advice and tips. Please...
thanks in advance.
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Maybe give us some more information m8
Seriously consider Wales
Definitely see a pantomime.

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>Hate University
>Bored of my country

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Do it.
Presuming your from the United States' it is very unlikely that that will work out. Wait until you earn your degree first then work domestically for a few years. That will easily make you eligible for an EU Visa and you will be able to enter a stable job market in a country of your choice (though you may have to learn a language).


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I have 10k saved up ,possibly 12k if I sell some of my stuff. Is this enough to backpack SEA(3 months) , Australia (1 month), and South America (2 months).
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Where you planning on travelling in SEA ?
Indonesia, Thailand, Laos , Cambodia, Vietnam, and a Malaysia just to see Singapore for a day.
For the full trip? Unless you want to go full hobo mode, no.

Airfare will be in the 3-4k region at least even if you get all flights as super saver specials.
SEA about $25 per day (2250), Australia $50 per day (1500), South America $35 per day (2100) is what you need for hostel, mostly cook your own meals, no/tiny amounts of alcohol, non smoker, minimal public transport/taxi use and maybe going out every other week once.

= 8850
add some other stuff you will...
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Hello, anyone have experience traveling in Indonesia? I will be flying into Jakarta for 20 days in January. I wanted to spend a few days in Jakarta at least and explore the city. The Jakarta surrounding area too like Bogor and Bandung.

I was thinking of taking a train to Yogyakarta to see the temples and exploring more of Java.

Does anyone recommend anything I must do/see while there? Or any other destinations?

Also, from your experience how safe is Jakarta and other places in Indonesia for a solo traveler. I have read its overall a safe place, but...
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I was in Indonesia last week. Me and my friends got kidnapped by ISIS sympathizer groups and got transported to an ISIS compound. We all got beheaded while being taped for their new video release!
I'm a ghost girl btw
Think of all the wear and tear you could have saved on your fingers by not typing that... what a waste.
It's my favorite country.
Went twice so far.
2 years ago for 10 months in total.
This August I revisited for a trip across Sumatra
>9 living in Jakarta, with trips to Lampung, Yogja
>1 month doing the Bali, Lombok, Gili T thing.
>Definitely go to Yogja for Borobudhur & Prambanan
>Climb a Volcano, I went to Krakatau & Prambanan
>Go to Pangandaran for Green Canyon, canyoning there...
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What's the most remote place you've ever been to?

Personally I'd have to say Pyramiden, Svalbard at 78 degrees north. Pic related.
Would love to visit Bear Island and Kerguelen Island some day.
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Location of Pyramiden for your convenience
>Would love to visit Bear Island and Kerguelen Island some day.

I'd like to visit Kerguelen too one day, too bad the price for a return trip costs as much as a trip around the world + more.

I'm doing geology at university, im hoping at some point ill do a research project on igneous rocks and get to go there with research grants.

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Someone here has made the Mexico - Japan Travel, i want to do it next year, i need advice.
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where are you from?
and you want to go to mexico and explore then go to japan and explore?

or you just mean how to get from mexico to japan in the cheapest and best way?
You phrase it an odd kind of way.

Asumiendo que eres Mexicano y que quieres viajar a Japon, pues está cabrón. El vuelo te va a salir en unos 20,000 MXN, entonces sera mejor que te prepares y que vayas unas 2-3 semanas de ser posible para hacer que el gasto en transporte valga la pena.

Aeromexico es caro pero cómodo y conveniente, tienen vuelos directos a Tokyo desde Monterrey, DF y Tijuana. Si tienes visa para USA, considera American / United, ellos te pueden dar precios mas competitivos, aunque son...
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>40000 en 10 dias

not OP but I just booked my tickets for New Years, about 10 days, what do you spend 40000 pesos on? I was planning to spend about $500 or so on airbnb?

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Sup /trv/ me and a friend are planning on going to South-Korea.

What are the best cities for sightseeing and night-life, the best peroid to go in terms of weather, the best way of transportation, should we do it by train or just rent a car and i terms of places to sleep, got any recommendation for hostels/ hotels/ w/e ?

Gibe tips, share stories/experiences. Thanks in advance.
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Depends on what you like, really. It's capitalist paradise, also the number of restaurants per capita is quite high, so prepare your stomach and wallet. Mostly your stomach, be ready to eat non-stop.
There's accommodation from guesthouses with ondol, templestays, hostels, hotels, airbnb, couchsurfing, whatever you like. Oh, and love motels are actually a pretty good value for the price, just ignore the condoms and stuff.

March-April is supposed to be the nicest, but I really enjoyed the winter time I've spent there, too. Just avoid summer.

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We were planning on moving from south to north so Busan to Seoul and we are going for 2 weeks so i think we'll have plenty of time to do lots of stuffs. From what i've gathered so far in both Busan and Seoul are ok if you only speak english but the people dont seem to be keen on spontaneous conversation and the way i feel about travel is the people you meet and the conversations you have with them are what makes the journey a success. So how do you deal with it ? Do you just keep trying until you find some...
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They don't? I don't know, it might be just me, but I had people come up and talk to me everywhere (outside of Seoul). Their English wouldn't be great, but then again, mine is also far from perfect, so I just kept on talking even when we didn't get each other. Conversations started 2 ways mostly:
Where are you from?

God, you really don't know how to eat that dish, do you. Let me help you. How do you like it? Which Korean dish is your favorite so far?

...and then I took the conversations...
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Let's hear 'em.

What was your worst experience on a plane ride?
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> Be me
> Be 7 years old
> Be in turbulent plane
> No sickness bag
> Attendant tries to handle me a garbage bag.
> Puke on her feet
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>come back from traveling in NoCal with family
>get aisle seat next to somebody I didn't know
>tired as fuck, nod off pretty much non-stop
>really don't want to be a bother so make my best effort not to fall asleep
>end up getting massive chills every time I nod not unlike the ones you get when you have a panic attack
>this goes on for like 3 hours
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>have to fly to some island in the Mediterranean sea for work
>only option to there is some shitty tourist charter
>I am the only guy in a suit in the whole plane
>in fact, I am the only guy that even is remotely wearing anything that could be considered "dressed"
>shit foot
>hello sir, have nice holidays!
>good evening, we hope you will have a nice...
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