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Someone posted a video of traditional chanting music from Syria in a /trv/ music thread a couple months back. I need to find it again because of reasons, does anyone know the vid I mean?
Also, /trv/ music thread.
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Congolese music from the 60s/70s blew my mind when I first got into it. There's nothing that really sounds remotely like it...

If you like electric guitar...


Not the best quality, but when have you ever seen a TV special from 1975 Zaire? Great guitar at the end too...

That's cheery as fuck. Listening to this while I drink beer and clean my office.
Traditional chanting is based, have some Tuvan stuff. I plan on visiting on a road trip, one day.


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Is it just me or have most places just become living museums of their past selves? Tourism has just ruined everywhere. Nothing happening in the present day, just monuments to see of things from the past.
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Well when there are attempts to make new things, it's mostly shit.
I'll stick to old things from the past.
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>opinion discarded
There are still some places that are still their past selves. The only way they exist like that is because almost nobody's heard of them, which is also the reason why it's hard to find out where they are.

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howdy yall, i got a question for all the international travelers

im flying for the very first time to a foreign country. when i land, and have to go through customs, what do i do? im not trying to hide anything, but im clueless to what i have to do. do they ask me questions? do i fill forms out? what do and dont i have to declare?

thanks for all answers and opinions
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you'll get the forms on the plane. the stewardesses can help. at the airport just follow the signs.
You will get a form to fill out or you might want to read up on the custom regulations.
Usually you can bring anywhere without having to declare anything:
>200 Cigarets or 50 Cigars
>1l of spirits
>2l of beer/wine
>up to 300 USD/€/CHF of other duty free purchases (cloths, cosmetics, electronics, jewelry)
>usually between 5000-10000 USD/€/CHF in cash

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and of course your personal belongings (clothing, toiletry articles, phone, laptop, tablet etc...) is exempt from that no need to declare it.

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>>be me
>>only be heppy playin vidya, playin with pupper, or cooking
>>get forced to go to puerto rico
>>"your paycheck hasn't come in and you don't have enough in the bank to make it two weeks"
>>go to puerto rico
>>do absolutely nothing for two weeks
>Well /trv/ I leave tomorrow, have any ideas
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Ramen noodles and masterbation (11 pumps only)
i was in the country side, now I'm in a shit town, no ramen noodles but I've beaten my meat quite a bit, any other ideas?
I heard La Perla is pretty economical

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Hi /trv/, mods please delete this thread if it doesn't belong here.

I got job offer today from Scandinavian company which has office at Bangkok (registered as its own company). Office is small and workers are mainly from europe/west.
I'm currently happily employed with 3200eur/month salary and I like my job. Maybe some assholes at office but there will always be. I'm 28 and got no debt or wife etc.
However I really crave for experience working abroad and especially Asia is continent which I love.
Offered job itself seems to be interesting and...
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For the experience, I'd say worth it. Career/financially some things to consider. Do plan on making your current employer a career? Though the salary is less, could you save more/have more disposable income in Bangkok? Are there opportunities for advancement with new company? If not, can you easily find another job should this one not work out for you?
Check if the cost of life in BKK is less than half of your current cost of life.
If it's, no need to think, just go.
If it isn't, then you start thinking whether it's worth the downgrade or not.
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There is possibility I could build good career at current company but its not precisely my goal. Experiencing new things is my goal and living abroad is one of them.
I doubt that I could get that much to my savings account from Bangkok job probably would live mediocre life at least.

Thats good tool and it shows that prices are about half of what they are here.

I'm probably going for the experience, I can always come back and try again...
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How/when/where do you go about buying your currencies when traveling?

If say you had $5000 you wanted to convert to euros, would you:
>A) convert all of that and put it on a travel money card
>B) have it as cash, or
>C) convert x% to cash and the other y% put on a travel money card
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Those currency converting places rip you the fuck off, Here at least in Australia.

I just take my bank cards and make large withdrawals. Get charged the going exchange rate and $4.00 international withdraw fee or what ever. There's no reason for those currency conversion places to exist unless you can't get money out at the airport and need it for a taxi or some shit.
Good point. I was just thinking that maybe those currency exchanging places might have a better price.

What bank are you with? How large of an amount would you usually take out each time?
Commonwealth bank man. No, it's how they make their money. Check them compared to the going rate on xe.com. Airport ones can get quite bad.

Depends what country I'm in, Japan $500+ etc since not guarenteed to work at every convenience store and its safe over there. Places like thailand and indonesia they work everywhere but unsafe so generally $100 that will get you far.

ALWAYS, make sure you have a back up card with you in your passport or what ever. Lost my card once in Mexico, got maxed out...
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In about 8 months I'll be leaving life here in Los Angeles to move to Connecticut for the first time. I have a friend in Massachusetts who says it's quite cultured. If there are tons of assholes I'm quite used to that here. Is it calm? Are people more uptight?
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I live in a suburb a few miles from Boston and it's pretty comfy and the people are wealthy and well educated. Ultra liberal town.
there are a few assholes, but most people are very nice. The percentage of assholes tends to be higher in rich little towns like Westport or Darien.
i grew up in ct

where are you going to be? what does "quite cultured" mean? are you going to be in a college town in MA?
compared to most of the country people in the north east can be considered rude but i think of them as more real.
like rather than fake being nice, like someone would be in south carolina and then talk shit about you later, new england people will make it apparent that they either don't care or are upset.
ct has some of the absolute most wealthy towns and also some of the most destitute and depressed cities in the entire country.

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hey guys im interested in working in swiss for one winter season, does someone have experience with working there? how much do you make off the jobs there in average?
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Where are you from? How are your language skills?
im from germany, i speak english/german my spoken english is better than written
What kind of job? Where? What qualifications?
Seasonal work is here completely normal in positions ranging from toilet cleaner up to top executives.

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I am about to travel to NYC for the 1st time, going with my gf, and we can't decide between two places to stay, one in Ham Heights and the other in Bushwick, near Williamsburg. Both of them seem nice, comfy, everything covered. What would you /trv suggest?
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If Ham Heights smells like ham, go there for sure.
When you going bro?
I'll be flying in on Saturday, staying with my aunt and uncle in Park Slope.

Williamsburg is full of faggy hipsters btw

Life long New Yorker here. Wtf is ham heights?

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Anyone else get lonely when travelling alone? How do you deal with it?
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Go hang out at a good night spot, have a few drinks and chill, just start randomly talking to people, or go stay at a backpackers
Fuck using tinder.
travel with other people

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Where are the best pubs/bars located in London? I'll be visiting in a few weeks and will be in the Pimlico area. There aren't a whole lot of bars in the area so I'm trying to figure out where to go with my brother.

Looking for places with a younger (20's) crowd with reasonable (i.e. 5 gbp/pint or less) prices. The trendier the better, but not looking for clubs. We are planning to take the tube/use uber (if uber is even a good option in London) so we can stray a little far.

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I should add that when I say trendy I just mean popular, not "chic" or fancy or anything. I don't care if they serve 100 different types of scotch or lit their shots on fire or whatever. I just want a popular place to chill where we can maybe talk to some strangers and shoot the shit
Taxi driver in London here
>Covent Garden
>Stoke Newington
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>>>1115358 (OP)
Classy, a bit hipstery but awesome
Shit, full of faggots
Tourist trap
>>Covent Garden
Has its places, a decent choice

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Hey /trv/,

I'll be spending a little over a month in Seoul next month, what are the MUST DOS/SEES/EATS while I'm there? I'll be seeing the DMZ and Gyeongbokgung Palace for sure. I really want to hike along the city wall because it looks incredible. Outside of that, though, I haven't gotten around to planning much yet.

I'm trying to cram as much as possible into the month since it will be my first time leaving the US. Any advice about anything is appreciated. Thanks.
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Bumpo. Although different approach to OP, will be spending about a week in Seoul before moving on. Best eats and nightlife are what interest me.
Also, I unapologetically love k-pop.

Thinking about spending my last weekend there in Jeju.
Fuck jeju son.

I've lived in Ghana for about 8 months now, yesterday I and some friends hiked up Wli falls, which are the highest in West Africa.

Sadly the night before I cleared a bottle of Jameson so I was well and truly hanging, so much so I was shaking like a shitting dog. Any way, managed to do the hike in about 2.5 hours whilst vomiting 3 times. Honestly every one, if you want to feel the same dehydration and sickness of our colonial ancestors I suggest you follow my footsteps, especially the drinking. Also wear Adidas Dragons, that'll especially fuck you. Any way, ask...
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Taste any of that pink chocolate yet?
I know a relatively large number of black Americans are emigrating there, but would you recommend it for tourism?
Yes and no, its the safest and most stereotypically West African country, so if W.Africa is on your bucket list do it. However make sure you have an exact list of what you want to do and keep your wits about you, don't ever let on you're a tourist.

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Hey trv!

I recently graduated from school and I'm on a gap year until January. I thought that this is a rare oppurtunity for me and I'm thinking of buying an interrail pass to travel around Europe for about a month.
Since I've been to western/mid European countries (swe, ger, ita, sui, fr, spain etc.) multiple times before, I feel like heading towards Eastern Europe to explore the countries I've never been before and know very little about.

Many of my friends are busy studying, working or don't have enough money so I would be doing this...
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>Do people speak English well in Eastern Europe?
I'd say as in the rest of European countries where English is not a native language. You can get by somehow.

>When to go? I could go from august to december
Do you seriously need an answer for this? You are from Europe yourself, you know the best how the weather looks like in different seasons over here. Gosh...

>What to pack?
Clean socks, underpants, few shirts, phone, charger, some pills if you start feeling...
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Your interests and history sound a lot like mine, also 18 hailing from Tallinn. No advice for u my moose friend, just make sure to visit our Hungarian cousins
>fairly experienced with travelling
>Never stayed in hostel before

Anyhow, I recommend to ditch interrail and take buses instead, they're so much cheaper, especially in the baltics and east-europe, but in the west there is cheap buslines too. You save heaps and maybe meet some more genuine travellers and locals besides from sharing a train with every other 18 year old european with the same idea as you, or even worse, 18 year old american kids going crazy because they're allowed to drink.

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We are visiting the part around LA from Europe for 2 weeks. What are some neat things for NEET's like us?
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la=/=west coast

la to seattle is further than madrid to amsterdam
L.A.? Why? Go to San Francisco, see some national parks in NorCal (yosemite, redwoods), do Highway 1 (santa cruz, santa barbara, hearst castle area), wine country (sonoma if you're a NEET). MAYBE drive down to Anaheim if you really need to see Disneyland. If you go that far you might as well spend a couple days in San Diego/Coronado/La Jolla.

This. Hit norcal starting in san francisco. If you can drive, go north to humboldt bay n explore around there. BEAUTIFUL country up there!

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coiuple of days ago I was drunk and booked a cheap (250EUR) roundtrip Munich- Cuba with merideanair (flymerideanair.com )

Contrary to what usually happens, I didn't have to pay. So I booked, but didn't pay.

I received an email (all in German, as the booking process was) thanking me for my "binding" reservation.

Thing is, I don't really want to go.

I'm wondering whether I'd really need to pay or not now. Has anyone here had any experience with flymerideanair ? To me it's really something new - usually you...
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also, I provided my (real) name, phone, and address ( I did want to go when I was booking, duh)
well, bump.
I still haven't paid.. don't know if I have a ticket or not lol
No advice to give other than this; that sounds fucking sweet. You're already bound to it, so just take the adventure. Like you'd ever regret it.

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Hey guys,

I pretty spontaneously booked a ticket to Costa Rica last night. I'll be flying into San Jose on May 31st and leaving on the 9th of June. It's a short span of time, and I'm wondering what I can and should do to make the most of it. What are some affordable in-country destinations and landmarks? What are the people there like?

I'm a 22-year old graduate student who also works full-time. I have money to spend but can't pull wads of cash out of my asshole. I know Costa Rica has a reputation for being expensive. I was recently in Colombia and lived in a third-world country for a while - I don't mind being a little uncomfortable.

What should I do? I've obviously been doing a little research online, but would like some feedback from folks who have recently been.
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What I did.
Stay at Costa Rica backpackers in San Jose best hostel there, may need to book ahead.
Rente a car will be like 500 or cheaper i don't rem but the ppl at the hostel can hook u up.
Drove to monteverde to see the cloud forest, chose over aranel cuz ppl said aranel is all tourists and there is a chance u can't see unless it's a great day.
Went from there to puntereas, I did not spend any time tere nor do I recommend caught a ferry across and went to montezuma. At montezuma stayed at HOtel Lucy, 20 usd a night to sleep on the beach I'd...
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Costa rica is great, safe and beautiful. The food is normal, i guess. Oh, and don' leave anything in the car when your not there. Bot even 2 minutes. They crack that shit open in 10 seconds, get your stuff and run.
humpity bumpity

Very broad question but I want to know what /trv/ would advise for a first time traveler. Planning a trip sometime after September-Nov for a few months and having trouble deciding. SEA is cheaper but I can afford to be flexible with time/budget

Particularly interested in the rainforest(either Borneo or the Amazon if you want to give your experience and opinions), ruins, interesting cultures, the usual. Would like to meet interesting people of course but not much of a bar/club person.

Tell me what you think or just share your own experience.
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i was traveling through southeast asia and i would defently recommend it!

such a great place, lot of stuff to do & places to visit. wicked cultural & traditional things to do n see as well, like golden tempels, huuuuge statures and mighty landscapes.

traveling, weather by bus, plaine & train is cheap as fuck & the they got good food too!

exotic animals, like elephants, tigers, monkeys, too see! Waterfalls, tropical woods n jungles,

crazy night outs inclusive
its just sick mate
Your time of year for the travel is GREAT for this region.

As a first time traveler, I'd advise Costa Rica handsdown every time vs most of S. America. Rainforest canopy and cloud walks, great waterfalls and rafting, beaches, boating, volcanoes, coast to coast amazing, great eco-niche hotels who are very inexpensive yet luxurious both, and very english friendly. I'm quite partial to their Lizano steak sauce at every meal. You can hire your own damn guide one-on-one with a pack and gear (!) for a 3 part...
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Have not been so SEA, but from the many stories I've heard compared to my own extensive experience in SA:

It seems like SEA is cheaper than SA in every way. Especially Brazil has gotten expensive as fuck. There is also a lot of bro-tier partying in SOME places in SEA, while others are a lot less touristy and accessible, might cause a bit of a culture-shock (which can be a good thing if you are looking to broaden your cultural horizons).

SA was to me a slight culture-shock, but not that much. In general Brazil, Chile and (especially) Argentina have some similarities...
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Hey guys
Kiwifag here staying in Seattle for a few days, and then San Fran for a few days after that in mid August. Traveling solo around a few places on my way to South America.
Would really appreciate some tips on where I should stay, on a bit of a budget.
Most likely will do AirBnb, but possibly hostels. Not a massive party guy at 30 years old, but will definitely be getting on tinder and trying to hook up.
Any advice welcome, and thanks in advance!

Pic obviously related
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Bay Area native here. That sounds like a cool trip! I haven't used Airbnb, but do you want recommendations for food, coffee, or other stuff like that? San Francisco and Mill Valley nearby have some great restruraunts cafés, and bakeries.
Seattle has hostels and plenty of AirBnB. Not sure what additional advice I could offer... Book early?
Hey dudes thanks for replies. Booked a hostel in the city of Seattle. That's sorted.
Would love some advice about where are nice areas to stay in San Fran?

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How this **** works?

I wanted to try this out so I sent a reservation request and expected the host to either decline or accept my request, instead he/she asked me to change my request into an inquiry and telling that he/she is not sure if the apartment is free. I couldn't find anything on the google or airbnb help about making inquiries. Maybe I'll reserve a hotel instead then.
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You have to click on "contact the host". That's under the map on the mobile app or under the name of the flat on the Web page
allright thanks I'll try that!
No problem

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Hi /trv/,

One of my travel dreams is to go to Colombia, but I really do fear guerrilla, and I don't know if it is safe to get around the country by road within the main cities (Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Cartagena, etc.).
Also, hints, tips, must-see, etc. from Colombia
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You'll be fine.

I spent about a month in Colombia, from mid-September to mid-August of 2015. I went there without any real knowledge or expectations of the country and ended up loving it. In fact, I'm very eager to see more of Latin America, a region which has never been on my travel radar.

Colombia isn't the safest place you could visit. However, the risk you run of getting kidnapped by rebels or shot dead in the streets is minuscule. The biggest threat to safety you'll face...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Don't worry, as long as you don't go to very far away from the tourism places. Don't do stupid things and try to hide your expensive things when you are in a very crowded place. If we talk about getting kidnapped I'm almost sure nothing will happen to you because here the people don't give a fuck if you are foreign or not, they just care about money so don't show it and that's all! PD: days ago some crazy motherfuckers killed a CIA agent, US taken them to a us court, They got their ass kicked. Since then nobody wants to bother foreign people...
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File: 20150908_132611.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
I am also planning a visit to Columbia and I have an expensive travel bicycle that I want to take. If I lock it up, will people see it and take a wrench to it and disassemble all the parts they can get? It's not obviously top of the line, but I definitely have over $1500 in this bike.

File: 89850-004-C88E1B75.gif (86 KB, 460x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hey /trv/,

Thinking about travelling through the Balkan region/south-eastern Europe for 2 or 3 weeks in august.
Went to Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia 2 years ago which I really enjoyed. Would like to see some other countries this time though.
I heard good stories about Bulgaria/Romania so this is very much an option but I'm open to any tips recommendations, really.
Any tips on what I definitely should not miss? I'll be with a small group of guys in our early 20s.
We do enjoy culture and scenery but there should definitely be some opportunities to...
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Did you meet serbia strong?
avoid Moldova ( not even Balkans tho ), Kosovo, Albania and obviously Turkey and you'll be fine
t. Croat
Istanbul is beutiful.

File: Flag-map_of_Russia.svg.png (133 KB, 2000x1163) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB,
>Talk to me about Russia

My wife and 2 friends (a couple) are supposed to be heading to Russia (Moscow, Petersburg) in August for 10 days. However everyone other than myself are kinda nervous about their safety in Russia. They read all the reports of the Skinheads, Police, bydlo's and the general lack of english. I have tried to assure them that it really isnt THAT much difference than any other european city (My wife and myself have been to several) but they just cannot get it in their heads that its relatively safe.

What does...
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I went to St Petersburg and Moscow for 10 days in April. You literally have nothing to worry about as long as you remain fairly central in the cities. We never went very far out so I can't tell you how dangerous it is in the dodgy areas but I doubt it's much more dangerous than any American ghetto. All the Russians we met were very friendly and helpful. St Petersburg is more European than Moscow, so people are more open minded and speaks better English. You definitely won't have any issues finding people speaking English, quite the opposite - they'll probably...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Yea, I even used the comparison that you used about areas of cities being a big difference to my friends and they still didnt see it (walk 2 blocks the wrong way in shitcago and you will be dead).

Did you enjoy your trip? Would you go back?
>But there is definitely a big difference between what the Russian government thinks and what (decent) Russians thinks.

I hate Russians like you that shit-talk your country to American muds and Western Europeans, just to try and curry favor with them.

How would one go about getting to Afghanistan? I've always wanted to see that country, maybe pick up a trophy wife, and go see the huge number of historical artifacts there, but I dont particularly feel like dying. Is there any feasible and intelligent way of visiting Afghanistan?

I have degrees in political science and economics if that would help me secure work over there. I'm willing to do anything, it's always been one of my lifes goals to see that country.
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Join the Army.
Also curious. But I'd wait a few more years to see if the situation will eventually calm down. Until then, it'll be a place I can only admire through pictures.
can't mate, not when we're literally pulling out of there.

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Kawagebo 卡瓦格博 edition

General info:
https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/China (preferred, the 'new' one)




Expat restaurants/supermarkets/bars:

Pleco (dictionary)
baidu maps/google maps


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Yubeng.jpg (355 KB, 1566x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
355 KB, 1566x1050
Kawagebo is an awesome (and sacred) peak on the border between Yunnan and Tibet. You can visit the area pretty easily via an idyllic village called Yubeng (雨崩) nestled deep within the valley that leads up to a glacial lake and to another sacred waterfall. It is normally not accessible by car.
You can also perform a ritual circumambulation of the mountain massif.
>Says to go to some other website
>allow a security applet you might be forced to download during the payment process.
Honestly, I don't know how that URL got into a general, but it looks like a great source of malware. Anyone who wants train tickets for China should be looking at
http://www.seat61.com/China.htm#How to buy tickets

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I'm travelling to Dubai - to visit a cousin there next month. I'm spending 4/5 days there.

I don't care much about shopping malls and all this shit (i'd never go there if it wasn't for family)... Are they some nice museums there ? Ideally contemporary art museums. I tried google of course but there doesn't seem to be anything...

Isn't Dubai like abu-dhabi or Doha with many many museums ??
I have no clue...
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Dubai, I've heard of that place. It's where people from South Asia go to take photographs to post on social media.
I'm really not asian - that's not an option then - maybe i shall go with the attitude of a zoologist or sociologist and take pictures of those asian fellows posting shit on instagram. Apart from that I still have no clue... It looks so damn fake and dull
There is no culture in Dubai. Theres one tiny rinky dink museum that basically says for thousands of years it was just a shit hole in the desert with some sand huts, then they found oil and now they're rich.

Theres a couple sort of unique things like the desert safari, but they are few and far between. Shopping, paying insane amounts for alcohol at hotels, and similar activities is all there is to do. Its a fake city

So long story short.. in a week I'll be in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka at the request of my company. Not familiar at all.

And the funny thing is I know that my services will not be needed. So I'll have 1-2weeks of doing nothing. What the hell I will spend my time doing I have noo idea.

Is anyone familiar with this country? This city? A search online basically told me every bad thing I could imagine now how about some actual feedback.
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Never been but I hear they eat a lot of fish. I hope you like seafood.

Not a particularly friendly tourist destination OP, just in terms of they dont have a lot of toúrist infastructure because its not a huge tourist destination.

There's stuff to see though, a fair few historįcal sites in Dakar and ive heard cox's bazaar and the beach around it is one of the best bëaches with fairly low tourism in the řegion.
Make sure to post on /pol/ while you're there so they can collect the flag.

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To all travellers and hostelgoers: How old were you when you started traveling & staying in hostels? How old are you now, and do you still travel? How old would you consider " too old" to stay in a youth / party focused hostel?
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first time i stayed in a hostel o was 17. hated it, 18 years later still haven't stayed in another one.

it wasn't the hostel's fault, or the people that were there-they were nice enough and it was a very nice, clean hostel in inverness, i just despise sharing my space with strangers.

but to each there own. :)
Started traveling alone once I was 14 (drove with a few friends all across switzerland from Zurich to Locarno on our Mopeds (those fucking things with 49CCM and can't officially go faster than 30 KPH well before a nice tuning)
Firs time in a Hostel was with 15 in London (that was the first time I got blackout drunk in my life)

Today I'm 32, still traveling around the world (greetings from Cusco) when ever I can and stay where ever I end up.
I enjoy to stay in a party hostels, camping or getting...
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I started travelling at a young age, but with family and going to theme park and all around California and sometimes out of state. I started my real, travel adventure and stayed at hostels until I turned 19.

I am 20 and I am at the right age range to continue to stay in hostels. I just prefer them over hotels. Even if I had money to spend a few nights, I will always opt for the hostel since the experience of meeting new people in dorms and bars is something you can't get in a hotel.

Which european city would you choose if you had to spend 30 days in it?
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Also, considering you have a budget of 400€ for hotels/hostels for the entire period.
Sorry for my ignorance, but what's the strategy here?

Hey guys

In June I am flying to Portland to do a road trip on the west coast, mostly Oregon and hopefully some of California/Washington

Trip will be 12 days

Will spend a day and a half in Portland
Then know for sure I want to spend a day or two at Crater Lake

Other than that we have no solid plans, any suggestions or cool stuff to do around the area would be appreciated
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General Oregon:
Ramona Falls
Timberline Lodge
Silver Falls/Oregon Gardens
The Gorge (Multnomah Falls & Hood River)
Willamette Valley/Dundee hills wine country
Oregon Coast (Depoe Bay, Newport, Cannon beach)
Breweries (prob not worth the drive out to Bend unless you want to go white water rafting, but Rogue on the coast, portland breweries, etc)
Oregon Caves
Crater Lake
Golfer? Pacific/Bandon dunes

Japanese gardens/Rose Gardens
noodle bowl at shanghai...
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>Then know for sure I want to spend a day or two at Crater Lake

do you already have your camping reservations? because if not you won't be staying in the park. and you'd better hurry and find a motel before everything within an hour and a half is booked. not exaggerating.

if you like /out/ bend has a lot of cool stuff nearby-hiking, mountain biking, climbing, river rafting/tubing, lava tube caves. pic related: smith rock state park. good food in bend, too-check out the food trucks.

mt hood's lodge (forget the...
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>do you already have your camping reservations? because if not you won't be staying in the park. and you'd better hurry and find a motel before everything within an hour and a half is booked. not exaggerating.

Yeah this. Tourists think they can just waltz up and get a camping spot whenever they want, when in fact your typical Oregonian would be considered a professional camper anywhere else in the U.S., possibly the world. We book that shit up early. Your only shot of...
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