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map colombia.jpg
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Am thinking of going to Colombia, is this a good place to travel to?
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i'm going there in march.. let's hook up in Bogota and snort some coke...
Just went for a month. It's great! Out with my girlfriend now but i will happily answer any questions you might have later today
Not OP, but going to Colombia. Were you able to interact with locals a lot? I really want to work on my Spanish while traveling, so I'd rather talk to them than drunk Australians

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What's the most poor and third-world country you have ever traveled or stayed in?
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Detroit, Mi

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Did everyone enjoy their Chuseok?
Wanna know what Chuseok is?
Don't give a shit?

South Korea general is here for you.
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Chuseok was great. I got to see a drumband sweat it out in the midday sun.
ebin I was there by accident. what an inferior country
>want to breed some korean qts
>there are none because the country has an absymal birth rate

It's lower then the most industrialized cities in the world across the entire country, wtf.

File: romantic-kissing-in-paris.jpg (25 KB, 332x448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Have you ever fallen in love whilst travelling/on your gap year/year abroad, or know someone who has?

Was it just a short and sweet romance? Are you still in touch, or maybe doing long distance or have even married and are now living together?

Tell me your stories!
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I can say that I met my ex on a trip, because I smoked a blunt haha
I was with here for 3 years, cheated on me twice
I met my current GF on Erasmus. Currently we're in a long-distance relationship, we see each other every two-three months.

Erasmus is a bit like pic related. Everybody is far more... open than they probably would be at home.
Shit, sorry about that man. At least you know you're better off without her.
OP here, I actually made this thread because I also met a girl on Erasmus, haha. We're not exactly together though, and maybe I'll never see her again because we are so far apart, but who knows what can happen. :) Good luck with your relationship! Where did you do Erasmus btw?

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I've been to the obvious places in America. NYC, NOLA, Boulder, San Fran. It's a huge country, and as I continue seeing the country, I could use some help for when I'm in places like the midwest, or the north west south.

So let's have a thread for nowhere america.

I'm going on a roadtrip, and some of the states I'm having trouble planning my route through are Northern Alabama, Northern Mississippi, Arkansas, Western Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Utah. I enjoy day hikes, but I also love a good...
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You are having trouble planning for Montana Utah Wyoming and you say you love hiking?
No, he said he LIKES hiking -- he LOVES drinking.


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Hey, /trv/. I am going to Oxford next semester from Canada and was wondering where I should go on my March break. I don't want to spend a massive amount of money, but I want to go somewhere that would be fun for a short amount of time.
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Not Britain.
Do you mean in the UK or are you willing to get on a plane?

You have very good airport access, so lots of cheap European destinations.

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CVG vintage.jpg
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If you don't think Singapore is the best, you ain't been there
>free tours to take you into the city all hours of the day
>indoor gardens
>outdoor gardens
>butterfly garden
>that's right, an indoor jungle room where you can walk around and pet butterflies
>free internet kiosks and wifi
>free console and LAN gaming
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Also what's so great about MSP?
I think it's designed beautifully and efficiently. Plus all of the staff is really nice. For the local weather the layovers are minimal. Lovely surroundings upon landing. I haven't flown intercontinentally so my experience is limited to US, Canadian, and Central American airports.

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I was sitting in a hostel kitchen, eating an omelette wrapped around some olives and canned tomato, only slightly more difficult to make than a sandwich, drinking a tankard of belgian beer (the only tankard in the kitchen stock), holding my fork and knife in the formal style, fork in left hand. I got into a mild back and forth with an American, and he became convinced that I was French. It wasn't an accusation, he just couldn't identify my accent and seemed to jump to this conclusion based on my accessories. Usually people mistake me for being Russian. I'm actually...
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You have a very strange way of writing. Reminds me of Murakami almost.
while in Syria, people regularly chanted "Death To America!" while I was around. Me, being American, purposely mistook my own identity on these occasions, and told them I was from Chile.
>Reminds me of Murakami almost.
Holy shit that's true.

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China General

Old thread is at: >>1007576

General info:




Expat restaurants/supermarkets/bars:

Pleco (dictionary)
baidu maps/google maps


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Is VyprVPN reliable?
Looking at traveling to and exploring Sichuan and Yunnan provinces next year, any hot tips or must see things for those areas?
File: _00_0731.jpg (2 MB, 2848x2144) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Sichuan and Yunnan
Those are some of my favourite places.

The backpacker trail in Yunnan is Kunming to Dali/Lijiang and up to Shangrila via Tiger Leaping Gorge. From Shangrila, you can either head back to Dali/Li Jiang, maybe whichever you didn't do the first time and then head on to Sichuan or go straight there from Shangrila.

protip: Shangrila isn't it's real name, it's Zhongdian, they just named it that for tourists. It's a nice Tibetan town...
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images (2).jpg
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I'm going to Thailand next week
i've only booked my flight to bangkok
nothing else ..

what to do ?
cheap hostels ?
good food places ?
cheap things to do ?
where to go besides Bangkok ?

i'll be staying for a month
25/m from belgium
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Bed Station for hostel
For food, just eat street food. If there are lots of locals eating there, eat there. There are some nice temples in Bangkok, make sure you go to them.
thanks i'll check it out
i've heard orf a full moon party ?
is it worth going to that ?

File: 1431859372660.jpg (843 KB, 2722x1805) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am looking for small US and Canadian towns with their own unique flavors.
Help me flesh out this list. So far I have ;

Big Sur
29 Palms

Also any comments on the towns listed would be great as I have only been to a few of them.
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Kingston, Ontario is a cool town. Lots of limestone buildings and old architecture
All these places will likely very touristy and expensive.

Some places I can add to the list are Leavenworth, WA, a great german style village east of Seattle. It's incredibly beautiful but it reeks of kitsch tourism. Jackson, WY is great too, both have mountains cascading over them like in your pic. I really enjoyed Jackson but it was the slow season so everyone was local. Lots of cool looking 20 somethings and there's lots of money to be made there.

All those Colorado mountain towns are great. I really enjoyed Breckenridge and Steamboat Springs which...
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I love flying, the taking off and landing is the best part and I was wondering about your experiences flying.

What's your favourite airline to travel on?
Do you have a preferred airline you stick with or do you have no loyalty at all?
Share your airline experiences

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Have you seen the price for the eithad residence class, it costs 21,000 USD for a flight from Dubai to London, you get your own butler and a separate bathroom, living room and bedroom.
Generally I fly British Airways cause I work for them therefore get discount. I agree that landing and taking off are the best part by far, although i always love the mid-flight turbulence.
I hate to fly. I was evacuated during a hurricane and the plane was hit by lightning, causing it to free fall for a few seconds. Didn't get on a plane for at least 10 years after that, and basically I only fly to Hawaii, I'll drive everywhere else.

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New Japan General since the old one is past the bump limit

As always, feel free to ask about:
>travelling to Japan
>living in Japan
>teaching in Japan
>how do I become a Yakuza

Also info on prostitution in Japan: http://rockitreports.com/category/sex-in-tokyo/

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up>>973906
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I'm from Scotland and Thinking of moving to Japan. One thing that makes me worry is the weather, is their any place that isn't extremely warm in the summer? I don't mind the cold because I'm used to it really.

Also anyone got any advise for someone wanting to move their, what jobs are easy to go for, how people act to foreigners?
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I guess mountain cities and Hokkaido region.
>have A.A
>don't know what I want to do.
Is tefl viable for a long term career. Would Japan require an education/English degree in the future?

File: NKR-1-2.jpg (273 KB, 600x399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My fiance left me for a manchild after seven years together, work laid me off and gave me six months severance, I have 50,000 aeroplan miles and a no interest in fucking SE Asia.

I speak three words of Russian and less Armenian. I'm taking a 22L klettersack, trusty boots, and my sense of adventure and hiking 120km through a country that doesn't exist: Nagorno-Karabakh. I understand that my killer pantomimes and high alcohol tolerance will find me a house to sleep in every night. The remaining minefields are mostly well-marked, these days.

Afterwards I'll...
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Will you report dyring the trip? What if u die, murdered, kidnapped or other stuff?
OP here, switched computers.

Reporting during will be hard, since I've no way to get pictures off my camera (though mobile data is only $15/gb). I'll probably be incognito till I get back, like OreTrain guy.

Being murdered or kidnapped is extremely unlikely, dying of alcohol poisoning from the local delicious fruit vodka is more likely.

Stepping on a landmine or cluster bomb is possible.
Will you look for girls, whores, escorts and more? Any drug intention?

Stereotyping is something we inevitably run into while traveling, whether from our own preconceived notions of another or someone else's assumptions on your character. What are some stereotypes you've encountered, and how did you react?

>where are you from (home country and/or ethnic background)?
>what stereotypes you have heard about your background by other travelers?
>what stereotypes do you think are true for others?
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>where are you from (home country and/or ethnic background)?
>what stereotypes you have heard about your background by other travelers?

I've been asked a lot of questions but rarely felt like I was being accused. In Europe, a lot of folks seemed surprised that I was a gluttonous gun-nut. One of my worst memories from traveling is having a drunken Frenchman lambaste my supposed ignorance. When it became it obvious that I was more informed about world events and had a better grasp...
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>where are you from (home country and/or ethnic background)?
USA, Black

>what stereotypes you have heard about your background by other travelers?

Will only list ones I encountered directly. Americans wear baggy tshirts and jeans, and sneakers. have been told more than once by what became friends that when they first met me they did not think I was American because I wore polo shirts, slacks or fitting jeans and casual shoes

As a black I'm "gangster". It's not in a derogatory...
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>where are you from
Reunion Island, French, White

>>what stereotypes

For being french:
"Ah, l'amour!". US/UK Girls often made me fake a french accent, seemed a bit frustrating to them that I spoke a very neutral English.

Continental european gals don't give a fuck about us, but boy do british and american chicks have a romanticized view of the french.

Funnily enough most UK/US guys despise the french for being a douche, a fag and whatever.

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