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Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Burma. Think we'll leave Thailand out of this one as it always has dedicated threads already.

Tells me your SEA stories bros and travel tips, the best cities, the best place to find ladies of the night, the best place to find backpackers, the best noodle and food joints, mugging stories and crime tips, how to live cheaply etc
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Burma's beautiful, just don't insult Buddhism..
Lurking with an upcoming trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, still putting it together so anything interesting that comes u here will be... well... interesting.

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>resisting the urge to kerbstomp that one guy snoring in your dorm
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>I am that guy

Your fault for not wearing earplugs. Believe it or not, people don't snore on purpose. It's to be expected while sleeping near mulitple people you don't know.
I've actually had campus security knock on my door because someone called them due to my snoring. Or maybe I was screaming in my sleep or something. The people that knocked didn't seem to sure of what to expect. Then laughed when they'd realised they had woken me up.
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>The flight from the hub airport to your home town, the one you just missed, is the last one of the day...

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I'd like to travel to France,
So let's have a France General

I have no clue where i should go, i'm sure i would end up at paris for atleast a few days but i'm more interested in seeing old medieval structures(castles , etc) and visiting a few villages like pic related

Would Marseilles be a good base point?
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As a french i cannot recommend u Marseille, it´s not medieval at all. It´s mostly ghetto. I would recommend u blois (where i live, as u can find the famous "chambord castle", and some others cool castles) u should visit some small villages instead of famous ones if u want some medieval stuff. Paris is still cool , there is a lot to see.
Is it one of those places that practices Sharia law?
A No-Go-Zone for French police and non-muslims?
i've heard good things about southwestern France.

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I will be spending 3 days in Shanghai next month. What am I in for? Any tips? Also general Shanghai thread.
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Download wechat. If you are into clubbing my friend is a promoter there and can get you a table. Other than that go out and see the sights. Eat some weird street food and have some nice seafood at a rich restaurant. Go to the bund and see the sick skyline. If you go with your gf take the 100rmb boat ride. Its really beautiful at night and under $20. There's also a lake town thing south of Shanghai that you can take the bus to. Go on a weekday and it won't be crazy busy. Its got lots of tourist traps, but it is pretty cool. Downtown with city hall is nice to visit before going for dinner.
Interested in this as well, I will be there for a month-ish on business this summer.

What are some good places to visit that are not main tourist areas but are still nice to see?
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Yunnan China.jpg
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THanks for the info!

Do you live there or just have traveled there before?

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What is the most bizarre natural place you've visited?
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ur mum dubs
Lac Assal
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Sum up your last /trv/ expedition in three green-text entries.

>Cold as fuck
>Paper paddies (Americans)
>People shooting up crack in Dublin broad daylight
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Were the people there white at least?
>extra extra bread
>well maintained trees
This post:
>It's plastic paddies, and not limited to yanks.
>How close were you to Joseph Plunkett Tower for crack?
>Where do you live that anything Ireland can throw at you is cold as fuck?

2/10 I responded

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I'd like to move to England but I don't know where to go. I've already established that London would be too expensive for me.

What's your favourite city? What are the pros and cons about your own city?
Also, how hard is it to find a entry-level job in a hotel/restaurant or whatever?
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Move up north if you can. Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield are all worth a look. Good, friendly people, pretty cheap, good beer/nightlife. Birmingham's not too bad either and the second biggest city after London, and pretty cheap too.

On the job, if you have a small bit of experience then that will help. Go in to places, and approach and be confident. I know someone who moved over recently from Australia with little experience and he got a bar management job, so it can be done.

Good luck!
the north is shit, don't listen to him
The further North you go, the colder and crappier the weather. People tend to be a bit rougher and tougher, and more "common". Housing etc is cheaper.

Further south you go, the posher people tend to be, but its a more expnsive place to live.

Regarding jobs, good luck! There are many more people looking for work than there are jobs available.

I'm from the Midlands, and would say it strikes a good balance between North and South. (I know, surprising that it should be in he middle eh?).

Alernatively; Swindon is the butt of many jokes,...
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Why is this allowed?
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> not giving your small child benedryl before the flight.
I had a short flight that would have been perfectly enjoyable turned into an infuriating experience because some cunt's princess could not refrain from yelling, screaming, kicking my seat, and disobeying her mother.
A baby's eardrums are not the same as an adult's. I've heard that the pressure change that is common to air travel is extremely uncomfortable for a small child's eardrums.
Stop being a fucking idiot. Babies cry on airplanes. Deal with it.
Not him, but it still blows cock. I feel bad for the kid and parents in addition to myself. In light of never having the chance to fly before I was an adult, though, it could be considered a somewhat privileged position, not in the tumblr SJW sense.

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New Japan General since the old one is about to die

As always, feel free to ask about:
>travelling to Japan
>living in Japan
>teaching in Japan
>how do I become a Yakuza

Also info on prostitution in Japan: http://rockitreports.com/category/sex-in-tokyo/

Please refrain to the old thread while it's still up >>962561
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Reposting from previous
>Free wifi is common in most hostels. Also there's free wifi at 7-11 and Starbucks. Also the hub chain of pubs has free wifi.
Is the free wifi at 7-11 and Starbucks connect & go, or do they require you to sign up?
I've never seen wifi without a portal sign in outside of a hotel in Japan. No idea about 7-11 stores since I never needed to use it, but I assume its like Family mart where you don't even have access to all of the internet. I know at the 7-11 owned Ito Yokado the internet is gimped.
Been thinking about doing the 4 week intensive course at the coto language academy.
Anyone here have experience with coto?

I haven't seen any of this threads in a while
let's share our stories and experiences
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>Be in Budapest for Sziget festival 2008
>19 years old
>After Saturday night of the festival (Saw The Killers I think, shit was cash)
>Stumble into city centre with friends
>To drunk to get into any clubs so head straight for the strip-joint
>Only ones there, get the pick of the bunch of 10 or so 10/10 girls
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I'm bad at this but i'll give it a go...

>London 2012 Olympics
>18 years young, go with entire family but no friends
>smoking cigarette by myself in Leicester square just people watching, bored
>two Australian guys approach me asking if I know where to find MDMA
>say no, have casual chit chat with them, they ask if I wanna go club hopping with them
>fuck yes I do
>end up at this really tiny place called "plastic people", great music tho
>start grinding on this 10/10 chick that's like 12 years older than me
>drunk as fuck, have balls of steel so I turn her around, grab her ass and start making out with her
>bout 30 mins later Australian buddies have group of girls with them & ask if we wanna take it to their hotel room
>fuck yes we do
>take small British taxi to hotel, the girl i'm with is sitting on my lap giving me a hard on.
>get to hotel room, begin trying to decide who fucks where
>Australian dudes be like "sorry mate we get the beds"
>mfw she tells me she's not fucking on the floor
>bring her to bathroom and fuck her while i'm sitting on the toilet
>most uncomfortable sex ever, took me about 30 mins to bust
>at least she let me cum on her tits

never hung out with the Australian guys ever again but I still have them on Facebook...and that was one of the first times I got laid...thank you UK :3
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If you got a small/stupid question that doesn't deserve its own thread, post it here.
If you don't know if your question deserve a thread, post here, and you'll see.

last thread : >>952265

Before posting :
read the Sticky >>609350
search by yourself (i.e., google it faggot):
https://startpage.com/ or https://duckduckgo.com
check wikitravel for common questions /trv/ related.


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Can someone offer some advice to help me get over my fear of flying over oceans?
Are you afraid of flying or afraid of flying over oceans?
Familiarity breeds contempt. Fly over oceans, the fear will fade. Unless you have a honest to good mental problem at the phobia level, in which case you'll need to get some psych help, and good luck.

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ITT: We say something good and something bad about our own cities that travelling anons might find useful/interesting. If you don't live in a very touristy city, just choose one near you.

I'll start
>GOAT nightlife and very cheap for a euro capital, if you avoid the most evident tourist traps
>Generally dead as fuck during the Summer and any long holidays as many locals leave to spend them somewhere else.
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>Awesome food; consistently so in that, unless it's obviously empty or shitty, it's probably great.
>Dirty as fuck. There is shit and trash everywhere.
>Ghent, Belgium
Pretty like Bruges, but with half the tourists and a better nightlife, it truly is Belgiums hidden pearl. You could stay in Ghent and take a train to any other Belgian city when you get bored.

There's really nothing shitty about this city for a tourist, maybe the lack of cheap hotels, and there's only one youth hostel.
Other than that I think the cities policy on cars is fucking shit, they tax the shit out of us and there's barely any parking...
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I'm looking for places to live or visit that can accommodate unconventional lifestyles, I'm thinking of bohemian type communities, preferably somewhere warm. I have heard of WOOFing which is different to this but similar, although I still want more options. I'm not very knowledgable on this, so any help would be appreciated
TL;DR where to go if you are interested in living simply with like-minded peaceful people and don't want a conventional job
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I've collected some books which I am trying to draw from and I have traveled a lot in my own way.

I think there must be some underground communities in the USA which are all about Government Reform, Peace Movements, Anti Capitalism movements, anti-fraud. I hesitate to mention the name that came to me, but it is not my community at all. Maybe started from some old generation that liked Woodstock, Greatful Dead, Phychodelics, Liberalism. But also in Europe you see the Protesters against the G8, G7, G20 and...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
There are a few Mennonite Communities in Belize.

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Old thread reached post limit. Per the usual, feel free to ask about where to go, what to do, how to do it, and what it will cost you or anything else Thailand travel related
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Forgot to add previous thread to the OP:
To the guy asking about condoms, durex comfort. The dark blue box. Tried others but they all hurt like hell. My girth is just average in the west so idk what the fuck is up with thai dicks.
They average about 4 inches

And aren't even the smallest in Asia. I still say bring your own. But if you run out this is good advice with making due with what's there

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New Japan General since the old one is about to die

As always, feel free to ask about:
>travelling to Japan
>living in Japan
>teaching in Japan
>how do I become a Yakuza

Also info on prostitution in Japan: http://rockitreports.com/category/sex-in-tokyo/

Please refrain to the old thread while it's still up >>958681
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Before I move to japan to study, I'm thinking about getting a 3ds or PS Vita. Would this be worth it for the Japanese games and VNs?
I believe the games are region locked, so you wouldn't be able to play a Japanese game on an American/European console.
Oh okay. I'll look into that more. I could probably get the consoles for a lot cheaper in japan also.

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