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I am a 19 year old guy who's going on a 4 day trip to orlando florida with my father for a convention. One reason for my trip there has just been trashed and that puts a kink in my plans, now I need to think of more attractions to fill the time gap and make the most of our trip. Does anyone have any recommendations for things to do or see while we're down there? I've done a fair amount of google-fu but I was wondering if there were any other cool / recommended places. Anything at all would be very helpful and appreciated.
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Well, the Kennedy Space Center is about an hour east of Orlando. You can see a fully intact Saturn V rocket, among other things. ...then there are the major theme parks, of course. I'll provide non-price-related park tips (all you need to know is they are officially the most expensive theme parks on Earth, but people still pay those prices in droves because they are the best theme parks on Earth) if requested.
you can easily spend 4 days at the universal parks alone
If you have an entire day and a car, you could always check out a natural spring

Hey mates. I have a 6+ hours layover at San Francisco airport in a few days and am researching things to do in SF.

Does anyone have a personal recommendation for the city? Thinking Fisherman's Wharf so far.
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Take at least an hour and fifteen off the six to account for BART from and back to the airport.
That plus controls getting out of & into the airport again.
Read 'Good Old Neon' by David Foster Wallace while you're stretching out the seemingly interminable goals.
Thanks. I know to allow more time as I've taken side day trips to other cities before. I just don't know much about SF other than startups and gay guys.

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I am not particularly religious, but I have always been fascinated by the idea of going on a pilgrimage. I know in Spain there is the Way of St. James, but are there any other pilgrimages that one can undertake without bushwhacking or the fear of being picked up by militants or bandits?
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There are several Ways of St. James, that one's the French way - the most famous one. Check out the Northern Way for example, it's the only one I've tried walking because the other ways seems just so dry and boring.

Also the Ways of St. James start in basically every country in Europe going trough the whole subcontinent from the northernmost points all the way to Santiago de la Compostela.

You could check out some buddhist pilgrimages in Asia as well, South Korea and Japan have some nice looking pilgrimages which are safe for western travellers.
I did the Shikoku 88 pilgrimage. It's tough and long and you'll probably feel like you've been lightly psychologically traumatized when you're done, but it's totally worth it.

It's 750-1200 miles depending on the route you take and the extra temples you want to visit. I opted for something in the middle because I liked the idea of walking 1000 miles instead of 750.

If you're after some crazy stories, this is how you get them.
If you're not religious, why not just look instead for "Walks" which have some spectacular views and terrain changes. Although it's historical to pilgrimage, they're not always pretty.

Try england or Ireland. Should be safe enough. Could probably do the Ring Road in Iceland if you had a nice tent.

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Ultraman Tricycle.gif
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So I'm moving to Baton Rouge, LA for my new job. I'm from Chicago.
What should I expect? Where would be a good place to get an apartment? Where should I steer clear away from?
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A hell of a lot of niggers, not even kidding. Some places in Baton Rouge are more dangerous than Africa itself. The area between downtown and LSU's campus is the definition of a ghetto. Also the area directly east of downtown is also a no go zone. If you have a car and stick to the suburbs you'll be perfectly fine though.
A lot of traffic, especially when there's an LSU game. Most people live outside of Baton Rouge and commute
So between downtown and LSU, east of downtown, and where else?
Where would be a good place to get a flat then?

Im going to NOLA for 8 days in june. I dont drink but i smoke a bit of weed what should i expect? how are the women over there? any must see places?
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It's dirty. It isn't very safe unless you are in broad daylight in a touristy place like the Riverwalk. The zoo is nice. It rains a lot. Black people everywhere. The markets all sell the same shit. I don't really know what you're expecting from the women there.
Do you live there?
The women are freaky but you're very likely to catch a disease. French Quarter is good for everything, but some of the neighborhoods around it can be considered more "authentic". There's more sobering things such as the Audobon Zoo and National WWII Museum depending on your mood.

Hey I have 20k saved. I'm going to India for 6 months. What else should I do after that?
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You should give some detail on what you like, where you've been, what you want to do, whether you want to spend all that 20k (20,000 whats? USD, EUR, GBP?), etc.

20k Canadian. I'm thinking of spendin 1000 a month in India, then continuing my travels. Mabe hit up Sri Lanka then SEA. Never been there. Been to Some parts of Africa before.

With $14k CAD in Southeast Asia you could do anything from survive for years in a smaller town to live like a literal king in Bangkok for 6 months. Love the region but you should spend some time thinking about what exactly you hope to get out of the trip. Can't speak on Sri Lanka but if you're already in India then SEA is a tightwad's travel paradise.

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Going to the Philippines for 31 days, mid-April to mid-May.

I want to explore the country. Most of my time will be spent in Cebu and Palawan, with brief stops planned in Boracay, Bohol, and Manila.

Where else should I go? Where in Mindanao is safe for an Amerifag?

What are cool things to do in places I mentioned?
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donkey show
ping pong show
How is the Philippines for ladyboys?
Thailand is better. Philippines is more for qts who will do *anything* for a green card.

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Going to Singapore for 3 days.Any tips on where should I go or what should I do?
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Are you white? Male?
Male from Thailand. Going with my dad.
Any hints on what you like, hobbies, interests, what your budget is,how much time you have?

"Going to X, what do?" does not give us much to work with.

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What amount of litres do people recommend for a month long trip?

What bags do people recommend, based on affordability, comfort and practicality?

Anyone used the Crumpler LLA 60L? Its a bit expensive but looks incredibly well made, comfortable and practical.
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Some good advice I read a while ago was you will fill whatever bag you get, if it's 20 or 60ltr you'll find something to put in it, so go as small as you can.
I had a 30ltr for 2 months travelling and it was perfect. Just get something with lots of pockets, mine was one big bag and it had to be emptied to find anything.
The unbreakable law of backpack is that no matter the size of it, you'll ALWAYS fill it up.
So pick the smallest backpack you can afford, or else you'll just fill it with useless crap that you'll regret having brought.
The smallest backpack you can afford, obviously, depends on where you're going, for how long, and your budget.
In general, the longer you're going to stay and the colder the place is, the bigger your bag will have to be, unless you're willing to shell some cash on high quality, extra thin clothing for winter.

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I have been traveling with a 25 liter Tom Bihn Synapse for 8 months. I was in Seoul during winter and in Myanmar now (so hot). My traveling friend is hoping indefinitely and has the 18 l version.

Wool t shirts do not need to be washed as frequently and dry quickly when you do. It sounds crazy at first but once you start it's easy and you wonder what everyone carries in those 60 liter packs.

No extra baggage fees and easier to walk to destination when you get stranded or need to change places....
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I just booked a flight and my return leg is with air France. Should I be worried? I have a pretty serious fear of flying and I didn't realize until afterwards they have a less than stellar track record.
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Their planes might not offer the highest tier of comfort but it's still one of the biggest airlines that will take you around the globe even to destinations that are usually only served by meme airlines on a daily base.

Nothing to be afraid of. If they would suck they wouldn't be allowed to land in the EU or the US.
Air France is allowed in botb EU/US airspace, which is a good indicator of their safety status - yes there have been two mishaps in recent memory (last was AF447, seven years ago). You're much much more likely to get killed en route to the airport in an auto wreck than you ever will flying anywhere.

Try the 7/11 breathing technique, take propanolol, distract yourself with a book or imagine you're in a train rolling along the rails & look directly down the cabin, avoid external visual references. I find it's a good way to keep my mind off the most dangerous...
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Oh look, it's the daily anxiety bait thread.

I want to go somewhere, anywhere, I don't care. I have 1500 bucks. Sell me somewhere to go.

I live in New England, if that helps.
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That's enough money to go pretty much anywhere if you're frugal. Are you just after original ideas?
Go on a quest to find illegal Casu Marzu cheese in Sardinia
Hike the coastal path in Cornwall while trying to find the best cream tea in the West Country
Hunt wild pigs in Samoa
Investigate the Zugurramurdi cave festival in Basque country
Ride the iron ore train in Mauritania and hunt for glow worms in the oases
Walk from the Atlantic to the Pacific in Costa Rica
Go to Ouagadougou. I don't know what you'll find there but it's within...
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Sealand britbong, sealand
>Nothing but a tent, thump piano, and snorkeling gear

I like the way you think, hombre.

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How do I cross the Atlantic for free? From Europe to the Americas. Does anyone have experience hitchhiking boats? I heard it takes a lot of time to find a boat and still it won't be for free. Is there a way via Iceland, Greenland? Or maybe from Africa to Brazil? Experience anyone?
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Smuggling drugs maybe? Become a missionary? Sounds pretty unrealistic...
Swim across the ocean you lazy piece of shit.
maybe go around some of the major ports of europe and ask is there a way for you to get on a boat that's going to the americas in exchange that you do some basic work on that boat

i have a friend who got from rotterdam to rio de janeiro on a container ship that way, although the trip took over two weeks and my friend said it was one of the worst experiences he has ever gone through

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I want to travel with two friends to the Czech Republic to go hiking.
Anything that is nice to know beforehand?

Also general Czech Republic thread.
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I was there in January with my wife, we really liked Prague alot (although I personally thought Krakow was better). I would advise you that whenever you go out to eat make sure they dont fuck you on the VAT. The ticket breakdown is suppose to be

>VAT amount
>total amount (same as the original total)

However some places will show you
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What is VAT?
That never ever happened to me after 25 years of my life in here, but I've heard there are some serious tourist traps in Prague and I believe it might happen there. Just stay away from the very obvious scams. The most touristy places in Prague aren't really filled with the most pleasant and honest people, really.

Hiking in Czechia can be quite enjoyable as we have a really good network of marked hiking paths. If you zoom in, you can see them...
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I might be traveling to Puerto Rico in the next few months for about a week. Anything I should do or know when I get there?
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What part of Puerto Rico?
Also it gets expensive here quick.
What are your interests? I had an awesome time there, recommend staying at the Posada San Francisco Hostel in Old San Juan. It's very close to cheap parking, and you can see old Spanish forts from the window.

Some sights to see:
>Indian ceremonial grounds (those were my favorite)
>walk around San Juan
>see Arecibo Observatory if it's open to the public (sometimes it's not)
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Local here. Best bars in old san juan:
El Batey
Taberna Lúpulo

Best restaurants:
Casita Blanca
La Casita at Miramar
Mi Casa by Jose Andres
Meson Gallego

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What vaccines do you have? Which ones do you believe are essential for a typical /trv/eller? I believe I mostly hear about Hepatitis. Is there anything else?
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Depends on where you go. For much of Africa I needed yellow fever and polio (the latter is given to everyone in America). On top of those I got tetanus, diptheria, Hep A and B

Hep A and B, and Japanese encephalitis I think.

Which reminds me, I gotta go get my update shot for hep A and B.
Doesn't hep shots last 30 years? That's what the vaccine lady told me. I thought about japanese encephalitis but you need like 2 shots and they cost like 140 USD each. And the protection only lasts 5 years. Are they really worth it?

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What credit card do you guys use? I'm skeptical but hopeful.

>"The credit card market is extremely competitive and very lucrative. As a result, credit card companies will hand out huge frequent flyer bonuses to get you to pick up their card.

>A typical bonus for getting a new credit card is 25,000 frequent flyer miles. Occasionally, you can get as many as 100,000 frequent flyer miles just by signing up for a new card. In case you're wondering, 100,000 frequent flyer miles is enough to get you a...
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It's a Credit Card, if you plan to use the frequent flyer program of airline anyway it's worth it.
Just remember if you can't pay the full bill by the end of months you shouldn't have a credit card at all.
Is their a downside of having a lot of credit cards? I'm tempted to open a bunch of cards just for the incentives like bonus miles. But I already have 5 card, and only use one. Would this hurt me?
I sell these fuckers for a living, and I'm essentially a corporate carnie.

At the end of the day, pretty much every retailer has a credit card, and many fast food places for that matter. The rewards can actually be pretty high but we are trained to pretty much bullshit and say whatever we can to get those cards in your hands. We get 20 bucks a card and I cant remember half the outlandish shit I said to get my $20.

Always read the fine print. Some of the shit like the 10 cents off per litre is only...
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Is it feasible to just hit the road with a fully stocked backpack and a few thousand dollars in savings, and just explore the U.S. for a couple of months? Could taking busses, hitchhiking, dumpster diving, couchsurfing, and sleeping on benches be relied upon as practical cost saving measures?
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I would recommend getting familiar with the laws in different states.

For example, in Washington you can stay overnight at rest stops for as long as you like, but in South Dakota you can't.
You can't go as cheap as sleeping in public. You're more likely to become a target for crime, or get charged with vagrancy. But backpacking and living cheap is legal.

Check out craigslist joe. If you're patient, friendly and have few reservations you can pretty much travel for free.
Right. I would want to try to rely on Couchsurfing and AirBNB as much as possible to cut costs. I was just thinking of sleeping outside as a last resort scenario.
The plan would be to see how long I could stay on the road and stretch my budget. Ya, I was thinking of using craigslist to look up rideshares, but I also want to try hitchhiking at least once. I could rely on trains and Greyhound if all else fails.

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I'm going to be working in Brussels for a couple months, and having never been to Europe before, I am completely inexperienced.

What are some must-visit cities that are within a 4 or 5 hour train ride from Brussels?
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also in case it wasn't clear, I was looking for cities that aren't as well known and like hidden gems or something of the sort

nice dubs
thanks :^)

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celine dion.jpg
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I don't speak French at all and I will be going to Quebec soon. Will that be ok? I've heard how some locals there dislike English-speakers. Is that true?
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They have a very good average level of english.
They mostly dislike uncorrect anglicisms (although they commit a lot themselves), and seing their language replaced.
That's will be okay.
Just learn some french words for show them you respect their culture.
They all speak a reasonable amount of English, they just pretend they don't

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Travelling to Gothenburg, Sweden next month.
How safe is it?
I don't want to get shanked by Ahmed for refusing to convert to Islam.

Also, things to do? I already know that I'm gonna visit Liseberg as I heard it's one of Europe's best amusement parks.
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Göteborg is very safe, don't believe the /pol/ memers who try to make Sweden out to be some shithole where oogaboogas try to kill you just because you're not Muslim.

With that said, don't travel to the suburb areas such as Angered, Bergsjön, Frölunda, Kortedala and Hisings Backa, but there's fuck all to do there anyway unless you love to look at DDR-style buildings and hear more Arabic than Swedish.

As for things to do, go to Hagastan, picturesque old part of Gothenburg with a very specific design on the buildings. Lots of great cafés as...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

I will most likely stay in the central parts of the city.
As a general rule for all of Europe. In tourist areas the only non-Europeans you see are tourists like you. Or staff working in tourist industry. Even beggars in the streets are Europeans. Usually Gypsies.

File: dsc030232[1].jpg (101 KB, 1440x810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Venezuela is dangerous as fuck right now.

I would recommend going to Argentina, Colombia, Chile, or Ecuador...as long as Ecuador is safe from natural disasters, at least.
Before you click, it's Venezuela.

And that's why I don't want to go.
"This vacation spot is to DIE for!"

are there any good shoes to buy?

want something for walking in cities, but also to do light hiking with. would any pair of sneakers do?

how many pairs of shoes do you bring when traveling, just one?
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If i go anywhere for longer than a day i always take at least two different pairs of shoes with me, usually three though.
what kind of shoes do you bring?

I just have an old pair of chuck taylor's and dress shoes

was thinking of buying sneakers, as neither of my shoes are good for walking for long periods of time
I wear sambas. they have worked pretty well for me in all kinds of environments.

Which one to travel to for sights, adventure, fun, and not getting murdered?
Also, why does it seem like Thailand is always being raved about or shitted on when it seems Brazil has most of the exact same things?
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To include slums/poverty tourism and prostitution?
I haven't been to Brazil so I can't comment on that.
But Thailand is great, I've been there twice, once with my family and once just with the missus. I never once felt in danger? I'm a skinny white guy from Australia too, so I'm not menacing at all.
Plenty of friendly people. Just don't walk down dodgy alleys I guess!
You'll only get murdered in those countries if you're a stupid shithead and don't care about where you go.
That aside, both are great for sights, adventure and fun, though you'll need more time for Brazil because the country is the size of a continent and the transport system is horrible.

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>Traveling to Monrovia
>Thinking about bringing food for the extremely poor communities throughout the capital.
> also considering doing this as a resource for the locals.
>need better supply chains for bulk food and dry goods.
> I need some help to get this going
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File: 1461624103975.png (137 KB, 817x626) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>chocolate city
They eat people there, son. That's not even scare-mongering, the warlords all boast about it. Getting RealTraveller cred is fine, but consider less cannibalistic places.
No serious, I cant bring them chocolate! But other recommendations?

File: nm map.png (1 MB, 800x860) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
nm map.png
1 MB,
I'm going to be in New Mexico and Arizona in a few months, and I was planning on doing some exploring around reservations. They're interesting to me, because they're sort of like sovereign states with their own government and culture.

But I've run into stuff about permits and photography. Mostly I was going to see Oak Flat and Baboquivari Peak, Sierra Blanca Peak and maybe interview some locals on their thoughts on a land seize.

I know that Sierra Blanca requires a tribal pass (it's sacred ground), but I don't know what else does,...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>How closed-off are Indian reservations, exactly?
In a way, they are like visiting foreign countries.

I am not familiar with that region, sorry, but if I were you, I'd think about looking at if there are any indian "concessions" that operate any exclusive tours to sites of interest. I'd also see if the state guides from the typical series like Fodors, lonely, whatever, has the research already done for you.
If you are a REAL enthusiast, accomplished photography...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thanks for the advice, I'm looking up some info online now. Most of the reservations have Facebook pages. What's so strange is exactly how different some tribal laws are from others. The Navajo Nation is absolutely fine with photography and letting whoever walk in and explore, but there's certain Pueblos that don't even allow visitors except for one day a year - and even then no photography.

As far as being an accomplished photographer, I'm pretty much just a rubbernecker who's...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Hi OP, I'm from this part of the country. Some ideas to keep in mind.

1) photography and recording can be sensitive matters. i've heard people say that these kinds of technologies (and especially their proliferation in the digital age) are the new anthropologists, i.e., just like anthropologists showed up and took off with all their artifacts back in the 1880s-1940s ish, now people show up and record their ceremonies/ways of life/lives generally and put it on the internet. ask first, and err on the...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I'm currently in Mexico and I am travelling to Guadalajara

What should I expect?
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Of course not.
You should expect the Spanish Inquisition.

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Hey /trv/ French fag traveling to Southern India in less than a month and I plan to stay 4/5 weeks before flying to Thailand. What to expect ?
>inb4: Shit designated streets
Pic unrelated
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Shameless self bump
Cool it my nigga, you're not on /b/.

People on /trv/ typically take a few hours to respond to messages. Just be patient. I'd say that if no one responds by tomorrow then bump this but until then you're better off just being patient.
It's gonna be a little hot, but not too bad, and maybe rainy, but other than that it'll be regular southern India stuff.

What specifically do you want to know about? Southern India is a big place with lots of cultures.

File: IMG_0479.jpg (4 MB, 3456x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB,
Recently traveled to Seoul and had the best time ever! Post some other fun places you have been to.
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I went to the shops and back.
File: IMG_5765.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
Beirut was petty cool. I had no expectations going there and I ended up really liking it
details ?
I went there and it bored me to death, I guess it's not what I look for when travelling.

File: new-zealand-wallpaper-21.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Long time lurker of many boards on 4chan, this is my first post.

Anyone know of the best ways to get to New Zealand and things to do/see there? I studied abroad for a semester and have been out of the country several times.

I won't be able to do this trip for a while as I am still a student, but I'm really into hiking, camping, etc. and I want to do it in New Zealand real bad. Any advice from people who have been or New Zealanders would be appreciated. Cheers!
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NZfag here.

We are an island, so the best way to get here (unless you have some kind of irrational fear, or love being stuck on a boat for weeks) is an aeroplane.

As far as things to do/see go, hiking, camping, hunting etc. are all good ideas, the native bush here is amazing. The roads here are crappy, and people can't drive for shit though, so watch out if you plan on road tripping.
that's a plane that flies through the aero
The Wright Brothers founded the Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company.

People who work on aeroplanes are aerospace engineers.



Keep up, m8.

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Can anyone tell me about Boston? I've never been there before, but I'm trying to find a new place to explore on the East Coast. So I'm thinking about going for 3 days.

How is the food, sights, nightlife, and just things to do?

I like history so the Tea Party site, and Bunker Hill look cool. But I'm unsure what else to look at
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I'm from Boston and I'm telling you now its ass. The only good site would be the view of Boston from the Charles River. Other than that its all ass. Nothing special food wise. Just fucking pizza and burgers. Nightlife... Forget about it. Everything is 21 plus and the women are insanely uptight. Better chance getting laid in east bumfuck than Boston. If you're into history check the tea party, but itll be full of old gay dudes tea bagging each other/. I'm by Bunker Hill so literally the only thing...
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God dammit
Stay away from Roxbury if you're white. There's some decent seafood places and feel free to look at some shit they mention on Wikitravel. Don't wear Yankees shit or else the simian red sox fans will harass you/assault you if they're drunk

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