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Thinking of making a 3 day stop in Jordan on my way back from SEA, anyone been to Petra, how was it?
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Amazing. One of the highlights of my life. It's like a more sparsely-visited Disneyland for adventurous adults. We were climbing down the sides of mountains, jumping from cliff to cliff, exploring inside old ruins... 2 days is a decent amount of time to see the whole place, although I could do more. It's massive, and getting around is very tiring. Bear in mind that it's about a day's travel there and back.
bumping for interest

So did the Israelis give you shit when you returned across the border? I hear they tend to hassle travelers a lot.

Would you say it's better to fly directly to Jordan instead of driving around?
It was great, really beautiful. We crossed the border from Eilat, Israel, went to Petra for the day and came back. The bus ride there is also really nice. There are a lot of kids there who beg for money, besides that it was a really nice trip.

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Hey guys, bi-curios american fag here. So I want to visit Europe (not my first time) and this time I want to go to places with a strong gay scene. I want to do bars, saunas, maybe some cool clubs. Any suggestions on where should I go? Is Mikonos the best place? Are there any hidden gems? I heard Sitges is pretty openly gay, and awesome as well.
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Palma de Mallorca has a district that's more or less only LGBT.
Look up Plaça Gomila.

The places I knew about are closed now but I'm sure there are new ones.

Play safe, anywhere that is a melting pot of horny travellers is going to be STD central, you can get strains of everything from every corner of the globe.
Madeira is the LGBT hotspot in Europe. You can get a Ryanair flight out there for like 50 euros return

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Hey, /trv/!

This summer I am going to spend two months in Inverness, Scotland as a medical elective student. I have no idea where to begin. Do you perhaps have any tips on living in Scotland, socializing with the Scottish, finding local attractions? Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!
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Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen

Usual pish. Inverness is quite nice.
>living in Scotland
Get a good jacket, the summers consist of heavy rain and the winters of even heavier rain.
Don't be an autist and you'll be fine, even then the type of humour means even the oddest of people fit in. Just go to the pubs near your uni with a few people from your course and you'll be fine.

As for stuff to see, historical stuff up north, shopping and stuff in the cities as usual. Hope you enjoy it son.

You sound brown.

If you are brown what you want to do is head up to Nairn, just up the coast about a 10-15 minute drive. Look for some council flats, and some young people sitting around outside drinking buckfast, a tasty Scottish beverage, and a trademark for Scotland's welcome comity. Juts head over and say hello, and they will sort you right out.

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Planning on traveling to Israel in a few months. Mostly Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Aside from the epic /pol/ memes, do you guys have any tips and/or must see attractions? I'm mostly interested in cultural/historical sites, but am open to other options.

Also, I've heard about the comprehensive security measures at Ben Gurion Airport. If anyone has some insight on what to expect at the airport, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Israel is also secretly a sex tourism hotspot. There are brothels EVERYWHERE in Tel Aviv and prices are around $100 a bang with some Russian Jewess qt 3.14s.

Lol do you think these blood sucking parasites would sacrifice one of their own?

They enslave Russians because non jews are considered subhuman in their culture.
The airport is trying to find out if you are actually a tourist, can leave on your own cognition and funds, and if you'd get into trouble or create trouble while there, political trouble. They have known enemies, so they might ask you more than other countries. What you want to do is be ready and able to hand over an email and facebook password, and answer normal questions that any normal person could easily offer in response. Why would anyone worry about that? You shouldn't.
Open-ended and vague travel...
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Hi. I've been learning Spanish for quite a while now. I can read a lot of things in Spanish but my listening skills are shit as fuck. I think Hispanics talk super fast and I can only catch a few words. How to improve my Spanish listening skills?
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Spanish audiobooks, start at 0.75x speed and increase. Once you hit 2x speed you're nearly at native speaker.
YouTube, watch Spanish videos, just listen to it as much as you can.
Men...we do speak very fast. What's our problem

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Hey guys planning to go to Beijing and Hong Kong over 14 days in September, I have an itinerary already but i was wondering you guys had any tips or suggestions for staying and travelling in these places?
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>dem nipples
Don't eat sea food at the night markets if you don't want parasites as they often don't match health and safety standards. Watch out for pickpockets are what I can remember from the top of my head.
pic made me lel so replying

Not all Great Wall trips are created equal. Some of them are barely more than scams in which you'll be forced to stop off along the way at jade factories and Chinese medicine clinics (i.e. quacks who believe in magic). Also some destinations are overcrowded to the point of not being fun in tourist season. The "highest point" at Badaling, being the classic example. Do your research to make the Wall trip fun and not a bummer. I prefer the "wild wall" sections myself.

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hello, anons. I am going to be around northern Texas for the first time in early august. Has anyone been? Can anyone recommend things to do or sights to see?
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Good luck. Dallas is a sterile, yuppie sprawl. Denton has some appeal. Deep Ellum in Dallas is alright. Fort Worth is better than all of them. It's hard to pinpoint anything specific to see. just bars.
In Dallas, though, you can go take apiss on Cowboys' Stadium... so that's fun.

What exactly do you mean northern TX? It's a huge state, so that could mean Marshall to DFW to the panhandle. Anyway, I've been all over every square inch, so I'm sure I could help out.

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just out of curiosity

lets say if you were deported and banned from entering a country after committing a crime there.
would it be theoretically possible to enter it using a new passport with a slightly different name, and a different photo?

for example, some asian / middle eastern people have first names that can be spelled in 1 word or 2 words. if they're able to get a different passport that stated their first name having a space in between or lack of, along with a different photo

then would they be recognized as a different person and therefore...
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you're forgetting that fingerprints usually get taken in those situations. That's WHY they take fingerprints.
Depends on the country, I have heard immigration tell people when they get deported that if they change their name and get a new passport they can come back. I have seen it, in fact.
I've done this in Russia.

My name is Simon, I'm German. Now you can either pronounce that in German which renders as


or in English, as


Abused this to get double visa

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Which city that you visited had the best public transit? Think reliability, affordability, aesthetics, number of different types (buses, trams/streetcars, subways), etc.
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Seoul and Tokyo I think are extremely convenient and easy to use. I see some people sometimes say that they are confusing to use because those systems are so big, but honestly I think those people are retarded. Its literally just straight lines

As somebody from the UK, I thought Paris had surprisingly cheap public transport. However the metro is scary as shit sometimes
Tokyo can be confusing if you're trying to get there the fastest or for the least amount of money. LIterally everyone uses an app to determine that. But if you're a tourist and not concerned whether you get there 10 minutes earlier or if you spend an extra 150 yen its dumb easy. With very rare exceptions every single subway stop is reachable by at most 2 transfers. Its just find where you are, find where you're going and find the matching colors that come out of both.
Berlin desu

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Hey /trv/

How many of you have been to Toronto? Ive been a few times, but not since i was too young to explore on my own and truly get to know the city. Im incredibly keen on going back, the city has a feel to it that i cant really explain. What are some must sees, must do's, and general travel information about TO that I wont find elsewhere online? I need to hear it from you.
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I lived in Toronto for 6 months. I liked the city just fine, the people were very friendly. Overall though I think the city was pretty boring. There's literally nothing unique about Toronto.
If you are choosing a hostel
Canadania backpackers inn
Lived in Toronto for almost 4 years. This guy doesn't have a clue.

There is lots to do in Toronto - look up Torontoist, BlogTO, etc for things from food festivals, concerts, good bars (Pravda is a fav of mine, old soviet styled bar with great vodka and decent prices).

Kensington Market is always good in spring/summer. The distillery district is a great time with patio bars and museums/niche stores.

If you want a younger crowd (and a more party scene) hang around UofT, the Annex, Bathhurst...
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Going road-tripping with my bro but with days to spend in a car we are gonna need a fat playlist.
What are your top road-tripping-tunes?
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1. “Hey Mama,” The Black Eyed Peas
2. “Dead on Arrival,” Fall Out Boy
3. “Paper Planes,” M.I.A
4. “Walkie Talkie Man,” Steriogram
5. “Paradise City,” Guns N’ Roses
6. “How You Remind Me,” Nickelback
7. “Hit the Road, Jack,” Ray Charles
8. “Get Rhythm,” Johnny Cash
9. “Heartless,” Kanye West
10. “Young, Wild and Free,” Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa
11. "Ride of the Valkyries" Richard Wagner
because some class is always needed.
st elmos fire
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legolas is free.png
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The soundtrack for the Orlando Bloom chick-flick "Elizabethtown" is full of good travel music for the road, as much of the movie is thoughtful and deep shots of driving down the road.

Not recommending the movie, really, just the music.


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Hi /trv/
I'm going to the Philippines in about 40 someodd days. I'm going to be there for little over a month, and I was wondering if anyone has flown from Manila to Bangkok, and was wondering if the prices of tickets was cheaper in country, then in the US.
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a quick look at AirAsia, a round trip from MNL to BKK would cost 250 USD in mid June
That seems oddly expensive for Air Asia
Going with daddy, Cebu Pacific costs only about 400$.

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spain flag gif.gif
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>Is a girl
>Was offered an exchange scholarship to go to southern Spain for 2 weeks
>Will go to Spain before study abroad session and stay behind to travel to other places in Spain with my peers
>8 of us will travel to Spain (probably Madrid) in advance and all 8 of us happen to be girls
>Has an online friend whom I have been talking to for two years who lives 2 hours drive away from Madrid
>He is 18, male, comes from a shitty town with a lot of potheads (although he claims he is not into drinking and smoking weed)
>He is stronger than me and can easily outrun me if something bad happens
>I am a girl visiting a online friend in a foreign country where I only speak the local language to the level of A2 (CEFR) and he is a fit guy in his homeland - he has the upper hand of the situation if something bad happens
>Most of the girls in my group do not even speak Spanish
>I don't think things can get even more dangerous unless we meet in some developing country
>Most likely we will meet in a public area with a lot of tourists and passers by in Madrid and I will meet him with my peers (i.e. not alone)

1. Is this very dangerous? How to stay safe? Intuitively-speaking, I know that nothing bad will happen if we meet in a public area as a group, but I can't help but feel somewhat uncomfortable with this idea. Everyone in my group is a girl - I would feel somewhat safer if there was a guy or two in our group. I don't wanna be killed in Europe.

2. Should I tell the other girls who are travelling with me that he is an online friend? I don't want them to be scared and I don't want them to try to kick me out of their group because they see this as dangerous.
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3. Should I tell my parents about this? I get the sense that they will not like this (every parent had a strict no-online-friends rule for their younger kids). I posted about this issue on a forum with an older target audience and someone replied how I should stay safe by only meeting my online friend online. Many people liked that post. My parents are also if a very bad mood and they've recently been talking about divorce - the last thing they want to hear is their daughter meeting some online friend in Spain.
I'm a dude, but IME Spanish guys can be a little aggressive/touchy feely, but not rapey, and not even willing to put in a a whole lot of effort in general. Maybe it's the culture, siestas, or prostitution.
How old are you?

Are you sure he is real, have you interacted with him via webcam, etc?

It's fine if you meet at a public place, it's Spain, not El Salvador or something. You meet him, you see if he's okay, you leave with your friends. If you don't feel comfortable being alone with him then don't, it's a matter of common sense, really.
Depending on your age I don't think telling your parents there's "a guy you've met online" is important, unless you decide to go out with him alone or something, and even then you don't need to mention the online part to get them more worried than they should be. And of course you should tell your friends.
Of course this applies only if you're sure the guy is real. This seems common sense to me, but I'm a guy and never really had to worry about things like that, but if you're a girl, especially under 18 (hypothetically speaking because you can't be here if you're under 18) and you met a guy online...of course it can be something you don't expect.
Just use your head and be with your friends when you meet him.

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Tomorrow I'll leave for Bergen, Norway /trv/. It's just for 4 days but how much should I expect to spend on food every day (in euros). Seems like everything is ridiculously expensive for no reason.
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It's quite expensive. If you want a full meal for breakfast lunch and dinner then you're looking at about 150kr a meal at the minimum if you go somewhere. If you want a little more as to not starve you're definitely looking at something like 225-250kr a meal at a better place.

lot of people pack lunch here. the brown bag tradition thing.
k, thx nordiske anon
Lived in Bergen for 10 years.

What he said is right. If you go to fast food like BK and McD its around 10-15 Euros a meal.

Pack lunch at home/hotel if you want to save money on eating.

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It's my Grandmother's 75th Birthday, and she says she wants to go to Ireland, so we're going to Ireland. Any Potato bros or people who have been have any advice on things like

>Best places to go
>places to avoid
>things to try
>food to try
>How not to look like a completely retarded burger fag

Anything else I should know about the Emerald isles?
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>Best places to go
Connemara, Ring of Kerry, Dingle, Tallaght.

>places to avoid
The Northside.

>things to try
Traditional Irish music in a pub, beer,

>food to try
not a lot going in the way of traditional irish food, mostly potatoes, stew, colcannon.

>How not to look like a completely retarded burger fag
keep trap shut. Nobody wants your opinion on your heritage or Irish politics
Try to avoid Dublin, it's very expensive and fully of scumbags(chavs).

A visit to Moyross Estate in Co. Limerick is a must visit, beautiful place. And it's free.

Enjoy your stay.
If I was taking my grandmother on a trip there, here's what I would do if I had 6-10 days...
Book my flights to fly into Dublin, Fly out of Shannon. (use Delta)
Spend 1.5 days in Dublin then pick up a rental car (something high enough to see over hedges to keep grandma calm from the near head-on collisions on blind curves) and do the drive vacation for the Southern half of the country.
In Dublin, I'd do the cathedral visits, Guinness Tour, live music or literary pub stop or two, see the Book of Kells.
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What's the best way to learn a language without classes? I speak Spanish, English and German, but I picked them all up when I was a kid.

I've always DETESTED school, and I've always been more of an autodidact. How does an adult go about it? I want to learn French, and possibly Russian.
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I'll check that out man, thanks!
The library, actually. Check out a set of audio language CD's, rip them to your computer, put the files on your phone, and listen to them when you're driving or whatever. I'm learning Spanish right now. Another thing I did, I changed the language on my PS4 to spanish. I play a lot of Battlefront and I can play that game no matter what language is on the screen. I've picked up tons of words that way. I also use spanish at the ATM, or at the grocery store self-check.
Also try to watch TV in the...
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>Living in The Netherlands
>Looking to go camping for 2 to 2,5 weeks in September
>Going by car
>Want to drive there in one day
>Looking for good nature and outdoor activities
>Looking for good food
>Cool small towns are good
>A big city or two to visit is a plus
>Where in the red circle do we go?
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Germany is very "trailer Campy" friendly. If you want an authentic old town experience why not visit Celle. You will see only a handful of tourists no more than that. If the weather is great why ot travel to the nice islands in Northern Netherlands
Why do you exclude Scandinavia?
I would recommend this thread:
It's world wide but also has other pretty good recommendations in europe within your driving distance that are mostly nature and old towns/villages related plus you won't find many tourists there.

Anyway my two cents:
September can be tricky as you might experience the first snow in the alps/pre alps regions and storms around the eastern and northern sea cost if you're unlucky.

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Anyone on /trv/ use Google Translate consistently? I just started using it and the text replacement feature is absolute fucking voodoo, it's the first thing I've seen in a long time that made me realize we're living in the future.

I'm definitely going to use it when I visit smaller cities in Europe. Will people think I'm weird asking them to speak into my phone?
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Decent enough as a dictionary and somewhat reliable for short sentenced with very simple grammar, but it's not reliable beyond that.
I don't understand. The right picture is just as unintelligible as the left; I don't speak google-fu.
Used it all over Europe and North Africa. Better than nothing, but still pretty bad. In places like Poland when I tried t use it they just look at you like your straight up retarded. Also in some small villages people couldent read, so the GT was useless.

If you had unlimited money, but were limited to existing science and technology where in space would you visit?

I'd visit Tsiolkovskiy on the far side of Luna.
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Probably the beach a half hour's drive away because unprecedented levels of hyperinflation have rendered all global fiat currencies worthless.
I would visit that blue planet with girls, water and breathable air.

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How do I decide where to travel next? I just see a huge web of potential experiences and I don't know where to start.
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Throw a dart on a map

just pick a place and go if you're that open minded about it
Go to Adelaide, Australia.

I'm considering a 72 hour cross-Canada Greyhound ride to save money. Is this an insane option?

I've crossed the continent many times, but never overland. Might be an experience?
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Cheap, especially when you have some luggage (airlines have pretty much stopped giving any luggage allowance)

Next week I'm going to Heidelberg for 4 days with my girlfriend to visit a common friend.
Is there anything interesting to see?
Interested in nature, gastronomy and art mainly, open to anything though.

We thought about renting a car so we have freedom to go to Berlin or a natural park.

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>freedom to go to Berlin

Have you checked a map?

But do check out the castle, it's nice. Heidelberg is very beautiful, and you could easily spend 4 days there even though it's small.
Yes I guess you are right, I should give up that option. Still, I need a way to get to nice hiking places, right?
The Hauptstrasse downtown is really fucking cool, if you're into shopping. Lots of modern shops all built into the old style buildings. The bridge and the castle are all right there too. The castle is nice, and gives you a great view of the city. There are also boat tours you can get down the river, where you stop and can explore several other smaller castles. There's also a Zoo across the river in Handschusheim. Downtown Heidelberg in general is just really fucking neat.

If you're into cars,...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I'm on a RTW trip, currently thinking about heading to South America in July to learn Spanish for 1-2 months. I took a couple years of Spanish in HS and haven't used it since, so I want to learn enough to hold conversations in my travels around S America. Where would you recommend doing this?

While I'm learning I'd like to hang out with the local girls at night, so somewhere where they love gringos would be best.
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interested in this too
>so somewhere where they love gringos would be best

The entire continent of South America should be a good choice. Are you blond?
Santiago, chile

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595 KB,
I bought a ticket arriving at Zagreb at August 10th and departing from Prague at August 30th. I'm now planning what to do and where to go during my trip, and I would really appreciate your suggestions and experiences.
07/11:zagreb (rent a car)
07/12:plitvice all day, zadar at night
07/14:split (leave the car here)
07/18: dubrovnik
07/20:flight to Belgrad (planning to go to Belgrad beer fest)
07/22: flight to Budapest
07/26:flight to Prague

So I plan to go to the beach at day and party at night at Croatia, and at...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Seems like your kind of wasting money on plane tickets. Dubrovnik to Belgrade, Belgrade to Budapest and Budapest to Prague are all very do-able by either train or bus.
i will examine carefully train and bus itineraries, thanks
Fresh Island festival is at Novalja from 12th to 14th or 15th. Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign and many more. I may be there too, not sure, but it's pretty fun to visit.
Also, use some time to explore Zagreb during the day you're there, the city is pretty awesome.

File: irisiii.jpg (53 KB, 700x330) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Me and a friend of mine want to visit Ireland.
We want to get to know the culture, we want to drink for small money, we want to drink in a variety of pubs, we want a day-trip to Dublin, but we don't want to live directly in Dublin, because we don't want leprechauns around every corner. We want the to experience the real Ireland.

Any recommendations for a good spot?
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pro tip:
as a foreigner you will never experience the real Ireland
Every single town will have at least a couple of pubs.
Go down South lad

Avoid Dublin like the plague - and thats coming from a Dubliner.

The west can be great - beuatiful scenery and you'll get more of the "Real" Ireland.
Galway would be a good starting point
Gotta be on the move OP. You pick up a rental in Shannon or Dublin, travel the south half of the country, new town every night..experience the towns with dinner and pubs, drive and explore some ruins, churches, castles, during the days. It's pretty inexpensive outside of Dublin, and you'd be done with Dublin at about 1.5 days.

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Have you ever ran into a celeb while traveling?

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Yes, but they were Indian celebs, not American celebs.
what is this vapid cunt
i used to work on hayman island (aus) and katy perry & mariah carey just checked in.

a clouple of weeks later i just saw johnny depp in his room, hes short af and was high as a motherfucker

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FH000032 (4).jpg
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New Japan General:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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1st for stop asking sex tourism question.
Go to the sex tourism thread for that, or buy a hooker.
Can I get any sort of train pass to travel around the greater Tokyo area? I'll be living there for 3 months.

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images (20).jpg
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Thinking about going on a cruise, anyone have any cruise stories?
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>puked and shat myself for 3 days
been on 3 cruises with senpai in my younger years

island hopping, all is paid for besides alcohol and souvenirs (can get a cheap soda card for unlimited soda). lots of events and stuff going on.

carnival/disney are good for families

royal caribbean/princess for couples ie no fucking kids
The single supplement is a deal breaker (one person still has to pay as if two people are cruising). But if you are a couple, it's a great deal.

Get the cheapest stateroom in the best ship you can afford. You are stuck on a boat with these people, you want them to be civilized.

Driving to a port of call is a great money saver. Might not be an option for most people.

Either go on a small luxury boat that visits upscale ports of call, or get a room in a mega ship where you don't even have to visit ports. All the major cruise lines visit the same...
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File: Backpackers-Barcelona[1].jpg (93 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB,
Is the only way to travel for more than a month or two to be a rich kid?

Is it doable, in any way, if you're poor af?

I'm sick and tired of hearing and reading stories about people that woke up some day and decided they were going to spend their next year travelling wherever and imagining all of them being wealthy enough. There must be a way.
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Define 'poor af'

Less than 5 thousand dollars saved in a year.
it's not impossible. You'll have to allocate your funds and really commit to it, but it's not impossible.

File: Bangkok.png (621 KB, 891x591) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
621 KB,
Going to Bangkok next week and will be spending 8 days there with absolutely no plans. I've never been to Thailand before and the stuff on TripAdvisor looks a bit dull. I'm really interested in seeing more than just shopping malls and weird touristy temples. A day trip to somewhere interesting would be great.

Any recommendations?
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File: thaipocky.png (1 MB, 756x1412) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There used to be some companies doing raft-trips on the Kwai, out of Bangkok. Maybe Google around. My memory is that some were expensive and some were not. This has been more than a few years back...

Thai pocky, by the way, is hugely inferior to Japanese pocky. Chocolate is amazingly flavorless.
A day trip to the old capital of Ayutthaya might be interesting--can do it by boat, and the boat trip is enjoyable by itself. The fancy one day tour from the Oriental Hotel (worth having a drink in, if you want to pretend to be Somerset Maugham) is the plushest, but there are dozens of operators with similar offerings.

You might also consider a day trip to Lopburi, another old capital that is now most famous for being completely overrun with monkeys.

There's Chanthaburi, where some of the River...
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sorry, meant Kanchanaburi.

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