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Hey /trv/, after years of staunchly traveling without any guides, I decided to procure a lonely planet for my upcoming trip to Istanbul to see if it makes me see more than what I would normally and whether it will reduce the quantity of brute research I need to do myself.

My question is, seeing as this year I will be visiting Istanbul and only Istanbul, which guide should I buy? The country guide (Turkey) or the city-specific guide (Istanbul)?

Would the city guide be a more complete version of the country guide or would it essentially be the Istanbul chapter taken...
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City specific guide I guess, but guides are pretty overrated IMO

Use the internet, it's free and you hear actual experiences. Ask people here, I think there's already a Turkey thread. Message people on Couchsurfing and ask them.
I agree, I normally travel that way, but it's seriously research itensive to check every little thing for these kinds of trips, and I likely won't have internet access so I'd likely have to store tons of (incomplete) information on my phone/iPad before leaving which is really inconvenient.
Lonely Planet guides are good. Never failed me in my trips to Canada. If you are in a bigger city get the Time Out guides for things to do.

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General advice and tips on what to do in Germany.

Hello, /trv/.

I'm going to Germany this summer and living with family. I would really appreciate it if you could give any tips on things to do (including the obvious) and any advice on money saving experiences to enjoy.

I'll be going for a month so I believe I'll have enough time to see a great deal.

Any advice would be great, thank you.
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Oh, I forgot to mention that I'll be staying in Hanover.
do you plan on staying in hannover for the duration, or just using as a "base camp" while you travel to other places in Germany.
Stay in Hanover for a short while then use as a base camp.

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Hey /trv/, does anyone know of places similar to the old, now demolished walled City of Kowloon? I'm interested a in a gritty, place with a thriving underworld that's neatly compacted & cheap as HELL.
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Like the esteros of Manila? Is that kind of thing what you are looking for?
Kowloon walled city was built that way not because it wanted to, it's because it's an ENCLAVE, thus it can't expend beyond the grounds it was bordered. So what you are really looking for is small enclaves, which there are tons in europe, specially in those tiny countries between germany and france
I think that is not what he was asking for

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Is Dubai worth visiting?
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If you want to go to a shopping mall but with Arabic signs too yeah sure. It's clean I guess.

Kind of shitty post tho
Its a great place for a layover. Abu Dhabi is pretty legit with Ferrari World and there are so few people in the UAE you can go to any attraction and walk right in.
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If you are a real traveler, probably not. But if you like tourist shit, escapist vacations, it's great. Lots of things to do. From base jumping to sand duning. To clubs to concerts. Like Vegas without the gambling. They may even have that, too.

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New Japan General since the old one is about to die

As always, feel free to ask about:
>travelling to Japan
>living in Japan
>teaching in Japan
>how do I become a Yakuza

Please refrain to the old thread while it's still up >>954114
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>tfw you're so hyped for Japan that you don't feel like doing anything
>your trip is at the end of summer

Welp, time to waste half a year with no motivation
just go with the flow..
- just have a basic itinerary where i list down what you 'might' want to do if you are in the city.
-short list down few cities that you may consider checking out, and the attractions
- short list some accommodations of each cities (keep in bookmark etc)

basically you can work the rest when you get some feedbacks from other travelers at hostel lobby on what to check out n what to skip.
Expat hangout spots/ side work/ where can I find English speaking friends when I move Sapporo. General Sapporo advice?

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anyone have experiences of going to/ moving to/ or going to school in germany? i'm wanting to go there to take advantage of the free tuition and possibly apply for an arbeit visa afterwards.
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I'm interested as well; is it possible for an older American to go for (the equivalent of) a BSEE if I already have a bachelor's in CS? I desperately need to understand circuits.
German here!
Actually it really depends where you want to go, the school systems differs a lot here in germany
what exactly do you mean by "going to school" (I guess you want to go to university and not the equivalent of an american high school).
Do you have an EU-passport?

It is certainly possible for an older American to get a B.Sc in electrical engineering. Are you proficient in the German language ? (Bachelor degrees are almost always taught in german. Masters on the other hand can easily be found in english).
If you're really interested in studying in Germany this is a great site to start your research: https://www.daad.de/deutschland/nach-deutschland/en/

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Prague thread.

Going to Prague in a couple of weeks.

Advice, recommendations, blahblahblah
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I'd definitely recommend doing the free walking tour if it's running while you're there. It's aimed at backpackers and it's customary to tip a few Euros at the end of the tour (which lasts at least a few hours), but you don't have to if you don't want to. It's great if you're on a budget, because instead of just seeing the sites for yourself and trying to find out their significance from guidebooks/internet, you've got a knowledgeable local guide who will know all that information and stories that you'd find out from locals....
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Be warned Mr Quads that a lot of the castle may still be closed. Not worth paying for admission for anything up there if it is. And if you want to see Charles Bridge when not covered in people you will need to get up early. Main sights are easy to figure out, try to go to the jewish cemetery, and to the theatre as often as you can
That's actually a very good tip. I always go up very early when i want to explore a new city. Preferably at sunrise.

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Old thread is on autosage and found here: >>943712

Post here to ask:
> Where is good to go
> How to overcome <random paranoid bureaucratic rule>
> Where to meet qt3.14 (Skout app is a good start, momo is expert mode)
> How to facebook (just use bing to find a free vpn)
> What phone apps to use (Pleco is 1st, Wechat is 2nd)
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>how long do L tourist visas last
There are different kinds, the standard is 30 days. You can get 60 and maybe 90 and definitely one year.

The stay is usually 90 days, then you visa run. Single entry is standard but you can get multi-entry on the one year visa.

The one year visa is complicated to get, unless you're in LA where it's handed out without question. You can get visa agents who will send your passport to LA to get a visa there.

The 30 day one can...
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china doesn't need a bunch of faggot foreigners zerg rushing the country like japan and korea

please stop making these threads
Im interested in travelling to china and doing the usual (drinking, eating street food and partying) but I'd also like to maybe speak or learn (from people) about the political side of things , and some cultural nuances unique to china. I guess anthropology type things if that makes sense.

Would I be able to get a government official to speak to me about china , I know itll be "propaganda" but I'm very interested in hearing about such things

>inb4 le communist anarchist

I dont know why but I want to...
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Did travelling "change you"? I have never travelled, but I hear this a lot from people who travel.
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It definitely made me more independent and self-possessed, and helped me to lose some of my sillier inhibitions. I think it's such a great experience that you can't help being a little more positive about life in general afterwards.
Any experience "changes you", that's just part of life. How it changes you depends on you and the experience you had.

Traveling hasn't turned me in to a radically different person, but it's helped me overcome some social issues and given me a fresher perspective on things. You realize that every country has things they do well and things they do poorly, and that mostly people are nice but assholes exist everywhere too.

I'm mostly a normal American. I have a job and a car, I watch Netflix and sports. My diet did change, though. I realized...
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I'm more out-going and more confident with women (at least abroad, somehow my shy inhibitions are gone in a strange place where I don't know anyone).

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This worked great in the Thailand thread so I figured I'd play a game with you folks

1) No reverse image search
2) One location per post
3) Thailand photos ONLY
4) Must give a little background if it's not an obvious photo

#1 is extremely easy
First day in Thailand, our host family recommended we go here. I should have been suspicious of their advice when they told us to only eat "safe foods" such as McDonalds or Burger King (I'm not kidding). Anyways, they suggested "a must-see" in the city and we went....
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Nope. We arrived by plane in a major airport a day before this picture was taken
Very few places in Thailand actually make people (especially men) wear long pants at a temple. The grand Palace is in BKK and has white walls like that.

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ITT: God-tier travel literature.

This is amazing. Paul Theroux (Louis Theroux's dad) went by train from London to Japan via India and SEA, then back through Russia, on his own, in the 1970s.

But as with all good travel literature, it's not just the journey that makes it interesting, it's that he's an amazing writer (his description of his feeling guilty about travelling aimlessly hit me right in the feels. He says he was "nagged by the seamless guilt of the unemployed man, who moves from failure to failure"- anyone who's been...
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I am a huge fan of travel books. The Great Railway Bazaar is one of my absolute favorite books, and what really got me into the genre. The parts taking place in Burma were the most memorable part in my opinion, with the descriptions of the train going through the mountains in Burma probably being my favorite part of any book I've ever read. I actually just finished his The Happy Isles of Oceania recently and it was quite good as well.

Two other travel books I would recommend highly are North of South by Shiva...
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Sounds good, OP, might pick it up and read it.
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This. It's not necessarily a "Travel" book, but it's a great look into the lives of those who live on the street, going from place to place. Highly recommend it.

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Show us some of your favourite photos from your travels. Try to make us fall in love with a place you love.

>The Cobbler Mountain, Arrochar, Scotland
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File: IMG_1477.jpg (3 MB, 4000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hozu river, Kyoto
File: IMG_0025.jpg (2 MB, 4000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Northern lights and a crazy bright moon, Just outside Reykjavik, Iceland
File: IMG_0314.jpg (2 MB, 4000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Technically work, not travel. Didn't particularly love this place either but hey-ho. Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan.

General advice and pro tips on travel in Thailand.

Previous thread here: >>948102
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What's the full moon party like bros?
Prepare to spend all of your precious bahts on alcohol. Overrated but you really gotta do it because it's a touristy thing.

I have trouble partying all night without drugs (and that isn't an option). I was waiting for the boat back to samui and some Brit claimed he got mugged and got his shoes stolen :p sucks to be him.

Also there are magic mushroom shakes for 300 baht at the end of the beach in the cliff side bars. Don't split it with anyone because they're weak, but they're legit....
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But also its super expensive and although I don't regret it, I'd never do it again. Consider staying in Ko Samui because its cheaper and safer and take a ferry there and back.

Mae Nam in samui is essentially a private beach and we paid $14 USD a might for a beach bungalow

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my girlfriend just decided to 'tag along' on my trip through canada and is really fucking with my plans
>complains about staying in hotels less that have less than 4 stars
>wants to do tours designed for old people
>wants to micromanage every second of 'our trip' (where to eat, how to get there, what time we need to be awake etc etc)

shit is starting to get expensive so how the fuck do you ditch a travelbro/girlfriend without completely...
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Stop being a beta bitch.

Seriously dude
>Anon tells his gf that her plans ruin his trip
>They get into a fight and she agreed she wont go
>Anon leaves for trip on bad terms with his gf
>He comes back from trip
>His gf is cold and distant
>Anon searches his gfs phone
>Anon finds text messages and calls to another man

Have fun with that OP.
Either you deal with it or you dump her.

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