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First time poster, looking for any advise where to move, that I can live on US $500 a week, without needing a job and is easy for an American to live without running afoul of the law. Also not married and no kids, mid 40 WM, Thanks.
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Are you handsome?
Continually invest and compound the $500/week and continue working.
OP here.
I'm better than average in the looks and body. 5'10" 200lbs Told I look similar to Russel Crow.

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The neverending Japan General. Want to go to Japan? Check in here.

#Please check out the previous thread (as long as it's still around) to see if your question has already been answered.

#For the basics, including transportation, hotels, and ideas for things to do, please do give a look at the Japan-related posts in the sticky.
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So how necessary are reservations on the Shinkansen in March? Is there a good chance all the seats will be booked ahead of time or can I just show up and hop on with my JR pass?
If so, is it possible to ride from Tokyo to Aomori without a reservation and visa-versa? I read somewhere that you need a reservation for that route but I'm thinking it may have refereed to a specific train on that route.
You can just show up with your JR pass. If I remember from when I used mine you're not entitled to a reserved seat anyway. You just show up 30 minutes or so before your train, go to the JR Ticket office, flash the pass and your passport and they'll give you a ticket. I was there in May so it was a little closer to high season and it was fine.
How does this itinerary sound -

>2+ months. A budget of $7000 in total. Two JR Passes.
>Travelling from town to town in the evening rather than the morning.

>Day 1: Tokyo -> Overnight bus to Aomori
>Day 2-4: Aomori with daytrips to Akita pref. and Shimokita peninsula
>Day 5-7: Sendai with daytrips to Ishinomaki, Zao and Yamadera
>Day 8: Nikko
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Anyone here has experience or tips on sleeping in airports?

Somehow my friend who booked our hotels didn't check the departure date and booked our flights arriving a day early from the date we are supposed to check in the hotel. The airport in question is Narita. I read some people say that the security guards will herd up passengers who are sleeping in the airport and will bug them with questions.
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You couldn't spend the night in a capsule hotel?
I think I might have to but trying to see if I can save some money by sleeping in the airport. Is it not allowed to sleep in Narita?
I've only been to terminal 2 at Narita and the arrivals has nothing apart from the road and stairs to a train station and a 100 yen shop. Not many places to sleep I don't think.

I'm not sure about Japanese law but wouldn't that be considered loitering since you're in arrivals not departures.

General backpack thread as I didn't see one in the catalog.

I'd also like recommendations for a backpack. Will be traveling for around 2-3 weeks. Lost on size, brand, what to look for etc.
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im a newbie backpacker, but i have 2 packs, 50L Explorer high sierra and 38L Kestrel Osprey

unfortunately for me, i dont have friends thats into backpack, so i started with zero. my 1st proper pack is the 50L, and i used it on my hokkaido summer trip (20days). i found out that i always have it 2/3rd full when my camera bag is not it it.
I did much reading and tips esp on multipurpose tool and travel version items (travel towel etc) then for my trip to Japan Tohoku Winter, i toned down to 38L and i achieve handcarry size (altho the weight marginally exceed 7kg, but...
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What do you want to pack? If you're not planning on going out every night or bringing lots of formal wear, you don't need something very large. I've taken trips of up to five months and the biggest bag I've brought was about 35L. It was big enough to accommodate clothes, a couple of small electronics, my tent, and a sleeping bag. If I want to buy souvenirs and shit, I'll usually just pick up a smaller pack in whatever country I'm visiting and bring that back on the plane with me.
Some really great advice here in this thread. I'm thinking of spending two weeks around Istanbul and then 3 weeks travelling around Greece and island hopping.
What backpack do you guys suggest for this type of vacation that's somewhere inbetween an urban vacation and "backpacking" (as in, I am not always in the middle of nowhere but I will be quite nomadic).

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Better or worse?
I never had the opportunity to try my country's food in another country.

Have you /trv/?
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It's weird when you go abroad and they give you funny looks when you ask for vinegar on your chips. They tend to not really get the concept of chips abroad either and just call french fries chips or try to sell you a packet of crisps.

My step brother went on an exchange to Germany once and while they were there they did actually encounter a takeaway that sold real chips instead of French fries and convinced the German students to try vinegar on their chips as well as salt. The resultant babyish fuss and disgusted faces the Germans made after tasting a chip with the...
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vinegar on chips and or crisps is absolutley disgusting

KFC is Asia in a wonderful thing. Otherwise, I'll stick the local thing.

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ITT: Places that you want to go but the very real risk of being murdered or kidnapped prevents it.

Here's the citadel of Derbent, in Dagestan. There's been a city here for over 5000 years, the citadel was built by the Sasanian Empire in 500 AD.

I'd kill to see this in the flesh, sadly since it's in fucking Dagestan it's more likely that I'd be kidnapped and brutally murdered by islamic rebels.
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Congo (this one is partly doable though but currently I think the hassle sets me back)
Yemen (maybe you can exclude socotra)
Tibet (not dangerous just off limits for the independent traveler)
Venezuela (though I think the tepuis and the jungle interior are not that dangerous)

I really have not given up on them. I hope during my life I will visit some of them. But currently I don't dare doing them
there's always Irbil, capital of Kurdistan.

Irbil may be the oldest continuously occupied city on Earth.
I've always wanted to see the breakway states around the former USSR. like the autonomous jewish oblast which was the first jewish state. Nagorno Karabak which is an armenian enclave completely surrounded by azerbaijan. south ossetia would be nice (in georgia) as well as Transnistria in Moldova and cechnya

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I'm heading out to Europe in June and it just struck me I have no idea what to take or how much so how about a luggage thread

>your last trip
>what you packed
>what did you not need
>what did you forget

Since this is a slow board let this be a thread for anons to recommend things to pack for other anons

Killer bugs and stuff are overrated, don't think too much about nets, a...
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Where exactly in Europe are you planning to go?
UK France Netherlands Belgium Germoney Sweden Austria Italy Switzerland

One round trip in about 1.5 months
Whatever you plan on visiting, don't come to Brussels more than a day, don't come here at all, it's not worth it.

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Questions that don't deserve there own thread go here.

Please refer lame and other one-liner threads to this thread to prevent other great threads from getting bumped to deletion.
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>>952265 age for god tier containment
Will they hate me cause I'm white?
In which kind of material do I buy my pants in if I'm going for a walk/dayhike in the mountains in a tropical climate if the temperature could easily rise to 25 degrees on the sea level but gets as low as 10 degrees in the mountains?

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Its been awhile so I guess lets do this again. I am an American English teacher who lives in Thailand. I currently live in southern Thailand, not to far from Phuket in a small town. I also taught in Japan for one year. The school year is done and I'm not working until the school year starts again in May. So feel free to ask any questions or talk about your experience if you are/were a teacher.
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How many years until TEFL crashes as a market?
When people want to stop learning English so they can get higher paying jobs and improve their lives. Which isnt gonna be for a long while.
At the same time as when the world economy goes to the shits. There are still countries with major shortages of TEFL instructors to market demands, don't let /trv/ fool you into believing otherwise.

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I went and it was good. Public transport is annoyingly difficult and the food is rubbish, but when I wasn't standing by the road getting my thumb sunburnt, I was having absolute nonstop fun. Would've been twice as good with a buddy, of course.
Ask questions within the next 12 hours because I'm off to the mountains tomorrow.
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Hitched most of the way through the Western Sahara. The internet has it that it's an easy road to hitchhike but that is lies.
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Made it to the border just as it was closing; had to camp out at a truck stop. This was the queue of cars parked overnight.
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Hitched across No-man's land with these overlanders. The Moroccan gendarmerie made them use a knife to cut the Western Sahara out of that map on the hood of their car

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What are some of the most obscure places one can travel to?
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Kerguelen Island

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How much do you pay to couch surf in big cities?
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>pay to couch surf
I tend to pay about a sincere thank you and a neat souvenir/beer/chocolate from my country.
>couch surf

Wait so people let the poorest cheapest people stay in their place for free? Why?

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what's that one place that you absolutely loved in every single way and was worth every single penny?
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Hong Kong
Tbilisi (and Georgia in general)

I've posted this on /tv/ but as expected I didn't get shit, but are there any other movies that sum up the comfyness of travel like pic related?
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>are there any other movies that sum up the comfyness of travel?
how so? I'm not trying to harass you, but that movie didn't really light my fire. I watched primarily on the suggestion of a very Catholic friend, and religiosity was my major takeaway from it.

>inb4 someone accuses me of euphoria
I just mean the getting lost, meeting new people, some of them are weird as fuck, that sort of thing. And the shots of the country were great.
maybe into the wild if you dont know it already

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So who here has a selfie wand?

What does /trv/ think of selfie wands?
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As a solo-traveler and avid /p/fag I personally hate them. Just fucking ask someone to take your photo, it's very very rare that you'll be in a location all alone that would require this. I also absolutely hate people who take photos with ipads or other tablets.

I can see the selfie sticks as being good if you're into recording videos, especially of sports and extreme activities like rock climbing.
I hate them just as much as people using their tablet. Then I saw a group of Asians with iPads on selfie sticks.
I own a selfie stick

Ask me anything

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