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For those who have been to the Philippines, can you share your experiences here in detail? What were the best and worst parts of the trip? Were you surprised by anything?

I'm considering going next year. Particularly to the Visayas region for nature, beaches, and mingling with villagers. Considering stops in Cebu, Surigao, and Siargao. I don't plan on exploring Manila whatsoever, as from what I understand it's quite a polluted shithole.

Any advice and tips?
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>That feel when people constantly post about the Philippines
>Can't get a single person into this thread to help

This board is useful.
Ask your question here. A lot of Filipino posters. This board is pretty down on the Philippines. Even the Filipino that post here


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Hey /trv/,

Any of you have any experiences to share involving Hagwon TEFL teaching? I know they work more, I know they get less vacation. I did my research and made sure the school wasn't too sleazy. I'll be leaving in February.

How was your first few weeks there? Did you date any Koreans? Any tips for a naive gullible white American looking to have the best possible time over in Changwon?
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Hi anon,

I depart at the end of december for a hagwon in Seoul. I chose hagwon over public cause I don't want a korean co-teacher in my class every minute; fucking with my style. Basically people in public will always say public is better than private - when most of them have never worked for a hagwon. I've got some teaching expereince under my belt and I really want to have control over my class/lesson plans. Do you know where you will be living?
Gig really depends on place, but I'd say private academy (hagwon) is better than public school since smaller classes and it's your own show. The amount work work really depends on the place. Good way to save money anyway.
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Hey thanks for the comment. The constant co-teacher was something I was against as well.

My location is in the Uichang-gu district of Changwon City.
I was thinking the same thing regarding the class sizes for sure, 8-12 kids seems to be much easier to manage and have less stress.

I've been volunteering at a first grade class with 30 students and they're all so hyper active and rowdy so I'm hoping to get the nerves out of the...
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Thinking of going to Vietnam for 3 - 4 weeks. From what I've heard, you can live like a king spending under 2k (willing to spend more) for the trip.

What are some cool fucking things to do over in Vietnam?
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I got my diving certificate while I was over there for $350. I can now dive down to 18 meters underwater anywhere in the world
wtf man
Hookers, booze and food are all incredibly cheap. If you're in the market for some new threads, buy them over there. You can get a fresh as fuck tailored suit for about $300

I've read some things online and seen similar stories in documentaries where people use travel as an escape, thinking it will solve all their problems but after years of traveling they just end up offing themselves anyway.
Now I'm starting to think this is my problem. I've always had really low self esteem, I used to get angry easily and bully others to cover it up, but eventually I found travel. I went on my first trip overseas and it changed me ever so slightly, so I thought this be the answer, and now after some big trips in Asia and such I am worse than...
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I'm in the same situation. Travel does help but obviously it's not perpetual. This is why I have a plan on seeing everything I want to see in life in the next 7 years and then an heroing. Normal everyday life has not been good to me and I don't want to just spend the rest of my days working in some office where every day I just live for the weekend only to spend my weekends counting down the hours till it ends.

Sorry that I cannot help you. Travel doesn't solve your problems, it just removes you from them for a period of time. If you want help go see...
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That sucks man, sorry to hear you're going through the same shit.
Thanks anyway.
It's just so hard to fit in sometimes.
I try real hard, but people are just fucking strange, I try copying other people's personalities to fit in, but that doesn't work, I try just being myself and that doesn't work.
I really don't know what to do, so travel does help in that sense it's just knowing i'll never really fit in sucks.
I don't think I could actually ever OFF myself, but like you said, the thought of working for the weekend is just horrifying.

Is it easy to meet people to party with in hostels?
I'm going to Berlin, maybe Leipzig too.

For context: Girl, 23, will be traveling alone.
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It depends... if you're a fat American feminist, then only Africans wpuld party with uou.
I'm skinny, not American,nor a feminist.
do you speak german?

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I want to go to Chernobyl, more specifically i want to go where ever the fuck i want in the exclusion zone without the need of a guide/guided tour and i kinda want to go to the powerplant itself. What like license/permission do i need.
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Not possible, you either go on a tour, go as a film crew (extremely rare) or you sneak in and get thrown in prison very shortly after.
>implying you wouldn't walk right into one the rooms with all of the melted nuclear material (medusa/elephants foot) and die within 3 seconds
And my name is

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Sup /trv/,

I'm going to Bangkok some time in the next year for about a month, just had some questions I hope you all can help with.

>Best place in BKK to train in Muay Thai
Big part of why I'm going, I've been practicing MT for about twelve years, want to go train in the motherland so to speak. So what's a legit, well-equipped gym/school that caters/is reasonably accommodating to farang?

>Where dem beaches with the sheer limestone poking out of the water
Anywhere near BKK?...
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What do you have to do while you're there? Drugs, and see some cool sights.
OP again,

Forgot one thing: anyone know a good program/resource/book/cd/etc. to learn basic Thai? I've got a few months at least and I'd like to not come off as a complete asshole.
Straight edge brah.
>Cool sights"
Such as?

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Where are the best places to find traditional Catalan food in Barcelona? My itinerary is sorted, i'm now just looking for the best food possible, whether that be restaurants, markets or cafés. Any suggestions?

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In any bar or restaurant (non-immigrant). I'm not a Catalan, I live in Asturias, but have traveled a lot to Catalonia, I recommend you eat breakfast "Catalanas" (traditional food there), are pieces of bread cut in half, with tomato, ham (if possible Iberian, the better) and olive oil (very healthy). I in my house I usually eat breakfast every day.
This is helpful, thank you. That dish sounds nice! So are you saying that ALL Catalan restaurants will be good? Do you have any particular recommendations for certain eateries or areas?
I'll make a map and tell you places to visit (to eat) and which not (dangerous, poor zones)

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The neverending Japan General thread just goes on and on my friends...

As always, feel free to ask about:
>places to visit / do in Japan
>stuff to do for weeaboos
>Teaching English in Japan
>How to become Yakuza?

The previous thread is here: >>921466
Please refer to the previous thread (as long as it's still around) to see if your question has already been answered. Thanks.
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>> If you cany get laid in your home country, you cant get laid in japan.

I really feel this should be added to the sticky to , hopefully, avoid cringe worthy questions.

That aside, wanted to know if there are any houses/ apartments in the kyoto area with central heating/ac.
Ive looked at a few places and either im unlucky or those things dont exist (at least in my price range).
I remember watching a documentary about Japanese martial arts while in Japan last year. There was a statistic like "about 60% of members of kendo clubs in big cities are foreigners" which made me laugh.
Why must gross weebs continue soiling the reputation of foreigners?
I dont know anything about kendo. But socially inept neckbeards dont usually participate in sports clubs.
If i had the time i wouldnt mind trying it either, since all i had back home was hockey and soccer.

I'm just curious which American accents non-Americans like the most and dislike the most. Southern accent, Manhattan accent, Midwestern accent, the clean accent that could easily be mistaken for Canadian or some of the less known accents.
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I never understood this whole "American Accent" thing. I live in and grew up in Massachusetts, and I'll give you an example of my "Accent":

"Hello, my name is anon. I park my car in harvard yard."

Read that aloud, and that's exactly what I sound like. I speak what I read. How can that be accented?
That's an example of the clean American accent, I'm from Cleveland and here it's split between clean and midwest accent.
Sorry, I don't really understand what you're saying.

There are many different ways to pronounce your quote. These variations are often grouped by region or social class, which is what people are referring to when they talk about "accents".

Or are you shitposting again?

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What's your experience with couchsurfing ?
I'm planning a trip soon and I wanted to stay at someone's place for a couple of days. But I've read some horror stories about pushy guys looking for sex.
If a guy hosts me will he expect sex in return ? How prevalent is this ?
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I've been using CS for over five years. Absolutely amazing. I've been able to stay in places I'd never have afforded otherwise. I've met wonderful people that I've learned from and that have given me a much better experience in places than if I was on my own.

As for guys wanting sex, I guess there's no point denying it happens, but it is VERY rare. You can easily avoid it by only staying with people that have plenty of positive references. It's quite easy to get a rough idea of a person by reading what they have written about themselves...
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Were you couchsurfing alone ? Doyou prefer staying with guys, girls or couples?
I have couchsurfed alone and with my boyfriend (I'm a guy). I've/we've stayed with straight and gay couples, as well as single men and women.

I prefer staying with people closer to my personality - the gender/sexuality makes no difference. I think most people on CS feel the same way. You want to make sure you get on with who you'll be staying with / hosting.

Besides Seoul, what other Korean cities/towns are worth visiting?
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Jeonju. Has a great old town area full of traditional houses. Also a lot more chilled out than seoul. Nicer accent too.
anyone been to Andong?

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Alright /trv/,

Me and my friend are planning a trip to Costa Rica next summer. I've researched the different regions but am unsure of which to go to. Does anyone have any experience traveling there to either the Pacific side or the Caribbean side? What mode of transportation would be best to get around the country?

Also, any suggestions on where to go that do not include touristy areas?
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Sorry, haven't been there, but I'll give you a bump
Haha thank you

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2 MB,
Hello Im kazuhei and lived in Japan.I'm making video about Japanse culture on Youture.If you like it, please subscribe.
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I only watched one of these, but it seems really well made.

I like the intro in particular.
Arigato! Thank you very much!

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A few of my friends have become obsessed with travel, but I can't seem to find the appeal of any of the things they talk about.
>taking photos of shit
>eating "real" food
>buying crap
That's it? Is that really all there is to travel?
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no but that list doesn't sound bad either. are you some sort of loser or something thats content living in your town your entire life?
I did none of that while travelling.

>not being at home
>making friends easily because your accent is different
>being vaguely directionless and apathetic wins undeserved respect.
God no, I want to move away from my home town, but none of that shit appeals to me.
I'm in a relationship that's not lacking in sex, I don't drink, I don't care about food and I really don't care about taking photos or even looking at shit half of the time.
That's all it ever really seems to boil down to, looking at shit.

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