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Is it actually possible to get decent sleep on a plane? The few times I've been on a plane at night it seemed like an impossible task to stay asleep for more than 30 minutes at a time.
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I've never had much luck getting sleep on flights. It's usually too cold and bumpy up in the sky for me to stay down for long. Buses and trains on the other hand - oh god, I literally can't stop myself from dozing off. One of my friends who came with me from Istanbul to Tbilisi on a 36-hour ride got angry because I slept almost the entire way.
>Miss flight
>Get assigned new flight
>Exit row window seat at night
>Wearing short sleeve t-shirt and can feel the cold air creeping out of the door
Get ear plugs (ur just good phones with calm music) eyes mask (that ones that people use to sleep) and a blanket. You don't need anything more.

And I usually wear short sleeve and shorts while flying for confort.

Have you guys ever gone over an improper control? It happened to me last summer.

I forgot to put my keys in the metal detector, so it rang and then, they body-searched me.

When I came back home, they told me to put my stuff through the scanner but the other people hadn't to.

So I went over 2 police control, on my way to my destination and on my way back home while I was doing absolutely nothing illegal.
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I've flown from Spain carrying sprays (deodorant) and liquids (hand moisturiser) and have had to throw them away when flying from other airports. Either they just don't give a shit in Spain or they are too paranoid in other countries.
>When I came back home, they told me to put my stuff through the scanner but the other people hadn't to.
Delta has a TSA-precheck for a while now. If you are checked in far ahead and they do a little background check you get to skip a bit of the security random deep checking, to generalize the process.

What you describe however is ignorance. You obviously look and act like a lost puppy and felt persecuted for them doing their job right one way and being casually (bad) on the...
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A guy in my work has had is ass-cheek spread and inspected on 2 different occasions. He told me it happened when he was leaving Florence to come back home. Apparently he had been keeping weed in some small camera film container and emptied it before arriving at the airport but the sniffer dogs still picked up on it.

The guy doing the cavity search was a bit of a cunt and said something along the lines of "isn't this humiliating for you?" To which my collegue replied, "you're the one with your head up a strangers ass."

Makes me laugh.

>Bangkok-Phuket - Thailand General
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Hey guys, I'll spending a night in Phuket, second week of Jan, and possibly a day (0800-1700) in Bangkok.
I plan on taking the train+bus from Bangkok to Phuket and staying at a semi decent hostel/hotel for the night there.
any advice on what to do/how to make the most of it also what not to do/avoid would be appreciated..
Haven't been to phucket but I've been to bangkok, Kanchanaburi and pattaya. I've been here for a month and I'm currently living in pattaya if anyone has questions.

Spill all your knowledge, going Phuket for first solo trip soon. Ive been before but with family

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ITT: Places on earth you can visit/live in which made you feel like you had gone back in time or looked much more fantastical than your average city/village.

Yanshuo, China
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Yanhshuo, fuck.

Wulingyan, China
File: ShiojiriJapan.jpg (601 KB, 1618x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Shiojiri, Japan
File: ScotlandIsleOfSkye.jpg (932 KB, 2650x1768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Isle of Skye, Scotland

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So, I've been trying to visit every country in the world. After about four world, I'm now up to 79 out of 200.

One absolutely pet-peeve of mine is when I am chilling in a hostel or whatever reading my guidebook, and someone comes up to me and informs me that I'm "not really traveling if I use a guide book" or that they are "more genuine" and "real" because they don't use guides.

Do they not realize how limited and horrendous traveling could be just a few decades ago? I've heard stories of travelers back in...
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There's a certain element of traveller who is so pretentious that they look down on people who use guides or visit landmarks.

These are typically the people who come back and have wasted months of their time away in travelling through the middle of nowhere , to hang out in the middle of nowhere.

There aren't really any hidden gems in the world anymore, so "going off the beaten track" usually means you end up in places that people don't go to for a reason...because they're shit.
Guidebooks are to be used as a reference, and not 'you must go there and there and do this'.
But I don't think anyone actually does that (save for japanese).
The good point in them is in the historical/cultural explanation they provide, which is not obvious if you just go there without any knowledge.
>There aren't really any hidden gems in the world anymore

This is a pretty good point. If something amazing is discovered, the whole world will learn about it. The only places that are awesome and can stay off the beaten path are those that are difficult to reach.

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Hey /trv/ what are your experiences with staying at Hostels? Also Is it frowned upon to crash at night and leave in the morning and do I need reservations to stay at one? Sorry for being retarted.
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First stay for me coming up, but i've researched a bit.

Yeah, you'll need to reserve, I did my reservation online but this hostel doesn't charge until check-in, so I assume they ask to reserve so they don't overbook. And yeah don't see why a single night would be frowned upon.

Also, be sure to check reviews.
Single nights are fine. Reservations are likely needed during busier seasons. Best to send an email or call ahead if you're unsure about your plans.
That's exactly what hostels are for. A place to sleep. Most guests are one night only. You can check in at 11pm and check out at 3am for all we care. Your roommates will probably hate you and you're not getting a refund. But it's basically just like a hotel. Reservations are sometimes necessary, weekends and summer especially. Just call or email. I work in a hostel.

General hostel thread?

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Hey /trv/,

I made this thread a couple of times before. Although some friendly posters helped me keep it bumped for a short while, I wasn't able to post often after my laptop's motherboard got fried. Now that I've bought a new computer, I figure I'll give this another go, despite the fact that /trv/ has way more shit-posters than I remember.

So yeah, here I am again: ask a guy who hitchhiked around Iceland and from London to Istanbul before spending three-and-a-half months living in New Delhi anything. I'll post pictures in roughly chronological...
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Time? Costs? Any troubles? Age? Best experience/memory?
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I was gone for almost five months on my last trip. I left at the very beginning of May and returned closer to October than not. I spent a week and a half in Iceland and mid-May until mid-June hitchhiking from London to Istanbul. I did cheat once or twice (I was hitchhiking because I was broke, not just because I thought the idea was cool), like when I took a paid car from Sarajevo to Belgrade in order to ensure my arrival in Istanbul in time to catch a flight to Dubai.

I saved $2900 or so for this trip and...
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Oh, and I turned 21 in August. I afford traveling by way of two part-time jobs. I don't think I'm going to go anywhere overseas again until I finish getting my BS in Neuroscience, but I might take a trip down to South or Central America this coming summer or next winter break. I'm going to India again for a month and a half, starting in three weeks, but I think I'm going to take it easy on traveling until I graduate. As much of an addiction as I feel like I'm starting to develop, I'm...
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Hey /trv/,

What are your thoughts on travelling alone? I recently acquired about $50grand CAD, and want to drop $10-$15 on travelling Europe. I'm from Canada, and I have a sister who lives in London England.
I have no one to travel with, because my friends all have real jobs or school.
Is travelling alone a lonely experience? What is some advice for travelling alone?
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How did you acquire all that money? Sounds like a good idea anyway, but there are about five of these threads a week. Read around.

tldr: traveling is what you make of it. If you're lonely at home you'll probably be lonely on the road. There's added freedom, but no you won't have immediate companionship wherever you go. The general feedback is to choose your hostels wisely, be outgoing, and you'll come across people going where you are. Unless you're content to be very isolated, this...
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>How did you acquire all that money
grandmother's estate

> but there are about five of these threads a week. Read around.
I searched travel alone and alone and nothing relevant came up.
what do you think tldr means?

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Cycled from the northernmost point of Europe to the southernmost point of Africa in 2011-2012.

Ask me anything.
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Where are you from?

What was Syria like before the civil war?

What was the best experience?
> Where are you from?


> What was Syria like before the civil war?

One of the most hospitable places in the world, same league as Iran. Great people, not much of landscape, huge heaps of waste along roads.

I crossed Syria in Oct-Nov 2011, so technically speaking the war was already ongoing (fights in Homs, FSA being formed). Situation was very tense, I was checked my military many times, including total inspection of baggage.

> What was the best experience?

Hard to point at one, but here are some highlights:

Being invited by a local family to their home, while cycling in the night and in rain through countryside in Syria.

Riding alone across Sahara, sleeping under stars.

Paradise-like scenery and tranquility of countryside on Mount Elgon slopes, in Uganda.
What was the most dangerous situation you got in?

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DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ASIAN NIGHTLIFE AND WESTERN NIGHTLIFE IN YOUR EXPERIENCE (clubs, dance festivals etc) shit like how physical these girls are with strangers etc, what can you do and not do as a comparison
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There really is no difference. Nightlife is the same everywhere you go.
well for me its really really different. I'm not sure were you have been but western girls are much much more chill. and I have never pulled a girl in asia who isnt obviously a hooker. In western countries i have taken so many girls home. Plus in Asia (Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Japan) its really hard if you are not white in clubs...thoughts?
The people throwing up at 2 am look a bit different.
Feels the same otherwise...

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Just for fun. It's interesting to see how people around the world live.

Pick a picture that is taken within 0-2 minutes walking distance of your home. Kinda lame if someone who lives in the outer parts of paris posts a picture of the Eiffel tower.

So this is where I live, it's a part of central Stockholm (Which is the capital of Sweden for those who didnt know) called Hornsbergs strand.

The area is a bit sleepy but we have like a 30 second walk down to the water from our house entrance so that's great. We have a little mini-gym made out of...
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I live in a villa, outside the city (also in Sweden). It's all villa houses and the river flows across the garden. It's surrounded by allotments.
North Carolina reporting in. I'm in Charlotte, the largest cit in the state, but there is a system of "green ways" and creeks that provide forage and corridors for getting around for various critters.

Picture is in my back yard, it's been sort of fun having the deer come by, but the numbers are starting to get really high and they are on the point of becoming a nuisance. Will be interested in seeing how the city copes with it.

In addition to the deer, I've had several sorts of hawks, some racoons, possums and once a wild turkey (which is...
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Reunion Island here.
I live a short distance outside of the most touristic town of the island.

Best beaches (with the island's coral reef) are a 3mn drive.
Local nightlife is much more alive than most other towns (tropical islands tend to be super quiet after nightfall).
Weather like pic related 300days+ /year (between the coral reef and the mountain as a backdrop, we have a microclimate when some other parts of the island are under pouring rain 9 months/year).
Neighborhood is quite new, so infrastructures are better than most parts of the island...
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Britfag here, why is it when Latin people (Spanish ,Italians, South Americans etc) come into your hostel room you fill up with hope, knowing that there will be a warm and social atmosphere within the room but when a German arrives you know you will have to deal with a piss faced cunt for a few days.

>The answer
>Germans are cunts.
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because their minds dont think like normal humans. They have NO senses of humor, literally you tell them a joke and they will wonder why you intentionally said an illogical and untrue story. They don't really know how to relax, the german mind is always obsessed with seeking effeciency and perfection, and feel they have to do everything to its fullest potential. Losing at a game of darts, for instance, to a brit is just something that happens. To a german it is a shameful display of laziness and ill preperation.

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Southern Europeans are different to us Anglo-Germans and Scandinavians

We are as a society a lot more closed off and private, latins are really the opposite. They're taught from an early age how to have fun, which unfortunately grim northerners aren't.

You see it in the East of Europe too, Czechs and Russians are a lot less friendly than Croats, Bulgarians or Greeks, so maybe it's something to do with climate too, idk.
dont bring Swedes into this one, they are social and know how to have a good time.

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>be me
>fly to cape town
>start traveling by hitching and public transport
>fast forward 2 years and 7 months
>fly out of dakar

Ask me anything, also pic requests.
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How much did it cost? you worked in between?
On average maybe $1,000 a month, but obviously that fluctuates depending on the region. No working except for a couple of weeks in Malawi in return for food/beer/tent.
Why the fuck are you in West Africa now? When is your expected time of death?

But on a serious note, where are you from originally? Age? What job did you do before leaving for this trip? How much longer are you planning on traveling and what do you want to do after you finish?

Why doesn't everyone in America live in LA or Miami. I know rent is expensive but it's affordable even on minimum wage,and you have a chance of earning a higher wage there. Are people just retarded?
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The wage is higher but the rent and other costs are higher too, so there isn't much difference to other places. It all depends on what you like, if you're into surfing, then LA is the choice, but if you like skiing, you'd probably prefer Seattle or something.
>Living in high-crime cities over-populated with welfare breeders and illegals while costs are ridculously high and one city is prone to hurricanes while the other is prone to droughts and fires


That ridiculous rent is not worth getting my ass kicked by a cat-5 storm or paying more for water than electricity
Yeah but, perfect weather. It's as hot as the south without ever really going past 100 because you're next the coast.

File: IMAG0193.jpg (3 MB, 3264x1840) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB,
Haven't seen a picture dump thread in a while so here we go. Pictures from my recent trip to glorious Nippon.

If anybody has some more pictures, feel free to join!

Starting with Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto. Fucking shitton of people there, but otherwise pretty nice.
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File: IMG_4982.jpg (3 MB, 3456x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3456x2304
Ueno Park, with some weird fire/earthquake drill, where Middle/higschool girls were demonstrating how to behave in case there's a fire or an earthquake
File: IMG_5026.jpg (3 MB, 3456x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3456x2304
Imperial palace. Ended up there after wandering around for two hours, looking for Tsukiji. Also accidentally walked into the ministry of justice and got scolded by a policeman. Fucking jetlag
File: IMG_5031.jpg (3 MB, 3456x2304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3456x2304
Nice looking train station

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