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Okay it's time to remind ourselves of the real reasons we travel... it's DIRTY BACKPACKER SEX STORY TIME.

Let's hear your grimiest, nastiest, proudest, sketchiest stories of hostel sex or festival hookups.

I'll go first.

>first night in New Zealand, staying at BASE hostel in Auckland
>shitty touristy backpacker club (is there any other kind?) in basement.
>Meet runner-up in the stripper contest
>your place or mine?
>She lives in a all girls dormitory, Im staying in 10 bed dorm
>try to convince her to do it in park, stairwell, kitchen, TV room, her place
>she insists on doing it in hostel dorm room
>go to room, like 6 or 7 people sleeping there
>fucking screaming and moaning and shaking the dude sleeping above us
>people are just coming and going, getting stuff from their bag, completely unconcerned with the loud screeching sweaty banging going on in the bed
>no sheets, fuck that shit, put on a show
>Get the nickname of "the performer" in the hostel, buy everyone else in the room drinks and they highfive me after.

I got more, but before I share let's see what you got.
really? You must have something...

>first night in London... it always happens the first night
>at shitty backpacker pub on ground floor of hostel
>dancing, hitting on german chicks, failing
>chubby british girl is sitting in corner watching
>go over, bring beers
>Invites me to swinger's party
>ask her if I can go back to hers, she says , no, save it for tomorrow
>meet her the next day, tell her I don't have any bondage gear
>she has mens thongs and mesh shirt, IN MY SIZE
>party is HUGE like 1000 people in intense bondage fetish shit
>end up banging her in the orgy room with like 30 other people fucking and her friends watching
>was on the dance floor buck ass naked
>also banged her friend in the orgy room while they drank and watched and gave me thumbs up.

best part was I hadnt had sex for like 5 months before travelling
too bad this is a board of virgins

Virgin master race reporting in. Enjoy your STD's fuckers.
>go to rainbow gathering
>17 year old sucks my dick
That's all I got
>go to hostel in Krakow
>6 person dorm, 4 people are out partying
>girl in bed beside mine home early, drunk as hell, passed out
>fondle the fuck out of her
>begin taking off her panties
>others come in
>scramble back to my bed before they know what is happening
>fap while sleeping

So close
Not a virgin, but I've never had sex while traveling.

Except when I went to Amsterdam and Germany, but that doesn't really count for obvious reasons.
lel did this really happen?
I understand the reason why you "obviously" had sex in Amsterdam. But why Germany as well?
I've never thought Germany as a good sex tourism country
Brothels in Germany are pretty accessible.

It's way more fun in Amsterdam though, I'll give you that,
Yeah. Did it to a few girls, fuck I love hostels. Almost got caught once, though, and another time some guy punched me in the stomach for looking down his gf's shirt.

I should start a travel creepshot thread in fact. I have a fucking goldmine.
On my recent, first time backpacking around USA and Japan I didn't bang any sloots...

But when I got home all my friends were like "COME ON M8 TELL US ALL THE DIRTY BIRDS U FUCKED WHILE ABROAD"

So I made up stories ;_;
never paid for sex, but the germans i took home were fucking freaks. seriously, German Goo Girls should be classified as a documentary.
I have a permanent scar from ever having sex at a hostel again. Was getting frisky with this drunk chubby from Germany when she got on top and rode for a while. Everything was good until she got off and I looked down to see a huge fuckton of period blood all over my dick and the surrounding area.
>drunk chubby
Cmon mate, have some standards.
im not your mate fag
The fat one was your mate

Bottom feeders, you're all the same. Angry little weirdos.
Please deliver anon, I will literally stay in hostels based on your pics.

I am going from Amsterdam to Zurich through Germany. I like what I am hearing.
you are a piece of shit
>arrive in beijing
>meet traveller chick and we go to a nearby poolhall
>impress her with my incredibly lucky pool shots
>make out on the way back
>go back to crowded hostel and have not so quiet sex in the dorms and washrooms
>end up travelling with her and becoming a couple

Eventually didnt work out but it was a surreal experience
Where the fuck neighborhood was this. Damn.
What hostels are like this?
You mean
>drunk chubby on her period

A man's gotta eat I guess
>On overnight train from Jaipur to Jaisalmer
>Two Belgian qt's start talking to me and hanging around me because Indian rape stares from every direction
>Turns out we're in the same compartment anyway
>Other person in 4 bed compartment is an English girl
>We all get talking and become friends
>We're all staying at the same place, big coincidence
>Seeing the sights together and getting drunk together at night
>English girl leaves a day before everyone else
>Start to get signals from her
>She decides she 'wants to stay one more night'
>I casually mention she can stay in my room
>We bang


>Meet German qt in Delhi on first night of trip
>She's staying at the same hostel
>We get friendly, I get her details and we agree to meet up at some later point
>2 weeks later in Varanasi
>I book a room for the two of us
>Fuck quite a bit
>We stay together for about 2 weeks travelling in the NE of India
>More banging

Prett happy with maself
I was shocked until I checked the URL and remembered what site I'm on.
Did someone say 777777?
Nice one mate, sounds like a good time! Life is all about experiences
Shocked with what, are you a girl?
It is pretty common for man to do this, I also did it quite of times while travelling.

If you are passed out drunk in bed, you're literally giving your pussy to strangers, no exceptions.
File: Mohammed-Liaqat.jpg (35 KB, 224x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
haha are you an Indian? In the civilised world, men and women don't generally do this kind of thing. women can even ride the bus and not expect to be raped!3

>In youth hostel in Seoul
>Small hostel, off season, only other (non crazy) people are 2 lame Eurodudes, 2 hot blond American girls and a cool Russian-Asian dude who didn't speak much English
>Go out drinking, make out with one of the American girls
>She comes back to my room after to bang
>Thin walls, thin doors, open windows, good times
>Same thing second day
>Next day is her last day and she leaves.
>That night we go out and at the end I bang the other girl
>22 yo backpacking in Brazil
>be in Bonito
>smallest village ever, most beautiful nature around with caves, crystal clear rivers and stuff
>meet two nice swiss dudes, hang out with them all the time, do everything together
>last day, had the best time snorkeling next to an alligator in beautiful nature
>we go eat at the place we ate every night
>one swiss guy goes home because he's tired, the other one says "let's go to the bar to get drunk and meet chicks"
>there's literally one bar on the one big road for the whole village
>we go there, a brazilian band is playing like terribly cheesy brazilian country music
>swiss guy talks to chicks because he's half brazilian and knows portuguese
>none of these people speak other languages
>we get way too drunk, time to go home
>on my way outside i see some girls standing around and yell "AAYY ARE YOU MY AMIGAS???"
>swiss guy translates, they wanna come with us to get another drink somewhere else
>we start walking, nobody knows where we're heading to
>now it's only the girl that was my amiga (beautiful typical brazilian) and her fat cousin
>i grab the brazilian girls hand and start trying to communicate
>swiss guy translates, she says shes 18
>she wants to bang
>she lives with her parents
>we cant go there
>some guys driving past us with scooters
>everybody knows everyone in this village
>they take us all on the scooters to some kind of brothel with an hour hotel, really sketchy
>she talks to the main prostitue there, she says we can bang here
>go inside, start making out and undressing her
>main prostitute comes inside, says we have to pay for the room
>she has nothing, the swiss guy and me spent all our money on beer
>get kicked out
>i say we can walk to our hostel
>we start walking and we get lost because drunk as hell, no idea where we are
>wander around, she says shes getting tired, wants to go home
>we stand right in front of the hostel
>bus raep pussy
I'm not indian, I'm Italian. And I dont understand why you are comparing using a bus to be passed out in a public place in your undies.

Any girl that puts herself in that position is offering her pussy, no questions. This is quite common in hostels, I've seen other guys doing the same thing.
File: berlo.jpg (70 KB, 620x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 620x470
>Any girl that puts herself in that position is offering her pussy, no questions.
Silvio, please.
Italians are the Indians of Europe (in creepiness that is)
>meeting an expat and hang out with her for two days
>signals on day of my departure
>nothing happens
>a month later she comes to see me in another country to travel with me
>signals again
>sleeping in the same bed in the dorm but she wouldnt let me do anything
>not even a kiss only holding, touching everything except private parts
>she is catholic

This was maybe 0.5 base I dont even know how to describe it.
File: 1350271602166.jpg (22 KB, 542x428) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 542x428

Yeah dude I'm a misogynist and even I'd consider that pretty rapey. At the very least thats seriously creepy.
File: whhyy.png (5 KB, 645x773) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>In a hostel in Amsterdam
>Room has 10 beds
>works as 5 men and 5 women
>one of them reccommends an orgy
>everyone agrees, I am VERY excited due to being a virgin
>See one of the girls pointing at me and talking to a Swedish guy
>Swedish guy comes over
>''Hey man you want to role play?''
>Excited nod
>''OK, go and get some pizza''
>Pushes me out of the room
>closes the door
>go and find a pizza place
>takes 40 minutes
>come back
>knock on the door
>nobody answers, can hear giggling and moaning
>lay the pizza on the floor
>realise what happened
>walk off, start crying, fly home a few days later
>everyone agrees, I am VERY excited due to being a virgin
>I am VERY excited

lost it
Nigga that is straight fucked up. What the hell is wrong with you? I hope you try that again and get caught and get the living dog shit beaten outta you man.

Fucking Italians are so goddamn rapey, I swear to god.
>tfw /r9k/ goes travelling
just admit you're a creepy rapist

That actually made me really sad.
DUDE! Please be trolling because this would be beyond the saddest thing I have ever heard from a traveller!
Is there a worse way to lose your virginity than in an orgy?
gang rape
please continue
To a prostitute.
Is it really that bad? Its why I stopped travelling pretty much
File: 1389495691893.gif (2 MB, 300x196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 300x196
pls be real
Can confirm. Grew up in a NE US town of Italians.
As an aside, what's the difference between an elephant and Italian anon's grandmother?

50 lbs (25 kg) and a black dress.
M-master race reportan ;_;

Lol'd hard
It's the saddest damn thing I've seen in a while that doesn't involve a crime or war.
just admit you're a fucking prude
>just admit you're a creepy rapist
>creepy rapist

As opposed to the personable variety who women end up consenting to partway through?
File: 1321205512800.gif (6 KB, 294x293) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 294x293
(continued) sorry for delay
>go inside the Hostel with the girl, the swiss guy and the fat cousin
>Everybodys gone sleeping
>fuck her brains out in a hammock in the inner courtyard of the Hostel among palm trees under the moon light with my finger in her butt
>we done, i go to the bar to grab a bottle of water
>see the swiss guy sitting there with the fat cousin
>he had to fight her off from trying to fuck him the whole time
>"dude you owe me big time"
>mfw a swiss dude took one for the team when i experienced a glimpse of paradise
> should start a travel creepshot thread
So basically your going to start a thread of pics of you trying to rape women in hostels

I'm so sorry man.... That sucks... Fuck them, see the world, don't give up on a beautiful thing just because of some cunts.
>fucking in a hammock
3/10, good effort
I know a fat used-up negress isn't the best sort of pussy, but I think most men (not your Swiss faggot clearly) would have shrugged and done his Christian duty and tapped dat bunda. Plus if her cousin was 18, she can't have been that old either.
It sounded to me like they werent really being cunts, anon just had a spasm of autism and actually went to get a pizza instead of coming directly back into the room acting like a pizza guy...

still pretty sad tho sorry anon
Not really a backpacker story...but I've been wanting to share the story.

>down in DC for the summer
>selling weed, making music before school starts
>make friends with local African rapper (no it wasnt Wale)
>smoking blunts outside with him and another friend and tripping on cough syrup
>rapper mentions he knows some good looking girls staying at a nearby hotel are looking for weed
>easy opportunity to smash and make money....we go
>just 1 girl there...ghetto as fuck but good looking
>shes looking to get smoked up, I'm disappointed but whatever I was going to smoke anyways
>because the rapper lives around the area he takes us around this back way to a nice spot
>girl is getting creeped out thinking shes going to get mugged/raped/etc
>finally get there, shes cool now, we smoke
>because I'm tripping, i'm more talkative than normal, so I end up talking religion...culture...growing up...rapping...and school with her
>walking back to her hotel, she discreetly mentions to me she does escorting on the side
>im not really paying attention so it doesn't register in my mind
>still tripping, we near the hotel, and she mentions escorting to me again
>it hits me then...but I have no condoms, and I am NOT trying to go raw on a prostitute or pay for sex
>still tripping, all i can think about is my dick falling off so while shes walking ahead of us, I pull my friends off to the side and leave quickly
>feel bad later because shes a cool girl, but she calls me the next day
>end up chilling, smoking, and i smash without paying.
Do you think that's actually what happened? Because it seems to me from his story that they were trying to get rid of him. Either way, it's a sad story, and I hope he can put it behind him and keep enjoying travelling
nothing too great

>be in Austria
>wondering around with my buddy
>see a sign with some roman columns over a red background
>"I know what this is"jpg
>knock on the door
>hot Romanian women wearing a bikini opens the door
>tells us to come inside
>6 other various women inside wearing bikinis as well
>hostess asks us which one we want
>it's my first brothel so my mind is in overdrive, can't choose
>end up telling the hostess I choose her
>buddy goes with skinny blonde
>hostess takes me to a room that is decorated like a roman palace
>asks me if I want to use the hot tub
>"sure", thinking that she'll join me
>she turns on the water I have to wait for it to get warm
>finally get in, she leaves
>just relax for 10 min or so, was actually enjoyable
side note, found out later my buddy wanted to use the hot tub is his room, but I used all the hot water haha
>she comes back in asks if everything is alright
>there's a shower right next to the hot tub, she tells me to use it
>shower, dry off
>expect to see her strip for me, but she's already ass naked lying on the bed
>mildly disappointed
>ask her if I can take pictures, she says I can for 50 euro (sex was only 80 euro)
>not worth it...
>hand job to start it off, sucking on her tits
>get hard and put on condom
>going at it, tell her to turn over for doggie
>"no, I stay on my back"
>even more disappointed

did my thing, she gave me some water and that was pretty much it. my buddy was emotionally connecting with his whore, telling her he was in a band (he wasn't). I didn't want to wait around inside, so I walked outside and waited on the street. got to see their pimp pick one of them up.

overall it was meh, decent for the price but the sex was pretty tame.
>50 lbs (25 kg)
Fucking stupid Amerifats. 50lbs is about 22.7kg.
>the autism is strong in this one
Or maybe that whole story is made up...
How DARE he be 2.3kg off! IDIOT American!!!!!111
>all these people getting laid at hostels

All I ever see every time I stay at a hostel is douchebags, middle-aged men who snore (mostly creepy as hell), trashy punks and cheapskate families.

It could be worse buddy, you could be stuck in a hostel being run by an ex-husband and wife duo with her fuck up central american boyfriend with a 50 something year old with an ex-wife and a broken back and a french couple as the only other cohabitants because a fucking group booked the only decent hostel in town and the rest are nazi strict on quiet hours or gross party hostels that don't even let you bring in outside food.
>Picking the Madam
I too made this mistake once. I expected her to blow my mind, but all she did was slob my knob.

>Croatian hostel earlier this year
>fancy-ish hostel on the coast
>Meet girl and do formalities
>take her back to my room
>Room has balcony and loft bed
>Bed is too close to ceiling to fuck in all positions
>Fuck it let's try balcony
>off season and late, nobody on the lungomare and it's pretty dark
>Fuck it, no clothes necessary
>Proceed to fuck on balcony
>Solid 4 or 5 minutes no problem, then hear some whistling and yelling
>Go inside, decide bed is best anyway
>Bed it is
>She spends the night
>Go to Zagreb together the next day

I can tell THAT story too if someone is interested
Please do, only if you've had sexy tiems again.
As you command

>Zagreb is underwhelming in my book
>Time to drink!
>Pick this cafe and begin to drink as much as I can
>Local liquor Rakija, fruit brandy, is worth trying
>order two shots of it for both of us
>follow up with some proper Croat beer, Karlova?ko
>Walk back to hostel, double bed room this time
>In sexy, limited english, says she wants to be fucked in the ass
>Go at it, shit was cash
>It feels awesome but I can't cum
>I tell her and immediate ass to mouth
>I found it hella sexy but said nothing
>came on her tits and fingered her afterwards
>then a shower
>Spend another day bored and then take day bus to Hungary juntos
File: ballpit.png (396 KB, 455x437) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
396 KB, 455x437
forgot pic
My nugga
You just gotta find the "party" hostels.

When I went to Europe almost every hostel was filled with older snoring men and the occasional group of autistic Norwegian males until I went to one in Munich (can't remember the name) but it was fucking WILD.

I almost fucked this hot as hell 16 year old from the US but her ugly friend cockblocked me
So anal was enjoyable then? You just went in raw?
File: would hug.png (207 KB, 472x1191) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
would hug.png
207 KB, 472x1191

Don't let that stop you from traveling. That should never happen. That was a horrible thing for them to do to someone and terribly immature of them. I'm sorry you had to go through that...

But while there are some rough patches when traveling, there will also be great rewards. Try to find a solid travel buddy who compliments your personality well and won't leave you hanging like that. Someone you can trust.
Yup and yup
There are all ages party hostels? What countries are these in?
every country
File: 820.jpg (25 KB, 550x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 550x336

Was it the 4You? It was nonstop partying while I was there.
That is one ugly chick, Opie. I hope you didn't stick your dick in that.
So, does everyone else get EXTREAMLY horny when traveling?

> stay in hostel
> get drunk fuck visiting girl in my room (own room no others)
> she goes wees, takes my towel leaves all her stuff
> doorlocked.jpg
> I am comatose, never aware of any of this
> next morning her friend knocks on my door non stop for 5 minutes until I wake up
> pass all her crap out the door to the friend while naked
> enjoy the " came in a pussy " glow for a few days (i filled her up goooood)
> three days later found out she panicked and ran around the hostel in my towel because she couldnt get back in to her stuff
> people asking her wtf you doing
> she tells them she was running away from me
> makes up vague story about how I wouldnt take no for an answer, didnt tell them any more details
> she has now left town forever leaving a rumor about me that I wasnt even aware of
> now peoples weird behavior towards me makes sense they think I am rapist
> tell true story in profound level of detail

Fortunately the truth was too clear to dispute, her vague accusations versus my true and full recollection of events.

Was fucking scary though, I actually went into partial shock when the friend asked me if what happened was consensual, lights were really bright and I felt dizzy.
what a poorly written story.
That's why you don't throw chicks out in a towel after the banging, dudebro. You got what you deserved. Also I beleive her over you.
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