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Near-death experiences
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ITT: The closest you've ever come to dying while travelling

Mine's not that great, but I'll put it out there to try and get the ball rolling:

>Be staying at Buddhist monastery in Nepal
>Only other white people there are three girls from Spain, France, and Germany
>There's a small mountain/large hill near the monastery
>One of the girls hears that the peak is an amazing place to watch the sunrise
>Convinces all the other girls to go
>I'm not really into hiking, but decide to go to because I was young and wanted to impress the girls
>Four teenaged monks from the monastery come to
>Wake up at 4 am, and start hiking in pretty much pitch black, besides the lights from our flashlights
>Monks claim they know the way, so we follow their lead
>Pretty soon, the monks start arguing about what the correct way is, path becomes narrower and narrower until we are straight up bushwhacking
>We can tell the sun is going to rise soon, so in the desperation to get the top, we try to take the most direct path
>Wind up walking in a very steep area with a 15-25 ft. drop-off on the left, literally there’s a about six inches of firm land to place your feet, and you need to grab roots and branches from plants on the right to even support yourself
>I reach out to grab a branch, but either miss or tear it off the tree and immediately tumble down the side of the cliff
>Fall for what feels like 10 seconds, but was probably 2
>While in midair, the only emotion I felt was sort of a “huh, that’s weird, I might not exist in two seconds
>Land hard, am pretty bruised and sore
>Still have to climb the rest of the way because the quickest way back is by going up to the top and then taking a cab back to the monastery
>Miss the sunrise

In retrospect, I was probably only really in danger if I had landed on my head, but I felt really lucky at the time to be still be alive. Hopefully you guys have some better stories.
>driving scooter while drunk and on valium
>max speed about 110km/hr going through reds and shit cos I was high as fuck
>go to mcdonalds get food and come home and dont remember it
>gf tells me what happened the next day

Surprised not to get arrested or be dead
That's the thing about Nepalese. They're so eager to help even when they have no idea what they're doing.

>solo-trekking the tour de mont blanc during the off season
>decide to do two days of trekking in one while crossing from france into italy cuz fuckit
>French side is ezpz
>cross over to Italian side
>fuck there's so much snow where's the trail
>why are all the signs and trees are knocked over
>sun is going down and i need to reorient myself fuck
>end up going up side of mountain to scope out the trail
>follow safe-looking crest of mountain to get down to trail
>get back onto trail, look back
>the other side of the crest that I followed is a 90 foot sheer drop hidden by loose snow and if I stepped over I would have fallen
>finally reach courmayeur after 16 hours, feet are wet, bottom half of face is burnt, ankles are probably fucked but snow-packed boots numbed the feeling
>Get really drunk in a hostel with some other people in Rome.
>We decide to walk to the Colosseum.
>See a fountain on the way and climb it to take a picture
>Decide it would be a good idea to jump of the top of the fountain.
>With my entire bodyweight behind it, my ribcage smashes into concrete lip of fountain and I hear a large cracking noise.
>Stand up and can't breathe
>Can't even gasp for air
>Despite this, I feel very level headed internally
>Time slows down a lot
>Feel to see if rib is broken
>Not sure
>Finally take in huge breath

I guess I just had the wind knocked out of me. Other than my ribcage aching really badly for weeks, nothing bad happened, but looking back I feel really stupid about it. I easily could have broken a rib or gotten internal bleeding.

lel. what country was this
>visiting friend in Atlanta
>go to Peachtree mall to get some coffee and postcards
>near one of the exits, a homeless guy pulls a knife and demands my money
>throw my coffee in his face and run like hell
And then a cop stopped me for jaywalking, but at least I didn't get ticketed. America, why are your homeless so violent?
btw mods ban me like you always do. It's good advice and it's true. Banning me might deprive someone of good information that could keep them from getting stabbed.

Faggot mods come from reddit and feminist groups
Yeah, he was black. Then again, I should have seen the signs and not walked into an area where suddenly I'm the only white guy around.
>I'm SOOO sorry violent criminals. I should have known better than to be living in my home without bars over the doors. Here have more welfare. If you rape my wife and kill my children it's white people's fault
What's wrong with you.
Despite agreeing with you your delivery needs work.

But yes I agree they tend to not do well integrating with other societies, or building their own. Combine that with actual oppression at some point and you have a perfect storm of white guilt and shit.
Don't know if this will fit the 'general theme' of the thread, but anyways..

>be in army
>deployed to Afghanistan
>first two weeks of being there constant rocket barrages on our base by the Taliban
>first time leaving camp on a mission, on the road for 20 minutes, IED attack
>second time leave camp, suicide attack at our convoy. Nobody hurt, but a local family (husband, wife, 2 kids, and the suicide bomber died)
>third time leave camp, small arms ambush, nobody hurt
>fourth time leave camp, find this camel spider in my sleeping back when ready to sleep. apparently isnt poisonous but I guess hurts like a m-fukker to get bitten

I could go on and on
>btw mods ban me

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out
What does that even mean?

It means there was a conflict, and we won

When we won ww1 was that oppression? How about when we imposed war debt? What about winning ww2, imprisoning the germans, destroying their factories after the war and intentionally suppressing their industry up until the fall of the berlin wall?

What about supporting stalin while he was killing millions of russians?

The idea of oppressin is bullshit. It pre-implies guilt in ANY given scenario.

The niggers lost a war during colonialism, like EVERYONE has lost a war at some point. Unlike the other nations, the niggers just cannot seem to learn to read and not kill each other. That's your oppression for you.
What FoB were you at? Tarin Kowt (T.K.) here!
Was in Maimanah, Faryab. What a shit hole that was. Only good thing was the local food and watching stoned-to-hell ANP do strange shit
I was just a civvy contractor so I was permanently stuck in base. I didn't even have a CAC card as I'm non-American so there was fuck all to do for me aside from sleep and work. Shit sucked! Although I'm glad I didn't have to go outside the wire unlike you guys. It must have been terrifying.

>Cape Town
>3 am
>Long st.
>Guy grabs my arm
>"Give me your wallet, or I kill you"
>Luckily out front hostel
>Yell at man
>Someone else happens to be coming down the street
>Man runs away

Didn't feel like I was near death at the time, but who knows.

I went inside to get y friend huge machete, I wanted to threaten the guy.

Glad I didn't do anything stupid that night.

You didn't miss much, tbh. The countryside was a barren wasteland much of the year, with the exception of around april. The locals ranged from either throwing water bottles at you, to attacking you, to welcoming you with bundles of chai. It was very ethnic-dependant on what kind of treatment you got. At first it was fun, then tedious, then I didn't really feel the need to venture out any more.
I meant rocks of course. We gave away water bottles sometimes..
Late night in Taipei with no traffic
Are you the guy who got shot in the leg by the cops?

you would've been killed in mainland china for sure lol

driving in car in Azerbaijan going near 100 mph. Cars regularly drive on wrong side of the road. I thought my driver was going to kill me.
Im sorry sharks. I shouldnt have jumped in shark infested water. If i throw my wifeand children in shark infested water, its white people's fault. Sharks should take more reaponsibility.

Ayyyy COP Xio Haq herrrr
I'm not apologizing, I just lacked common sense since I'm from a very safe country. It should be obvious not to enter a shit area if you're not from there.
Ahhh brofist. I was based at COP Mashal. I could fill up a book with near death experiences.
I think we all could, mate. You American? What time were you in Afghanistan?
I dunno, but here in NY it's about to be illegal to be homeless.
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>Be skiing in Switzerland
>Decide to be boss
>Bomb it down eine mountain
>Speed past my group
>Lots of screaming in my direction
>Why so serious?
>Suddenly snow tractor tracks in snow ahead
>crash and burn
>I land in pile of snow
>at edge of cliff
>sheer drop below
My face when I found out if it wasn't for those tracks left in the snow I would be Swiss cheese right now.
>Swiss cheese


> be me in Chengmi District
> almost midnight
> absolute pitch black outside except for the sky which is lit up by gazillions of stars
> HaveToTakeALeak.png
> "toilet" is a walk away from the building I'm sleeping in.
> Walk through the beaten path with my torchlight and reach the "toilet" which is basically a hole in the ground.
> Slightly fascinated by the literal shithole, I focus the torchlight beam on it
> See a motherfucking green snake slither out the hole, mid- leak
> OhFuckItsGettingCloser.avi
> aim right for the head with my penor
> shoot my golden shower
> IAmTheCobraNow.jpg
>> IAmTheCobraNow.jpg
Top kek
Dunno, probably was almost hit by a car coming from the wrong direction but never noticed it so don't know about it.

Once got pretty sick from a breakfast buffet in Malaysia, some other folks got going-to-the-hospital sick from it. Nobody died, and I don;t think anybody was close to dying, but it's as close as anything I can think of.
>driving rental car in central Anatolia
>on shitty little back road near Kayseri, photographing the little towns there with autumn colours
>approach blind corner
>Truck comes whipping around corner in my lane, going full speed
>last-second ditch off the road into a hillside, slamming horn
>scuff up car, truck just keeps on driving

That was 3 weeks ago. God I love Turkey.
Nah I'm Aussie, I was there in 10-11. What a colossal shithole.

This rambling doesn't even make sense. "Pre-implies"? I seriously hope English isn't your first language...
>mexican mountain range Sierra Madre
>driving in steepest steep curves with mountain in one side, fall to rocks 200+ ft below other side, top speed my car can handle. Fun shit
>get to super cool waterfall place
>cool as fuck. Tiring walk up to the final place
>get back to car
>vroom vroom
>starts to rain ever so slightly
>slow down only a little bit
>suddenly tires screech
>loose control for 2 seconds
>less than 2 ft to fall

Not much but still felt like fucking hell. 5 minutes later I saw a car completely wrecked in a ditch to the side of the road, mountain side. 10 mins later see a car crashed on a tree. If it hadn't been for that tree he would have dived over 200 ft into certain death
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