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you already know what to do
>tfw having the time of your life with people you may never see again
Yes we do.
>Hide thread.
>tfw not travelling
I... I know that feel.
Summer 2015 though, Peru, here we fucking go. Finally.
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>Tfw 13 days till a week in NY

>Tfw I have three months free this summer and £1500 minimum but can't decide what to do
>tfw going to Budapest in a week
>tfw going to Israel in two months
>tfw going to the Balkans in the summer
>tfw still want to travel more

It's an endless spiral of always wanting to see and experience more
Summer in Peru is actually winter in Peru, sorry to ruin it for you.
Not going there for a laid-back vacation though, and from what I've read, winter in Peru isn't all that cold and generally dry.
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> travel for four months over Summer 2013
> travel for five months over Summer 2014
> am going back home tomorrow after traveling for one and a half months over university winter break
> fucking burned out
> don't want to travel any more
> missing the comforts of home like central heating, having a car, and being able to eat food without having to worry about getting sick

> tfw leaving so many friends I've made here in India over the last two years behind
> tfw leaving behind people I absolutely adore

> tfw I might be sick of traveling now but I know I'm going to want to go somewhere else within ten days of returning

> tfw traveling addiction
>tfw leaving for Cebu in one week for some beach and diving
>tfw going from there to Taiwan
>tfw going from there to Okinawa

Can't wait.
> travel for five months over Summer 2014

how long does your fucking summer last? I want one god damn it
How do you pay for trvlling? Also where did you go apart from India?
Okinawa is awesome man, have fun! Which island are you going to?
>tfw have all these travel plans
>tfw set specific dates as to when I'll actually travel
>tfw life makes an appearance and I chicken out
>tfw been pushing off major travels for a couple of years now
>tfw will travel a lot in 2015 but still not make that big jump into full-time travel like I wanted to
Only consolation is that each year my bank account increases quite a lot. Almost into 6 figures now but I don't have anything I would want to spend it on other than travel.
Actually haven't decided yet. At first I thought I would just stay at Naha and then make daytrips everywhere. Now I'm thinking of maybe staying 2 days in Kumejima, and then the rest back around Naha. Kumejima would be just beach and diving stuff, and then back from Naha I could still explore the island.
I need $600 for my Camp America 'experience'. I'm so broke I started gofundme. FML
>6 figures

Quit your job, divorce your wife, sell your kids.

Travel, now.

From the beginning of May until the end of August. I got back sort of late on my last trip due to some unforeseen circumstances cropping up. Ah well.


I'm a full-time student and part-time delivery driver. I save most of my tips and paychecks to use for traveling.

In this order, I have been to:

> summer 2013
Turkey, Greece, Turkey, Iraq, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, the UAE, Bahrain, India, Kazakhstan, Turkey
> summer 2014
Iceland, the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, the UAE, India
> winter 2014/2015

If you've been a regular on /trv/ over the last few years then you've probably seen at least a couple of my ask-me-anything/storytime threads.
I stayed in my job because I really love the people I work with. I share my office with this girl who's around my age and we have fun pretty much every single day. The other folks I work with are great as well and I have this amazing view of the mountains that I get to enjoy. On top of that, I will get great recommendations which will benefit me greatly in my future career (these are people who have MBA's and PhD's that will be my references) and prospects of getting into grad school.

But yes, I believe next year I will quit this job and travel to Australia for a year or 2 and work/travel there. This year I plan on spending some time traveling around North America.
>Attending graduate school in China
>Have a month and a half long winter break
>All of my friends are going to really awesome places all over Asia
>No money
>Interning in Shanghai instead
>tfw I won't be relaxing on a beach in Vietnam

Ya know, rationally I realize that I need more work experience, that the internship is a good opportunity, and that I shouldn't leech off my parents so I can travel.

But emotionally, not traveling is depressing the hell out of me.
It isnt cold compared to other countries, but Lima has a shitton of humidity.
>tfw you're too autistic to make friends at hostels
>On top of that, I will get great recommendations which will benefit me greatly in my future career (these are people who have MBA's and PhD's that will be my references) and prospects of getting into grad school.

I find it cute you think people with MBAs and PhDs (no apostrophe) will make for good references simply by token of having those degrees.
Tfw staying at a hotel because I thought I'd enjoy the privacy, but I'm actually feeling lonely. At least I'll be in a hostel tomorrow
Speaking of hostels, will have my first experience in one alone soon in Buenos Aires. Is socializing really that easy ? Just go to someone or a group and say hey what's up where are you guys from to start the convo ? (I don't have socializing issues, just don't really know what the etiquette is)
>tfw you lose yourself in travel dreams and they're literally the only thing to keep you going, you plan out a trip and read everything there is about your destination but then your travel partner suddenly can't go and everything is canceled

worst feel ever
I have yet to travel solo, but this is my biggest fear. I feel like I'm "up to the task", for lack of better wording, but keeping that mindset in unfamiliar situations is hard.
They're also deans and management in a university so yeah they will make great references. On top of that, if you don't know how connections work yet you really need to get out more. People get into good schools or find good jobs through people they know not their abilities (except for maybe a very small percentage of the exceptionally gifted).
hostels are just that kind of place, you'll never find people more willing to be your bud.
Sounds good then. Thanks!
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>always dreamed of going to east Asia
>best friend who was always reluctant to travel wants to go to Japan this May
>tfw I hate flying more than anything else in the world and it would be at least 18 hours of plane each way
>tfw I probably wouldn't even have enough money to go anyway
Here are some tips for staying in hostels and making friends:
>ALWAYS say hello to everyone when you walk into your shared room for the first time (unless it's night and people are sleeping)
>Don't be afraid to say hi to people who are "out of your league", sometimes a muscly guy or a super hot girl are just as lonely on the road as you are and can turn out to be decent folks, it's not high school any more. Also, talk to people who are the opposite of that.
>Don't spend time in your dorm room in the evenings, even if you're on your laptop sit in a common room
>Sign up for tours the hostel is offering, this is the easiest way to make friends and at the end of the day you will likely hang out with the folks in your hostel and make plans together for the following days
>Ask the reception staff on what's happening in the hostel, they're often either travelers themselves who decided to stay in that city for a while or are young folks who are doing it to make friends

And the number one advice from someone who has a slight social phobia but always stays in hostels:
>Fake it until people are on your side. They don't know if you're a total loser back home, many people are, when you're on the road everyone is equal (to some extent, some people are just naturally dicks). As long as you don't bring up super weird topics people will be generally pleasant to you.

Yes it is exactly that easy. You can literally go up to a group of people and say what's up. That's the thing I really like about hostels, everyone is really down to earth.
What he was saying is that You were basicly saying that because they have PHDs that they will be good references, as opposed to what position they are currently in/experience
Won't be too difficult then, thanks guys.
The worst part about travelling is when, after all your great experiences, you return home to see just how little has changed.
flying is'nt so bad, you should go!
Tfw when im.feeling basically the same
>two week solo backpacking trip through China
>afraid I won't make friends in hostels even though I am really friendly
>afraid that being too friendly will make guys think I want to fuck them

maybe I should keep hanging out with random old folks.

I am in Nanjing, if you are really depressed come visit for a weekend at the end of feb. I'm not dtf but you can make a new friend.
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