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Go to street food in X country
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Veg Momos (Nepal)
Pic related
Im pretty sure this is the first time I've ever been on /trv/ in the 8 or 9 years i've been coming on 4chan, but that picture caught my attention on the front page.

I have to say, having travelled a bit, despite how much I love my good old american hamburgers and ar-15s, we have absolutely NOTHING on good street food compared to most of the rest of the world.

A handful of falaffel and hotdog stands absolutely pale in comparison to the hawker centers and carts in Asian nations I've been to. I remember I was in singapore for business around ramadan time. they had all these hilarious signs in the windows of muslim shops "break fast here! 40% off" or something, every afternoon I would swing by geylang, and get a fresh bread+egg made on the spot by one of those muslim stands (pratha I think it's called) and a nice big beer from the chinese noodle place right next door

your pic just got me reminiscing, really wish we had more exotic food available 'casually' (e.g. not defrosting something from an international supermarket, or having to go to a restaurant) stateside
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Does anyone know what kind of bun jackie chan eats in his older movies?

It looks like a pork bun but he bites into it and it always seems to stretch before he gets a bite. Sort of how the TMNT's pizza slices have that stretchy cheese

Please help
No idea, other than mochi might stretch like that.

I never heard of anybody putting it in a bun.
Well if you go to a big city I'm sure you'd fine some great streetfood. In NYC you can find excellent Halal carts, Mexican taco stands, chinese Shish Kebabs, and more on the street.
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Bratwurst, Currywurst
Quality of the meat varies strongly, so be sure to check that.
Well it's just some sort of baozi, Chinese steamed buns. The dough is often a bit more 'sticky' than western style doughs, especially since it's steamed, and if it were made from glutinous rice flour. Wasn't a zongzi was it?
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Obvious choice. But pad thai in Thailand
bhel puri in bombay, bought through the top window of a bus
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If you see this shit in India steer clear. Lukewarm indian water + salt + lemon concentrate. Same taste and temperature going down and coming back up.
Khanom krok is my favorite in Thailand. Probably spelling i wrong, but I do not care, it is for eating not spelling.
Best street food I ever had was in Cartagena, Colombia. Three of us were down just outside the old city walls, one of us decides we need a cheeseburger from this mobile cheeseburger guy, buys three for the three of us. Comes with three sauces -- red not ketchup, white not mayo and yellow not mustard.


The other of us goes back for three more.


Not hungry anymore, but fuck it I want more, so I buy three more.



It was the best day ever.
so how stoned were you?

everything is more delicious when you're high.
Or starving

> fames optimum condimentum

capthcha: nvitu
In Oaxaca Mexico, street cart just in front of one of the markets there. All there is in this cart is pieces of pork and pork heads. Serves 3 things all filled with the aforementioned pork bits: pozole, tacos and tostadas. 5 seats around this cart and like 5 employees. Constant line up, all seats filled up, people taking food to go. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen, the guys making the tacos were fucking incredible, they could probably churn out 30 tacos a minute. The pozole was the best I've had so far and it's my usual go to dish in Mexican restaurants.
I like the soups. Tom tum and Tom Kah gai. Also like lab gai. I may be messing up the names. Red curry chicken is great too
I had a delicious garlic chip topped langos (Hungaian fried bread) during a Wine festival at Buda Castle that still stirs up memories. Enjoyed it with some potent Tokaji.

I adore Mexican street food in the US. I used to live in Mexico for business, and aside from the amazing farm to table ripeness of Mexican produce for salsa, the beef is better in the US. I love a roasted corn with a shake of chilies, and aromatic cotija and lime mayo. Food trucks have made it even more gourmet to get a skirt steak taco. Handmade tortillas are the best, that toothy gumminess of a corn tortilla, with simple cilantro, lime and griddled steak. A mango lime popsicle, esp with tequila, is a frequent festival offering I see at the Mexican farmer's markets.

I have had quite a few fantastic Colombian hot dogs with mayo,chimmichurri, pineapple, crushed chips, sometimes pickled quail eggs. I probably have one Icelandic hot dogs per day when I go there, and I've had really good and really bad versions of the currywurst. Sometimes it's ketchup with dry powder sprinkled over all.

Cubans can do a fantastic pan con lechon at a festival booth, adding what I think is required, a layer of chicharron, crispy and chewy, and the whole thing doused with fresh mojito filled with pickled onions, lime, sour orange, and garlic.

Colombian cholada, a tiered crushed ice treat, has layers of sweetened condensed milk, ice with chunks of tropical fruits, and passion fruit or blackberry syrup on the ice layers. Always comes with a long wafer cookie, and coconut on top.

To me, a fresh charcoal grilled/warmed soft pretzel with grainy mustard is my favorite street food.

I was taking a guy on a tour in New Delhi and he wanted to stop and buy a couple bottles of that stuff. We were both fine.
Even if you get one made with clean potable water its still salty and warm. I guess if your into that though...
Gatorade, I guess...
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