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my girlfriend just decided to 'tag along' on my trip through canada and is really fucking with my plans
>complains about staying in hotels less that have less than 4 stars
>wants to do tours designed for old people
>wants to micromanage every second of 'our trip' (where to eat, how to get there, what time we need to be awake etc etc)

shit is starting to get expensive so how the fuck do you ditch a travelbro/girlfriend without completely fucking up the relationship?
Stop being a beta bitch.

Seriously dude
>Anon tells his gf that her plans ruin his trip
>They get into a fight and she agreed she wont go
>Anon leaves for trip on bad terms with his gf
>He comes back from trip
>His gf is cold and distant
>Anon searches his gfs phone
>Anon finds text messages and calls to another man

Have fun with that OP.
Either you deal with it or you dump her.
>was going to travel alone in summer
>some asian girl I met online tells me she wants to come with me
>she seems very outgoing and smart and interested in Europe
>"why not, it sure will be more fun than going alone"
>she is in Europe for the second time in her life and still doesn't know stuff like the language they speak in the Netherlands or Belgium

>be in Berlin and be asked "who are the nazis?"

>she comes with the bright idea of putting 10€ each in a pocket and use it together to share food
>she eats shit food I refuse to buy after a week of doing so

>she complains about walking a lot and wants me to be more sensitive with her

>she cries when we have to sleep outdoors even though when I asked before the trip if she would be okay with that, she said she would

>she cries in a car (hitchhiking) when the driver and his wife asked us if we're a couple and I said "no, we're just friends"

Fucking women. I'll never travel again with one.
>asian girl
>very outgoing and smart
>she cries in a car (hitchhiking) when the driver and his wife asked us if we're a couple and I said "no, we're just friends"

That's pretty sad, man. I'm not judging your character and understand you're a young dude not looking for romance, but hearing this lack of reciprocation makes me feel bad for her. Her fault for being over-sensitive I guess.

She gave me herpes, fuck that bitch.
>Been travelling alone for two weeks
>gf flew over from aus
>whinged and complained for three days, super fucking depressed about it, arguement after arguement.
>didn't like staying in hostels
>mfw I genuinely liked her and could not travel with her.

Broken up, poor as fuck in Aus.

Meanwhile Abbott knights some prince.
Now I completely understand the hate.
>Travels with a wide-eyed girl ambitious enough to travel with a man around the world
>Engaged intimately with her, or in other words, fucked her brains out
>Wonders why she developed a sentimental/emotional attachment and cried in a car
>Gets herpes as a result

Nice to see Karma in action.
Where you go?
>Not making it clear that you're travelling on the cheap.
>Not having a girlfriend that would understand that.
>Not having enough communication in a relationship to make it clear.
You just need to explain it to her without getting mad or condescending, and probably you need to reach some compromise. Use the expenses to justify your being irritated. Most probably your trip is still going to be ruined if you want to keep the relationship together, though, anon, you doofus.

Your fault for not seeing this one coming, dude, you should have been able to spot this from a mile away ffs.
Tell her that you are travelling on your premises. If she can't accept that, she needs to stay home. But it's going to be tough for the relationship
You could do 2 trips. Have loads of fun with your trip, GF tags along, she doesn't like it that much, but you let her know YOU are in control.

After which you tag along like a man shopping with her on her trip.

I had to face a similar problem with my GF.

>New year's eve party
>GF wants to go innamountains
>found a nice pension
>it's fine, we gon be fucking anyway

>Anon, I'm cold
>Anon, will you teach me to ski?
>Anon, I'm tired
>Anon, we have to go back for lunch (we actually had 3 meals paid for, fucking nonsense, because you have to go 3 times a day to eat.)
>Her mother tags along too
>Day 4 out of 5, I am fed up with it
>Decide to get them out of the town (almost always in a town, no nature or whatever, just shops and shit. Expensive as fuck, the hotel and everything)
>"Girls, we're going on a daytrip"
>Daytrip was about 2 hours
>went uphill
>I could still see the hut
>"Anon, I'm tired, can't we go somewhere else?"
>"Why is it so steep?"
>We get up to a place where we see the valley below and the whole town
>"Wooow, Anon, I'm so glad we went here!"
>Felt like killing myself.

Dude, make 2 separate trips.

Also, if GF refuses to sleep in 3 star hotels, she's a fucking spoiled cunt.
Raise it with her, or ditch her because why be with someone like that?
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Reunion Island.png
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I booked a trip in May to Reunion, an island in the Indian Ocean. There are barely any beaches and we won't be visiting them anyway, while my gf is an "all-in, all day on the beach" type of cunt.
I'm preparing a 6hours daytrip to the volcano, a canyoning activity and some speleology in the lava tunnels. I cannnot wait for her facial expression on the day itself.
"all-in, all day on the beach"

Seems girls come in only one flavour then. But my GF at least tries.
had a same similar experience with my girlfriend and europe, she didnt think we would last if I left for 3 months because she thought I would cheat on her.. (probably would have) anyways, she came with me and my two other friends, and it was perfectly fine. Obviously there was bickering here and there but whatever, she went on her old person excursions for the day alone then met up with me later on.

great time though, now we are moving into an apartment tomorrow.
>while my gf is an "all-in, all day on the beach" type of cunt.
>type of cunt.

I can feel the love!
I went to France with an Ex a few years ago, she didn't like the French food and said it was messing with her stomach.

Its was normal shit like quasaunts, bread and cheese, but it was too much for her.
Allow me to be very amusing at your unorthodox spelling of the word croissant. For a moment I read
>normal shit like sasquatch
and I lost it.
>tfw only go abroad for maybe 4 weeks of the year
>when abroad I use every minute to see different things
>walk 10+ miles every day seeing everything I possibly can, on feet for 6+ hours minimum usually
>I don't mind because I'm seeing things I've never seen and may never again
>acquire gf
>comes with me on trip
>mfw on first day she complains she's tired and aching from walking and its only midday
>mfw she wants to go back to the HOTEL she made us stay at, at quadruple the price of my usual hostel by 2pm
>second day she wants a lie in because 'we were on our feet all day yesterday'. force her to get up anyway but she deliberately goes slow, and we don't leave hotel till 10.30am when I'm normally breakfasted and out by 9am
>this continues over the week, only see about 40% of what I had wanted to see
>'I want to go shopping, we've only been doing what you wanted to do so far'
>mfw travel to Rome and doesn't want to see anything other than shops, and getting a selfie with the Colosseum to put on facebook

Beware taking women abroad /trv/.
maybe he's an aussie

to them it's a term of endearment
also you people suck at getting to know the right women

loling irl at u lot tbh
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Tell her you were planning a more austere trip, explain to her the type of activities you want to do. Finally propose that you first travel like you planned to, then if it's too much for her you can travel in some other manner. Make her understand that you already had plans and that you're willing to compromise on some issues but she can't commandeer the trip and turn a $2,000 trip into a $5,000.

Do you think most people like walking 10+ miles a day while staying at hostels? Probably not.
Most vacations are people going to Mexico or Hawaii and just rot away on the beach, not everyone has to be a Real Traveler® like you.
You are also an asshole for forcing her to do everything YOU want.
The toll of years of a relationship.
I'm making her pay it back when I'll take her on the 6 hour mountain hike.
I don't think he's being a "Real Traveler", when I visited Paris with my gf, we walked those distances easily and I still felt like I didn't do shit.
>so much to see, so much to do
>Most vacations are people going to Mexico or Hawaii and just rot away on the beach, not everyone has to be a Real Traveler® like you.

which would be understandable if you went to Mexico or Hawaii. But come on, that guy went to Rome, not a city that's best for lazing around in the hotel room
Having done 1 month in New Zealand and 2 months in Thailand with EX girlfriend #1 and 1 month in California with EX fuck buddy #2, I do not recommend traveling before marriage. You will fight. It will get messy and you will blame them for everything wrong with the trip (and vice versa).

Try and get out of it man, it's really not as romantic as it sounds.
Why do people like OP even keep these women around? Why do you not tell them how the trip's going to be and tell them they're unwelcome if they can't carry their own weight? Is it just because you're young and too cowardly to tell off your partner? Do you seriously think you can't find someone better? Do you believe she'll respect you in the long run if you let her come along on your trip and dictate how things are going to be?

Grow some balls, OP. Tell her right now what sort of places you're planning to stay in and that she's going to have to get used to it. If she complains, stone wall her and head out on your own. Flirt in front of her. Ignore her self-indulgent feelings. Show her you don't need her and that she's just along for the ride. Treat her well when she accepts that and has fun, otherwise let her fuck off back to wherever you're form if she can't handle the trip you want.

Time to grow a pair.
>Real Traveler®
>going somewhere with a desire to see the sights

pick one.
Because pussy is pussy, whatever is a attached to it.
Well not OP here but as much as OP is being a pussy and I agree I think you're going too far in the other direction. Honestly if traveling is your hobby I don't know how you people could put up with these women.
this thread is gold

srsly..been watching this for a while now and it only gets better and better

more stories please!
>plan first trip with bf
>gonna be visiting a few cities in Europe and visiting my family in Germany
>first day in Berlin
>refuses to try anything other than sausages and schnitzel because according to him "that's the real German food"
>tell him it isn't but he still refuses
>starts complaining about the food
>warned him ahead of time on trips I'm typically a early sleeper/riser so I can get lots of sights in
>complains about museums
>wants to only do pub crawls
>complains when I agree to do pub crawl but only want to do one (he wanted to do one every day??)
>turns into recurring theme
>we get to new town
>he complains about museums and history
>"Anon I came to Europe to drink and party!"
>In Amsterdam we end up spending 2 days apart only sharing room
>halfway to trip at family's house we break up
>he manages to get most of his money back from flights, spends rest of time getting drunk with a friend of his in Munich
>I spend rest of trip having good time
>nothing of value was lost

Honestly I'm a strong advocate of doing trips with partners, it's a good way to see if you actually get along outside of routine. Just make sure it's nothing expensive/something you're really looking forward to in case it turns to shit.


OP sounds like he is in a bad relationship but is too beta to leave it behind cause he is afraid he won't find anyone else to ever like him. Or hangs out with boring as snobby women that will never be interesting or willing to do things that present the image of "luxury."

I've traveled with a few women and most have been cool.

I went to NYC for the first time with a gf and we walked everywhere. The only issue was her desire to waste like 3 hours in the city hanging out with one of her stupid ass friends from HS, which I had zero interest in doing.

Went to London with a female co-worker. She was awesome. She made more money than me so she paid for basically everything and we walked everywhere and took the tube from place to place. I'm pretty sure she was a bit travel sick on trip but it never slowed her down.

I went to Amsterdam with a gf once and it was awesome. We went to all the normal places and she had no issues with hanging out in the red light district.

The only time I've really had an issue traveling with a girl was with a class trip. The girls spent most of their time getting wasted during the middle of the day instead of wanting to go on any of the hikes or see any of the sights. But since it was such a large group and I'm usually not friends with these types of women, I didn't give a fuck and had no problem leaving them behind.
She obviously had herpes to start with. I guess that means she must have been a bit of a cunt herself in the past eh? Or maybe Karma just doesn't exist.
>10+ miles
>Real Traveler®

Are you trying to be ironic here or something? He just sounds like an average traveller to me. My middle aged mum and dad easily do that when they're abroad.
I am with you. Dont keep the girl around if you think she is that annoying. I went on a few trips with my wife before we got married. We are into the same types of things, accommodations, food, museums, etc. If I took her to a museum and we could not discuss the exhibits together then what would be the point? Drag her around all day just to have something to fuck at night?

We make concessions if there is a disagreement, but for the general flow of the day we are on the same page.
not so much with the 2nd paragraph though
>Be in sort of similar situation to OP
>Planning China trip for fucking months
>Start going out with GF 6 months ago
>Way after I start planning trip
>Dread the moment I tell her I intent to travel
>Worried she'll be upset
>Even more worried she'll want to come along
>Finally tell her and she says as much as she would like to come she simply can't afford it and tells me I'll have an amazing time

You're not a pussy OP, don't listen to the projectors here. There's nothing wrong with not wanting to hurt her feelings.
Why are you having such shitty girlfriends /trv/?

>budget travel by myself usually
>get gf, make plans to travel together, expect everything to be more expensive from now on
>start trip
>mfw cheaper than I ever traveled before
>because we stay in cheap guesthouses, cheaper private rooms than two dorm beds
>because I have sex in the evenings instead of drinking beer
>mfw doesn't ever let me invite her, always insists on splitting bills
>hates tours, loves hiking (me too)
>tries every local food
>takes local buses
>camp together in the nature
>cook food together
>mfw rarely ever complains

Fast forward 8 months, trip ends, living together now. Thinking of long-distance bicycling next. I'm surprised though, didn't expect it to go that well.
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Which country is she from? aidsland?
Traveling with a partner is like fast forwarding dating 3 years. You get put through all of the stressors really quickly
i met my girl traveling...same experience.
so cheap and so awesome.....most of the time just living under a moskito net on paradise beaches and islands or camping with a small peogeot throughout morocco.....
slow travelling..staying everywhere for atleast a month to get to know surroundings and people.

after 3 years of travelling we settle down in canada. still do alot of hiking and things in nature...canada obv. nice

but living and working together in a house turns out to be terrible....she turns into a complete unhappy bitch freaking out about everything. suddenly the most tidiest and ocd women you could imagine. i change jobs a few times and buy a truck to explore canada(not canadian). she freaks out. her friends dont like me, her family hates me. we break up...come back together...break up come together.....constant drama. big fights.
finally get out of the city and work on a farm. beautiful nature around us..all we got to do is work 6 hours to feed the animals and i do some fencing etc....what more can you wish for?
still she is stressed from work (she has 2nd job) and cleaning/washing dishes etc.....i ended up doing eveything in the house plus working...still she comes home bitching and screaming over bullshit.

guess you cant have both....
what is it with women?
>Going on a long 3 month trip to Japan in a year
>Been saving for nearly 6 years now, aint nobody gonna stop me from having a good time
>Have gotten complains before that I'm always going too fast
>Got billions of things I want to do and see when I'm there
>Haven't told a single soul (except my parents) that I intend to stay there for longer than 2 weeks
>Broke up with partner a month ago to keep them from ruining the trip (they have complained about me stressing them out cause of my thirst for adventure before)
Crisis averted
Op here
yep all good, i managed to grow a pair and talk to her about it (we've been together for 5+ years so breaking up with her over this one trip is a bit extreme)

overnight she added notes to some of the original plans on activities that we can both do. she gets her chilled out days, i get my hike/kayak days so now its 50/50 (or close enough to it)

a bit of a bonus is that i found out I had more annual leave than expected, so after the first 3 weeks girlfriend goes home and i continue on for another 2 weeks on my own.
will likely do a solo roadtrip down the west coast or something.. still deciding on how much i want to cover

win win!
>break up with partner in order to enjoy being a weeaboo
fokkin lmfao
I've only had one experience like this

>get invited to Amsterdam by old friends
>didn't tell anyone, only person that knew was my mother that had been in the room during the discussion on the phone about going.
>week later
>gf sends text saying "I hear you were planning a secret get away for us so cute thank you"
>I explain what it really is and that I'm going with friends I haven't seen in years.
>she asks if she can go
>say no
>gets pissy
>doesn't talk to me for a week
>asks to go again
>say no
>go to Amsterdam
>have a great time being a degenerate
>by the time I'm back she's put up statuses on her jewbook saying how terrible I am.
>tell her to fuck off and stop being a cunt

Didn't work out that well after it. She was a cunt anyways.
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>having to save 6 years for a 3 month trip
>she cries in a car (hitchhiking) when the driver and his wife asked us if we're a couple and I said "no, we're just friends"
haha nice
She also had a bad breath which really annoyed me. And she was constantly butthurt because other people were happy and she wasn't. She didn't care about food either, you know the type, won't dare try new things. Me being an autistic weeb nutjob isn't the full reason for that break up, don't worry.
That was a typo, I'll have saved 5 years once the trip begins. Still not a lot better, when you're a poor full-time student these things take time.
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Reunion is great. Beware though, that if your gf is blonde/white she will attract a LOT of stares from locals (and not always in a positive way). Its even worse then Tokyo in that aspect.
glad you solved the problem
lonelyfag here but story somewhat related
>want to go to Amsterdam with friends after graduation
>one friend wants to bring along his gf
>we invent reasons she can´t come
>still ask another friend to come along
>he gets mad and asks why other friend can come and she can´t
>we say it´s a men only trip and having a girl would be weird
>he doesn't understand why
>we say she can't come anyway
>he gets slightly mad but accepts it
>crisis averted
sorry for the bad story but i wanted to contribute
File: 1424874019729.png (250 KB, 546x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The first cheesy cunt that gives her a stare I'll hook him right in the gabber.

No but thanks for the info.
Also a quick question, do you have any info about the tapwater? Is it drinkable? My government's travel advice tells me not to drink it, but the French say it's potable.
Belgian friend is that you? Glad to see you have made more arrangements.
If you are into that kind of stuff, you can also take her to Makes Aventures, if she's not outdoorsy/fit she may hate your guts even more lol.

tbh there are lots of blondes here, locals or otherwise, and they are not a novelty.

The kind of inbred moron who will stare insistingly at a blonde will equally stare at any female in the vicinity.

Also I feel sorry for Anon, I always have a great time when I travel with my wife.
Reunionfriend here again, tapwater is fine and monitored daily.
There are some alerts after heavy rains sometimes there are official warnings to not drink the tapwater but that's a very rare occurence and always in the East and South.
If you have access to internet you can check clicanoo.re they'll always put water information in the first page.
Otherwise it's fine, I do have a filter at home but that's just because I don't like the taste of tap water here.
I am a full time student and it took me 4 months to save for a 5 week trip to Europe. If you ain't getting scholarships you ain't doing it right.
>Belgian friend is that you?
Yes it's me.
And it's not really as bad as I made it look, we're going to Mauritius afterwards so she knows she has to make some sacrifices.
I'll have a quick look at Makes Adventures, I wanted to do some parapente too, but since she's not into hights I dropped it.
You're really helping me with my trip, thanks for that.
Ok lol, fyi I was not refering to you as anon, but most of the posters ITT.

I did parapente a couple years ago, it's really, really cool and if your GF can wait for you on the beach I strongly encourage you to do it.

Also you may save money by purchasing a PassTime or similar discount guide upon arrival in Reunion, the savings may make it pretty Worth it.
Is that like a tourist/discount guide?
Any other things or places that are you can recommend? I still have a couple days I could fill in.
I read something about a black sand beach and a pirate's tomb in the West?
>Traveling to White Sands New Mexico
>Tell GF it will be hot, and it will be barren but there is a petrified forest
>Warn repeatedly that it may not be fun, since I'll be spending a few hours
>Plan to photograph the blank sands in contrast with sky and etc
>Plan to find any of the little wildlife there is and document
>Then travel along 66 where possible, and photograph ghost towns etc
Then it happens
>Too Hot! So Tired! Boring! Take my pictures! Blaaaah! Waaaaah!
>Planned for this. Give her a bottle of Powerade spiked with alcohol
>She doesn't realize, she never drank this shit before. She's fucking 26
>Blessed silence for the next 5 hours as she pounds 4 of these and passes out
>Consider leaving her in the desert.
>Relent because pussy.
>Consider leaving her in the desert.

After reading this, I realize that all the women are so alike, I recognize a bit of my own gf in each story here.
I actually like travelling with my gf because she is more active than me and gets me out of my comfort zone doing treks and seeing nature shit. If left to my own devices I usually just end up hanging around in cities. I guess I am more of a social and 'cultural'* traveller by disposition, so we complement each other nicely.

* (meaning I am more inclined to seek out galleries, museums, historical sights, live music, etc.)

My last gf was a bit of a 'Real Traveller' so I had no problems on that account; the trouble was that she was a fucking bitch and we ended up getting into (literally) violent arguments almost every day. Last time I ever saw her was just before I ditched her in Bangkok after we'd come to blows after just two days in Thailand; I just grabbed my backpack, took the Metro to Hualamphong and got straight on the overnight to Chiang Mai (third class).
>Is that like a tourist/discount guide?
Yep they have some pretty good discounts on activities such as parapente, jet ski, canyoning and so on as well as hotels, B&Bs and restaurants...
You can Google passtime reunion, guide sesame reunion as well as groupanoo (local groupon)

>I read something about a black sand beach and a pirate's tomb in the West?

There's a picturesque cemetary in St Paul were, among other famous locals, the pirate "La Buse" is burried.
See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olivier_Levasseur

If you are interested into a local market, Saint Paul market is pretty famous among locals and tourists. It's held on Fridays (morning till about 3pm) and Saturday mornings, and it's just next to the cemetary and the black sand beach. Since it's really jammed during market, I'd advise to park your car next to the cemetary (it's free) and take the free shuttle to the market, maybe grab something to eat there, and visit the cemetary when you get back.
You can check if there's a tamil celebration at that time, Reunion has one of the largest tamil populations relative to its global population (120.000/850.000) and it shows during celebrations. I was at the colors festival few months ago and had a blast (and great indian foods).

Parapente is right next to Kelonia if you want to kill two birds with one stone.
If you are interested in endemic/tropical plants, fruits and spices you can check "Le jardin des parfums et des épices" for an interesting guided tour (I assume you speak french).
"La maison du volcan" has been refurbished and I've heard good things about it.
Saint Gilles Aquarium is nice but expensive, see if you can find discounts for it. Also I think I remember Kelonia gives or sells some passes that give discounts on different attractions, can't remember which tho.

Well I believe that's not bad for an off topic discussion, any more question just let me know!
>After reading this, I realize that all the women are so alike, I recognize a bit of my own gf in each story here.

No, just useless ones no one else wants. I know heaps of adventurous, fun girls who love stuff like that, my own gf included. Stop dating boring girls, bro. It's not women in general who are the problem.
>Be living abroad, studying
>Meet girl at a party
>Not a solid 10/10, but still very hot
>21 years old, speaks 8 languages
>Loves to travel the same way I like, she likes the same places I do, turns out we've even visited a lot of the same cities and done the same things there
>She gets together with my best friend instead
>mfw they're deeply in love now, and going to Kazakhstan together next summer.
>I'm still planning my solo trips

Such is life being ugly and uninteresting.
Why are you uninteresting?
For what I read -and since I'm newby - enlight me: What's the meaning of being a Real Traveler®? (not trolling)
I don't feel like getting in details. maybe somone else will. And I'm not the guy you're quoting, but tl;dr version Real Travelers are basically the hipster travelers of /trv/.
Tell her that if micromanaging and doing conventional shit is her idea of fun then that's fine, but YOU want things to flow organically and not have to stress about meeting deadlines/following rules/spending shitloads of money on a fucking vacation. It was your vacation after all.

Find a way to compromise. For example tell her not to be such a buzzkillington and in exchange you'll book a nice hotel room and do a tour or two. Whatever dude, I don't know. She's your girlfriend, do what you think will work. Maybe tell her to chill the fuck out for this trip and next time take her to the pyramids and leave her there or something.
>>meet girl
>>she likes all the things i do
>>she didnt like me because i was uninteresting to her
Doesn't follow, you're probably just ugly if at all. If you're fat, lose weight. If you're scrawny, get in shape. If your voice sucks, get it trained. You can change things in your life.
Did anyone cap that post about squatting like Thoreau's thinker as the Casu Marzu ripped through him like a storm and the larvae jumped to kiss his arse like it was the sun?
Need I remind you that you have herpes too.
Shit pisses me off, they say they are ok with the things you will be doing on the trip then they start complaining about it during the trip.
Basically the gamma negative applied to traveling.
Yes. Just substitute the word "society" with "tourists"
>Shit pisses me off, they say they are ok with the things you will be doing on the trip then they start complaining about it during the trip.

I just broke up with a girl basically for this. The whole purpose of the trip was fucked up and we fought the entire time and she complained that I was being upset at her for it and it wasn't fair.

All I wanted to do was go out to a club and dance with her, it was her fucking suggestion. Apparently I was supposed to know she didn't really want to and tell her that it was ok.
>expecting you to mindread
I'm genuinely curious as to why some women expect this.
Is it realising that you don't click as well as you could deep down? Is it her feeling inadequate or embarrassed? I don't know. I really do want to.
Where did you get this image?
Forum - site.. where??
Thank you!
Saw it on 4chan. Didn't save it. Googled 'social hierarchy gamma delta alpha' and it came up as the first result in image search.
>let met tell you about your relationship
Maybe you're just dating moustached girls filled with testosteron.
>I'm genuinely curious as to why some women expect this
In her case, it's wanting someone that knows her that well and automatically does all the things that she wants but doesn't ask for, etc.

Her tantrums when I don't get it are supposed to motivate me to learn how to please her and to do what I'm supposed to next time.

It didn't have that effect.
Pretty much this and then some.
better than nothing, anon.
Can one of you guys lend insight to how men let women run their lives like this? It seems so strange. OP's story is so far detached from real life

>I'm going to tag along with you
>I don't like your plans
>Then don't tag along with me
>Change your plans to accommodate me
I've only gotten turned around by a woman once, and that was when I was experimenting with being very vulnerable and open in general, and she was feeling insecure because her friends wanted to date me and she was in love with me. Also my writing had decreased in quality, which was more or less my one external achievement. So I was unusually weak.
But, in that case, it was me already being in a vulnerable position, then opening up to her and her using the opportunity to poison my self-esteem, slowly and subtly at first, then more intensely, to the point where I really felt awful about myself and believed that I shouldn't allow myself to do better.
Jokes on her though because I got defensive, cut off contact and stopped feeling responsible for her.

But yeah, I would guess slow, gradual boundary shifting. Like a frog getting boiled.
>shit is starting to get expensive so how the fuck do you ditch a travelbro/girlfriend without completely fucking up the relationship?
What's the budget? Set one.
Then, say, well, I'm glad you're coming along, but we need to fit the whole trip into $2k, I'm not going into debt for a vacation. It's not my style.
Then, you sit down and add up the hotels, other costs, and see what your food budget becomes. Then, you downgrade the hotel to enjoy more daily budget fun money. This is the only way while you are there to appreciate the cost of vacation, and rein in this spending frivolously thing.

P.S. I like 4star too, but I don't do it every night of a trip, or every trip. Sometimes a Hampton Inn close to the airport is all I need. I don't look for the finest food every damn meal of the day either, I make lots of "is this place worth the price?" decisions on the fly, and sometimes, yes, your feet are damn tired, and the weather is nice, and it has gorgeous al fresco views, and so you go, okie dokie, but I'm not ordering alcohol. Trade-offs, man. Rich people don't go nuts with money, trust me. Tours are actually okay in some situations, though I don't like them 90% of the time, I'd say. Old People? What kind of tour is that? Is this for fall foliage in new england or what? Maybe you have poor travel skills and she doesn't. Explain your location and details of this trip.
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