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Travel sex/love stories
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I haven't seen any of this threads in a while
let's share our stories and experiences
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>Be in Budapest for Sziget festival 2008
>19 years old
>After Saturday night of the festival (Saw The Killers I think, shit was cash)
>Stumble into city centre with friends
>To drunk to get into any clubs so head straight for the strip-joint
>Only ones there, get the pick of the bunch of 10 or so 10/10 girls
>Pick 10est/10 in the place
>10K forints I think for a dance
>Amazing dance lats for about 20 minutes
>at the end she asks calmly if i want to fuck her
>Almost come in my pants at the prospect
>Head with her downstairs where to big burly bouncers are waiting
>she tells them the deal
>Get frogmarched to the nearest atm for money
>starting to have second thoughts
>by the time we get back to the club, get a taxi and get to my hotel about 90 minutes has past
>Starting to sober up/ hangover coming on
>Completely regret this dumb decision
>Barely able to get a hard-on
>Have 15 mins of dreadful sex
>Flop the show
>Get pity stare from hooker as she leaves

>mfw I paid about £100 for this
I'm bad at this but i'll give it a go...

>London 2012 Olympics
>18 years young, go with entire family but no friends
>smoking cigarette by myself in Leicester square just people watching, bored
>two Australian guys approach me asking if I know where to find MDMA
>say no, have casual chit chat with them, they ask if I wanna go club hopping with them
>fuck yes I do
>end up at this really tiny place called "plastic people", great music tho
>start grinding on this 10/10 chick that's like 12 years older than me
>drunk as fuck, have balls of steel so I turn her around, grab her ass and start making out with her
>bout 30 mins later Australian buddies have group of girls with them & ask if we wanna take it to their hotel room
>fuck yes we do
>take small British taxi to hotel, the girl i'm with is sitting on my lap giving me a hard on.
>get to hotel room, begin trying to decide who fucks where
>Australian dudes be like "sorry mate we get the beds"
>mfw she tells me she's not fucking on the floor
>bring her to bathroom and fuck her while i'm sitting on the toilet
>most uncomfortable sex ever, took me about 30 mins to bust
>at least she let me cum on her tits

never hung out with the Australian guys ever again but I still have them on Facebook...and that was one of the first times I got laid...thank you UK :3
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Oh, and

>Be in Venice solo travelling in 2013 coming to see the Art Biennale.
>At campsite hostel because hostels at Venice proper is too expensive.
>Be virgin.
>Meet qt brit travelling solo.
>start drinking at the bar.
>finish off bottle of whiskey.
>In the process of having a one night stand.
>stand apologizing incessantly about how bad I am.
>Start vomiting Kebab everywhere.
>Start sleeping in vomit bed naked.
>Try having sex again with her.
>Start vomiting again.
>wake up wondering what the fuck happened.
>last day in venice I am hugging a toilet getting supersick because I can't keep food down.
>never see brit again
I'm in SK. How???
jus b urself :^)
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>2014, Amsterdam
>be solo traveler doing sights @ Dam Square
>"cool, there's people around there, let's see what's about"
>spanish free walking tour (that's my native tongue)
>qt Mexican also traveling solo
>shoot the shit with her, walk around the city
>later in the night, do RLD tour with the same people
>go to a bar with some other guys and the guide
>"hey guys, let's go dance"
>we end in a club in Rembrandtplein
>making out with the Mexigirl, things looking good
>got no condoms
>start my epic quest for a box of condoms walking around shitfaced around the city at 3 AM while she has her hands all around me, no luck
>go back to my hostel
>no condoms either, no one awake to save me
>only able to finger her and eat her out
>no std's that I know
>got her on Facebook, planning to visit her but traveling abroad's now impossible
Really? I went there recently and I didn't try to hit on any girls because I have a girlfriend who was back home, but I got the impression it would have been really easy for me there, and I fucking suck with girls.

I doubt anything that I said applies if you're nonwhite though.
>Be in Sydney
>Follow guy home
>Fall asleep
>Try to sneak out when the sun goes up
>He is sharing apartment with his older brother
>Older brother is up just as early as me
>Older brother be ripped as fuck. /fit/ would go homo for.
>Standing with the tightest pair of briefs I've ever seen with coffee mug and the widest grin on his face as I'm sneaking out from younger brother's bedroom
>"Well well well.. A screamer and a morningbird ey?"
>Blushes up, shame-walks out of the apartment
>Hits the street
>Forget I'm a tourist
>Return back and have to ask for directions since I literally have no fucking idea where I am
>tfw nonwhite
fuck the world
dw m8 I just checked my privilege so it's np
Got laid in Crossmaglen
>super ugly but incredible in bed
Paid for it in San Diego
>hot as hell but terrible in bed
>Asia in general
Be white, young, and fit. Serious bonus points if you have blue eyes. Other than that speaking the language helps but most S.Koreans speak English anyway.

Seriously, just to get all the "how do you get laid in X country" questions out of the way: don't be autistic, be fit, have money, and be white.
>fucked girls from 23 countries
>tfw no longer have any desire to chase australian girls because they are boring
Lucky I'm at uni now and it is an Asian smorgasbord.
I pick up chicks abroad the same way I do in my own country
What this guy said, though as a white dude who has money and not too much autism, I think this model >>965055 is a touch simplistic. Then again, I'm not one to dispute dubs and I could be more fit and less autistic.
I was being self-deprecatory, I just don't
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I'm doing something wrong...
is there an order of magnitude to 'privilege' otherwise read as 'no matter where i go i'm going to be given a great time' or does it come down to white > everything else

... hoping my racial background comes in second after white.....
You ruined someones day, or week, or month, or year, or life.
From a non-white. The white thing is overrated. Maybe not in Korea, but that'd be only exception, IME.
Don't feel bad, I had terribad oral from a super10/10 hooker in Amsterdam.
I guess it qualified as sex, but it was by far the worst "sex" I've ever had in my life.
And I fucking paid for it.
Happy ending: I went to cologne and had a much better experience
That's pretty funny
Good for you
The whole of East Asia is a massive bonus in my opinion. I'd also imagine it being pretty difficult in much of Eastern Europe if you were non white.

That said, being non white can be a bonus in other areas. I'd rather be black if I was travelling to somewhere like Africa or Jamaica for example, and less people are going to hassle you for money/try to scam you in any country if you're say, Indian, as opposed to white.
what attitudes do people have regarding hispanics? in what regions?
I know plenty of black guys who extol how easy it was for them to get laid in China and Japan. In the latter know several married to Japanese women. I've heard second hand stories of black Army guys in Korea finding it easy to get laid, but no first hand. And I haven't seen the evidence via spouses. But then again, I don't even see white soldiers with Korean spouses. I know several black guys who went to high school in Japan and remained there when their parents went back to the States. The thing about N. Korea, and Eastern Europe, is most black people have no interest in going there
more than one. the whole campsite was looked after by a single african labourer (who to me looked like a refugee) who had to clean that god forsaken mess. I felt superbad afterwards
This >>964936 anon here,

I know that feel bro. American women are legit repulsive to me. Europeans/Aussies aren't much better.

Asian women are ridiculously good at sex.

Wait, what happens if you've had a non paid sexy time, and paid for sex, in the same country..
Lol no worries dude, I was studying abroad in Costa Rica and fucked a stripper in San Jose. Literally lasted like >15 seconds? I only spent like $30 on that though.
Amerifag here.

Got laid in Mexico and Canada easily. Also found it easy to get laid when I traveled through east coast. Bitches love travelers. Was just about to make a thread about how it is possible for travelers to finish their trip as a virgin. Bitches love the American accent. An I'm only 5'7 and a bit overweight.
this is encouraging coming from a 5'7 white boi, got any tips for happy ending overseas fucking?
stories also greatly appreciated
Go home
>how it is possible for travelers to finish their trip as a virgin.

Because some people are as ugly as sin.

>inb4 all you need is confidence brah
that Thai pussy better have been 11 years old...
>N. Korea

no one goes to North Korea to get laid, government minders wont allow you to get that close to regular citizens.
I don't think you can paint all Asians with the same sexual brush, except to say their pussies tend to be tighter on average just as Asian men tend to have smaller penises.

I like cooperative, freaky, back and forth sex. Where the women is giving just as much as I am. Like as I'm hitting it doggystyle, she's throwing it back as I'm pushing forward. In missionary she's grinding it while I am pounding. Multiple positions, off and on oral, throughout the whole encounter.

Based on my likes I think Japs can be the worse, unless they are / American lover and knows how to fuck because she's fucked a bunch of foreigners. Average Jap is passive in bed, though vocal, even then the sounds can be annoying. Horrible at doggystyle, unless you man handle or pin them to where they have to take the dick.

Chinese are better, but sex was sloppy, for lack of better word. A lot movement and action without a specific purpose. Not weird noises per se, but dramatic. Which was a good way to describe the sex. Too theatric.

Filipina, great, regular sex. Can still be passive, on average, for my taste. But not Japan level. Nothing particularly wrong, but nothing standout.

Korean - Never had a "Korean" Korean. If the porn is any indication, pretty close to Japanese style.

Thai - the best. Fuck like porn stars. Just my.style. Like the Asian version of Latin women, which is odd, because you'd think the Philippines would have the title being technically a Hispanic colony. This can also go for Cambodians. And Laos, but they require seduction and development, but are very easily trained.

Never had Indian or other South Asian, though it's on my bucket list. Nor Vietnamese or other SEA.

And I've noticed Asian Americans, regardless of ethnicity, tend to be freakier and kinkier on average than other races, outside of Latin Americans.
>I don't think you can paint all Asians with the same sexual brush, except to say their pussies tend to be tighter on average just as Asian men tend to have smaller penises.
Yeah that is true of course, just relating my experiences. I like the same kind of sex you are talking about, and both my Chinese girls did that. One I was with for a month, and the other was just a one night couch surfer. They were also both nymphos which is great, because when I have a girl who I have a good sexual connection with I like to fuck throughout the night. Sigh, good times.

No idea why my post was deleted.
Not him, but vague disagreement with "sex all night" meaning hypersexuality. I have a pretty low sex drive because reasons, but when I get access to sex, I aim for all nighters so as to satiate myself.

That being said, I was with a woman for a while who didn't like all nighters but constantly was coming over for dick. Not bragging, if anything I'm nothing special, but her shit wore me out quickly from frequency of short bursts.

Either way, hope this doesn't seem like a flame war. Just trying to contribute, this discussion is decently civil and interesting even by recent /trv/ standards.
This seems an appropriate place to ask a question. I have this Korean girl who comes over 2 or 3 times a week for dinner (she usually cooks), anime and sex. She's pretty shy and inexperienced and I want to know how to liven her up a bit. She's petite and the first few times we fucked I couldn't even get my dick all the way in (it's pretty thick) because it hurt her. Now the mechanics work alright, but she's really passive and barely makes a noise. I'm sure she enjoys the experience but it's hard to tell if she's getting much pleasure out of it which is a bit weird, it's generally a point of pride with me to make my girl come. Anybody have any advice on how to get her to open up, become more active etc?
File: 1427232517294.png (298 KB, 5235x2483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How about you talk to her instead of asking strangers on a javanese puppet show?
>not consulting a range of sources
You basically have to take charge. Almost in dom/sub way. You can bring uo certain acts/things outside of the bedroom. Definitely inside the bedroom, and then lead/guide her into doing it. Like mention you like to see how she sucks dick. Bringing up jokingly while she eating something phallic. Better yet you can say we're going to see how you suck dick. Once in the bedroom, during foreplay, bring it back up, and gently guide her hand and face to your cock. Give all kind of positive feedback, even if she(pardon the pun) sucks. Be vocal, and use verbal and body language. General positive feedback, in general, will cause women to open up.

The tl;dr is you have to take control and make her do what you want, not in a forceful way, per se, but a manly, seductive, in control, way.

>Confirmed for never talking to native or FOB Asian chick.

In general you aren't going to get a direct are good answer. It's all "up to you", "I don't know", "everything", "everything you like" , "I like everything you do", or any other variation of these or other ambivalent answer
Yeah but I don't really want more control per se. She already lets me fuck her when and how I want. But like this >>965391 anon I like it when the girl takes on a more proactive role and takes her own pleasure instead of just wanting to please me. I've coaxed other girls out of their shells in the past, but I don't really know how to work with this one.

And yeah, "as you wish" is her most common answer to questions.
You misunderstand me. When I take control, I mean you literally have to taech her. Tell, show, do, reinforce. As these type of chicks are pleasers, it won't be long before she opens up and is more active. Once she knows what you want, and is comfortable and knows she won't be judged. Not saying it's guaranteed to work. Not saying it will be easy. But that's a path. Then again, her style may never change.
OK, gotcha. We'll see how it goes.

Does anybody else feel blessed to live in the age of interracial sex? Not that long ago exotic girls were relatively inaccessible, and at some point in the future globalisation will mean racial and cultural homogenisation. These are great days we're living in, bros.
>when and how I want
So in the pooper while playing reverse-trap?

>"as you wish"
Definitely do it in the pooper.
Dude, just the fact that she does THAT for you is pretty magical. I met a chinese girl in a hostel in the Hague. We clicked, I could tell that she liked me, we went out to eat together, we shared the hostel room alone together for a couple days... still never got to kiss her. She was straight edge, man. And she said that she wasn't as traditional as most people from where she's from.
Did you try to kiss her?

I'm pretty sure I got cock blocked by a "no sex" sign on the wall of a dormitory in Sofia. Japanese girls...
I'd say if your dick is a problem and she's a bit quiet the obvious solution is to do lots of foreplay and shit before you get to penetration. And take the lead on the interaction
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and h8, right ?
Mista b8t ?
Dude, Koreans fuck around. They're modern and western in that sense. They might wait until the third date or something but they're into it.

>I could tell that she liked me, we went out to eat together
Chinese expect that most male-female relations are platonic, they're quite happy to have opposite-sex friends with nothing going on. It doesn't necessarily mean anything to hang around with a chinese girl a lot. It's not friend-zone, just friends. Pretty normal. Comes from having groups of co-eds in a communal environments like dorms and social restrictions on fucking around.

Not that they don't have affairs and stuff but it because a whole big secret thing and people make deals not to reveal each other's affairs so that they can get time alone and stuff.
>Mista b8t
Master b8
File: 1427321757449.png (516 KB, 5235x2483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mine's boring i guess
Seems like there's some kind of pattern here
/int/ meme come to life. Scandinavians, so emasculated by their feminazis, and cucked by Arabs and Africans, they must resort to paying for sex in 3rd world countries to get laid.
This seems typical.
I did try to kiss her, she spilled spaghetti everywhere and said that she's very traditional and doesn't do that kind of thing.
I'll try and find her picture
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you could still fuck the guide qt
sounds more /pol/ than /int/, but I'm no expert on the matter
There's a huge Swede cuck meme on /int/
>not hitting that raw dog

How old are you?
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best: Ecuador
worst: Swaziland
Big nouse, circled face... big no
ups, confused red with yellow and that weird green means fucked
Butshe fucks with u? Traditional? Against kissing? She is a whore... una puta
I don't know if being white is that important, as a brazilian (dark white) I think women just get so curious and think that there's some kind of 'sex energy' towards Brazil the same way white males feels about brazilian women.
But that's just my impression.
>be in Russia
>go to pub
>get drunk, these guys thinks i am cool and give me vodca
>one of these guys got a sister which is taller than me
>she can't speak english
>start talking with google translate
>she types 'I want you'
>start making out with ther
>her 2 meters tall brother is angry with me
>some kind of discussion is going on, I can't understand anyhing they are saying
>I leave before things get too dangerous
>I go to a nightclub, drunk as fuck
>this girl comes to me and kiss me out of nowhere
>I am talking to her in english
>this other girl listen to our conversation and is curious about me
>she starts to talk to me. She's a 10/10 and works as a model.
>she gives her phone number but says we are not making out because she got a boyfriend
>I leave this city the next day. We keep talking by messages.
>One week later I told her 'will you meet me if I go back'?
>she said maybe.
>I go back.
> we go to this other pub, it is almost empty
so continue...
I guess the boyfriend got to him.
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so far.png
303 KB, 5235x2483
Either Thailand or Brazil is next.
No, dude. That's not at all what I said.
Why was Ecuador best, and where did you go there? I'm thinking of going there sometime, and this is very relevant to my interests
File: meh.png (310 KB, 5235x2483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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could be worse I suppose
Yo how the fuck did you get laid in Armenia? I'm here now and everyone is virgining out on me.

I don't know if I'm just disgusting but it seems like when I try to chat up girls they see me as a non-sexual creature, like I'm a 45 year old Iranian man who's unfuckable

White blue eyed 23yo American
To add to that, do I really need to dance like some faggot to get laid? I really don't fucking get picking up girls. Traveled throughout southeast Asia and China and have never fucked a thing. Now in Armenia and actually trying
Are you fat?
>we drink some beer, her english is not so good but we have fun
>she looks absolutely amazing
>she goes outside for smoking, I just kiss her outside. we make out at -25 degrees celsius
>we go back in and talk some more, she kisses me now
>the pub is closing, i call her to my place
>she says 'tomorrow'.
>i remember i am staying at a hostel, I need to find a better place
>she calls a taxi, before she leaves, I place her hand on my penis and she says she's craving for sex
>she leaves.
>next day, I wake up, I can't wait to meet her again.
>send a message to her, she says she doesn't want to meet me again.
>I just assume she's playing hard, go out of the hostel and go to the best hotel of the city.
>I say 'text me if you change your mind'. She says 'Ok'.
>I just go out and get insanely drunk again.
>I am drinking with those guys when she sends me a video dancing and asks where i am
>She says she's nearby and asks me to join her
>I am so drunk I throw up two times before meeting her
>i am so drunk i am afraid i won't fuck her
> actually i am smart enough to walk with a viagra (revatio) on my wallet
> I take it, I meet her
> after half an hour I say 'come with me'
> she doesn't say a word, we just keep walking
> we reach the hotel. She doesn't make any questions.
>we get into the room.
>i can't believe i will fuck a russian model.
>i take her clothes out, she's a 10/10
>I put my penis on her, she moans
>she asks for a condom
>i just keep fucking her without condom
>she says me to stop right now
>i put the condom and fuck her like this was my last day on earth
>she keeps yelling 'da da da da da' and russian stuff all night long
>she compliments me for good sex
>we keep talking and I fucked her again two days later.
> i have to leave this city. we say good bye and never talked again
> i feel sad but feel the ultimate alpha male
And this is why you should walk with a viagra, folks
Kek, but Russia is the one country I'd be scared to go raw in.
Don't, my friend, it's the best country i've ever been
Just avoid drug addicted people and you'll be fine.
Isn't their HIV rate something like 50% among young people?
No, that is high enough to send a country into oblivion. Only a few places in Africa will achieve such high rates. I don't doubt it's a little higher than western Europe or USA, though

55% of new cases in Europe are accounted for by Russia. That may be the number I was thinking of.
best, because girlfriend. with a girlfriend you obviously always have better sex since you get to know each other and your sexual desires.

but besides my girlfriend, pretty much all ecuadorians that i had sex with were better than every european.

you get a big bonus for being tall and having blue eyes, also self confidence is very important for latin americans in general.

the place to go is the mariscal district in Quito. you will find easy woman on wednesday evenings in Bungalow 6, since woman get are sepperated from men from 8-10 and get free drinks at that time. so 1st the women men ratio is like 2:1 when the men join at 10 and 2nd the women are fucked up drunk.

I dunno, m8. It wasn't very hard for me to meet women in either Georgia or Armenia. Just go out to a bar and socialize. It's one of those countries, kinda like Serbia, where loads of women are gorgeous and most of the dudes are ugly.
£100 isn't too bad considering what could've happened... be glad it wasn't £1,000 or something.
Are you ugly or have BO? I get that it is a bit difficult to pick up in Georgia and Armenia, it's true, but Asians will usually be all over blue eyed westerners.

She didn't want to go raw dog.
please tell us about the swaziland fuck
was working in a bar in south africa close to the border of swaziland. it was like 1 am and there was only my coworker and me left so we started to get drunk from our tips, when this group of swaziland people came in, 1 m
white, 1 f white and 1 f black. both f were fat as fuck.
long story short
i was too drunk to realise how fat the white one was
>propably had sex with 50% of the white swaziland population
I wonder if that anon is still here who did drugs with a black hooker in SA then rawdogged her. I liked that story.
As a young white guy how easy is it to get a girl in Beijing?

Can I just get someone at a restaurant? Is there a flirting culture or what?
Haven't been there, but I spent a blissful month with a girl from Beijing. Met her in a bar, flirted as per usual.
Just wasn't sure what the hook up atmosphere was like there.

Also going to nepal and northern india later. Any tips?
File: 1427232517294.png (382 KB, 5235x2483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Poland is blue/yellow. I met with 4 girls from there and it is my homeland.
File: template.png (993 KB, 5235x2483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
993 KB, 5235x2483
could be worse I guess
ok OP, but be warned, this ones embarassing.

>at large EDM festival
>mate and I get seperated and i make friends with group of 4 females
>find mate and all of us stick together
>day ends, heading back to campsite
>me and 1 female get seperated from others, make our way back together
>find my mate with the hottest chick out of them all (cheeky smirk)
>get into respective tents
>mfw gril thought we were gay the whole time because didnt make a move on them throughout the day
>mfw i cant undo the bra (im so shit at them)
>shes high on pingas
>she lies there like a mattress, whilst i try to insert rod
>"you're fucking pathetic at this" she laughs
>right in the manhood
>she passes out
>think, 'fuck it', feel her up to finish off and jizzed on neighbors tent and went to sleep

one day i'll have good sex, one day.
Learn to pick up and fuck while sober. That's when good sex happens.
Exactly. I don't remember many of the times I banged girls when I was drunk but the most vivid recollections are from when I was 100% sober.

>be 17
>family takes trip with church to Peru
>we build houses and shit
>make friends with locals, but don't even think of romantic interests
>sleeping in room by myself one night
>hear knock on window shutters
>go peek through them and see qt3.14 local girl
>open shutters, help her climb in
>she is a full foot and a half shorter than me
>15 year old says she is horny and wants to fuck an American
>start making out with her
>foreplay for first time in my life, don't immediately touch boobs
>tease her for 30 minutes
>finger her until she is about to cum then stop
>drives her crazy
>now naked girl says none of the boys around do any of that to her
> she finally grabs my cock and directs it toward her snatch
>I fuck her for 5 minutes and come
>get it up within 30 seconds again and begin again
>go for 15 minutes before I flip her over
>spread her ass cheeks
>finger her ass
>she moans
>I stick tip in and she bites pillow saying something in Spanish
>I slowly go in
>after working my way in finally come in her
>sore now and pull out of there
>finger her clit as I do so and she shivers
>says this was best sex she has had so far
>cuddle with her until morning
>she climbs out and goes in front door asking to have breakfast

Didn't see her afterwards, although her brother came the next day to see us off back to the US. He didn't seem abnormal and made a comment to my sister about his sister saying she'll keep in touch. My sister just smiles and nods, but she later admits that she hadn't ever remembered meeting his sister. I put two and two together and think that the girl I shagged probably told her family that she was hanging out with that American girl that came down to help with construction of orphanages and shit.
I can think of 10 countries and an entire continent that would be worse.
If they aren't white, it's irrelevant
OK but literally where do I fuck them. Most chicks have roommates or live in a dorm.
>flying out of chicago
>delayed a few hours
>sitting at airport bar reading a book
>7-8/10 redhead sits next to me
>after a few minutes asks what im reading
>start talking about where we're going
>turns out we're on the same flight
>hit it off, buy each other drinks, etc.
>talk the whole time, really hitting it off
>boarding time, it's southwest so we sit by each other
>continue talking and enjoying each other the entire flight, probably pissing everyone off
>our faces keep getting closer as we're talking, she starts lightly putting her hand on my leg, when she's laughing, etc.
>we eventually make out on the plane
>i had a gf of 5 years at the time but didnt tell her, i was basically falling in love with this girl
>plane lands
>ask for her number, she doesnt want to give it to me, gives me her email address
>realize it's probably fake
>we walk toward baggage claim
>she sees someone, admits she's dating a guy, that he's here, and that he would start big problems if he saw her talking to me
>we separate, she goes up to guy, hugs him, etc.
>pretend we don't know each other, get our bags and go our separate ways
>i email her a couple days later, never hear back

Oh well.
And that's one of the things that make them easier to fuck. If you have a hotel room they relish the fact that they can lay up with you and have a sense of personal space.
Oh yeah, you need to get a room.

There are love hotels, short-stay hotels, your actual hotel, private rooms at your hostel, whatever.

The room is going to be your responsibility, probably.

That said, Chinese girls all want to fuck their bfs so they do deals with each other for someone to go out and leave the other with the dorm room etc. And they trade secrets so that they all have to keep each other's secrets, or they're supposed to. It doesn't always work out.

Traveller girls in Serbia I spoke to said the guys were extremely handsome
File: 1426529708765.png (512 KB, 496x707) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
512 KB, 496x707
>tfw virgin
>tfw turning 22 years old soon

What's the right age to consider sudoku?
8ch now has a /trv/ board

lol, ok point taken, but one of 10 was Moldova which is basically a smaller poorer and dirtier version of Russia.
well 14 more years to live then I guess
>can't undo the bra
>struggles to stick it in

How young are you?
Being a 22 year old virgin is not a good enough reason to commit soduku but being a 22 year old loser on a path to nowhere is. By loser I mean the typical 20 something neckbeard who mooches from society, his parents and plays videogames all day.
Just take a trip to Thailand or Germany. Lose virginity to a hooker. Problem solved.
well I am not. Tbh, I don't even really give a fuck about it, just reading through this thread made me a bit sad that I didn't have that travel experience yet
there's hookers in my country too, but nah
No shame in doing it. If anything it will help you get better, sex is a skill that needs practice like anything else. It will lead you into being more comfortable with girls, and probably get laid the normal way as a result.
well I'll see. Right now I am saving money for my next trip so I don't want to waste too much of it
Looks like someone needs to take a trip to thailand. The hookers there are young and cheap in comparison with the Netherlands where a comparable girl will cost you $$$$. The selection there is so good that some of my fellow American men travel there solely to get to fuck some thai prostitutes. and since you are there you might as well go sightseeing.
>>967463 Not him, but I've always had a hard time with bras, and I've been fucking for a decade. I'm not Don Juan or anything, but it's a challenge. PROTIP: tell her to take it off while you get your condoms.
File: 3529103_f260.jpg (9 KB, 260x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 260x180
I fail to see how unhooking such a simple thing could be difficult.
>>967497 I'm the guy you're responding to.
>dat lack of mechanical coordination as a function of autism
>I'm just pleased when dem lacking social skills still get me laid

lol I've been in China for a year now and have only seen one black guy in public with a chinese girl, and that includes bars and clubs. She was a hideous fatty with acne and dyed blonde hair. Blacks do pretty awful here. Every time I hear a person say blacks can do well in China they're either lying or porking ugly fatties.
Thumb on the left part and index finger of the same hand on the right part and bring both fingers together.
I've been meaning to travel to SEA for a while now, maybe I'll go next year or whenever I'll have time again. And yeah of course, while I am there I might as well get some
The part you are missing, is 1. how few blak (not African) men there are in China, and 2. How few of them find Chinese women attractive. 3. How fatties are what they find attractive. Have you seen most black women?

Even if 99% of Chinese don't like black guys, I doubt it's hard for a black to find the 1% that does, if they are so inclined. I never understood why so many people hate on the black guys when they don't even go for the same type of chicks. It's like hating on a gay guy or something. I did find this interesting thogh. I've always said in Asia, despite how the majority feels, there is still a higher number of chicks willing to date black guys (and white guys) and there are avaialble men, Creating confirmation bias all around. So everybody is like "guffaw, Asian chicks are easy just be [insert color here], when the correct answer is just don't be Asian. http://www.lovelovechina.com/dating/ask-chinese-girls-date-black-guy/

Though I found this response most interesting, there is one a couple posts down that says the opposite, which should further drive home the point that everyone has their preference, but there is enough to go around for everybody. Which is another reason why U find it odd when people go out the way to diminish the experience of others.

>This question is interesting. In fact, abroad Black people are valued much higher than our Asian men. They think that White people are number one, Black are second, Latino are third, Mexican are fourth and Asian are the last. Because Asian men are not sexy, not energetic and not humorous. Abroad there is no race in love. Key point is the feeling and whether they can get along with each other. How can one eliminate or choose a person because of skin colour? Of course, if you can’t accept, it’s (also) absolutely OK.
That's fucking depressing on several levels, especially for both of your partners.
The part that gets me is not unhooking it, it's avoiding rehooking it afterward. When I go to let it go, it often catches again.

I find I have to move one put up and the other down to avoid that, sometimes the top from one side catches the bottom from the other though.
Can't say I've ever had that problem. Are you doing fatties?
Went to TJ
Got a hooker
I'm a virgin
Have a couple drinks
Can't get it up
This never happens at home
Six months later
Visit a rub n tug
Still can't get it up
Why didn't you buy any viagra when you were in TJ?
File: world sex map.png (281 KB, 5235x2483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
world sex map.png
281 KB, 5235x2483
>implying i can keep track of everybody i've kissed
Are these maps places you've had these experiences, or origins of the people you've done these things with?
watch out for this playboy
my greentext story

im 24, hooked up with many women, only slept with a couple, hence no experience with those things.

If i have to decide between going on a date, and getting proper meals and sleep, the latter always wins.

/fit/ reporting in.

im going on a 4 month trip to the americas soon, should i buy a brah to practice on? better late than never right
Ridiculous question here, but /trv/ seems to be the place to ask it.

Does anyone know what the term is for having had sex with someone from every continent?
I heard it once while I was traveling in Australia, but I can't remember exactly. I think it was a "full score" or something like that
I know once you have done it outside of your country you get your "international player's card" and are now part of the "international player's club"'. And every country is a stamp on your "pussy passport"
I do it all the time though and the only thing I contracted is alcoholism

I have mastered the one-handed unsnap. You basically do just that. Snap your fingers with the hook in your hand. The motion unhooks the bra.
You should be able to track the country, though
>im 24, hooked up with many women
>/fit/ reporting in
it adds up
>If i have to decide between going on a date, and getting proper meals and sleep, the latter always wins.
implying you can't eat well on dates
>>967707 Thanks for contributing as contrasted against asking if the entire thread besides you is underage b&.
I know. I've never really dealt with it.
I lost mine at 25, don't lose hope. Most people when they find out will drop you because they're just looking for something casual and are afraid you will get emotionally attached. If you're just gonna have a one-night stand, I wouldn't bring it up at all and just let her think you're bad in bed. If you're looking for a "summer fling" (what I did), tell the other person that you just want to have some fun and if they ask how/why you're still a virgin, "the opportunity never came up."
File: image.jpg (46 KB, 592x373) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Gather 'round anons for the story of how I almost lost my virginity to my 'wife'

>be 19
>preparing to go back to Japan for six months
>tell a qt Singaporean girl I met last time
>she wants to meet me
>trying to find hostel in Naha, Okinawa
>can't find shit in the city centre
>except for one place offering double bed for married couples only
>what the hell, might as well try
>pitch it to her
>she's up for it
>2 months later
>meet in Tokyo, exchange fake rings
>like a stupid motherfucker didn't give time to get over jet lag
>that 9 hour time difference
>she's excited to see me, we go get our plane in Narita
>too fucking tired to conversation
>feel like a prick
>get to our hotel
>drifting in and out of sleep
>dude at hotel didn't even care if we were married
>go to our room
>she says "ok that's your side of the bed"
>I've got three nights to turn this around
I was going to ask the same question. It's an important distinction. If I fucked a German girl in Australia, do I mark Germany or Australia off the map?
File: image.jpg (13 KB, 180x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 180x150
>first night
>first time sleeping with a girl
>no idea what to do given the circumstances
>manage to get my arm around her
>she likes it, pulls me in
>don't want to push it
>next day we visited museums
>flagging by 10:30
>can't finish my udon, body clock is fucked
>back at the hotel by 8:30, can't go on
>in bed by 10, can't stay awake
>she gets out her laptop and starts doing some work
>lying in bed feeling like a dumbass
>wide awake at 2am
>goddamn it
>play it safe, get my arm around her
>she gets closer, half asleep
>my hearts beating so hard it wakes her up
>face to face
>go for a kiss
>she's into it
>make out for a while before falling asleep in each other's arms
>can't believe this is going so well
>next day, she's silent
>mfw "I'm fine"
>one night left to pull this off
File: image.jpg (231 KB, 1016x1528) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
231 KB, 1016x1528
>all day long get this weird vibe
>talk about what's happened
>says she never expected this to happen
>apparently in love with a Japanese guy who doesn't love her back
>obvious solution is obvious
>last night
>push myself to go out to an izakaya with her for a couple of beers
>get back to the hotel around 10pm
>awake at 1:30
>she's awake
>start getting hot & heavy
>hands going everywhere
>ask if I should get a condom
>she says no
>still in love with japanese lame duck
>are you fucking serious
>keep on having fun, maybe she'll open up
>she starts jacking me off
>says it's the biggest she's seen
>Asian standards, but I'll take it
>gets to a point where she's literally dry humping my rager
>stop and flip her on top
>ask if she wants it
>kisses my nose
>all my internal rage
>things calm down
>balls aching from cruel temptation
>spend the next morning kissing in each other's arms until we absolutely have to get up to check out
>see her off at the train station

>one month later
>she messages me telling me she's over the japanese guy
>wants to be in a long distance relationship

That was three months ago. Soonest I'll see her again is in 7 months in the UK.
All that and I'm still technically a virgin, albeit an experienced one.
Tell me it shouldn't be this hard /trv/
>7 months
You need to arrange better than that. Or, if you can't, just forget about her for the time being. Get out there and fuck bitches. If you're still on in 7 months, then great, one more pussy for you to slay.
Leave her. She is dumb and didnt wanr to fuck. At least being naked while she rides you, but you could not even do it.
Post a pic of her
I just need to check off South America and Antarctica, then I'm good.
neither can I

what I did was going through every country in the americas and europe and asking myself if i remember some girl from that country.

not that difficult
Should clarify were not together. Told her it would just make things weird. We're meeting as friends, possibly with something extra

Yeah, like any Singaporean, she has a thousand selfies on the internet I'm sure an original photo could be redirected to. Definitely not about to let her see this
Quick question, I'm going to be backpacking across Western Europe (Benelux, Germany, France, Spain) this summer, I'm hoping to fuck at least a few girls but I'm wondering where this generally takes place, I'm going to primarily be staying in hostels, do they generally have private rooms or something where I could bring someone back to?

FKK Club



asian girls always say no, but their actions usually say yes. pro tip, they usually want you to 'rape' them

you failed and now she thinks youre a beta, you wont be losing your virginity to her, that's a guarantee
Why didn't you lick her pussy? she woulda let you stick it in after that, for sure
Benelux= Belgium, Netherland, Luxemburg

FKK has nothing to do with sex.

please educate yourself
>FKK has nothing to do with sex.
Even if that was the case, I'm not into the rape fantasy thing. So either why, I went as far as I wanted to go.
Tried, but she wouldn't let me go there. Said she never let her boyfriends finger her or eat her out. Go figure
>Said she never let her boyfriends finger her or eat her out

Did she say why? Are you sure this chick isn't a virgin too? Either way she sounds like more hassle than she's worth if you don't love her and are just trying to get laid. If I were you I'd hope she fucks a few small Japanese guys before coming to see you and loosens up a bit, so you aren't the one that has to do all the hard work.
Well, she's 24, so you'd think she'd lost it by now. I mean she's pretty cute. But now that I think about it when she was jacking me off she seemed pretty inexperienced and she said she was afraid it would hurt going in.
Its actually pretty common for Japanese girls to go through college without losing their virginity, but they usually lose it pretty soon after if they don't
Eh, some asian girls don't do it til pretty late because they're so sheltered and shamed about sex and will only lose it to a guy they think they love... but after the first one they realize they like dick and all bets are off.
wtf are you talking about? Ignore this guy.

>source: fucked 7 asian girls (various countries) and a bunch more half asians
you're right, it is possible, just more difficult. I suppose i just use it as an excuse to not bother treking it to the city.
I think fucking a girl of ever race is "tasting the rainbow" or somethign
I just need an East Indian unless you count them as Asian
How was the Australian Aborigine pussy? As horrifying as I imagine?
We're talking humans. As an American, they don't even register.

It's basically

Which I've done.
>FKK has nothing to do with sex
>please educate yourself

Good job, you just made a complete fool of yourself in front of everyone reading this thread.

FKK club == brothel. The one who needs to be educated is you.
>i just use it as an excuse to not bother treking it to the city
the plot thickens
Argentines count?
German here. Canada story.

>Be 25 something
>Move to Canada because long backstory but essentially, dad died and coping
>Arrive in Canada with some cash from selling household and severance
>Live like a no-care asshole for almost a year
>Blow all my cash
>Start working landscaping under the table
>Still starve because poor
>Lose weight, gain muscle
>Hit this one bar frequently
>Bartender messages me
>"Some chick here wants you number, should I give it to her?"
>She texts me
>Make her take selfies of her
>Laugh it all off and go on with my day
>2am, still biking around town
>New text
>"We're having a party anon, wanna come?"
>It's some people from the bar, apparently bartenderbro is banging one of her roomies
>They're playing spin the bottle
>Go in for two spins
>She picks me
>"I dare you to make out with me on my bed."
>Here we go.
>Take her to her room, have her half undressed before she even sits down
>She tries to fumble of my shirt, but fails
>Undress, pull her pants off, whatever, we both know what she wants
>She is panting
>I am growling
>Clothes are gone, condom is on, imgoingin.webm
>Start fucking her right there
>I don't even know her name
>Bartenderbro comes into the room, laughing his ass off
>Crowd kind of assembled behind him
>"You, grab his ass!"
>"And you, suck on her titties!"
>We oblige, might aswell give a show
>Her roomie shoos people away and closes the door
>Fuck the shit out of her
>We come harder than steel beams
>Make out, cuddle, fall asleep in each others arms
>Next morning, breakfast together
>Ask her name
>She laughs

The latch of a bra is two pieces laid over one another, with hooks between. Grab the latch of the top part, and then roll it up, essentially flipping the inside facing part of the fabric outside. The hooks are now open towards the loops, and the tension pulls them out.

You can do this one-handed no problem. There is no trick to it otherwise - just flip the latch.
I've never had a problem undoing a bra, but I had a fuck buddy over last night and remembered this snapping concept. Works like a charm.
File: image3[1].jpg (30 KB, 600x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 600x400

an FKK club is a club of people that practice FKK
FKK= frei Körper Kultur - "free body culture"= nudists
a brothel is called Bordell in german
So it's a free brothel?
File: Shagmap.png (307 KB, 5235x2483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
307 KB, 5235x2483


Shit, Ireland should be fucked, Kaliningrad should be filled it.

TOo drunk for this shit, fuck it
For anyone struggling to undo a bra, just use your left hand instead of your right. Bras are always designed to be easier to be taken off this way.
I wish I had the kind older brother who wouldn't mind that stuff. Of the two I live with one is virgin and the other hates me and hates women.
>>968286 tinyurl dot com slash qhur2tj
I'm new to this, but you are so full of shit that you could float away. Admit you're wrong and move on with life.
Raw is only natural thing to do
Yes tell that to all the newly HIV seroconverted kids these days.

My generation (80's) grew up with Philadelphia, Freddie Mercury's death and pictures of walking skelletons covered in rashes and bruisings.

Thanks to medicall breaktrhough and positive advertising in the medias, being Seropositive is almost brushed as a minor inconvenience, but in reality I'm pretty sure it sucks.

>Risking a lifetime of medical treatment for 45 seconds (for you!) of pleasure
>>968357 Condom fatigue is a bitch, though (assuming that other guy is a male), the risk is significantly decreased for the penetrative partner, especially if circumcised.
Agreed but significantly decreased =/= no risk.

To each his own, I'm not anon's dad but to me the risk/reward ratio is clearly against fucking a random bitch raw (I was talking about AIDS but there's a fair list of STD's that I'd rather avoid, too).

As I mentionned in a previous similar thread, I met and fuck (the same day) a US expat girl, she gave great head but I was concerned even during her blowing me that she'd give me herpes or something. She seemed clean but no chance in hell I'd go raw on her, luckily she had condoms.
Takes some slutiness to fuck random guys, and have condoms in your room; and since I don't have the illusion I'm the first it seemed obvious to take my précautions. I'd even have turned fucking down if she didn't have condoms.
Reaching canonic (by 4chan standards) 32yo in a few weeks, I've fucked my share of bishes (girlfriends, one night stands, prostitutes and escorts) and I'm quite proud for being 100% STD free, even herpes.
Don't let your dick do the thinking bros, we are not animals driven by hormones and pulsions.
From most modern research I've seen, straight guys that don't inject drugs almost never catch the HIV, but I still always wrap it up anyways to protect against other STDs and babys
>Australian Aborigine pussy
Pussy is pussy, it all works the same. Obviously it's dark on the outside and pink on the inside. There are some really hot aboriginal girls around though many are short and stocky. They're not one race though, thousands of years of spread out populations without huge amounts of inter-breeding.

Some are slim and lithe, especially torres straits islander girls.
>100% STD free, even herpes

even herpes? even coldsores?
I don't believe it
>>968366 Roger all.
>>968368 Agreed, that was my point, but this dude's point of risk mitigation ≠ risk elimination stands.
>>968379 I habeeb it, on the understanding that there are hundreds of herpes viruses. While only a few impact humans, it's kind of unfair to call cold sores the herp since even wizards can get that.
>it's kind of unfair to call cold sores the herp
cold sores are herpes and can be spread to the genitals to make the "real" herpes, but I don't think it's high risk of happening if there's no actual cold sore at the time. Cold sores are usually HSV1 and genital herp is usually HSV2, but it's possible to have either in either place. Having small cold sores very rarely might actually be good, because it provides some cross-immunity to getting infected downstairs. If you're truly paranoid pick up some herpes anti-virals and start using them before and after you have sex to help prevent infection
So you could have gone away quietly, and instead you decided to double down on the stupid?

FKK = freie körper kultur = nudism
FKK club = brothel

Or maybe I must have been imagining things, and these clubs I've been to really were just nudism clubs. And I must have got real lucky to have got laid by eastern European hotties. They did insist on getting paid, though.
My mum rates plasticpeople as a good club.
>If i have to decide between going on a date, and getting proper meals and sleep, the latter always wins.
why cant you go to a restaurant with good food, fuck and then sleep? bitchboi

>Said she never let her boyfriends finger her or eat her out



eat that shit all day. i dont know how many times ive come up for air and then just stuck it in, they don't refuse.
>protip: don't ask, just gently stick it in and kiss her
is that a good thing?
I'm not carrying any STDs, including Herpes, I know because I have been tested when we had to start In Vitro.
My wife has cold sores; she got them by sharing chapstick with a friend in HS (afaik she could have caught it with an ex) but we don't kiss nor engage in oral sex as soon as she feels the itch, and she takes proactive measures to limit an outburst.

It's not hard to use condoms and/or refuse oral from a girl with a red spot on the lip tho.
I grasped your post, and I agree with you and you seem substantially in agreement with me. My earlier point was we're somewhat hitting a point of hair splitting, partially because as you say, the HSV1 and HSV2 can be found in either of the locations we're highlighting.

I'm having a shitty day, /trv/, hold me: blood tests from a recent protracted illness, a dog attacked me bicycling, and dealing with auto mechanics is a pain in the ass even when trying to be laid back and understanding with them.

>inb4 Easter weekend maintenance, I just go every 5000 miles either way
(I'm >>968357 >>968366 >>968503)
I forgor to add that my uncle's sister in law got AIDS in the 90's thanks to her husband who cheated on her with a woman (didn't do buttseks with african males, didn't do drugs).

However small the chance, when lightning strikes next to you you're maybe extra paranoid.
Also I'm french and you may have heard of the scandal of the infected blood, where HIV+ blood has been collected and made available for medical use. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infected_blood_scandal_(France)

I was a kid then so it probably made me extra extra paranoid.
I had relatives who intentionally terrified me when I was a little boy during The Scare and wound up learning a shitload of HIV biology later in life.

>also dat Romanian blood scare
>thirsty Dracula?
I know these feels
Never done anything of the sort before. How much do they go for? How soon should I take it? Can I bring them back to the states?
Obviously that's fine if it works for you, but that just sounds really depressing to me. I've had sex with about 30 girls and I'd say it was unprotected with around 13 of them. Only time I've ever really felt worried was when I was doing African girls raw, but it worked out fine in the end. I just make a judgement call, if I think the girl is fine and she doesn't ask for a condom then I'm going straight in. Sometimes I'm the one who insists on a condom. Maybe not the best system, but unprotected sex feels so much better and #YOLO.
>I just make a judgement call, if I think the girl is fine.
But that argument is bollocks because you have no meaningful way to tell. "if it works for you" is an unprincipled way of avoiding discussions and brushing shit off when you're blatantly wrong.
the very reason to use rubbers
>blatantly wrong
>implying this subject is objective
I like the feeling of intimacy you get from being that close to somebody you care about. For girls I don't really care about, it feels better on my cock. Deal with it.
well meme'd my friend

>How much do they go for?
Maybe a few dollars a pack, I'm not sure. Drugs are cheap outside of Freedomland.

>How soon should I take it?
If it's actual viagra or the same chem I think you take it pretty soon before you fuck because it only works a few hours, if it's Levitra or whatever the other one is I don't remember you can take it several hours before.

>Can I bring them back to the states?
Yeah, probably. You won't get in any real trouble for having them, but maybe hide them if you're worried they'll get taken.
>blatantly wrong
implying there was any blatant wrongness, and that epidemiology is objective.
>Deal with it.
I'm not not doing that. I never negated the sensation factor, just don't go passing off your personal preference as without harm.
I never said it is without risks. The same goes for many things in life. You could use your argument to say that you should never travel because maybe your bus will drive off a mountain.
You deny the risks to the point of doing the exact opposite of your travel argument, though.
What does that even mean?

And I'm not denying the risks. They are just much smaller than you probably think. It is actually very difficult to get HIV (for example) from vaginal intercourse. Sure plenty of people get it, but that is because there is a ridiculous amount of sex happening.
I'm >>968527

I honestly don't see why it would be depressing? Quite the opposite that's a lot more of peace of mind.
I have taken a friend to the hospital for a blood test because he was scared shitless. He had fucked in the ass a random chick he met in a club abroad, while his GF was back home.
Dat feel when he had to tell her they should use condoms for a few weeks until he got tested again the seroconvertion period.

Also just so you know, your exact reason for not wearing condoms is the reason why so many girls get (and spread) STDs.
Again, HIV is the worst of all, but there are so many ways to get sick just for a few minutes of sexual pleasure... bursting a nut is bursting a nut.
I don't expect you to agree with me, you have calculated your odds, I've calculated mine so besides that that's just opinion.

On a general note, this is because you only live once that you should avoid stoopid darwinian stunts.
Anyone have any experience with sex in China? I hear a lot about these barber shops and stuff but I only have a few nights in China, would it be possible to get a quick hook up?

If getting a quick hookup is difficult what's the procedure for a hooker/barber shop?

I fucked your mum in a hotel bathroom, while my aussie m8 were banging her friends. So, yeah she would rate it a good club. Nice milkers too. Tell her hi.
>barber shops

I've heard all these stories too but I don't believe them. Barber shops are fucking everywhere but none of them have hookers that I can tell.

If you're here for a short time and want to p2p then either hope your hotel has escort cards under the doors or turn on wechat in your hotelroom and look for escorts in the nearby users, or go downstairs and find a sleazy looking moto-taxi and ask them to take you to a massage parlour (an mo).
>we are not animals driven by hormones and pulsions.

Also: >compulsions

>Takes some slutiness to fuck random guys, and have condoms in your room
It takes liking sex and being smart enough to plan to get laid. It's normal these days, are you a time traveller from the 1950s? A girl that has condoms is much less likely to have STDs since she apparently feels like she should take responsibility for her sexual health.
Let me guess, you are american aren't you?

I didn't say slutiness was a bad thing, else I wouldn't have fucked her at all, I just said that it's a warning sign not to be foolish. It takes one fuck/foreplay to catch something, the more promiscuous the person, the highest the risk (simple maths).
Again, to me, there's more benefit than harm to wear a condom, is that so hard to wrap your mind around this?

>Also: >compulsions
Sorry English isn't my first language, I though pulsion existed but I realize it doesn't, (my meaning was pulsion = basic natural behavior, when compulsion = psychological condition).
>>969680 Don't Disrespect Dubs...
...no, actually, on second thought, that guy is a fucking dumbass because you specifically said
>It takes liking sex and being smart enough to plan to get laid
and his ready retort was
>the more promiscuous the person, the highest the risk (simple maths).
thereby reducing this issue to statistics, then jumping on the ad hom train by way of the non sequitur that you're anti condom, which you specifically said was not the case
File: 136232439412.jpg (237 KB, 706x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
237 KB, 706x720
>Be 20
>Working Holiday in Japan
>Meet this qt and date for a few months
>She's six years my senior that worked for a high end Hotel
>Pretty much made double my old salary
>She's content with just looking after me and being together
>Feel mixed feelings at the time but unsure of what to do (scared of committing long term)
>Working holiday ends
>She begs me to stay
>She's crying and it makes me feel awful
>Ended up going home as planned
>Now back in my home country working a shit job for peanuts again
>Seeing a new girl but still feel lonely

How badly did I fuck up
1. Read again
> It takes one fuck/foreplay to catch something, the more promiscuous the person, the highest the risk (simple maths).

2. Prove me wrong.
you dun fucked up good
How easy is it to get laid as a solo traveler? Assuming I know how to talk to girls - is it easier than in normal day to day life?
For me it's proved a lot easier. I always had more inhibitions and also less interest at home.
How hard is it if you are british with a british accent? Also im not exactly white more latino looking.
I'm not autistic with women Stateside, but I don't have much luck with them. When I travel, I have really good luck getting laid. Remember the "Family Guy" scene depicting Quagmire's Mexican son?
>>969989 Where are you going with the accent?
Oh shit, got fucked over with no reward
So she tortured you
I wouldn't pass that up
I'm sorry anon.

I'm so sorry.
File: boast.png (303 KB, 5235x2483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
303 KB, 5235x2483
(I did not have sex in Brazil, but had sex with a girl from Brazil)
If we're marking home countries my map gets a lot more colorful.
you can get anything you want in a big city like shanghai, its easy
>Barber shops are fucking everywhere but none of them have hookers that I can tell
the "pink heairdressers" are whorehouses. you just walk in and pay for 30mins, but thye're not very good.

better to get an escort or a happy ending massage. also try your luck at the clubs/online, theres plenty of loose women here
Places like America, Colombia(most SA) and alot of Asia. Which countries would it be easy for me to get laid with a british accent all te while not really being white.
I was wondering more about the USA, because if we accept the argument that the argument gets you laid, then I'd say it's a function of rarity. How rare a Brit is Stateside varies widely from place to place.
U filthy gaijin making her cry. Why not? Gay? Coward? Tell me why stupid faggot!!!
>better to get an escort or a happy ending massage
How far do the happy ending massages go?

What's a fair price for something like that in Beijing.

Has anyone used one of the escort cards? I've seen pictures from other travelers, but they look like they just give you a massage while naked and maybe let you touch them a bit.

Any good clubs to one-night score in Beijing?
>Has anyone used one of the escort cards? I've seen pictures from other travelers, but they look like they just give you a massage while naked and maybe let you touch them a bit.

You're lucky if you get a massage, it's usually just fuck (possibly suck) then shower and go.

They tend to be hotter than most other forms of prostitution though. More expensive too.

>How far do the happy ending massages go?
Handjob with oil. You can usually touch their tits but not always.

not same guy, but I've fucked escorts and girls for free in china. there are website guides where you can find the escorts, they have a number you can text and arrange the girl to come to your apartment or hotel, you bang and pay her the money, she leaves.

though I heard beijing is pretty easy to find free sluts giving it up for free online. I got laid a lot on different dating apps, would see escorts during a slump when I was really horny.

don't get caught. don't use the cards, the girls wont be anything like the pictures. even on the escort sites the girls aren't that hot.
>don't get caught. don't use the cards, the girls wont be anything like the pictures. even on the escort sites the girls aren't that hot.
You get caught if you use the cards in the hotel door?

Where's a good place, then? I'll just be there for a few days.

>You're lucky if you get a massage, it's usually just fuck (possibly suck) then shower and go.
How much does that usually run per average?

We call this girl 'the one that got away'.

Sorry to hear Anon. You'll be thinking about her when you make love to your wife.
File: IMG_0398.jpg (2 MB, 2592x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2592x1936
I'm sort of the opposite of your story

>Studying Japanese as a hobby
>Using language exchange website to find someone to help me learn
>Meet Japanese girl who just happens to soon be coming to my city to study abroad
>Talk to her pretty often, she speaks perfect English and we have great conversations
>Show her around my city on a few dates
>Eventually leads to relationship and sex
>Be very happy with her
>Find out she had a boyfriend in Japan
>Hes 6 years my senior and bank making engineer
>I'm a poor arts university student
>Keeping going out with her
>She want to wait for the right time to break up with him, she says
>About a month later one day on a date seeing a small fishing village at the beach (Pic related, props if you can figure out where it is)
>All of a sudden she goes up to the water, yells something at the ocean in Japanese and throws a ring in the water
>Like something out of a cheesy romance movie
>She broke it off with him and that was an expensive ring that he bought her
>Feel a little bad, but mostly proud I NRT'd a Japanese dude a lot older and with his shit more together than I
>Basically be living together and spending all our free time together for the next 8 months
>Happiest I've been
>She has to go home
>Doesn't want to leave
>It was ok because we knew that for a long time we had to separate
>Still talk to her on skype everyday
>She just booked her flight to come visit me this summer

I plan on going to Japan for study abroad pretty soon too, and I can always get an English teaching job in the future. I was worried about committing long-term too, but fuck it man, when somethings really good you gotta keep it. If shes still on your mind after this time, it means you fucked up. If you still got that girls number don't be afraid to do something stupid and go see her. Regrets are the worst.
>You'll be thinking about her when you make love to your wife.
implying any of us will get married, or even ever have t3h seks again
>You get caught if you use the cards
Anon means getting scammed because they're not as hot as the pic on the card, which is true. Those pics are often from porn magazines and stuff.

The girl that comes to your door will be some 18-30 pro that will be as young and hot as you pay for. Generally they have 4x grades, they aaare usually something like:
>school girl
>young lady
>office woman
>house wife

The levels are about hotness and youthfulness. The top is about 800 and the bottom is about 400. They probably want an extra 100 as tip but you won't get quoted that and it's not mandatory.

I got one that looked like she was probably a junky as well but she was young, skinny and fucked so whatever. She looked pretty good except for clearly being a little malnourished.

Which site did you meet her at anon?interpals ?
>not white
>not autistic with women
>fooled around/fucked women on 2 month eurotrip

race isn't as important as you think.
Yeah you got it. I got into that site through the threads on /int/, so thanks 4chan.
whereas I'm white and autistic and fucked on a 3 week trip. why can't i hold all this privilege?
These stories make me feel like a massive loser, like, a huge one ffs.
And also guys never let yourself be a virgin at 23 lest you want to be depressed.

what race are you
White. Why?
> Travelled for 3 years
> Met a lot of keepers...none were ultimately down with my lifestyle
> Moved to Australia to work before leaving again
> Fell for a Swedish slut while I was slutting around
> Left her to go to America
> Realized I dun goofed
> Went back for her (I never go back for a chick)
> Now we're in Laos
> she's cool with me hooking up with other women and she's down with threesomes
File: rgfd.png (304 KB, 5235x2483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
304 KB, 5235x2483
Anyone have any experience with central asian girls? I'm currently in bishkek, kyrgyzstan.
>last summer
>on way home from interrailing, passing through germany
>remember i met this german girl who was in a summer school in my home town to learn english like 3 years ago
>still have her on facebook
>we decide to crash on her sofa for a laugh
>we get to her house, turns out in the intervening years she became a huge punk, then became homeless, now lives with her boyfriend and his parents, her boyfriend doesn't speak any english and looks pretty intimidating, he's tattooed antifa symbols on his arm with a safety pin
>his parents are chill though
>end up hanging out with these german punks drinking in the park for a couple of days, they're pretty chill, take us to their favourite bar, fight over who has better beer, the germans or the czechs.
>see this one girl with blue hair
>she doesn't speak enough english to hold a conversation but we just made eye contact and boom, instantly all over each other
>the whole weekend she would suck my dick in places she knew she might get caught, in the bar toilets, at the train station, in a car park, in some random underpass, in the back of a taxi
>also gave the best hand jobs i've ever had
>she keeps trying to do facebook dirty talk but the language barrier makes it really awkward
Lucky man, have you been able to swing a three way yet?
>>she keeps trying to do facebook dirty talk but the language barrier makes it really awkward

That sounds hilarious
Do you happen to hve any chat logs saved?
I went with a friend to a place called a Happening bar over the weekend in Tokyo. My friend was shy and didn't really participate but it was interesting to observe.

There was a couple about our age that werethe first people we talked to. The guy was obviously shy and I think the girl was interested in us, but at the end of the night they didn't participate either. We were seated next to the play room so we watched a few couples having sex together. They moved on and a very drunken couple laid down in their seats and the guy fingered her felt her up in front of us.

There was sadly quite a couple fat girls. One was really into being whipped and got a few people in the bar area to whip her. The other one relished the attention and at one point had a guy on each titty and another one with a dildo inside her at the round table. I saw both go in the play room a couple times.

There were quite a few guys there, way more than girls and I think the rain didn't help the ratio. There were a couple drunken guys play drunk penis suck dare which was a little off putting. A few more girls came throughout the night and one ended up being tied up.

The night ended around 4, i was exhausted and had pretty much given up on convincing my friend to do much of anything besides fingering her. A korean guy and a girl he scored invited us into the play room but my friend didn't want to go in. As we were leaving the fat girl and the last 2 girls were surrounded by the remaining guys (about 8) and were comparing penis sizes and sucking them off. My friend apologized for not being too shy to do anything and promised next time she would atleast participate with me.

Interesting night. I recommend it. They're big on safety and everyone in the play room is given a free condom they must wear if they have sex with anyone besides the person they came with. Plus Japan's std rate is very low.
Sounds like one hell of a place. Too bad about the ratio though.
>ask if I should get a condom
>ask if she wants it

You don't ask like that dumbass. If you make her say, "yes, fuck me" then many girls will say "no" even if they want to, so they don't feel like sluts. You get the condom, put it on in the middle of foreplay, and keep playing with her for a while, teasing her. She'll stop you if she doesn't want it. In which case you make out with her some more, suck her tits, rub her clit, etc, and try again eventually.
so much for enthusiastic consent...
You need to pay attention to the way she's acting, her body language, the noises she's making. Consent should be obvious.

If you're autistic or don't have that much experience with women, then yes absolutely ask.
Any reputable sites/groups you've used for Beijing?
I went one time previously and the ratio was a little bit better, but its always going to have more guys than girls. I think ratio was particularly bad that night because it was raining and it was just a spur of the moment while we were drunk.
Not having real sex with no condom
GTFO diseased vermin spreading degenerate
File: 1318618408699s.jpg (3 KB, 126x114) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 126x114
>no condom

Budapest June 2013
>Visiting with 3 mates. 2 are beta as fuck and the other one is a total bro.
>Arrive at the cheapest hostel in town
>Reception guy is off his face on god knows what and no guests in sight.
>Shitty courtyard with ping pong table and a few beat up plastic chairs.
>Come back from buying food and booze
>qtst petit nz red head sitting alone on one of the chairs
>all of us play some pong and drink piss
>turns out she was supposed to fly home yesterday but lost her passport, phone and everything in prauge some nights ago.
>she still had the hospital wristband on
>head of to szimpla beer garden
>yada yada
>" its been so long since i had a cigarette anon, it feels like having a huge dick in my mouth"
>"time to head back to hostel guys i will see you tomorrow"
>beta friend no 1 is to drunk and wants to come aswell..
>he passes out in our 4 bed dorm
>guests in her room tells us to fuck off
>end up having sex on the ping pong table in the open courtyard
>next day
>go to thermal baths
>all oover each other next to fat hungarian men in speedos
>someone found her passport and shes leaving this night.
>best sex of my life that night
>in love after 36 hours

Saw her in auckland 4 months later. Shit was weird and i regret meeting her again
Why? U have the chance gor a gf. Was she qt? Why did she eanted sex with you?
Before this story it had been over a year since i broke up with my long term gf and during that year i had not spoken to any females at all really.
Only reasons she liked me is cause im 6ft 2 and got good facial features. But more so because my bro mate totally made me out to be the alpha of the group.

She was and still is absolutely stunning. I still think about going to berlin where she lives now and just sweep her of her feet. She will be the mother of my children
Did you read? Condoms are required for fucking people you met there, depending on where you go they aren't required for fucking people you came with.
Do you get kicked out if you try without one?
It took me ages to get laid on a long trip and I'm not ugly at all, confidence genuinely is far more important. I'm too much of a pussy to make first move on girls and I'm also quite a loud and outgoing in other ways, so I don't even get laid via the "aww he's cute and shy so I'm gonna have to go first" route.. That and im just kind of a cunt. Anyway, here's a story.

>in Cambodia
>solo Swedish girl staying at my guesthouse ,hang out with her a bit over the course of a couple days
>she's nice enough, a bit weird and talks about her bf back home way too much ("I love him soooo much I'd never cheat on him blabla") but whatever
>I started singing a Swedish song I happen to know one night, she's all amazed that I know it and sticks to me like a limpet all night, finally says she really wants to listen to that song and we should go back to my room to listen to it
>next night I'm half asleep when a bro at my guesthouse knocks on my door piss drunk asking for a condom
>I see him the next day and ask who he'd pulled
>"you're gonna laugh... That Swedish girl"
>laugh I did
>she leaves a few days later, while saying goodbye another lad at the guesthouse drops a few suggestive comments
>me and the condom dude ask what he meant
>"oh yea I fucked her the first night she got here"

Made me feel less bad about fucking a taken girl. Felt a bit bad about it still, she made it happen fwd more than I did though. Bitches and whores.
Literal cumdumpster then. No need to feel bad about a girl who'll shag 3 different men in 3 days. Was she hot? Be honest this is anonymous.
She was ok, not as hot as most Swedish girls, you still definitely would though, ya know? probably a 6
Yeah I know what you mean, and wouldn't judge a bro who's getting laid. As long as it felt good.
I banged a girl during a recent trip, she was a 7.5 fit tight body (sadly saggy tits, otherwise would have been a 9) with a 6 face I wouldn't usually look at, but after all I didn't mind her face when I was burried balls deep doggystyle in her.
I have never been comfortable enough to fuck a really ugly/fat chick (at some point in my teens there were a couple fat girls so in love with me I could probably have asked them to eat my poo) but I am really put off by huge fatrolls. I still think some ugly girls would be better at sex than some of the hot chicks I've fucked.
You must tell her bf, for honor lel
From what I've read it depends on the place, but its pretty much always a no. Sex with a girl or another couple is 100% determined by the girl and to a lesser extent the couple as a whole. If the girl has any kind of real complaints about you, you are pretty much banned for life. Japanese people are very serious about their hobbies no matter what it is. A girl who regularly goes there would be conscious of disease and children. so I doubt a girl would let you, but its up to them. From what I've read oral is a gray area so sometimes its ok, but PinJ is pretty much always a no. However I've heard in the areas they are trying to clean up (Shibuya) the staff actually polices you and even sex between couples without a condom is a no.
I was tempted to find him on Facebook and tell him. 19 year old me probably would have nowadays I'm more mellow.

Haha yeah man you'll notice it more when unattractive girls are into you I guess, cos hot girls don't have to throw themselves at men. The only girls I really get with are like 5s and 6s who make it extremely obvious they're into me, like that girl. Have zero confidence when it comes to trying it on with a girl I'm not like 99% sure about.

Another time a girl at my guesthouse asked me if I wanted to share a room with her "cos its cheaper", even though its like $6 dollars a night anyway lel.
File: 1427232517294 2.png (299 KB, 5235x2483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1427232517294 2.png
299 KB, 5235x2483
How was somolia? (sp?) was it a local chick or fellow traveller?
propably a hooker from sweden
once a cheater, always a cheater
keep that on your mind
She wont be loyal with you
I have never seen a swinging community that didn't insist on condoms. For fuck's sake, fucking people you're not in a long-term relationship without condoms is so insanely stupid that I hope you do it and die.
Agreed, it's those type of people that cause these diseases to be so rampant in the first place
I had a similar experience with a 6 (8 with the lights out) of 10 Australian chick.
>Rock up to hostel, get private room because i'm rich bitch
>downstairs people chatting, hang out for a bit
>start talking to AusBBQT
>tells me she has a boyfriend back home
>having felt that feel before mental attitude shift from "I'm gon fuk a bish" to "that's nice, see you 'round"
>later see her go to a room with Pablo el Burro
>don't think much of it, tired, go to room
>Next afternoon come back from being out and about
>Ausgrill starts insinuating something
>something in my mentality switched again
>this time from "that's nice, see you 'round" to "Passive-aggressive hole punching Fedora mode engage"
>take redpill suppository
>long story short one of the nearly full dorms ran a train on her

If a women has a boyfriend and is loyal enough to respect both parties no sex rule, I'm fine with it.
If she isn't, as far as I'm concerned she's a semen demon who needs to be exercised.

A Somalian girl who I met in the UK. Haven't been to Somalia, I read the thread as being nationalities of people you fuck, not places where you have had sex with anyone. (otherwise you could just take your gf to loads of countries, fuck her there and paint the map, which I don't think was OP's intent)

meant to reply to >>972610
A train of dicks?
She is just a slut
fuk I love dat krokodil shit sweet as fug
Audibly kek'd.
That would be in insta-boner killer for me, and I'm Aussie.

>"its been so long since i had a cigarette anon, it feels like having a huge dick in my mouth"
File: Untitled-3.png (1 MB, 660x1248) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 660x1248
>Go to Thailand to escape the shitty economy
>Too beta to actually pay for hookers
>Thai coworker is very plain compared to most Thai woman and nearly twice my age
>Don't speak any Thai, she helps me with everyday things and cooks for me as she worries about my health.
>She is married and has a son
>Been fucking her for nearly a year now.
>Feels like I'm fucking a mother figure.
>Have done it with her occasionally at school, usually just a quick blowjob though.
>IDGAF pussy is pussy
File: banee.gif (795 KB, 320x178) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
795 KB, 320x178
>from sweden
>go to america for the first time, work at this summer camp
>there's this super hot american girl, she seems really cool and down to earth
>all summer we flirt and constantly hang out
>at the end of the summer we still haven't done anything (no kisses, sex i.e)
>figure I might as well go for it, I'll probably never see her again
>late night, down by the dock overlooking the Chesapeake, really picturesque
>we lie on the dock, she's in my arms all curled up, resting her head in my lap
>I pretty much state the obvious and say I like her
>"anon, I feel the same way you're like the only one who gets me"
>eventually I go in for the kiss
>"no anon, uh... this is good. this right now is good as it is"
>feel like an ass, but figure, fuck it. I'm not the first guy to get denied a kiss
>after work at camp is over, she goes home (she lived down south), and I decided to travel across the states with a bunch of other internationals
>travel the us for like 2 months, the entire time she's texting me, sending me snaps saying she misses me etc.
>traveling close to where she lives, figure I could visit her
>uh no I can't, I'm sorry, I'm not ready
>find out from a common friend of ours that she's been complaining that I'm too clingy and so on
>end my travels, go home to sweden

fast forward to 2014

>a year has passed, I'm going to the US again to work at the same place. we've kept in touch all year, being pretty friendly and flirty with each other
>so is she
>back at camp, I pretty much ignore her all summer
>not being rude or anything, just not chasing her like I did last year
>nearing end of camp
>it's really late, everyone's sleeping I have nothing to do
>she texts me "come hang out with me"
>fuck it, might as well give her some faceto face time
>she goes on about "what a fool" she was all last year, hiding her true emotions and yadda yadda, how she denied me that kiss
>I can see where this is going
>I don't really feel like it, but I kiss her anyway

File: gabagool.jpg (25 KB, 409x382) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 409x382


>we end up fucking in this little log cabin, in the dark
>the next day she goes home down south again
>I start traveling the US again
>traveling with a bunch of friends, everyone wants to do different things
>we decide to all do our own thing for a week, and then meet up in vegas
>figure I can visit girl
>at this point I'm still not feeling it, but guess i can at least hang out at her place, have some sex, save some money
>she loves it, wants me to come
>I go
>a week of banging and hanging goes by
>I get a cab to the airport where we part with a kiss
>think everything went better than expected
>after that, the texts start
>I get these loooong texts, fb-messages, snaps and so on
>I try to keep up with answering her, but I simply can't stem the tide of incoming messages
>I'm busy traveling, in the middle of the desert without any connections
>can't reply as often as she messages me
>figured it wasn't too big a problem, since last year she felt I was too clingy
>get back home to sweden
>same thing, busy with my job

>one day, the messages stop
>don't think much of it
>hear from common friend of ours the girl now hates me for ignoring her
>I've been unfriended on fb, blocked on snapchat, instagram etc.
>haven't talked to her since
>make no attempts to reestablish relationship
>life goes on

Can't wait to travel Europe this summer
File: 1427232517294.png (300 KB, 5235x2483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
300 KB, 5235x2483
Eastern Europe is Heaven
Tips on China, please?
Got this Girl from Hong Kong while studying in Prague for a half year. Chinese girls are very different per region. I guess she was much more western and open minded.
looking for advice on beijing. i'll only be there a few days. is it possible?
I have never been there. But hear some great stories about this app called Tan Tan. It's the chinese tinder. I guess it is your best shot. I dotn know anything about the clubbing scene there
>Tan Tan
Might look into it.

anyone know any clubs or places to pick up a one night stand
you're lucky dude, the strip joints in Pest can be fucking dodgy as hell. Was working at a hostel and we told all the lads on tour to stay well clear because of all the horror stories the staff had collectively witnessed.
>be 18yo virgin soloing Europe
>get off the worst 2 day train journey from Istanbul to Budapest
>arrive at hostel, check in, the lot
>get talked into going on a boat party that night, good thing too because need to get drunk badly
>party rocks up to the boat
>hand over ticket
>receive bottle of champagne
>first bridge coming up, no qt to kiss
>afterwards just walking around socialising
>start talking making out with one girl under the second bridge
>end of the boat party she and her brother (super duper gay) and cousin are going back to their appartment
>get invited back
>get the fold out couch while cousin and brother share double in other room
>lose virginity
>didn't cum in 30 seconds so pretty happy
>leave appartment for walk of shame
>start looking around to get my bearings
>hostel is literally one block over
>grab gyros and go chill with night shift receptionist girl

I ended up working at that hostel, best 5 weeks of my trip.
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