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Continued from >>1890472
Translation thread >>1807478

Miss Sunflower...
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Oh, and for anyone who didn't notice the links to chapters 8-24 of Kimi no Tame posted a few months back:
RIP Kawaii Scans
[Winged Cloud] Sakura Fantasy - Chapter 1 [Uncensored]

(COMIC19) [Cocoa Holic (Yuizaki Kazuya)] Kupaa Holic! 2 Kaime (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha) [English] [SMDC]

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living the yuri dream.jpg
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>Project website

>Mermaid website

>Bhikkhuni website

>Bhikkhuni's OP

>Siren Website

>Siren TV ad

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While I'm not surprised someone started a thread with a screen shot of the breast suffication scene I think there were pleantly of other scenes that better represented the yuri of the show/third episode like:
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This show is very possibly the best.
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Also, this was hot and cute as hell.

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Previous thread >>1884232

Only few more days until BD vol.2 on sale and only one more month before the Zesshoushinai.

More fanfics:
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I am pretty sure I watched KKK, but remember next to nothing about it beyond it being a "4 girls in a classroom" show.
I hate using the word, but "forgettable" seems to describe it with a no small degree of accuracy.
How much yuri bait was in the Harmony novel?


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Please help....
I wanna know what happen in vol 6
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You have my attention!

I love this series. And that totally looks like a kiss.
Let's go bother Kawaii Scans about it. Maybe they'll scanlate more than one chapter every two years.
You're not the only one waiting on translations. I love this manga but we rarely ever get new chapters. KanaMika is a top-tier yuri pairing.

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no regrets.png
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Previous thread >>1883452

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>tfw no chloe gf irl
Nah, the title of longest thread on /u/ goes to the Korra threads. At their height they busted out 2000 posts.
I will pay for a "true" DLC ending where Max would be able to save everyone and kiss Chloe.

Hell even though I pre-order this on Steam, I'll buy it on the PS4 as well.

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omg...This is a dream?
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Shoulda put this under the general thread.
No, this shit belongs on /tv/ or /lgbt/. Leave our garden of 2D maidens in peace.
There's a post in the sticky for live action.

Last thread >>1878761
A somewhat sorted fic list http://pastebin.com/NyBwmzVf
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Who's your favorite yuri artists?
Personally I really like kyuri, I don't fully know why but I always find their images to be cute and fluffy and they fill my heart with warmth that on the love between two beautiful girls can give off.
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I'd like to give props to this guy or gal for drawing only schoolgirls being gay with each other and absolutely nothing else.
>finally got gud
>nothing but gay schoolgirls
he's living the dream.
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Tokoharu's old Nanofate art was great.

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Share your favourite red x blonde pairings
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An even rarer colour combination in yuri.
Share your favourite gold x silver pairings.
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The only reason I watched this fucking show and read the manga was because of these two and their relationship.
I skipped the entire first season just to get to it.

Every time they had a moment it was so awkward and cute that they are easily my new favorite couple. Slowly but surely, they're developing their relationship by Kuro being tsundere as fuck.
But i'm getting the feeling like its just a fucking tease because it's so gradual. I swear to god if they don't become something by the end of the show i'm just going to chug a gallon of bleach...
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I just finished Drei too, and they didnt seem to add anything more; so it looks like I have to find something equivalent or break out the Clorox.
>watching for KuroxIllya
>not recognizing pure fanservice
>not for Illya and Miyu

You got only yourself to blame, you fucking idiot.
I was thinking about that the entire time, but I was hoping against hope that they would actually fucking do something. If it was pure fan service then they would have just been like ' hey babby, lets fuck' and that would have been the end of it. Instead they had arguments with their little love triangle shit and subtle little tsundere moments. I feel like they will pick a direction, they're just taking their sweet fucking time to do it.

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Updates and Discussion for English and Japanese games, visual novels, RPGs, etc.

Previous thread: >>1878480

Lists of Yuri Games:

Related Threads:

Sono Hanabira - >>1880638
Hyperdimension Neptunia - >>1851177
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The Yuri Game Jam is starting to produce some output:

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Reposting from the bottom of the other thread, someone uploaded subs for part of a playthrough of Hakuisei Renai Shoukougun

2 months with only 7 games produced?!

That's actually expected

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time for cute one-eyed lesbians.
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Last thread: >>1857434

Korean webtoon/manhwa
Updates on Mondays
Romance, Slice of Life, Novel-Length, Drama

>Korean version:
>Author's blog:

>Japanese version:

>Translations by halmoni:
>Name pronunciation:

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>It's funny to me that No-rae had more romance than Seo-la that's why I really like the fact that Seo-la's the one chasing after her and the aggressive one. It just fit so well that it's really difficult to put into words how I feel about their relationship.

Seol-a had many relationships, but short term ones, nothing big, she had many guys but not a strong story with them like No-rae...I also like that Seol-a is the aggressive one, I hope she don't chicken out now that the ex is here.
>"Truthfully... I like y-"

I think it'll shake her resolve for a while. Maybe she'll let No-rae open up to her about it first before she makes any move. But after she'll pursue No-rae again full force. Her personality and the stuff with Yuji has pushed her to be quite adamant in her exploits and feelings. No crappy ex will stand in the way for long..

On a side note, I wouldn't mind a scene where Seola gets absolutely shit faced because of her jealousy. Drunk Seol-a is kind of cute and funny.

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