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Merry Christmas!
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You too~
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Am I invited to the Christmas orgy?
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I'm always a little disappointed when I spend my Christmas eve on 4chan/other imageboards

I feel like it should be some kind of special experience but it never is, it's basically just like any other night...


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The scanlator of this is taking a break from 29th of December until 14th of January, so we might as well talk about it to pass the time.


Since Tooru is a really old dragon, does this count as age gap?
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The yuri is strong in the latest chapter
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relationship development at supersonic speeds
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this series is maximum comfy to read.

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Last Thread: >>1907174
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Christmas Neps!
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What have you nee*s been doing this past Anno Korrasami?

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>What have you nee*s been doing this past Anno Korrasami?
[bourbon intensifies]
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What the heck happened to the last thread? It was in the middle of page nine and disappeared off the end of page ten in five hours? /u/ never moves that fast.
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It also broke our one-year long streak of always maxing out every thread. Which rustles my jimmies. Especially as there are threads still on page ten that have less recent posts than the last LoK thread.

Women and girls from Nintendo series.

Old thread>>1916985
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>not Featuring Bayonetta from the Bayonetta Series

I'd remake it but it's too late now.
post more bayo

Continued from >>1926024

>What is it?
/u/ put their goggles on tight enough that they started shipping personifications of chemical elements, metals in particular. We started from the nuclear family heh heh of a Gold/Silver couple and their (adopted?) daughter Copper, and have been slowly expanding out. Done with a mixture involving small amounts of science and large amounts of "this would be cute" when it comes to establishing an element or couple.

Questions to help expand on...
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Also, why things didn't work out between Chromium and Cobalt ?
Carbon is pale
Steel is cute
Iron is inexplicably hot, it's something about how she's standing or her eyebrow or something but I'm definitely gay for a metal right now

also this thread is so perfectly every crazy stereotype about /u/, keep on trucking onee-sans
Maybe they realized they work better as friends than lovers, and maybe they were going in two separate directions in their life so it ended amicably and then Chromium found out she was pregnant with little Stellite after Cobalt left.

Now the real question would be, does Stellite know her estranged mother Cobalt?

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>what is Touhou Project

>video game download links

>currently ongoing print works

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Archived Threads:
(protip, use nyaa)
TV: get "Meguca;" "tri4" for subbed commentaries
Compilation: get "Coal Girls"

NAX (Aniplex subs, 720p)

Reinweiss (Modified Aniplex subs with honorifics and JP name order,...
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Previous thread

Concept movie

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Nanoha Thread: Takamachi Family Edition.

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Use the search function next time >>1942244
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Fuck off Mugino.

It's great that Fujieda Miyabi's doing more Nanoha stuff but I wish he'd do more stuff in line with his more yuri-flavored works. I think it'd be well-suited to the Takamachi family.
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This thread is better anyways.

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Don't know if this is known here but I'm sharing because people might like it. It's a 5 minute short and I'd say it's worth your time:

Share your thoughts if you enjoyed or if it's quite the opposite.
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Delete this and repost it in the general thread. They could use something to talk about.

Last thread >>1934528
A somewhat sorted fic list http://pastebin.com/NyBwmzVf
Ship list: http://pastebin.com/GjiTiyi
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New thread, new discussions

What are you reading?

What fics have recently been updated/come out?

Thoughts on the latest episode?

Thoughts/experiences on the new game?
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This looks like it could shape up to be a very cute ladybug fic.Even with the overused music au thing
I usually read Rwby smut because I don't usually find fics I particularly like that aren't a tumblr fest or just over-dramatic.

I thought the last episode was great. I'm just afraid it set the bar too high now for everything else Miles and Kerry will do. Although, I still have my dil/u/sions. Like how I believe Adam will offer Blake the favor of breaking Yang out of jail/clearing her name in exchange for coming back to the White Fang. Then Yang will set out after her, trying to bring her back.

Dead or Alive yuri. Let's do this.
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Are there any VNs where you can romance the teacher? Also, student & teacher thread.
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One of the seven couples in Okujou no Yurirei-san is about a girl in love with her (diminutive) teacher.

In Flowers Natsu-hen there's an ending where the protagonist falls in love with her teacher, but she gets rejected.

There's a few where a teacher has at least a sex scene with the protagonist:
Seisai no Resonance
Class Zenin Maji de Yuri
Yuri no Hana Renai Jijou
Yuri no Hana Gakuen Ryou

SonoHana has a teacher as one of the protagonists.
Runa x Takako from part of the Sono Hanabira series. Each couple has two games dedicated to them. For this couple, play Sono hana 7 & 9.
Those look good, but are there any that are translated in English? I don't speak Japanese

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Waiting for the holiday comic edition.
I wonder if they will finally kiss in the special?
I doubt it. But we can always hope.

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Updates and Discussion for English and Japanese games, visual novels, RPGs, etc.

Previous thread: >>1932247

Lists of Yuri Games:

Related Threads:

Sono Hanabira - >>1934755
Hyperdimension Neptunia - >>1907174
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from last thread:

Winter Wolves games are 50% off for Christmas:

Hanako Games is doing a christmas sale:

DLsite is running a bunch of older things at 50% off. A lot of what they tag yuri isn't, but it's still worth looking: http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/circle/profile/=/maker_id/RG07640.html

Steam Christmas sale isn't on yet but will be soon.

i think that's all the sale stuff
Highway Blossoms announced that they're doing an 18+ version which you'll probably have to buy separately.

Mildly annoying compared to patching, but oh well.

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