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Hibike Euphonium.jpg
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So I know I'm rather late to the party, but I don't really watch these kinds of shows, yet I finally broke cause screens looked gorgeous (mmm... that digital processing). But I've got one question? Why didn't these two mash muffs? I mean there was such obvious chemistry between them, that anyone who thinks otherwise must be the enemy of humanity, peace and love itsellf.
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It's all subtext, also the guy or the so-called love interest got cucked pretty hard.
Are you here to start shit? Because I feel you're here to start shit. Season 2 tho
>if i make the exact same thread on two boards, i'll get twice as many replies! please pay attention to me!!!

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Continue From>>1936305
just remember the game out, here gameplay

ost and cd drama
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Daily reminder that being Mirei is suffering and that she deserves someone better than Mamori
immediately goes for the panties shot after the victory scene... heheh
I sat and laughed for a good couple of minutes at their expressions in this frame.

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Whether canon or crack, in anime, movies, TV, games, what have you...which couple do you like most? There's no wrong answers here, because to SOMEBODY, this is sooooo right.

Such as...Ami and Minako from BSSM. Don't ask me why, it just feels right.
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This over ShizNat any day of the week.
Mihoshi & Kiyone from Tenchi series.

I actually wrote a SFW fanfic about how they first met, and their first mission together.
Selphie and Fujin, FF8. I can neither explain or defend it. It's 108% crack and I fall for it every time.

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What good drama yuri series would you guys recommend?

90% of yuri is either magical girls, moe, or fluff, and while I like that stuff, but character dramas are really lovely when executed right.

Pic related was the closest thing I could find. Oniisama e is good, but it's a tad unfortunate in certain ways...
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Utena, while containing magical elements, is a lot closer to Oniisama e than Madoka.

You're better off reading manga for this kind of stuff, though. I also recommend reading the Oniisama e manga, which is no barrel of laughs either, but at least its implications are less unfortunate.
Blue Drop was cool, don't forget to read the mangas after you watch the anime
>90% of yuri is either magical girls, moe, or fluff
That is if you solely watch subtexty shows. I wonder why do we even have sticky.

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LIly LYric cyCLE
Original drama CD series with the theme of girls love.


A Lilycle webradio featuring the 2 sisters Mayu & Mai.

A mini rough sketch book. Nice guide book to those looking for reference to draw all the girls. PDF format, size 36MB.

translation project

pack of webms

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previous thread
CM video of ririkuru duo series

The visual novel site is open.

Yuuno self-indotruction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdXSXQroIug [Embed]
CM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCMR2WFWDR8

New Character duet songs are up on Yamibo



translate please

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I love this couple
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Nice thread.
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Happy birthday, queen
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Happy birthday Shizuru!
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Happy birthday, Shizuru!

OMG why is her skirt so short? why bother wearing a skirt in the first place?

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So did anyone else on /u/ watch this show?

Also general /u/+/m/ thread I guess
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I don't think I've ever seen such mismanagement of one's animation budget. Thankfully, the bizarre plot twists saved the day.
I don't remember their names anymore, but holy shit, blue deserves a better girlfriend.
Yeah, it had a few "neats" in the general thread, but obviously you weren't really watching it for the /u/.

It was more like they had to do something with all the female characters whatwith its flamboyant fuccboi and homo cop male leads.

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Korean webtoon/manhwa
Updates on Mondays
Romance, Slice of Life, Novel-Length, Drama

>Korean version:
>Author's blog:

>Japanese version:

>Translations by halmoni:
>Name pronunciation:

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So, have they fucked yet?
>implying they will
>"I-I kinda like you!"
>"I kinda like you too!"

Upperclassmen getting dommy on their underclassmen. Bonus points for Hogwarts uniforms.
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>same year
>this thread
Ya blew it.

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Murcielago thread

raws, rape, anim(at)e(d comic)

Translated chapters: https://cxcblog.wordpress.com/

RAW chapters: http://www.zippyshare.com/swaggery/shibwg14/dir.html (currently up to chapter 44)

Motion Comic: original japanese: http://mcs.ensoku.club/set/710 (scroll down and set language to moon or it won't show up)

colored and in English: http://mcs.ensoku.club/set/1211?from=ensoku_sp_action

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new raws that I posted when the thread was on page 7 or 8

5th episode of the colored and translated motion comic



I suck at spoilers
any news on the translating???? the raws are pilling up

tho i know how it is (it takes a long while) but i want to know how its going, as usual

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lily fever.jpg
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new korean web series. who's watching?

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Episode 0

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3
...uhh ohh

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Yuri featuring multiple girls, but not like an orgy or partner-swapping or NTR (which has its own thread), but more each girl fucking her own girlfriend in the general vicinity of other yuri couples. Mutual awareness of the other couples optional.

Also general exhibitionism and voyeurism. And wholesome group dates too, I guess.
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Not kissing YOU.jpg
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show our favorites, rate others' out of 10 and be polite, please.
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template, but feel free to make your own.
Oh fine, set off my OCD. But I'm busy today, I'll need a few hours.
those Street fighter ones are all my favorite too...

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charlotte x momoka 04.jpg
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Continue From >>1934017
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mirei x momoka.jpg
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france 03.png
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just to remember
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mirei x mimori 07.jpg
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