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>he stacks potions because "they...
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>he stacks potions because "they will come in handy"
i can't help it
my dad made me join boy scouts
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pls no bully
I can't help it
I just never need them. I never use stat ups in rpgs, especially turn based.
A bot scout is always prepared anon.
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>compulsively hoard items and skill stock points out of sheer habit
>DC has multiple bags and restocking runes just so you can go and blow your load each dungeon if you so wish
>still feel hesitant to use skills outside of a boss fight
>hoard consumables because they might come in handy
>end up never using any of them because what if the next fight is harder and i need them then
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>not using whatever the game gives you
people will just mask it with the logic that
>i did not use it so i am better than someone who did :^)
ara ara~
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Every fucking game.
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>be extremely conservative with consumables and other restoratives so i'll have them around for "just in case"
>never use them
I have resurrected 3 bones so far and have made them my allies.

Are they really other players or are they just NPC? How do I get into online bro-op in this game?
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if you collect bones while online you can get people you play with as NPC's for solo runs. Bones collected in solo are just randomly generated.

Personally I never resurrect bones except for that one quest, its either couch-op or online if I want to party up
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In most older JRPGs I've played, you'll make more progress buying 99 potions in the beginning rather than spending it on equipment.

No need to backtrack to town for heals, especially if you wanna stop and grind.
So, how do I online co-op in DC?
>stack consumables for final boss
>never use them
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just get to the half way point with any character once, then it unlocks along with all the B dungeon routes, dungeon chaining, the cooking mini game, and the ability to skip the first half of normal mode with a new character and go right to level 15.

Should also be noted that after you clear normal mode once you can also skip quests you have already completed on new characters and get the skill points (but not the gold or exp), so trying out the other characters after a single run becomes a lot more streamlined
>game is so easy you can hoard health items without any real problems
How do I get gud at Dragon's Crown

I play Dwarf but I can't see what the fuck I'm doing half the time. So much going on the screen at once.
>conserve all your consumables for later
>tell yourself it will get harder later and you'll be glad you saved all those elixirs
>later in the game
>you are now powerful and skilled enough that consumables are no longer necessary

Every fucking time.
>the only way to beat Dragon's Crown on harder difficulties is to stack damage boosters and mash your most damaging abilities.
Up until very recently I never used consumables no matter what in rpgs or jrpgs.

It wasn't like a decision I made either I just never bothered.

Anyone else like that?
>save all the most powerful items/spells/potions
>use ALL of them on the post game true final boss and JUST win
Feels good man. Thanks Tales of Xillia
are you fucking shitting me?

>Grab enemy
>Slam dunk said enemy

That's all you need.
Yeah but I can't see what I'm doing half the time, I'm just fucking mashing attacks hoping they'll connect.

I didn't say the game was hard, just that I don't seem to be playing it right.
Why aren't there any really good dragons crown doujin's? They all just miss the mark
just go to options and turn on transparency so all enemies are see through if the screen is too cluttered.

Grand Smash and ATATATATATATATA! are your bread and butter. Throws are great but the damage trails off on the higher difficulties, but its still very useful as a safe range attack and for shutting down any enemy you can pick up. Also Powder Mastery combined with bombs and bracers are pretty damn good against groups of enemies and bosses. Put a few levels into trinket maniac as well, not so much for the healing but for the on the go item repair, even a little bit can go a long way. Also carry an extra hammer and set it to a shortcut so you can do a fast double grand slam and you dont have to go pick up your hammers, a level or two in adroit hands helps with this
Guys, I got the game and it was awesome. First character was a Elf, but halfway, wanted to try the Warrior.

Wrecked everything and loved it.

But, I'm done with it, and want to go back to Elf, but its so different.

tl;dr ho do I git gud at Elf?
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Don't do this, learn to stay in the air forever
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Dorf > Sorceress > Elf > Amazon > Fighter > Wizard
is the fighter really that bad?
also i thought wizard was some king of top tier shit in the metagame or whatever
>Getting ass kicked in a brutal battle
"Fuck, I am getting my ass kicked in this brutal battle! I bet that bitchin' rare magic item I got earlier in the dungeon will give me just the edge I need to win this!
...But then again, I might need it later. I could probably win this one without it if I try really hard and burn through all my generic health items instead."
>Endgame inventory: 1 bitchin' rare magical item, paperclip, jack shit
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Fighter is more bland then anything, hes plays it pretty safe and unless you are retarded its impossible to die. Wizard is just not as fun to play as Sorceress, and Wood Golems are shit
As Dorf, you have three options.
1: slam-jam your enemies
2: Fist of the North Star your enemies
I'm thinking of starting a sorceress, anyone have a list of essential skills?
Most games are too easy.
Playing without consumables is often much more fun.
I need a good Amazon build.
A lot of her skills seems useless, especially brutal drive and anything shockwave related.
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For a support build Id say go Food, Gravity, Shields, and curse

For an offensive build go Rock Press and Blizzard, then pick two of the above. People don't like skellies but as throw away tanks/distractions their pretty useful, their passive stun and freezing can also lock down most enemies if they get the chance
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aside from points into shock wave having a more productive use elsewhere she literally doesn't have a bad skill
I really haven't found her power smash to be very useful. That and necksplitter.
So when the fuck are we going to have an actual Dragon's Crown thread where we play together?
Has anyone actually reached 255?
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