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Have your parents ever commented on the video...
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Have your parents ever commented on the video games you play while you were playing them? What kind of comments were they?
"Look at this little faggot playing his gayboy games again, get the fuck outta here boy"

Then daddy would throw his beer bottle at my head. ;_;
>Oh my god he's so cute!

My mom, on Link in OoT.
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I was playing Brute Force on the xboxhueg and my mom kept laughing at me because I couldn't get past the level with the psychic crystal guys
My dad usually takes note of the graphics getting more and more realistic, but that's pretty much it. Funniest time was when he wanted to try out GTAV because the graphics were so good to him and he ended up playing it for 4 hours straight. Nigga just went in circles around the entire map with 6 stars over and over again.
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My dad always wanted to play football games with me, then he would get mad if I beat him, even though he never played them and I always did.
>How come you don't constantly yell and complain like your brother does?
You will never guess what games he plays.
My mum watched me play The Last of Us. She was constantly calling Joel an idiot for risking his life over a girl he didn't know.
It was fun I guess. She doesn't care for the other garbage I play though.
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Me and my little cousin were playing smash bros melee and my dad sat down and watched.

He commented something along the lines of "this is like a whole other level of play then what i'm use to"
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Those guys were tough

My mom liked to watch me play MK3 and do the fatalities.
Dad thinks every game that features non-human, non-cartoon characters is a "demon game".

Even Oddworld.
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My dad asked me why I always play as a girl when he saw me playing Smash.
>playing a game
>dad walks in and watches
>pressure is on
>blow it and die hard
>he walks away laughing
>15 minutes later hes still laughing and i can hear him from across the house
t-thanks dad
Hey OP, it's your dad here. Stop being a weeaboo faggot.
i was playing danganronpa one time during a car trip with my family. my mom asked what I was playing and I ended up teaching her how to play,
it was weird.
Have you come out to him since then, Anon?
>3 years ago
>One day my father saw me play WoT
>He's super interested in WW2
>Let him play it
>He loves it
>Install it on the family PC in the living room
>Fast forward to today
>He's 4 tiers ahead of me
>He can kick my ass with the little LTP
My parents really liked the title theme of The Wind Waker.

My dad commented on one of the 40-minute long cutscenes in MGS2 and said, "Wow, that's some pretty deep stuff".

He also used to play Mario Kart 64 with my brother and I when I was 4 or so.
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>Is that really worth wasting your life?

-My Dad, 7 years ago.
"are you still going to be there when you're 30?"
I'm not gay. I just like Zero Suit Samus' playstyle.

I wasn't even playing as her during the match in question, I was fighting one as Shulk.
"Why don't you go outside with friends anymore"
not my parents but always my brother

>driving in Deadly Premonition
>brother walks in
>"this looks like a shitty GTA clone"
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>"He's got a big ass."

-My dad, while I was playing the Metal Gear Solid games, mainly 2 and 4. He would just show up and comment like that, then go back and do whatever he was doing beforehand. Every fucking playthrough, it was the same damn thing.

>My parents really liked the title theme of The Wind Waker.

Mom heard Zelda's Lullaby once (the scene where Link meets her in the castle courtyard, specifically) and thought it was a porno.
Are you any good? If so, I would really like to add you. None of my friends play top tiers.
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My dad isn't too interested, but my mom loves vidya. She doesn't actually play it, but she likes to watch more story-oriented games and ones with dark or creepy themes.

We've played through the Silent Hill series, Resident Evil 4, Fallout 3, The Last of Us, Dead Space, The Walking Dead, and other stuff.

She kinda just directs me and solves puzzles while I handle the actual gameplay. It's fun, just don't get to do it much anymore since I live so far away.
>these graphics are getting better every year

is what my dad used to say before he stopped caring
I remember multiple times my mother would storm into my room to yell at me about Star Ocean The Second Story while I was playing it, namely about the characters constantly screaming the same shit over and over, to the point one time she just stood around openly doing the mocking retard imitating voice children try to do to make fun of people, just repeating shit being said back at the game but sounding way more gibberish.
>Are you any good?
No. I consider myself slightly above average but I get absolutely annihilated by anyone above that, sometimes people even worse.

Somehow, looking at how many times I've lost proportional to the amount of times I've played them, I'm actually better with Shulk. And even then I'm still not exceptional.
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>How are you able to play this?
maybe you shouldnt have introduced me to drugs dad
My dad used to kick my ass at Tetris on the brick. My mom liked watching me play Rayman, Spyro, R&C, J&D on the PS2. The game she liked the most was Shadow of the Colossus. My mother's alright come to think of it.
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My dad recently walked into my room and asked why me and my brother were playing such an old game (smash bros 1).

I told him we never really put it down since we got it, showed him our stat page which is maxed out on both our mains, with the rest about 60% complete. Estimates range at about 16000 combined hours but that isn't recorded by the cartridge.

He laughed, said he found it funny that we got so much enjoyment out of something he paid maybe 20 bucks for. By far the most cost efficient entertainment purchase of his life, he said, and he doesn't even play video games.

Then he played a couple rounds and we all had a good time.
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>losing to Chun Li in SF4
>losing to Ibuki in SF4
>losing to Sakura in SF4
>"Why are you losing to a girl? Haha"
Is what my dad said whenever we played a multiplayer game when I was younger. He had no mercy, especially in Golden Eye and Fighting games
My mom commented on how gruesome RE4 is. My dad did the same thing for L4D.
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My dad plays videogames so most of his comments are just on things happening in games, sometimes questioning the realism of things but pretty level headed overall. Feels good having parents that don't question spending all day on electronic devices.
When I cried about it to my mom, no shit this is what she said, "git good".
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My mom watched me finish mgs2 when I was home for christmas.

She said something along the lines of "I've never heard of a game like this before" and "it's like a detective mystery"
Sounds awesome
>"where the heck did you get that you know video games aren't allowed in this house"
I remember bearing witness to a friend introducing his grandma to a game of Sims years ago. At first she laughed at the prospect, never could take the contraption (the PC) seriously not to mention a game designed for it. But as the weeks passed, the non-belief wore off, laughter dried up. Not to say she didn't get any amusement from the playthrough. What happened was that she actually grew timid of the entire virtual reality getup. She figured out the mechanics, but not the point of the virtual simulation. The artificial environment under her commandment she labeled as something unnatural.
It's not that she couldn't adapt to the execution, gameplay, input. The way she explained it - something instinctual inside her disagreed heavily with the concept.
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>grandparents watching me play Paper Mario TTYD
>you paid 50 dollars for THIS?
>she's cute anon
My mom screamed everytime there was a not-zombie in RE4. She had to walk away when I got beheaded
>Not hiding your powerlevel and letting your non-gaming family win

Come on anon, he just wants to hang out with you.
>little sister gives me money
>"here's money you can buy video games"
"Wow, the graphics are really nice! It looks so real!"
My dad's Cuban so when I was playing Black Flag and saw the first area was Havana he was nostalgic in a "fuck not only does it look the same but it really went to shit" sort of way.
Sometimes my parents ask me what's happening in the game and I'll give them a more or less abridged version of what's going on making fun of the plot.
>start Alpha Sapphire
>niece tells me to pick the girl because "the boy looks dum"
Alrighty then
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>"you playing as a girl son?"
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>Totori is so cute, I wish I gave birth to a daughter instead.
Now that i think about it. Is this situation the same when a girl plays as a dude?
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My mom did when she saw me play Medieval II Total War this past break.

>Oh it's that game you used to play where you advanced through the ages
>No that's another game mom.
>Is this one different?
>I can manage my towns and diplomacy in this one.
>Oh my!

I see her maybe two, three times a year. The game she thought I was playing was probably Age of Empires, a game I played a lot as a kid.
oh god I wanted to slap my mom for that
>holds up DS game cart

Are you serious? Your own mother told you that?
Somehow they managed to popout in all the RockstarsĀ“s sex scenes, all of them.

"Wait, are they fucking?"
"are they fucking again"
"is this like a sequel to that other game were they fucking?"

They also made of me when playing MGS and JRPGs

"what are you doing? you are not even playing"
My mom sat and watched me play Metal Gear Solid 3. I thought I heard her sniffing back tears when Snake kills The Boss.

My sister heard the credits theme of MGS3 too and asked for its name. I heard her listening to it a few days later.
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My Dad doesn't even play video games and he used to scream at me if I kept losing in game.
Does she try to dress you up as a trap?
she didn't say Totori's name but she did say that...
Not him, but my mother says that all the time. I think it's common.
It's common right..?
I remember my mother wasn't very happy when she saw my brother playing Voldo in Soul Calibur 2
>Playing Punch Out! For Wii
>Against TD Great Tiger
>When he begins his salsala attack, dad walks in
>"Gee Anon, it sounds like you're fighting one of them orcs from The Hobbit."

An other time my mom walked in on me playing LOU, she thought it was a movie I didn't correct her.
My Mum's been watching me play FFXIV for a couple of days now. She's asked a few times how she can go about how she could go about playing it, so I think I'm going to get it for her.
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>Are you shooting people down again, son?
>B-But dad, it's a sword I'm using. The enemies are the ones sh-
fuck you
My mom told me when I was playing dark souls why are there so many steps?
>inb4 your mom chooses a qt miqo'te and you become attracted to her character
> Playing street fighter 2
> Hadouken, Hadouken!
> Mom sneaks up and yells Halooogen!
> I look at her half dazed wondering what the fuck she said.
> Shoruyuken!
> Soooordoken!

Man, my mom would hear the weirdest shit and make things fun by mimicking them.

Why did she have to turn into a weed head retard.
how much did she give you
no, I do that on my own...
Then you're still not good enough of a trap for your mother?
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>Wow, that's pretty. Mind if I sit down and watch for a while, hon?
I was doing very well in a Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer match and my aunt asked me if my character was shooting unarmed civilians.
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No, theyve never said anything about the games I play

um... sure. sure thing, pal.
I don't tell her I do that...
>Christmas eve
>sitting in car going to see Christmas lights at the zoo with family
>sitting up front with my dad
>playing muh 3ds and Pokemon Y
>sister wants to see it
>she hasn't played a Pokemon since we were both little shits
>keeps annoying me about letting her use my 3ds
>give in and hand it to her
>first thing she says
>"anon why are you playing as a grill"
>car is silent for a bit
>dad looks at me weird
>grandma looks at me weird
>mom doesn't seem to give a fuck
>"uh-h i-I just randomly picked one when I started"
>I didn't want to tell them it was because I can dress up the fem protagonist more than the male
>my dad probably thinks I'm a faggot
i would erp with her.
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>is it someone new?
>three years ago
>playing Layer Section on my Saturn
>"you're still playing these old games, son"
>"is that what you bought that controller for" (I had got a white Saturn controller from Japan because the only Saturn pad I had was the Model 1 US pad, which sucked, and the white pad looks cool as fuck)

Layer Section is the fucking best though.

when I was really young, my dad would play Super Mario Kart with me and he'd always, always, always lose to me
and I was like, 6 I think

if your mom didn't cry there, there would be something wrong
>mfw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1esrEb9p0Wc

I like your aunt.
>"why not?"

Literally all that had to be said
>Playing Far Cry 4
>Dad at my back without me knowing
>Raiding an outpost
>Raided the outpost and allies start going to the outpost
>"Hey anon why aren't you shooting those blue guys?"
>"Dad they're the good guys I can't shoot them"
>"Jesus Christ! Stop being a pussy anon and goddamn shoot those motherfuckers"
Halo 2 opening scene with the Prophets judging the Arbiter.

>Grandma walks into the living room
>What movie are you boys watching?
My mom said "every time I see you play this you're just staring at a horses ass" about Red Dead Redemption.
Well, did you?
My dad used to have a "clan" called CQC when he played LAN matches of older FPS' like Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear with his friends and co-workers. He started showing an interest in newer console games like Halo and stuff, but he was definitely more into PC Shooters like Quake and the like. He died in 2003. I wonder what games he would be into now.
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>Chilling playing SF4 online with bros while im visiting home for the holidays
>Mom walks in while im in the middle of a round
>Main Juri
>Oh my god anon, is that you?
>Why are you a girl?
>To this day im pretty sure she thinks im some sort of deviant
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>grandfather was a pastorboy back in the 50's
>sang in church choir
>almost 100% slovakian
fast forward to 2007
>playing Halo 3
>go downstairs to eat dinner, he is sleeping in the other room
>when i go back up he tells me that the menu music is beautiful
>I play for a bit
>"Reminds me of when I was in the military..."

>Because she's the best character

Crisis averted.
my mom used to be afraid of me becoming violent because of the MoH games for the PS1

it was pretty funny

then she just stopped caring
Was she the sister or the daughter of the fox woman in Kyoukai no Kanata
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last of my kind.jpg
114 KB, 1280x720
>Holy fucking shit anon, you're a monster
T-thanks dad
My mom used to watch me rek online warriors in Vanilla SF4
I have no idea, it's just a nice, mesmerizing .gif in my folder.
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>they tell me I'm wasting my time and being useless, even though I'm juggling work and school, while they sit and watch television
>would go out to hang out with friends, if they haven't moved away, or weren't busy with their own lives
>I tell them this, but they keep going
Why do I even fucking bother?
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834 KB, 440x248
>trying out altis life with my buddy online
>dad walks in, asks what I'm doing
>I don't really know, but I guess we're going to go harvest uranium
>get chased by the cops
>dad starts yelling to kill em and drive em off the road, get them fuckin piggies
File: 1355727082750.jpg (480 KB, 950x908) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw I had to get my mom to buy me the first two Project Diva games
>You know video games are pretty awesome. They're like art. Someone had to make the world your playing and make the music." - My mother
>I was playing Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal
I tried to explain to her that all the characters just exist in the game with different moves and fighting styles, and you just pick the one you like best.
She didn't seem convinced though, and she asked me again about it later
She used to genuinely in my video games and when I played them she would sometimes watch and say shit like "Kill him!" "Ooh, do it again!"

Then I started playing weeb games and it confused her so she stopped watching and asking.
My dad thought King of Fighters 98 was kind of cool. He actually plays racing games, and I've never beaten his record on World Grand Prix (SMS).

I don't remember my mom ever seeing me play videogames. I think she played Asterix once on the SNES.
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>Wow that looks cool Is it a movie? It looks so realistic
>sat and watched me play for a few hours asking a gorillion questions of whats going on because im in the middle of the story
>witcher 2
>Turn off that fucking game, and go to sleep.
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idk if this counts but
>playing dota
>mom walks in room
>"anon can you watch your nephews for half an hour while i run to the store"
>literally only 10 minutes into the match
>m-mom im bus--
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>playing metroid prime trilogy
>wife is sitting on the couch reading a book
>doing the second dark samus fight
>I'm dashing and shooting and shits getting intense
>die because I'm shit at video games
>hear wife sigh disappointed
>realize she was fucking into it
>shoot her shit eating grin because she "hates" video games
>she says "grow up" and pretends to read while watching me play.
Did she even say anything interesting about it?
Your wife sounds pretty tsundere. What's she like?
>Playing Xenoblade
>Just beat the final boss
>watching the last couple cutscenes
>dad appears
>tell him its xenoblade, im trying to focus on whats going on
>tell him now is not the best time
>he persists
fuck her like she was metroid
>No dad
>Mom is not home 90% of the time, other 10% of the time she never comes into my room or I'm not playing anything when she does, and if I am she doesn't even comment on it

Could be worse I guess.
>ada wong in RE6
thanks dad
Can you faggots fuck off back to /a/?
I showed my mom Bioshock and then she became obsessed with Ayn Rand and Fox News, I'm not even fucking joking.
"Which one are you?"
While playing a FPS.
File: 1422568058456.jpg (51 KB, 1024x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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your dad has good taste
File: 1422859416138.gif (1 MB, 320x284) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 320x284
My dad watching me and my brother playin' Street Fighter 2 when we were yungins'
Dad knows what's up.
>Dad watching me play Lollipop chainsaw
>"What the fuck is this"

>Mum when she saw Bayonetta when it arrived
>"You love games with weird creatures like fairies in them"
>She thought Bayonetta was a fairy

>Got my new PC and first game I installed and played was Bastion
>Dad sat next to me and wanted to play it too

>Put my 3ds down while playing Animal Crossing because my mum wanted me to cook dinner for the family
>Come back to find my Dad fishing
>"Are you having fun?"

>Put my 3ds down again while playing Fire emblem: Awakening
>Come back and find my dad playing it
>Shows me the screen ad says "This guy is kicking ass and he leveled up"
>He was levelling up Owain for me
>he doesn't like anime on an english ripoff of a japanese website

do you shit yourself with anger every time you see an anime banner?
My mother made fun of me for getting a stone trophy in Bayonetta 1.
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20 KB, 382x321
>Why is this so violent I hope you don't buy a gun and go shoot up a mall
"anon its time to breastfeed"
as a matter of fact I hid the banners you fucking weeb
she's a walking fedora who shits on video games because "they're the lowest form of entertainment & beneath her." but I love her anyway.
this was the only point my dad came to enjoying games, i left the fo1 idle with speakers on
File: 1371781325204.gif (74 KB, 278x340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 278x340
"I think we bombed the Japanese too hard and gave them brain damage".

My Grandfather when I was playing Pokemon Colosseum as a kid.
File: 1383051070707.gif (1 MB, 256x269) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 256x269
"Well, I am not riding with you once you get your license"
Is she atheist too?
>Playing FF X-2
>Massage scene with sound on
>play old school top down gta
>ma watches me play
>fuck up constantly
>"please never be gangsta, you're not good at it"

>play dark souls
>against bed of chaos
>die over and over again
>ma passes by
>"wow, you died, thanks god it's a videogame and you just appear again, that doesn't happen in real life"

>play ass creed 1
>ma passes by as i'm starting up the game
>"wait, that's assassins creed? i thought it was more modern"
>explain the story
>she seems genuinely interested (ma loves historical fiction)
>meanwhile she gives me a history class on the crusades

overall ma's cool with vidya, she's ok with most things as long as it doesn't cost more than 150 mxn
She said they looked "different". She knew I played anime games like Persona and such too.
When the first Megaman game came out on NES, I was in fourth grade. Me and my dad spent the entire night taking turns playing. In a few days, I finally beat it, before him, and was really proud of myself because he always would beat games first.

>Brute Force

woah man nostalgia
so many games on the xBOX were forgotten
Then dont be a stonelord, stonelord.
Probably because he thinks he knows more about sports than you do.
I was playing Heavy Rain and my mom decided to watch. After about 5 minutes she complained about how boring it was and told me I should play another game.
My dad and I played final fantasy XI together. He was the top PLD on the server and I was the top BLM.
Good times.
File: 1423153131554.webm (564 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
how about instead blocking every banner out of asspain and demanding that people stop doing something that has been going on since day 1 of the website you just go back 2 rebbit?
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"So now what you're shooting cops?"
>no mom they're terrorists, and they shot first anyway
"Get that guy on the right"
File: radsilv.jpg (47 KB, 613x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"How the hell are you playing that?"
Its true though
yeah, but I am too.
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My mother saw me playing Recettear and wonder what the fuck was wrong with me; I told her it was fun and she should give it a try.
She put something like 70 hours into before she got bored.
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woah mama.jpg
36 KB, 426x341
>was playing Bioshock Infinite when dad came by
>told him I'd finish up this part and then we could go
>hfw this section: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFRfbVF4Bfo
Probably also the most intense part of the whole game, but yeah.
File: 1352660782099.png (96 KB, 241x228) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My stepdad got mad at me while watching me play Kingdom Hearts 2. I was playing it in the living room and it was during the scene Donald and Goofy reunite with Micky. He just told me " Could you PLEASE take this shit in your room?" I was a little shocked and quickly turned off the game and took it back into my room. I didnt even go back to playing it.
I got attacked by a group of horde in WoW and died and my dad says 'haha you died I thought you were good at this game'
my dad plays call of duty with his friends from work and i occasionally join

when i do they all go "awwww shit anon is here time to fuck the other team up"

Try playing an actual bullet hell next time
>someone already made a webm of this

praise papa franku
File: 1360030888365.jpg (20 KB, 473x356) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 473x356
Generally it was insults and laughing at how bad I was at vidya, typically when I was doing great on games they weren't familiar with

For family traditions like Road Rash, shared grieving after a crash and genuine cheers on knocking out another driver

In recent years, lewd nipponese characters have triggered "I'm never getting grandkids am I?"
i agree with your dad
git gud faggit
Your mum has good taste
Your mom is a shotacon.
"Holy shit, this game looks fucking life-like doesn't it? How the fuck do they do it?"

My dad
She was right
Fuck me, anon what's the name of that game your pic is based on. My old dentist had an arcade cabinet with it in there and I forget the name.
File: Rare_Hand.png (101 KB, 200x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101 KB, 200x350
My parents always were completely indifferent about them, besides the usual "go outside for once". I'm guessing this is the standard
My father used to play a lot of video games on his DOS-PC, aswell as a lot of Tomb Raider. Loved watching him
File: wannabeer.jpg (22 KB, 232x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 232x249
My dad always asks me "When are you going to play Slug Guns so I can play with you"

He played Metal Slug Anthology with me a few times and then that's All he talks about

other then that he's all about PinBall
File: 1364933634069.jpg (174 KB, 494x622) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174 KB, 494x622
>miku wallpaper
>dad: oooo scary she looks like some creepy robot
>me: she technically is a robot
>dad: oh shit no way, can we buy her or something? that'd be pretty fuckin cool to have

he's the type of person who is really into new technology without really knowing about it, we have like 3 oculus rifts because he thought it was cool
>Radiant Silvergun
>not a bullet hell
please try harder

best type of mom

>around 10usd
where the fuck are you getting games that cheap over there
File: 1422362376017.png (73 KB, 594x474) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 594x474
At the end of Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes my dad said it was surprisingly mushy and that Snake was a silly name.
aero fighters iirc
>3 oculus rifts

c-can I have one?
>where the fuck are you getting games that cheap over there
File: Snake Plissken.jpg (518 KB, 1200x833) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Snake Plissken.jpg
518 KB, 1200x833
>Snake was a silly name
oh hell nah
My mother was outnumbered by men in our house and family.

Never said "instead" but did say she wish she had a daughter.
>"Why don't their attacks do any damage to you?"
Well I'm using this ability called shadow form and it makes me basically unkillable.
>"Oh, okay... But why are you doing the same area over and over again?"
The monsters in this area have a tiny chance of dropping something called ectoplasm when they die. It's worth a lot to the other players so I'm making easy money.
>"Oh yeah? That's clever! What about the other stuff?"

-Explain the build I'm using to my grandpa-

>"That's awesome! Did you come up with it yourself?"
No, a friend helped me with it.

the disappointment in his voice killed my soul.

two hours later he came back with about twenty sheets of paper that outlined two new builds to farm uw with. My grandpa had googled the skills in guild wars and did what he did best, math.

He didn't even care about the game. He was just bored and needed something to do.

He even tried to create a speedrun team build but once he found out about eye of the north and saw ursan form he just sort of lost interest.
My mom watched me play nearly the entirety of persona 3. I played it in the living room and one day I was like "hey mom, check out how people cast spells in this game"

then she was hooked

she did play WoW and currently plays that online GoT game she leads a guild there or something
My dad was always overenthusiastic, unless he was playing a game himself
lone exception is RPGs. He loathes them and found any reason to talk shit about the one I was currently playing.
File: 1387174064443.png (129 KB, 500x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129 KB, 500x297
>Friends and I playing Dead rising
>Dead stumbles in drunk
>'Why are you killing all these people? Jeez'
>They're not people dad, they're zombies
>'Oooh of course "ZOMBIE" it's always fuckin zombies'
>produces a wooden rooster, places it on the windowsill and stumbles out

I later found out after he sobered up that he bought the rooster at a garage sale on the way back from the bar.
Dude, your grandpa sounds great.
My mum was left speechless when they got my little brother Bayonetta 2 for Christmas. She always thought Nintendo games were whimsical and child like, a safe buy.

My dad was speechless too but I think it was for different reasons.
File: 1395278116363.png (23 KB, 787x591) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 787x591
My mom told me she thought Kimari was hot.
>Wow anon, a lot of those girls have huge breasts.

Was playing Soul Calibur II on the Gamecube.
File: hqdefault.jpg (24 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 480x360

Radiant Silvergun is not a bullet hell, you idiot. If you actually think otherwise you are a bigger casual than your mom.
my mum tells me to "win" when im playing single players games, i have tried on multiple attempts to get her to play something easy like crash or spyro but she just doesnt want a part of it.
>start up F-Zero X
>"those women are pretty healthy"
Related note, she's a massive F-Zero fan.
Yeah,but is she fedora tipping kind of atheist who sucks richard dawkins metaphorical dick?
Theyd get really annoyed with me because I'd have to hit every block about a million times just to make sure I collected everything. Usually to the point of leaving the room in a huff because watching me "Gave them a twitch". It's nice having parents that are into vidya
mom would complain that I was gaming, only that
she always hated games, all kinds

my father was a bit more open minded and I remember he quite liked the build mode in the sims. Well he's an engineer so that's more or less expected. He never wanted to play tho.

One time that a friend brought a ps2 over and we played tekken my mom commented that it was too violent for us kids but didn't really do anything about it - besides forbidding me to have vidya under their care until I had my own job and could buy my own stuff

I'd play pc games in secret growing up
got a 3ds from some friends in a birthday and could pretty much only play outside because anytime she'd see me playing she would complain that I was not studying/cleaning the house/working/whatever. Was my first console.

Right after I moved out for uni, and now I have a ps3
I don't know what kind of reactions they will have once I bring it back
That gave me chills, I wanna play Infinite again now.
they are just disapointed in them selves that they raised an autist

It's probably wondering why do the stuff you do in the game when you could do it in real life instead.
My sister and I still play games together relatively infrequently. Played PT most recently with her and she really liked it. She doesn't really play anything on her own other than phone games. Had her play the first two episodes of The Walking Dead, and she wants to finish them.

We used to play Lego games when we were younger together a lot. I think Lego Star Wars, the first one, was the one we played the most. For my birthday she got me the Lego Movie Game because we both liked that movie and she said she wants to play it with me again.

I still haven't played it with her and that was a few months ago.
My dad called me a faggot when I was playing a JRPG

I cried at the time but it turned out to be a good thing since I stopped playing them and look back now and realize they were faggy. Plus they weren't even good honestly, the gameplay in almost all JRPGs is pure ass. I now realize he did me a favor
Alright, I'll do it. Have you fucked your sister, is your sister hot, etc etc.
My sister and mother watched me play Civ V once, but they'd no clue what was going on.

My dad was kinda impressed when I played DJ Max on PSP. I wasn't that good at it, but pressing a lot of buttons quickly impresses people.

I also remember my mother cringing whenever my skater fell in Tony Hawk.

Mostly just about the violence thing though.
File: 1393653184970.gif (1015 KB, 290x162) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1015 KB, 290x162
My aunt said "You are playing with a girl haha"
SFIV Makoto
My mum was watching me play Assassin's Creed 2 once, I was doing the Assassin's tomb in the Basilica Di San Marco (cathedral).

She couldn't believe how you control Ezio doing the parkour stuff. It's like she thought it was some kind of magic.
How's it like being the son of a furry?

No, I've not, and my friends think so but I don't really.

I have a siscon fetish when it comes to anime/games, but the though of ever enacting it is gross to me. The fantasy is better than the reality. Take her out to eat a lot and we get mistaken for a couple sometimes though.
yes. but she's modest enough to not go debate hunting.
Why the fuck is her seat belt going through her necklace?
Funny, whenever I play Makoto my friends make fun of me for playing a man. They say the same thing about Chie.
My mum comments on the games I play from time to time.
Sometimes the game is too nice or cute and she'll ask me if I'm not too old for it.
Other times the game is too violent and she'll sigh at it and ask me why I always have to play games like that.

My dad doesn't really say much, he either plays Gran Turismo or the newest JRPG he can get his hands on with me or watches me play whatever.
>that game looks and sounds devilish

to metroid prime 2
My mom and I played Spyro 1, 2, and 3 together. I think we only ever beat Spyro 1 and 3, got to the final boss of 2.
My dad would try to work in nicknames for whatever I was doing to be funny.
>watching Rurouni Kenshin on CN in the living room
>oh is that Draggin' Z balls? I'm goin' to the garage; want a soda?.
>Are you still playing that nofriendo?
I hadn't owned a Nintendo console since the NES but he still thought it was hilarious.
"Why are you riding a green chicken? That looks incredibly gay anon"

When my mother watched me play wow in the blood elf starting area
it's under (also sauce is shaytard)
>playing pokemon stadium 2 with dad
>im using xatu and he has steelix
>steelix uses earthquake
>xatu just standing on there on the ground motionless
>"Earthquake has no effect!"
>dad: "what the fuck thats some bullshit"
>he leaves forever

s-sorry d-dad
That made me laugh more then it should.
> "Are you winning, son?"
File: madison.jpg (11 KB, 147x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 147x180
>dad calls you a faggot to test you
>you don't continue playing the games you like out of spite
>in fact you now delude yourself into thinking they were never good to begin with

He really did raise a faggot, didn't he?
File: i7w7nCNThw96y.jpg (301 KB, 600x858) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
301 KB, 600x858
>"You love games with weird creatures like fairies in them"
>She thought Bayonetta was a fairy

My mom visited my dorm once and I had forgot to put away my figures. Still hide most of my powerlevel around family. I had an Akemi Homura figure out (pic related) and my Mom asked "What's this fairy statue you have?" I just played it off saying it was a cool character from a video game. Luckily it wasn't really a lewd figure or anything.

Why do moms think that all magic-looking anime women are fairies?
If I ever have a girl, I'll play games with her all the time. So when she grows up she can make money by telling other women how games are misogynist in some futerenet futurewebsite.
File: snake eating grin.png (589 KB, 638x638) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
snake eating grin.png
589 KB, 638x638
>playing mgs1
>"Are you watching a movie?"
Does he think the devil is from space?
>Why do moms think that all magic-looking anime women are fairies?

Because they're pretty and otherworldly and I'm okay with that.
My dad watched me play some FFX and I explained the magic/elemental balance system and he thought it was awesome and spiritual because he's a dumbass who went off to Peru to become a shaman.
File: 1422929755728.gif (1 MB, 300x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 300x200
>Checking out Tekken 6's scenario mode
>Begins with a cutscene that never ends
>Dad says "I thought you got a game, not a movie"
>playing mgs4
>mom says snake has a nice ass
I know mom, I know.
File: 1816.gif (173 KB, 629x558) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
173 KB, 629x558
>Playing Starfox adventures
>Dad comes in
>Watches for about 5-7 seconds
>then suddenly
>"Is that a kitty cat?"

Another time:
>Playing RE4
>I'm just killing some Ganados
>"Why do they sound like their puking after going to a party."(he was refering to the sound they make when they shoot them.)

That's all I have.
idk my mental image of a fairy is like, Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell is quite the farcry from Bayonetta.
Maybe she's just calling you a fairy.
>My dad called me a faggot
>I cried
>I stopped playing them
>he did me a favor

I suck cocks and still think you're a huge faggot. Holy shit anon.
File: 1417419025257.jpg (123 KB, 508x428) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123 KB, 508x428
>Playing Final Fantasy X
>up against some serpent/dragon boss on some airship
>he's just sitting there waiting for me to finish so he can watch the news
>it takes a while to beat cause im underleveled
>end up losing

same shit happened to me with FF7


>Playing Super Mario Sunshine
>up against Petey Pirahna
>tells me turn it up cause he likes the music
>even starts dancing to show his point
>i tell him "you just wont want me to hear you fart, huh?"

bathroom was right next to me with a space under the door so sometimes you're able to slide stuff underneath and sometimes, hear some farts if you listen closely enough

My dad thinks pretty much any sound that comes from a video game or computer is annoying. Not in a bad way though, he doesnt mind it mostly. Thanks dad, for everything you do.
I'd have to be standing up. Everyone knows Metroid can't crawl.
>girlfriend is watching me play mgs4
>"This looks like some kind of erotic gay fantasy game."
she* and fuck if I know
File: 1340418643293.gif (181 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181 KB, 320x240
Once when we were both fairly drunk, my dear mum decided it was a reasonable time to ask me if I'm attracted to 2D instead of real lasses and discuss the thought process behind it.

I went in-depth.
Dad could never understand how I could spend hours playing PSO on Dreamcast for countless hours.

I had maxed exp out on 3 characters and have several hundred hours between them all. I'd wake up on my days off, sit down and play offline until he left for work and could use the internet to play online.

He played plenty of his own games though and if it wasn't for him I'd never had enjoyed the Atari, TI99, C64 or Amiga as a child.
You didn't fucking tell her about your waifu did you?
I was like 4 at the time give me a break bro. They still have that old NES. I even patched it up a few times and redid the batteries on a bunch of save carts for them. Mom keeps it hidden in the pantry so she doesn't have to share
with my dad we'd talk back and forth about game mechanics and builds and shit

with my mom she'd just talk about how good i was at the game and that i'm also good at explaining things that she doesnt understand. Both of them want me to be streaming, and i want to too but fuck me if it isnt intimidating
>be a male priest in WoW
>they ask why Im wearing a dress
>Huh, what's happening here son? Is that the bad guy?
>How's your game going?
>I love you, son
>Okay son, sorry to bother you.

Sorry I forgot to call again, dad.
File: 1419910408202.jpg (37 KB, 488x286) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 488x286
My dad always asked who I was killing today. He was a cool guy.
>GTA V on Xbox 360
Wow is that a whole city, games sure have come a long way - my mom

I think you might have killed your mother's soul that day
>your mom makes the most bara Roegadyn
Remove yourself, friend :^)
I think GTA V left quite the impression on those who come from SoCal, I remember reading that it was such an accurate recreation that players would have the memory of smells from those neighborhoods invoked.
>Playing Persona 3: FES on the livingroom
>Mum comes and sees me play
>"Why are you shooting yourself in the head? What a horrible game"
>Walks away.
My parents just sigh
File: 1270365844466.jpg (28 KB, 402x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 402x600
>Metal Gear Rising
>Slicing some guy into pieces
>Dad starts laughing
To be fair many people thought it was a stupid idea when it came out and ignoring the symbolism of it, it is still pretty stupid for most. Switching it to the way you do it on P4 is much better.
If my parents ever saw me playing a video game 9/10 the first words out of their mouths were "Which one is you?"
Only few times

>During FFX's Yuna and Tidus kiss scene, my mom walks in
>"Why are you watching filthy stuff haha"
>Another day playing .Hack GU, mom walks in
>"Oh those eyes freak me out"
>Another day playing DMC3, mom walks in
>"What's the game about?"
>"A dude who kills demons, pretty fun."
>"That's a man? He looks like a woman."
since most mcs are male probably not, the choice isn't given that often.
Not anyone I'm related to but this story is great.

My friend's grandmother used to live in her house for a long time, and she was one of those super conservative 700 Club/Jack Chick type of religious people who thought shit like Sailor Moon was literally the work of Satan, no exaggeration. Eventually she got fairly bad Alzheimer's and was visiting her house once (she'd moved into an old folk's home by this point), and my friend and her sister were playing GTA:SA, and the grandmother just sat there watching them beat prostitutes to death with dildos and was laughing her ass off. It was both hilarious yet oddly sad.
Do you think she meant the general giant anime eyes or Haseo emo red eyes?
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