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>friends invite you over for video games
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>friends invite you over for video games
>this was 7 years ago
>Friend gets girlfriend
>Never see them again
>friend invites you to play video games
>end up being just him playing video games and me just watching
She killed him didn't she?
>friend invites you to a game and movie night
>get sick that week
Reschedule for this weekend.
yep. it was 7 years ago. but he grew up and got a gf.
> had fun playing games
>now everyone just rushes to a googled guide everyone playing the exact same
>playing differently is pretty much an instant loss
>they say they hate all the old games we played halo 3,bad company 2, unreal 04
>they say theres no reason to play if they cant unlock something
This. But it gets worse.
>MGS4 released.
>Always used to play together
>finally find time to play through the game in one night
>girlfriend is also there
>doesn't play games
>interrupts any cutscene by saying "that's stupid hahaha what is this?"
>get's mad when we shhh her ass
>interrupts throughout the whole game, doesn't go to sleep, doesn't stop asking questions
>Him and me take his dog for a walk
>complain about her
>"she's part of my life now anon, you have to accept that
>accept it, but she brings us further apart
>they end the relationship a year later
>we're so far apart now that I didn't even get the news
>finally get back in touch and decide to play some games
>he has a new girlfriend already
>no friends to play games with anymore
Please like and subscribe.
I'm sorry, anon.
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>friends invites me for video games
>hurry up and pack my mobile gaming rig and take my bike and go to the store to buy something for us to eat
>10 minutes later i arrive
>"wow anon we didn't expect you so early"
>"you're a good friend anon"
i know that feel

>used to play with a buddy all day long, every day
>gets a girlfriend out of the sudden
>starts going on partys and shit with her
>tells me how shitty and boring my life is

ye 12 years of friendship ruined by a girl in just a week
>friends get careers and married
>never see them again
>Download AA2
>Take turns with friends
>This has been my day
I have a friend I used to play a lot of games with but recently he had some kind of revelation and decided to stop playing video games and is apparently planning to sell his computer too
God damn it this hits too close to home
>mfw they broke up recently
>Get girlfriend
>korean qt whos just as good as me or better than most online games, WoW and ASSFAGGOTS etc
>Only play with her because my friends are shitters
>"Wow anon you really are pussywhipped"
>Girlfriend get married
>Never see them again
This is why I no longer have friends.
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>lots of online friends, we're all bros
>last login 8 years ago
i don't mind, at least i can back in youth.
and >no girlfriend

>all of those online friends
>always log on
>never talk to them anymore
>friend invites you over
>him and a couple of his frat friends drinking and watching some shitty movie while the gamecube with melee in it just collects dust in the corner

Fuck college
Make some decent friends than faggot. Or stop being so judgmental.
they're just not like you, and create another account.
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>get a gf
>best gaming friend comes at me with our usual banter
>gf takes it personal and doesn't like him
>constantly having to decide which one to game with instead of just having them both get along
>gf takes it personal
Is your gf 12

I had a girlfriend who couldn't take things lightly, was insufferable to be around
Bros before hoes, anon.

NEVER trust your dick.

It will steer you wrong, always.
Your gf sounds like a bitch
>"Oh yea well I moved recently so I'll text you when I'm done moving so we can hang out"
>1 year later and he hasn't text me

T-thanks Nick
>best friend gets gf
>barely hang out anymore
>try to get along with his gf
>friend says she called me annoying
>I draw a picture of her being fat (she was fat)
>he even laughs at it
>forgets to throw it away, gf goes through his stuff and finds it
>forbids him to hang out with me anymore
>years go by
>we barely speak, hang out once every 9 weeks or so
>we even live 5 minute walk from each other
>they break up
>start hanging out again
>he gets new gf in 2 weeks
>stops talking to me again

sometimes I feel like I'm the only person on earth who doesn't completely change when a girl enters my life
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>two female classmates invite themselves over just yesterday
>spend a couple of hours in the balcony, getting lightly drunk on fine wine and gin&tonic, smoking quality tobacco whilst laying on my giant beanbag
>play premade assfaggots for the rest of the afternoon and into the night
>pick up delicious cheap sushi closeby for dinner
>one of them has to leave early
>now alone with my sexfriend
>enjoy the wonders of the female body
>play some more before she goes home

the wonders of being the one closest to uni and living alone
this happens on a weekly basis

why arent you taking a digital art degree /v/?
its fucking normies

what the fuck is their problem

you don't need to change your whole persona just because you have a cunt with you.
they're probably ugly and so are you
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>friend invites me over to play vidya
>tell him I'm busy
>take a nap instead
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>Friend invites you over for games
>That was today for MH4U

Kecha Wecha and Gore you're dead.
>things that happened
ITT; feels
I feel you, something similar happened to me
>best friend has had a gf for a few years
>had trouble in the start but over time we seemed to get along
>fast forward to a few months ago
>buddy never seems to have time for me
>ditches me and picks up his giflriend instead of me to watch a movie
>don't talk to him for a while
>turns out his relationship was falling apart and he apologizes for how he treated me
>now a few days ago he seemed to be at getting the next woman
Jesus no I don't want to live through this shit again
If he fucks it up again I'm done with that guy
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Does anyone have anxiety about playing multiplayer games alone? I just watch streams all day until my steam friend comes online to play with me. Sometimes I hint to him that I want to play together by launching the game several times while he's online...
only if it's ranked
i'm afraid that i have no friends to back me up if people start backing me up
Yes, extremely.

I met my gaming friend in a game of MW2 back in 2009, I added him and I was too scared to play games with him until 2014. I don't play unless I'm with him and it's hard to play new games.

Some competitive TF2 player added me a while ago and was trying to get me in to TF2 but I got so nervous and he was pressing too much so I just ended up removing him.

Hard life.
Wanna play a co-op vs ai game or something?
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lewd elf.jpg
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I'm a petite white guy with long and curly hair and my best friend is a tall dark-skinned guy with short, black hair.

We have done all kinds of stuff together, like bringing my pc over to his house and playing fightans all night, or going out to eat pizza and shit. Plus I don't have to hide my powerlevel (I still do) around him because he knows I browse this site and I like animu.

I'm so glad I'm normal
Not really. Her friend has too much tummy for my tastes but I don't get in bed with her so I don't care.

You only need to be slightly fit and not have an ugly ass face for this type of stuff to happen. Being a good person to be around also helps

But they did. and they do.
Yes, playing multiplayer games alone is boring as hell.
Why don't you just go ahead and message him
>Hey, wanna play [NAMEOFGAME] ? =)
Either he says yes or he says no.
Seriously what is wrong with that
Didn't you post this exact same post last night?
Why did you need to describe yourselves.
maybe it's a bot
You never know
>grew up being the only one in my home that liked video games apart from my father
>father left at a young age
>sister played for a while because grandmother bought us games but she stopped soon
>mother didn't play
>didn't have friends that live nearby
>online age
>don't go online because I'm afraid of people
>eventually make friends
>only keep in contact with four
>slowly drifting apart
Because we are a nice combo.
Are you gay bro?
fucking this. My manlet indian friend started dating this 8/10 blond hair tall qt 3.14 and they moved in together and I haven't seen him for a long time

we still talk on steam but even that is diminishing.

why live
Just go gay. Find gay game bro. Meh
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>Haven't played video games with real life friends since Halo 3 came out
>We all moved in different cities to study
>all 4 of us decide to spend our christmas holiday at our home town
>Bring computers to one of our houses
>Play Monaco and Terraria for 11 hours

It's been a long while since i've had so much fun.
>friend literally gets cucked
> find amazing gf
> tells me she loves gaming and plays all day
> she owns over 12.the sims games on 3 systems
> broke up with her a month later
> couldent handle 13hrs a day of sims
>spend a couple of hours in the balcony, getting lightly drunk on fine wine and gin&tonic, smoking quality tobacco whilst laying on my giant beanbag
>pick up delicious cheap sushi closeby for dinner
>enjoy the wonders of the female body
>why arent you taking a digital art degree /v/?
I usually get really scared about playing alone and end up cancelling or just closing the game.
I added someone from here to play with once but he started getting angry and yelling at people over the mic. It wasn't directed at me but it made me really uncomfortable.

I don't want to disturb him by forcing him to play with me...
bad feel
But that is just a question you are not forcing anyone.
If he didn't want to play with you he wouldn't.
As long as you don't ask every 5 minutes it will be fine.
Don't you think he would be happy about people asking him to play with them?
>married, full time decent job
>most friends have drifted away because they in the same situation
>closest friend in the same boat I am
>both wives work nights at hospital
>plan game nights at his place or mine
>always end up getting drunk and bitching about the wives

Why do I even own videogames anymore? I should buy a boat and have kids like the normie scum that I've become
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>tfw number of friends keep growing and growing
>have to decide who im hanging out with when and when i have time for myself
>Friend constantly als you over to his house to play Doom
>he's poor and lives in a trailer park
>tell him you can't hang because you, "have too many friends"

I was an ass in 2nd grade
>Can't honestly enjoy games anymore
>Want to have kids and get married
>The girl I've fallen hardest for is already with another guy
>He doesn't want kids, doesn't wanna get married, and doesn't like hugging her or showing her any real affection in public
>I just sit here staring at the screen, trying not to think too hard about how little my life matters to anyone
can you be my bf
That happens with my online friends while the time I spend on RL friends goes down
How do I get it to be like yours
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>tfw don't give a shit about romance and probably never will

I'll never understand how someone can obsess over something so petty

NTR would imply I had her to begin with.
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best nichijou 48.jpg
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I'd suggest you to just not mind it anon, forget about it and live without any worries.

The best things come when you least expect them.
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>Play Crash Team Racing every day after school with mom
>This was 15 years ago
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>every girl i get a crush on gets fat

damn, i have shit taste
File: BlizzCon.jpg (36 KB, 450x615) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I suggest you forget how horribly alone you feel
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Lost my last IRL friend last year. We just kept drifting further and further apart in every single way.

More time for video games and chinese cartoons.
I never thought about it that way, I always thought I was being annoying when I begged him to play with me...
>Friend grows up
>Gets GF
>Still makes time to chill and Vidya
Good friends
No. Why do you ask?
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>Every girl I have a crush on is vain and crazy.

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