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>gaming journalism is filled with people...
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>gaming journalism is filled with people mourning lack of innovation in games
>gamers are tired of lack of innovation
>real life is filled with lots of interesting shit
Why game developers lack an interest in stuff that is not anime?

Fuck, a game with lots of dog breeds don't exist beyond nintendogs.

Fucking game developers who never opened a fucking book.
generally people who have interesting ideas don't apply them to videogames because there are better mediums to do that with
Is a fucking shame.

imagine a jrpg with lots of dog breeds you can use as assists.
or a dog fighter.
we can all dream
id just suggest moving away from videogames and onto other stuff as a main interest
keep videogames secondary
I'm just hyped for unity 5.
I seriously hope to get gud and make interesting games.

There's some much shit in the real world and I have so many ideas it boggles my mind why agdg is so creativelly bankrupt.

just imagine these:
a pokemon clone with dog breeds or just minerals.

a rpg set in black africa.

a musou game set in african kingdom wars.

an australian monster hunter with abbos lore.

some multiplayer roguelike.

A one character fighting game.

And so on.

A 100 years of solitude inspired videogame.
>a game with lots of dog breeds don't exist beyond nintendogs
Not exactly about dogs but mcmillan is developing Mewgenics (or he gived up, still can't understand).
>multiplayer roguelike
Do you not know what a roguelike is?
In Unity 5, why is my mouse always going back to the editor? How would I lock my mouse inside the game?
>is impossible to design an ascii roguelike with turns having a time limit.
The mouse isn't locked to the window so you can click the "Stop" button. Otherwise, how would you get out of it?
>hyped for unity 5.
literally kill yourself
been to greyscalegorilla again?
It's still going to be incredibly slow
>indie developer
>indie engine
>shouldn't be hyped

is not like we the faggots at agdg can make AAA games
not if you give the player the option to customize the timer
I mean usually you'd start the game and you'd be able to click inside the game view and do whatever but every time I click while inside the gameview my mouse goes in the middle of the editor. Is this normal or did I forget to remove a Cursor.lockcursor somewhere?
In a roguelike, I can make multiple turns in one second if there's not much to do.

If I have to wait for another player to confirm their action, it's going to be slower even if we both constantly go forward or something
damn it I thought I was in agdg.
>There will never be a game where you play as the head of a revolutionary army, from conception as you and 5 bros to the head of a country

Why live?
not if the timer works for both players simultaneously.

Fuck... I lost. People had warned to stay away from /v/.

Oh well.
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fkmt shits on RNG.jpg
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whats wrong with anime?
>a pokemon clone with dog breeds or just minerals.
>a rpg set in black africa.
>a musou game set in african kingdom wars.
>an australian monster hunter with abbos lore
>some multiplayer roguelike.
>A one character fighting game.

>innovation thread
>you just literally posted 6 "X with a tweezt" ideas
there's lot of shit in history and real life that makes anime feel like a repetitive artistic medium.
anime artists should relly on getting inspiration from other animes but rather real life.
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You forget that there's this other audience called the mainstream which is the majority of game sales and could give less of a fuck if a game is innovate or good and just care about buying the latest Call of Duty and Madden. Good games are still a niche.
>real life
confirmed for having no idea about games or animation or anything
Games based on traditionally female hobbies:

>raising kids
>candle making
>soap making
>perfume making
>breeding pets
>fabric crafting
>fashion design
>interior design
>drawing geometric patterns
>soap operas
>being a taylor and shoe doctor.

what isn't wrong with anime honestly
miyazaki and satoshi khon disagrees with you fag.
Nigga half what you described can be found in the My X series and Cooking Mama.
>dead studio
>just dead
like i care
I'd play the shit out of a pride and prejudice rpg and I can't believe I haven't thought of that before
>wario games types are good games

>what the most important directors of anime think about the industry isn't important
>the fact most japanese loath anime doesn't matter
>the fact most anime is for manchilds doesn't matter
ok fag.
the problem with this and this entire thread is all of you think subject matter makes an original game
when it's quite clear no matter what subject you pick if you slap "rpg" n it like >>285459648 or any other genre it's no longer original.
games are built on rules, you can use anything as inspiration but what it has to inspire is rules.
>Everything I know About Anime I Learned From Tumblr!
excellent light novel
>taking inspiration from real life instead of muh harem animu is bad.

>my creativelly bankrup industry isn't creativelly bankrup
most mangakas haven't read good literature that isn't just another generic comic books.
mangas always try to surpass each other by style and no substance.
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ok buddy
>muh exception to the rule
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loli game.jpg
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There needs to be more video games about lolis.
>there isn't a videogame where you collect lolis from all over the world
is not even fun when all the lolis are white.
you apparently dont know much manga and dont know Sturgeon's law
you apparently don't have much standarts in art.
kaiji is pure style and little substance.
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This nigga gets it.
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