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Super Mario RPG Thread
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Hey guys, I'm back once more.

Today, I need some help on various issues I've come across, and I'd like your advice.

Also, I may or may not be releasing a second demo.

So, let's get to it!
My first issue:

While making the game, I realized that going through eight-ish areas and fighting all eight Koopalings would not only take a long time, but it would rack up the levels. From the beginning to the first one, Larry, I got to level 10. This would mean I'd be to level 80 by the time I make it to Ludwig, granted the pacing is the same.

Should I keep the Koopaling fights in, or should I speed up the game to get to the good stuff?

My second issue:

I'm not seeing Waluigi as a party member. Like, what could he even do besides yell and play tennis?

I'm opting to remove him from party member status all together, but I'd like to see what you guys think.

Should Waluigi be replaced with an original party member, or should he stay?

My last issue:

Before you deal with the Valley, you have four party members to fill your party. The first three are Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi, but who should the last one be?

Have you considered getting in touch with the guys that are now collabing to make Countdown To Chaos?

They were in dire need of ideas to develop and you seem to have alot to bring to the table

maybe some other anon can give you details if you'd like
They're making that? Neat.

I'd love to help out with some ideas. I'd also opt to use that fancy Paper Mario engine, but I've but a good deal of work into this already.

Where can I contact them?
I wish I could bump my own threads.

People wanted a thread, where are they?
It's a bad time now, everyone is busy with the Valve stuff. Don't give up, tho.
Interested bump
>Valve stuff
What happened? Don't tell me that HL3 was actually confirmed
They're announcing something, there is even a sticky thread for it. I don't know what tho, I don't really give a fuck.

Anyway I was wondering how the partner system will work in this. Like, they'll follow you around like in Paper Mario and you do actions with them if you press a key?
Pacing in RPGs is not consistent. Level 10 by the first dungeon could be level 50 by the end game. It's an exponential curve.

Mario Tennis showed him to have some water element/weird swimming shit going on. Be creative unless you're deadset on removing him. I don't really care for WA, but whatever

Priness Pitch? Some sort of characterized enemy mook? I dunno, man.
have a bump op
i hope you're posting in vg agdg threads
True. I'm just worried that the whole Koopaling/Bowser thing will take too long and then getting to the exciting parts won't be worth it.

Also, Peach has been kidnapped, so she's out.

Some stupid streaming thing or something. Nothing to really give a shit about.

There's a thread on /qa/
Aww, I actually liked the old sprites.
Sorry guy. I have most of the old ones. I know just realized I saved over some of them without saving the old ones. Oh well
You guys wanna create a replacement for Waluigi?
Why not have her kidnapped later in the game
Also you probably should at least check out the paper mario thread
Eh, her getting kidnapped is the motivation for Mario to do something.

I have it planned that you save her, only to lose her again later on.
Sure. You have anything in mind?
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Goomba partner.png
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I was thinking a Goombario/Goombella successor.

This is what I have so far. Should he/she be a Goomba, or something else?
While we're all here, what should the default party size be? Right now it's 3. You can switch around party members from the menu, but no in battle.

2, 3, 4...? How many should be allowed in battle at once?
I'd recommend 3, like in SMRPG.
3 or 4.
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Hey Questy, I have a great idea for a main villain. You mind if I post it?
Not always. In Mario 3 she doesn't get kidnapped exactly. And you have to save the entire kingdom. and in Super Star saga she gets kidnapped later (i think, it was long ago) Mario original quest was to recover her voice.

Mario is a knight for the kingdom. Is not like it's everything about the princess. The princess is tough almost everything for the kingdom.
So, Questy
You found any script to make it so enemies/you get damaged before battle?
Goombrates (like socrates, something greek would be cool, like a coliseum styled house)
Go ahead!


Not yet. Script hunting has been hard lately. I can't even find any bestiary scripts that allow you to order the monsters the way you want.

Heh, I like it!
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useless bump
Thread replies: 32
Thread images: 5
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