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Unrealistic game ideas
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Give me your best sounding game ideas no matter how unfeasible, unrealistic or even if it doesn't make 100% sense.

Hard mode: Gameplay oriented ideas
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You are a kid who wants to buy the last video game console but you dont have money, so you have to work.
You gain stat points in each different categories, cut grass, wash cars, etc.
The better certain stat gets, more money you receive, nut the deal is that there will be different works every day, so you have to read books for different kinds of works, also you can buy different consoles and games.
I'll start:

A thirdperson shooting and melee game where armor isn't a % based reduction but rather stops all damage if it holds together and deform depending on penetration, armor thickness and whatnot.

The kicker is that your armor is moveable in realtime. Keys can be bound to trigger certain movements patterns or to concentrate towards a certain section of your body. It can even layer itself to absorb damage it would otherwise let through. The thing is that the armor never fully encases all of your body, max 50% of it if spaced evenly. Holding rightclick on the mouse lets you dynamically control where it should go with ease, keeping itself 360 degrees around you in a freeflow like state. Releasing rightclick either locks it in that state or goes back to a script or idle.

For example this makes it possible minimize taken damage when trying to run across a hallway where you know enemies are camping further down. It also allows several people to join up in a circle or formation to cover unarmored spots of each other easier while advancing.

Different weapons will deal damage in their own way. SMGs spray a lot to get between cracks, snipers penetrate a lot but not all, explosives damages exposed flesh and knocks armor around the other side of the person unless you crouch and concentrate in the direction its coming from with m2, machineguns are in the middle with good accuracy and rate of fire. Melee characters form an extra wide and tough shield at their fist but have less armor overall. They can also use all their bits of armor as an offensive tool by throwing it around forcefully to shred, knock, block and having it return back by itself.
Is this real life or fanta sea.jpg
I've always wanted a game sort of like shadow of the colossus mixed with a fast paced shooter. I want to have a game that's in first person, open world, and the idea is you fight giant colossal monsters that are inspired by SOTC with things like jet packs, ships, lasers, things like that. It'd be cool to hop inside of a ship and battle colossal monsters.
But it wouldn't work because I doubt a game would be able to handle that many giant objects moving around
Have satellites set up to receive info in real time from rc cars that you control from your pc or console. There is cameras that swivel 360 degrees it can also have extra customized to your basic rc cars like tow lines jump abilities based on suspension tension. Your system your playing online also has a his that displays what other players are doing and you can msg them to meetup or look on the hood and see if anyone has marked a point around your rc cars area that has something interesting worth checking out whether it be a tunnel or ramp.
>I think it'd be neat..
Hud* that displays info not 'his' or 'hood'
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I'll say it... Adventure Time RPG. It could probably even be a mod in Skyrim.

How cool would it be to explore the land of Oo? Decide to be good or evil, and interact with various people based on those choices.

If you're evil, I doubt you'll be teaming up with Finn & Jake, but you might have to fight them. If you're good, you probably won't be besties with Flame King, but he might send his military after you.

Attribute-based weapons could make it so if you wanted to be a wizard, you'd have to level up your magic attributes, warriors their strength attributes, rouges their sneak attributes, etc..

I think the whole universe holds a lot of potential for some ludicrous missions, a wide array of various enemies/allies, and a ton of landscape to explore.

I'm 21, and I would play the shit out of something like that, unashamed.

Are you talking unfeasible and unrealistic in the game design, or like ignore a game that couldn't be made with today's software/hardware limitations?
dead rising with arkham city combat
You can do ANYTHING!
A game similar to skylanders/amiibo/disney infinity

Except the game is a dating/sex sim and the figurines are anime waifus

if you wanna date/fuck a certain waifu you have to buy the figurine to get her in the game

i don't understand why it hasn't already been done, it would make so much money.
What you're kinda describing is Earth Defense Force. minus first person and while it does have big maps they can't really be considered "open world."
Whoops, fucked up the link.
There's several of those.
Could you please tell me some?
That's sort of what I had in mind, but I was picturing something a bit darker and less goofy giant insects though. Like I said before, picture more like shadow of the collosus meets the fast speed of a game like Titanfall
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>not Ooo
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I want a game with massive fully destructible futuristic cities and giant robo-mechs that can shoot shittons of missiles at everything.
>if you wanna date a certain waifu you have to buy the figurine to get her in the game
>if you want to fuck them you have to hot-glue the model
An FPS RPG where the amount of info and complexity of the HUD is dependent on your mental stats like memory, intellect, and perception.

Playing a dumb character? You, the player, have to remember how many rounds are in your magazine. Playing a smart character? You get a meter that empties as you shoot. Playing a REALLY smart character? The game straight-up shows you the number of rounds left.

Playing an oblivious character? Absolutely no radar or indicators of enemy position. Moderate perception? A simple radar that displays enemy position based on sound. Very perceptive? Same as moderate, but also displays enemy silhouettes in your vision to show where they might be hiding.

Smart AND perceptive? Predictive abilities that show where enemies are likely to go and visual indicators of when they're likely to move from cover.
>be a child
>live in a big, polluted city surrounded by fences
>look through fence
>see lush green fields full of plants
>have never seen plants before
>gets scolded for bringing it up to parents
>its a taboo
>decide to leave
>gather friends
>just a big exploration game
This is just because I want to do this in real life
lol sorry, I knew it was one or the other. Clearly I am not meant to discuss AT.

Two people play as leaders of nations, who play from an RTS view deciding which squadrons attack which sectors and conquest what.

Soldiers are controlled by players and AI when players arent available. When leader commands for assaults, soldiers go and attempt it.
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>play as guy working at a nintendo hotline esq support company
>when you get a call you help whoever's calling by completing a small portion of a game or a mini game not unlike Wario Ware
>every time you get promoted the games get harder and harder
Caribbean Pirate mmorpg.

Ship captains and ship crews are all players. The captains would be made up of players who gain enough money and reputation among other players to be able to purchase a ship and gather a crew. Crew members have jobs on the ship they have to take care of while at sea that maybe involve some kind of puzzle or minigame.

It would be like Pirates of the Burning Sea + Mount and Blade
game based on mage: the ascension's setting with a magic system that is as flexible as that one. It would be glorious. Also impossible.
Sims + Disaster Report.

>Live a normal life.
>Make friends, enemies, a family.
>Deep, randomly generated neighbors, coworkers etc.
>Get a job and just go about normal life for a while.
>Suddenly a disaster happens (plague, hurricane, tsunami, war etc.)
>Have to survive.
>Choices you made during the Life section affect the disaster portion.
>Wasn't so nice to the neighbor with the boat? Good luck convincing him to let you ride it when it floods.
>Nice to that weird guy down the road? He might come save you when the zombies are about to break down your door.
>Should you save your wife or you child?

Maybe I'll make it big and fund it.
an honest sequel to Dark Souls II
Pokemon shmup where you can switch Pokemon on the fly, and you recruit Pokemon kind of like in rocket slime where you defeat a certain number of them, the rest is the same Pokemon affair.
I have tried to design this game

ai and players, both overlord and minion, dropping in and out makes this near unbalance-able for both overlord and minion positions, or makes the gameplay a mockery of fps

also have you heard of Natural Selection 1 & 2?
You are food.

You start your journey being prepared and eaten by a person. From the moment you enter the mouth to the moment you get shit out it becomes a random generated shmup dungeon where you navigate the bowels of your chosen human and try to make your way to the toilet bowl. Your goal is to become literal shit.
You play as one of many members of a large militarized police force that is made to be a parody of all the generic FPS badguys put together.

The game takes place in a sector of a large, dystopian, cyberpunk city where you do your job with your npc co-workers on a day to day basis. The gameplay will take place in first person, and your tools include a somewhat inaccurate gun, a tazer, and cuffs.

You will spend the majority of the game patrolling your sector confronting citizens and talking to your cop buddies in a way similar to Persona's open world but with a bit of Papers Please mixed in.
The main narrative consists of stopping petty crimes and getting to the bottom of rumors of a secret underground resistance being created by a handsome, skilled, protagonist type character.

Oh and as each day goes on paranoia goes up at your HQ and each day protocol gets more and more complex and the system becomes more oppressive, so either uncover that resistance movement or slowly be dehumanized until everybody hates you and you either lose your job or get killed by angry citizens.

Some of the icing on the cake of the cake I think would really make the game is the relationships you will hopefully make with friend-cops, the eventual impact of "dealing" with citizens over time and of course a massive sudden boss fight that pits you against a seemingly invincible, heavily armed, self righteous video game protagonist that has caused city wide social trauma ,that you worked every day to prevent, caused by his plan that he blames entirely on you and the other cops.
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complex element mechanics. none of that rock, paper, scissors preschooler bullshit. we go harder than that. you're an ice type against a fire type? start shooting ice at your opponent. it'll turn into water when it hits the other guy. you're electric against an earth type? your shit normally wouldn't work...UNLESS you can somehow drench your opponent in water. that works both ways: pure water doesn't conduct electricity, until there are ions dissolved in solution.

also, a non-fantasy, current-day rpg. not like persona, because that still has crazy supernatural shit. think of a gta setting with ff mechanics. it could be crime-related, but doesn't have to be.
that actually sounds kind of cool

it would be one of those things where you as a player could gauge how important those based counter to your own intelligence or perception. like a perceptive player could mentally track how many bullets that have and not waste points in that stat. i dunno.
An FPS survival zombie game that's involving, has good plot and things to do beyond collecting rocks.
Gameplay of a FPS completely removed from an actual "3D" environment. KB to control cover, available targets, "movement" etc, mouse for fast and precise targeting. But What you have on the screen resembles nothing in the real world.
It shall be called Clickety Clackety Pixel Pointer
A rhythm RPG

Gameplay of Theatrhythm with the narrative structure of FF4/6/7/etc. with the class and skill system of Final Fantasy Tactics

Yeah, I have no idea how it would work either but I think it would be fucking amazing
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Okay so check this.

Remember how things were before physics engines? Anything that had physics or could be thrown had set, canned properties and animations. Then physics systems came along and standardised things so an all-encompassing system could handle all physics objects. The results were mind-blowing games like HL2 where you could throw around around a multitude of objects with rougly realistic effet.

Well my dream game is first-person brawler that introduces a similar revolution but for melee combat. Games today tend to have set lists of weapons and canned animations/parameters for their use. Instead, imagine a global system that determines how to hold, swing and throw objects based on a handful of variables. It would need more than just weight+resistance, factors like size and shape would determine where to hold an object and with how many hands. It'd be very complicated to do in a realistic animations and without clipping issues with the player's hands.

The advantage of this system is that it would make adding new melee weapons a doddle, literally anything not too big to carry can be grabbed and smashed over someone's head at a moment's notice. Instead of most games where you're just scanning the environment for a handful of key items, combat is a lot more freeform and chaotic, like a bar-brawl. Essentially I want a game where you can feel like you're in one of those Biting Elbows music videos:

tl;dr: you can pick up AAANYTHING!!
That would be very interesting, i like your idea. i also thought of a idea like this, i bet every body does in his gamer life.

It would be cool if the city/district is open and you just drive around on patrol and get calls on your radio or something, every thing a bit random. Maybe special events when you fail at keeping everything at had. Big demonstrations and your are one of the police guys at the front against an angry mob.
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A mechanic that sets your field of view as the absolute boundary of the world. ie if enemies are on the screen and you look down they will get crushed into the ground by the top bounding line of your monitor. Look to the side fast and they will get slammed by it instead, look up to launch them into the air.

It's a temporary "skill" that can be used sporadically rather than staying on the entire game. Basically you lock everything that can be manipulated into your fov as a 3D box that moves with your "eyes".
That would be a pretty good idea for VR wouldn't it?
An open world cryptozoological sim taking place in a forested town in the midwestern US. Your crypto of choice would terrorize and eventually prey on the people. The residents would have various independent statistics such as stress, sanity, skepticism, hunger, etc. that helps determine a routine and predisposition towards the unknown. Would feature stealth heavily as becoming too well known too quickly would lead to manhunts. Killing a manhunt party entirely would give the entire town a "don't go into the woods" mentality.
For the sole sake of using it with some kind of controller I imagine VR would work best, yeah.

I don't have much of a clue how to implement it without making shit screwey louey.
True 3D roguelike
No more prefab levels than any other roguelike uses
A far future Earth that has fallen technically back into the second/first world war(Dieselpunk). The earth is shatter to floating pieces/islands and two main factions (Germans and Americans(More should be added down the line)) fight over the last habitat able islands with big flying battleships. You are a mere foot soldier on one of the ships. Its going to be a Massive Multiplayer game with a persistent world that develops as players capture islands, ships and murder or liberate the Islands. You can get up in rank in the faction military until you get the command over your own ship and crew. you can hire solider out of a military register and every player has a Personal file where every miss step and heroic deeds is listed so a captain can choose his crew. You are basically free to murder civilians at a island siege but everything will count to a basic karma meter like in black and withe and what not. You can keep doing it until you are thrown out of the military or even sentence to death for your war crimes.

The game play will be all First person, including riding vehicles manning turrets and shooting da guns.
A co-op/mp third person game game where you are a small creature with the ability to fly freely more resembling noclip mode. Your objective is to control a giant by grabbing or hitting parts of the giant so it can perform different kinds of movements and beat up other giants you face.

If you would want to hit another giant with a hook swing (your giant is in idle pose with arms down his sides) you'd need to lift up the forearm by flying into it and grabbing it from below, pushing upwards to get the right angle and letting go. The next player bends the elbow by doing the same type of action and when they are done a third player would fly up behind the giant and thrust at the elbow so the arm flies forward and gains momentum. Even a 4th player (or players 1-3) could push the giant in the back or the leg at the same time so it makes a little lunge to extend range.

The giants are self preserving of their balance to a certain degree so they don't need to be babysit after every swing to not fall over (think of Euphoria-engine-alike). Forcing a complex move that requires them to lose their balance is still possible.

This is either played in a sort of semi-slowmotion real time where your actions are "delayed" to assist cordination or turn based where limb movements are limited to a few actions per player ala Toribash.

Gore, bones breaking and deforming, muscle swelling and bleeding is present. Different kinds of giants not limited to bipedals with customization of equipment and appearance.
Fighting game
with destructible clothings and no HUD
the clothing is the health
Thats pretty neat. A first person ghostmaster game. 10/10
Arena shooter called Bloodbath

Double jumping, wall running. Killing the enemy up close and getting their blood on you gives you increase speed and damage by 10% for 30 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

biometric feedback linked to your penis in an action adventure game where an erection is the line between winning and losing.
Is getting an erection winning or losing?
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Especially if the game it linked up with had a gurren laggan feeling about it with boner power being spiral power.
A dating sim where you have to romance anime girls throughout time. There'd be girls from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s, which matching appearances and tastes for each time period.
RTS ala Age of Empires with historical factions. You can zoom in or out of the battlefield like in Supreme Commander, but to an even greater extent. You have the option of zooming into a single infantry unit and championing it during which the gameplay switches to something along the lines of mount&blade. In multiplayer, the selected unit gets highlighted so your opponents know which one to focus. Units have the Veteran system from the CnC series and get stronger the more kills they get.
Fallout meets Skyrim
A Shadow of the Colossus FPS. Basically you're dropped into a huge map and you have to kill a bunch of bosses who are the only other things on the map (besides some wildlife).

But instead of being giant monsters they're people like you.

Basically it would be like a free roam Far Cry-ish FPS where all the bosses are like the bosses out of MGS.

You can tackle them in any order but it might effect how strong later bosses are.
>Garry's mod
Go back to /a/ and /d/, Fucking Weaboo
Got three of them.

A) A turn by turn tactics RPG, but in 3D. That is, actually using at all times elevation as "vertical squares" kinda. With flying units, underwater fights. Maybe it could even be a space tactics RPG. Bonus points for having heroes + peripheral troops a la Der Langrisser.

B) A fighting system heavily based on stances with varied amounts of progressions, advantages and the likes. Something like Granado Espada, but with more actions beyond stances, deeper changes between stances, maybe even things affecting only an individual hand... Look, I like stances, okay?

3) A Med-fan game that's all about trading shit from a city to another traveling by cart. Think Spice and Wolf, Elite but not in space, or Med Fan Truck Simulator.
I'd play it
Sounds like the Stanley Parable but better
It's partially inspired by my fixation from childhood with horror films. I've always wanted a game wherein you are the antagonist of a horror film, a sort of anti-horror game. This fixation is part of the true draw of games like BamHam for me, as the idea of slowing wearing down the nerves of hardened criminals into frayed messes is quite immersive.
So like Evolve but more about psychological horror and also not shitty?
MotherFucking Sasquatch Sim
10/10 I love it
Stick-based combat.

The game would be an action RPG with an isometric view, where all the swings you do in combat would be done using the right analog stick. Swinging the stick would cause your character to swing his weapon, a nudge forward would be a stab and moving the stick back and then forward would be an overhead strike.

I hope to make this game someday, so please don't steal.
You are in charge of an individual limb on a mannequin, you get to fully control its movement but some other 3 fucks are controlling the other 3 limbs, add another guy for torso rotation and you've got a team of 5

two teams fight each other and I'm sure it'd look retarded as fuck
Elona or Stone Soup moved into an Oblivion-like gameplay with LAN options. I just want to carry my friends so they can own a farm while I fight off Rouge Bosses.
In the sense that you would be a monster that grows over time, yes. The exact timeframe might depend on your type of creature. I would want to include various folklore standbys, such as skinchangers, humanoid primates like Sasquatch, maybe aliums and even distinctly eldritch concepts. But, above all I would think it would be about what terrifies the player the most, because I think that is what they would create (discounting super retarded gag monsters for fun.) In my case, it would be an insectoid parasite.
4-way qwop.

An mmo which is based on the engine of Skate 3 and the mechanics behind glitching ragdolls to transport yourself and fight.
This would definitely devolve into punching yourself.

I love it.
>bro what the fuck are you doing I'm suppose to be stepping forward
>someone stop left arm from trying to rip off the right arm and using it as a flail
>torso is afk we can't put any weight into swings shit
dying light with better gunplay, bigger world and better missions
If you don't fund this, someone else will. Seriously, go onto kickstarter and start getting this together. You WILL sell well, I assure you. Look at Octodad, I Am Bread, and Nighogg. Games that have simple mechanics are very popular. Go forth and make money, please Anon, before some fuck takes it and ruins it with DLC.

zombie outbreak while friends are at the golf course. decide they wont possibly survive so its a mad dash to finish the game with each other

plot twist, secret org, cure, whatever else can be in there but not integral

strokes dont matter worth a damn as a wave of zombies slowly creep toward you

TL;DR speed-based golf game featuring graphic sports-based executions. Intense competitive hatred of mario party meets outlaw golf.
So it's battlefield right? But in first world war and on some prehistoric islands that have dinosaurs, so you can ride dinosaurs apart from WWI vehicles.

10/10 Goty right here.
My programming skills are beyond basic, I'd rather put this out there and hope one of you anons grabs it and makes a fortune
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It's called Asunder

It takes place in...well, the land of Asunder, which is basically hell.

You play as a cute little demon named Allu (pic related my design for him) and throughout your adventure, you meet all sorts of quirky demonic characters, good and bad.

The game has three game modes: the overworld is like an RPG overworld, the dungeons are like little roguelikes, and the battles are CUHRAYZEE, focusing heavily on combo attacks.

You also have a little sidekick named Avastohr, who's basically an adorable, tiny version of the Cacodemons from doom.

I'm so autistic about this that I'm even composing the game's soundtrack. Should I post some of the songs?

In fact, let's go crazy here, dinosaurs with mounted weapons.

It doesn't get more awesome than this
Hm. A game made for furries, BY furries. Interesting.
File: Avastohr.png (25 KB, 197x243) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 197x243

I do have a lot of people saying that the design is Bara-bait, so I'll give you that.
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A 300 hour epic about a ragtag group of random people who slowly collect members and become a large military force. Every solider you collect also has their own unique back story and fighting style much like in fire emblem.

The gameplay is essentially fire emblem + soulcalibur. While zoomed out on the map you control your units movements like chess pieces but once zoomed in it plays like a fighting game. You're given 15 seconds to beat the shit out of eachother before returning to the map. If you have two units together you can switch between them during battle. Long range units can deal damage without a fight but have very low health in normal encounters.

Much like in fire emblem there's the waifu bowl and marriage and whatever but also diplomatic relations as well. Your group gains a reputation as you progress through the story and it determines which countries you're welcome in.

The main story is about gunpowder being invented in this fantasy environment and a single empire using it to steamroll the rest of the world which quickly becomes a world war.
villain simulator

You would design your villain and give him a "profession" in villainy. (like mad science, government corruption, or straight up super villainy.) Recruit your henchman, build your secret lair, and choose different paths for how you'll conquer the world. depending on how you pursue your goal, you could succeed or fail miserably. If you make it big enough, you'll get a super hero arch rival whose power and weakness is randomly generated. I'm not sure how this would play. Maybe like X-com or Fire Emblem. I've been bouncing this idea around forever.I don't know how game development works, and doubt it's even feasible.
Sounds like you want Xenoblade Chronicles X, minus the First Person
u mean gangbeasts
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Final fight style game but versus multiplayer and on a left 4 dead fashion

Street gangs vs good guys, hand to hand combat with ocassional melee weapons.

Gang team must defend boss (CPU) with the aid of some cpu controlled baddies, while the more martially proficcient hero team attacks.

Set in the 80-90s and inspired on beat em ups
You would have some great setpiece moments there with the invention of gunpowder.
>Lines of enemy soldier prepped with their shields up
>Your soldiers unload a payload of gunpowder
>You can hear the mass confusion of the enemy as panic spreads
>Another payload is unleashed
>Some soldiers begin blindly running at yours in panic, others throw away their weapons and retreat
>As your campaign progresses, you are called devil-magic wielders, towns fear you widespread.

Could be cool.
Oh but your team starts out unaligned. So you have to face that shit happening to you the first time you see it. And death is permanent so someone WILL die from that encounter if you don't know that it's going to happen.
Even better then. Imagine if your team oversaw a battle that played out that way. Then you had the option, because you are unaligned and there is that looming risk of death, to aid either side. By aiding the gunpowder side, that is potentially a huge asset that could be added to your team. But then if you aid the soldiers and rally them in this moment, you could gain massive renown as a great team.
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An FPS game based on One-liners.
When you kill enough enemies/encounter a certain event you'll be able to open a random one-liner roulette in which you have to make a best fitting one as fast as you can by rotating sets of concentric circles with parts of phrases on them.

Game will then semantically analyze how fitting/famous/cheesy/original it is, rate it and give some power up.

There'll be some secret rare one-liner combinations which will casue some cool effects. For example, saying "You are already dead" instakills an enemy in front of you with a cool animation.
Thanks, it's the sort of game I've been wanting for a long time. Imagine people doing 0-Memory or 0-Perception challenge runs, not putting points into those to make the game more like older shooters. I had ideas for other stats like Agility for movement and faster reloads, and Strength for dual-wielding heavier guns, keeping your aim stable, and hitting harder in melee.
I kind of wanted Dead Space: Warhammer 40K edition. You're just in a ship warping around when the gellar field goes down.
Well, there's Space Hulk: Deathwing coming by E.Y.E. guys. That's something.
Bioware fuck off
>inFamous game where your power is manipulating time and space
>rewind lets you heal your body parts that are damaged
>pause is your ultimate attack that freezes your enemies for a short period of time
>slow is a weaker version of pause that lets your easily dodge bullets and attacks
>fast forward is your main offensive power that lets you unleash a flurry of punches/attacks
>actual time travel is a plot related ability, it can't be used freely and will only work when you encounter time paradoxes that will allow you to alter the course of the story
>origin story is a reverse Peter Parker, you use your power to do something good, but by changing history you inadvertently cause something terrible to happen to you/your loved ones
>you hide your personal identity from the public when super heroing by wearing a hoodie and a bandana, or something to that effect
>karma choices will have completely random effects, sometimes doing something good will have a negative effect on your personal life, sometimes it will be a positive effect. sometimes doing something bad will have a positive effect on you, sometimes it will be negative
>choosing good karma choices will always make the public think of your secret identity as a hero, but on a personal level, your friends and family might end up thinking you're a piece of shit for blowing them off to be a superhero
>or the opposite can happen and your personal life could be great, but by doing bad karma choices, you make the general public suffer and everyone you love absolutely hates you secret identity not knowing it's actually you
>final boss is yourself from an alternate timeline who did the exact opposite of what you did
>if you chose to be heroic, he'll be a dick ass manipulative villain
>if you chose to be dickbag, he'll be a stand up guy trying to stop you
I don't understand anon it feels more like the power is controlling your speed rather than time itself
Blinx, man. Blinx. The time cat.
How about a FPS/TPS Like watch dogs, but instead of hacking you possess highly advanced technologies and magic. And combine magic and technology for even more power.
A modern day THPS game that isn't awful with online multiplayer in mind. Fuck Skate. Skate doesn't count.
File: okay wait Carmack.png (54 KB, 251x173) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
okay wait Carmack.png
54 KB, 251x173
You play as a robot programmed with the dream to become the Man of a thousand fists.

You travel around the world facing against masters of all manners of combat and learning techniques by beating them or purchasing them from some sort of electronic dojo.

The gameplay would be a mix of Vanquish, DMC4 and God Hand. You would be creating your own movesets through the acquired techniques and there would be a style switching mechanic wherein two of the styles are speedboost and slow-motion.
File: 4499394.jpg (340 KB, 830x850) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
340 KB, 830x850
Horror/survival game where you play as either the hermit or the mastermind.

The objective for the hermit is to lead unassuming people into the woods/cave/desert where the mastermind's minions stake out.
It's essential to make them trust you should you meet them,
since your victims are as menacing as you should you have been the good guys;
they can choose to leave, kill or blackmail you into helping them.

The objective of the mastermind is to create abominations best suited for the environment that he/she can control as well.
These can be devised with science, psychological torture, viruses etc.

For example;
As the hermit, you kidnap a child orphaned by an accident you made happen,
take him/her under your wing and torture/brainwash them into submission.

As the mastermind (who might be the hermit as well?) you form the child into a modern frankenstein,
bionic arm, acid-spewing anus, cheeseknives for hands, you name it.

Start creating your own urban legend after snatching a few people into your lair (an old nuclear shelter, cave in the woods),
thrill-seekers start to show up, contort their minds, make more monstrosities, and so on.

The point of the game is that it never ends if you play it right.
There's always hikers, hunters, moonshiners and hippies in the remote areas,
and always civilians in the towns if you decide to hide in plain sight.
If you are "compromised" as any of the characters, you can always start anew somewhere else on the map.
It would have to be an immense map for it to make sense that where-ever you settle down, people aren't aware of any danger, but eh.

You could stay quiet and small-scale, killing only once in a while in horrific ways, really terrorize a town into perpetual angst,
or take the "world" by storm, create an army of braindead, take your pick.

It's sort of a reverse "The Hills have Eyes",
but not limited to boils, warts and and a cutthroat attitude.

Think about it.
>mix of Vanquish, DMC4 and God Hand.
I... I don't think it'll work. Unless you just mean style switching, slow motion and movesets.
>lampost game
>sup consul
>no hits
Pretty much what I said, yeah.
Beat me to it
File: Skannerz_photo01.jpg (141 KB, 780x612) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>F2P trading card game
>could work on a 3DS or Vita, but would probably work best on a mobile phone
>scanning barcodes is the biggest feature of the game
>some barcodes will allow you to unlock monster cards to use in battle
>monster cards can be leveled up to increase their stats
>other things you can get from barcodes are temporary stat boosts, permanent stat boosts, in game currency, evolution stones, skills/effects
>higher rank monsters will be added to your inventory, but you must use in game currency or microtransactions to unlock them, which is where the profit for the game will mostly be generated
>stats and skills makes each card unique, most maxed out cards will end up slightly different, unless the play uses a guide to min/max their cards to absolute perfection
co-op game, six players
two players can talk but not hear anything, two players can only hear, two players can talk and hear
then [insert mechanics that would make that premise interesting]
in fact /v/ go ahead, try to figure out those premises
>mount and blade mixed with crusader kings
>takes place in mythical ancient greece
>choose starting position of your character
>noble, peasent, soldier, wildling etc.
>choose a divine parent
>divine parent indicates what your powers might be and who you can invoke
>while choosing a powerful god does net you more power, it also limits what your realm is
>choosing Zeus means you are going to have problems at sea even though you will have tons of power as a character
>start as a child, and just operate in an open world, doign deeds, actign as you see fit
>are you a solitary hero or do you anoint yourself a god king and have a host of warriors to conquor the land
>maybe you're just a pirate, or a bandit
>maybe you get involved in politics and try to elevate the country to a utopia like state
>one day you will die
>choose an heir, maybe have kids
>the kids you have will have less and less of your divine blood
>unless you get it on with someone who also has a godly parent
>your powers develop as you get older
>but you can choose to not use them and be a pure mortal
>the greater your divine powers the more monsters attack you
>your heir is whomever you choose and will carry on your name as you go forward
>could be a child or it could be a random general in your army
>if you have multiple children (rolling the genetic dice to get better kids and also assuring at least one of them makes it) there will be a power vacuum to claim your throne.\
>if your line is destroyed you lose and have the option to continue playing as someone else in your world, start again as it were
>combat similar to that of both shadow of the colossus and Dragons Dogma
you play as a crab that can shoot shit from his claws. it'd be like metal arms: glitch in the system, but underwater and replace robots with loads of crabs and other deep sea animals to shoot at
that sounds like a fun play
RTS game set in a megastructure like BLAME!(because the setting is conductive to the mechanic) where the space is actually 3D and your units can move around it as if it was actually 3D instead of normal RTS games which are basically 2D "boards" with heightmaps and unpassable obstacles

so you can order your tank to drive off a cliff and it will fall down and be unable to ride back up the cliff, or you can order your soldier to walk into a tunnel which is passing under some terrain and he's actually mechanically below the guy standing above ground
hell you could have spider-tanks that can walk vertically up the 5 kilometer tall walls or infantry with guns powerful enough to fire through thin roofs and ceilings, you could do cool stuff like tech fast to spider-legged builders so you can build upside-down artillery cannons on the roof in the enormous cavernous room that is the map and fire down on the enemy's base from above

would probably have to be extremely slow-paced and tactical so you can easily navigate around the 3D environments, but it would be amazing enough to be worth it(not blowing my own horn here, just making it work would take truly skilled developers)
>trading card game
wait people unironically like these? what the fuck
I think drunken robot pornography sounds like what your saying
I was going to make a Unity game like that but it was too hard for me
>Video Game Developer Simulator
>game's graphics/interface change as you play the game
>start the game as a piss poor start up company
>you can choose to either develop web based social games/mobile phone games
>graphics will look like a typical mobile phone game
>the more money you make, the more complicated your games can become
>eventually have enough money to make AAA games
>graphics look like a typical AAA game
>instead of the menu based gameplay from the beginning of the game, you'll be able to do some free roaming in the studio
>posters, statues, toys, etc of all the games you've made will litter your office
I'm not gonna do your work for you, faggot
So, like, 10 player Toribash?
Fund it.
They're a pretty huge fad in Japan. No one has tried to really capitalize on that with the western market though. Differences in culture probably. Japs love their mobile games.
>tfw uncreative
o-okay then
File: 1390247854421.gif (69 KB, 490x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 490x375

An open-world walking simulator that's medieval fantasy. You wonder around and there are monsters/players everywhere. Combat should be pretty lethal but not so much that it's a bore and impossible to survive anything.

Think like a strange mix of DayZ and monster hunter, only with a shitton more players per server and a much bigger map. Also town creation would be cool, but not necessary. Persistent death is a must.
a 1st person melee-oriented game with good combat
Surviving various historical events like Columbine, the Holocaust, 9/11, etc. - too many hurt feelings prevent any of those from happening.
Over-the-shoulder view swordplay game taking place in an alternate timeline where guns and other projectile weapons never existed and cannot exist.

You move your character with the left stick, move the sword with the right stick, and rotate your character with the shoulder buttons. holding different buttons has different effects. you can dodge, deflect, block, slash and thrust by holding down a button and moving the right stick in any direction. the strength of your move is determined by how fast you move the right stick, and how well you time and place your moves. For example, blocking requires placing your sword perpendicular to a strike, while deflecting requires that you swipe a swinging blade away from yourself at the right moment. some enemies require that you strike in a very specific location or break their guard.

the speed of your animation and how fast you recover is based on what type of sword you wield.

a fencing foil is fast and light with quick recovery, but is best suited to thrusting and terrible for blocking, better for deflecting. can't stop a claymore. claymores are heavy and slow, but can break through most guards if you swing hard enough and can be half-handed as a decent defensive weapon. Other types also exist, like longswords, daggers, falchions, katanas, etc with their own unique skill requirement and style of play.

focused on competitive pvp but also features a full-fledged story mode where you roam a present-day city and take up a career. you can join the fencing police, street samurai, berserker gangs, military or several other factions, which comes with its own benefits and disadvantages.

The story is mostly focused on the world, and how different it is with everyone forced to take up swordplay and learn to fight honorably. you get to see how different war is with everyone fighting face-to-face, and how popular culture is influenced by the expectation to own and wield a sword. What would the world be like if guns never existed?
A game where you pretty much live a normal life - going to school, getting girlfriends, etc. but it's online, so you are "going to school" with the same people everyday and growing up.
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>Give me your best sounding game ideas no matter how unfeasible, unrealistic or even if it doesn't make 100% sense.
>unfeasible, unrealistic or even if it doesn't make 100% sense.
>or even if it doesn't make 100% sense.

Half-Life 3?
A game where you beat the shit out of women and the most violent gameplay clips are automatically uploaded to Tumblr.
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Third person adventure game. You are a time traveller from the distant future - after the earth has been destroyed due to reckless science.

A group of chrono terrorists are hopping back in time through Earth's history, trying to change it as much as possible. If they succeed then the Earth might not be destroyed, but everyone from your time period (including yourself) will be erased from existence. Your organization's job is preventing that from happening.

Your job is to track them down and stop them, with an emphasis on remaining undercover during each time period. You will travel to medieval China, industrial Russia, ancient Greece, 22nd century America, and stone-age Mesopotamia. You will have to blend in with the culture, while tracking down the chrono terrorists and stopping their plans. Typically you will have to take part in important historical events and interact with famous historical figures, without altering the timeline.

As you travel though time you will be able to acquire and use a variety of weapons and fighting styles, and can occasionally make use of hyper-advanced technology from your own time period (which seems like magic).
making it in unity right now
exactly what I was thinking of
An RTS/third person action game/stealth/dating sim (yeah)
The game has a calender like Persona basically and every month you go to war with a country but you can also take on smaller countries in between these big battles. War plays like an RTS but you can directly control any unit making it into a third person action game with swords, magic, and bows etc. Before you go to battle though you can infiltrate enemy bases and get to know someone with power. This is the stealth and dating sim segments. You sneak in there, get closer to someone in power by listening to their problems or ideals, and hopefully they join you or the war becomes easier because of that person's feelings for you. War will be extremely difficult so this dating sim segment is important. There will be multiple dating options per country but you can't max them all out. There's a optimal choice for each country too. Maybe you'll fuck the Queen but she actually doesn't have much political power so the best she can do for you is reduce the amount of troops you fight by a little. Stealth is important too. When you get caught sneaking in you have to try again some other time and you just wasted precious time. Each time you fail, security gets tighter to the point where you can no longer try. Stealth segments basically play like Thief and a bit of Dark Messiah.

So you got a month of preparation before you face a powerful country. Spend your days taking over small bitch countries to increase your army, sneaking into bases to bro up with kings and fuck queens(doesn't necessarily have to be those two and it can be the other way around), and take on powerful foes at the end of the month.
and have them stolen?

no thanks.
A sexy platformer with sexy gameplay, instead of the sex being just window dressing.
I have an idea about dance and performance on stage. It would be four parts.
Choreography Mode
Career Mode
Competition Mode
Freestyle Mode

Choreography mode would give you an empty stage and you pick a dancer, music, dance style. Then you choreograph a dance in a 3d space with a big "move list" or some basic animation alterations for custom moves. Moves would have inputs like a fighting game when you perform your piece, but slow moves would require slow movements etc. this could be uploaded for others to watch, or try to learn.

Competition mode would be two player arcade mode and you would battle competitively like street fighter or bust a move, although I imagine a more somber artsy feel like a classical ballet. I like the movie black swan and I picture losing would have your character go backstage and cry alone and if you win you bask in the glory of stage lights and roses

Career mode could be a 1 player story about a dancer trying to make it big in the city, punctuated by performances inter spliced with backstage drama

Freestyle mode would give you the move list and let you experiment with practicing moves, fucking around before going to the level design aspect of choreography mode.

Nintendo ripped off a shit ton of movies in the 80s , why no black swan ballet fight rhythm game?
This is actually really neat, solid job anon
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I have a pretty creative idea but I'm too scared to say it simply because most 1 person army developers would be able to easily make it and it turn out good and fun.
You're safe here. If you don't think so then hurry up and make it.
>Complex elements
>Ice is an element
>You think your opinion is complex and logical

Why not Darkness beams impact to Acid monster with max levels in Sugar and CocaCola starts to pour.
BUT if the monster is BlackColor-subtype, then he bleeds Pepsi.
If he is lemon-subtype, Sprite.
OrangeColor-subtype is best blood.
If any of my ideas got made I'd be overwhelmed with cozy feelings.
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You guys realize that someone in here is stealing all these ideas and developing them into video games, right?
Like anyone posting itt would ever make a game.
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