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Monster Hunter
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Monster Hunter Thread

>Favorite Monster
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>That Seregios&Azure Rathalos quest
Favorite monster is X
Is favorite because Y
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Any G rank players wanna grind out Talismans with me?

We will be using the Rathios sub quest version to gather fyi

>get Felyne Explorer with Fish/Wine
>gather all the Gold Ore
>get 2 rides on Rathios using the IG
>End via subquest

This seems to be the fastest way to do it and you can make about 300k z in about a half hour with decent luck.


Password 5522 .
>He grinds talismans
>He doesn't meld
>He thinks 300k in half an hour is a lot when fishing in Dondruma nets a fuckton more
>mfw Dalamadur

I don't even know where to begin with this guy.
You gotta get some good Talismans to meld to start, the money is just a bonus.
You get good talismans by melding, and in return you meld those to get gooder talismans.

Seltas Queen

The the double monster mechanic is cool as fuck and her design is sexy.
Anyone want to do some HR5 quests? Not just the key ones.
If you're down with doing the kitchen/wycoon quests too I'll join.
Relaxed Hunting turns, HR4/5/6 welcome. Need some money and want to clean up some of the non-key quests.

>"Rare Steak" has a rarity level of 1
>"Well-Done" has a rarity level of 2

This game doesn't make any fucking sense.
Are G-rank expedition monsters scaled down to one player or are they still 4 person strong?
I'll do whatever. I just want to do all the quests in each HR.

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>Need to farm G-Rank Gravios
>Decide to solo it since I only need one coma sac
>Everything's going well until Rajang shows up
>He doesn't give a fuck about dung bombs
>Follows Gravios everywhere
>Halfway through the hunt he goes fucking Apex
>Turns a 15 minute hunt into a 30 minute hunt
>Rajang ends up killing Gravios in the lava

I just wanted a coma sac
>No gathering halls found
I heard they're 30% weaker
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Farm HR teo with us!
What the fuck

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>tfw no mh4u on vita
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Post your comfy face when you live in Cheeko Sands, the best MH village
Sorry, was going to join this anon's >>286037932 room, I'll rehost


HR4/5/6 non-key quests turns n shit
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>when you're fighting the Dah'ren Mohran and on the final stretch you peg him with the dragonator and the main theme starts up.

Morale meter instant maximum.
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>tfw no MH4U on WiiU
That's the life.
G1 advanced quests! You need them done, don't you? Of course you do. Starting with the two frenzied Hermitaurs, moving on the the frenzied Tigerstripe Zam that you need to Wystones after this.

No pass because I'm so lonely
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mh rajang.jpg
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narga is still my favorite but Seltas Queen is the best 4U monster so far

I finally unlocked caravan Rajang and I'm gonna fight it for the first time since FU. I farmed final invitation enough to make the full set back then but I have no idea how much muscle memory I've retained from that time. Also I'm using HBG now whereas back then I was still a longsword scrub.
Only G rank darren has gotten close enough to the ship that I needed to use the dragonator

And's that's only because he starts right fucking next to it
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>that look at the camera
>shiny drop on shaggy
>its a gem
I forgot I even needed this for his edgy scythe

his armor is pretty sexy doe. dem wings

I don't often tear up in vidya but the first time that happened on Jhen, yeah. You had to actually know that fight to win in Tri because he would fuck that boat up hard if someone wasn't using the binder etc properly.

Dahren, I have no idea how you can even lose.
Did you get that Zelda armor and Master Sword yet? No?

Grinding event quests for anyone interested, come fuck shit up. HR7+ only

ID: 17-2787-2828-9055
Pass: 2468
Oops, it's 48-0607-5889-5912

HR5 Huntan
>be second born male in family
>father favored me, neglected older brother
>bro not the smartest
>bro pleb taste in music, movies, fashion, etc
>bro still my favorite person in the world
>introduce bro to Monster Hunter
>too difficult for bro
>painful how bad bro is
>triple carts during village quests
>bro still loves MH
>play MH online when bro not around
>all these noob-scrubs who are absolute shit at the game
>TFW find myself devoted to carrying them through quests, because they remind me of my bro
Here's the best tip I can give you
He's bullshit and took me 45 minutes solo with a rarity 6 weapon fuck that nigger bring a greatsword
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Do I need to be G rank for the Zelda stuff?
This game is so clunky and grindy, I've never understand how you people like this. I guess clunky and grindy is what makes monster hunter fun to you people, though

HR7 upwards.
True bro
What does the monster eco rating at the end of expeditions mean?
I wish GS wasn't a weapon that relied so much on armor skills to make it enjoyable to play

It almost forces me to go clownsuit mode

Meanwhile with Hammer I can have fun without clownsuiting, just wearing a good set with decorations and a good talisman
It's the chance of you finding a rare monster on the expedition.
well if you used it normally with combo swinging the skills like crit draw and focus wouldn't matter much since level 3 charges would only be for huge openings. its almost as if they want us to do that again with the new power charges
You get used to the Great Sword. It's one of the easiest weapons to use.
GS is perfectly playable without armor skills. Crit Draw/Focus just take it to meme tier.
I dunno man sharpness +1 / focus / crit draw just make the weapon
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>Just got mh4u
>Start with Charge Blade because I loved it in demo
>Play the fuck out of it
>150+ quest
>Decide it's time to change
>Try sword n shield
>Love it
>Try Insect Glaive
>Try Great Sword
>It's okay
>Try HBG
>mfw people respect the shit out of you online
>mfw they always let me pick the quest
I think GS and gunlance are the only two weapons that really require skills (maybe HH if you count Maestro as "necessary")

GS makes up for it though by only needing one raw weapon and not even needing elemental backups and chop off tails/break parts for days. Its probably the best weapon for soloing, with even an emergency block
Two slots open!
Shit, I'm really sorry guys my internet died.
a good HBG user is a godsend. any gunner really.
Those poogie animations during expeditions are cute as fuck

>pull poogie out of a rock
>fish for poogie cause it fell into a lake

we got it done

I've used HBG for a long time and this is the first game where maining it isn't a pain in the ass. Item sets are awesome.
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Thread images: 18
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