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So tell me/v/, do you have any other hobbies...
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So tell me/v/, do you have any other hobbies besides vidya?

You do right? You are not a gian fucking permavirgin loser who only plays videogames...right?

Nah but for real, any recommendations? vidya is just not doing it for me anymore

Pls mods be nice
Piano and guitar are all I do besides vidya, and even then I dont vidya much more these days
become a /mu/tant
>want to play Open world space game
>Everything is an RTS with linear missions or an arcade shooter with linear missions
Listen to hip hop while playing vidyas
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Is jacking off a hobby?
Run, but don't be a fag about it.
Freelancer, X, Evochron Mercenary, Starpoint Gemini 2, fuck, even Elite Dangerous.
Cutting your wrist is fun I guess
3D Printing/Modeling

I'd say writing but it's been more coming up with things to write instead of writing.

Would like to make some gmod maps at some point.
Drawing, but I'm fucking shit at it. I just wanna draw radical robots and dinos and maybe some lewds/
Vidya is my only mainstay hobby, I've floated around with plenty of others, though.

Currently I'm really into gardening. Gonna grow some sweet potatoes and carrots this season.
lift weights/active lifestyle
grad school
nursing depression
I play my piano.
I also go outside innawoods when I want to escape the civilization temporarily. Hiking and shit.
I like being alone
>TFW when born shit at art
>have all best ideas for porn
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A few instruments, drawing, camping, hiking
I'm still a giant fucking permavirgin loser

>Elite Dangerous

Why would I want to play an unfinished multiplayer spess game?



>Evochron Mercenary

Short as fuck.


C'mon anon
I've played guitar for over a decade and I make shitty electronic music.

I run while listening to hype vidya tunes and its fucking rad

It sucks the first two or three times you do it but then your body gits gud and its okay
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blog incoming.

I build models. Anything goes but it's mostly gundams. I'd consider myself pretty /fa/ conscious but they're pretty pretentious over there. Lately I've been getting into exercise and graphic design because I want to pursue it as a career choice. I'm even considering getting into the whole youtube thing and producing content like Satchbag but I'm not sure how I'd differentiate myself enough so it's mostly hanging.

Honestly, 5 months ago I was a fucking mess doing nothing but play vidya and watch chinese cartoons. masturbating too. The thing is, you really just gotta grab shit and start doing it. It's really that easy.

Gunpla brother! You in the /m/ or /toy/ threads?
My main nonvidya hobby is shitposting
jogging and working out
crossword puzzles
arguing about video games with strangers on the internet
Post it anon
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Get /fit/ like all the other normies on 4chan
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>I want to play a game!
Here are some games
>Not those games! The perfect game!

No wonder this board is just bait and shitposting now.
It's pretty bad.
Surfing or swimming. Things in water generally.
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I work in post production on TV shows, so in a way my other hobby is my job. Also going to the gym every day helps me not feel too guilty when Ill spend 6 hours playing a game.
We're all born shit at art, anon. It's just whether or not you want to put time into learning it. You can still do it if you put your mind to it and practice for possibly months on end before seeing improvement. That's why it's better to start early on as a child, when you really don't give a fuck how bad your drawings are. Getting into these things is really difficult as an adult, but it's possible.
Sick, what shows have you worked on?
writing music is literally the only reason i have not killed myself yet.

It's because those games are shit or old.

X is just a trading simulator. The combat is dull and lifeless.

Elite Dangerous is ..nothing. it's barely a game

I've already played freelancer. Not interested in playing it again.
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Its okay anon dont worry
Dude I can't draw a straight line or anything close my handwriting looks like a first graders no joke I am like Michael J. Fox without the shaking
Long-boarding. The intensify of going down a massive hill at high speed is intense and just feels incredible.

And even something as simple as cruising feels amazing when your drunk or high.

Drinking and socializing.

Recently trying to get fit because I don't feel healthy and I'm only fucking 24.

I've always had a fear of high speeds on anything that has a risk of fucking you up.
Think it might be from that time I went down a steep hill on my bike as a kid and greeted the ground with my face too hard.

How do you do that shit without breaking your body?
I'll make a soundcloud and post it, you're probably gonna laugh at it.
I play magic ...... At fmn and going to GP cleveland this weekend.
I also work out/ run when its nicer out (fuck ohio)
Try to mix working out in your day.... cut out the pop and youll find that in a couple of weeks youll feel amazing
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drawing (pic related)
working out
building random electronic projects (masters in EE)
traveling (just visited gatlingburg)
volunteering (makes you feel like less of a piece of shit when you help other people out)
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I just found this for you, anon.
Ignore that dude's lisp. Just remember, it's all about repetition. Think of it like getting experience and eventually leveling up. This tutorial is a decent starting point, but if you wanna go further, youtube is filled with thousands of others that you can search for. You can do it, anyone can.
luv u anon
not true, some people have a higher sense of aesthetics than others. see ISFP personalities
Lift weights, go hiking or rock climbing, play sports, watch movies, read books, get wasted with bros and fuck solid 7 sluts, learn an instrument. The possibilities are endless, broseph.
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I've been housebound for 7 years with brain problems. Videogames are all I have now.

I want to do something physical, but my fitness is worse than a 70 year old, I'm so unfit I can't climb my stairs without being winded and am as weak as a kitten. I don't know where to start.
well depending on your booard there is a limit to the type of hills you can go down, it varies.
Mostly, just don't go down a hill that your not prepared for and you usually won't get to messed up.
I've been doing it for 5 years and the worst I got was tumbling down a hill and getting a few scraps and bruises, also I was wasted.
Generally just use common sense and you should be alright.
I play guitar, working on my own game as well as work in a game company as a programmer.

Life is pretty good, almost perfect. I just lack a gf.
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Mostly in /toy/. I'm a scrub though, and I don't paint yet. So far I haven't fucked up on MG Geara Doga, so I'm pleasantly surprised with myself. Also built some Zoids.
With a bottle of jack, a gun and a bullet

I go out on weekends, go hiking, catch some bugs, study them, and pin them out for display.

Just recently I've started doing night hunts, where I take a generator, some work lights, and a white sheet to a park or property. String up the sheet, aim the lights at it, sit back and catch some bugs.

My mrs loves to join in
They post more tfwngf threads than fucking /v/. That place is filled with people who got fit but forgot to work on their autism.

That being said, working out is a good idea.
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