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Game Design College
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I should have heard you guys when I had the chance. But now, I'm on Game Design college or whatever the fuck it is called.
>LoL wallpapers in almost every machine
>complete autists everywhere
>people that act completely retarded and then say "hey it was a bait haha"
>the people on my team's dream is making a card game about memes

I dug my own grave, /v/
Your only escape now OP
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Richard Hammond.jpg
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I'm so sorry
Transfer to another school.
Take a dedicated programming/comp sci or art course.
"Game Design" is literally a scam targeted at the retard autists you mentioned.
>Game Design
You deserve it.
Just drop out and take some programming/art/music/whatever classes at a community college and design the actual game mechanics intuitively.

Not hard
We told you.
how about you go to school and get a degree in computer science

then get a job in computer science make some income till you have enough to start looking for a game development job
This except community college, you could be being taught by high school teacher equivalent professors in the us depending on where you are.
>in programming class right now
>there's a guy infront of me with an SAO rainmaker and a league of legends wallpaper

it doesn't change
Me too OP... I'm on my second year... at least they taught us how to use the unreal engine.

Luckily for me the 3DS Max I learnt can be translated into actual business. Try to apply anything you've learnt OP. You're not in your grave yet.
I seriously don't understand why game design is even a course aside from being an obvious scam.

You should know all the rules intuitively from religiously playing vidya for the previous 10+ years of your life so the only thing you need to do is just practise making your own games until you git gud, if you're just the idea guy then you can't do shit.
At least you have a chance of learning useful skills
Literally the same thread was posted yesterday
It is your own fault.

You chose this grave.
>not just sitting at home and learning RPGmaker or Unreal Engine
U dun goofd, retard.
you can get further in video games just by being a modder i think. what is schooling you on game mechanics seriously going to do for someone who plays games 24/7 anyway?
>what is schooling you on game mechanics seriously going to do for someone who plays games 24/7 anyway?
Literally nothing.
It's a honeytrap for autistic children.
why do you need classes to know that controls shouldn't be shit and shit needs to be balanced (or at the very least the way you want it)?
You will have this kind of people everywhere. Here in Germany every university is infested with 9gag browsing, Big Bazooper Faggotry watching normalfag memelords, even in "serious" study fields. If you like what you're learning, stick with it and learn to ignore them.
Does your school offer internships? If thats the case then that is what makes it worth it. Just fuck all classes, start brownnosing every guest speaker and focus 100% on building a stable portfolio and getting connections.

Other than that its the fastest route to the unemployment office.

Do one of these OP

If you're really passionate about wanting to make games you shouldn't waste any more time there
>did this in 2010
>all fat neckbeards
>one qt grill
>teachers gave her high grades for total shit and flirted with her all the time
>gave me shit for not coming to their lan party at 9 am on a fucking saturday
>never wanted to go out and grab a drink
>graphic tees

Outta there and going to an actual uni in September to study Multimedia.
well i know someone majoring in game design so its funny to me. but i cant judge im not really doing shit.
CC is pretty gr8 for getting skills m8.
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>Go to college.
>Take a Japanese course.
>The class is made up of a couple of autists, some cool dudes, and a bunch of niggers trying to fill a requirement.
>Our teacher is this qt Ara Ara~ Japanese lady.
>All of the niggers and most of the autists drop out because they can't memorize the kana.
>Sensei tells me I'm her favorite student.
>I ace the class.
>Drop out after that semester.
I miss her.
>an actual uni in September to study Multimedia
>an actual uni to study Multimedia
>game design school
Let me guess
You want to be the ideas guy
Want a tip if yo dont want to work at a gamestop for the rest of your life?
Take comp sci
Just do digital animation, ya jabroni
He's going to start on Flash and move up to shockwave.
They're gonna be flipping burgers when they're done.
If you program you basically have a guaranteed job because its such a broad skill, if you do art and don't suck then you can keep yourself afloat with commission work, if you do game design you have no useful skills whatsoever.

If I was running a studio I would NEVER hire a game design student, I would hire a modder that had actually made some good innovative shit and actually knew what they were doing.

Go ask pretty much anyone in the industry and they'll have the same opinion.
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>game design college

What exactly were you expecting? Adequate human beings?
>Go to Art School
>Has Game Design Major
>Doesn't fucking teach Game Design

Like, I get that design is a fucking stupid major, but at least teach the damn thing. What's the point of the major if you just teach 3D Modeling/animation. THere are better major's for these things

Also, SCAD is probably one the best schools for game design because they don't bother teaching stupid shit like game design, instead they try to teach skills like modeling and focus on that shit. Also has a big focus on making you marketable to studios so you can get a job right out of college
You've gone back into the cave Anon.

Either accept your responsibility as king of the blind, or flee.
That's one of the problems. A teacher is trying to teach us HTML for the second time, while other is teaching us how to use photoshop, while a third one is teaching us about "character design".
My college actually has a decent Game Design program. It's mostly learning with engines and 3D modeling, though the rest is useless shit like basic common knowledge about video games.

The degree won't get you a job but the skills can. You'll need to show your competence with your own work. Put together a portfolio or take advantage of Steam Greenlight and try to make a name for yourself
>He didn't go to glorious Nippon with Sensei
You fucked up.
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>A teacher is trying to teach us HTML for the second time, while other is teaching us how to use photoshop, while a third one is teaching us about "character design".
what the fuck
Literally everything you need to know about design is on youtube or polycount.com
Your entire course is a sham.
>Go to college
>Try out japanese and arabian courses.
>Teachers seem nice, japanese lady is also ara ara~ type.
>The class isn't filled with just autists, there's a lot of variety.
>Turns out I don't have enough money to sign up to any of them,

I missed an opportunity.

They teach the basics of pretty much all the standard programs you use in game design. Its not a specialized study, its an overview and you are expected to work in each facet of a game's development
I'm doing game design as one of my electives in my bachelor of science. my major is computing
I figured why not, it'll be easier than anything else I might do.
That's fucking awful.
Find a specialist course that can teach you shit you can't just find with a simple google or youtube search.
You are literally paying for a subpar equivalent to free step by step videos on any subject you could imagine.

>I figured why not, it'll be easier than anything else I might do.
If you want to waste your education thats your choice, you only do university once.
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>you will never have the power to implement something into a fully functional game just by thinking about it and clapping your hands
all those games
like tears in the rain
>you only do university once

Where can you only "do" Uni once? in Afghanistan?
Unless you're a trust fund babby then you're fucked if you do it more than once.
You will never ever work off that debt.
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>If you want to waste your education
I guess?
like, there's no way of knowing what will and what won't get me a job. Chances are, I'll have to go through re-education eventually anyway so I don't think WHAT I learn is so important as showing THAT I can learn.
like I said, it's only an elective, not my major. I'm just doing it for fun/it's what I want to learn/I'll probably wanna do game design anyway
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>Go to college
>Like computers
>Go for Informations Systems because it kind of sounds like a computer related subject, since traditional Computer Science is not available.
>Literally just enterprise level applications and databases. None of the interesting programming shit I hear about on /g/
I wish I'd taken multi-media arts instead.
I'm turning into a glorified accountant. Send help
>living in country that doesn't have government subsidized education
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Jesus christ, is this the kind of person the american education system creates?
i work for the government, they pay for it :^)
not american, try again. this time try to actually explain your point.
>Went to a so called prestige university for Computer science
>4 year course so nothing to out of this world
>the whole first year was how to work on presentation and powerpoint
>a whole year of that fucking shit
>Start to hear rumors of it getting worst
>drop the fuck out and just went to another for computer repairing and Networking
>went perfect and learned a few new shit, from hacking to making programs and repairing machines
>3 years later the guy that was back on the other uni dropped out a year later then me back wen I dropped because they were still on basic shit I already knew

His now a chef and I already graduated from my shit. Regret nothing
>3 years later the guy that was back on the other uni dropped out a year later then me back wen I dropped because they were still on basic shit I already knew

sorry man I dont know what youre trying to say there
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>Complaining about LoL wallpapers
>Complaining about autists
>Complaining about bait
>Complaining about retardation
>Complaining about memes

>Taking a course in GAMES FUCKING DESIGN

Dont call it a grave, its the future you chose
How does one get into college anyway? I did well in high school, but that was 5 years ago. I don't need to take a test for placement or anything do I? Or is it as simple as walking in, asking about what I'd learn from the available courses, signing up, and paying?
After I dropped out after serving a year on on the so called prestige uni, a year later of me dropping out a friend I knew also dropped out because what they were teaching was still basic and pure shit. I knew of this 3 other years later wen I found him walking to a store and talked to him.
>I'd learn from the available courses, signing up, and paying?

Yes. Other than that, you have to take an aptitude test to see if you know basic shit about Math, English, and Science. Some colleges won't accept you if you're not up to their standards.
Shit. I haven't studied in years, but I really want to start taking computer courses at college. I'm sick of working in a convenience store.

Also, is it possible to transfer from one college to another across the country? I'm also sick of living in this city, so if I could start here then move elsewhere when it becomes an option that'd be great. I seem to remember hearing about such opportunities in high school.
Apparently, syntax was not in the curriculum.
badum ts.
>Took Integrated Arts & Technology (basically a mix of compsci and art/design with a choice to focus on either one and get the relevant BSc or BA)
>Includes one mandatory game design course and one optional one
>Took both
>Was actually a good experience, met some cool people and had a good time
>Learned jack shit other than how to use Unity and UE, but whatever

Lucked out.

Surprising number of non-autistic weebs in those classes which was interesting.

>Game design

Sorry anon but >>287238718 is the only option you have left.
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Ahahahahahahahaaa! Faggot
File: 142627484256.jpg (27 KB, 302x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Studying electronical engineering & computation
>Bro at Mexico studying game design
>Bro gets interesting shit to do, like character and scenery design
>He even gets a team to create a game together. Looks fucking great. Animation a bit retarded tho
>While i'm here getting raped with these god forsaken vector spaces, boolean algebra and 2D physics

Well at least i'll get to craft robots, r-right?
What your bro's living is exaclty what I expected from Game Design. I guess he got lucky or something.
>not going STEM
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>Be PoliSci/Journalism Major
>My news classes are all women.
>Angry tumblr feminists.
>Every month, a feminist newsletter gets passed out.
>Every month, the teacher gets an awkward look on his face as objectivity is butchered.
>End up pulling ahead as those bitches squander themselves in self-righteousness and arrogance.

>Political Science classes are filled with dudebros who care about gains and Jesus.
>Teacher fishes for anything from these people.
>End up being the best writer in the damn class.

Welp, it's a pain in the ass sometimes.

At least I'm not an engineer.

>Gains and Jesus

Sounds nice, like what else do you even need in life.
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