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reliqua fungus - smash 4
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'tis Princess Peach, eh-hey!
she has skill, I must say,
quite formidable in battle--
her dair will make you pay,
her throws combo for days,
she's a girl on who you'll tattle
for she'll have you her own way.

~ehem, not in THAT way, mind you.
ah, now, where was I?

oh, yes! I know now--
The Princess has many moves,
most of which will flow

dairs connect to fairs,
throws connect to bairs,
mind you, her booty is not as big as before,
but kerfuffle with her bum and you'll be quite sore!

...I do hope she didn't hear me say that!
it'd be quite bad to face the Princess's wrath...

ah, but wot, there's more to preach
as there's great skill in our great Peach--
her fair kills early,
back throw is burly,
bair is quite surly,
but gets the job done.
her parasol bites
if you're very light
in which case you might
do best to just run!

...of course, that's no fun,
as her skill rivals none,
she needs quite a stream
of 'losers' to 'cream'!

...perhaps I'm too vintage for this new-age lingo.
maybe ole Toadsworth should dust off his staff?
work these old bones,
muscles with weak tone,
and join the fray with the Princess-- ah, she'd just laugh!

...but a toad can dream, can't he?
what a fag
File: tantum bufo.png (401 KB, 1024x1365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
tantum bufo.png
401 KB, 1024x1365
as the Princess is away, smashing,
I'm left with my thoughts thrashing,
my feelings inside gnashing,
as I'm all alone
and forgotten
as an old toad.

just old bones
all untauten
as an old toad.

oh, how I wish I could be young again,
when the Princess was just a child,
in the age of fungus, not men;
I praise the brothers, no doubt,
the services they provide not mild,
but still, I dream of when I could tout

of this toad's once great greatness.

ahh, but time is unstoppable,
my decay only probable,
not irreversible,
but always unsolvable.

time isn't cruel,
it simply is
and if I can't deal with that
then I never was anything.
File: efael.png (30 KB, 415x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 415x323
...hmm... wot.
so much lost, so much sought...
File: the lonely toad.png (293 KB, 483x660) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the lonely toad.png
293 KB, 483x660
so, I guess this is it
my whole life has amounted to this
I can't say I don't feel bad
because I do

in fact, I feel quite bad.
I wish I had done more,
saw more,
tasted more,
felt more,
played more,
fought more,
experienced more,
loved more.

and now, that I'm at the end of my rope,
I can look back at the things I should've done
and be miserable for it.

perhaps it's natural,
and it's not just me who feels it--
perhaps the Princess herself will experience it when she grows old and grey as I have,
and then with that thought I shall not be so distraught in my dying sentiments.

peace at last.



NO, this CAN'T be all!
I feel like shit!
Now, on my mortal fall,
this CAN'T be it!

there has GOT to be more!
there NEEDS to be more!
if I die like this,
I'll never feel I was worthwhile,
that my life was worth living--

there must be,
must be,

and if there isn't,
what am I to do?
or what if I find no reason otherwise?
will I truly die in this state of upset, this distress,

where did I go wrong...
what did I not do, that would had made me happy...
oh, the pain this causes is insurmountable upon my old freckled dome.

this, surely
it can't be all?
after all I've felt...

the end is so much less happier than the beginning
File: the end.jpg (32 KB, 900x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the end.jpg
32 KB, 900x600

I'm not really dying,
just inside
I feel quite dead.

I suppose now,
with the time I have left,
I can figure out how to cope with it.

but it's hard to cope with learning
that you should've done so much more
as fate is knocking on your door
asking you to jump into eternal unknown darkness.

maybe I won't figure the secret to becoming at peace with my existence,
as this old fungus isn't worth much in the end,
just a dutiful servant--
no matter how the Princess or the brothers may try to convince me otherwise,
I am a largely useless addition to a rather unnecessary aspect of life.

I guess I enjoyed it.

I mean,
I wish I could have done more,
but if my heart and mind can be at rest knowing I enjoyed myself during my time here,
albeit pitiful and however pathetic,
it's worth something to ME.

maybe I'm just convincing myself of that to allow my thoughts to lull,
but there's not much else to write if I go down that path.

well, I guess I'm done, then.

-- the moon is awfully pretty tonight. i remember when mario traveled there to gather some star, i think it was, or perhaps it was the princess? ohhoho, in my old memory, i'm forgetting things-- it certainly is pretty, though. i'm glad to have been able to see it tonight, in this gentle breeze-- the reflection and dim light it casts on everything is a nice subtlety, commenting on the slow but graceful nature of the night. i would like to ride on a moonbeam...

...oh, ? ...it's the princess. and the brothers. they seem to be returning from something, rather late. well, i'd better go greet them at the door and see if they desire anything taken care of.

i'd still like to ride those moonbeans and explore the night in all its mysterious majesty,
and chat with celestial creatures and gods of the skies,
but i hear the princess and her guests coming closer, now, to the door. they're chatting and laughing, quite gayly.
i have to say,
i'm quite glad to be able to see them
you're still a fag
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