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This has become a serious problem. So i really...
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This has become a serious problem. So i really enjoy playing For glory, mainly teams, but every so often this happens. Someone keeps on beating me(its usually really close) a few times in a row and im encouraged to defeat him, but at the end of a match where hes about to win AGAIN he taunts then leaves the room after the game.

This drives me fucking insane. I begin screaming and hitting things, breaking controllers, hitting myself and crying. It's really unhealthy for me because I can imagine something like this happening in real life and if i do this im fucked.

Please give me some advice i really love this game but things like this frustrate me so much i am really angry and take my anger out on myself and things around me. I even fantasize about killing the person who did it or getting them banned or something. I know i have problems but seeking therapy isnt really something i want to do
>breaking controllers
How many wii u controllers have you broken?
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>Actually breaking controllers over a fucking video game
Just turn your console off, and fap your anger away.
Do you ever run into those players bad, incredibly predictable and players that, for whatever reason, you can't beat?
That shit really gets to me.

I ran into a mac once who played smart, but only ever used smash attacks.
I was playing as G&W at the time, whose forward and back throws have mostly vertical knockback, making it very easy for him to jump back onstage.
Whenever I tried to attack him with a forward tilt or a smash attack, I was either out-ranged or ate his super-armored smash attacks.

I was salty for days.
Okay I have to let this out, I was dominating this faggot as my main and then he switched to my main and beat me just by using down smash and spot dodging. I don't know how to spot dodge and thats pretty much why I lost. I dominated her but at the end I got down smashed to death some how. I'm so mad.
Why are you playing For Glory when you're bad? Stick to For Fun, it's probably more your style.
>forward tilt or a smash attack
That was your problem. Do NOT challenge Mac on the ground because he'll win every single time.

Should have used bair. If you had to attack on the ground just spam dash attack. Even if he eats the hit you slide past him.

>I don't know how to spot dodge
Hold shield and press down
But how will I git gud without challenge?
A pile of salty trash will never get good. Even at a game aimed towards children.
Hi OP nice meme

Why the aggressiveness?
You don't have to be so mean, anon.
>opponent taunts as your main/whoever you're using is disoriented from having his/her shield broken

And I played 2 matches just now and got 2 stocked by 2 DIFFERENT Mario users
It's definitely weird how often I encounter back to back completely different people using the same characters. Sometimes I wonder if it's the AI playing instead. I know when people drop out sometimes it switches over to AI instead of killing the match.
I'll be nice when you get good.

So never.
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for call of duty.png
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>breaking controllers
Now I wonder who's fault that is?
yes. encountered a duck hunt that was that type the other day. he then left after he won. i encounter those people way too often
If anyone needs tip reply to this post with your problem.
>all these people responding seriously
anyway, this happened later this morning
>The dorf, up against a diddy
>his tag was "HOO"
>same fucking flowchart bullshit he pulls as a diddy scrub
>absolutely wreck his shit
>pull off a reverse warlock punch to finish off his last stock
>change my tag to "HAH"
Oh man, reminds me that I ran into a mario who kept dodging and try his hardest to win but ended up winning every time. He switches to sonic and were down to our last stock near death so I decide to stand perfectly still as he runs past me into a reverse forward smash. It was glorious. Also I was using samus.
I can tell what that Diddy did wrong too.

He did the approaching, which you should never do against Ganon (unless you have a banana).
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I would fucking kill for Sakurai to read this shit.
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Smug sluts.jpg
14 KB, 223x226

Reminds me of these two occasions where some great shit happened.

>Guy shows up, changes name to "GetRekt!"
>I'm Mac, he's Fox
>Two stock him easily (one of his deaths was an SD)
>Change name to "REKT"
>He leaves a moment after returning to the character select screen

Something similar happened again not long after.

>Up against Villager, playing as Mac again
>Lose match due to some careless mistakes
>Changes name to "XD NOOB" or some shit
>Stay as Mac
>Anally annihilate his Kirby
>Changes name to call me a noob again
>Destroy his Mac
>Switch to Falcon, do it again
>Asks for a "real" match
>Plays Bowser, SDs twice
>I leave

What fags. That was some of the most satisfying shit I've ever experienced in the game.
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how the fuck do you dodge one of these?

i was playing a nice match with someone, and then he switch to ness and couldnt do a thing.
i kept eating every single one of them, i even start atacking them but then he start reading my moves and i end up eating every single one of them anyways.
in the air i mean.
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