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MMO thread? MMO thread
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>Playing on Nost and loving in but Vanilla WoW is dated and get tiresome
>Heart of Thorns isn't out yet
> Final Fantasy costs money and leveling is fucking horrid. But classes are fun as fuck.
>Runescape got fucked
>Resubbing WoW and feeding Blizzard to play a facebook game

Should I try Wildstar? Is there any other worth while mmos out there?

Is there a new a decent Runescape 06 server out there?
Heart of thorns is legitmately exciting. The new class and specs are pretty fun for the most part. A proper pvp league system is great too, and raid content looks like it will actually be difficult.

I know I shouldn't get my expectations up, but I honestly can't help it. I haven't been hyped for a game in a really long time.
Rev feels great, Reaper is going to be amazing, Scrapper is even more Engineer fun. Mysteries look great too.

I'm excited, Anet had really stepped up their game
Abandon the genre for now annon.
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Any MMO with good bears?
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I second this
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Have about 80 hours in Wildstar since it went f2p, maybe 30 of those are at max level. My advice based on that is:

If you like PVE, Wildstar is hardcore. Doing even the first dungeon you unlock with randoms is borderline impossible, and later dungeons are literally impossible unless your team knows exactly what the fuck they are doing, when they are doing it, and where they are doing it. I haven't touched raids and I don't want to. It's just straight up too stressful.

If you like PVP, don't bother. Basically you need tons and tons of in-game gold to get the runes/amps/ability points needed to deal any damage at all. It's possible to grind solely off PVP to get all the gear you need to compete at a viable level, but it will realistically take you months to get all of it. You'll spend your time getting literally 2-shotted by stealthies and medics spamming the same 2 abilities over and over.

If you like RP, don't bother. Only ERP to be found here. And lots of it.
I just jump from one F2P MMO to another on the fly, playing for about a month at a time. Right now I'm back on Star Trek Online
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Is healing fun? Note the only fun I've ever had as a healer was Disciple of Kane in Warhammer online.
Came to take the time with a run down?
I thought that was a very large dick at first
Wildstar is absolute garbage, but it's free so you should try it and decide for yourself.
>friend quits nost, gives me his account
>use it to farm 2k gold worth of shit. debating moving it all to my own account. take break and forget about it.
>friends account gets banned, all the stuff is lost.
>still have my own account with a skullflame shield / destiny for my paladin to level with but im not sure if i want to keep playing though because my latency to frogland sucks.

>friend wants me to play rust, not sure i want to. ark has more shit to do anyways.
>kinda want to play elder scrolls online, but that shoddy feeling combat.
>kinda wanna play skyrim but id need to reinstall it and mod it.
just want a game to draw me in and make the time go fast for the next month before i start working.

op if you want a new mmo i would suggest ark. its only got 70 people per server max but its still good imo.
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MMO Endgame.webm
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this will be you in a year or so. Hopefully less.
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Oh yeah I forgot about ESO, I heard it got better. Any truth to that?
Healing is fucking difficult as all hell but fun. In PVE you have to spend your time running around playing whackamole trying desperately to keep up with the dps and tank running away from you, while also managing your extremely easy-to-deplete mana bar. In PVP, you sorta just faceroll and heal 3x the amount of damage anyone could possibly do to you.
you dont even need to give blizz real money to play wow any more.
\oh wait let me guess you are a poorfag that cant afford 25-30k gold every 30 days?

WoW is not worth real money any more.
if you cant pay with gold dont bother.
if you can and yet dont have a group of friends waiting for you to come back to play with dont waste your fucking time.
I got back into Firefall. It's been pretty fun. The world events are very fun and the community is pretty chill.
idk. I have not played it in a long time.
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