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shit you love in vidya
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>final boss is equal to you in every way
>flushable toilets
>working sinks
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>Dodge rolling
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>reload before the magazine is empty
>full mag +1 in the chamber
itt excuses for retards to post cropped hentai
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>you're able to do crazy shit

One of my favorites is to being able to throw your car in a helicopter by your own skill.
>A hallway is blocked by rubble from an explosion and not just a single couch or dumb shit any normal person could climb over.
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>he dosen't ahegao when playing vidya
You do t know what your missing out on senpai desu
Jokes on you OP, I know the source to all the gay stuff so your thinly veiled attempts at making my horny just fail.

In fact seeing AngStory just makes me depressed, it's like Otome Function but instead of shit never happening for reasons, it never happens because of Worst Korea's censorship laws.
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>Final Boss Music is a remix of the Game Theme
>Game OST has Violins and Saxophones
>Game let's you change the Voice Languages
>Game has shit-tons of Options in general
>Game has a Boss Rush
>Game let's you play as a Side Character/rival as an Unlockable
>Game has a Debug, Level Select, and/or Music Test mode.
>It's the final battle
>Things are looking bleak
>Villain about to win
>Suddenly Power of Friendship starts kicking in

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>Boss copies your stats
>Cheaters have to spend ages fighting a boss with their ridiculous HP level or a fight that can't end because they have an inf HP cheat on
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>you're just as vulnerable as every other enemy
>enemies can accidentally kill each other
>character who is far weaker in canon/lore than everyone else
>is fully playable
>their entire moveset is them clumsily tripping over themselves in different ways
>Badass mentor/veteran that's basically already a legendary hero joins your party
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>you can dodge/parry/nulllify every attack in the game if you're good enough

don't forget to put the source to your images as well
>gun smoke
>bare breasts
>final boss theme is metal remix of main theme
>final boss is equal to you in every way
And what boss would that be?
>other human bosses are faster, stronger och got more hp than you
>only way to win is with your own skills
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cropped 04.jpg
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>Character Creation actually lets me make attractive "thick" female characters
>Final boss is calm and stoic, without being edgy
>Any battle with soft orchestral music with violins or piano.
>A comfy moment in a game accompanied by calm music. (Besaid Island's theme in FFX is my MUTHAFUCKIN JAM)

>Any shit that breaks the fourth wall in vidja like Psycho Mantis
>You fight some alternate lesser form of the main antagonist at some point
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Most good things said make jizz every fucking time. Also

>semi-open world game where you can see player online characters walking around in real time without having to connect with them for pvp
>Think the game's breaking the fourth wall
>It actually isn't at all, but it tricked you into thinking it did, so in a way it's some kind of meta-4th wall breaking
Who is he talking to then? The ceiling?
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200% Motivated.jpg
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>Playing Muramasa on Vita
>Fighting Kisuke using Momohime
>Wants to do quickdraw slash
>Kisuke does the same, cancelling the damage
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>party member is outright weak
>has poor ass hobo starting and lower level gear
>stat growth is fastest
>high level gear is ballin as fuck
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>the boss is controlled by another player who thinks you're the boss
He was just talking to sissel in the spirit world
The final boss of Killer is Dead sort of did this but somehow managed to be piss easy. I guess the AI was just shit. Sucks because everything else about that fight was awesome.
>TG Cid Enter your party
What fucking game
>Getting that skill that essentially takes hours of your life to master in an RPG

>Proceed to steamroll everything in the game

>Final Boss can still kick your ass

Good times
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>game has a minor antagonist, either a mini boss or an early game boss
>played for comic relief, mostly does petty evil
>you beat them up two or three times throughout the game, maybe once more toward the end
>the sequel comes out
>they're powerful as all goddamn fuck and are a real piece of shit
>the game opens with them exercising their new power is an extremely unforgivable fashion
>you fight them again at the end of the game
>they're now a legitimate threat
>all comedic aspects are gone
>only a dead ass serious antagonist remains
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>bad endings if you aren't good enough at the game
>it never happens because of Worst Korea's censorship laws.
Wait really? That's why we haven't got anymore?
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Thread images: 24
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