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allant based god.jpg
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>pvp is empty, they posted
>there aint no action, they said
>people spam grass, they said

100 hours later, and Im slaughtering shitloads of people with my halberd in tower of latria.
Fags cant heal when their stunlocked...

or falling to their death

Souls is great
anyone wanna sit by the archstone/bonfire and share some stories?
co-op has also been pretty active in demons too, been summoned a few times
>was invading in tower of latria,
>ran into some poor guy with a stilletto.
>killed him a few times.
>Later, he starts summoning phantom for help
>They ascend the staircase towards maneater thinking Ive run away from them that way
>Was hiding behind the staircase the whole time
>backstab and knock host off

I felt bad after killing him about 6-10 times, so I stopped invading
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>did some based co-op in 1-4, at blue dragon.
>dragon kept switching between host and me.
>I had a million holy arrows on me, host had a bunch of fire arrows.
every time dragon switched to host I lured it back to rampart

felt good
Id also really like to know what the "meta" in demons is

So far Ive just stabbed fuckers to deth with my halberd, slamming it through their shields to inflict guard break.

Ive killled a bunch of dbs and greatsword users, and only lost to people who buff dark.

This is easier than when I was red orbing forest invaders, or playing arena in DaS2
Don't succumb to the meta. Just do what you like.
welp, pure str and halberds/axes it is then
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223 KB, 1920x1080
Penetator is identical in moveset to pursuer imo.
I might build a character to use his sword, even if its useless as fuck

I did the same last time I played and as cool as the sword is you seriously gimping yourself, much more than with other theme builds. The only way to make playing the build not a chore was to only use the sword as a backup weapon on smaller enemies. The damage is just so bad
bu---but the PENETRATION
i checked the stats, and holy shit, its bad. this is a worse joke weapon than pickaxe DaS2
>not realizing that DS3 betas are being released
>not realizing that DS is on the rise simply because of DS3's imminence

You bought at a good time mate, but people are just practicing for the new game mostly.
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How many invaders are scraping spears?

Every time I see someone start up Demons the first invader usually has a scraping.
I suppose its time to reap the benefits then
havent seen too many, though I did just kill co-op with one a little while ago

Why did they have to bring back backstabs in DS3. Also the guy's voice is still the same, same grunts from 2011
At the time of this posting there are 165 players in demons souls, with about 30 in tower of latria.
Also there was a recent 'return to demons souls' event so people are running through the game again, any other time of the year the game is sub 50 people.
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277 KB, 1366x768
I did duels with gibbed and all the other watching the stream, was pretty fun though I'm not too great at des pvp.
Halberds are newbie-destroyers in Demons Souls. Until you fight somebody decent at PvP, or get ganked 3 vs 1, you're guaranteed to win. All you have to do is spam R1.

But if you try it against good players you'll get parried and wrecked.
I am one of those 30! killed SO many people as an old monk summon.
thank you based halberd!
I stopped playing for a good bit since I plat'd the game with the help of an anon through a trophy thread. I might go back to actually do invasions someday.
how/where do you see those stats? I kinda wanna know where to invade....
twitch tv/gibbed
Im really really close to plating myself, gonna solo it all. been really fun, especially since I havent used a guide.
on ng++

figuring out how to get yuria was such a bitch

There's a stream on twitch, don't know where he's getting them from though >>315599346
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demons is the comfiest game to pve in.
i don't know why i usually go solo in the other games, but i just can't into it.
it feels like the bosses are either not to big a deal to solo, or are such a threat that co-op isnt taking too much away from the experience.

Allant and dragon god are 2 extreme cases of this
tfw no one uses the dragon bone smasher
killed a dude who was using it in 1-4 earlier.

Instarekd by my quality winged spear
File: gehehe.jpg (71 KB, 500x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 500x461
>winged spear
My nigga. Used it whole game on my first playthrough - godlike weapon.
Where did he get those?
File: 1434606712961.png (306 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
306 KB, 633x758
that feel when Valley of defilement is so painful as a zone, but its bosses are easy as fuck.

File: 1422751090927.jpg (167 KB, 730x1095) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167 KB, 730x1095
beautiful weapon, pierced so many enemies armor with it

Shield+spear is great in pvp as well
>first time playing
>hey this game's kinda tough
>slog my way to 1-2 dying all the way
>finally get to tower knight
>die a few more times
>finally knock him down
>lands on me and kills me
good times.
i wish i could forget everything and start from scratch.
no joke, when i first got to 5-2, i ended up spending the whole day there.
started feeling ill after a certain point and i almost threw up it was so terrible
Creighton did nothing wrong

This picture needs the other dude
its worse in playthrough 2... so soso soooo much worse.
Bring a bow or run through everything... dont even try to fight
there truly is no point in that hellhole...

fuckin DaS and DaS2 fans think blighttown/the gutter is rough?
they have no idea. no fucking idea
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Ok so I've been playing Demon Souls for the first time

I killed Phalanx but then got my ass handed to me first by the dragon and then by the tower knight after I got past it

Should I just try one of the other levels? What order am I supposed to go to these in?

>you died
try the mines, they are the next easiest area.
bring a weapon that can stab or magic.
Try World 2 (Stonefang Tunnel) or World 4 (Shrine of Storms) and see how you go.
Thanks I'll try World 2 next then
Creighton is an implied murderer but has a soft spot for the player. All he does is mock you when you get caught by one of the other guys traps.
he is definitely the yurt/lautrec archetype of the game.
he just doesn't fuck you over.
they probably wanted you to suspect him, but 2 was so half baked they didn't do enough with them to make a good story.
>#of people Ive killed with my halberd in DeS tonight = 28
># of times ive died = 5

keeeek gg no re

and every single one spammed heals
File: Adjudicator.jpg (23 KB, 500x381) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 500x381
>there are people ON THIS BOARD who never played Demon's Souls
File: neato.jpg (412 KB, 1923x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
412 KB, 1923x1080
>there are people on this board right now who think Demons and bloodbourne and Souls arent connected in anyway, despite from reusing both tropes and lore in each
Evidence: the yellow king/old monk/ king jeremia and the tower of latrias reference to "the dark souls"
Is this the worst area in any Souls game?

DeS and DaS were challenging, but this is just bullshit. Not even fun.
It's decent with 3 summons

Alone it's complete bs
I never found the boss after wandering around that area for about three hours. You go from like a small building, to a bigger building, then another building and then I didn't know where else to go.
Confirmed by FromSoft to be separate universes. Stop trying so hard lorefags.
just keep going forward after that last building.

You'll come across a valley
Doesn't summoning make the boss even harder?
The sun needs to be in the top left corner of the screen, then just keep running forward until you hit a wall.
depends on the boss

but yeah he is right, that part of the game is completely horseshit
It'll always be easier just by the fact that you have friends that will distract and hit enemies as well.
>Playing Dark 1 as my first Souls game
>taking a shot for every estus
>Exploring Blightown is maximum comfy
>First death jumping for the Iato
No regrets
confirmed from shill and lorefag shill for believing that the universes arent on in the same.

From just doesnt want people to notice all the assets they keep reusing
Its gotten to a point where I dont trust any of those "lorefags"
remember when people thought the ancient dragon in DaS2 was Aldia?
yeah, people blindly assume shit over and over.

I dont trust FROM either when it comes to handling lore, since they perpetually retcon things, or make claims
that their games are not interconnected, simply in an attempt to hide how many resources they reuse and recycle throughout all their games

Anyone that cant see the games are connected both mechanically, and Lorewise are
A. From Shills that take everything FROM says as Canon, even though from only pulls
crap out their ass to make reused material seem "new"

B. Lorefag shills that listen to shitty youtubers making assumptions and take their opinion, which they HAVE to THEIR credit STATED as OPINION
as fact, which it most certainly is not
Great old one, Demons Souls = 4 Great Old ones dark Souls 1 & 2
Shattered archstone in The nexus of Demons Souls is stated at the VERY BEGINNING of the fucking game to be leading to "Land of Giants" aka. Anor fucking Londo.
King Jeremiah.
Fucking King Jeremiah, the Yellow king.
Yeah. Present in every Souls game ever, using the same strategy of magic/pyromancy and light melee weapons.
Always dealt with as an invader/human parryable/backstabbable opponent.
Fuck, anons, theres even a "Phalanx" enemy in the area Jeremiah inhabits in Dark Souls.
Phalanx is the first fucking boss of Demons Souls.
The reference to "The Dark Souls" in Tower of Latria by Sage Freke in Demons Souls.
Demons Souls References "Dark Souls" as possesing humans, causing fear, paranoia, and insanity
The yellow king is stated to have travelled off to a faraway land, and returned fully possessed by such a Dark Soul.
This is all ingame by the way, no opinion from me
Bloodbourne of course referenced "Umbasa" which is Demons Souls through and through, an phrase that is the same as saying "Amen"
some examples where from reuses assets

(in example, boss/enemy movesets, Such as
Penetrator, Demons Souls = Pursuer, Dark Souls 2 (Full Reuse, they are essentially the same boss)

Adjucator, Demons Souls = Nito, Dark Souls & Great old Dead one/The Rotten, Dark Souls 2

Old Hero, Demons Souls = Smelter Demon Dark Souls 2 (partial moveset reuse)

False King Allant, Demon's Souls = The Lost Sinner Dark Souls 2 (Partial Reuse)

Yellow King Jeremiah, Demons Souls = Zanthous king Jeremiah, Dark Souls =Zanthous King Dark Souls 2

Maneater(s), Demon's Souls = Gargoyles, Dark Souls, Belfry Gargoyles Dark Souls 2

Armor Spider, Demons Souls = Dukes Dear Freja, Dark Souls 2 (Partial Reuse)

False Idol Demon's Souls= Darklurker, Dark Souls 2, Pinwheel, Dark Souls 1 (Parial Reuse)

Manus, Dark Souls = Cleric Beast, Bloodbourne (full reuse, blatantly full reuse)

Capra Demon, Dark Souls = Black Skeleton Demons Souls

Also, Dark Souls AND Demopn's Souls have the EXACT SAME tutorial boss, from the moveset to the functionality of his weapon, asylum demon and lead demon, they are identical in EVERY aspect.
File: shining-armor.jpg (133 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB, 1920x1080
dont get me wrong, I fucking LOVE souls.
but you'd have to be blind to not notice all the connections between the game, swept under the rug because FROM wanted people to grab up their new product, DaS, while ignoring the mistakes they made in DeS.

They dont care as much about lore as much as they do marketting.

Which, honestly is fine by me, because it fucking works.

However, as a result, dont take FROM softs word on everything.

Lets see where DaS3 goes.
and dont forget PATCHES.
hes in EVERY fucking game ALWAYS with the SAME voice actor, and kicking you down the SAME pit.

Full havels armor is just a reskin of brushwood armor from Demons, also theres the same requirement to beat a number of "great demons" before having to fight a severely gimpy "true king"

Allant and Gwyn lord of cinder are identical in this aspect.

blatant reuse of characters, tropes, etc.

Though I wouldnt have it any other way.
So, you're saying that all the Final Fantasy games take place in the same universe as well?
File: 1423526810159.jpg (474 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"Im here... to keep the candles lit"


actually they do, and they are connected by the rift and, canonically, gilgamesh.

Square enix confirmed that btw.

Have you been living under a rock??
File: 1420064963584.jpg (240 KB, 1024x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>doesnt know FF CANONICALLY are ALL in the same universe, with worlds crossing over via a convenient "rift"

fuck, Gilgamesh pulls out a goddamn buster blade and tidus' sword, and squalls gunblade in FF12.

All canon by the way.

Dissidia duodecim is also canon.

you vidya illiterate swine!
seriously though, duodecim is awesome, id suggest emulating it, its Smash bros for FF fans.
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Adding infinite world theory in the background doesn't change that they're all different worlds.

Your ranting is really autistic btw.
>anyone that prooves me wrong is an autist

not how discussions work, kid.

you claimed they werent in the same universe.

Thats wrong.
Also it has nothing to do with souls
> Patches

Jesus Christ

There is a difference between connected lore and a recurring joke character.
Actually its up for debate whether they are in fact different worlds.
Some worlds have the same continent structure and technologies.
There are some entries in the series that arre in the same world, but at vastly different times.

but remember... its just a THEORY....
but definitely a canon one.
I guess glad I'm vidya illiterate because that all sounds really dumb
Patches aint no joke, have you seen the greatshield and spear setup that bald kojak nigga uses?
Fucker sure aint no pushover!

also patches is just one character, how you gonna explain jeremiah?
or the fact that Demons Souls states the "great old one" might not be the only "great old one"?

Also the shattered archstone leads to land of giants. its in the opening 20 seconds of the game. none of this shit comes from me, im just repeating shit thats in the game.

if not a lore connection, its just a blatant reuse of the same story elements.
Essentially, Dark Souls is just a rehash of demons.

then again, it doesnt matter, so long as we get more oversized swords and invasions, imo.


YES, YES it IS because Square enix are niggers that cash out on nerds attachment to their self-referential franchise.

its not just fucking dumb, its outright sloppy how much they kick their cash-cow.

The only thing thats kept Final Fantasy afloat is that the battle system changes every entry, and they prey on peoples nostalgia.
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179 KB, 386x424
Can you deplete the enemies in that area? It's fucking impossible to just run through.
seems to be getting a little slower right now though. could get busy as hell during the weekend.
ahh, I have 7 oversized turbans from the pvp summoning at tower of latria.

halberd 2 OP gg no re

all my worlds are at pitch black tendency. I have no regrets
halloween is over
ok if what you say if true i'll log on friday night and take a peek
>Arguing against the game being dead shortly after the Return to the Nexus event the twitch streamers hold, in which everyone starts a new Demon Souls playthrough
How active is Demon's Souls online?

I see people running around here and there, but there are no summon signs/invasions.
You meant to say Firekeepers sound like the Maiden in Black, pleb.
Some guy invaded me in 4-2, poisoned me and then just ran away, over and over again.
Best final boss in the series.
but.. thats what he said?

Speaking of which, whos the new fire/maiden/doll waifu gonna be in DaS3?
kek, if you have an adjucators shield and regen ring, you heal faster then the poison can hurt you.
>this is how I got through valley of defilement ;_;
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