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Last thread>>83979553

>P4DAN delayed until 2015, primarily worked on by P-Studio but Dingo still assisting
>NA release date for PQ is November 25th, Japan was June 5th, Europe is November 28th

>General Persona Guide
>Persona 1 Guide

>Starter websites to learn:

>Art, Guides, Music and more (Persona only, contains P4U/P4U2 story transcripts and sprite/texture/script rips)
>Artbook, soundtrack, manga, and other downloads (Persona and SMT)
>P4 Dengeki Comic Anthology
>Persona/SMT image collection






-P4U2 English Patch + DLC Unlock- [Retail Ver.]

-P1P Music Unfuck Pre-Patched Iso-

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For positive thinking
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best couple.png
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Xth for best couple.
>Catherine was not a big game
Except it was? It topped the charts right on its release week and they say the sales were next to 500,000 (in both japan and america) so I'd say that's pretty successful if you ask me. It wouldn't surprise me if P5 followed the same route
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>Bufu misses Hanamura
>"That was COOOOOOL, Yosuke"

fucking teddie
That's not what I meant
I meant there's not a lot to the game
You got the bar and the nightmares and that's basically it
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>Minako's OTP is with Shinji

I'm okay with thi-

>Minato's OTP is with Mitsuru

Pic related.
Ah, my bad. You're saying that since it wasn't a long game a lot of focus could be put on models and stuff, right? Well, it sure make sense. That's too bad... (now I'm wondering whether I'd want a shorter P5 with decent visuals over longer P5 with average-to-bad models)
In terms of Persona 3, I've only played Persona 3 Portable.

Is it true that in the vanilla Persona 3 game, you CAN'T control your team mates?

If so, how the hell does that make sense? Wouldn't you be at the mercy of the game's AI?
So if Door-kun has 20 hp left, and Marin casts Mitsuru Karin, prepare to load from your last save.
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People who like/post/play (character or game) are just the worst.

In P3 Vanilla and FES you give teammates general commands like "heal" or "full-assault."

>Wouldn't you be at the mercy of the game's AI?
Yeah, but it's not like they're useless or something like that.
People joked around a lot at mitsuru using "marin karin" instead of healing and stuff like that but I bet those same people couldn't care less about changing the goddamn tactics.
I never had any problems with vanilla-P3 team members (unless they were charmed, of course)
Even if it's not as bad as some other people say it is, it's still annoying to have to be at the mercy of RNG.

P3P's move towards full party control was a step in the right direction.

Don't know why the hell they didn't have direct commands back in the original P3.
They wanted the cast to feel like separate characters.

I'm on the fence. On the one hand, I can appreciate this. On the other, inputting tactics is annoying, especially in smaller battles. In boss battles it's one thing, but using them in minor skirmishes is annoying. The end result is I largely just made sure that MC could kill most things instantly so it was mostly meaningless.
You need to get good
I agree that it's a good feature to have but I can see why they didn't think about it at first. I mean, having your leader shout generic commands to you sounded "realistic", but omnisciently hopping into their minds and controlling their movements would be weird, right?
Getting good at using a shit mechanic doesn't stop it from being a shit mechanic
>There are literally people who used a party in AI Roulettesona 3
AI control over team mates was a silly idea. I can't think of many other games that had that. I believe FF 15 will be AI control and Noctis is the only controllable character, but thats all i can think of.
Lightning Fantasy 1 had AI controlled party, too.
>inputting tactics is annoying, especially in smaller battles
I'd say it takes the same ammount of effort (if not less) as controlling each party member? I mean, you can't always press auto into every battle because of some enemy resistances and whatnot
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For best girl
>Not having Marin Karin every fucking time
Why do you hate fun?
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>has the perfect body that is the peak of feminine fertility and sexual desire
>still a kissless virgin before meeting Makoto

I find this very hard to believe.
Because you're an idiot.
You think that before meeting Makoto this beautiful, popular, intelligent and rich girl had any time to do anything other than study and honor the kirijo family's expectatives/reputation?
Wasn't she more the "I'm scared you'll have me assassinated so I'm nice to you" type of popular?

Also, bitch doesn't know how to eat a burger, no wonder she's a virgin. Bitch can't handle meat.
>but omnisciently hopping into their minds and controlling their movements would be weird, right?

It would, but I guess it's necessary considering that some of the minds of these team members are retarded enough to do shit like attempting to charm a giant monster while one tickle away from death.
Part of that issue is it takes the exact same amount of work as direct commands, but gets you less results. The end result is battles are less efficient, which bugs me.

I get what they're going for, and I can appreciate it, but it can also be a pain sometimes.
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For Kindness
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I want to protect that pout.
Goddamn it, Yuko, ask me out already so I can finish your fucking S. Link and move on to another girl.
Like >>84050710 said, you're no less retarted for not choosing your tactics accordingly. You deserve every game over
>You will never have a daughter like Nanako who you can neglect until she is almost murdered by GAWD in a bizarre TV world, with your awkward partner being responsible for it, and just saved in time by your nephew who might be gay since he is around this weird blue haired detective boy all the time, instead of just porking that slutty idol, or the girl whose parents own the local inn, or an obnoxious loud tomboy.
>slutty idol
Slutty doesn't necessarily mean she's a slut
You act slutty if you wear revealing clothes and flirt a lot, even if just with one person
Rise isn't a slut, but she's slutty
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Why didn't she make use of her manslave, then?

You know, to "relieve stress"?

If you know what I mean!
How do I git gud with Akihiko in Arena?
Learn to get in and force them in a corner. Then just go crazy. I wish I could be more specific but I don't play aki
I was going to make fun of you for oversexualizing things but the truth is that I would have liked that very much
>instead of just porking that idol, people call a slut but who is actually a pretty nice and down to earth and [anit-slutty adjective] girl
File: bddata+05959+sg135.png (2 MB, 2048x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2048x1024
Try to get in, make them block shit and try to open them up. Try to pressure without going into cyclone since it limits your options.

Akihiko doesn't really have a high/low game or even a way to force people to block low since his 2A is mid so you'll pretty much be trying to frametrap and throw them.

Learn your combos, Akihiko's damage is where he shines and his setup is a lot better this version.
I want to "meat" Akihiko at the beef bowl place.

If you are going to post shitty shipping faggotry can you at least use new pictures. I'm sick of the same three ones every thread.
Also MC never loved any of the girls and that's the only canon thing.
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Rape Time.jpg
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>it's still annoying to have to be at the mercy of RNG
It is. Golden was my first Persona and it frustrated me, because I missed the time Yosuke offered you to assume direct control of him and suffered till I got buttraped by Kunino-sagiri. Felt like Stupei when I had to check for advice and found out you can control your party.
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I always try to use different ones
That's the first time i post that image
She made use of him. How else would he know about the executions? Her way of relieving stress is different than our ordinary vanilla.
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