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Last thread >>92459762

>Persona Super Live 2015 concert is on February 5th, 2015
>Midsummer Knight's Dream BD releases March 11th, 2015, Falling Down in theaters April 4th, 2015
>P4U2 2.0 released in arcades on January 15th, 2015, console release date unconfirmed
>P5 still scheduled for 2015 in both Japan and NA

>General Persona Guide
>Persona 1 Guide
>Persona Q Guide
>P4U2 Golden Arena Guide

>Starter websites to learn:
[YouTube] Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Intro Tutorial
>P4U2 2.0 change list

>Art, Guides, Music and more (Persona only)
>Artbook, soundtrack, manga, and other downloads (Persona and SMT)
>P4 Dengeki Comic Anthology
>Persona/SMT image collection



For the Youtube Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Intro Tutorial didn't copy properly so here's the link
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Best VR Attendant
why is aigis such a slut?
Young Shota Margaret?
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Was just about to chastise you for forgetting, gj correcting that
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For Kindness
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She isn't. She is a boring shoehorned cliche, but not a slut.
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Yeah, my mistake. My plugin automatically converts Youtube links into a form that doesn't copy properly and I was focused on erasing the (embeds)
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For Idols
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>shoehorned cliche
The PC term is "Rei clone"
For quality
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>igor is the grandfather
Well, she's short, has a fondness for blue, only has a grandfather with a lot of money and connections, and somehow seems to know more about the case initially than she really should.

But I don't mind Rei clones. I mind robots where they don't fit. Non human autistic girl is not the problem, the problem is anime magic toaster.
The human toaster fits in pretty well considering all the bullshit surrounding her.
Aigis isnt the first anime magic in persona, and wont be the last.
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For cuteness
it's time

How does she? There is no other tech or sci-fi stuff but her. Everything else is related with monsters or souls. I'm willing to take anything related to that, like sentient shadows. But not high technology in our era that isn't explained at all and keeps being a plot point but never offering any sort of explanation. "Oh a robot, cool" "Oh robot sealed monster in child, cool" "Oh robot cries, so moving" She is supposed to make the plot advance but does so by filling it with more questions than answers.
can i vote for marie ?
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Marie isn't a student. She can't be the class president.

Exceptions may be made for toasters.
I hope not.
I wonder if they block gaijin IPs
Anyways, now we will have the most official and recent popularity poll, though P4G only. It's nice they let you vote not only on S.Link charatcers but even Kashiwagi, Hanako and Edogawa, but I doubt best girl Fox will get many votes
I'm curious why are they asking too. The other poll is probably for P4D since they ask about music.

It's about p4g anime, what do you think.
There was robot bullshit in P2.
And robot bullshit is by far more appropriate than the worlding ending, dream world traveling, TV entering, dark hourering BS that the series does anyway.

I dont know why you're so caught up on the Ghost in the Machine girl.
Regular P4G, not anime
For best theme in Persona Q

Man, I'm so excited for DAN just for the soundtrack

Everybody should submit something on these polls, every vote could count.
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Yelling idols.png
66 KB, 522x559
>Man, I'm so excited for DAN just for the soundtrack
Its nothing but remixes of P4 tracks so far though.
Thats disappointing as fuck

And P2 had the rumor system that made weird things be able to happen. P3 is "they were so evil they created robots with SCIENCE!"
And no, it's not more appropriate in the context of the story. Even the creators said they put her there just because robot girl in the last moment.
but then it wouldn't be an all jap poll and it would have inaccurate results
I have no idea what though.
At first I thought it was only P4G, like characters, so I was about to vote for Snowflakes but then I noticed it's Persona in general.
I don't know. There is too many.
There's only been like one or two songs in the trailers though. P4 only has a few vocal songs on its soundtrack, I'm sure there would be P3 music in it and some new songs.
The 1 fumitsu story thats happened only confirmed P4 songs.
And we've only seen P4 characters mentioned, let alone shown.

DAN will probably end up being more P4 centric than even Arena was.
But yeah, I really hope it doesnt.

I would rather have it be P4 only than having the P3 characters presented as clowns again.
I'm sure there will be inevitable DLC either way so that could be P3 music
For a new day!
For Justice!
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Yeah, wouldn't want Junpei looking silly now, would we?
Id rather SEES show up like clowns than have to play nothing but P4 songs.

Which no doubt will be half Reach Out for the Truth, or Ill Face Myself, remixes.
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Remember to say no to a sexualised MC!

Yeah because I totally meant Junpei.


SEES not showing doesn't necessarily mean having nothing but P4 songs. P3 had P1 and P2 remixes and no P1/2 character showed.
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P4 Chihiro Vector.png
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>P4 Poll
>Can still vote for 伏見 千尋
Thank you based Atlus. May Justice prevail!
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Sorry. I meant Fuuka. Can't have her doing anything ridiculous.
P3 had 1 P1 song, and 2 P2 songs, and only as the FES Fuuka optinoal radio thing.
That hardly counts.
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File: 1325654055973.png (2 MB, 787x2362) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 787x2362

But that's the only thing he is good for.
Never not sexualize MC
Oh god, I didn't need to see that.

Stop sexualizing blue jesus
he died for our sins
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