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You've been put in charge of GEN VII.
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You've been put in charge of GEN VII.
Stat names of the games and how many details you want. Be creative vp.
Please no bullies
Can't believe people were actually getting excited about that leak. It seems so silly now, but back then there was something so interesting about it.
Pokémon Frank and Earnest.

Takes place in a virtual simulator, lots of digimon references.
pokemon fart and burp
Pokemon Poo Pokemon Pee heehee
Pokemon Sky and Earth
The two games feature regions that are vastly different to accommodate the divergent themes.
Two box legendaries are Flying and Ground type respectively.
Evil team is trying to crash the moon into the planet for some stupid reason.
Some battles take place in space.
Cosmic type becomes a thing. Third legendary is a Cosmic type.
>Sky and Earth
>What are Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Ruby
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Pokemon Cock and Pokemon Twat
Pokemon North and Pokemon South
> Pokémon Sun & Moon
> Region is South-Asia (entirely, Indonesia included)
> Theme is night/day cycles and stuff, it’s more lore-dense than usual, a lot more
> 179 new mons (bringing the total to 800)
> Baby mons and cross-gen evolution make their comeback in heavy dose (like GEN II) to kinda complete the holes in the current dex
> But there are only 5 legendaries (box duo + a trio of 600pixies as event mons)
> The entire pokédex is adjusted. So every Pokémon gets a BST, ability and learnset (with total revision of abilitydex and movedex too) check, with most making changes to bring some order to it (the one we have now it’s only a patchwork of different eras). The objective is to make balance.
> Sound is a type now and the entire type charts is rebuilt from the ground up to make balance.
> Megas are rethought and are the post-game quest (some are not megas anymore but simple evolution, albeit with the right changes - think of Mawile), but a lot of new evolution are introduced as well. The idea of having a signature Pokémon more powerful than the others is cool but needs some rethinking.
> There is no evil team and the game is rebuilt as a series of various quests during the journey of this guy to become the pokemon champion (as the beginning of the series)
> The region is much larger than the previous instalments (think of all the japans region combined)
> Pace is Kalos Gym1-Gym2 for all the game, even more. And there are tons of quests after the league too.
> Every pokemon is in the game besides the event ones, every legendary has its own quest (maybe with the trios/duos together obviously)
> Salt and Pepper
> One and Zero
> Hot and Cold
> Dance and Sing
> Pop and Corn
> Milk and Honey
>This Version
>That Version
>Pokemon Biggie and Smalls
>Can do rap battles between trainers
>Massive dating sim elements with all NPC trainers, gym leaders, elite four and champions from all games
You had me till
>> Sound is a type now and the entire type charts is rebuilt from the ground up to make balance.
this desu >>24596110
also, Sun & Star > Sun & Moon
> Pokemon One
> New Region not based off of any world regions, just a good mix of different intersecting routes
> No handholding in game, only some freebies and no advanced exp share
> Evil team you go up against isn't evil/world taking over sinister type - just a fanatic cult trying to gain traction
> Ending fight takes place in a whole town of people being brainwashed (think Phenac City in XD)
> Only one true legendary, but with a decent amount of rarer pokemon
> Option of having pokemon follow behind you or not, neither forced to or forced not to
> Dex like in Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby, where it shows you all the pokemon you've caught on that route (except it doesn't show you in black pokemon that can be caught)
> Elite four end at around level 65 (first round)
> "Harder" option with less found items in the wild, harder trainers with more advanced AI's, better moves (like egg/tm/hm/tutor if one is nearby)
> Rival is competent, just races you to be the best, can be a bit of a dick but just wants a good challenge
> His team changes up every time, isn't just the natural progression of starter/bird/other water/grass/fire types like in other games - and is actually moderately difficult
> Post game include a trip to Battle Frontier, fully furnished like in Platinum
> Also includes new semi-region to explore with post-game content (like Battle Region in Platinum)
> 160 new pokemon, where game only features the new region mons until post-game where you can catch a ton of older ones and trade for others
> Online system similar to X/Y/AS/OR
> A bit of balance thrown into type chart, upgrades for weaker types and downgrades for OP types
> Have tons of mini sidequests that either have you fighting a wild pokemon, capturing pokemon for a reward, doing other tasks etc.
> Have gym leaders with decent personalities that come into story at random times to help out
> No bullshit blocks to places like the electricity outage in X/Y and the fucking psyduck in pearl/diamond/platinum
> music like in Colosseum and XD, because that shit was dank
> more characters that actually matter in the story and aren't complete wankers
> Pokemon League style like in the anime where people battle each other then fight elite four (with a sterling narrative to go along with it)
> Few megas in main game, mostly just for yourself, rival, special trainers, and elite four and people in pokemon league
> Also one of the biggest problems I've had with the newer pokemon games (and mostly all of them) was the lack of exploration. In the earlier games, it was due to hardware limitations, but now its because of all the handholding. I want to have places throughout the region that require backtracking to explore, but I don't want them to be mandatory. Just optional little places to explore once you've learned a new skill or something
> Also want items to replace all HM's, but still be able to teach those moves to pokemon
Did I miss anything? I don't have a specific designs for the games, just want the new region to improve on everything, and make the games fun again. I want the exploration part of it; exploring a new world, catching new mons. Not like the fucking preachy new games with lessons and shit. Fuck that. And yes, i've played every game of the series.
What are these European Splatfest ideas?
Kill yourself
Pokemon Odyssey and Illiad
Region is based on the Mediterranean and focuses on really dramatic, beautiful landscapes and scenery (like route 10 in BW) with a good balance of water and land routes. More water routes than usual but hopefully not a repeat of Hoenn's faults, and with more biodiversity to make them actually worthwhile
125 new pokemon, with 2 new eevees and sparse evolutions of existing pokemon. more than gen 5 and 6 but less than gen 4
a legendary main trio, based on Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades (Electric/Flying, Water/Steel, Dark/Ground) plus a legendary duo based on Hercules and Ares (Fighting/Fairy lion, Steel/Poison hydra) and then 3 event legends based on a Fate (Fairy), Siren (Fire/Ice), and Apollo (Flying)
Like the Greek epics, the games are made to be expansive and large. The hand-holding is cut down so you're free to roam through the huge routes at your own pace without being told where to go.
game would have Sinnoh- or Johto- tier postgame
Also, I think it would be cool if the game focused on newer pokemon in the wild, but older pokmeon still being available. Like you could only find older pokemon in the safari zone, through in game trades and giveaways, and on select routes that have a story tied to it. Magikarp would of course be available, because I like the idea of an invasive species pokemon. (also maybe a route where the only thing you can find is the old rodents who have invaded the habitat)
whoa reddit calm down
Region set in China (let's say idealized China and not the Communist polluted shithole it is). Tons of pretty towns, oriental-sounding music, and there's a big wall blocking another hostile region that you don't get to go to but let's hint that you might get to go in the third version :^) Victory Road is a desert inspired by Silk Road. Villains want to take over the region to try and lead the people to some higher mental state (think Newtype shit, like a fucked up version of Confucianism). I'm not much of a writer so this is probably a shit idea though.

Gameplay-wise, I'm sure it's a shocker to hear this, but aim toward the older fans. Difficulty modes are back, Exp. Share is only given to you in the main game if you pick easy mode and most trainers only have 1-2 Pokémon like in XY. Normal mode is more like the older games, and Challenge mode aims for people are are experienced with the battle system and has an increase in unconventional battle types like double/triple/rotation/horde battles.

Sky Battles are still in but the list of who can participate is made less retarded, flying Pokémon have multiple animations for whether they're in a Sky Battle or not. More kinds of trainers with special requirements are semi-common, like a psychic that only battles against Psychic/Ghost/Dark Pokémon or a black belt who only fights physical attackers and won't let you use special attacks.

Cross gens are a thing again, though some Pokémon still get Megas.


Online battles have more ladders. There's a "tier" list that updates weekly automatically, moving Pokémon up and down based solely on usage, and servers based on that, but there's no Ubers tier (other than free battle) and only select Legendaries are banned from the highest tier of rated battles. There's also a Battle Factory ladder where you pick and stick with a team from six randoms (just like in the actual Factory) and battle other players with the same. You can take Pokémon from the losers just like in the Factory and move up in rank when you do, but the teams and ranks reset every couple weeks. You can also take a new team and reset your rank at any time.

Honestly this probably isn't that coherent, I'm just thinking about things I think would be nice to implement without just being "take EVERYTHING good from the past games and put it in the new ones."

/vp/ is a slow board, you don't need to bump that often.
Pokémon Treble and Pokémon Bass.
New type: Musical
Pokemon Thunder Yellow and Water Blue.

Set on expanded Kanto and Johto, 2 years after Gold and Silver.
Post game is on a new third region.
Only 251 pokemon.
No Natures, no EVs, no IVs, no abilities, no megas, no form change, no autism.
Rebalanced cast. All pokemon are viable.
Special animations for all 251 pokemon. Blastoise fires water out of its cannons instead of its mouth (lol XY)
Fairy type doesn't exists. Opening sings "Take a normal type like Jigglypuff..."
this is fucking atrocious
Named NPC mons ala unique monsters in other RPGs

Variations on the classic mon that have stats and/or abilities unique to them rather their species as a whole, moves not normally learned, unique model, no nickname, etc.

Have little backstories and miniquests attached to them like a Seviper and Zangoose that have been feuding for years, both have scars and shit from eachother, your involvement tips the scales so one finally wins out, etc and then you get to train it

For trainers who don't want snowflakemons the uniques can breed and create one duplicate of itself without the name/different model
Pokemon Ass and Boobs
Every fully evolved Pokemon has two new megas, ie Charizard now has Mega Charizard X, Y, A, and B
There's two new regions, each with 8 gyms. They have a shared Elite 4. The region you start in depends on who you choose to play as, and the other region becomes unlockable in the postgame.
Instead of choosing to play as a boy or a girl, both options are girls. One has a rack that puts May to shame, and the other has an ass that makes Hilda look like a stick.
The evil team is tumblr sjws who steal Pokemon because they think that humans and Pokemon should have equal rights. However, in order to still be effective as a team, they have a 50/50 split between trainers that use Pokemon, and Pokemon that use people in battle. This means you get to beat up sjws with your Pokemon. They're all normal type and have shit stats.
The leader of the team is a female Hypno who is really just in it for the money.
You can catch Deoxys and go to space. You can fight Clefairys on the moon and access the Space Frontier which is like the Battle Frontier only in space. You can see all the regions from previous games but if you try to go there Prof Oak yells at you.
There are three new types, Sound, Cosmic, and Sex. Chimecho, Exploud, Jigglypuff, Chatot, etc become Sound type, Deoxys, Clefairy, etc become Cosmic type, and Ditto becomes Sex type alongside a new Gardevoir mega which you can have graphic lesbian sex with in Pokemon Amie.
The cover legendaries are also Sex type, one is a giant set of glowing boobs and the other is a huge sparkling ass. They're ancient fertility deities and you catch them in order to trigger the evil team so hard they get ptsd and die.
In a secret dungeon there's the last member of the legendary trio, a huge dick, foreshadowing the third game in the generation, Pokemon Cock (The generation as a whole is therefore referred to as ABC).
In Pokemon Cock you play as a futa. It is made clear that it's a futa and not a trap so it's not gay.
>butthurt genwunner wankfest the game
>No Natures, no EVs, no IVs, no abilities, no megas, no form change, no autism.
Even RBY had EVs and IVs, they just worked a little differently. Why do you want a watered down game with less depth than the Game Boy era?
Pokemon Lush & Barren

Whole land is based off Australia, New Zealand, Pacific islands but it's divided into three regions and one secret region (alas, Sevii Islands). Two halves of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands as the secret region.

The game takes place in a couple centuries in the future, with new kinds of technologies and stuff.

At the start of the game you can choose one of these regions (not including Pacific islands), and once you beat a region's Pokemon championship, you'll able to choose to move on to a new region and still able to come back to the previous regions.

Openworld-style gameplay, but still limited to separate routes. However, routes are much more bigger now and have secrets in it.

No actual villains in these games. However you have to defeat a group of cheaters intent on claiming on Pokemon League as their own throughout three regions, they have no intentions on destroying or reclaiming the world since that everything has been improved since the last game.

Pokemon variations introduced, they will have certain features unique to each region to make things fresh rather seeing same model each time.

Improved models and more vibrant colours, along with new animations.

To able to keep your pokemon as you move along each of the regions without getting your team being replaced, the level cap has been expanded to 200. To accommodate this, evolution chain has been expanded to 6, just to keep things new and interesting when using your own pokemon rather than getting bored with it's same form for a long time.

About 200 new pokemon for each region (except the Pacific islands), bringing up to 600 new pokemon for this generation.

No new types are introduced, however some types are renamed. Fairy - Mystic, Steel - Metal, Dragon - Beast

Battle frontier and Pokémon Super Contest are brought back and Pokéathlon as well

Pokemon who is in the first spot of your team can follow you in overworld and able to interact with it.
pokemon peanus and weanus

remove everything after gen 4 (but use gen 6's breeding mechanics)
Hoping the RNG gives you decent shit, releasing all 0 speed IV Staryus and fighting stuff until your stat exp is maxed truly is a lot of depth.

Watch out Starcraft, we e-Sports now.
pokemon buy this version and pokemon buy that version too
not even that bad
would enjoy playing/10
the sun is a star, so it would seem that the sun edition would be a subset of the star edition
this is b8, right?
>Pace is Kalos Gym1-Gym2
I hope that the side stuff is skipable.
That pokeflute quest was agrivating.
>Pokémon Gala & Pokémon Pagos
>Subtitle: Cradle of Life
>Legendary is something to do with that
>theme is rebirth & evolution idfk

>instead of moving van, moving country in ship with family. Kalos to Kanto or some shit idk
>storm happens
>wake up on beach of undiscovered island
>meet professor who came here for research years before and stranded
>gives you starter and sends you to tribal village
>meet locals who send you on spirit journey (i.e. exact same as regular games journey) to get in touch with nature & pokemon
>plot shit revolves around evil team mining island for legendary or w/e
>one half of island is jungle/tribal shit
>other half is evil team industrial/headquarters/military shit
>mix of tech vs old-school
>you think get to evil base for a way home
>along way realise you need to help the islanders more and stop evil
>turns out professor could have left any time he wanted. that old fuck.

>steal anon's idea and have as many pokémon as takes to 800
>first playthrough, no way to get any foreign/previous pokes
>trading/bank/dexnav only opens for post-game, plus some way to make second playthrough with unlocked access to same
>fix the fucking type chart to rebalance. I don't care how. I suggest stealing the TCG's type set-up and simplifying down to 11
>starters are water octopus into dark or psychic
>fire mosquito into bug / maybe flying
>grass hyena / big cat into ghost
also must have locations & gym leaders
>grass/bug early - chief of first viallage
>volcanic part of island for fire
>underground ice caves early in game
>some kind of indiana jones hidden temple deep in jungle
>spooky ship's graveyard location for ghost type
>electric / steel power plant as needed by evil team
>labs (getting edgy now) experimentation for fairy / dark area
>dragons eyrie near end / victory road
>no autism

Then why did you write that entire post?
> Pokemon Fuck and Yeah versions
> region based in europe
> areas are more mysterious and interesting like castles snd shit rather than wilderness
> dex gets an overhaul. Gamefreak finally grows a pair and cleans up the roster. Removing universally hated fucks like probopass, vanilluxe, and lickylicky and replacing them with actual good stuff
> abilities follow suit. Having the shittyones removed or buffed
> pokemon abilities are dropped to 2 instead of 3. A standard ability and a hidden one. Hidden abilities can be found on wild pokes at a 1/10 ratio, removing the bs typicallt associated with getting them
> IVs are scrapped, EVs are acquired as normal from wild battles, but aren't assigned to a certain stat. They can be distributed as deemed fit at a pc.
> NPCs exist that can reroll hidden power type and nature to another random one for a heart scale
> HMs are forgettable. To keep retards from getting trapped you can only use gts/wondertrade in a pokecenter. HMs are also buffed so as not to be complete ass and are needed only occasionally to progress, but central to some puzzles.
> moves in general have their fat trimmed, with useless or redundant ones being removed and others recieving buffs.
> evasion maxes at +3, the full para chance is removed, and all poisoning is treated as toxic. Sleep and freeze last a max or 3 turns
> you can have a total of 3 saves
> pokemon models actually move like the stadium games. Several pokes have special animations for certain moves
> levitate is no longer an ability, but is checked independantly. Pokemon like magemite or gastly which are clearly floating would have the benefits of levitate while still having a normal ability, while grounded pokemon would be affected, even if they're flying type (doduo/hawlucha)
> megas are inspected. Shitty ones are dropped, those that are given to mons not already 3 stage are retconned into normal evos, and good ones like megabeedrill are kept
> your rival isn't a pussy
>universally hated

But they aren't, I like Lickylicky and I know there are people that like the other two (even though I hate Vanilluxe myself). Removing Pokémon doesn't do anything but piss off fans of those Pokémon.
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Pokémon Pink Version & Pokémon Orange Version

>90s Japan (shikoku region)
>trainer starts at 10 again
>Simple story like R/B/G/Y
>Whole game takes place during fall
>a gym inside an arcade
>a gym inside a dilapidated haunted house
>a gym in the woods
>lots of ghosts and haunted places
>3 legendary bat Pokémon
>Teal colored Squirrel Mythical Pokémon
>Team Rocket again
>151 new Pokémon
>No Mega evolutions
>Junichi Masuda composes music again
>8 Gyms
>Can't catch old Pokémon AT ALL
>Rival dies at the end
>Game is made like DQ XI. New on top, Old (GB/GBC) on bottom (pic related)

Shit on it if you want but I think it would be neat.
>Region based on soviet Russia
>Evil team is the kgb and the government is the enemy
>Charnoble is the part where you face the legendary
>One is steel/poison, one dark poison, third maybe poison only?
>Gheiger counter is needed before you can enter the area
>Radiation hurts all non poison or steel types
That's about it, I'm sure I could think of more, but I'm on my phone
you better be talking about a new Charmander evo
>Can't think of a title. It's not a mainline game. It plays like a timer-based JRPG.
>Six pokemon in a party as per usual, but you have three on the field at a time.
>The game fakes you out by starting like your typical mainline game ("Howdy! I'm the professor! Take this pokemon and get gym badges :D")
>A crack team of scientists are trying to open up a gate to an alternate dimension to find alien life. After one or two badges you find out that they succeeded. Alien pokemon come out of an alternate dimension and start wreaking havoc. For some contrived reason you're the only one who can stop it. The region is a Kanto/Johto parallel and the "alien pokemon" are just the new pokemon.
>Your rival is convinced that he's the hero who must put a stop to it all. He's not a dick, but he's not a cocksucker either. Think like Barry but with a strong sense of obligation.
>The plot basically involves you traveling to the 8 corners of the region to defeat the big bad pokemon that's causing trouble. In the tradition of JRPGs, boss pokemon aren't catchable. Instead they'd just devolve into an egg so if you wanted to cheese it with OP mons, you'd have to train it from level 1.
>It is eventually revealed that the alien pokemon aren't evil, their dimension is just crowded and they need a new place to chill. So everyone sort of just accepts that they're going to be living in the region from now on.
>Postgame: You can finally collect all the badges and take on the Pokemon League.
>Hoping the RNG gives you decent shit, releasing all 0 speed IV Staryus and fighting stuff until your stat exp is maxed truly is a lot of depth.
I didn't say RBY had a lot of depth. It had barely any depth.
My point is, removing EVs and IVs altogether would be even worse than a game which was already entirely uninteresting competitively.
>Pokémon Orange and Violet
>Orange's box legend is a bulky fire/grass type that is a living forest fire that is the destructiveness of Nature given life. Violet's box legend is Poison/Steel snake made of animated sewer pipes and pollution, the destructiveness of Humanity given life.
>All legends have genders and are breedable now. Their egg groups are just obscure so they don't mate with the pleb-mons too much. For instance, Reshiram, Zekrom, Latios, and Raywuaza wouldn't go in the normal Dragon egg group, they'd go in the Legendary Dragon egg group. Ho-Oh, Articuno, and Zapdos would go in Legendary Bird egg group, eyc.
>Region is based on American West Coast- California, Oregon, Washington State, Nevada for the triumphant return of Game Corner. Yurop version keeps he mini-games but you can't win or lose anything and there are no prizes you can exchange coins for.
>Main game's story is about taking down the local evil team. Orange version they want to start a Forest Fire with box legend to destroy the cities and send everyone back to the stone age. Instead it destroys the wilderness and you have to stop it. Violet Version they summon the sewer monster to go destroy the forests because they all hate nature and forests and shit. Instead it goes on a rampage through game-equivalent of San Diego and you have to stop it.
>Twelve badges required instead of 8.
>No real post game, make the main story long enough that by the time you fight the Elite 4, all of the Elite 4's pokemon are level 80-90. That way the actually ARE the strongest trainers in the region. Twelfth gym and Victory road pokemon are in upper 70's.
>Shit that you would find in the postgame like battle towers and PWT and all that are scattered throughout the main game and can be accessed as soon as you reach them.
>Starters are Grass/Rock, Fire/Electric, and Water/Flying.
>HM's removed. Pokémon just have that ability naturally (Machamp doesn't need to know Strength to move boulders, you just need the badge)
This idea was great right until:
> To able to keep your pokemon as you move along each of the regions without getting your team being replaced, the level cap has been expanded to 200. To accommodate this, evolution chain has been expanded to 6, just to keep things new and interesting when using your own pokemon rather than getting bored with it's same form for a long time.
It's pokemon. Depth comes from battling other people and predicting their team/strategies/moves.

We have thousands of variables today but 90% of them are useless. Cutting off that crap will only increase the accessibility and make online more lively.
File: VGC.jpg (159 KB, 1023x522) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 1023x522
Yeah, people sure love the VGC 2015 meta and it's lack of options. And I sure do hate being able to customize my team with non-cookie-cutter options or maybe surprise the opponent with something balls-to-the-wall stupid on my team like an Acupressure Pokémon (it's funny how often they just let an Acupressure Drapion greed because they have no clue what Acupressure does, or they use a physical attacker instead of switching, thanks Showderp for the meme set).

But really, everyone knows the optimal teams and if they don't they can just check teambuilding websites. Making it so little Jimmy is forced to use the same thing as everyone else when he doesn't care about the meta and just wants to use his favorites would only hurt the game.
>>not sure on the name. But there will be two versions.
>>The region will be the South Pacific/Australia and the polynesian islands
>>yes that means a LOT of water, but surfing and diving and fishing will be fast and streamlined. If you have a pokemon in your party that can surf you just walk up to the shore line and you'll automatically jump into the water and will be as fast as surfing on Sharpedo in ORAS diving would work the same way, surf over a dark patch of water and one press of a button will prompt a dive, and yes swimming underwater will be fast too.
>>The ability to go back to an old region will be available post E4 (not sure which one)
>>100 new pokemon 95 are in game regular mons, 3 are a legendary trio of some sort, 2 are version exclusives legendaries and 1 is some OP piece of shit event pokemon (gotta make money on the anime/movies somehow)
>>pokemon following you makes a return with the option to allow any pokemon in your party follow you or none at all
>>The region will be far more diverseso you're not pummeled with zubats in caves and tentacools in the water.
>>at least 5 of the new pokemon will be much needed evolutions of shittier older pokemon like Farfetch'd and Jynx for example.
>>The gym leaders will have more than 2 fucking pokemon each.


>>Normal type Eevee gets a megaevolution for the people that have always wanted to use it in competitive battles.
>>HM's will make a return, but they'll be fast and streamline just how I described surf. Basically, they won't feel like chore to use.
>>you can actually cut grass if you have the cut HM to avoid wild battles....A feature that has only been in Gen II
>>you can headbutt trees again
>>Fly will be more or less the same as ORAS, but you can actually skip the drawn out cutscenes.
>>There will be an "easy mode" and a hard mode" that can be chosen before starting the game. Easy mode is basically the shit we're currently dealing with in Gen VI, but hard mode has a lot more "ace-trainers" all gym leaders have 5-6 pokemon.
>>day night and seasons return
>>Hard mode also has "danger zones" that appear at night. They are certain patches of grass (even at the very beginning of the game) where the wild pokemon are on average 5 levels higher than your highest level mon in your party. You'll be given plenty of warning before walking into these grassy areas...or you can just use Cut to mow through it.
>>The professor gives you an option of the typical new starters or you can choose not to take them at all and he'll catch a random pokemon in the wild for you as your first pokemon. Oh and the tutorial on how to catch pokemon can be skipped. If you choose the random wild pokemon (whether its the generic Gen VII rodent or bird pokemon) you can't go back and get the starter (if the game is too hard without it) until you beat the first gym).

I''ve got alot more stuff I can propose, but i'm losing interest since I know that none of this will ever come to fruition
Pokemon A and B

>take advantage of the faster New 3DS processor to go full MMO
>fully visible passerby
>players can purchase apartments in cities and furnish them, invite people over, etc
>champion is whoever actually defeated the e4 last
>party system for doubles, triples, rotation, etc
>no new pokemon
>most shitmons get useful megas
>non-pixelated textures


>>The "evil organization" will be formidable foes. They're adults, and you're just a teen, so their pokemon will be much higher level. To make them actually possible to beat, they'll be at high levels (10-15 levels higher than you) but they'll still have shitty moves like Leer and scratch and tackle) They won't appear in waves and waves and waves like they normally do, but instead there'd only be about a dozen or so throughout the entire region. almost like "minibosses" before gyms.
>>with regards to seasons and the day and night feature, it makes a HUGE difference in what pokemon are available during those times. More dark and ice type pokemon during the night in the winter, and more grass types in the spring in the day and fire types in the summer during the day and specific bug types during the summer and night (venomoth/kricketune/luminise etc) Ghost types in the Fall at night etc etc.
By "variables" I mean the systems. Between all natures, abilities and EV spreads that Alakazam can have, only one combo is useful (Timid 252/252 Magic Guard). By having this stuff all you do is give new players a plethora of ways to screw up and lower their chance of winning.
>The leader of the team is a female Hypno who is really just in it for the money.
Nicknamed Needa Sark I assume?
What about all the Pokémon that don't have just one set? What if the meta evolves to gives Alakazam another use? Remember when people started running bulky Azumarill instead of Sitrus Drum? You remove EVs and Natures and you can't do that.

Really, if you want to limit sets, just make a new Pokémon Stadium game and let them use rental Pokémon.
File: pokemon race.jpg (200 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pokemon race.jpg
200 KB, 640x480
>Pokémon Morning and Evening (3rd game, I don't know, High Noon?)
>Set in a mix of Orre and Kanto. Think old west
>one side of the area is wild. Trainer battles and swarms galore
>Sometimes you even face a group of trainers one after the other
>Other side is more Urban. Day care, big shop.
>You have to go to gyms in both
>Marts and Centers reflect what area they're in
>170 ish new pokemon.
>No handholding. You can do the gyms in just shy of any order (You can't get past a certain area without being able to CUT though, and such)
>Think Gen I. Finish a gym partway, beat another, then come back to it
>The Lore is like in Gen II. It's there, but you look for it, like Ruins of Alph.
>Evil team trying to take over the world
>Certain areas are besieged by evil team. Taken over the department store, the water tower, whatever.
>You don't find their leader until after you've beaten the last gym leader.
>Turns out Elite Four and champion are behind the evil team. Everyone who's beaten the eight gym leaders is recruited.
>Your rival joins them. Take out your childhood friend before the big bosses.
>HM's are TM's. Certain traits are in unlocked in Pokemon as you earn badges. HM's just let you use them in battle.
>No bike or running shoes. After a certain badge, you can ride certain pokemon like pic related.
>Normal type Eevee gets a megaevolution for the people that have always wanted to use it in competitive battles.
i'd prefer just a normal type eeveelution that evolves by level. a mega isnt enough to make eevee viable really
File: no.png (34 KB, 140x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>> There is no evil team and the game is rebuilt as a series of various quests during the journey of this guy to become the pokemon champion (as the beginning of the series)
>who is Team Rocket
>one main game, don't care what it's called, new region and all that. Flexibility for sequence breaking. 100 new pocketmans
>features Spark Yellow, Mind Crystal, Delta Emerald, Shining Platinum, Grey as remakes
>update Pokemon models
>bring back every little feature from prior games, keep interface THE SAME BETWEEN EACH GAME
>bring back every good big feature too such as Battle Frontier
>option to have Pokemon follow you
>each game gets Secret Bases but Shining Platinum's would be in the Underground again
>rebalance types
>knock off nerf to 45 BP with no bonus damage
>Megas can have item removed but it will not revert you if it gets removed while you're a Mega; don't switch into Knock Off :^)
>gen 7 is cut off from prior generations, no transfers. Each game has a standard set of move tutors to keep movepools proper.
>many BST, movepool, and ability changes
I forgot:
>field movesets. Swap out any move that Pokemon has ever known on the fly, including egg moves/tutors/TMs; doing so retains PP% for that slot and you still have the max slots of 4. If they ever knew an HM they can use the overworld ability without switching to the move.
>IV Tutor, lets you customize IVs with some rare collectible payment or minigame. Can increase or decrease IVs.
>Postgame Link Cable key item; use it to evolve trade evolution Pokemon. Obtained once you've traded with someone.
File: 1441406192564.jpg (57 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 1280x720
>Pokemon Love and Despair
>Pokemon Love and Despair
>On 4chan
>implying we'd ever get love
File: nagito3.png (176 KB, 480x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Hope and Despair
/r/ing the Webm version of this-I know it exists, and I know it's out there somewhere
Even if Pokemon Love Version legendary is a better mon like some sort of Dragon/Fairy Type?
Look on a trip heavy board if no one posts it.
Pokeman Lemon and Pokeman Lime.
>pokeman amie
>walking pokemans
>rival is a buttrock obsessed delinquent with a pompadour
>protagonist you didn't choose is your multi battle partner multiple times in the game
>double battles are the norm, single battles are treated as special
>trainer amie (protagonist you didn't choose is your last unlock)
>battle frontier is unlocked early with battle tower being your only available option at the start, and battle tower has "cups" for lower level pokemon like stadium
>basically every trainer has frontier items by midway in and the game expects you to have a decent loadout by that time
That's pretty much everything I care about.
Pokemon Sukka
Pokemon Madik
File: GardenOfEden.jpg (216 KB, 1000x691) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
216 KB, 1000x691
Pokémon Rise/Pokémon Set

>Region is based off of San Francisco and surrounding areas.
>100 new Pokémon. Regional Dex is like XY, with the 100 divided between three sub-regional dexes, filled with old Pokémon mixed with the new ones.
>New Pokémon include new species, new evolutions, and new pre-evolutions.
>Box Legendarys are a Fairy/Flying type that represents innocence, childhood, and freedom, and a Ground/Fighting type that represents the harshness of the world, but also the experience and strength you get from it.
>Innocence VS Experience is the game's major theme.
>Team Serpant trying to get Box Legendary to eliminate Sin and find the Garden of Eden (Where the box legendary is)
>Serpant wants to change the rules of the world. In one version, they want to use the Innocence Pokémon to make everyone innocent, which is akin to removing everyone's memories and resetting the world, and in the other they want to remove innocence with the Experience Pokémon, and make it so there is no innocence at all.

>Two Travelling characters as well as you. First gets starter weak to yours, but is really rough, but wants to protect the innocence of the second, who gets the starter yours is weak to.
>Over the course of the game, first character (Adam) tries to recapture the innocence of his youth
>Second character (Eve) slowly loses her innocence by watching Serpent and the player fight.
>Climax of the dual versions has Adam (Rise) unlock the Garden of Eden for Serpent with his rediscovered innocence, summoning the Innocence Pokemon, or Eve (Set) destroy the Garden for Serpent, summoning the Experience Pokémon in his wrath.
File: temptation.jpg (164 KB, 851x564) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164 KB, 851x564

>Third Version is called Pokémon Eclipse
>Evil Team goes after the source of the knowledge of good and evil, a Grass/Psychic Apple of Knowledge Pokémon, to eliminate sin from the world.
>In the third version, Serpent discards both characters and bursts into the garden, bringing sin into the Garden and the Discord Pokémon awakens to kill them, only for the other two box legends to hold it back before the player gets a chance to pacify it by showing it that though there are sinful people in the world, there are also good ones, so the world deserves a chance.
It's really sad how long it took me to realize what was wrong here, even with you pointing it out
>Pokemon North and South
>Only thing keeping you from exploring are the high leveled trainers and wild Pokemon
>HM's aren't necessary to progress, they just allow you to reach new area for rare pokemon and items (Rare pokemon re just easier to find, but you can find them on common routes too)
>You can choose the town your starting your adventure; obviously the early routes mons will vary from place to place
>The first gym is the only one that you have to beat at a particular time; it's in a large city from where you can access the other routes and the other towns; think Saffron.
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>Hopes and Dreams
please return to tumblr undershit
File: 1444531821874.png (147 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 700x700
I don't see how it's tumblr. I mean people on tumblr have latched onto it drawing everyone as black Muslim transsexuals or some shit but you could find the exact same thing for Pokémon.
File: 1410322360775.jpg (15 KB, 392x243) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Pokemon Fuck and Pokemon Off :^)
I've always had some ideas, but I never developed in detail:

>Pokémon Sunshine and Moonlight
>Instead of English, Japanese titles would be the Japanese words for "sunshine" and "moonlight". In hiragana, to keep it accessible to kids (although kanji can be used if they are primary school level)
>Region would be based in a country of South America
>Main theme is journey as an unravel of "the real world": people are not always kind and have its own big problems.
>The Big City is divided in 4 parts (a center and 3 peripherals) that work as sub-cities. Main protagonist starts in one of those peripheral subcities, having lived a comfortable, peaceful urban life. Subcity is initially isolated from others because of "construction works" (classical), but you will visit them later via other entrances.
>As you travel, instead (or along with) a main plot, small, self-contained subplots are developed, showing us problems you have never seen as an urban child. For example, a small town without electricity except for a luxurious City Hall with a gold Pokémon statue. You have the face the mayor.
>The idea is to show, instead of big, world-threatening evils; small, local evils (like corruption and neglect) that can be worse that the other ones. Standard villainous team can be added to enhance the contrast.
>The opposite is shown: good people that opposes those evils (and help you). You don't have to be a movie hero to make this world a better one. This optimism makes the game overall message in line with Pokémon games' spirit.
>For a moment I've thought of a Pokedex in 3 parts (Coast/Mountain/Jungle), but I know it would be very similar to Kalos.
>Haven't thought of Gym Leaders, except for a Water one near the start and a Dark one with spy/covert ops theme.
>New Trainer type: Bureaucrat

That's all for now, if I remember more ideas I'll write them later.
>Ambiguous gender protagonist
>"You don't have to hurt anybody :^)"
>Quirky tumblr-tier characters
>Are you a boy or a girl?
>Pokemon 'faint'
>Breeding with compatibility
>Quirky gym leaders and trainer quotes
File: 1442791756063.png (28 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Ambiguous gender protagonist
How the hell is this tumblr? It's done out of laziness, not some kind of non-binary gender shit.
>"You don't have to hurt anybody :^)"
You have the option to go the whole game without killing. Not sure how this is tumblr, not even getting the faintest correlation.

The romance stuff I honestly wasn't a fan of so I won't defend it.

"Quirky" is just a buzzword at this point and not an actual argument for or against someone. It's like calling something a meme game.
>early game ice types
Best early in game type imo after normal

Idk why game freak doesn't do I
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