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Pokemon MMORPG Possibilities
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Continued from >>24606253

-Pokemon as an MMORPG
-F2P model with cash shop
-Non-masterball pokeballs in cash shop
-Human character outfits in cash shop
-Playable classes are Trainer, Coordinator, Breeder
-Completely customizable human character from face to body
-Level-less system that employs enhanced EV training to gain power
-Ability to start in any town; Gyms aren't level-tiered
-Useless/low-tier Pokemon gain useful travel abilities and other utility uses
-Legendaries are all bosses/raid bosses, catchable but almost impossible even at min/max tier (or maybe impossible, whatver)
-Gimmicks from all generations make it in(i.e. hideouts)
-All evolution methods employed

>except it has 50 times the health
No, the playable versions should function exactly as the nonplayable versions. No exceptions.
Are you trying to make another Sage?
I stopped at "MMORPG."
No, you kept going until you posted. :^)
please consider the following:

3d real-time pokemon mystery dungeon MMORPG
There's already a 2D one. It's shit.
So is this a "Fix PokeMMO" Thread or what?
I hate how they fucked up breeding in the game.
>real time mmo roguelike
I don't think it could work without changing the mechanics a lot. Even the local multiplayer in GtI looks bad (l-looks, s-since i don't have anyone to try it with)
I think that a Morrowind-like open world would work wonders in a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon themed world. The objectives you're given are way more diverse than in the mainline games, and would benefit much more from the open-world thing than the Mainline series.

Just think in how diverse can the gameplay be. To recruit powerful Pokemon you'll need to perform quests to defeat a rival team, retrieve a certain item, perform escort missions, giving space to even a Tower Defense quest.

Co-op may be done in more or less Secret of Mana fashion, asking for players to play as your partners. A versus mode can be done either in a betting minigame, where you, your rival and other players can bet on which team would win.

That would add a lot of replayability value to the games.
>F2P model with cash shop

only if the cash shop never ever includes items which actually impact gameplay at all in the slighte-
>Non-masterball pokeballs in cash shop



had potential but you fucked up.
>3rd party Pokemon MMORPG
Kill yourself.
So you refuse to discuss the matter. You just saw something you didn't like and just wanted to tell OP you want to drop the conversation before it even started because you don't even want to address this measly issue. Even though OP may not have liked it as well but was merely presenting the possibility.

Sure, whatever. Go ahead and live your life knowing how ignorant and dismissive you are.
That's my dream game (not necessarily an MMO, but a big open world PMD with a good single player experience and multiplayer features such as tackling a Dungeon together with 20 people)., but I think the way PMD plays doesn't translate well to that kind of game.

I think giving it a gameplay overhaul while retaining the concept of a Pokemon only society could be very big. As for the gameplay, the way Xenoblade Chronicles plays would be the ideal gameplay I think.
I never played Morrowind (planning to do that), but is it similar to Skyrim?

Read your post, and I think I agree.
I just want Pokemon Trainers to have unique perks and classes...Maybe even Pokemon with varying skill trees and additional equipment slots for unique builds...

I need to get back to learning Pokemon Essentials
>gameplay overhaul while retaining the concept of a Pokemon only society could be very big
this is what I mean

give it classic mmorpg progression, enemies, and gameplay, but keep the universe intact
wearable item slots, skill trees, rare drops
just imagine tho
That's what I thought as well.

But I think skill trees for every Pokemon may be too much work, considering there are so many Pokemon now. Heck, I think the looks of gear for every Pokemon will probably require a lot of work.

Then there is also balance issues. If one Pokemon is better then the other, people are gonna use that superior Pokemon. That does go against the charm of PMD where you can use any Pokemon.

I think I might have a solution. Just have 3 kinds of classes thus 3 different kinds of base stats. Like for example, there are 3 classes: Knight (Tank/DPS), Rogue/Ninja (DPS), and Magician (Healer/DPS).

A Pokemon that choose the Knight class has for example 50 HP, 40 Attack, 40 Special Attack, 50 Defense, 50 Special defense while having just 20 Speed (The Speed stat being the indicator of combat movement speed and crit chance) at the beginning.

While a Pokemon that choose the Rogue/Ninja class has 30 HP. 50 Attack, 50 Special Attack, and 50 Speed while having just 20 Defense and 20 Special Defense.

And if you're wondering about the Magician class' stats they would be : 40 HP, 50 Special Attack, 50 Special Defense and 30 Speed, while having just 20 Attack and 20 Defense.
The stats would increase based on the gear you wear.
What I want to achieve is that, for example a Chespin that choose the Knight class would have the same stats as a Mudkip that also choose the Knight class. Therefore, you can just choose the Pokemon you like in theory. In theory because we also have to address type weaknesses and movepools.

For type weaknesses, I think I would remove them for you, while the enemies still have them. That way, you can be any Pokemon you want without being afraid that a Grass type would not survive a Fire Dungeon. And with the enemies still having weaknesses, it would encourage movepool planning. As for movepools, just give every Pokemon the moves they need to be viable for this game.
when will the human evolve
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