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You are in charge of developing Pokemon Z
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Game Freak decides to hire you as their main developer of Pokémon Z. What do you add to the game (Megas, battle modes, game modes, etc)? Do you add things to satisfy your own desires or appeal to the masses?
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mixture of both. Finally give everyone that mega flygon, but i'd give myself a mega wailord. Fuck imagine that thing getting any bigger, it would be awesome.
What if mega Wailord is actually a really small Wailord?
does that include making shitmons not shit?
Nope. You have no control over that besides making Megas.
shut the fuck up. don't you ruin this for me
-Bring back switchable difficulty levels and let the player switch between them from the main menu at any time, right out of the box. No Key bullshit.

-Bring back Battle Frontier or a new postgame battle facility that's equivalent

>Turn the Battle Mansion into a hub for playing against all past gym leaders (would make sense for the 20th anniversary)

-new areas (southern kalos? the other power plants?)

-do something to make those Childhood friends from XY less annoying and stalker-like

-redo almost all the battle themes, especially the gym battle theme

-dump on 20 megas, or whatever, I don't care

-give Calem better clothing options, I'm not expecting it to be as good as Serena's but something better than the shit selection he had in XY
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I'm selfish, so i would add my dream Megas.
id go with this just swapping jynx and girafarig for poli line and trevanent for pyroar
-The option to turn the skates off
-A button that toggles running like in HG/SS
-More newer gen megas
-Better post game, maybe something like the World Tournament
-So many more clothes for the guys,and better hair options, having the choice between thug, retard and hipster isnt fun
-less talking, seriously those 4 were annoying as shit
-an actual difficult or more challenging game, as in make sure i cant take out Wulfric with a fucking venusaur alone
>More megas for Sinnoh and Unova
>Balance the game so that the Exp. Share doesn't let you steamroll through the whole thing
>Challenge mode
>Gym leader rematches like in HG/SS or something similar to it
>Make the gym leaders have jobs outside of their gym like the ones in gen five did
>New Pokemon and maybe some evolutions for past 'Mons
fix the damn idle animations and models of a bunch of pokemon, mostly "flying" pokemon.
on the game itself, i'd bring back hard mode, available from the start, and make the teams for trainers actually decent, not just mons with their latest 4 learned moves. not extra challenging just for the sake of it, but not a walk in the park either, bring back gym leaders rematches, vs seeker, PWT, make an in game battle simulator (basically showdown, so you can try out things without biking, maybe even add an online option to it), give megas to all relevant trainers at some point, and add more new megas since they're here to stay.
And some balancing stuff that may fit better on a new gen:
Buff shitmons (not just in the form of megas), stop the power creep (nerf parental bond and the type-ate abilities damage multipliers a little and such), give hail a secondary effect like sand, change some odds of secondary effects and confusion, add 6v6 to battlespot and battle facilities, maybe create a few new moves/abilities, and make terrains not so fucking useless
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>add a few Shinoh/Unova megas
>harder difficulties available of the game
>exp share nerfed by 20-50%
>add the Hoenn region (since it is basically completed using the same engine) - not the storyline or delta episode, think like G/S with Kanto.
>buff low stat T3 pokemon above 500 base stats
>add secret bases (basically player own houses) / keep them if adding Hoenn
>more clothes and hair options
>Remove HM
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100 new megas
More in-game double, triple and rotation battles.
4 new gyms.
Every gym leader has more plot involvement including old ones.
Diantha and Steven are companions and give you your first mega near the 6th gym, which is Mega Carbink.
South Kalos.
Pokedex changes.
Das it mane.
Exp share should be a held item like it was and split it 50/50
South Kalos to explore.
30 new Pokémon to enounter.
20 new Mega Evolutions.
3 new gym leaders to battle.
Dragon Eeveelution as counter part of Sylveon.
New Battle Frontier with return of Pokémon World Tournament.
I'd make Pokemon Z an 'expansion' for X and Y and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that allows you to New Game ++ in the other region with enhancements, of course. GSC-like multi-regioning. Because I'm tired of GF making people buy two games of the same region.
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