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i'm thinking about saying fuck it and actually trying a traditional jrpg for the first time, but i have no idea where to start. my only experience with anything resembling a jrpg is super mario rpg, and i haven't played the paper mario series or mario & luigi either, so it's incredibly limited.

i'd rather start with a retro game, preferably 16 bit. but where the fuck do i start? dragon quest series? final fantasy series? earthbound? or should i just say fuck it and play the simple mario rpg games?

for some reason i've been leaning...
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What makes you want to try the genre? That will at least give an indication of what type to recommend.

Also what other games do you like?
Final Fantasy VI (released as FFIII in the US on the SNES) if you want to stay 16-bit or earlier.

Final Fantasy IX if you're willing to include 5th gen. FFIX was my first JRPG and I absolutely adored it. It kind of spoiled me though, because almost nothing since then has come close to it.
no reason to try the genre other than the fact that i have never really given it a fair shot. like i said, the only jrpg game i've played to completion was super mario rpg. although now that i think about it, i did play pokemon red and gold as well.

also the games i usually play seem fairly irrelevant but my preferred genres are fps, platformers and survival horror. i don't even play many wrpgs unless they're a blend of genres like deus ex or system shock

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DK & DD Anyone played this? Still playing it.

I know not many people know about this game anymore with expect for the mobile version that was nothing like the game.
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Dungeon Keeper is my childhood. However, the series is dead. The mobile game is nothing like the originals, and the originals either don't play on anything past XP or are relatively hard to find.

There's always the GOG edition though.
If you want to stay /vr/, there's no option then besides the Deception series.
War for the Overworld is always there for you in actual vidya tho.
>There's always the GOG edition though.
Good point.

What's so bad about living in a dream world anyways?
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Some people can't enjoy anything if it's not the genuine stuff.
There's that whole issue of dying while you were too busy dreaming.
Because it you weren't lucky enough for Link to wake up there, the Nightmares would have taken over and turned it into nightmare world. Which is presumably a fate worse than death, otherwise Link is the bad guy.

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I have been in possession of this gold version game cartridge for about 15 years now. I traded some Pokemon cards for it. The reason why this is an interesting cart is because the sticker is upside down.
>pic related
I come to you guys at /vr/ to ask if this rare item is worth anything. Ebay sells normal gold version carts for about 20 dollars. I tried to research this to see if there was anyone else that had a similar game cartridge with an upside down label. I didn't find anything. The game has been tested and works and contains no...
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probably better off asking on some pokemon-specific forums . or maybe nintendo age
not worth jack shit sorry lad. Try smashing it with a hammer to see if there are any gold nuggets inside.
>The game has been tested and works and contains no save data.

No shit, the battery ran dry about 6 years ago, man. Same as every other.

Not sure if you're serious but it is most likely somebody did that themselves. How on earth is a cartridge going to be processed upside down, then pass quality control?
At any rate, in terms of worth, probably about the same as a regular Gold cart, give or take a couple of dollars.

Here's an interesting idea....
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Why pink hair?
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Oh, it's THIS thread again.

cause tingle sodomized him
>Why pink hair?
To provide the player with a strong visual anchor. There's a lot of greens and browns in the game, with brown hair as seen in the official artwork the player character would blend in too much. With pink hair it is easily trackable even with peripheral vision.

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Cópia de nes.jpg
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i got over 60 super Nintendo games and i am looking to get more. Will anyone recommend me and new games for me to buy. if i already don't have it
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You could've just bought a flashcart if your focus is less on collecting and more on good games to play.
Pit Fighter
Bebe's Kids
The Lawnmower Man
Shaq Fu
Mario Is Missing
Ballz 3D
Lester The Unlikely

Recently bought an adapter that allows my pc to hook up to my crt tv, but when I plug everything in it just comes up with a green screen. I just wanna emulate some of the older games that I missed. Is the tv incompatible or am I just doing it wrong?
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Sounds like your computer trying to detect the monitor's specs and getting confused that it's a converter box. Did you set your resolution as low as it would go at a 4:3 aspect ratio before you plugged it in to the converter?

There may also be some dip switches you have to play with to get the converter to output properly.
Yeah I messed around with all the switches, changed the resolution and was following a guide online, can't remember the guide I used now though. But if it isn't obvious I'm not too familiar with the technicals of Crt and building arcade machines. Regardless I should've mentioned I'm using a Sanyo. Not sure if that changes anything but hopefully it can narrow things down.
I bought a device that looks exactly like that, but it's black.
It does analog > VGA, but not the other way around.
The VGA input is only for post processing, like forcing an aspect ratio, back to VGA.
It doesn't work with 240p systems either.

Maybe yours is different, but read the instructions or store page and make sure that it outputs analog.

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What's your favorite RE clone?
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Nocturne for PC. It's maybe too much of a shooter to call it a clone, but it I doubt it would exist without RE.
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Dino Crisis, obviously.
[/spoiler]Cold fear a RE4 clone with the arcadey feel of RE3

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>What is your favorite of the 3 Insomniac releases?

>What is your favorite level in each game?

>What is your favorite world?

>Favorite music in each game

I only played 1 and 2 myself, but I loved them. My favorite music is probably Toasty from 1, and Autumn Plains for 2. For World, Dream Weaver's in 1, Autumn Plains for 2. Fav level in 1 is Treetops, 2 is Skelos Badlands
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I played all three and I like the first one best. The second was good but didn't feel as magical. The third brought back the magic but had too many characters for my tastes.
>tfw I only played the first game.

With that said I think it is the greatest 3D platformer of it's era. This means it is better than:


As well as the other platformers during this time.

>What is your favorite level in each game?
Cliff town, just got a strange nostalgia for it that can't be explained.

>What is your favorite world?
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I think they're all great desu. I ended up playing them in reverse order over the years and loved all three. My only criticism would be that the camera in the first game isn't quite as maneuvreable as the other games which slows things down a bit.

File: famnes.jpg (379 KB, 2048x663) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So I discovered Startropics yesterday and I am loving it so far.
Feel bad for overlooking this console all this time.

What other games do you recommend /vr/? I'm open to pretty much every type of game.
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Megami Tensei II
Kick Master
Monster in My Pocket
Monster Party
Super Spy Hunter
Nes Batman games
Werewolf the last revenge
Robocop 3
Castlevania 1 & 3 (try the JP version of 3)
Double Dragon series
Magic of Scherezade
8 Eyes
Cowboy Kid
Fire N' Ice
Getsufu maden
Mad City
Majou Densetsu 2
Punch out
Ninja Crusaders
Ninja Gaiden series
Splatter House - Wanpaku Graffiti
Silver Surfer

Try these OP.
you may not like it but i loved kid niki

Kid nikki/Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 1 and 2 are alright but maybe don't stand out among the many other action/platformers on the system, however the 3rd game is actually amazing, was never released outside of Japan though, it was a late Famicom game from 1993.

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King's Field General? Why not. We have a dozen other useless generals clogging up the board. May as well try a different subject for a change of pace.

>What is King's Field?
KF is a medieval first-person RPG series by FromSoftware. The series is known for its hellish difficulty, complex dungeons and murky atmosphere, which players either love or hate.

>FromSoftware. Isn't that the same company behind Dark Souls?
KF is often considered a spiritual precursor to Demon's Souls / Dark...
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chen question.jpg
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Which one is considered the best to play first?

The plots seem fairly independent from one another, so I guess it doesn't really matter where you start with the series. The gameplay elements are also generally the same, including the selection of spells and equipment available. You're more or less just exploring different environments in each game.

KF1 (Japan) is more of a dungeon crawler, and comparatively short. KF2 (KF1 outside of Japan) takes place in an isolated island region. You spend a fair bit of time exploring underground labyrinths,...
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Are the PS1 games worth playing? I love the concept and the art style, but it seems to run at a low FPS

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What is the best way to clean disc-based games? (Specifically the Playstation 1).
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download rom
With a commercial resurfacing machine.
File: 31qj6s3pF9L.jpg (15 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Where did this rumor originate?

Why do people legitimately think game designers sat down and thought
>Well, since our game signal is going to be transmitted through blurry RF, we will design the graphics around it.
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This has to be a joke, right?
Here we go again.

I hear it again and again, that game designers intended their games to look muddy with scanlines.

Yet the original Master System included RGB natively, and 70s and 80s handhelds that used pixel graphics used LCD screens with no scanlines at all.

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Since Doombabbies have their own threads, let's start one for the superior series.

What's your favorite game, weapon and game type?
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Game: 99
Gamemode: DM
Stage: Healpod ][, HyperBlast, Turbine
Song: Superfist
Weapon: Pulse Rifle/Flak Gun
FOV: 115-140
Skin: Soldier/Rankin (red)
Bot level: Adept-Masterful

Specific enough?
UT99 is welcomed in Doom threads
I remember playing UT with up to 15 other assholes, then one day I read in a gaming magazine that a new console (I think it was the 360, I'm not sure to be honest) would allow up to 8 players games, it took me years to understand why were they so excited.

Anyway, my favorite game mode was domination and my favorite map was deck16, however I played a lot of facing worlds because my friends loved capture the flag and I didn't really care. My favorite weapon was the Railgun.

File: snes-lion-king-cart.jpg (32 KB, 480x308) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Who would have known that a common Lion King cartridge would end up being one of the most useful ways of determining what chips your SNES has without having to open it...

>In Options, press B, A, R, R, Y (for programmer Barry Green) to to access the debug menu. This menu deserves special mention for being one of the very few that will easily tell you the CPU, PPU1 and PPU2 versions of your SNES console, which is useful info for testing hardware and software compatibility.

And just in case... When typing the R in "B-A-R-R-Y"...
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What's the importance of knowing this information?
>useful info for testing hardware and software compatibility

Bullshit. The person who wrote that clearly doesn't know shit about the SNES.

The differences between revisions hardly affect games at all. There is a DMA crashing bug on some of the earliest Japanese systems, that's it.

The 1chip and SNES mini systems apparently don't put as much emphasis on mid scanline changes, but even those things and any other difference you could name will have fuck...
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Awesome, I actually still own my old cart of TLK, I'll try this tonight when I get home.

My SNES is one of the earliest models so I don't think I'll find any surprise, but I want to see the debug menu anyway.

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