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For someone who's bad at searching hidden stuff and just wants to have fun, are Gems really important or I can totally ignore them?

Also, Crash thread.
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You don't need to collect the gems to enjoy Crash 1, but they can unlock additional areas and grant a alternate ending when all are collected.

Some of the gems are more annoying to get than fun, so if you're after fun then I suggest only getting the ones that are easy to obtain.
Honestly Crash Bandicoot is one of those games where getting the gems is worth it and fun. It has nothing in common with collectables in other games like collectathons.

It's more like finding hidden paths which will offer you an interesting platforming challenge. Two of the hidden gems even unlock completely new optional levels, which are fun. And finding the "Hidden" gems is not so much searching but more just surviving.

Like when you get 3 cortex heads, you'll be taken to a difficult bonus stage. You've only got one shot, but if you finish it, you get a shiny gem which will unlock a secret level. Crash is a corridor platformer, you're never going to be "Searching" but instead the game will test your skills and sometimes offer an alternate route for you to explore.

That's what makes Crash stand out among other 3D platformers, among other things... You don't have to collect anything to progress, and even the sequels have absolutely minimal mandatory collecting.

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Which one is more overrated?
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Lots of plebs hate MM for its time system.
Both. But that doesn't mean that they aren't enjoyable games.

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Hey /vr/
Not sure if there is a general for questions like this but I was interested in buying an arcade stick for use on the PC
Now I'm not sure what to get or what would be compatible with PC hardware since most are aimed at xbox and PS3/4 users.
Anyone have any advice what I should get.
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>Buy literally any stick
>Buy cheap chinese usb adapter for the stick
Something with a decent layout (aka not American-styled) like Sega or Vewlix. Something with decent buttons like Sanwa switches.
Well I was looking at the HORI Real Arcade Pro.V Kai Fighting Stick which is working on a pc according to amazon.
Would that be good enough to start with, it has Sanwa switches and has a Vewlix Layout.

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Does /vr/ have any stories of funny and/or terrible bootleg games? Played this a few years ago and recently became curious of other's experiences.
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I used to have (well, still have) a bootleg 40 in 1 gameboy cart that had every gen 1&2 Pokemon game on it, the Crystal version was inexplicably the infamous DRUG BAG FUCK Vietnamese Crystal version despite the other games being legit

It also had the Super Mario Land 4 game that's a hack of Crayon Shin-Chan and Pokemon-themed hacks of Super Mario Land and Pinball: Revenge of the Gator
I was in Marocco once and saw a bootleg pokemon game in one of the markets.

As I remember it the box was red with a Gyarados on it. I regret not buying it, but I guess it can be found online if anyone have an idea of what it could be called.
Buying GBA Pokemon games is a fucking crapshoot on ebay, although that isn't retro. I've gotten 3 fucking fake carts from US sellers.

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What are /vr/'s best recommendations of Sega Genesis games? I used to play a lot of them when I was a kid, my absolute favorites have been the Phantasy Star series (IV>III>II) and some of the good platform ones (Tiny Toons, Ristar, Toejam and Earl, obviously Sonic) but I'm wondering if I missed some others.
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Gunstar Heroes
Alien Soldier
Dynamite Headdy
Contra: Hard Corps
Streets of Rage 2
Streets of Rage 3
Rocket Knight Adventures
Shinobi 3
Ecco the Dolphin
Aladdin (superior to the SNES version)

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I got me this from a flea sale, it has a db15 pin male conector and Ive been looking online for some adapter, they few I found are really expensive, any experiences or idea to make one? also it seems when used you adjust wheter you use the whell, the pad or the joystick I would like to use them all (it would work good as n64 controller) any advices?
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I've never been able to find this type of converter reasonably priced. I just ended up counting my loss and trashing my old gamepads.

On the plus side, generic USB gamepads should be very inexpensive these days. You can also buy a PlayStation-to-USB adapter so you can use your PS1/2 controllers with your computer. The ones I've purchased worked fairly well, but may not last longer than a year.
fancy 15pin pads like that essentially fall into 1 of 3 categories:

generic - not really multi-button, just standard 4axis+4button with some of the buttons doubled up. would need a generic active usb adaptor, but dont expect more than 4 buttons.

dual input - natively supports usb with a passive adapter, the chip in pad does the work. i believe some microsoft and logitechs can do this

propriety - uses an improvised digital protocol for multi-button thru 15pin, required a driver that probably only works for old versions of windows. requires a specialized active...
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This. You really may as well trash it at this point. It isn't worth the hassle

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How do you pick your route?
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I've started playing it few days ago and the only route I've completed so far is Left->Right->Left->Left, seems like it's a harder game than Outrun 2. I'm thinking to beat all levels using these routes: LLLL, RLLL, RRLL, RRRL, RRRR
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Outrun - Marquee.jpg
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>how do you pick your route?
Near the end of the stage the road forks and you either veer left or right which takes you on a different path :^)

I usually have my route already picked out before I start depending on which ending I'm shooting for.
it depends on the time left.

better times more right.
since left is an easier route,

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Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?
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the devs of this game
I did
What, playing a 4:3 game in widescreen? I agree, that's awful.

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Obscure games like that
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"Gadget: Invention, Travel and Adventure" as well as its remake "Gadget: Past as Future".
"Tlon: A Misty Story".
"Perihelion: The Prophecy".
"Aleshar: World of Ice".
"Cosmology of Kyoto".
Is this a Borges reference?

Is Nintendo crowding everyone out when it comes to the legacy of retro games?

I was a Sega guy myself, and that seems to be downplayed and ignored in mainstream retro discussion. When it does get brought up, its always mentioned in a passive aggressive way. When it comes to anything that wasn't Sega or Nintendo, things are even worse. It almost seems like their experiences were written out of history.

There must have been people who only ever had a TG-16 or Jag growing up, but all you ever hear is nintendo, nintendo, nintendo.
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Well, Sega has been getting a good amount of attention lately with some books and such.

But, yes, people seem to be most nostalgic for Nintendo, in no small part due to Nintendo largely being a nostalgia hype engine at this point.

Still, I feel a little sad when I see certain people knocking on Sega as if they were nothing. I think as I get older I respect Sega's work more and more.
>I was a Sega guy myself
>all you ever hear is nintendo, nintendo, nintendo.
I'm not really surprised this is your attitude.
Plebs only know Mario and Zelda and games that are represented in Smash Bros.

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It feels so wrong not to have DK in this game, what were they thinking!?
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They probably did not want to rehash like Nintendo and its fans are so accustomed to.

man, nintendo and its fans are so evil, the absolute boogeymen.
I take it you'd then suggest switching Donkey Kong for Dixie Kong and have Dixie be a damsel in distress.

I wouldn't prefer that cause I like playing as Dixie, sure she's pretty easy mode and that's a complaint I have, I wish they'd made her ever so slightly worse to control in comparison to Diddy so that platforming segments wouldn't be a no-brainer if you had her.

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We know that the dye of burned discs is less reflective than the pits/valleys of pressed discs and that the transition from pit to valley is

not as sharp on the dye of burned discs.

It is rumored that playing burned games will cause the disc drive to wear out and become inoperable.
Is this really true?
How does this happen?
Does the diode burn out from having to squeeze its lazer harder with more electricity?
Does the motor die from having to move the laser head too often?

Do burned games have longer load times?

How long does it usually...
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What speed should CD-Rs be burned at?

Is it best to use premium or legacy CD drives to burn games?

Some game backups downloaded online have the music/cutscenes ripped to reduce size.
I have heard that some rips change to CD audio to MP3. How does this work if the console doesn't natively support MP3 playback?
How can I identify these degraded disc images?
What is the difference between .iso vs .bin+.cue vs .ccd+.img+.sub? Which is considered best?

We know that the Dreamcast has a GD-ROM drive not a CD-ROM drive.
Does this mean that burned...
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Holy shit, you have a lot of questions about this. I think this is the most questions I've ever seen asked about a particular subject at once.

Unfortunately, I don't have answers to any of them.
Most of the questions here are more fit to be posted on /g/.

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Who here has played the video game version of The World is Not Enough? I've never seen any discussion on here about it. It's rarely brought up anywhere, for that matter.

It's obviously not anywhere near as good as Goldeneye for a number of reasons, but I'm still curious to see what others thought of it.

Personally, I think it's fun and expanded on a bunch of things Goldeneye did. It's not nearly as smooth as Goldeneye and the multiplayer maps are some of the worst I've ever played, but it's pretty decent.
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meh it's alright
I know I rented the psx version back in the day and kinda liked it but that's all I can remember. It was one of those mediocre games you play for a bit, have some fun and then forget about it. Tomorrow never dies was awful tho.
weak bait

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Up until about 10 years ago when something was gone from popular culture, it was pretty much gone. Then good internet connections became common enough for people to more easily stream/download, letting us experience things we remembered and rediscover things we'd forgotten. It was an exciting time that future generations will never know because there will never again be a circumstance where anything from their youth isn't instantly accessible.

And here we are today where nostalgia feels like it's all been milked of its last drop with rereleases, updates,...
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If you like the hobby you wouldn't be completely bored of it. The best thing I can say is take a break from it for a while and hopefully you'll want to come back; otherwise maybe you should move on.

I've been involved with video games since the late 80s and most of my favorite games are from the 90s. At the moment I'm writing my own emulator and working on a website to help teach people about emulation and the rom hacking scene of the 90s. It keeps me busy and it's always fun.

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>If you like the hobby you wouldn't be completely bored of it. The best thing I can say is take a break from it for a while and hopefully you'll want to come back; otherwise maybe you should move on.

You need many hobbies. You can't just do one thing, you may easily burn out of it, even if it takes years to do that eventually you won't even be able to touch it anymore.

None-the-less there are more video games than retro games, and yes there are still good ones out there as long as you aren't narrow minded.

Honestly picking up an instrument has been much better than any rhythm game I have played outside of DDR since it makes you Get Up and Move.

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Would FF7's story be better or worse if Yuffie was a mandatory character rather than an optional one?
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It would've been better if she was relevant to the main plot.
It wouldn't make any difference, since the problem in the story has nothing to do with Yuffie, but the fact that the whole amnesia/cloud/zack/sephiroth/sephiroth clones/jenova crap is an indecipherable labyrinth that makes no goddamn sense.
Yuffie is the best character because she ain't got nothing to do with that shit.

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