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With all the Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball bullshit currently going on...aren't you glad you played and fell in love with video games at a time when no one cared?

I sure am.
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I remember when I was a kid I wanted Mortal Kombat for my SNES and my mom kept telling me NO. Then one day my Dad bought me MK2 and when my mom saw all the blood in the game I remember exactly what she said "That's it? It looks so fake."

My Dad also showed me how to give the strippers money in Duke Nukem.
My Dad used to use his work Amiga to copy games with guys in his office. He gave me a copy of this when I was 6.

We've always had censorfags, it just used to be hardcore Christians and idiots like Jack Thompson. And people who thought playing Counter-Strike made you want to kill people irl.

The hardcore left now is as bad as the hardcore right is/was, and are the new group of censorship zealots. Much like we had titties on statues taken out of Castlevania in the West, we now have slutty lollies dressed as moderately skimpy lollies in Western releases. Shit changes but it also stays the same. I'm sure there were groups that tried to ban games like Demon's Crest, and...
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Did the ShadowHawk SNES ROM ever finally get leaked?
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wait they made a game about ShadowHawk?

Yes... about that very same ShadowHawk character from Image Comics... However, the game got shelved and never released and somewhat recently was rediscovered, but rather than releasing the rom for free the assholes that found it (not the developers nor rightful owners) decided they were only going to sell it on repro carts... So I was curious if this shit finally leaked, because fuck them...
Well then, someone who gets the repro will just upload it.

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This is a question to all the game developers on this board, but really anyone can answer it. What retro games have you played where you considered the game mechanics to be really innovative in a way that improves the gameplay, and how would you take influence of those game mechanics in your own games (ie. what would you change)?
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Sonic 1(I guess all the 2d ones in the Genesis since they only improved)
The physics engine was godtier and the shit you could do with it was insane

It gave the player a lot of freedom on how to play
For me, it would be Kirby Super Star. I think the multiplayer in that game is unbelievable. Having players actually become other enemies is really fun and interesting, because the player is always introduced to something new and exciting. It's something that I haven't seen mimicked in other games, and it seems like a mechanic that has really gone under the radar

I don't know if I would change much, but I would certainly make more enemies for the players to transform into.
I think you're right in that the physics engine gave the players a lot of freedom, and it was definitely a suitable competitor to mario bros. Allowing players to speed along platforms, go through loop-de-loops, spirals and springs really felt fun and gave the platformer genre a new and interesting spin.

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I remember this piece of garbage...
I miss overly enthusiastic announcers in games.
street fighter alpha 3
best announcer

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Okay... now what?
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Is that A link to the past or what?
I remember that. Don't remember how I solved it though. Took a me a while if I remember correctly but that was over 9 years ago.
If you're looking for the flute it's north west of the tree stump just a few dig spots from where you're standing. In the corner of tthree or so trees there should be a patch of flowers there as well.

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Kiss in the dark!
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>Square is charging 22 dollars for the android version of FF5
>horrendous graphics
>zero gameplay updates with same extremely dated gameplay
>looks like a fan project
>According to Square, this is what the current up to date version of the game is supposed to be
>FF6 android coming soon!

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>Not using the SNES version but instead spent more time and money on a shitty graphical change and localization.

SE is just wasting time and money on these. They could just literally use a fucking ROM and localize a translation like SEGA did with Monster World IV when it was released to VC.
>spent more time and money on a shitty graphical change and localization.

They didn't spend much, I can tell you that. Everything looks rushed and cheap.

The monsters are just tracing from the original drawings. The character sprites look like trash. Many areas use texture blocks that don't line up properly and have visible seams.

This thing was thrown together in a weekend.
All the remakes bar FFI and II on Playstation are trash.
FFIII and IV DS are debatable, but the rest of em on PSP and Mobile are trash. As you say, everything looks rushed and cheap on all of them.

Best stick to ports, and while the GBA versions of all the games have some brightness issues, they're probably the best versions of each Nintendo era game.

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Is this game confusing for anyone else? I mean I just feel lost the whole time I play it. I played it when I was 11 the first time and I am playing it again now at 29 and I still feel lost in a lot of places. Maybe I am just retarded.

Fucking Body Harvest.
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I played the hell out of it on the N64 but can't get it to run on an emulator. IIRC it was a hard game but getting to the zombie russia level where you get to kill them with a combine harvester more than makes up for it in my books.

Fun fact: They named a mission in GTA: San Andreas after this game.
I had that game as a child and I too remember it being confusing as all hell. I could always manage to get to the hangar where there's some airplane or something, and then couldn't get past that point. I don't remember a whole lot about it other than enemies were best avoided because large groups of them would fuck your shit up, and the game had adventure -esque elements such as puzzles and other such things.
It's definitely a weird fucking game. GTA open world, Zelda puzzles, pre-rendered building interiors with loot and talking NPCs. It barely belongs to a genre.

It's a pretty good game though. Flawed, but definitely underrated.

First time player here and I just started it like an hour ago but this is very interesting. Really excited to see how it goes it seems like my time of game so far.

question though I read that this game is better if you avoid confrontations because of the stories and characters, so if I were to get into one by accident, would there be a way of stop everybody from wanting to kill me or would I be destined to be a target until I leave that certain area/level/etc?.
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It depends who you started fighting.
There really are a couple enemies that just fight you on sight, and there's some early game small time thieves that fight you, like if you get pulled into the alley or whatever.

I don't think they effect any factions. As long as you have a high wis/char/int character, don't worry, you'll see most of the dialogue options and that's what you don't want to miss out on.

You'll have many fights and that's fine, but you want to be able to choose.
tfw reading the novel is more fun than playing the game
>95% of the game was reading
>mort had the only good VA
>character customazation for combat was a joke

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You guys think this GBC is fixable ?
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You can buy a new shell
It's not even turning on doe

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What did you think of the second disc?
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A bad game.
A good Visual Novel.
Great game, probably one of my favorites of all time, i enjoyed the mox of theology, scifi, and philosophy along with political conflict within the story and the gameplay was a great mix of fighting mechanics and rpg ones. second disc never bothered me.
>>2829650 mix*

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This is a great game, but is there any reason to play it anymore instead of the original? It's got cut features and the difficulty is dumbed down from the Japanese version. With the ease of just being able to play that now is the US FF2 version obsolete?
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>it's got cut features
>difficulty is dumbed down from the Japanese version

Even the dumbed down version of FFIV is way harder than any FF that came after it. Also there are so many versions of FFIV nowadays it's hard to say which one(s) are worth playing nowadays to begin with.
>is the US FF2 version obsolete?
Quite to opposite. Thanks to its translation (YOU SPOONY BARD!) this version is immortalized.

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Hi, I have a quick question about buying this SCART PS1 cable off of this website:


What option should I select under "Sync" on the right hand column?
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What'll it be feeding into? Some monitors or capture cards require a certain kind of sync.

Depends on what it will go into. SCART in itself is literally just a cable, a mode of transferring a signal from source to display device. Everything else will have to be made out between the two devices, if your monitor cannot display it because sync problems that is not the fault of the cable but your monitor being incompatible.
So check what your monitor wants, then choose accordingly.
I'm plugging it into a SCART to component transcoder, which will then go into my CRT TV which has a component input.

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pilotwings + me.jpg
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how many consoles do you have, do you play all of them? Which ones do you play the least, which the most?

I have:
PC engine duo RX
Master System
and GBC

Ones I played the least:
Ones I play the most:
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At the moment, PSOne, Game Boy Pocket, GBA SP, GameCube and PS2 Slim.

I have two policies:

- If I can emulate it with considerable accuracy, then I'll emulate it instead of investing in the hardware. PS1 emulation isn't that great, and I don't have the PC specs to attempt GC or PS2 emulation.

- I make a unique exception for handhelds, because I want to have something to play on-the-go.

All of my platforms usually receive equal attention. At the moment, I'm most interested in my Game Boy Pocket.

I'm thinking about investing in a PSP somewhere down the line, if only to use for portable emulation. There are some PSP-exclusive retro compilations that look good too.

The only one hooked up now is the PS2 and that's so I can play Street Fighter 3 and some Virtua Fighter. PS1 has been in the closet for a couple decades and I only pull out the (S)NES on a rare as-needed basis since emus are just easier.

What's /vr/'s take on the hardest retro RPG ever made? Can be turn-based, action, whatever.

I would say SaGa Frontier 2. Just getting past the learning curve isn't enough. Every chapter is a point-of-no-return, and the game often hinders grinding by not allowing you to leave dungeons once you enter, stranding you with no way to heal your party or maintain your equipment. Several people have played all the way up to the final dungeon only to have to restart the entire game from scratch because of the extensive preparation that has to be done chapters ahead of time.
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Wizardry IV: the Return of Werdna

Well that was easy.
Final Fantasy Legends

Most challenging game of all time, out of any genre.
>Final Fantasy Legends

Are you referring to the mobile game, or this?

Final Fantasy Legend for Game Boy wasn't too difficult. You could backtrack and grind as much as you wanted, although keeping any humans in your party equipped was certainly expensive.

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