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Shadow person thread
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I had an experience with one, and shortly after, my brother passed away. I told a select few people about it, and some of them said they had experiences with shadowy figures like mine as well, and I've been trying to find answers about them ever-since. Has anyone else ever had run-ins with these things? And does anyone know anything at all about them?

I'll share my own experiences shortly if anybody is interested. There was one each from my girlfriend, my mother, and my friend's girlfriend.
a shadow person stole my TV once.
Here's the first one. This took place a couple months before my brother passed away.

>About 15 or 16 years old
>Parents divorced, dad lived in Alabama, mom moved to Mississippi
>Brother went to Mississippi with mom
>visiting there one summer
>It's hot as fuck, because coastal Mississippi
>Can't sleep because of this
>Spend a couple hours tossing and turning with my eyes shut
>Open them at one point
>Immediately see silhouette in the window
>I'm frightened by it, don't move for what felt like forever. Was probably just a couple minutes
>It doesn't move, just looks back at me
>I look away for a moment, look back, it's gone
>There's another window behind me on an adjacent wall to the other one
>It walks past the window, towards the window to my brother's room
>lose sight of it
>Suddenly tired as fuck, drop off to sleep
>Wake up in the morning, nothing seems out of the ordinary

I can't help but feel as if it had something to do with my brother's death. If anyone has answers to that it would be greatly appreciated. I'll share a few more stories in a bit.
This one is from my mother
>Brother passes a few months after the first story
>Tell my mother about it a couple weeks after he passes
>She sounds concerned
>Tells me she saw shadow people as a child as well
>Until about age 6, every night a shadow person lingered in her room
>It never did anything, it just stood there and watched her
>would occasionally shift his stance, maybe walk a little across the room
>She said that the figure seemed to wear a hat that looked like the one her grandfather wore
>She'd sometimes get scared, and call her dad in
>Figure would dissappear when her father entered the room

And that's the end of that one. I had no idea what to make of it, honestly. 2 more coming up.
I told my girlfriend about the two stories. She shared her experience, but hers just seemed so much more maleficent. It genuinely made my worry about the situation a lot more.

>Again, this was a reoccurring experience until she was older
>Lived in a house out in the country
>during the day, it would just get cold out of nowhere. Even in a hot bath, she'd get chills
>At night, sometimes things would move on their own. Doors opening, chairs moving, typical ookyspooky shit
>Sometimes, she'd be in bed and see a shadowy figure
>This one wasn't tall and slender like the others
>This one was shorter and stockier
>She said it seemed to wear an overcoat, it almost looked like a homeless man
>Whenever it appeared, it was accompanied by other figures
>They were humanoid, but very small and very thin
>They crawled all over the walls, and would dart away whenever looked at
>It would stand there and watch while it's "companions" darted around the walls
>They moved away, and didn't see this figure or any of the other paranormal experiences anymore

I think this one was the most evil presence I've heard of from people I personally know. It made me seriously worry about all these experiences
Last one. This one I heard very recently, it came from my best friend's girlfriend. This one may be a little inaccurate, because I was driving when she told me the story

>Once again, she was very young
>Her grandfather died shortly before she was born
>Was able to recognize who he was by pictures she had seen
>visiting grandmother for a holiday one night
>She slept in a bed with her grandmother
>Wakes up thirsty, goes to get a glass of water
>Walks to the kitchen and is greeted by a very tall, broad shouldered figure
>Like my mother's figure, this one wore a hat that looked like one her grandfather wore
>His stature seemed similar too
>They stand and look at eachother for a while
>The figure starts moving towards her
>She panics and runs crying to her grandmother's room
>Explains what happens
>she leaves for a moment
>In the meantime, the girl goes back to sleep

That's the last of my stories. If anyone else has answers or other stories, feel free to share.
Shadow people are weak as hell and easy to destroy. Shadow a shit.
I can tell you this, shadow people live off fear. I'm assuming they left your room because you werent scared, you were just curious why the fuck they were there. Your brother was probably frightened enough that they gained enough power to actually physically harm him, although i'm assuming they fed off his fear for some time before deciding to act, hence him dying several months later. Did he seem different at all in the time since that encounter? Was he ever on edge? How did he act the day after that night?
6 foot tall shadows are humans becoming demonic or otherwise losing humanity.
7 foot talk ones are demons, ranging anywhere from a simple, but dangerous poltergeist, to more dangerous demonic presence.

They are attracted by negative human emotions, like fear, sadness, anger. They feed off it, and if they find someone who regularly is in these states of emotion, they'll stay and even antagonize their victim, like your gfs story.
Do they become shadow people after death? I'm curious how that works.
Yes. Sorry I didn't specify.

Something like a violent death is traumatic enough to cause the downward spiral for a spirit to corrupt itself into a demonic presence. But it's not always the case.

Ive got personal experience with these things, even believe my mother died because of these spirits.

I've got a lot of experience dealing with them and I'll answer any questions you have to the best of my knowledge dude.
What would cause someone to lose their humanity? And its alright, im just a bit curious
Basic human emotions.
Say you were murdered. And as a spirit, you know who did it. You'd want revenge, but because you're on a different plane of existence, you can't do anything to get revenge.
Anger sets in because you can't retaliate, and that anger causes your spirit to change into a primal form that can harm the living. A demon. Or something like a demon. And now that you have the power to harm, it's addictive, you could say like a drug. You can harm others and they can't do shit back. Who wouldn't want that kind of power?
Can a corrupted spirit ever redeem itself? Do they remember who they were before? Is it painful for them?
He was born prematurely, and as a result was non-verbal and was never really able to move much on his own as a result of cerebral paulsy. But you could tell his mood, because he would sort of communicate by either crying, laughing, moaning, or any other basic noises like that. He seemed to be in pain for a long time, but it was like that his whole life. Nothing really seemed to be out of the ordinary. As a matter of fact, he seemed happier in the last few days before he died.
If it's ok to ask, could you share some of your stories?
Do you know anything else about their appearances? You might have noticed in the stories that all but my own experienced featured a figure with a very distinct appearance. For example, the one in my gf's that was a little slumped and stocky, or my friend's who looked like her grandfather.

On kind of the same subject, why do so many of them wear hats? I've read other people's stories and experiences, a lot of them wore either hats or hoods, including 2 of the ones i shared. Does this mean anything, or is it just part of the specific being's identity?
I had experience with shadow people when i was younger. I would hide under my blanket and cry, but as i grew older i realized they fed off fear, and started not giving a fuck. I would flip them off and be sarcastic towards them. I laugh thinking back at this, but i remember one thing i started doing was whenever i saw one standing somewhere in my room, i'd get up and do a strip tease in front of it untill it went away. They havent bugged me in years,
In a way, yeah. I would think all spirits have the abillity to more or less redeem themselves.
It's a matter of whether they want too or not is what's the problem. Spirits are way more free than the living, no physical form lets them move about whenever and wherever they want.
It's possible once they grow accustomed to being a demoinc presence why would they wanna go back?

That said, I'm not entirely sure about it. I've never spoken to one before, nor would I recommend doing so. It'll do more harm than good.
Yes I can share some stories.
I have more than I'd like to admit, and it's kinda shaped my persona, both physically and mentally over the years.
It may be related to how they were buried. I think you said the one you saw wore a top hat, was your grandfather buried with a tophat?
Once you realize they live off negative emotions, do they have any power over you? Like are they powerless if you're not feeling anything?
The hat thing is a universal thing with demons. Hats, hoods, fedoras, long hair...
I've seen so many demons with hoods, and only a few with hats.

Perhaps they use hoods and hats to hide their face, even in all the rage and sadness, some part of them must feel the need to hide their identity.

It's my best guess for the time being.
The one I saw was just a generic shape. Looked like a regular person, no hat or distinct hair or anything. The one my mother saw was wearing something that looked akin to a fedora I think. That would make a little since, since he would have been alive around the time they were more popular. But the other one, the girl I talked to, I can't see why they would have buried him with a hat, since it was more recent, like in the mid 90's.
Unfortunately once they feed off the power you give them usually it stays with them.
To a degree you can fend them off, and over time starve them of what they want from you and ultimately they leave.
Normally they come to you. Is it possible to go to them? Like go looking for them? And if it is, what would you look for exactly?
This may seem like a dumb question, but how do they affect people once they've been given this power? Do they physically harm their victims or just terrorize them and toy with their minds or emotions?
My first encounter was when I was 6.
I live in the middle desert away from the city, and there was a full moon. I decided to walk outside and enjoy the moonlight, take in the beauty of the desert.
I walked out of my yard on this desert trail and as I circled back, there was what I can only describe as a black foggy mass under the shadow of a tree directly covering the trail. This was my first encounter and I didn't know any better, so I walked towards it not knowing what I was seeing.
Oh fuck, you mean other people have seen these things too? They're a THING? ffffuck

>freshman year of college
>being a total pro I have top bunk
>roommate can't sleep without tv on so I let them
>casually watching the tv as it's on silent when I see my roommate get up from the bottom bunk, silhouetted by the tv
>"Katie, what's up?"
>starts to walk away
>never stops being a silhouette
>grows taller and thinner as it walks across the room
>it reaches out and grabs the door handle and turns to stare right at me
>with its shadowy pits
>then it disappears
>I play my DS for the rest of the night, too freaked out to move

Thankfully, I never saw it again. The best freaky things that happen to me are ones that are one-offs and never have lasting consequences.
Anything happen after that? I'm interested
As I got closer, it became colder, and I felt a sense of hopelessness overcome me. I wanted to just give up. But I kept it together and I tried to walk around the shadow. I looked away for a second to watch my step of the trail and as I looked back I saw the demon violently form under the trees shadow. I heard bones cracking and even saw muscles form from the gas, but not from the shadow, but in my head.
At this point my heart sank and I started to panic at what I couldn't believe was happening.
That was a nigger dicking your roommate getting up to leave in the night
Aaayyyy lmaoooo
lol it's funny because it's racist!
The worst thing about it was seeing its eyes. There was nothing human left of this thing. It's eyes were like living rage personified. Bright orange glowing eyes. With slits as it's irises. Like a cats eye.
And it wore a fedora. But it was elongated at the front, it's body was skeletal, like underfed anorexic skinny.
It's limbs were longer than normal too.
It didnt have lips either, just bare teeth, and horns that curved just perfectly over its fedora.
And what made it worse, is that it immediately knew I was scared.
And I heard it chuckle.

At that point I just acted on primal instincts and ran back home, crying hysterically, causing my parents to call the police to investigate.

Didnt find anything of course but to this day I still have nightmares involving that fucking bastard.
Is your roommate alright after that? Any different at all?
Did you ever see that particular one again?
Come to think of it, I think shortly after that is where we had that falling out for like two months. We patched up our friendship in time to room together again the next year. (When she became the RA of the party dorm, I bailed and found a different roommate, otherwise we probably would have roomed together all four years.) She's doing fine now, though, getting her masters down in Colorado.
I have. He's so far the strongest demon out where I live. So his presence generally scares away the weaker ones.
That doesn't sound like anything I've ever even heard of looking for, it sounds worse than them. Think it might be something worse than a shadow person?

Also, if you don't mind, About where was this?
Yes you can go to them.
You astral project your spirit out of your physical form. Entering their realm of existence.
However. I highly recommend NOT doing this. Unless you're mentally prepared to fight in a place where your spiritual body changes at your every whim. It took me many years to get a form I always take when a demon or otherwise pisses me off enough to go after it.
File: Shadow Man.jpg (58 KB, 318x597) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>be me about 17
>pretty late about 2:30 am
>decide to go pass out
>sleep comes pretty quick
>suddenly my eyes pop open but I cant move
>a shadow starts to form in the corner
>it starts to take the shape of a human with a wide brimmed hate and trench coat with a wide collar
>notice it has red eyes but no mouth and a darkness was swirling around its body keeping it in constant shadow
>try to sit up try to scream but nothing works
>feels like hours go by when it finally disappears
>after it was gone I could sit up and see the sun barely peeking through my curtains.
>that day I move all my furniture in my room around making sure that the corner that the shadow man was standing in was completely full of stuff.
Did he tip his fedora?
File: plaguedoctor.png (439 KB, 1548x2407) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
This reminds me of something I saw a few months ago.

I hope this is the right one. It was about a guy who experienced something like yours, except it took form of a plague doctor and served as a sort of guardian.

Now, I can't remember if this is the right one, so I may have accidentally attached the one about the guy who dressed as a plague doctor and started slapping people in McDonalds. Do excuse me if that's the case.
Well shadow people are ultimately that.
They have forms under the shadows, and the power they get from fear, sadness, anger allows them to come out of the shadows. Granted my case was a serious demonic presence, one that a few people who study demonology I've emailed/asked say was something I need to stay away from, or better move away to love somewhere else before it imprinted on me.
Too late now however. But I've learned how to deal with It and others like him over the years through trial and error.
I know I've been posting a lot of serious shit about demons and all...

But holy shit a plague doctor slapping people at McDonalds?
for some reason picturing a plague doctor slapping people at mickey d's just sounds hilarious to me
*demon guy here*

Dude I'm tempted to so this actually.
If not a plague doctor then something else. Lol
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I hate to derail the thread, but damn is this story hilarious.
dark as coal
File: image.jpg (24 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Oh god my sides
File: 1399573862218.jpg (34 KB, 292x257) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>be 13
>about 10 at night, going with my mom to pick my dad up from work
>look out the large window on my front door
>see a white-looking figure, shape of a human standing near my mailboxes on the street
>car drives by
>it's gone
File: image.jpg (18 KB, 267x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Fuuuuuccck thaat.

That kinda shit happens to me a lot.
Ive only ever had one encounter with anything paranormal
>live in bumfuck nowhere Pensylvania
>Farms everywhere, but close to mainroad and gas station. Bout mile and a half away.
>Me and friends get bored and hungry decide to walk up.
>By the time were dome eating its about 11 and dark
>walking home
>walk onto road that dips down deep into forest aways from fields and anyform of civilization
>no moon. Pitch black due to canopy of trees.
>for somereason friend looks behind us and stops
>wtf you lookin at bro
>look behind me too
>see ~7ft tall floating dark cloud
>starts bout 15yrds away, within three seconds its about 3yrds away
>suddenly disappears
>me and friend wtf hard

Only time Ive ever seen anything akin to shadow people. Been down same road even at night multiple times, never seen nothing. What do you guys think?
Also Plague-Bro sounds pretty chill. Wish I could have a chill ghost-bro.
I made a thread regarding shadow people, and possible theories on what they are. Here's my story:

Back around 4th grade, I was winding down from a long day at school getting ready for sleep. My homework was just completed and I was sitting upright on my bed. I've used to have a Welsh Corgi (who recently passed away from Thyroid Cancer) that used to sleep at the foot of my bed. Now keep in mind that I slept on a second story floor, and all of my blinds would be closed before I made myself comfortable in my room. I used to keep my closet doors wide open on opposite sides of the room. The dog was adjacent to my feet on my right side. He was contently resting his head on the white railing (which was sort of cushioned so I guess it was comfortable). Everything seemed undisturbed at the time being.

Out of nowhere, his head shot up and his ear's became erect. He diverted his attention towards the open doorway of the closet space. This caught my attention at the time. I called his name, waved my hand in front of his snout, and even slightly pushed him a few times. He would not snap out of his sudden trance. So out of my own curiosity, I started to gaze into the closet space. I was thinking in the back of my mind what was possibly causing this.

About ten minutes of unconditionally starring into the white open closet space, a shadowy figure materialized near the left hand side of the closet space. This thing walked towards the middle of the closet space, stopped for a brief moment, looked back at us both (the dog and I), and it slightly jumped. It darted towards the right hand side of the closet. After that little incident, my dog returned to his normal self. It took me a brief moment to rationalize what just happened. After doing so, I ran down stairs and explained to my dad what I just witnessed. It was not out of fear, but more of excitement then anything else. I just witnessed my first "real" paranormal entity.
Lol sounds like that spirit wasn't expecting you to notice it.
Dark shit

Your absolutely right. The whole encounter for me wasn't frightening at all. It was more of a "Whoa, I didn't expect that" type of feeling. I guess what makes my story unique is that I scared the "ghost".
I remember reading on here once that there are shadow people with different colored eyes but can't remember the details. I remember that one was really dangerous. Anyone have the info?
I actually have had a physical encounter with one of these shadow people before. I lived in Philadelphia shortly after I got out of college due to getting a fairly well paying job. Due to a combination of living close to my office and horrid traffic im the city I mostly found my self walking to work. On this particular day I had to stay late to finish a project and didnt leave until much after dusk. Walking home I passed under a row of three streetlights that were out leaving me in pitch black. Obviously I was a little on edge and started to look around. I caught a glimpse of a hooded figure off into the dark about 15 feet ahead and stoped dead in my tracks. From what I could make out "it" was a sillouette for all intents and purposes. It wore a cloak with the individual pant legs splitting around the knees, and I think the cloak had some weird runes on its chest. Before I knew it, the apparition was within arms length of me branding some sort of ethereal ghost blade to my throat. It spoke in some archaic tongue I didnt quite understand. At this point I was straight soiling myself. I managed to stuter out asking what it wanted and to this day I will never forget what it said . "White boii quit playin. Handovah da wallet and I wont havta ice yo ass". I just stood there and stared in awe. Next thing I know I wake up 3 hours later with a gash in my temple and all my valuables taken. Im still confused as to why a shadowman would want any of my belongings.
Blue eyes with a combination of blond ghost hair usually means its a Nazi Shadowman. Only dangerous if your jewish.
The explanation for this phenomenon is a very real affliction called sleep paralysis.
I don't report this in jest. I too have personally experienced this as a child although I did not know what it was at the time. As I grew by and by I would consider the validity of the memories sometime attributing it to a vivid imagination or perhaps a nightmare but somehow those explanations still left doubt, in that doubt I was deeply troubled as I pondered its implications. I say to you it most certainly did not feel like a dream or fantasy when I was experiencing it.
While researching the truth behind another paranormal topic: Astral Projection, I made the connection. See, it's reported that when an individual is on the cusp of astral travel they go into sleep paralysis. During that time I dunno, technically they are like literally "half asleep". It is said that when you fall asleep your body is paralyzed so your won't act out your dreams and possibly hurt yourself.
In the astral projection community its said that if you reach this state you may encounter beings that are similarly described as the shadow beings here. It is usually described as a soul-cleaving experience which can result in a reluctance to attempt to project again. Still others claim these entities are helpful, and will encourage you in body exit techniques.
Hope this helps...
File: Ohlookamaninahat.png (406 KB, 894x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I see them every once in awhile. I work nightshifts so when walking home I see them like once a month.
I draw the occasionally as well.
I never saw such a thing.

But when I was younger around 9/11 years old I shared my room with my youngest brother who is 6 years younger than me.

He would wake up crying almost every night saying that ghosts were watching him.

Never thought much of if anyways.
>he seemed happier in the last few days before he died.
I cried for some reason.
File: 1401304356057.jpg (9 KB, 251x221) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
This one is recent.

I was in an stress ridden stage of my life, months ago. I had tinnitus (still have, but I don't give a fuck), and several problems to sleep.
Due to my tinnitus, I always use a blank noise to mask my internal sounds.
One night, I woke up with several sleep paralisis. I was scared as fuck, expecting the shadow to come, but nothing happened.
A week later, the same thing happened. I woke up with sleep paralisis. The room was mostly dark blue because the speakers project that light. Artificial rain sounds filled the room as well.

And then I saw it.

Tall. Broad. Dark as the nightsky. Blurred on the borders. With a trenchcoat/robe. I couldn't see his legs.

He appeared out of fucking nowhere. And moved slowly, like a poorly animated Disney cartoon, leaving a grayish translucid trail on the air as he moved.

I thought "I know this guys, I saw it on a movie. I'm going to punch it", but I was not able to move for minutes. He stood there, watching me.
When I finally was able to move, the fucker dissapeared leaving me with constant shivers. I tried to sleep, but I let the light turned on.
When I was a kid, I shared a bedroom with my little sister, she was about 8 years old at the time. I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw a black figure come in through the bedroom door. It went round the other side of my sister's bed and crouched down. Our brother used to do this in the morning and then jump up onto the bed to scare my sister into waking up, so I thought it was him. I sat up and told him to go back to bed. I could see the figure was still crouching there, but it didn't move. I grew impatient and went to lay down for a few minutes, still talking to him, but he didn't leave, so I climbed out of bed and approached the corner of the room. When I looked down the side of the bed, there was nothing there.

My mum later told me that when my sister was a baby, her cot had been in the same place as her bed, one night she had gone in check my sister was sleeping well and saw a black figure crouching behind the cot, she told the figure to go away and to leave my sister alone, and then it vanished.

My mum saw loads of things in our old house.
> 6 years old.
> sleeping with mum that night because of the usual child fears.
> wake up in the dark sometime in the AM.
> remembers a feeling of ‘wrongness’.
> dog is standing on the edge of the bed growling with Godzilla hackles at absolutely nothing.
> dog is staring toward an empty corner of the room.
> suddenly pants-pissing scared.
> check with mum:
> she is on her back with her eyes wide open, HUGE, looking around.
> shake her—she doesn’t move or say a word.
> dog suddenly lunges off bed as though to attack something.
> dog does into a grand mal seizure.
> notice a black clot in that corner with a vague human shape.
> have a few seconds to shit myself before it is just ceases to be there.
> mother literally rips herself out of bed moments later.
> we rush the dog to the vet.
> 3 years of bullshit later dog is still an epileptic.
> until mum leaves dogs with my dad after a divorce.
> dog suddenly stops having seizures.
> start seeing ‘shadow people’ less.

I wouldn’t -entirely- call this a simple ‘shadow person’ story considering the demonic oppression implications concerning my mother—this apparently is an old problem with her side of the family, and I’m no exception regardless that I have -never- experienced the type of ‘aggression’ her family usually dealt with. More so, since I’ve cut ties with the woman completely due to downright insane behavior, my experiences with these things have significantly dropped.
> dog goes*
> before it just ceases to be there*

Herpaderp my typos.
Same anon.

I’m also curious if anyone else in here has experienced non-human shadow…’beings’ or what-the-fuck-have-you.

When I began seeing my own ‘shadows’ that were not seemingly prompted through my mother, 90% of the time I could guarantee that they would be in the shape of an ‘incomplete dog’—sometimes no head, sometimes just legs, etc. I’ve heard that these fuckers can be ‘shape shifters’ of a sort—not surprising considering their nature—and it would be interesting to hear what experiences other people have had with this particular trait of theirs.
>I’m also curious if anyone else in here has experienced non-human shadow…’beings’ or what-the-fuck-have-you.

>be 14
>All of a sudden sleep paralysis
>See something staring at me from outside the window, can't see it
>All of a sudden a shadow in shape of a bird flies through the glass of the window and flies around my room
>I hear an inhuman screech
>It is kind of shaped like an owl with a circular hole in its chest, I could see through the hole
>It flies back through the window
Well I had another experience with this shape shifting demon during a nightmare I was having.

Started off as a normal dream, then it slowly got darker and darker, till this sense of dread came over me.

I turned around to see literally a ball of flesh, molding and churning, like a ball of clay being shaped, except I could see definite features, like eyes, legs and arms being rag dolled around as it shifted.

Finally it stopped moving, and a single red eye was visible staring at me.
At this point in time I've dealt with dreams like this, so I glared at it and asked "what the fuck do you want?"

It shifted again, faster and began to grow in size and gradually got darker and darker in tone from a caucasian tone to this dark green color.

Soon it shaped itself into this centipede body, with a human torso, scorpion tail with stinger, and a human face with this three pronged "frill" on top of its head.

It's mouth was stretched out like taffy by these insect like legs, causing this really narrow but wide mouth, that filled with what seemed like 100s of these insect appendages, like teeth for its mouth.

It responded with this incredibly deafening screech that woke me up because it sounded like it was coming from outside my dream, like it was actually in front of me.
File: Skullgirls_double.jpg (81 KB, 1200x958) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>ball of flesh, molding and churning, like a ball of clay being shaped, except I could see definite features, like eyes, legs and arms being rag dolled around as it shifted
>single red eye

nigga, you saw Double
/k/, is that you?
>be about 5 years old
>sleeping between parents in their bedroom
>wake up and see a very tall black mass gliding out of the bathroom, which was parallel with the foot of the bed
>think it's one of my parents
>reach over and feel them both sleeping on either side of me
>look over to make sure
>yup, still there
>watch shadow move closer to the edge of the bed
>no defining features, no face
>only recognizable thing was a hat, just like in OP's pic
>glides across the room and through bedroom door way, down the hall and out of sight
>shit myself for the rest of the night
>never tell my parents about it until like 10 years later

The thing is, I was obviously scared, but it never gave off any evil or weird vibes. I don't even know if it knew I was there.

A couple years ago though, I woke up into sleep paralysis and was convinced that THAT shadow man was there, watching me and gliding closer to me. This time, it felt horrible. Like pure evil.

I know there is a lot of research to backup the idea that sleep paralysis is completely natural and not paranormal, but sometimes, I feel like it can be paranormal in some cases, like this one.

I don't know why, but for years now, I've had this feeling/idea that this shadow man marked me or was at least there for a reason. I don't know why though.

Does anyone think shadow men have purposes and visit people for a reason; other than to be dicks?
Just because it was seen in the 90's doesn't necessarily mean it died during the 90's, right?
Oh shit
Yes and no. I mean, in the plane of existence where you have no physical form to contain who or what you see yourself as, it's possible a spirit just likes that era's particular style
Well shadow men are human souls turning into demons, and they do this with fear, sadness, and anger.
They feed off those negative emotions and become stronger and stronger.
And the stronger a demon is, the more terrifying it's going to look.

If the shadow man that terrified you later in life is 7ft tall, if you can ever tell that in the first place, it's most likely a demon.

But even if you can't see how tall it is, just that fact that you got a really bad vibe from its presence suggests it's more likely than not to be evil.
The one that I experienced when I was having sleep paralysis, I just somehow knew was the same one that I saw when I was little.

Going on that, this shadow man was at least 6'5", if not more. It was pretty huge.
I once got raped by a shadowman. How can I call him back? He never even gave me his name.
First time ever seeing something that could fit the description of a shadow man. Still doubting if it was one or not. Sorry for not greentexting, but I'll make it short enough.

It happened kind of recently, one and a half months ago, if I can recall correctly it was either Saturday or Sunday. Basically, I get up, and hear kids playing outside. I live in a pretty small place, around 100 people, so it was kind of odd to hear kids outside. Do a reality check, just in case it was a dream, and looked outside the window.
It was a pretty sunny day too, barely any clouds. I was about to look away, when something black in my peripheral vision caught my attention. I look slightly up, and I see a man on one of the houses, just standing there. Completely black, didn't look like it had a hat on his head, just fucking standing there. Two seconds later, it turns around? Goes backwards? walks to the edge of the roof and just jumps down. My memory is slightly fuzzy, but either there was one of them or two of them. Similar height.

Never experienced anything like this, everything about that was just weird. It's not like there were some teenagers walking around and climbing on roofs. And I don't believe that there were some people doing construction works, because as far as I know, nobody lives there.
9/11 nevar forget
Probably some spirit scoping out the place you live at.
Whether it was good or bad I guess has yet to be seen.
Kind of strange if they would want to do that. I'm not even sure if they were looking in the direction of my house, or towards the sea. It's probably the former one, because once I looked at it, two moments later it decides to walk and jump down the roof.

But that's kind of strange, since it didn't look like it turned around. I'm sorry if I'm rambling, my mind is trying to somehow make sense of all of this.
It's fine dude.
Interesting story tho.
I'm kinda curious as to what it was doing exactly too.
I'll greentext it for you
>the setting is 6848 12th St. N 33708, My childhood home
>raised Bahá'í for the first...3? 4? years of my life
>now(then) family members are practicing Wiccans
>be me, 6 years old, sleeping with the window open
>strong wind, light vibration, deep rumble
>my eyes are open, my knife is drawn
>and there it is, looking at me through the window
>this thing is massive, it can only fit like one eye and half its nose in front of the window
>it must have heard me think, because it shrunk its body down to the size of an ethiopian child
>it then smashed itself through the screen of my window and crawled up my wall and onto the ceiling
>I am petrified
>can't move, can't yell, fall asleep staring at the shadowy creature above me
>wake up, tell mom about this fucked up nightmare I had the night before
>weeks go by
>going to sleep one night, see the same creature
>call for mother
>what's up, anon?
>point at ethiopian child on wall
>she sees it, calls for Bahá'u'lláh
>it dissipates
>we think it is kill
>more time passes
>it is back again
>we try so many things to get rid of it
>it always comes back
>be 10, fresh out of elementary school
>mom has mental breakdown
>sell everything, move to Costa Rica
>come back, move into different house
>I think I'm free, everyone else has forgotten it
>year goes by, and it comes back
>it's the same one, I can tell
>been moving at least yearly since I moved out
>tried touching it once
>it dodged my grasp and smacked my arm, burning me
anyone heard of such a thing? Is this a shadow person? It kind of looks like a person, and it's shadowy...
The fact that it touched you means that's a really strong demon that's imprinted on you for some reason.
Here's mine that I've posted a few times here before:

>wake up
>feel a certain vibe of 'evilness' in the room
>feel this evilness get stronger
>suddenly a 'shadow man' appears next to me at my bed
>I close my eyes and duck my head in to my bed sheets, I could still move
>My head is forced back onto the pillow and I'm pinned down by the shoulders, this entity grappled me by the underarms and shoulders and pulled me up into the bedhead, yet pushed me down into the mattress
>he then starts choking me
>I start hearing distorted conversations floating around me
>I then start distorted music, which eventually turns into 'Love Me Two Times' by The Doors in reverse or something
>the conversations get more loud and intense
>by now I'm extremely scared and begin to pray, which up until that point I'd never really done
>I hear a voice, the only I could really pick out from the sea of conversations
>it said 'I know who you are'
>the entity, voices, and music then left

I get this sort of thing happening to me every few weeks or so, but this is one of the more intense episodes I've had
how old were you? how long has it been happening?

do you think it's related to you/your family?
All y'all are just racist to shadow people.
I mean that he died in the mid or early 90's. I think she said it happened just a few years before she was born. Again, I may be wrong. I was trying to listen to her story and drive at the same time.

This happened late October last year. I started getting these 'attacks' about August/September last year. I'm 19 now.

Usually they're just the 'shadow-man' sending his 'evil' vibes around my room and for lack of a better term, 'spiritually attacking' me. I've learnt to predict when he's coming, so I close my eyes before I see him and pray because I get so terrified every time he comes.

I don't know if it's related to anything, my mum is a pretty serious Buddhist, but was raised Anglican but has long since lapsed. My dad and my brother are both anti-religious in all respects. I also used to smoke a lot of funny-grass but now never touch it, I probably drink too much, and I say quite a lot of regretful things.

>Do I need a young priest and an old priest?
Are the evil vibes are you being afraid of a repeat event or something genuinely unnatural?
Perhaps in a past life you seriously pissed someone off?
An ongoing case.

>Be me. 16 to 19.
>Late at night. No light except laptop and desk light.
>Tired, upset by something.
>See something in the corner of my eye.
>Turn around. Nothing.

Happens only when I'm angry or upset. This started before I ever touched weed. Whenever something like this happens I feel strange, afraid. As if I have to get out of the room immediately.

I've only had one experience with something similar to this in daylight, but even then I'm not sure if there was actually anything there.
never had sleep paralysis or seen a shadow person.

got a tip that might help you if they are 2spooky4u though.

sleep with a pillow or something over your eyes. if you cant see em you cant get freaked out over em.
I get this feeling a lot, I just sort of learned to live with it. I overcome the feeling with anger like I'm ready to fight something that hasn't showed itself but will at any minute.

I never expect it to happen, because I wake up in the same manner every day, and only once every few weeks or so these things happen. I never anticipate them, they just come when I'm caught off guard.
I don't know, it sounded like this voice was more like a "I know exactly how you and your mind work" sort of thing.
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Here's a true story about shadow people
Thank you for this thread, now I won't have to make one myself. I've occasionally visited /x/ for years so what I know about shadow people is only what I've read here. I myself had never had any experience with them... until two days ago.
>be around 2am
>have my uni thesis defence in the morning
>completely underprepared and extremely nervous about it
>I'm usually never nervous about these things
>tired, too, so decide to take a two-hour nap
>get on my bed on my back with my clothes on and immediately fall asleep
>lights are on also, but very dim
>next thing I know I'm having a POV dream with three people telling me about hearts
>two male and one female
>the female is telling me how she wants to "win someone's heart"
>then they start talking about brains
>I suddenly realize they haven't been talking about love, they've been telling me about consuming organs
>freak out, wake up
>can't move
>see a shadow person looking over me by my bedroom door (which is open)
>it felt like I could see its eyes but it didn't have any
>immediately think "that's the fucking shadow guy with the hat I've been reading about on /x/ all these years"
>fear disappears, instead I feel something like a relief that finally I've seen what everyone has been talking about
>at the same time I regain the ability move
>jump down from my bed from excitement but the shadow guy is long gone by the time my feet hit the floor
Can anyone explain me what exactly happened? As I said, such things never happen to me, so now I'm really curious. Is the dream somehow linked with the shadow?
I don't think shadow people are anything to be scared about. I've seen them as long as I can remember and so far they have only just observed me. Never tried to attack me or anything like that.

I have been scared two times. First was when it was me. I mean it was black and shadowy but I could see it wore same clothes, had same hairdo, height etc as I. But I'm pretty sure I had some kinda night terror where I was still able to move and talk.
Second time they were not "shadow people" as in looking like a shadow. There was two of them and they were white, looked more like mist. For some reason I got this terrible feeling of dread from them.
Well your first story sounds like a mimic, which most people say is a bad omen, death, death in family, generally someone dying.

Second encounter, for all the shit I've posted, I'm not entirely sure what kind of entity that is from what you described.

I've only really seen/encountered shadows and demons in nightmares.
It's possible the spirit was trying to unnerve you to be paranoid, or afraid of it. But you were more excited, probably woke up before it was ready or done with the dream it was influencing on you, and it sounds like it just walked away seeing how it's plan didn't work.
Is it possible for mimics to look exactly like humans? Like not shadowy? Because I have lived in 3 different villages/small cities and in all of them my friends have seen someone who looks just like me. Same hair, clothes, jewelry, expressions and so on. Or do I just have a doppelganger or something following me?
Would greentext but I don't want to derail the thread too much.
You had sleep paralysis you retard. There's nothing paranormal about it.
Okay, I've had some recent experiences which seems to link to this thread
>be about a month ago
>in a Skype call with my girlfriend
>me and my girlfriend sleep with Skype still on
>I go to sleep around 12am
>I wake up around 7am
>see messages from my girlfriend sent between 4am and 5am
>judging from the messages, she'd seen me out of bed and wanted to know if I was okay
>never got out of bed and never had a history of sleepwalking
>talk to my girlfriend later on in the day about what the fuck happened
>she said that she saw an all black figure that looked identical to me in my doorway
>black figure began to slowly walk towards the bed
>places its hand on my pillow then walks to the webcam
>my gf sees hair hanging in front of the camera
>the room begins strobing red and white like in the Black Lodge
>Skype call ends
This exact same incident happened about a week after. As far as I know, nothing similar has happened since.
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>be me at the age of 9
>be sleeping on couch because my room didn't have a TV
>wake up in the middle of the night
>hairs on my neck are standing up
>look over the couch
>tall shadow guy with a tophat and glowing yellow balls for eyes
>bury my face into cushions and eventually fall asleep
>years down the line shrug it off to sleep paralysis or some-shit
>see a thread year a few years ago of shadowman
Me. I could probably get away with murder, I just don't want to.
It's possible you have a dopplegannger following you. They're pretty dangerous from what little I've read about them.

As for what to do about it idk, I only really know a lot about shadow people/demons.
Lol my point exactly with demons.
>Hats, hoods, fedoras, long hair...
my experience on 4chan has affected me too much
being fedora tipped to spirit ghost death must be the worst way to go
schizophrenia is hereditary bro, that's why all your family sees weird stuff...

if 2 schizophrenics have a child it has around 60% chance of being schizophrenic too..

get checked nigger
I really dont think theyre demons in any sense. All ive ever heard/read about them proves they dont actually hurt people at all - they just scare them.

But ive heard before that they're drawn to negative emotions. My friend had a really bad period with her depression and family issues so she started seeing shadow people in her house, walking across the hallway or darting out of sight - which only made her feel worse.

Eventually she got the house blessed by a maori elder and did some wiccan stuff to the house (chants n shit). Then they left.

Excuse me, we're trying to get spooped here, not hear about your girlfriend and your happy go lucky gang of girlfriend having miscreants.

Reddit is probably missing you, normalfag.
I smell bullshit.
I had sleep paralysis once where i was facing the wall and behind me I could hear this terrifying raspy breathing. After a few minutes of quietly shitting myself, it lifted me up and shook the FUCK out of me. I dont remember any pain, but I certainly wasnt happy. It was tRying to scare me.

If they get more scary-looking as they 'grow', what do you think about the invisible ones?
I get the sleep voices too, man. But usually mine say random shit with such intensity and urgency that its just hilarious. I dont usually get the scary ones.
Lying in bed at night and having a sudden voice in your ear go: "COTTAGE CHEESE" is funny as fuck.
Its a good try but that dont help. When you 'wake up' to sleep paralysis you're not actually awake. Youre dreaming - well - hallucinating. Covering your eyes wont stop the visions.
/mu/, actually
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>Walking around in your grandma's house one night
>old building, creaky floorboards and whatnot
>scene of the most infamous bloodbath in the history of your small town decades and decades ago
>suddenly you feel a chill
>turn around
>see the tail of some whispy gas-like figure move into the other room
>sweating bullets and shaking like a puppy in a thunderstorm, you go and check it out
>turn the corner
>nothing's there
>whew, must've been your imagination
>turn back around
>floating, spectral, unshaven and overweight man in a trench coat and fedora screams at you with the force of 10,000 banshees
>"OH MY GOD!!!" You scream as you enter cardiac arrest
>"God? God is nothing more than an imaginary sky wizard from 2,000 year old bedtime stories." The spirit moans as you collapse and your vision grows red and dim
>The last thing you see before your consciousness fades to black is his ghostly fedora float up in the air and tip itself towards you as the mid-twenties apparition smiles through your very soul
>be me about 2 years ago
>me and mate driving home from movies around 11pm
>he drops me off out front of my place
*I live on about a 2 km stretch of road with a street light out front of my place*
>as I hop out I hear a huge bang
>commence sitting myself
>every single street light in the street blacks out, bar one. The one I'm standing under, outside my house remains lit
>the fuck just happened .jpg
>mate speeds off, scared as shit
>look across the road see figure in opposite driveway
>pissbolt inside
>text mate about 5 mine later, says he saw it too when lights blew.
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