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Scary Latin America
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Too much Slender Man shit around.
Stories, legends and spoopy stuff related to Latin America.

Since /x/ loves it's skin-walkers too much, here comes some info about naguales/nahuales:
Much like the Skin-Walkers from native american folklore; Nahuales are sorcerers or witch doctors who possess the ability of turning into animals at will.
While most are known for turning into large, black dogs, donkeys, owls or turkeys; some of them can even turn into bulls, horses, jaguars and pumas.

The word supposedly comes from the aztec word, "nahualli"; which means "cloth" or "skin"; and makes reference to a man's ability to turn into an animal or an animal/human hybrid, while in certain ethnic groups or languages also refers to necromancy, black magic or malice. For some pre-colombian cultures, the nahual is also known as "tlatlacatecolo", which means "owl man"; an indicative of these creatures appearing only at night.

Cultures aside from aztecs and mayas, like the Yakis, tarahumaras and Seris (most of them used to live in Northern Mexico and the southern United States), had nahuales; but their legends say that if a man knows his primal spirit or nahual, he could use it to heal people and become a magician.
In aztec mythology, nahuales were protected by Tezcatlipoca; the god of war and sacrifice, and the legend goes that a nahual could tear his own skin off and transform into a beast.

There are popular stories in Mexico dating from time as early as the spanish conquest, talking about hunters killing an animal at night; only to find by dawn, that it had transformed into a man.

Even today, mexican people stll consider nahuales as something that exist; and there's hundreds of stories talking about encounters with all sorts of supernatural black beasts with red eyes (a common trait in Nahuales).
Pic related.
Aztec death whistles. It's amazing that the Aztecs were able to carve whistles that sounds like dying people.
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Oaxaca foret.jpg
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I have a story on nahuales which I didn't know they exist until a few years ago.
>Be me turning 15 years old.
>Mom's family is Mixteco race but we live modernly and don't usually interact with our inidigenous family because we live in California, not Oaxaca.
>I spent a month in Oaxaca with Granpa in family.
>Granpa takes me hunting and I had never used gun before.
>Be us deep in the wilderness of the Oaxacan forest.
>Granpa has been a hunter all his life and he's a native. He can follow animals and detect things and everything.
>Before I continue, I'd like to say that I'm afraid of owls. I've been attacked by 2, once when I was a baby and another one when I was 10, I have a huge scar in my scalp and I lost a piece of my lip. I think they're majestic, but I don't know why they attacked me; maybe until that day.
>Deep in the woods me holding a gun which I shot several times before heading in to familiarize with it, and granpa with a rifle.
>A noice is heard.
>Grampa calculates a jaguar or maybe an armadillo and asks me to make my way 50 meters in front of him in the woods so we can localize it better.
>I'm all nervous and excited and I make my way inside the woods making as little noise as I can.
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tapir 2.jpg
23 KB, 301x311
>A deep fog starts noticing around, and I mean a very deep fog started covering all the place.
>I don't even know what now.
>I try to follow granpa's commands and squat on the distance behind some bushes.
>15 minutes later.
>"Granpa?" I call and I hear nothing back..
>I call her again getting kind of desperate now.
>I hear no reply
>An owl flies to a near branch, an adult white owl.
>I get more nervous now and I try to scare it away but it would just stare at me.
>I hear granpa calling my name and approaching.
>I stand up and call "granpa?"
>No reply, he's just calling my name over and over again.
>The owl starts moving nervously.
>I hear granpa's voice again but it sounds weird and the bird stares at me as if it were asking for help, that's the only way I can describe it.
>Somehow I decide to wait for granpa to get really close.
>He gets close, but it's not granpa.
>A tapir.
>I don't know what I'm doing now. The fog is really dense and it raises at least 2 feet from the ground.
>I start to get really scared and I want to cry when I see that big black thing walking its way through the woods calling my name. It gets really close, like 10 meters away now.
>I'm kind of getting uneased here while writing.
>I take the gun and I want to shoot but I can't switch the lock.
>Hands all sweaty.
>Beast approaching.
>Owl starts making loud noises like squeeing.
>The tapir faces it on a branch and calls my name again.
>The bird looks into my eyes and flies to the beast's face and attacks his eyes furiosly.
>Black blood everywhere, and I'm sure it was black blood almost like chinese ink.
>I ran my way out of the scene and forget the gun there.
Any lurkers?
You posted this before right?
>Fucking animal starts running after me but the owl attacks its face and chips away pieces of flesh.
>My name gets distorted in a very high peech'd voice.
>I'm running as fast as I can.
>Tapir trips and owl keeps attacking its face.
>I hear a big crunch and I see the tapir killing the owl in a single bite.
>Fucking horrible scene, I hope no one gets to see anything like this.
>Granpa comes and starts shooting the animal.
>He lands two big shots while telling me to stay on the ground.
>High pitched voice becomes really loud and black ink blood everywhere.
>The tapir rans into the woods and granpa takes me to the scene.
>Two hot bullets lie on the ground and he tells me it was not an animal.
>He then takes the carcass of the white owl and tells me that this wasn't an animal either.
>He says it was a relative of ours but he's gone by now.
>I cried all the way to my family's home and granpa tells the story to everyone.
>They make a ritual for the owl and there's a picture of my granpa's brother who he believes possessed the owl.
>Never came back to Oaxaca.
No, I didn't, I just found this website a month or two ago.
Some Mexianon posted a similar story involving him being scared of owls cause he was attacked as a kid. Later he goes with his family member hunting and then a heavy fog came and what not.
Similar story
Jesus Christ, If there's a screen cap I would need that so bad. Really looking forward to more mexican folklore and pasta after that experience.
That sure sounds like an awful vacation.

How do you feel towards this events? Do you got any theories or revelations after this?
Awful vacations indeed. The elders in my family talked about that for several days, they made me go to the church and everything. I could not speak about it for at least 2 or 3 years. Mom was really scared about it but she told me our family has lived in that region for many many generations and we have had many experiences like that before; but what's more important, we're usually safe because we hunt what we need and we give back to nature many things but... Yeah I never came back to the place in general and I don't live a native lifestyle either.
It's been difficult to deal with it but now I'm almost 26 and I see it as an interesting experience.
It sounds like your family must have been deeply involved with the spirits in the past for some reason.
But you surely deserve to be set free from that past and do whatever pleases you most.

I could only recommendate you to keep in touch with your inner self and remain at peace with it.

And from one mexianon to another, I wish you a happy life.
Thanks dude, I don't hate owls in general, I'm scared of them but I respect them as many other living creatures. I decided that the spirit surrounded lifestyle is not for me and I'll lurk big cities until I feel like going back to the woods. Also blessings for you too.
Este hilo es mi hilo.
¿Alguien sabe de espantos al norte del país?
Outside of La Llorona and El Charro Negro there's not much I've read about, Tijuana master-race here.
Living smack dab in the middle of the desert is suffering. Chihuafag here
Can you refresh my memory on the Charro Negro stuff?
There's this urban legend about La Zona del Silencio in the desert of Sonora. It is a place where radio waves barely permeate the air.
Which means it fucks up with electronic devices a la' Bermuda Triangle, and I think for that very reason planes actively avoid to fly around there.

>About el Charro negro:
When your time comes, a black Charro riding a black comes to your place and he will say you have to go with him since your time has come. There's nothing much you can do to stop this from happening unless... You have spirits and cigars with you. Some stories say that Mezcal is his favorite while others tell defend Tequila. Offer him a seat, some drinks and cigars and he will tell you his story and all the things he has to do as if you were meeting a stranger in a bar or something like that. You might end up hours in a conversation with him and if you're lucky, he might say he's had a great time and he'll come some other time to have a nice conversation with a good Mezcal. And that's the way you've saved your life for a little more.
I've been there, is very creepy, no sound, and if you spill water it might slip up instead of slipping down, they say it's haunted.
Mexico has many urban legends that date around the days of la conquista española.

I bet many mexianons have read them by now, but if anyone else wants to give them a try I can copypaste some of them.
I would appreciate that, good sir.
Damn, I tried pasting the most popular ones, but I just noticed that the very first paragraohs already fills out the max amount of text allowed per post.

Now I'll post the shortest ones I nknow of.
Athough the shortest ones are shit...
I guess I won't be able to deliver.

To make up for it here's a link with some of the most famous mexican stories translated into english

let's hear it man
Latin American anon here. Costa Rica.

I can do a TLDR of two histories that happened to me, I posted them about a year ago I think.

One was about satanists doing shit on my neighborhood and another was about a guy that nearly raped/killed all my class when I was a kid on school.

No paranormal stuff though, just bad people doing bad stuff on my watch.

My english is not so good I know, I guess you guys could understand it but if that is a problem well I can just not tell anything. Sorry.
Don't mind the bored grammar nazi.
I'm sure the rest of us would appreciate you sharing your stories
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to write the '>'
what I meant was, adelante, postea.
Colombian here.
I got some stories from this country too
I've only been there on vacation (Guatemalabro)
but I have tons of stories that happened to family members.

>happened to a relative of mine, like my great grandfather or his brother, not too sure
>was visiting a friend
>they are all farmers and thus each house is a few miles away from each other
>didn't feel like spending the night there and decided to take a shortcut to get home instead
>this is in the boonies, no streets with lamps or electricity in rural areas back then
>only light he has was moonlight
>as he's walking along the trail he hears some noise, something is coming up ahead
>continues walking and stays vigilant
>to his surprise some sort of board is "rolling" in the middle of the trail heading in the opposite direction he's going
>it had wheel and a big eye that was moving in the middle of it
>the thing stops and stares at him
>relative gets freaked out and stops but quickly tries to regain his cool
>continues walking and the thing passes right by him
>runs all the way back home after he's a few feet away
>never heard or saw it again

that's one of the weirdest ones.
I have tons.
Oh okay, again sorry for broken/bad english. The first history was when I was a kid on school, third grade, like I said I posted this before on /x/.

Anyway have any of you heard of the DARE programs against drugs? Basically an anti drug organization called DARE hired people to go to poor schools, talk to the kids about how drugs were bad, etc.

DARE always used to send the same guy to our school every year, he was a good natured fat guy on his advanced 40s, even used a DARE uniform which was very old, you could easly tell he was a poor as fuck like us, however always used his own money to buy candies for us.

One year he didn't show up, on his place another guy came, from here greentext:

>New guy reports on the school to give the DARE anti drugs talks
>He looks somewhat young, like on his late 20s at most
>He is not using a DARE uniform, even more he is carring a real gun on a side of his chest
>He is very agressive and told us he was a Top Class Agent from our country, and that we were all lucky to even meet him on person
>All of us were like "shit nigga this guy is badass"
>Lady Teacher has some disbelief on her face
>New Guy says that Fat Good Guy retired and he was his replacement
>He came during all the week to give us "talks"
>Every time he talked about very crude themes like death, rape, weapons which disturbed some of the kids
>Then he talked about how we should go with him to the secret "Training Grounds" in order to become stronger if we feared the real world
>He said he would let us even use real weapons like Rocket Lauchers and AK47s if we accepted
>Basically we needed to get inside a bus with black sealed windows, and we couldn't tell under any circumstances to our parents where we were going
>The bus was going to come at the end of the week
>The day before he bus came, he crossed the line
>He basically fingered one of the girls from our class in front of us
>Trying to show us how we should search female cavities for drug

>Our Lady Teacher was really freaking out seeing how that guy was fingering a girl in front of everyone
>She asked the guy to back off and stop for the day
>There was a clear tension but he agreed to leave and asked us to come tomorrow to join the bus
>Lady Teacher went fast to talk to the other teachers and the director about the issue, she was nearly crying
>Then she and the Director came to the class and told us to NOT join the bus tomorrow
>The next day after all the kids entered the school the teachers closed the school gates
>The Guy came naturally and asked to enter
>All the teachers, some parents and the Director told him to fuck off or that the cops were on their way (or that they were going to call them)
>The dude is mad as fuck but goes to the bus and gets away
>Lady Teacher later comes to the class and told us that the bad guy is not coming back
>Next Year a normal DARE guy comes to give normal talks

Never knew what exactly happened with Fat Good Guy, time later I asked my Lady Teacher if she knew and she told me that she and the director called DARE to know why he didn't show up in the first place the year of that weird incident after everything got solved, however they told her them that Fat Guy went missing that year and that's why they could send him.

To this day I still think that the weird guy that came to our class killed fat guy, and wanted to take our whole class somewhere to rape us or something.
Are you Guatemalan?
(Por favor decí que sí)
ya...i just said i was a guatemalanbro
I don't live there though
Where do you live nigga?
Another LA anon here, I have seen Eye weird things too

>Studying really hard for test tomorrow on my room
>Gets late still studying, 3 A.M.
>Try to grab a potato chip bag that was on the far right
>Then see a circular Big Eye floating there
>Chillin', Watchin' me
>Grab the chips, open them eat one
>Then my brain realices what I just saw
>I turn my head as fast as I could
>The thing is still there
>I fall from my chair
>I quickly get up and the thing was gone now
>It left some sort of circular mark on the desk where it was floating

I told my dad since he really liked that desk but he got really angry, he didn't wanted to listen and though that I damaged the desk and I wanted to same face saying a giant eye did it.
RIP poor fat guy. May you find a nice lazy boy, a 100" plasma, and a buffet fit for a king awaiting you in your afterlife.
Did you ask your grandpa "Where did you fucking go you old sag of shit?"
probably in the same city as you
Your thread is timely. I'm reading about one Don Juan Matus, a half-Indian 'Nagual' sorcerer. The books were written by an anthropologist named Carlos Castenada who met the older man is the early sixties. It started as research, and turned into a full blown apprenticeship. There are over ten books, relating in great detail Carlos' mentorship in the dreaming. The books are easy to find, Castenada is not an obscure guy. Despite the books being published by a university press (lending credence to their validity), they were bestsellers.
This is me toasting in epic bread.
I have relatives in Oaxaca too. It didnt happen to me, but:
>Uncle is son of wealthy ranchowners. >Spends his time partying and doing shit.
>Gets a woman pregnant. He decides not to marry her
>The woman's mother is rumored to be a witch
>She also sells meat at the local market
>Uncle goes to buy some meat for a party.
>Old woman reminds him to take care of her daughter, as she is pregnant
>Uncle doesn't care
>Woman says he cant ignore her forever.
>Be partying in the ranch.
>One of his friends is leaving. He is too drunk. Uncle decides to ride on horse with him, in case he didn't remember the way.
>They ride through some woods in the middle of the night, when suddenly their horses get scared and start jumping and shit.
>They try to regain control, but the drunk friend falls down and his horse runs away. My uncle descends from his horse to help him.
>Uncle's horse screams in pain and runs away. Uncle gets scared.
>He feels something climbing on his leg. He tries to kick it with no results.
>He sees a big ass snake has his leg trapped. He tries to run but falls down.
>The snake advances all the way to his neck.
>The snake "bites" his neck. In a way that it didnt pierce it with fangs and it didnt cause any damage. Like just posing it's lips around it.
>Then it leaves my uncle and goes away through the woods.
>My uncle and his friend walk the rest of the path on foot and scared. He stays in friend's house.
>Next morning he decides to return home through normal streets in town, not he damned woods.
>Just on curiosity, he goes to see the old woman in the market.
>She's there. He greets her and she tells him he seems scared.
>He says he had a strange night
>She tells him she hopes last night's warning was enough. And that she didnt like to drag her body through the woods, but if he made her do that again she would kill him.
>He decides to take care of the pregnant woman and his child
Great story, sir. Thanks for the share.
what's your tonal animal? your old calender birthday? Wouldn't that be something if it was an owl? I don't think owls are part of the calender though...
File: Trauco.jpg (196 KB, 640x853) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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In Chiloé, Chile (south america) we have a legend about a strange creature named El trauco:

The Trauco is a mythical entity who inhabits the woods of Chiloé, an island in the south of Chile.

He is small and disgusting, he only is 80 cm tall, hi do not have feet, it's like he is an amputated man. His clothes are made of plants specifically an twining plant, and use a hat made of plants too.

with his power he can destroy bones only with the first sight. Also he is ugly but has a special breath which throw to girls to made them fell in love and have sex with him.

It has a powerful magnetism that attracts young and middle-aged women. The trauco carries a small stone-headed hatchet that he uses to strike trees in the forest to symbolize his sexual potency.

Whoever the Trauco chooses will go to him, even if she is sleeping, and fall enraptured at his feet. No woman can resist his magical attraction; all have sexual intercourse with him. Men of Chiloé fear the Trauco, as his gaze can be deadly.

When a single woman is pregnant and no one steps forward as the father, people assume that the Trauco is the father. Because the Trauco is irresistible, the woman is considered blameless. The Trauco is sometimes invoked to explain sudden or unwanted pregnancies, especially in unmarried women.
since it's a Latin america thread i hope you don't mind a Brazilfag joining in. i have some creepy ass stories from my family and if there's any lurkers i'll post some.

might take a lil time though cause i haven't typed any of them beforehand or in any threads in /x/ in my past visits.
Have you posted this story or a version of it before? Sounds very familiar
nevermind, just saw where you said you've posted this before. I should go to bed.
i got some stories from my relatives in north of mexico
they all involve white big owls and shit
go ahead
My maternal grandma always tells this story, and to this day, she still gets visibly uncomfortable while speaking about it.
>late 1950s, Mexico City.
>Older sister is about to marry, and asks grandma to accompany her as she delivers the invitations for street neighbors.
>Last stop is a "vecindad" in front of their house. (A vecindad is a house divided in apartments), where a friend lives.
>Friend is babysitting her younger brother. A 4 year old.
>Grandma and aunt keep talking with their friend for hours. Night falls.
>Around what grandma says was around 8 pm, their friend's eyes go wide (mind, friend was in the door, while grandma and aunt turn their backs to the street)
>Aunt asks what's going on.
>Friend can only mutter stuff and is freaking out, while pointing at something behind them.
>Friend's little bro starts screaming
>Friend gathers enough breath to talk and yells "Diablo!" (Devil)
>Grandma and aunt turn around and almost faint.
>Behind them, in the middle of the street; stands what grandma still describes as a demon.
>Over 6 feet tall, blackish skin like a snake's, featureless aside from two red eyes and a "horn" growing out of its face and curving behind the head.
>Grandma and aunt run inside the house and close the door shut, start praying and screaming for help.
>Some tennants show up and take to the streets, armed and searching for the creature.
>Friend's little bro dies a week later in his sleep.
>To this day, grandma says the demon went for the kid's soul.

My aunt passed away in 2010, but her house is huge and most people in my family have experienced supernatural stuff in there.
There's at least 4 ghosts that have been identified: a little girl that appears in the kitchen, an old lady who haunts a shack in the rooftop, something that "falls" from the main stairs and a "pig" that squeals and grunts in the laundry room during october and november.
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First of all sorry for my broken english
and im a newfag so i dont know how to greentext

This story its from my aunt who was a caretaker in a place called El alamo
El alamo was an old train station from long years ago.. now abandoned and filled with creepy stories that you can only hear here on the north of mexico

My aunt always said that the Owls on that place were not normal owls because they were Huge withe owls with big black black eyes and that you can speak with those owls to gain wisdom but you needed to be very respectful because they had a bad attitude

Pic related
Mexianon here, whats up with those white owls? here in colima (between michoacan and jalisco) the people think that when a tecolote/owl sings some one you will die (cuando el tecolote canta el indio muere/when the tecolote sings an indio dies)
sorry writhing with lights out:
>someone you know will die.
Mexican fag here

Really Americanized and know shit of /x/ stories we have.

I've only heard of La Llorona. Parents used to scare us with the "Coco Man" ? Basically the Mexican boogey man from what I understand can someone enlighten me on that if they know what I'm talking about
I never heard her tell the stories, but my mother and her sisters used to talk about their mom (grandma) talking about seeing demons. Demons. Frightening beyond words.

Also, a friend for grade school, come from Poland via Greece and French Canada (to central Canada) pointed out an old 3 story house in our home town once. He said his mother talked about seeing a demon in a window on the top floor. He described her horror in retelling the event that it projected through him and physically effected me, I was scared. And he didn't exactly have a flair for speaking at that point, english being his.. fourth language at that point.
I'm from South Texas. We have the La Llorona tale here, people say it happened a local river. Many claim to have heard her.

As a kid I was scared to death of La Chusa (giant owl or a bird woman) because many adults would tell us they were real. Anyone got any good La Chusa stories?
Depends, man. El Coco or Cuco is seen as a dangerous man or monster who comes and kidnaps bad kids. In Central Mexico is "El viejo del costal" (lit. The Old Man with a sack), a sort of hobo who carries a big sack and takes any bad kids at their parents' request, or the Roba Chicos (kid stealer), who kidnaps children to sell or kill them.
An uncle from Oaxaca always speaks of the "Burutá", an evil men who kidnaps kids.
El Coco, depending on your parents' imagination or education, goes from a nasty hobo to a supernatural monster.
Brujos. Related to the Naguals. Some communities actively sought them out and killed them, while others patronized them as medicine men and women. The problem is, their abilities are not good or bad, the practitioner is good, or bad. The Nagual is more specifically known for his ability to change into an animal, the brujos a general term for sorcerers.

i'm in south texas too. brownsville, tx. it's actually called Lechuza. A lechuza is an owl, literally translated.

i was told a story when my family traveled to San Luis about a man who traveled into the forest/jungle and was attacked by an owl. He ended up beating the owl with a stick or a branch. The following morning, a lady who was claimed to be a witch appeared from her house bloodied as if she were beaten.
You're most likely talking about "El Cucuy" i think it's pronounced "koo-cuy" - anyways it refers to a demon or spirit that resides in the darkness and comes out to torment foolish children who do not listen to their parents when they are told to come inside after dark.
I remember a story about an old Mexican man shooting a dog to death one night in his house because the dog came in and stole a piece of cheese. This sounds rather benign till you hear the rest of the story.

The dog had been doing this for several nights in a row, and it wasn't merely getting it off a table. It would enter the door on its hind legs, walking towards the wall where the cheese was hanging in a string net from the ceiling. It would use its front paws to remove the cheese, look at the owner of the house for a moment, and walk out into the moonlight as a person would. On the particular night the dog died, the owner of the house had guests. They all saw the dog enter, walk, take the cheese, look at the owner, and get shot to death on the spot. At this point, the one guest who wasn't frozen in their chair with shock and fright, got up, collected the corpse and left, giving the owner a knowing nod on the way out.

The explanation for all this is, the owner, after a few nights of having his cheese robbed, approached a local known to understand these things. This person was in fact an enemy of another who knew of these things as well. The first Brujo recognized the walking dog as his enemy and instructed the man to shoot the dog and that he would take care of the evil corpse. Of course, later on it came to light that an old witch woman had gone missing from the community.

Why would the dog have entered the house if it had seen her enemy inside?
i don't understand your question. are you questioning the validity of the story?
La Zona del Silencio is no myth, son. It's a real place, with a really strong magnetic field around it. A lot of weird shit happens there.

Anyway, I have still to find a paranormal ocurrance where I live. Here nothing happens, ever.
The only unexplainable thing I experiment is hearing like if someone dropped a big stone in the roof of my house. This can be heard (and felt) every fucking day and I'm still unable to pinpoint the causes or the exact place where the object seems to fall.

Also, someone mentioned the Carlos Castaneda books. I recommend them, too. Those are a damn fine read by themselves, and should be a must read for /x/, as they cover some knowledge about paranormal stuff. Just never try anything that comes in those books; that's high level shit that can only be pulled with a Master teaching you.
The House of Arramberri
It happened in the State of Nuevo Leon in Mexico, in April 5 of 1930, a group of thieves enter to the house of Florinda Montemayor and her daughter Antonia Lozano, kill them both. The thieves were searching for gold and money that the family supposed to had.
When the police arrives they heard the pet a parrot saying: Dont kill me Gabriel! with that "evidence" they found the nephew and another two were found guilty, they were killed when tried to escape.
Are there any stories or legends from Jalisco? The terrain is all mountain and bush and the people extremely superstitious. They regard legends as truth so there has to be some freaky stuff happening here some unexplained occurances as well. Can anybody shine a light?
No. It seems to me they weren't enemies at all. The Nagual who could be a dog had no malice in her heart. Perhaps she had grown to old and senile to really support herself and was relying on others for food.

The other, the one the old man approached, perhaps he'd always seen the old woman as a rival, and now finally saw a chance to be rid of her without danger to himself directly from her power, or from charges of murder if he outright killed her himself.

I think the old woman had finally lost her final battle with the fourth and final true enemy, age. And the other had long ago lost his battle with the third true enemy, power. I think there is a moral in this story.
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Nowadays the place is sealed, people tells that the agonized screams can still be heard in all over the place.
Related pic, the house itself.
The story about the walking dog is from the first Castaneda book- The Teachings of Don Juan. I think the story is from the Sonora area.
My mom is from Ocotlan, She told me a story of a Man with one foot like a chiken and the other like a goat? If theres any lurkers I could greentext story
go on sir
My Grandma would crack an egg on my stomach to relieve a tummy ache. It worked.
>Ocotlan 1950/60
>Grandparents having party enshit, misty.png
>Houses are spread apart so visitors are uncommon
>Drinking and dancing women and men kissing
>Man walks up in a suit asking to use their phone
>They say they didn't have one and send him off
>He's alittle bit away but mi abuelo sees his feet
>One of a chiken and one of a goat
>mom was there but too young to remember
>mi tios remember alittle
>never sees him agian

According to my research, He's the devil or someshit and he'll ask women to dance with him or he'll ask for a ride but refuse to show you his feet enshit
Did they ever put an egg in alcohol and then rub it all over you? The crack the egg and look at all the bubbles? The bruja that my gramps visited allays did this to cure his migraines and body aches.
My mom can tell the story better I've only heard it a few times and she swears on it, my family in Ocotlan have a little medicine shop and they've seen an ass load of ufos too
This isn't a legend per se, but a history about what happened to me, my uncle and some other persons who saw the same I did.

I use to go in the annual pilgrimage to San Juan with my uncle and some friends of him since I'm 15.
When I was 20, we got out of the way in a big landscape due to the lack of white-printed rocks that are supposed to mark the road. They were removed by cultivating machines, probably.
It was night, the batteries of everyone but one lantern ran out and there was no moonlight. The only good thing is that the terrain was plain and we were near a town, as we could see the lights of some streetlamps in the horizon.
It was only a matter of walking there, but little we knew we were being watched.

(I don't know how much I've posted; I'm on my 3DS, so I'll do another post to end the anecdote)
I live in Puebla and muny mother had a very unusual enconter with a woman's ghost.

She lived in a vecindad, at the 6 oriente street.

One time she got to her home very late (about 11:00) also she was in a rush. Then a nice old lady dressed in black and with a very pale skin said to my mother "ya es tarde..." (it's very late) and my mother replied "si verdad..."(it is).

The next mornig my mother told about that to my half brother's grandma and she told to my mother to be careful because that woman didn't existed. a lot of people also encounter that woman.

Until this day my mother thinks that that woman was looking after her
So we walked a good chunk of the way without thinking too much about it. We had done this a lot of times, after all. Markers or not, we knew the destination.
I remember one of my uncle's friend every now and then that he'd heard something large around the bushes, but little we could do, anyway, as the guy with the only lit flashlight was leading the way.
We heard the sounds for like 3 hours, and we constantly saw shadows lurking and running from a spiny bush to another.
I even swear I saw some reflective eyes, like the ones from a dog, in one of those shadows.
We were scared, but as we never got attacked, my uncle assumed it was probably a coyote looking from afar or the dog of those lands owner.

And that was it. I still don't know what the fuck was that, but it never happened again since then.

Also, it's spooky how perfect those girls at San Julián are. I would live there if I wasn't a spineless kissless /v/irgin...
>im a newfag so i dont know how to greentext

like the first times i posted and somebody told me, i shall do unto you.
you green text by putting a ">" before what you write.
>like this.

This shall be my legacy. Passed on from an anon before me, unto thou. Mwahahahaha
My pop is an immigrant from Guatemala, somewhere near El Salvador, Jutiapa I think. Anyways me and him just visited some family down there about a year ago. My cousins told me some local folklore but un/fortunately I didn't have any encounters.

One is called La Vaca, which in English is just "The Cow". Folks say that if you're driving down an open road at night that you might stumble upon a cow in the middle of the road. If you stop for the cow and wait for it to pass than an old ghostly woman who covers her face will be hitch a ride. They all say not to try and look at her face but they never told me why.

Some other stories I've hear about are like two huge dogs one white, one black, that will chase you and combine into like a demon panther. I think they have red eyes too.

I think I've heard of a witch who lived around the area who could turn into an animal and had red eyes just like what you described op.

Just sharing, my nigs.
The lechuza(or owl) is apparently an evil spirit, or sometimes a Bruja. It's presence always is followed or preceeded by death. They're often heard/seen right before a loved one dies, and or right after as if to mock the family and friends.

I have a little short story of an encounter.

My aunt who was in her early 40's was pregnant. She knew the risks but wanted another child. Late in the pregnancy she found out the child would be born with Down Syndrome and other possible ailments. When he was born, it was medical complications after complications. Then after a month at some UCSF hospital his health improved and was all set to be sent home. The last week he was in the hospital, a woman visited the child, apparently she claimed to be an aunt, she brought with her a stuffed animal, and she played with it above the baby and left it there. Then she left. Needless to say the child's health worsened. His liver started failing, he was having respiratory problems, just awful stuff. He died a few days later.
The wake was held at his parents home, everything was normal and sad.
Then people started crowding around the windows and rushing outside. On one of the trees outside the house, there was a barn owl perched peering in into the house. Laughing. Cackling. And when it was shooed away. It came right back to laugh and mock on the tree branch. Everyone knew what it was. It wasn't until my uncle brought out his shotgun and fired a shot at it that it flew away. Later that night everyone could hear it fly over head, screeching and laughing.
God damn.
In rural Tlaxcala, Mexico the vampire witches known as tlahuelpuchi are much feared. At least a hundred legends about tlahuelpuchi exist. The tlahuelpuchi was a person believed to possess magical powers, including the power to transform themselves into one of several animals and in that form attack and suck the blood of humans. They can be of either gender, but usually are females, who are considered to be the more bloodthirsty and evil of the two. Elements found in tlahuelpuchi can be traced to ancient Aztec goddesses. Their archetype was further modified to include influences from the witches of Spain when the country was converted to Christianity.

Tlahuelpuchis are born into their fate; they cannot transmit or teach their powers to others. They are independent agents of evil, but will do the bidding of higher evil forces, such as the devil. When a tlahuelpuchi is born, it cannot be distinguished from an ordinary infant. Differences do not emerge until puberty, at which point their supernatural powers such as shape-shifting suddenly manifest. For females, this often occurs with the onset of the menses. When the powers manifest, the tlahuelpuchis of both sexes begin to have a life-long, uncontrollable urge to drink human blood. They will drink the blood of any human but have a marked preference for that of infants between the ages of 3 and 6 months, but no younger. They prowl about at night, particularly between the hours of midnight and four a.m., but will operate during the day if their blood craving is extreme. Tlahuelpuchis are not out every night, but only when they experience their uncontrollable blood cravings, which ranges from one to four times a month. They are more active during rainy and cold weather.
Finding a tlahuelpuchis to be among them causes families a great deal of unhappiness and shame. The will go to great lengths to cover it up to avoid being ostracized by the community. It's said tlahuelpuchis cannot attack members of their own families, unless they reveal their secret. Although tlahuelpuchis cannot transmit their powers to others of their own volition, if they are killed, their powers go into the killer. This places the family in the position of reluctant accomplices.

The most common animal into which the witches transformed themselves was a turkey, but animals as varied as fleas, cats, dogs, and buzzards were reported. When shape-shifted, they are limited to the abilities of that particular creature, and cannot make it perform in magical ways -- with one exception: they can make turkeys fly. When in animal form, they give off a luminescence or phosphorescence that is a tell-tale sign of their identity. They steal into a home as a mist, sometimes luminous, that seeps under doors and windowsills, or through keyholes, or they crawl in as an insect. Once inside, they shape-shift into a turkey or buzzard, and hypnotize the occupants into a deep sleep so that they can carry out their attacks.

The tlahuelpuchi also have hypnotic power over individuals and could cause them to kill themselves, primarily by having them walk to a high place and jump to their death. They might kill or injure domestic and farm animals and could ruin crops. Thus many types of misfortune were attributed to the work of witches. For obvious reasons tlahuelpuchi lived incognito in the communities.

Belief in the tlahuelpuchi is widespead in Mexico and continues to this day in rural areas. Cases of tlahuelpuchi attacks have been recorded in modern times, some resulting in the trial and execution of the alleged vampire. As recently as 1954 the state of Tlaxcala passed a law requiring that infants reportedly killed by witchcraft had to referred to medical authorities. While in almost every extended Tlaxacalan family there will be reports of multiple bloodsuckings over the course of generations, the accusations of bloodsucking witchcraft that result in trial and execution historically have not been common, and have declined considerably since the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The last known execution of a tlahuelpuchi, a woman, occurred in 1973
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>no more posts
This is great stuff. Are there particular scholars any anon knows about that collect these stories into books? I want to get my hands on collections of them, be able to learn the stories and where they originate. Besides saving this thread, of course.
The vampire from Belem Cemetery
We know it as el Coco. In the version i grew up with, el Coco is described as a malicious hobo with crooked teeth and razor-sharp fingernails.
One of my grandmas said you were likely to meet him if you came outside at night.

Bumping with another story:
>Be one of my dad's uncles. 1960.
>Drunk as hell one night.
>Get out of the neighborhood bar around 12 am.
>Stagger drunkedly through the streets of Coyoacan in Mexico City.
>Coyoacan is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. Supposedly Hernan Cortes had a house there.
>After a while, sees a woman walking at the distance.
>Tall, great body and long, black hair. She's wearing a white dress and a veil that covers her face.
>Drunk instincts kick in. Uncle tries to walk as best as he can to appear sober.
>Walks faster and keeps following the woman. Her dress is almost like silk, slightly transparent.
>Drunk uncle thinks she's a hooker.
>Get like ten feet behind the woman, when she stops on her track.
>"Buenas noches, señorita".
>Woman doesn't respond.
>Woman turns around. Lifts up her veil.
>Instead of a face, she has the head of a horse. Black, red eyes.
>Horse woman screams like a banshee.
>Uncle passes out as he sees her hovering at him.
>Uncle is found the next morning by a cop.
>Uncle is covered in scratches, his shirt torn and has a few fractured bones.

In some legends, la Llorona has the face of a black horse or a skull. Another ghostly woman also has the face of a horse, and she's known as la Siguanaba.
Something about this post makes me feel like my veins are filled with nothing but gasoline...
There's a shitload of compendiums of this kind of tales. That is, if you live in any city of Mexico. They're fairly cheap, so you can buy like 2 or 3 with 10 dollars.
There is an entire country between there and here. Was looking for titles to torrent.
This particulary (at least to me) disturbing tale happened to me about 4 years ago, after this I finally got my shit together and worked my ass off to make enough money and move from my hometown, anyway enjoy I guess

>Live in rural area
>Basic stores are present, but distant from each other
>Morning saturday
>Preparing to go out and hang out with GF
>As usual the lousy and drunken old man next door is making a fuss fighting with his family
>Ignore the lousy fuckers
>Go out, take bus to the city and hang out
>Late night I return to my pueblo in the bus
>Really tired, got asleep on the way
>Suddenly I wake up
>oh shi-
>I don't recognize this place, probably missed my bus stop
>Drop from the bus in the next stop
>Actually I recognize the place
>I see the town's Cantina (a Bar, for you gringos)
>Realize that I dropped about 6 stops earlier, just didn't recognized the place very well because I was sleepy
>Have to walk now all the way to my home
>Walking in the dark
>Hear something strange
>Like some kind of crunch or munch, like an animal eating
>Ignore it
>As I walk the noise gets louder
>Ignore it
>Eventually see something BIG and pitch black, like even darker than the darkness of the night, if you can even make sense of it
>Cannot ignore it now
>Try to see with my flashlight what it was
>I see this big ass black dog
>Red big eyes now staring at me
>I see it's big fangs as it continues to eat
>My mind is trying to make sense of the situation
>I try to move slowly to not disturb even more the beast
>Carefully I sightly look down to see what it is eating
>Guts, blood, bones
>But not any kind of guts and bones, human guts and bones
>My drunken neighboor guts and bones, or what it seems to remain from him
>At this point, only part of his face with a clear horror expression remains intact
>I try to move away, slowly walking backwards
>My feet do their thing and I trip and feel down
>Despair like never before, fuck my life
Monitoreando este poste
>Try to get up and run
>Too late, the dog beast is now over my chest
>Barking REALLY loud on my face at the start
>Is so fucking heavy, awful smell, I feel how it's feet is pining me down complety
>It sounds really angry, now making growls while inspecting my face with it's nose
>At this moment I was literally shitting on my pants thinking how painful and horrible my death is going to be at the pawns of this thing
>Crying and with the nose full of mocos, I consider trying to get it off me somehow and fight grabbing stones or something, but is so big and strong that any resistence would be futile
>I think over and over again that I just don't want to die like this
>Then after some minutes that seemed like an eternity it stopped sniffing me and jumped off me
>The beast just walked away
>I stayed on the ground for about 2 minutes not sure of what happened just glad that I was still alive
>Finally panic and adrenaline starts again and I grab my flashback from the ground
>Try to locate the beast on the dark road but it's gone
>The corpse, or rather head and guts are gone too
>Finally got my shit together, on the literal and psychological sense and run non stop towards my home
>Now in home I go directly to my bathroom and I see myself on the mirror
>Full of scratches, blood and even some meat chunks on my face
>Honestly want to cry but Im too shocked, I just shower like 3 times and start praying and watching some TV, can't sleep
>Next day neighborhood is awfully quiet
>Mom is concerned since she saw me last night but I couldn't talk to her
>I try to explain it to her, but she is not completly buying it yet
>Days later the neighboors next door told us that their drunken old man got missing and asked us if we knew anything
>Finally the old man appeared mutilated, like severely mutilated on some cafe plantation not very far from where I saw the thing
>Mom and I are both really freaking out
>We talked with some other people of confidence about the incident
>All of them draw the same conclusion, what I saw that day was the Cadejo
>From that day, I made my number 1 priority to get out from that fucking place along with my mom not matter how much I had to work

Now for some context, on my country the Cadejo is like some kind of hellish dog that kind of either torments or protects lonely people when they walk on lonely roads, mostly it appears to drunken people.

Now on my personal judgment, if you ask me.... the only thing I can draw from this is that I was lucky that the beast was somewhat full and that's why it didn't eat me too on the spot.

My mom insisted that it didn't harmed me because I was a good person, unlike the drunken old man which abused of his family, to me simply there is some kind of giant dog or wolf or something feeding of the lonely people on rural pueblos, in any case call a faggot or chicken or whatever but Im never returning to a rural area to find out.
Mexican Grandma told me this story many times as a kid of this particular situation she ran into one night.

>be me grandma in Zacatecas, Mexico (she was in her mid 20's)
>3 kids (back in the day you got married young and have big families. she had 9 kids)
>Grandpa is in the States working on the railroads for months at a time.
>Grandma puts kids to sleep, the oldest (my uncle) was about 15.
>she goes out at night to the chicken coop to inclose the chickens because coyotes and shit (they lived off the land. No running water or power).
>tomorrow grandpa comes home
>dark. she hears sound by stables
>hears hoofs galloping towards her
>then hears what sounds like tons of coins being dropped on the ground
>turns around to see black rider on a horse
>Cowboy hat, bandana, the whole 9 yards.
>shes frozen with fear- passes out.
>wakes up and theres nothing. Not even hoof prints on the dirt
>to this day, local pueblo legend says that the rider she saw was the spirit of a dead gold thief who
was protecting his gold which is buried under the same spot she passed out in.

(if still interested, i got more to the story)
and this is why remote viewers / astral projectors are assholes.

some guy was remote viewing you, confused as fuck, watched you eat chips, spiritual energy marks up the nice wood finish of a desk
you aren't safe in big citys bro.
>Grandma is 35 old and drinks in car parking inside the house with brothers
>Pärtially drunk
>The house is conected with two other houses
>Big ass black dog with red eyes rans out next door thowards the exit
>House conected to main entranse of bisabuelas main door
>Abuela and tios abuelos shit bricks
>Bisabuela (still lives) laughs because "thats what happens when you drink after midnight while playing poker"
>Distrito federal, Colonia La Nopalera
I think this is it because they would say that too. I just had no idea how to spell Cucuy.
It sounds like a woman dying. I don't even understand why they create this
They played the whistle while they sacrificed you the gods. You basically heard this while getting your heart pulled out of you. Shits metal as fuck.
Mexibro here
No wonder the Aztecs rised to power so quickly, if I was a peasant and a horde of warriors came rushing towards my village blowing those fucking whistles, I would surrender on the spot.
Ask anything to someone that has involvement and acess to the Lead Masks Case.
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That sounds creepy as fuck. Maybe it was a CIA operative trying to get kids to brainwash. And, being CIA they would have probably done that with the complicity of DARE.
In Peru i Heard about "Mukis" which were like mountain gnomes/goblins

And in the peruvian jungle side i Heard about "Chuyachaquis" which were like Yellow smurfs (but according to legends they were unfriendly towards humans, still if you helped or saved one, they would become indebted with you)
Ok, another mexican guy here, sorry for my broken english, this happened to my grandma when she was a little girl, she is from Zacatecas

>8 - 9 years old
>She was walking around on a street at the night ( in that time it was safe )
>Before that, his mom had scolded her for something
>She keep walking until a black dog appear in front
>The dog starts to growl
>She is frozen and dont know how to do
>Then she hear how a dog is growl behind her
>She turn back and see a white dog
>The white dog keep in front her, like if he is protect her
>So, the dogs start to fight
>My grandma told me that the street was full of blood
>Too much blood for two dogs
>Then my grandma get out of her shock and run away
>Told her story tohis mom
>Mom says, that it's happened was her protector against the pure evil

There's a story about these animals, the white dogs keeps safe to the kids and the black dogs try to hurt them, but if you have been a good kid, the white dog appear to protect when the black dog comes out.
Mexican here, from D.F., apparently my grandpa fought some kind of monk ghost when he was younger, sorry for shit english

>grandpa and grandma got married, and they had a kid (my aunt) she was 2 months old
>grandpa had where to live, but he wanted a house of his own so he just bought some land and materials to build one
>he and his brother more or less finish 3 rooms, they start living there
>they build the house in the middle of nowhere, in fact they were the first to arrive there and make their own house (now there are shitloads of people, a school and a church near etc.)
>looked like a fucking desert, no people, no nothing except themselves
>one night they're sleeping and the baby doesn't shut up
>he finds out why
>a goddamn monk just enters the room and starts walking where grandma is lying with the baby
>like, a fucking shadow in a robe just entered
>he can't see his face or hands or anything, it was just a lump dressed like a monk
>hell no
>grandpa just tackles the thing to the ground and chases it out before it can touch grandma or the baby
>grandpa just stays outside waiting for that thing to come out
>sun rises and his brother arrives
>tells him what happened
>they do some white magic shit and the monk never came back

He always told me this story, mind you, this was like in 1960 something.
Exactly what I was thinking - some kind of clandestine brainwashing facility.
>be 14
>making a run for the border
>taco taco
>run out of lemon pledge
Honduran here, I have several stories told by my relatives and some local myths. Will post them later if the thread's still alive.
hello, latin america is scary
never going
The camahueto is a mythical creature from Chile, a cross between a mermaid and a vampire. I don't know if there is a word in English for this, "camahote?"
I have family from Oaxaca and grew up listening to these crazy stories.

In my mom's tiny Pueblo there was this woman who had numerous miscarriages in attempts to have children. Her husband would cheat on her because of that. That drove her crazy which in turn caused the man to leave her. She died soon after I'm not too sure of what. But the kicker is when her casket was being carried from her home (presumably from a wake) to the church to be buried (it was common for loved ones to follow to show condolences and stuff also solemn banda music would play)...
This woman would not stop weeping. She was dead. Had been dead for days, but on her way to being buried she was weeping, sobbing hysterically for her "children" and her former husband...
And word is that she would haunt the roads from her home to the church crying and weeping. Until one night she visited her home where her mother was staying at, and went on crying and weeping, the mother at this point had been fed up and screamed obscenities and prayers at the "ghost"? Until the ghost a. Walked away and never came back.

This happened when my mom was young. There are so many other little paranormal things that happened in her town/state in Mexico.
Let me know if you're u want to hear more.
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Bumping with stories from Mexico City.

>On October 2nd, 1968; in las Tres Culturas Plaza, the main square within the Tlatelolco neighbourhood in Mexico City, took place one of the worst massacres in Mexican history. Thousands of students from Mexico's main universities, gathered in there for a pacifical protest against the government's actions during the last months.

>Unkown to the students, the mexican army placed snipers in the buildings and prepared an ambush using the Olimpia battallion; an elite branch of the mexican army. The president, Gustavo Diaz Ordaz; ordered the army to supress and silence the student movement in time for the 1968 Olympic games. What ensued, is one of the darkest episodes in mexican history up to this day. Thousands of individuals were arrested or murdered, a large number of survivors were reported as disappearances and never seen again, a common tactic for the mexican government back in the day.

>Two decades later, in September 19th, 1985; Mexico City was struck by a magnitude 8.1 earthquake which caused the Nuevo León building (one of the tallest in the neighbourhood) to collapse with dozens of people still inside.

>People living close to las Tres Culturas, report encounters with shadows lurking in the corridors between the buildings, sounds of children playing and plastic balls bouncing in the night; blood seeping from stairwells during rainy days; as well as the agonizing screams and pleas of those murdered during the 1968 massacre.
Pic related, la Plaza de las Tres Culturas.
The Forest of Chapultepec.
>One of the most well-known places in Mexico City is the Forest of Chapultepec, a park housing several museums, a zoo, an amusement park and a couple lakes inhabited by waterfowl and carps.

>The forest has it's share of stories; ranging from packs of feral dogs and rabid squirrels, to the famous house of tía Toña (aunt Toña), a popular urban legend among teenagers and young adults.

>EVPs have been recorded by employees of the Chapultepec Zoo and played in the horror radio show known as "La Mano Peluda". The recordings contain whisperings, chains being dragged and other unnatural noises.

>However, the central piece of the forest is the Chapultepec Castle; an imposing fortress built atop a hill, and where significant events in mexican history have taken place. During the 1840s, a group of military cadets fortified and attempted to defend the castle against an american invasive force. In 1860, the emperors Maximiliano and Carlota lived there.

>Workers of the castle assure that Carlota's ghost continues to wander the castle halls to this day, searching for her executed husband. Night watchmen tell stories of hearing steps, doors opening and closing on their own, and Carlota's piano after midnight. Other witnesses, from visitors to the military cadets guarding the place during the day; have seen shadows and ghostly figures moving around the place.
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La Moira.
>"La Moira" is the name given to a house located in the neighbourhood of Chapultepec. Abandoned today, la Moira is, according to urban legends; one of the most haunted places in Mexico.

>The original legend dates from the 1970s, and talks about a kid named Marcos who trespassed into the house after hearing about it. Inside, Marcos supposedly witnessed paranormal activity, but what made him run from the place in fright; was the sight of a hanged child in one of the upper floor's rooms.
Years later, Marcos decided to return to La Moira; in order to reassure himself that everything was part of his childish imagination. Marcos never came out, and his body was eventually found hanged in the same upper floor room where he supposedly saw the dead child years before. Other stories talk about black magic rituals, black masses and even demonic posession taking place inside the walls of La Moira.

>Eventually, the owners decided to capitalize on the populatiry of the house and started giving nocturnal tours of it. The tours stopped after a while due to mysterious reasons; and the house remained abandoned for a few years, when it was re-opened as a cultural centre that much like the nocturnal tours before, closed under mysterious circumstances.

The Witches' House.
>Located in the famous Roma neighbourhood, the Witches' House is a large building designed after european castles and palaces; and has been inhabited by mexican celebrities like Silvia Pinal and Mauricio Garcés. The Witches' House was home of a witch and diviner known as "Pachita"; who used to be consulted by politicians and members of the mexican entertainment industry in the years after the revolution.

>According to some people living in the house to this day, the ghost of "Pachita" still appears walking down the hallways.
So, you're implying that the earthquake was the student's revenge?
wena Chilebro
Nice thread with awesome stories! Keep em coming!
Nope. In fact, a lot of tall buildings collapsed in the 1985 earthquake. The fall of Nuevo León building was another case of "i built something big in Mexico City's soil, which is composed of dry mud".
Mexico City's International Airport.
>Behind the airport's runway, there's a place where all non-functional or retired planes are stored. Some aiport workers tell stories about a little girl who appears among the planes, playing with a ball and sometimes, even talks to them.

>During the construction of the airport's second terminal; a security guard found a little girl sitting in a corner of the unfinished building. He reprimanded and asked her to follow him to the exit; but the girl only stared at him and whispered "tie my shoelaces, please".

>The guard looked down and much to his horror, saw the girl had no feet and was actually floating in the air.

The Devil's Alley.
>In the Mixcoac neighbourhood, there's a narrow alley that used to be surrounded by trees, to the point where the branches "closed" above and darkened it; fueling a legend about the Devil showing up in the alley after midnight.

>Supposedly, a man who boasted about not being afraid of anything, even the Devil; was challenged to walk through the alley at night. Much to his surprise (and fright), he was met by a shady, deformed figure resting against one of the trees. The men ran away, scared after hearing the entity's laugh.

>Other popular story talks about a woman in white, who appears to passing vehicles in streets near to the alley. The woman supposedly has been guilty of several accidents over the years.

Pic related, a photo taken by employees of the airport. The girl was supposedly inside an old PANAM airplaine.
bumping for moar!
My uncle also ran into the man with the chicken and goat legs. He gave him a ride and noticed the feet. He didn't say anything at the time. Just kept quiet.

My father has relatives who are nahuales and my mother used to know one who used to harrass the townspeople.

My parents have had many exeriences like thi growing up in mexico
My friend went to her grandpa's ranch in Mexico, and saw la lechuza. Well, two of them. Her father told her that they came in pairs. Their dog had killed one of them and left it in the dirt. I'm guessing the second lechuza saw it because when they came outside, the dog was torn to shreds
File: zocalo.jpg (131 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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El Zócalo.
>El Zócalo is Mexico City's main square. Surrounded by the metropolitan cathedral, the ruins of the Aztecs' main temple and the government palace; it's one of the oldest places in the entire city, dating back to the days of the spanish conquest.

>People wandering through Zócalo at night, are used to talk about a woman who joins them as they walk, even making small chat as they cross the square and the surrounding areas.

>But, as soon as they realize something's off; the woman disappears among the crowds. On a curious note, those who mention walking next or talking to her, are unable to remember her face or the exact details of the clothes she wore.

Don Juan Manuel's house.
>In the street of República de Uruguay, a few blocks away from el Zócalo; there's a house where a popular story took place back in the days of the spanish colony. According to the legend, a jealous man named Juan Manuel, sold his soul to the devil; in exchange of gaining the knowledge of her wife's lover. The devil showed up and instructed Juan Manuel to step outside his house at 11 pm, and wait for the first man who passed by.

>So he did. Juan Manuel waited, hidden and stabbed the first man he saw. However, the next day, the devil appeared to him again; mocking him about killing an innocent man; but instructing him to keep killing people at the same hour until eventually the right one showed up.

>Every night, Juan Manuel waited in the dark; and as soon as a man came closer, he stopped him and asked:
>"Excuse me, what time is it?"
>To which Juan Manuel answered:
>"Joyful the one who knows the hour of his demise!"

>According to the legend, Juan Manuel still appears at 11 pm in front of his house and repeats the same routine. Anyone answering his question will supposedly die in the spot.
Well, i'm from Argentina, we are full of urban stories, creatures and entities no matter where you are.
My favorite is the "Pombero" or "Pomberito"; a small, black guy who tends to fuck unbauthised women, and he whistles, you have to respond the whistle otherwise the motherfucker will hit your head with a club.
This situation, the whistles and shit, are really common at night; he whistle, you whistle, if it get afar, it means he's getting close, if its getting close, he ignored you.
If you don't respond his "calls", he'll hit your head with a club, at the third time you whistle and he's close, you have to look at your right and duck, then run.
Also, a common urban legend is the women sitting at the end of the buses at certain hours of night, when the bus passes throught a cementary, seriously, every goddamn bus driver lived this.
There are a dozens of more stories alike, if you wanna know, just ask.
File: MORO.jpg (35 KB, 600x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 600x360
Insurgentes 300 building.
>Between the Medellín and Insurgentes avenues, in the Roma neighbourhood; stands a building that was incredibly popular among Mexico's elite back in the 60s.

>Movie stars, singers and intelectuals lived there during it's heyday. The 15th and 16th floors are haunted by the ghosts of people who died in a fire.

The Ghost Passengers.
>It's not unusual for cab drivers in the zones of El Rosario, Claveria, Calzada de los Misterios or the bus stops located between the Tacuba and Panteones subway stations, the central de abastos (a fresh product market) and Cerro de la Estrella (Star Hill); to tell stories about mysterious passengers boarding the cabs after midnight, only to disappear as soon as they arrive to their destination. Most stories mention older ladies, men and children; all of them wearing black clothing or covering their faces with hats or veils.

>A popular legend mentions a young woman boarding a cab in front of a cemetery's gates. The driver, confused about picking up a woman in such desolate and dangerous place at night; takes her home, but before arriving at the destination, the girl says "i don't have money. But if you come tomorrow, my parents will pay you".

>So, the driver returns the next day, and as he explains to whoever opens the door; he's told that the girl he describes, passed away years ago (circumstances might vary, depending on who's telling the story) and that he met her ghost.
Pic related: Insurgentes 300 building.
Juarez Hospital and La Planchada.
>One of the oldest hospitals in Mexico, the Juarez, is famous for being the place where the legend of La Planchada originated.

>La Planchada (the ironed lady, the ironed one) is a ghost nurse who has the unusual "feat" of appearing in hospitals all over Mexico. Her story varies from person to person: she might be a nurse in love with a doctor that rejected her, and ended up committing suicide; a nurse who killed her patient in vengeance for being rejected, or a nurse that was killed by the doctor himself.

>A more modern version mentions she was one of the victims of the 1985 earthquake; when the Juarez hospital collapsed and dozens perished inside. The name comes from the fact that she appears wearing a perfectly ironed uniform; and she might walk, float or have no feet; but she's always described as moving silently.

>La Planchada appears to patients during late hours, and gives them a pill or medicine that somehow heals them; no matter what's their disease or condition. When patients mention their encounter to a doctor or another nurse, they're told that no member of the staff was present or guarding the room at such hour.
The woman in the river.
>Back in 1992, the body of a woman was found next to a sewage river in the township of Naucalpan; north of Mexico City. Since then, people passing through the area at night, mention encounters with a floating woman without visible feet, wearing a white dress.

Bolivar's Apartment.
>An apartment located in the corner of Bolivar and 5 de mayo, close to the Zócalo. It remains uninhabited, and previous occupants and neighbors tell stories about otherwordly noises coming from inside; as well as heavy objects been moved or dropped by unseen forces.

The ghost of Azteca Stadium.
>Watchmen in the Azteca Stadium tell stories about a kid appearing during the night, asking for help. When watchmen or staff come closer, the kid disappears. It's believed that the kid died crushed in a riot during a football match.

The Concepción convent.
>During the spanish colony, a woman named Maria Gil fell in love with a young man named Urrutia. Her siblings paid Urrutia to leave the city and drop any idea of marrying Maria.

>She in turn, was forced to become a nun; but couldn't bear the suffering produced by such failed relationship. So, one day, she got a rope and hanged herself from a peach tree in the middle of the Concepción convent.

>The legend says that her ghost started appearing some time later, looking like a rotting corpse hanging from the same three where María committed suicide. The nuns chopped down the tree and prayed everyday to make the spirit leave.
The children of San Isidro graveyard.
>In Azcapotzalco, a northern burrough of the city; there are stories about two ghost kids appearing in the San Isidro graveyard and it's surrounding areas. The first is known as "Nany" , and is described as a young girl who appears outside the graveyard wall and is prone to causing car crashes in the Manuel Salazar avenue, by suddenly popping out in front of them. The second is "David"; who appeared to undertakers, asking them to tell his mother to "let him go"; because she visited his grave every day.

>The mexican "ghostbuster" Carlos Trejo supposedly taped a video of "Nany" appearing in the graveyard.

La Casa de los Azulejos.
>In the corner of Madero and Eje Central, there's a building known as La Casa de los Azulejos (House of Tiles); which is a restaurant these days. A few years ago, a remodeling project went awry, because construction workers were supposedly harassed by a dark shade floating around the hallways. Patrons and restaurant staff talk about the same shade that floats up the main stairs and vanishes as soon as it reaches the second floor..

The boy in the theater.
>In the Mexico City's Theater, sound technicians avoid to wear headphones while working; arguing that as soon as they put them on, they can hear the sound of a ball bouncing closer and closer, followed by the voice of a young boy inviting them to play with him.

>In the restaurant Ixchel, located in Roma neighbourhood; there's the story of a kid named "Pablito"; who it's believed to have died many years ago by falling from a service stair. Pablito makes pranks, plays with water faucets and moves chairs. A few watchmen have quit after seeing him. There's a dish dedicated to the ghost, in order to appease him.
File: dsc01529.jpg (798 KB, 2592x1944) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The restaurant of Santo Domingo.
>The staff working in this restaurant (the oldest in Mexico City) accept the place is haunted, but say that the ghost is completely harmless; and according to the restaurant owners, it might have been a monk that inhabited the place before it was turned into a restaurant.

>A popular story among waiters and coks, it's that the ghost appeared to a reporter some years ago; making her run away from the building.

The bride of Regina 39
>On 1940, a young couple was about to get married. On the wedding day, the groom was nowhere to be seen; as he had overslept after a bachelor's party the night before. Furious, the bride cancelled the wedding and returned to the vecindad where the groom used to live. A building located in the number 39 of Regina street.

>There, he stormed into the groom's apartment and stabbed him to death. The bride committed suicide afterwards, but people living in the building have reported seeing a ghostly bride pacing back and forth the hallways, lamenting what she did.
File: dsc02730dn9.jpg (156 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The Weeping Tunnel.
>In the township of San Pedro Barrientos, north of Mexico City; there is a structure known as the Castle of Barrientos, which is a military college today. Under the castle, there are tunnels where you can hear crying and sobbing; supposedly from victims of organized crime.

>There are bones sticking out the walls. Most of these tunnels have been clausured by authorities of the military college.

The ghosts of el Toreo de Cuatro Caminos.
>Until last decade, one of most recognizable and famous landmarks in Mexico was el Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, a huge bullfighting arena crowned by a massive silver dome that could be seen from miles away. A few years before it was demolished, tv series and movies were filmed inside, as well as Halloween events.

>People working in the Halloween event (a haunted maze in the tunnels beyond the arena); constantly reported sightings of bullfighters covered in blood, doctors walking hurriedly through the rooms; and malfunctioning animatronics and electronic devices.
Pic related: Toreo de Cuatro Caminos.

Whats a tapir is that Mixteco?


Mexican here I can confirm that high forms of witchcraft are alive and well in Mexico. "Brujos" form the ethnic group Otomi are the most feared ones in the country. Also I know various respected anthropoligists researchers that can confirm that people have been assasinated in Chiapas using this methods. Some of them "brujos" work as contract killers.

Mayans believe in Nahuales in very different ways that those of the Mexica (Uto-nahuatl) traditions. They believe only the most advanced and spiritually superior persons and greatest warriors have a "Nahual" along with at least a hundred spirit animals protecting them and as source of power.

Many of us believe that guerrilla leaders have

Nahual. Once one of them made me sick only by looking at me.

Ill round some bibliography for /x/ when I have the time.

Could you provide pic of Pombero? In Mexico theres also this kind of traditions. We have "El Negro Cimarron" who takes the women to his cave and "El Sombreron" who is some kind of troll with a big sombrero.

Confirming that the Pombero shit is "True" insofar as he didn't make it up, I live in Argentina too, though I'm in the capital city so we don't get all the /x/ shit.

The only thing I can think of is these 100 year old subway trains that we had. For some reason people always picked those to suicide. They'd just walk off into the tracks, apparently.

Also that same line has an abandoned (Cancelled due to redundancy) station. But that's not actually spoopy, yet it's cool to mention it to people that didn't know it. It can be seen from the inside too, as it's only partially barricaded.

Oh! I know of a haunting thing, here. At the home where some famous musician died from heroine OD. Now, this house is a bar/pub to his memory. One of the rooms always has this old ass unplugged TV just laying there, I guess for decoration. Now, the legend has it that the TV will turn on by itself at random times ala Poltergeist, so nobody dares touch it.

I wish I knew of real Spoops though
I dont have any stories, but have enjoyed this thread and bumping for more spooks!
I live in texas, literally right next to the border, and we have a shit ton of lechuzas. You can almost always hear them whistling. Pretty spooky
My cousin is a doctor. When they are recently graduated and working for public health services, they are sent to faraway towns across the country. During her time at one of these places, she only had one nurse assistant.
One night, they woke up to some knocks on the backdoor. The nurse went to check who it was. She returned all frightened and told my cousin "I opened the door sightly...and it's a doctor...but he has no feet...he's floating". They heard more knocks on the door and attempts to push it open. After some time, they decided to check on the door, but the man/ghost was sitting on the sidewalk.
They didn't sleep for the rest of the night. They began their normal working schedule, and sometime during the morning a public health guy came in and gave them some bad news: The night before, a doctor was heading torwards their clinic to check on some shit, but he had an accident like 1/2 mile before reaching the town. Apparently, his ghost made it to the clinic.
There are plenty of churches in downtown Mexico City. One of them (they have saints name, I cant exactly recall which) never rings it's bells every hour, because a priest died ringing the bell and haunts the chuch's tower. The legend says that the priest was crushed by the great bell, and that since, every time the bell is lifted and hanged, it falls again, therefore being impossible to ring it. His spirit is said to appear climbing the stairs torwards the bell.
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33 KB, 580x431
>As a kid I was scared to death of La Chusa
What about la chusma?
>No Puerto Rico

Lol'd we even have our own Chupacabra hunter.
top kek you devious malero
>One of them (they have saints name, I cant exactly recall which) never rings it's bells every hour, because a priest died ringing the bell and haunts the chuch's tower.
What an ass
That's stupid as fuck, does the term covert mean nothing to you? CIA agents don't fingerbang little girls in full view of multiple witnesses and authority figures, they do it at top secret government blacksites or in the comfort of their homes.

This was just an aggressive psychopath and kiddy diddler trying to load some fresh meat into his XL sized rapemobile. I'd say it couldn't have been more obvious unless he'd molested a girl in front of her whole class, but he sort of did. That school must have been run by some serious retards for them to not have the common sense to report a guy after he's already proven himself to be an aggressive child molester.

I mean really? "This guy just fingered a little girl while I and an entire class of kids watched, you think we should fire him or something?" I mean, I guess the teacher had already watched him doing it without intervening so hell maybe she thought she'd get in trouble for her astounding negligence.

All in all, can't blame the U.S. government on this one, but that's some incompetent shit right there.
does anyone know any slavic myths? I am from Serbia and don't really know any of my own folklore....
bump for moar stories
>La Mano Peluda
Oh man, that shit was my jam back in the day.
Chemo!! jajajaja siiii
Latin America Horror Story
One day Juan woke up and went to the kitchen, he opened the cabinet and THERE WERE NO BEANS!!!!!
Also the water gave him the shits, the end
I'm from Mission, Tx. La Lechuza is a story I've been told many times. Different variations on them. In some they are just omens of death or just bad news. In others they are witches able to turn into giant owls.
One story I heard is of a man and his son driving down on a lonely backroad heading to Rio Grande City. As they approached a railroad bridge, the noticed a large owl sitting on top. As soon they got close to it, the owl swooped down on them. After they went under the bridge and came out the other side, the young boy moved closer to his dad. It was at that point the dad grabbed the son's knee hard. The boy looked to his right and noticed the truck's door open. There hanging on to the door was an old lady. He looked up at his dad who just told him to look straight ahead. the boy looked back at the door, but the woman was gone and the door was closed. Suddenly standing in the middle of the road was the old woman. The dad hit the breaks but was unable to stop in time. They slammed into the old woman. both of them got out to check. She was nowhere to be seen. Just blood and feathers.They both got into the truck and drove off. They never drove down that road again.
Here's another Lechuza story. There was this rich man who was said to be very cruel, evil by those who knew him. This included his employees. He was also very greedy and never really spent most of his money. Every day after work, this man would always go to a bar and drink. He was also known to be a womanizer.

He would get home from work in the early evening, often drunk, and expected his maid to have dinner ready. This was his usual routine every day. One evening he arrived at home to find a large owl perched on top of his house. He picked up some rocks from around his driveway and started to throw it at the owl. Somehow he missed but the owl started to swoop down on him. After awhile, the owl left and he went inside. For the next several days, the same thing would happen. He would get attacked and then it would leave. Every time he would finally get inside his home, his maid would come out to see what had happen. She never saw a thing.

One night he awoke to scratching sounds coming from the window. He turned on a bedside lamp and saw this owl trying to force its way through the slightly open window. He ran and grabbed the broom and used it to force the owl back out. He ordered his maid to keep his bedroom window closed no matter what after that.

One day, his maid told the man she had to go out of town to visit her sick mother. He reluctantly allowed her to go but first she had to prepare his dinner before she left. He got home from work and found the house empty. Usually she would still be there and finishing up his dinner but she was gone and his dinner was waiting for him on the table. He was drunk and fully stuffed so he decided to call it a night.

He crawled into bed and failed to notice that the maid had left the window open. Something she would do to let some fresh air in.

>Grampa calculates a jaguar or maybe an armadillo
Uh. Are you sure your grandpa is an experienced tracker? Sounds like a fucking drunk to me.
He woke up in the morning hours and after his eyes adjusted to the dark he saw what looked like someone standing at the foot of his bed. he turned on the lamp and realized it was the owl. He looked over to his window and saw that it was wide open. He cursed his maid. As he attempted to get up and run out of there, the owl let out a loud screech and landed on his chest. it buried it's claws into it's chest.

For several days the man failed to show up at work. This was something that he would do from time to time, so his co-workers didn't think the worse. His maid finally came back. When she got to the house, she noticed his car outside. She had her own key so she went inside and went about her business. After some time she went and knocked on the man's door. There was no response. So she went inside and saw a gruesome sight. She called the police. They discovered lots of feathers all over the room. The man's blood was everywhere. His chest was torn open, but according to the coroner that wasn't what killed him. It was fright that ended up.

I remember being told this story and afterwards wanded if maybe the maid was la lechuza all the time. Since he would run into the house after the owl left and the maid would come out a little later to see what was going on. The window being left open.
Your uncle was attacked by Sarah Jessica Parker.
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