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So whatever happened to !JuI8zpYwFU and his...
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So whatever happened to !JuI8zpYwFU and his threads?

I haven't seen him on in awhile.
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Unless they are lurking, good luck OP.
I mean, the person with the trip code

Unless they here, reading the threads (lurking) - you won't find them. But I understand, you are hoping they will stumble across your thread.

Sooo... Best of luck.
Well honestly I was just curious if anyone had seen the poster in the last week or two.

I am obviously not going to find them if they are choosing to lurk. But I am most curious to if they have chosen to stop sharing their knowledge or as I said before; if anyone has seen them post.
>what is the archive?
I am still present.
Good really enjoy your threads. Not that anon by the way.
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OP here.


I am happy to see you are still present and lurking, friend.

I really enjoy your threads as well.
That dogs face is just brilliant.
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I know.
It's the most exquisite image of a dog I've ever seen.

It makes me rather cheerful.
So now, actualy I have time to write.
I have some good material at hand but I wouldn't know where to start.

So without the desire to hijack OPs Thread, lets do so nonetheless.
With the allowance of OP ofcourse.
I am sure OP wouldn't mind, since he (or she) obviously love your threads.
I got a question! What is your advise on advancing spiritually without the knowledge of it. Femenine/child way i guess
Blessed is he who is a true autodidact.
For all who are not, you first have to learn how to learn.
How far you advance depends on effort. Definite effort of a definite character.
There are definite ways a man must go to reach a point whence he is no longer alone.
not him, but
>Blessed is he who is a true autodidact
I meditate and think often, and I learnt some things doing only that. Am I in the right direction?
Do you know a wrong direction? Have you ever consciously done anything the wrong way?
One cannot know the right way without knowing the wrong way. Seems like you are going in circles if you understand me.
You have no knowledge of either wrong or right.

To have one it must be balanced by the other.
That is something that makes me think, lol.
thank you! ^-^
What is the abyss?

I read you overcame insanity, can you describe to the best of your ability what is was like?
It is useless to know what is right and what is wrong if one has no confidence to back it up. If nothing is done, all good and evil mean nothing, they do not exist outside the subject.
A relief, I'd say. There is nothing to overcome but the self.

Again I might add that there is no reason to discuss either kundalini or the abyss.
With these terms, several million associations which close out the actual thing come and they will get us nowhere.

If we want any progress we need proper work and proper results. No speculations. We do not speculate.
Have you achieved physical results via your knowledge? Better health, finances, etc?
All results of such kind are secondary and things can be changed if one realy wishes to do so. But first a man must become able to do.
As we are now we can do nothing but wish.
But even then sometimes it wishes and sometimes it does not. There is no permanence and so there can be no persistent results of any kind in any field of life.

All we see is deviation.
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Oh my... as the OP I hadn't checked my own thread for a good part of this moment.

I do not mind at all, and was actually hoping you'd post more.

I've a question: So parts of my brain seem to have pressures upon certain areas and I can induce my brain to vibrate. Do you have any clue as to what this might mean?
You are playing with yourself.
Atleast one part of you began to do so.
It is sometimes, sometimes it is not.
Many men have such "habits", greatest part of them will never know the slightest thing about it.

Observe yourself while doing it.
This can serve as an anchor. Each time such habit becomes conscious of itself one must remember self observation. One must work towards this with dedication and a clear head.

Observe yourself, see what happens and see yourself with this happening.
images like that give me a hard on. Got any more?
I believe that kundalini and the Holy Spirit are not one. Something magnificent happened on the Hill of the Skull. The blood of the Christ, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Temple matters. The stars testify to this themselves. If one already has the Spirit of the Wiseman in him, his fullfilment is in knowing Jesus of Nazareth.

Alchemist have you ever considered the significance of the Man and the Nail?

I hope you can answer this but you do not have to.
So, its just like masturbation? Keep touching it to find see what happens and learn how to stimulate it?
I am serious in that comparison
I think you are correct in that a part of myself is playing with me; that is if that is what I'm getting out of your words.

But the reason that seems conclusive is because 'i' can only do it to the right side of my brain and somewhat in the middle. I can pinpoint the areas of where it is happening in the brain. But some experiences lead to it doing it by itself at random.

Last night I experienced a strange phenomenon with it during a long silence in my room. My brain was beginning to feel very intense on the left side around 3:30 AM and I was hearing a thump from the inside of my head. I thought it was my heartbeat but I concluded it wasn't because I was also hearing that as well when I listened more closely. Though it began to frighten me in a way because I was observing my heart rate as well, and so I drowned it out with noise.

In what manner should I observe myself whilst doing this or when the 'habit' becomes conscious?

I would also like to note that whenever I smoke marijuana; the vibrations and intensities become tenfold in my whole brain.

I'm afraid not my friend... I used to have tons of images like that and some images of really neat spacecraft you can't find elsewhere on the net, however, my external no longer boots up and is but a sound now. I am sorry.
They are not one and they are one.
There is no one without the other.

You are very right when you say that these things matter. But ordinary men cannot make anything out of it. It cannot matter to them even if they really wish to.

There can be no promise from a man who is one now, another later.
Here we cannot talk about the significance of such things.
All that matters in these threads is the work.
There is nothing outside the work.
You do not find the work, the work finds you and you will work as much as your strength allows it.
There is no space for foul magick and ego trips.
For various reasons I do recommend taking drugs. These reasons are obvious here.
I will so design this post as a creation of my fantasy, talking about fiction.

Drugs in the work are used for work sake only.
Marijuana enhances what already is. It makes "reality look bolder".
One can learn not to be high in order to be able to observe the effects of the combination of you and the drug.

At first, all you can do is to try to observe yourself. Ordinary men simply lacks the attention to observe himself and very soon he will become bored of it and forget about it eventualy.
Realize for yourself that you cannot focus for even an hour on one thing only.
This is what must change or there will be no change whatsoever.
*I do not recommend.
I may be gone for some time.
But there will be another thread soon.
Expect it.
The rest of you know my mail, else it will find you if it needs.
I have concluded a while ago in that psychedelics, and marijuana, like you said: enhance what already is, and in this conclusion I often wonder more about what reality 'is' despite the different information that I have read or observed. So to speak... One might be able to 'trip' without these drugs?

>Realize for yourself that you cannot focus for even an hour on one thing only

That strikes out the most to me; as it is very true... I used to be able to when I was younger and now as I've grown, I have found that my focus, and motivation have become much less.

I will be biding my time til' you do.

I want to die to this ego but my nature is so strong and overewhelming. I have no one to talk to. It makes me really sad andalone man. I have these strong strong dreams but im worried of my pride.
We spend all our energy like we spend our money.
There is nothing for the man himself.
He has learned to value money on what others tell them and so he spends his energy.

People do not really know whom they give their energy.
Learn to be responsible men and you are free from all sin.
Without conscious attention, a man is worth nothing. He is merely flesh and blood, an automaton only able to operate through stimuli.
Your desire to get rid of your ego is what blinds you.
You focus on it and therefor you spend all your energy on this thing. Observe yourself and see for yourself.
Spend your time and energy for yourself before you can become able to spend it for others.
Only a conscious egoist can become able to help anyone.
what of >>14905917
Do you believe it?
What do you feel when you read it?
weirdest nosense shit ever
you made anthrolumena, yes?
wtf is that?

Has anyone actually read it all?
I'm not the creator of this site.
There is no good or bad for a man who is asleep. For a man who is asleep, every thought and every emotion happens.
Everytime a new thought becomes born through you you either give it no attention and it dies of starvation or you give it attention and it blossoms.

But for a man who is asleep, attention happens. Ordinary men are not in possession of what can be called attention.
There is no one who does. With him everything happens.
Without a strong magnetic center, a man is at all times subject to a stronger magnetic center.
The dominance over the nervous system of the machine is decided by him who delivers the energy.
Men as they are now are slaves to the magnetic influence of the moon.
He who thinks that there are no such influences is greatly mistaken. All that comes from men is what happens to him.
Men as he is cannot produce a single thought or emotion for himself, it is all what happens through him.

Without conscious effort to produce own energy there is no hope of development in the desired direction. Movement is mutual.
But with men there is no mutuality, men moves as time moves and he cant help it. He is a slave to his time. One time it passes fast, another slow and he is no master over it.

There are many people and there are as many times. Men does not life in one timeline but in many, mens name is legion. There is no common property in men. Atleast not yet.

As time marches on he will follow, unknowing of neither the destination nor the hour.
For all this to become true to a man he must set out to find his own truth behind what I say.
Without struggle there is only habit and with habit comes nothing new.

To understand truth you cannot replace one word with another. You cannot transform knowledge into understanding by adding more knowledge. A mans harvest will be without fruits if he won't work his magick to produce it.
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