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Last one went well, had some OC, but there...
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Last one went well, had some OC, but there was a high ratio of roll to non deliverance. But that's the nature of the beast. Let's play gentlemen.
>be me
>see not just what your eyes can see
>for there are people in this world who have been reaped
>alive, one might say
>living lifeless, seeing grey
>asking to be taken from this plane
>to bring them forth to judgment day
>sickening thoughts in tired mind
>never able to 'be fine'
>life and death so closely intertwined
>escape this endless prison time
>body should be one with soul
>I am forever peering from the holes
>in behind my eyes.
>I waste away while others shine

clap clap clap clap clap

thank you anon
roll up

Innawoods Eldritch abomination

Actually, I had a dream related to what I rolled once. Think of the weirdest dream you've had, or the worse nightmare you've ever experienced. It was no doubt similar in tone to that, but in the woods.

In my dream, these were no ordinary woods, as the trees and ground seemed to connect in a black blob of nothingness. I watch this mother running with her child, away from some giant floating tentacled thing, with what appeared to be some sort of eye...it was most likely an eye.

It's tentacles reached down, and slammed the child around, killing it. Then I see nothing but the mother's face, and it scared me more than anything else in the dream, as her hysterical crying became something twisted, and unexplainable.

I woke up in a cold sweat, and haven't really dreamed anything since, or nothing I can remember anyway. That was about three years ago....
roleando por los lolz
I found them. It took me years but I found them.
all those charts all those pins connecting people to other people all those little connections that seemed like nothing. all those years of people laughing are over!
I found you you bastards.

So the cultists applaud me. I deserve it. My life work was to find them. and here they are. Standing around the alter naked, blood dripping from each of their fingertips. I need to stop them. I don't know what they're trying to do, I need to figure that out.
I will ask them.
They will tell me about their blighting of the world.
they take me by the shoulder and show me their great works, towers of flesh, 10 feet high. These totems keep their shape with tied bone, covered in entrails, and then tarped with stretched skin

So much like me. Where did consciousness come from if we are no more than these towers of parts?
They ask the same thing
They want to find out

They do not want to take life, they want to give life
Let the totems live.
Learn where our souls come.

I found them. What I do with them is my choice.
I spent my life asking questions
I can answer the biggest question of them all!
If I could find them i could help them! Truly their cause is worthy of my life

I've already looked and found them
So I suppose I have no qualms with them taking my eyes.
>be me
>be driving home from work at 3am
>right side of car drops
>shit myself because i'm sitting at a 45 degree angle
>get out and notice my car has driven into a huge sinkhole
>how did I not notice this?
>get out emergency flashlight to look at the damage
>shine light into the hole
>wtf was that
>look around, see it again
>nobody around so I fucking run and start dialing everyone
>keep running
>learn that day I no longer hate running
>get car towed the next day
>tires are all fucked up
It's dark, it's always dark in here. I don't know where I am, how I got here and I want to get out.

It's like an endless place. I can't see anything but I can feel things. I'm pretty sure I feel entities around me, like trying to catch me.

I just run all the time, but I get tired too fast. I have no energy anymore. I feel like these things are going to catch me if I stop, so I continue running trying to find an exit or something, but there is nothing.

I can't remember how much time I've been here. It's been a long time, and I'm getting tired of this.

I think I'm starting to see what those things are... They seem evil entities, they look at you constantly. They are all different, they laugh at me, they put their hands around my neck, but I don't feel contact. It's just like they don't really exist... but I see them. I don't know if this is hell, if this is my head playing games on me. I just know, I stopped caring. I feel like one of them. They are my family now.
>awakened in a darkened room
>a veil of rose light floods
>eyes adjust
>a room of rust
>and cages all aligned
>the walls are caving in
>and the floor is filled with holes
>the ceiling has a camera, to where I do not know
>I get up and take a step
>and trip upon a corpse
>some ghoulish creature had its way
>its blood stained on his clothes
>frantically I look around
>for an escape, of none I've found.
>the cages start to rumble
>as I fumble though the chamber
>whatever's in those cages, I feel that I have angered
>a siren blares, the door's unveiled
>a window perched upon it
>a woman glares, a wicked snare
>the cages start to open.
>all these years, you've had your fears
>of things too far from reach
>but in this room, which you could see
>an evil anything
>the being grins and says its terms
>you've always asked, it's time to squirm
>one by one the cage doors creak
>I feel that now my future's bleak.
>a sickly beast steps from its cage
>with golden eyes, and matted fur
>creeping closer to the door
>I turn around to run and hide
>it backs away, a slight relief, but why?
>taking a few steps
>I bang into to a wall
>I wipe the glass and look inside
>see giant fins and eyes collide
>cracking glass, green water flows
>shattering and spilling
>time for me to hold my breath
>I swim the current to the left
>cling for life or face your death
>the being says through the thick glass
>it's clear as day and then it clicks
>this house of horrors is run by greys
>all I had to say was ayyyyyy lmao

>Move into old house
>so many rooms to explore
>after unpacking start to check out basement
>behind rickety old wood wall is a hole
>clear a path and cobwebs out of the way
>heat is permeating the farther I go through the tunnel
>orb of light flickering, heat intensifies
>push forward to the orb and see a reflection of me
>touch orb and finger goes through
>figure it's safe to look in since finger is ok still
>barely open my eyes when something grabs my head and yanks me in
>get off the floor and notice it's super cold now
>look around but everything seems reversed and dull
>touch the orb again but can't go back through
>reflection stares back but these aren't MY eyes
>reflection starts saying this is what we were meant to do
>for our own good and how fate brought me to this spot today
>start pounding on the orb hoping it'll let me back in
>bang so hard orb implodes
>leave tunnel go back into house and figure this out
>everything still dull and reversed
>need to figure out the motive of other me
>tear up house and find journal of other me
>states that if you find the orb and lure your true self into it, you will be free
>my life wasn't great, what could they possibly want?
>realise this 'world' is dull because it doesn't truly exist
>I'm trapped in this world that is just a reflection of my real world.
>the orb was the only accessible portal to the real me.
>now im lost but not forgotten because I'm still there, it's just not me.

Parallel universe
>be me
>do some acid
>eat whole family
>stuck in perm bad trip
>i know believe im a ghoul
>im gonna eat all who read this
I'm a shit writer, but I'll try.
>be me
>innawoods with my SKS
>see eyes in treeline
>shoot at eyes
>kill eyes
>walk to eyes
>examine eyes
>these aren't eyes
Let's do this shit
Shit, what counts as paranoia fuel?
(i'll give it a try I guess even if i'm not sure what to write. OC is OC.)

I hear the whir in the corner again. I grumble to myself while rolling out of bed to get a drink of water. What time is it?
My alarm clock is flashing 12:00. Damn, power must've went out at some point..
I hear the whir.
I take a long drink of water before drying the glass and putting it back in the cabinet. I head over to my computer and turn it on, taking a seat.
I hear the whir behind me.
I rub my eyes and lower the volume on my computer, I've always had a strong sense of hearing. It's impressed pretty much anyone who i've told. Know the expression can hear a pin drop? I really can. I usually have to wear ear plugs, but it was too early in the morning for me to have to. My computer turns on and I start browsing the web, checking the recent news.
I hear the whir again.
Huh, that's interesting. A law was passed that the government can install surveillance equipment in someone's house without permission now. It kind of sucks, but I don't mind it.
I hear the whir behind me again.
im actually enjoying reading these because they make me lul at the troll ones
I'm a shit writer, but whatever. ROLL
why not?
back to bump and maybe add a couple more tales..sorry if they were kinda gay, was tired last night lol


>be fat german kid in a wrestling club
>won a few times causse of being fat and strong
>club did a tour to a czech training camp
>quite hilly
>do a night hike tour
>See light in the sky changing it's colour
>thought it was a star but it kept changing colour
>suddenly gone
>only UFO I ever seen

What did I do to be sent down there?
Ah, right. But seriously, can I help that our corporal is so funny when you piss him off?
Okay, okay, focus. Focus!
Entering through the opening in the translucent surface. Landing softly, proceeding along the readings on my scanner.
FUCK. Stepped on something.
- Shh! Careful, you klutz! - whispered my partner.
I heard a noise from the direction of the target. Fuckfuckfuck it heard us. Okay, no more motion on the scanner. We are free to go.
Wait... a huge reading... RUN!!!
We got to safety just before the monster reached us. Suddenly, light. The target is moving towards us and the monster. Loud vocalisations from them both, then target approaches and removes the creature, never noticing our presence.
Target returns to previous location, light level decreases. Good, we can proceed with our mission.
So close...
My partner went to collect a sample, I stay on guard.
Thank God he survied this. Target is still unagitated, this must have been an autonomous reaction.
Mission almost completed, now we just have to get back home.
We hear distant murmurs from behind us.
"I need a fucking mosquito net."
I used to have dreams. I used to have hopes. That was a long time ago. There was a time the world seemed so big, so full of wonder. Now it seems small. There is nothing new to see. I wasn't always like this. I don't think there is a way to fix me.

I have nightmares almost every night. I dream that I'm being chased by a demon or a monster. It doesn't want to kill me, it wants to take me "somewhere." I don't want to go.

I used to be afraid of dying. The idea of complete non-existence terrified me when I was younger. Now I'm more worried that I'm wrong and there is a Hell and it's somehow worse than living. The act of merely existing is getting to be too much for me.

So I'm just going to do what I've been doing. I'll wake up. I'll take my pills. I'll pretend I don't see the eviscerated bodies and mutilated limbs around me. They aren't real, the doctors said so. The blood on my hands, my clothes isn't theirs and it isn't mine. The screams when I cut into them aren't real, either. I take my pills everyday. I really wish the screams were real.
I'll try.
>when they say our souls one day
>will ascend up to god
>they never say that judgment day
>is seen as all year long
>you can run and you can scream
>your soul to keep is what he needs
>earthquakes, fires, and the like
>is when this demons feeds
>when it rains and thunders
>when lightening claps through
>be forever fearful
>he'll pull your soul from you

nope, got nothing to tell about this topic...
>My bridge was still there, when I arrived
>just before I should meet up with Zoey.
>It was the bridge I was living under, before I
>became a journalist for kotaku.
>It was already 12 p.m. - Zoey didn't show up.
>Out of boredom I threw a stone at a cat.
>But it was not!!!!!!
>My face went from :| to o.0 and I dropped ded.
>It was Zoey... Zoey the Zombey.
>She fucked my uncosncious body for a review.
>I could see it.
>From hell.

>walking through the forest
>in the trees what do I see?
>a tiny little ghost dog
>trailing heavily at me
>for this is just a ghost
>such a tiny little creature
>until I see a shining light
>a man in suit, his head so bright
>it seemed like such a feature
>he turned his head and looked at me
>eyes hollow, sunken in
>he smiled at me and took my hand
>and told me it's the night
>as we walked around this clearing
>as I'm peering at the doors
>he says to me, this pumpkin king
>I am forever yours
>we cross over the threshold
>to a land of Halloween
>he is the ruler and the king
>of the town that evil sings
>I ask the name of this tall hellion
>he smiles again, puts me at ease
>for he's the great Jack Skellington

Roll on this shit
Joanne K. Rolling

Is it cheating if I continue? Because I goot hooked up.

Sweat, everywhere.
Their used things.
Those shoes, those shirts, those socks.
Why won't they leave me alone?
Why are they so filthy?
Not even in my house I'm safe.
The mirror... that face. It's mine, isn't it? How I wish it wasn't.
Fuck. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.
Whatever, I have to end this, and I'll take my life last. A pragmatic decision.
Rummaging through the kitchen drawer... jackpot! So sharp, so clean... I have to end this.
Going out, walking the night. No, no, too many of them. Pragmatic decision. I have to wait.
Oh! This one seems like a good start. Get beside him, ready the knife... STAB
Stab, stab, stab. Fuck you and your filth, motherfucker! YEAH! DEAD!
Okay, okay, now what? Run! Hide! I managed to find an old bridge, hiding there for a while. Now going out, the longes way possible home, hearing the police sirens. They're looking for me, but they're never gonna find me. Good.
Next day. I'm famous, they're writing about me in newspapers.
Still, can't stand the reflection. Why am I the same as them? Why? Fuck fuck fuck fuck. But still, I'll take my life last. A pragmatic decision.
Another day, another victim.
Another article.
Still, they don't know. I'm so good at this. Ha!
Days pass, more success, more fame. But I'll never end the filth. Fuck!
Knock, knock.
Lookng through the peep hole.
Fuck, it's the end.
I look into the mirror for the last time...
Is it me? So disgusting.
Stab, stab, stab. Vision blurry. Stab, stab, stab.
Seeing nothing.
Last thoughts... I've done well. I sure did.
rollan mah dice
roll, roll.
fuck, a good one.

+ roll!

Shadow People - The Silent Piano
>The piano was silent.
>It was silent, when I went to work.
>It was silent, when I went to bed.
>I was watching the piano.
>Watching it from the distance.
>Over 10 years from now,
>when I was just a kid...
> ...
>There was a pale horse.
>There was a pen.
>I wrote notes on the horse.
>It was a ballad.
>The piano played the music.
>It sounded like screams.
>Screams coming from my body.
>From my belly.
> ...
>Then I always woke up.
>I had this dream for 10 years.
>Hadn't gotten it for
>a few weeks now.
>But this night was...
>...something else.
>There was no horse.
>There was just the piano.
>And something in it.
>A black shadowy figure.
>Crawling out of it.
>Squeezing through the strings.
>An open dark mouth.
>No eyes.
>No sound.
>And as it reached me, it wrote
>something on my body.
>I couldn't move.
>And the piano began to play.
>Words can't describe.
>And then -
>I woke up. It was still dark.
>And as I turned my head to reach
>for my clock...
>I looked it in the eyes...
>The pale horse!!!
I'm in a mood to write.

Sorry, I can't be subtle at my present state of mind, so I unfortunately have to pass :_(
File: BucketheadDB 5.jpg (125 KB, 1024x683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
BucketheadDB 5.jpg
125 KB, 1024x683
looks interesting/fun, ill play. sorry if i post shit
>Is that normally the color of the ceiling?
>I bolt straight up, the cloth clinging to my skin
>Not the ceiling. Cloth. Black cloth.
>But how did I end up here? Why a hospital?
>Lights off. Dark.
>Window of pitch black to the side
>Looks like the gates to hell and back
>Step over tenaciously, carefully peek over the ridge
>Nothing is out there.
>Call out, try to find anyone
>Every room empty, eventually find person
>Left of him at least. Skeleton. Charred.
>The fuck happened
>Sliver of light from one of the windows
>Stare in wonder. Grass. There is no grass from the light I can see
>Everything is black. Charred. Burned.
>Eyes go wide, skin starts to hurt, sun starts to rise.
>Red. Not orange, a dull red.
>Everything in room is light up more, everything is burned.
>Run back into shadows of the building. Hide from the sun
>Watch for hours as it burns, room becomes exceedingly hot but not enough to kill
>Like a magnifying glass. Concentrated if you are in it's way
>Eventually, what seems like days, darkness returns.
>Shakily look for food, what kept me alive when window was nearby?
>Dark blanket. Of course.
>Find it and wrap it around my shoulders. Realize it's much thicker then I noticed from before, and long enough to cover my entire body.
>Days pass. Live off the remaining food in the vending machine.
>Water is only left in bottles, almost nothing left
>Look to the window, cloth around my shoulders and I weep
>There is no living this.
>Drop cloth and stare out the window, awaiting sunrise
They see me rolling.

I can't sleep.
I tried, I just can't.
Two eyes in front of me. at the very least.
Often, it's worse. Grinning inhuman faces. Animal snouts. Beaks. Teeth. Danger.
You'll say it's silly,well, of course you're right.
But have you ever try sleeping, with a face just in front of your mind's eyes?
Every day?
It's driving me nuts.
I tried seeing a shrink, got happy pills, to no avail.
Absolutely none.
Try imagining the Smile Dog. The "hey let me in I'm a fairy" dude. The deformed faces from /b/ gore threads. Whatever. Every. Fucking. Day. Before sleeping.
Slowly, the "real" world has changed. I try to say "good morning", I believe that they really human. I try to.
I seriously do.
But... what if they aren't?
Sorry guys, have to reroll because I can't figure a story out for 'rightful paranoia'. Hope you're all enjoying, I haven't written in a long while.
already did 'parallel dimensions' (universe was a mistake) roll
Be me
21, britfag, nufag
Be home one day
brother run in scared.png
"Me" wot do brother?
"Brother" I curse you
Be shocked.ini
"Me" What my curse brother?
"Brother" your a faggot nu fag and dnt know
/x/ you sack of shiet!
Be crying.win
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Lets see...

Yeah, reroll.
OOh. Suicide.
>Few years back
>Friday night, middle of summer
>Working at cheese factory
>At work, finishing up my shift
>About to get into my truck and head home, phone rings
>Voice:"You will walk in his shoes."
>They hang up
>Whatever man, damn prank calls
>Drive home, every road I drive on or pass by is completely empty, every traffic light I hit is green
>Finally get home
>Go to pet my cat, she just gives me a terrified stare and runs to another room. Usually friendly
>Strange night. Decide to relax in living room for a bit, tune into local news on TV
>Discussing the mysterious suicides of over a dozen children in a quiet neighborhood
>My neighborhood
>The fuck?
>Next they talk about the death of three different men who were found dead by a fountain outside a nearby church, was concluded that they were murdered
>Brain quickly puts suicides and murders together, must be related somehow
>Five dead kids per each dead adult
>News anchor looks noticeably distressed while and after talking about the events.
>About five seconds of complete silence in the news station
>Anchor stutters on, mentions that he got a strange phone call earlier today, all his caller said was "You are the next man"
>Well, shit
>Weird night just turned freaky.
>Try to sleep, can't knock out until about 4 AM
>Wake up, now Saturday
>Pretty chill day, still a little spooked from the night before
>Fast forward to around the same time as when I was watching the news last night
>Different anchor from the usual guy
>They don't say give reason for why he's not there or anything, no "good evening I'm so and so" etc.
>The normal anchor had been there at least a decade, station liked to brag about his impeccable work, never missed a day
>Suddenly flash back to the shit that happened
>"You will walk in his shoes"
>Snap back to reality in time to hear the anchor tremble out a report of another five children dead from suicide
If this is decent I'll continue
i wonder if the op of this therad keeps making this thread because he needs ideas for stories and is too unimaginative to come up with them himself
>the feeling that you get
>alone on a dark night
>you think you've seen a shadow
>but told you're not to fret
>funny how kids always see
>things blatantly not there
>then memories fade
>and life brigades
>what isn't seen, it cannot be
>but there's a special type of person
>who knows the truth they've found
>discredited and shamed
>however sombre they may sound
>the shadows watch how we react
>when a bump or screech is heard
>their chuckle softly flows
>as they brush over your nerves
>not to draw attention
>to these beings, some are kind
>the people of the shadows
>give inspiration all the time.

Shadow People
yes, please continue!
I just can't. I can't do tulpas.

One last roll.
it's pretty good.
File: bowling-o.gif (4 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 320x240
i promise i'll make it good
Though i had lived in the house next to Paula for years we had never really clicked. She was, for lack of a better word, Undecidedly average in every way.

Everything from her hair to her personality was flat. She always wore the same bland black clothes with mild variations everyday. And talking to her was pure torture. I once had the misfortune of attempting small talk while waiting for a bus with her, the most i was able to get was several sentences and each time i coaxed a word out of her it felt as if i was Pulling teeth. Thankfully the bus arrived before it became too awkward.

Though some might find see someone who average in every way as a good potential friend they wildly underestimate just how boring they are. But that's what made her case all the more interesting.

It started several weeks ago when i heard it, our houses were close but the sounds were loud enough i believe i might have heard them even if i had not been so close. The sound started off subtle in the first days, i was entirely sure at first it was simply leaves at first (The fool i was) but the noise became louder just three days after i first began hearing them i was able to hear what they really were. They were scratching, against a door, but they were loud. I first came to the realization while lying in my bed one night with my window open simply listening to the ambiance. I hopped out of bed to the window. "What could cause scratching like that?" I thought to myself as i gazed at the House. The sounds sounded as if they were coming from a small Wooden Door at the side of Paula's house. I thought to myself "it could be anything, maybe she owns a cat?" It wasn't that far fetched, i mean what man could ever deal with her? If i was in that cat's position id probably be trying to claw my way out as well. I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep, the sound eventually stopped and i was able to finally get to sleep.

File: 1411076129465.jpg (27 KB, 341x341) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 341x341
i'm going to write a longer one. so it might not be delivered tonight. but /x/ is slow enough that this should still be around in a day or so.

let's do it to it uncle sam. hopefully it's not some shitty combo.
combo-ing these two posts.

(same anon)
The next day before i made my way to work i saw Paula leaving her house with what i could only describe as the most disturbing smile i had ever seen. I don't know what i found most disturbing about it, the fact she was actually smiling, something i had never seen her do before EVER, or maybe it was just the way she held it, as if it wasn't her own. I had the creeps big time but i knew it was in my head, I decided the best way to get past the silly fear was to hold my nerve and try and talk to her. She looked at me as i approached and then did something more scary than a thousand spooky skeletons. She said Hello. I have to say, i have never heard this woman utter a word that didn't have to be coaxed out of her and i never knew her to be the one to initiate a conversation either, but looking at her now, she radiated a kind of positive energy, just looking at her now it made me feel like i had never met this person before. This was not the same women who wore plain black T's and tried to fade into the background, it was someone who was the life of the party. We began to talk and talk and talk i became so engrossed by our conversation i was almost late for work, i would have been late had she not told me that i had to go to work, i would have happily spent all day sitting there chatting to her had she not reminded me of work. It was then i began to wonder what was in that door to the side of her house. I had simply dismissed it as trivial, but now i wonder.

In the next few days i found myself drawn to Paula, and it seem so did others. In the days following out first meeting she began to be allot more active all over the town, and she would always be followed by at least 5 people at a time all vying for her attention. She also no longer wore her black T's, as a matter of fact i saw her in a bright red top just the other day.

File: carlton.jpg (7 KB, 237x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 237x200
Initiate the roll.
As Paula's popularity seemed to skyrocket, so did the volume of the Scratching on the door, i heard it get louder, faster and more terrifying but each night i heard it i hid under my blankets, turned on my headphones and played my music as loud as possible. I didn't know what was in there, and quite frankly i didn't want to know. I had considered calling the police but i thought that would just upset Paula. The scratching was none of my business i rationalized to my self each night. If there was a problem Paula would fix it i thought. But what if she doesn't know? What if she cant hear it? It was then that i decided to id tell Paula Tomorrow and hopefully she could fix it, Shes is so good at everything.

I left my house that morning at the same time as usual hoping to run into Paula, and just in case i set an alarm on my watch to make sure that i wasn't late for work again (Every time left the house to go to work the past week i ran into Paula and ended up talking to her for so long i missed work). As if by clockwork she left her house just as i left mine, looked at me, smiled and called me over, i obliged. We began to talk for a bit, though i don't really remember what about, the conversation went on for a few minutes before i remembered to ask about the scratching. As soon as i mentioned it i instantly regretted it. Paula's eyes Locked onto mine and she simply uttered the word's "Would you like to come inside for a moment?" I never even thought to protest, i was spellbound from the moment she asked and i began to follow he. As i got close to the threshold to the house Paula looked back a few times to ensure i was following but never said anything , as i stepped into her porch the alarm on my phone went off.

The alarm took me back to reality and in that moment nothing could make me enter that woman's Home, i quickly muttered something about work and ran off before she could say anything. That day at work had several missed calls from an Unknown number but i was afraid to answer them, i knew who it was.

I was conflicted as to weather i would go home that evening, i was terrified of the scratching and Paula but, at the same time something compelled me to go home, and in the end it won out. I returned that evening knot in my stomach i was terrified, i saw the the light was on in Paula's. I hurried in the door trying to be as stealthily as possible i didn't want to see her. i made it inside my house having no idea weather i had been seen or not, but i was to tired to care. I went to my room hoping i could go to sleep. It was a uneventful night except for one thing, the scratching had stopped. It was gone.

I called in sick to work for the next few days as i was afraid i might run into Paula if i left the House, instead i just sat back and watched Tc for a few days Spying out my window to see what Paula was up too. She knocked on the door of the House a few times and called for me but i didn't answer, though it felt as if i was going cold turkey by avoiding her.

Over the next few days i noticed Paula begin to regress, she no longer had a swagger in her step, and she began to wear black T's again, after three days she was regular old Boring Paula once more, and as the transition happened could feel my fear of her evaporate.

Guess I'll roll
After a few days she stopped going out in the mornings and people stopped visiting her, i finally felt comfortable going back to work. For the next few weeks i only saw Paula twice and each time she asked tried to talk to me, though it was clearly quite hard for her to talk to me, the "Conversation" If you could really call it that lasted a minute in total and was mostly just awkward silence, but both time i talked to her she asked me to go back to her house. I flat out refused both times and walked away from her, i want nothing to do with that women. Its been nearly a month now and i haven't seen her since shes stopped going out completely. The only reason i know shes not dead is that her mail is picked up everyday.

I don't know why Paula acted like she did or what exactly happened for that short time but i firmly believe that had i gone into that house that day i would never have come out. I'm currently searching for a new home but places are expensive and iv missed allot of work.

Though i haven't seen her leave her house sometimes when im going to work i can see the curtains in her house ruffle and i can feel a cold pair of unfeeling eyes staring at me. I just want to forget the whole experience but i feel if i don't move soon, that it might not be over.

Cold. My skin is tight. The smell of iron.
My eyes are stuck closed.
A weight on my chest, one arm is free. Fingering at my eyes to open them the eyelids come off. My fingers are black and red.
Concrete on my chest, black on one side and larger than me. Snapped ribs protrude my side like arrows, yet I feel no pain.
To my left, rubble in the night.
To my right, a sunrise obscured by dust.
A presence behind me but I cannot look. I feel close to death.
All of time passes, and I am no closer.
Cold. My skin is tight. The smell of iron.

First time writing oc for /x/. Good, bad?
What is this thread all about?
Do we actually make up ghost stories?
I got interferences. (98)

>Be me
>Have small talk show radio
>One day get radio gets an interference, hear a man talk
>Its from a man, he says only first name, its john
>He says there is someone trying to murder him
>says he needs help
>Hear the sound of a hammer smashing
>2 days later, newspaper headline reads "Dead body of John Burinkin found, hammer wound on head."
I'm a city boy myself, but my father grew up in Uden, Brabant. A small town in Holland. Near the town is a Dutch air force base that is mostly known for being the site of "secret" nucleair weaponry owned by the USA. By now, it is considered by many to be public knowledge that there are 8 bunkers with 2 nukes each.
My father says there is more to it than that. He told me once when he was drunk (as he often gets) that he once took a girlfriend to the woodlands near the base to do things frowned upon by the quite devoutly catholic community. Sneaking around nukes is frowned upon though, and they were caught by a patrol. They were brought to an office near the entrance to the base and my father noticed a lot of activity there even though it was in the middle of the night. When he was allowed to step outside for a rolled cigarette together with a soldier, he noticed that there were people loading entire file cabinets into trucks at a frantic pace and there being a murmur among the people going into and out of the base that they can't seem to prepare for the new specimen quickly enough before it would decay.
My father theorised it would be talk about another nuclear weapon... I think they might be working on biological or chemical weapons. My father and his then girlfriend were released from custody the next day, with a hefty fine for tresspassing.
Either way... Volkel AFB is perhaps the most mysterious and tightly secured place in the Netherlands, and it wouldn't surprise me if there was more going on than just the storage of some American nukes...
Fook it, Imma roll
I suppose I should write a fiction history? Oh, well, instead, I'll tell something my mom used to tell us about when she was a children. It's more of a proof that she's kinda crazy rather than a history, to be quite honest

I've always had interest in weird things, since I was a curious, annoying little kid. Which means I would go around interviewing people around me all the time, and getting unsatisfied when they'd tell me repeated history. Mom was my favorite though. Not that she wouldn't repeat her histories, but from time to time she would remember of something entirely new, and they were always quite odd and a bit funny.

Once she told me about her morning preparations.

It started when she reached puberty - one morning she simply waked up, and when she looked at herself in the mirror she didn't saw herself. It took some time to notice that it was, indeed, her own reflection, and it made her feel way more confused than scared or anything else. That would keep happening everyday. There were days she waked up and she would notice she looked like that friend from school, or a boy she saw on TV, or just some random redhead. Then she would just... change her face. I asked her multiple times how she would do that, and she always kind of shrugs and say she had a lot of them to choose from, so she would just go changing it until she found hers. Somedays she would spend a whole hour staring the mirror, looking for her face inbetween the others, and then there were ones where she would find the one that belongs to her in the second or third try.
From that day on, she would get up before anyone else, and look at mirror way before anything else, because she didn't know how her family would react if they saw it.

And just like it started happening, it stopped. She was quite relieved because she could wake up later again.
>Be 14
>Just starting high school in a new state
>Met a "wicca" called "Majestra [Real name Jessica]
>Never really paid much attention to the occult
>She was cute gothish, and I was new, pretend to know something about it
>She wants to summon a spirit
>I agree with hesitance
>We set up in an old house abandoned since the 70s
>Falling apart
>We do the ouija board and start talking to spirits
>One says his name is "Dmra", nothing special happens
>We get bored and just hang out back at her house
>Following Monday, I start seeing people with dark black eyes
>I still do to this day but nothing has happened....yet.

[It's my first time]
Newspaper don't put the name of the victim in the headlines unless it's someone known, as far as I'm aware. Keep that in mind next time

Rollin for 23

It was sterile.

All of it. The white rooms. My co-workers. The fluorescent lights. Everything.
Everything but the smell.
Oh god the smell.
That horrible, awful, rancid odor. It brought my eyes to water every time I entered the lab. Sure, they gave us masks, but it only helped so much.
I don't understand why they would even want to create something like this.
This awful amalgamation of flesh, bone, and sinew that stood dormant in the observation room. It simply stood there, watching me through the glass.
Why me.
Where its eyes should have been, there were only sockets, an inky, black darkness. Its mouth, simply a gaping maw filled with teeth. many of them weren't even its own teeth. Its arms...One a grotesque mass of tumors and cancerous flesh and the other a spindly arm ending with claws made from its bone. It crawled upon a mass of legs, like a spider straight out of my nightmares. And the sounds it made. This terrible, grating clicking noise, always muffled by the glass; Seemingly at random, but it would start always when I entered. If i tried to leave, it would begin to screech loudly, not unlike that of nails on a chalkboard played through a bullhorn.
It kept staring. Staring at me.
I yelled. Screamed at the thing to stop looking at me. But still its head swiveled, following me wherever I walked, making that awful clicking sound.
And then a bang. A terrible thundering sound echoing through the halls. Darkness. The fluorescent lights I had come to know throughout my months here? Gone.
I expected this thing to start shrieking, as it normally did. But when I turned to inspect its room, it had vanished. My heart began to pound in my chest.
Where could it have gone? Could it even move that fast? The doors are secure, aren't they?
That smell again. That terrible, rancid, foul odor. My nostrils burned from the stench.
That clicking.
How terrible it was to hear it clearly.
Roll. I need to write more.
Great read, thank you anon.

Glad to be of service
Let's Roll
"Natural Disaster" 1spoopy3me. Re-rolling
It's been a while since I've been back to The Shore. I've got a nice life now. Good job, my girl's one hell of a keeper. The days of getting shitfaced and getting in barfights with Bennies are long gone. Hell, I'm a Benny now. Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, New York.
But I gotta go down and see the boys. John doesn't have many friends other than me, Noel actually has a day off, Henry's not even being a Douche. Time to load the old crew up in the Draggin' Wagon and roll out to fuck shit up in Seaside.
We roll down from Long Branch, listening to "Screw you Benny" by Austrian Death Machine on the way. Maybe I'll get to punch Snooki tonight. We roll down Rt. 34 and take the old exit. Maybe it's still Dollar beer night at that one bar.
We roll into Seaside and start looking for a place to park. No parking anywhere. Must be dollar beers somewhere.
I circle around the streets close to the boardwalk. Nothing. We finally find a spot further away. Whatever, Seaside isn't even a square mile.
We walk. John produces one of those nuclear joints he rolls. and we puff away on it, walking down the street. Of course Henry tries to Bogart that shit.
It isn't until the joint is finished that we realize we should have hit the boardwalk already. It's nowhere in sight. We can't ever hear the ocean. We decide that we musta gone the wrong way (I'm not joking about that nuclear joint), and turn back. We walk for an hour.
Nobody's even out on the street.
Finally, we see an old man, sitting on a bronze bench we didn't pass on our way out. We ask directions.
He points at me and says "Screw you, Benny. Go home."

My beard's grown down to my waist and I'm still walking. I don't know where the rest of them are. I just looked away and they were gone.
I heave a sigh as the power shuts off. I hate it when she does this-schizophrenic bitch thinks I need to do something with my life, though, frankly, playing games all day is quite literally all I'm good at. Not to mention, wasn't I diagnosed with that one thing or some shit? It's been a while since I've heard of it, but it basically slows the blood-flow, makes you nauseous, and can cause retardation. It can spread via touch, which basically meant nobody besides myself would be infected.
I got up from my seat, my tired, unused legs shaking. I had to lean on the wall by the time I got to the hall that went upstairs. This is agony. I climbed, gritting my teeth as my knees struggle to support all my weight.
I finally made upstairs, out of breath and sweating. That cunt is most likely napping or fucking her boyfriend. I make it to her door, turning the knob. It's....greasy. There's a high chance that her boyfriend is some trucker, yet...Something inside is screaming to go back down. Sunlight is still pouring through the windows, so I could simply wait for the power to come back on, right? Perhaps it was windy. I just...should probably head back down.
I turned the knob, ignoring my thoughts. The usual scent of her perfume was lacking, her bed was disheveled with a minor amount of blood on the blue sheets, and a huge water-stain on the pillow, perhaps caused by sweat. My legs suddenly gained strength from some outer source, for I ran to the only bathroom in this house with the speed of a hungry lion, opening the door with enough strength to nearly tear it from the hinges.
There she was, my sister and supporter, head rolled backwards, arms frozen forward, her fingers twisted, her hair straight, yet shining from grease.
She was dead. I ran outside immediately, remembering little by little what my illness was capable of. Dead. Silence. No sound of any human activity except my own, and the technology had been silenced with it.
Rolling, need to get back into writing for NaNoWriMo

Shittily done because 'Eldritch Abomination'

I couldn't describe what I was seeing, honestly. It made a clicking noise as it gazed at me. I stayed still, hoping it wold be like the Predator and not target you if you didn't have a weapon, or maybe be a friendly... Whatever it was.
I should have listened to everyone and not go alone, or not go at all. Whatever I'm staring at now makes me want to barf. It's smelt like a dead corpse, like it had slept in pne. It had no eyes, just holes. Pitch black holes. White skin. Tall. Long, bony, pointy fingers. Aren't Eldrith Abominations generally indescribale things that no mortal can understand unless they go mad-
I'm not the one screaming.
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Roll out
rollie pollie ollie

We weren't even that deep in the woods.
Me and some friends of mine just decided that would take to the forests and spend a week there "away from the drudges of society living like feral people, reach true enlightenment" blah blah blah, we wanted to drink and fuck out side of the city on a camping trip.
Two couples, two tents. "Lets all strip naked" one of us suggests. the rest of us let up a resounding no.
The one of us in question was Josh. I think he honestly beveled the enlightenment stuff we were spewing, like as if living as a feral being will teach him how to live better as a modern man.
I gave it some thought of course and the more I think about it, especially after what happened, it seems to me that a feral man and a modern one are not just two different sides of a coin but two different coins altogether.
Josh enjoyed the idea. I'm not surprised, all he ever did was bitch about his job/classwork/people on the street/the smell of smog/non-homeopathic medicine Honestly if he could bitch about it he would. we still hung out with him. he wasn't all together awful.
We got into the woods and looked for a place to set up our camp. we found all sorts of nice little tree gatherings, small openings, but there was this one clearing, beautifully circular and not a leaf to be found, like a tiny little field of grass. It was more than inviting.
Josh said no!
No, we all needed to go somewhere surrounded by trees.
That place isn't wild enough.
Eventually we found a place, set up, drank, screwed, ate some hot dogs we'd brought with us. Much to joshes dismay, who wanted to hunt wild game. Rabbit stew or venison was what he wanted!
We eventually slept and I eventually woke up to piss. When I tried to go back to sleep I couldn't. There was this awful smell that had crept up my nose and refused to leave. It was coming from the north and, not being a fucking idiot, I'd asked my girlfriend of the time to go with me.
Oh god remembering Leslie . It was what happened here that killed the relationship, but that's an entirely different story. You'd think shit like this would bring people together right?
Me and Leslie went to go investigate the smell this musky yet somehow sharp smell that got right in the back of your nose and stabbed you as you got closer to the source.
I'm not sure if we found the source but we stopped at the clearing. That beautiful field of grass drenched with black liquid. The moon wasn't bright, we couldn't tell it was blood right away but when we did we ran RIGHT back to the camp to wake everyone up. They all sort of slumped out of their tents annoyed and pissed about a root in their back so we brought them to the clearing to wake them the fuck up.
“yup, this was the coyotes. Yeah they probably ripped something up here. Size of the splatter I'd say it was something big like a deer. ”
“yup, this was the coyotes. Yeah they probably ripped something up here. Size of the splatter I'd say it was something big like a deer. ”
I'm not entirely sure you understand the size of this clearing or what I meant by “drenched” the clearing was about twenty/thirty feet around and it had blood from end to end. Sometimes going outside the circle, splashed on the trees. Josh, I am pretty fucking sure coyotes didn't do this, and I'm not totally sure a deer even has this much blood in it. But it's pointless to argue about anything going on in the woods with this asshole.
When morning came I found Josh going to town on the hotdogs, just eating them right out of the package. I said something clever like “Oh so NOW you're fine with eating them”
He just looked up at me like I was holding a knife to his neck. He looked genuinely terrified.
Then he just smiled. From this extreme terror to a smile like that in a flash. Josh was never a very emotive person, he always looked bored or annoyed.
“Yeah, I'm really hungry after last night. I didn't eat much”
His story checked out. And after saying that, he jumped right back into swallowing those very phallic pieces of meat, seeming to ignore me. Under the circumstances I probably should not have made the joke I just did. Maybe that's why Leslie left me.
We spent the day doing exactly what we thought we'd do, sitting around in a forest drinking a little bit to conserve the stock that we had. Josh was quiet. Somewhat dejected from the rest of us, sitting away. We didn't think much of it until I noticed him start sort of itching his arm, he was really going at it, it came to the point where he biting his arm to get rid of the itch. His girlfriend. an airhead I barely knew who thought he was some sort of tortured genius. Grabbed him gently by the shoulders and tried to get him off of himself. He was bleeding. He'd cut a hole that was for sure. I'd brought some first aid stuff just a little bit of alcohol to dress the wound and some bandaging. When I poured the alcohol on the wound he started screaming “WHAT THE FUCK, WHAT THE FUCK” and jumped on me. The two girls were well strong enough to get the crazy lanky fucker off of me. After they did Josh retreated into his girlfriends arms nearly whispering “but it hurt” over and over again, like he was surprised that shit burns when you pour it on a wound.
He and his girlfriend went back into their tent.
I don't exactly know the details of this bit all I know is that the screaming got louder and louder until Josh's half naked girlfriend who's name I cannot remember for the life of me runs into our tent with blood in places that it probably shouldn't be. The blood on her stomach was rubbed on, but the blood dripping down her arm came from the prominent bite marks on her forearms. We went to go have a talk with Josh but he'd bolted, ran off naked into the woods. We had no idea where he was
We didn't see him again for the rest of the day.
We were all mad at him so we didn't go looking for him. Psychotic fuck seems to know a lot about nature, he'll be fine.
That night the smell came back, much less sharp and much more musky this time
I woke up Leslie who took a lot of convincing to actually go investigate, and then we woke up Josh's girlfriend.
We reached the clearing, and it only lasted for half a second... but what I saw there.
First thing was josh hanging by a tree, looking like he'd been opened by a butcher, entrails nowhere to be seen, whatever cut him cut right through his clothes. He was missing one arm and the leg that he wasn't strewn from the top of the tree by was hanging at his side by threads of flesh.
Then I saw the thing, it was pale white and tall. It crawled up the tree moving it's long legs like a frog smooth and quick grasping the side of the tree with it's fingernails. Thin black hair covered bits of it's back, but everywhere else on it you could see nothing but it's bare moonlight shaded skin. When it reached the top of the tree it was climbing it reached out with it's long lanky arm and grabbed a hold of josh's arm, swung his body over to it, and took a bite. While staring at us. The moon reflected in it's Large round eyes like a cat. After swallowing the bit it chewed on, it opened it's mouth, and in a high pitched ear rending scream yelled
I swear in that bite it had eaten some of josh because I could hear him in it's voice.
we did what it told us, and never came back.
Reading this story again it occurs to me. Josh was clothed, hanging from the tree I remember that sight more than anything I'll remember my whole life, but that night he'd left his clothes behind in his girlfriends tent. I remember seeing them laying there.
Ever since I was a little girl, I've always had an obsession with mirrors. While my parents dismissed my fascination as feminine vanity, I was mystified by what I saw in the mirror. Whenever I watched closely, my friend would come by and talk to me; she loved to talk about my future, though it seems only for the next week. My homework, what's coming up on TV in the next week that's interesting, when my parents would have guests over, anything she thought was important. I did start to notice that whenever something drastic happened to her, like a drastic haircut or a noticeable injury, I would would also get a haircut or hurt about a week later. Guess when you are so close as best friends, you have to go everything the same way! Whenever I tried to show her to my parents, they could never see her and told me that it was my own reflection.

Even after all these years, we still talked every night; she was like the sister I never had. Unfortunately a few nights ago, when I went to the mirror for our nightly talk, she wasn't moving. I tried tapping on the mirror, yelling her name, anything, and nothing seemed to wake her up. Hopefully she is okay, I miss talking to her; she looked faint and it looked like there was blood on her shirt. I haven't tried talking to her sense, she needs to rest she looked nearly dead. I tried to put my worry for her out of my mind and focus on studying for my final exams. I'm looking forward to the end of the semester in a couple of weeks. Between her getting really sick and finals, I think the stress is finally getting to me; I've been feeling pretty ill the last couple of nights, and last night I threw up a bit of blood. Done for the night, I try to lie down for the night, feeling pretty sick I thought I heard tapping on glass. Must be my imagination. Hopefully I'm able to get some sunshine tomorrow, I'm starting to look a little pale.

{Haven't written creatively in a couple years so I'm really rusty so sorry about bad quality}
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Here I am, sitting here, bent over. It's just another day, now that the kids have left, and the lights are off. The air is silent. I am alone.

For fifteen years, I've been here. Clawed my way up to principality. Made this the best school in the county. But as I stare through the windows that stretch across the whole wall, as I see the mounds of leaves on the forested hills and the last stretch of power lines above, I wonder.

I've spent so much time dying under fluorescent lights. So many headaches. Tiny voices like spines sticking in my nerves. But they're all gone, now. All I see is blue shade on the empty seats behind me, and the Great Wild ahead.

Isn't that where I should be? They say there are animals in the forest, that dangers lurk in the dark, but as I take it all in, I feel nothing but peace. I feel so much calmer now, in the shade.

The lights flicker on.

I should be the only one here.

I jump out of the chair and check my surroundings, rubbing my eyes as they adjust. Half the cafeteria is unlit. I look up, and see that the border between light and dark is flickering on and off.

It's the problem with the electric system; it happened nine months ago, before school started, and sporadically the year before that. Kids fucked with the outlets; got caught and reprimanded several times. But that isn't the only thing malfunctioning.

I hear a... a sound.It's almost like when you hear that ringing in your ears, and the more you focus on it the louder it becomes. But it's not just a sound: it's silent, and ever-so-loud, too.

It's stress. The feeling of stress. The feeling of all those years of grating agony, of all the pills cramming down my throat until it was raw.

This is withdraw. I was clean... clean for nine months. The hard part was over, but... I can't help it... when I stare at those bright tables under that unnatural white light I feel a headache coming on.

I look down at my name-tag with my smiling picture, feel the lamination, try to remind myself that it's over as I walk around. But when my eyes fall on those tables, I can almost hear those children yelling like a cult of chaos roaring and outroaring themselves until I scream at them to stop hour after hour day after day for years on end.

They were the real demons. Not monsters. Not ghosts. Not not frightening, not scary... but destroyers. They had no claws, no sharp teeth. But they almost killed me all the same.

I can feel my fucking fists shaking. No more of that.

I turn around. The row of lights above the window have all gone out.

I walk back over, feel for the glass.
It's gone.

I start slapping my face, violently, trying to determine if I'm awake or asleep. I realize that the school is closed, and nobody is allowed in in these hours. Why the hell was I in the cafeteria to begin with?

I'm too panicked to think, and it only grows as I step ahead through where the glass should be and plant my feet on the leaves.

I turn around, test the glass again. Still gone. It was never there in the first place, I guess, but I clearly saw a window there... am I hallucinating, or what?

I look back at the cafeteria. It looks so... reflective. There's definitely the appearance of glass in front of me, even though I can walk through it.

I step back inside.

Deep within the rows of tables, I see a man lying face-down, wearing my clothes.

All the lights are off, now. They're here.

We stare together, the children I killed and I, at the window.

The man on the floor wasn't like us.

He had whites in his eyes.
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Ah nice, another one of these threads. Last one died before I finished my second story. I'll try my best to write what I get, re-rolling defeats the point .
I startle at the sound of the phone ringing. Who the hell calls at this hour, anyway? I decide to answer.
"Yo." Says I.
"Oi! It's been a while!" Oh hey! It's my friend!
"Yeah man! What have ya been up to?"
"Oh, you know, work."
"I feel ya, man."
"Wanna hear a joke?" Oh fuck.
"Sure." I say without enthusiasm.
"Why does Zelda love Link?" It's actually a decent question, to be honest. Well, depending on the game.
"Because she's a Princess and she can." That joke was lame enough to be nearly painful. Yet, my mood is brightened. We talk like this for twenty minutes.
"So anyway," he says, his tone changing to a serious one, "I just wanted to ask you a question."
"Have you felt anything...on the back of your neck?"
"What do you mean?"
"Like...a gaze..." What drugs is he on, now? Of course I haven'-
Actually, that's a lie. Thinking back on it, I can probably recount a few instances like that .However, memory isn't entirely reliable. But...I still cannot shake that feeling. Today, for instance, I felt eyes on me, a strong pair at that. Just brushed it aside, but it certainly...didn't feel right.
".....as my closest friend, please stay in the darkness. The light reveals things best left alone." With that, the phone disconnects. However, there isn't that familiar sound afterwards. Did it stop working? I traced the cord, then the wire leading to the wall. Huh. It's unplugged. Un.....plugged. By the time the room has turned purple and my neck feels prickly do I truly comprehend exactly what happened.
Amazing Story get
op's just a shitty sci fi writer who can't come up with a story on his own.
but i'll bite the bullet.

As a kid I was scared to death by the bathroom we had in our old house.
It was nothing like monsters or ghosts, but every time you entered you felt that something was slightly off, just slightly.
When I was 7, I started noticing things moving and shifting, I told my dad and he set up a camera.
We saw nothing move on the footage, but on the moment you opened the door things started moving.
Eventually when I was 13ish we decided to pack our stuff and move to a bigger household because my sister was born, when we went in the bathroom one last time there was writing on the wall: "Please don't leave, I love you"
I noped out and ran to the car and we left, never hearing anything from the bathroom again.

>White bitch was raped by a black rastafarian man on radondo beach.
>She got aids.
>Gave birth to a rape baby.
>Rape baby grew up to be 6 years old and was an altar boy.
>Father Dick of the church raped him and contracted aids and before he knew what he was doing, he had spread the aids to the rest of the boys in the congregation.
>Aids spreads like wild fire and soon almost the entire worlds population is infected and the life expectancy of all mankind drops to 10 years.
>and it all started with a little kid named "Faggot OP"
I'll give it a go.
No whammys
Dear Brother,
My experience with the so called black eyed children I wish not to describe for I feel it would be a cardinal sin to the sanity of the both of us but alas if so. My experience begins in late September as the leaves fall like a sprinkling rain as I look out the window of my isolated home off an old trail I can only estimate that the time in which my most peculiar visitors arrived was 6. I was stupefied the only time I ever got visitors was midafternoon never this late I walked over to the my door slowly opened it only to see a child staring downwards he spoke in a voice that sounded almost sludgy than childlike “Hello sir can I look at your clock please” I heard “it” but I wanted I asked it to put its head up it tone grew more monstrous and wrathful “Sir please” I replied “only if you put your head up” the thing slowly put its head up as I see eyes pure black I slowly step back aghast and slammed my door. Only to hear in a sludgy voice more scratchy and full of malice “YOU PROMISED” I hear a loud scratching and banging and slamming on my door slow step come next unable to sleep that night I stay lying in my bed only to hear “it” again but the voice has no longer a childlike twinge but a pure demonic sound “YOU PROMISED” “YOU PROMISED” I grab my rifle from under the bed already loaded and slam open the door only to see a horror I cannot describe only hellish legion its skin pure white leaking a some black puss like substance from its eye sockets I shoot point blank the creature only turns and runs off onto the trail now all I hear when I try to sleep is “YOU PROMISED” and bangs and scratches but now I’m hearing more than one voice
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Okay guys, look. I went on this hiking trip with my cousin, we were up in the woods just kinda messing around like usual trying to find a place to smoke a joint, but we decided this time instead of going on the normal route, we should go explore in the forest some. While we were wandering around, we saw this massive stone that was partially covered by this tree that just fell. I could tell the tree just fell because the roots were sticking up out of the ground below. Anyway, the area where the roots pulled up, there was this stone slab there, and we were both like WTF. So we went down there (it was kind of far to jump into the pit) and we brushed aside some dirt AND THERE WAS WRITING ON THE STONE. We both almost freaked out because it wasn't like any writing we had seen before. Now, i don't want to tell you where I live, but trust me, besides some old stupid indian burial grounds, there aint shit out here. Anyway, we left, and came back with some shovels, and started digging away. As we dug deeper, we started to unearth more of the stone, and it had a very smooth finish, it was obvious someone carved it. As we uncovered more and more, we could tell that this wasn't any writing we had seen before, so we took some pictures of the writing to look it up. We didn't have a chance to go back to the stone for about a week, but when we did IT WAS GONE! The pictures we took were too blurry to tell, because it was getting late, and we didn't want to get lost in the woods at night. We've only been back the one time since, but it seems other people found it and have started going there, we even saw some spent shotgun shells on the ground not too far away too.. We want to go back, but we are afraid that someone found it, and is taking it, and they are not looking for more stuff in the area and might kill us if we go back. what should we do??
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Another serial killer. As I took a long slow drag of my cigarette I wondered how so many of these people kept doing this. A severed head here, a broken back there, each with there own MO, all with their own series of stupid mistakes. Fingerprints, footprints, hairs, clues were literally everywhere. They're just getting lazier and lazier, not even trying anymore. It's kinda annoying really. As long as the money keeps rolling in I'll just keep sweeping this shit under the carpet anyway, but I'm starting to wonder if it'll just be easier to actually arrest these guys instead of turning a blind eye. I chuckle to myself as I begin gathering the body. At the beginning of my career I'd have made a shitty Yorick joke, but it loses the charm after the third time. As I look at the pile of bodies forming before me, I sigh. "Yo! Charlie!" I shout to my partner back in the patrol car. "Where's the gas can? We need this shit cremated by morning!"
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23: "Rape."

"Fuck." I stammered, hurrying out the campus library door, "Fuck!!!"

I was late. Me being a fucking idiot, I nodded off in one of the farthest corners of the library, book in hand. It ws the week of the Exam and I was studying over time. My success in this goddamned, over priced school weighed on how I did now. Like hell I was going to waste over forty grand on naps and procrastination. But that's besides the point. It was dark now, the moon has begun to rise- looming over the city horizon just barely. I looked to my phone, the bright screen starkly contrasted against the dark surroundings. I squinted as my eyes adjusted.

8:21 pm.

How in the fuck? How had I slept for three hours in the library? And why had no one woken me up? I was supposed to get back to my dorm by 8 pm. I could just picture my rooom-mates rolling their eyes, waiting for me to arrive in time for our weekly game night. Dorky, yeah, but I looked towards it, and could always make time for it- even now. But worst of all, I didn't want to be out alone on campus at such an hour. My over-active mind anticipated a ghoulish figure behind every building corner, shrub and shadow, which kept me hurrying along at a fevered pace.

The moon cast it's silver glow upon the paved path before me, my shadow leading the way past the finely trimmed shrubs and occasional bench. A pool of glistening water trickled across the path. Wait,...

Water isn't red.



I stopped, turning to look down. Sure enough, Crimson puddles dotted ther way straight across the path and over the grass- torwards some of the bigger shrubs. I stared into the darkness of the shrubbery, calculating the risks of pursuing this gorey clue. No, I thought, this is too fucking strange. It wouldn't be wise. Then again, what if someone was hurt?
Morale got the best of me and I found myself carefully picking my way across the grass towards the shrubs. About halfway, I stopped, squinting.

"Hello..? " , my voice came cracked and small. I didn't realise how nervous I was. I wanted to draw back, actually, I began to draw back, but was held to the spot by a small whimper. Was it animal? or Human? I couldn't tell. Something was in the bushes, and I wanted to fuck off out of there as fast as possible.

"Are you hurt?" , my voice came a little louder.

"yes" , the voice trailed off into a faint sob. I swallowed hard, my hands shaking slightly, "What's hurt? Can you move? "

"Everything hurts. " , more gentle sobs. A male voice.

" Can you come out? We need to get you to the hospital," I said, my stomach twisting and knotting.

"You don't want to help a rapist,", the voice whined, dissipating into louder sobs.

"Wh-what?" , I was taken back. Rapist? The panic began to heighten.

The voice returned, harsh and more forced, as if through gritted teeth, "No one wants to help me! even more so now that I'm a rapist!"

I was shaking so fucking bad. Fuck me, for being out so late. This was by no means what I wanted to be experiencing, I forced a response, " Look, we need to get you to the fucking Hospital if you bleeding, we'll sort this mess out after."

The sound of rustling branches came almost immediately, - was he getting up? Regardless, I backed away slightly.


"Hello?" ,I prompted.

No response. Only the rustling of leaves, now visible to me. I sidled away slowly.

"Hello? I can help you. Just-"

"Can you help me? How can anyone fix what I've done to these five girls?"

"Five girls?" I said aloud, immediately regretting so.

"Yes,..I've ruined lives. I've scarred them. I stole their innocence and their trust, forever. That's why I'm going away now-forever. Into the void where I belong. "

"Come on, come out. We need to get you help! You're fucking hurt!" , I cried, near hysterics.

" I'm sorry."

"Sorry? I-..what the FUCK! I'm coming in, FUCK this, I-" I rushed in, but my words fell short mid sentence, they fell short in mid sentence as I gazed upon the twisted corpse of a man, his trousers soaked in nearly coagulated blood, one arm bent awkwardly besides him, but, what struck me most of all, was his face, more specifically his eyes. His face was ashen, still, propped up against the base of the shrub, his eyes, despite being equally still, glass over, they stared in my direction. They stared through me. But what I was most disturbed was what I saw within his gaze.

They found me the next morning, curled up within the grass several yards away from the body. I was conscience, but I was incoherant. The Paramedics and friends who rush to see me in the hospital claimed all I said, over and over was, "That makes six. "

Three years of Therapy and counting; I still cannot forget what I saw. That night, what I lost was invaluable, precious. I lost my grip on reality in which the boundaries of my existence rooted itself between; a safe haven. Gone. Never to be fully restored, Only now obtained through pill form.

That makes six.

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It was a hot, summer's day on the pier - the sun shinning and the gulls squawking above. Thousands of local patrons gathered for the annual fair on the pier.

The fair was full of entertainment - food vendors, games with prizes, and stands full of goodies and wares. There were even rides set up just by the beach and off the pier - little roller coasters, kiddie rides, and a ferris wheel.

Amongst the laughter and the garble of the crowd, I heard… whispering? Much like a disembodied voice from far off. It sounded like it was getting louder - closer.

Then I saw him out in the distance - a little boy starring at me between the people going about their day of fun. He just stood there, still. His skin was very pale and wore old fashioned clothes. His eyes were entirely black - no white, no color, just black.

I saw him briefly, then lost sight of him in the crowd.

Again, the whispering drew louder - many voices and some gargling/choking this time. I stopped walking along the pier and started to search the crowd.

He was closer now. Still looking at me, or at least it felt like he was. His dark eyes pointed in my direction. No one seemed to notice him or be aware of him but me - people walked past his gaze. Then he disappeared again.

Oh god, the voices - where were these whispers in my head coming from? Was I having some sort of nervous breakdown? I’ve never had mental illness or hallucinated before. The voices sounded like they came from the people walking right next to me.
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I decided that I’ve had too much fun at the pier today and that now was a good time to leave. I turned around and started walking quickly back towards the parking lot. But then he was there again - off in the distance. I looked behind me where he used to be and back now where he was… impossible. I stopped dead in my tracks - the voices even louder now, as if someone was slowly turning the volume up in my ears. They were almost shouting.

His mouth opened wide - he made no sound. His black eyes widened or grew in size. I started to feel drawn to his presence now. Like his agape mouth was some sort of portal or vortex - pulling me towards him.

The voices turned into static - shrieking and screaming in my head now. I covered my ears - thinking that it would somehow help. I just want the noises to stop. Please stop! I kept walking forward, lurching closer and closer towards the black-eyed kid.

My world started shrinking. My vision blurring. It felt harder and harder to breathe - my lungs struggling to force out air through my mouth. My heart sped up. The blackness was enveloping me - surrounding me and wrapping itself around my face. I fell to the ground.

All I could feel now was the black, the black eyes. Starring at me.

I hate searching craigslist. It takes forever sometimes to find what I need and the layout seems like it could have had a little more thought put into it. At the same token though, its where I found my "ancient" grimoire so I guess it can be useful to those diligent enough to look through everything.

As to the authenticity of my grimoire, your guess is as good as mine. The cover is bound in some odd purple leather with gold leaf writing across the front cover that simply reads, Aprotropaioi Theoi. The writing on the inside is a deep, dark red ink. In complete contradiction to the cover, it is written in plain and simple english. The pages have intricate writing and drawings adorning the seemingly endless pages.

Each page describes highly detailed rituals and the ingredients needed for their application. The kicker is they arent all that hard to obtain. The one i was interested in had the simplest list of them all. Salt of the ocean, a bit of gold, a drop of my blood, a memento of a loved one, so on and so forth. I had finally gathered all the ingredients I needed for my spell except the last one but I found last night on craigslist. I was so excited when I rwad the ad I almost screamed out loud in joy and all it said was,

"Need over night babysitter. Simple job, just have to make sure infant twins sleep through the night, will pay good. Send resume to email."
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(Alright here goes)
The Palace Of Broken Glass

It sits atop the Cliff Of Damnation overlooking the vast river known as Phlegethon. A massive twisted piece of architecture built by the decaying hands of sinners. It is known only as The Palace of Broken Glass. You will find yourself one day standing at its decrepit gates not really knowing why or how you came to be there, and like a moth drawn to a flame you will thrust open the gates of despair while your wings burn in anguish. You will start to walk ever so carefully making your way inside to the inner sanctum where you will be met by the Keeper Of The Throne he will ask you one question. You must answer that question honestly and correctly if you fail then I pray whatever beasts lurk below have mercy and that your death shall be quick.
Rawling. Won't guarantee a deliverance.

If you answer correctly and the keeper seems you worthy of the gift then you shall proceed down the corridor and into the throne room where you will take your place on The Throne of Lies where the transformation will take place. Your nails will peel off you will rip your teeth out filling your mouth with blood, your skull will crack and your scalp will bleed as your hair comes out in clumps along with pieces of your scalp as black horns start to emerge from your skull. You will then start to vomit copius amounts of blood as your body try's to reject the transformation. The empty sockets that used to hold teeth have been replaced with something remnescint of a sharks mouth as rows upon rows of razor sharp fangs burst through your gums. Your eyes slowly turn a shade of black and start to release a slow and steady trickle of blood which hits the obsidian floor with a hiss. The joints of your shoulders seemingly dislocate themselves as you grow a pair of leathery and batlike wings.
The skin on your fingers melts away revealing knifelike obsidian claws. Finally your skin and blood turn a dark shade of black you thought not possible and with that the transformation is complete.

Killing my family was the last task my lord and savior needed to be done before he could come to this world.
I watch my child die.
A blinding light was the last thing I saw.
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Natural Catastrophe

I was masturbating in my room one day. I heard a rumble and didnt think anything of it. THEN A GIANT EARTHQUAKE ATE MY HOUSE. I was like, earthquake, im masturbating here, its very rude of you. Then the earthquake blushedand said "Its not like I like you anon, baka!"
(Last part)

You will now have taken your rightful place and have been born anew for you are not what you once where for you have become DRAKON GE-IAD OL OE.
Now you must fulfill your destiny as you take up your blade and overthrow the false king Satan.
I will add some gay to it.
Roland of Gilead
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I have, and have had for a long time now, chronic stomach pain: simply put, I often need to go to the bathroom, no matter the place and the time.
One of these times was after a late class, near 8 o'clock in the evening. I had been struggling with the pain for more than half an hour, and couldn't hold it anymore. As soon as the class ended, I ran to the bathroom, and fortunately, it was empty: I entered a stall, locked it up, and did my business, of which I'll spare you the details. All I can tell you is, I stayed for around 30 minutes, locked up inside my stall, alone in the dark: the lights were motion sensitive, and shitting doesn't involve a lot of moving . Now, it wasn't one of those filmsy stall that you break in one good push. It was a goold, old fashioned wall, with a big, sturdy door

Once the deal was sealed, I tried getting out, but the door wouldn't open up: it was seemingly stuck. My glorious smartphone had just ran out of battery. Needless to say, I couldn't do anything.

I banged against the door, again and again, shouting, but no one came. So I sat back down. I'd have to wait for the cleaning lady to come by, at 6 a.m tomorrow.
Does anyone read these? Critique? Or do Anons perpetually roll and never write anything?...

These are rhetorical by the way. I know they do. I guess it's more... Why?

So I sat there silently, in the dark. I waved my arm around, trying to get the motion sensor to light up the stall. But it didn't work. It was broken. Figures.
Time was dilating... Minutes turned into hours, hours into days. It seemed I had been sitting on this toilet for months on end, now. Perhaps I was going to starve here. Nobody ever came in here, it was too cold. Perhaps there was no cleaning lady. I never saw her after all. It was just a guess. I all seemed so absurd, sitting there.

Then, I heard it. One simple cough broke the silence, piercing my ears. I started holding my breath.
Was it me? Did I cough? Did I forget I coughed? It must have. I was alone here.

A wheezing. It wasn't me. Whoever it was had trouble breathing, and I had stopped breathing for what seemed ages.
I knocked against the wall. Once, twice. And I waited....
I waited some more, and nothing came.
I sighed in relief: my mind was playing trick on me.

Knock. Knock.

Someone was there. I was alone, but there was someone. I started panicking, fidgeting on my white throne, and then, the lights came on in the stall next to me. A door creaked open, and I heard some shuffling. Another door creaked open, and then there was silence.
The cleaning lady found me asleep on the floor of the bathroom, and chased me away, thinking I was some homeless who had sneaked his way in. I glanced back toward the bathroom before leaving. The stall next to me had a sign, apparently old.

"Out of Order"
'Fuck!' I yelp, dropping the scissors and clutching at my finger, hand already spilling over with blood.
'Run some fluid over that!' Jaece flusters, grabbing at my hand and manhandling it over to the washing station. 'Protector Peter, don't spill that everywhere, you're going to need it for later you clutz.' she says more gently, looking me in the eye. 'You're behind qouta already'
'Protector, I know, I'll just grab a few seals before I head out.' Leaning down, I put my arms around her gently, and brush my lips across her forehead. 'It's going to be ok, I'll make it today.'

As the door hisses shut behind me, I hear Jaece coughing throatily in the compartment.

Crammed tightly in the hyperrail, I can barely hear the broadcast over the humming of conversation and shuffling of booted feet, the constant jogging losing me more blood in the struggle to replace my seal.
"...the overseas situation worse now, than ever. And in more local news, Protector is announcing a crackdown on contaminated givers after leukimia rates skyrocketed to 84% in the last year, and has sanctioned Justicars to neutralise any suspected contaminants below satus five on the spot. Also relevant, unemployment rates are at an all time low..."

As the doors seals tightly behind me, I notice a few strained coughs running throughout the tight carriage.

Stumbling out of the rail, I'm cast immediately into the deep red shadow cast by the immense plumes of smoke pouring thickly out of the steel-grey reception building. Walking along the immaculate metal path to the doors, I cross my collar tightly about my face to stop the harsh red smoke reaching my eyes. Greeted by the stern receptionist, I'm strapped firmly into the white chair, and the needle plunged deep into my forearm, greedily sucking blood from it into the shining syringe. I give more than I usually do, and the receptionist seems pleased, noting my shrinking qouta gap. As I leave the reception, I hear that familiar cool voice, echoing in tandem with the recpetionist's coughs through the room as the doors open.
"The Protector thanks you citizen! Every donation helps keep our city's lights shining each night!"

Justicars are swarming about my complex when I reach it, and the cremation chamber's screaming fire plunges the nightlit street into a mess of red light and white body armour.
'What on earth is going on!?' I yell, trying to catch the attention of the nearest Justicar, but the cold faceplate merely swivels away, gun raised to one of the few figures in the cordoned area next to the crematorium.
'Something broke out in there.' A voice comes from an onlooker beside me. 'Something real nasty.'

I wrote a few and got a couple comments. I don't know how they're being used. (as someone said OP maybe is using them for ideas/stories) Cunty if they're being used as original material though. Someone archive this shit.
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Thank you, dear archivist. I never discredited myself as a pleb. As long as someone can be credited one day if their story becomes an UFO.
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It's been approximately a week since I was bitten, and I'm almost certain that this might be my last few hours before I'm completely corrupted. I can already feel my mind begin to "tune out"- random bursts of static in my ears, black spots in my vision, an asphyxiated sensation in my throat- symptoms that have grown worse as time went on. I'm barely functioning. I can't eat without feeling ill; I haven't eaten in five days. My face is pale, my hands shake constantly, and moving even slightly exhausts me. In other words, I'm shutting down. Fuck. This is what it feels like to die, isn't it?

When we all heard about the infection outbreak, our minds snapped to the portrayals of "zombies" seen on TV. We could fight them, we thought. We broke out chainsaws and guns we didn't know how to use. We stocked supplies that were insufficient. We were fucked from the beginning really.

I gathered up a group of ill prepared friends. We were so stupid. So stupid, stupid, stupid. Kate, Thomas, Dave, and I decided to "fight back". We marathoned the Walking Dead once and thought we were gods. Our hubris shriveled when we faced reality.

A week ago, we snuck into a government quarantined zone. It was late, of course. All of the super edgy zombie fights we'd planned in our heads has taken place under the moonlight. Ironically, tonight was a new moon. The only light we had was an IPhone flashlight. Kate carried a kitchen knife. Thomas had brought a pellet gun. Dave and I didn't bring weapons. I'm sure none of us thought we'd actually encounter anything. Even if we did, we'd certainly be able to run away, right?

There were no signs it was coming. We saw a figure sprint out of the shadows and pull Dave down in a gripping tackle. Before we could even turn to face the thing that was ripping our friends face into a bloody pulp, Dave's head was torn from his neck with an audible crack as the vertebrae of his neck disconnected from those of his back.
Why not
>be me 19
>browsing deep web (because I'm edgy)
>looking at pages I found on an index
>skipping around and find one that was just numbers and hyphens that seemed like it followed a pattern but who knows
>follow it
>black screen
>loading for a while
>mfw a skeleton pops out

I know it's bad but I was bored
I hope you understand that we didn't have time to react. Even if we did, I'm not sure we'd be able to escape. Dave's thick, hot aortal blood stained my face. I tried to scream. I tried to move. My limbs had gone cold. My throat had gone dry. I couldn't stop shaking. Everything was so cold, cold, cold, cold. Thomas was the first to snap out of the gripping fear. Being the idiot he was, he didn't run. He opened fire. He opened fire with a pellet gun he'd received in 5th grade. And he prayed. It was so instinctive that part of me thinks that he might've even wanted to die. The creature hunched over our friend slowly turned. As it did, you could hear the decomposed bones in its neck crack into place, as its head rotated completely around to look at him. And smiled. It fucking smiled. The rotten flesh around its broken, yellowed, stained teeth stretched. And continued to stretch. The skin started to tear. It was thrilled that we had the gall to fight back. It was amused, joyous even. Thomas let out an animalistic cry and began to run.The rest of its body quickly snapped around and jumped Thomas. Kate took one look at the carnage, grabbed my arm tightly, and ran. We were about 50 yards away when it looked up from Thomas's dissected torso and began sprinting towards us. It closed the distance with an almost unbelievable speed. But this was real. This was happening. My breath burned hot, but I still felt cold. Cold cold cold cold cold. I looked behind me for a second, and felt its rotten teeth sink into my skin. I cried out, but kept running. It was literally snapping at my heels now. It could've killed me right there. I'm certain it left me alive consciously. Maybe to torment me even further.

Kate and I reached the fence and scrambled over. We collapsed and immediately bile rose in my throat. We vomited again and again and again. I collapsed, shaking. I was even colder. Kate stared straight ahead, shaking as well.
I slowly turned back to the fence. The creature was sitting on the other side. Just watching. It could easily have climbed the fence but it didn't. It turned its gaze towards me and smiled. It wasn't sadistically cruel like before, but almost...understanding. Like it was saying, "You know what to do." And I did. I grabbed Kate's knife and jammed the back of it into her head. She made a faint noise and collapsed. The creature nodded and smiled again, before standing up straight and disappearing into the night.

This week's been excruciating. I can hardly move or breathe. I've been slipping in and out of consciousness, and whenever I close my eyes, I see the shredded flesh of my friends and hear their horrified shrieks, the gurgling they make after their throats are ripped out. I used to wake up from these dreams vomiting. Shaking. But now, I wake up...hungry. I hope that I don't lose my memories when I make the final transformation into that creature.

I don't want to forget that my first meal's knocked out in the basement. Sorry, Kate.
Sorry this is so bad guys I'm just super bored.
I'm on my phone, but here's my tool while I get on my computer
As a kid, I used to love the sea. I could spend the whole day splashing in the water until I'd get cold, sometimes I'd even stay in the water so long that my parents would have to go get me out of the water. Upon getting me out they'd find my lips completely blue and my lower jaw shaking, but I'd still want to go back and swim, and splash around in the water some more.
I live about half an hour away from the sea. The beach is very crowded, of course, but that's the more popular beach. That's why nowadays I don't go there anymore. A couple of years back, by dull luck, I found another beach that is about an hour and a half long bus ride away from my place. I don't go there that often, but it sometimes feels very relaxing to go there, what makes it so perfect is that even on the most crowded days you won't see more than 10 people on the whole beach. Also, there's a small lighthouse that you can walk up to, which opens up a great sight of the sea.
A year ago, right at the end of summer, I went there, just like I usually did, except at the time I had fucked up my sleep regime, so I'd usually be waking up at around 5 to 7PM. So when I went to the beach it was already a bit late, but the sun was still shining, since it was still summer, and the weather was nice, so I had no excuse to not go. After arriving and taking my time swimming, I got hungry. I had some snacks and some beer with me, so I just took a stroll to the lighthouse and made myself a small picnic.
well okay, lets roll
rollin' on a river
It took about 20 minutes to arrive to small lighthouse. The sun had started to set in, but it was still quite bright, also the fact that no one else was around was quite nice. So I just settled in and enjoyed the view whilst having my small picnic. Time flew by quite quickly, I haven't even noticed how the sun had almost gone away as I was just sitting and daydreaming, instead of actually finishing my food and beer.
After the sun completely setting in, a strong storm came out of nowhere. Dark clouds, strong wind and heavy rain had started to pour out. The only way for me to try and avoid getting completely drenched is stand close to the lighthouse on the opposite from which the wind is blowing. So I had to stand there, slowly getting soaking wet, to try and wait until this heavy rain stops pouring. All I did was just stand and watch far away into the sea and slowly drink my bear. After about 5 minutes, which felt like a half an hour, I noticed something in the distance. Something was splashing in the sea. First I thought it was just some floating junk that some asshole just threw out into the sea. But after a while the object moved a bit closer and upon properly fixating my sight on it, I got shocked and panicked. It seemed like an upper half of a person was stuck in the middle of the sea. I didn't know what to do.

I panicked and started to think about what I could actually do. The person was too far away for me to just try and jump into the water and try and swim 'till them to try and save them. The weather also didn't help. I couldn't call anyone for help, because I didn't have a cellphone with me that time. I was thinking of a logical solution for this situation, but I couldn't just come up with anything. At some point I got control of my self and looked for the person in the sea again. There was no one in the water anymore. At that point I started to panic even harder. I thought of rushing back to the nearest house and calling for help. I took a quick look back at the water and I saw the person even closer to me than before. This time I could see them waving. At that point I thought that the person was waving for help. At that point I was convinced that I should run back to the nearest house or nearest person I could find and ask them for help, but as I was about just after taking a few steps backward, I started to hear a sweet melody in my ears which momentarily calmed me down. All of a sudden, all worries left my mind and my body felt as if it was floating. I was conscious of everything I could hear, feel and see, but I wasn't able to control myself nor was I thinking about doing anything to gain back control. All I did was just stand there, soaking in the rain, listening to a very sweet melody that a female voice was humming. Slowly, my body turned around on its own.
Once again I was facing the sea. My eyes momentarily got fixated on the person in the sea, who, once again, got closer to me. The person was quite close this time, enough for me to tell that it was a female. I have no idea why, but all of a sudden, my heart felt strange. As if I had suddenly fallen in love. As if I had found happiness in my life. The female was waving at me, as if calling me closer to her. Strangely enough, my body and my mind wanted to just go straight to her. So I started walking, whilst listening to that sweet, sweet humming melody that that female was humming for me. The female also was moving towards me, little by little. Upon her coming closer, I started to notice smaller detail. Her face was very pale and her arms were quite slim. She was very mesmerizing, so much that I couldn't look away from her not one bit. At some point I felt my heart starting to race like crazy. She had completely enraptured me. All I could do was slowly move towards her and listen to her humming melody.
[spoiler]But as fate had had it for me, I had slipped and I had fallen very hard against the rocky pavement. So hard that I even got knocked out for a little bit.[/spoiler] After waking up, the first thing I noticed is that the weather had started to calm down. Then I remembered why I was in such a position, so I quickly lifted myself up and started to look into the sea. There was nobody there.
I forgot that spoilers aren't a thing on /x/, damn.
In any case, upon looking around and confirming that there was no one in the water. I started to realize that I've gotten quite wet and was starting to feel really cold. So I hurriedly started to walk back to the bus stop and then went back home.
After arriving home, except for the headache and the obvious cold that I had gotten, I started to feel an uneasiness in my chest, which afterwards started to feel like pain. Also accompanied by weird dreams and hallucinations. Sometimes, I would go to that beach, event at winter, without even noticing it myself, as if I was just sleepwalking to there and then suddenly waking up halfway there. And even though I feel a bit uneasy every time I catch myself going there unconsciously, I feel very relaxed and at ease every time when I arrive there, as if someone's waiting there for me.
>move to new town middle of school year
>be shy, awkward kid, but make friends with a girl at school named Sarai and a homeschooled guy next door named Blake.
>all start hanging out in the afternoon after school because small town, nothing to do.
>one day Sarai comes to school upset because she found her cat dead in the yard, looked like maybe a dog or something had mangled it up, try to make her feel better
>go over to Blake's house that afternoon when he mentions he found a ouija board in the attic that his hippie mom had back in the 60s.
>Sarai doesn't want to play with it because christfag, but she decides to play anyway while we're setting it up.
>ask if anyone is there
>nothing for a minute, then "yes"
>ask some stupid middle school questions, laugh about the answers
>Sarai asks if there's anyone who likes her
>When asked who it is, the pointer seems to go spastic for a second, then spells out "Death".
>Sarai gets upset, yells at us that it's not funny, starts crying
>ask Blake if he did it and why, Blake says he was going to ask me the same thing
>I tell him that we should probably apologize to Sarai anyway, he says he'll call her later
>go home, call Sarai, apologize, swear I don't know what happened, ask if she's ok
>she says that she doesn't want to hang out with us for awhile and to just leave her alone
>she's not at school the next day
>go home, stop by Blake's house, he says he hasn't heard from her
>walk down to Sarai's house to see if she's ok
>there's a police car there and a cop and Sarai's dad standing next to a tree. There's something on the ground next to the tree.
>walk closer, see that it's Sarai's brother's dog. someone had looped a rope around its neck.
>shit, there's a piece of cut rope hanging from one of the branches of the tree
>go home, tell Blake, he says that's freaky
>get a call from Sarai later. she's scared, crying. Her parents think it has to be some older kids being jerks and killing their pets, but she's convinced that it's whatever we talked to with the ouija board because someone left her cat's cut out heart on her windowsill
>tell her it can't be, ouija boards aren't real and it probably is some kids fucking with her family and the cops will take care of it
>getting ready for bed later, feeling really weird, when I look out my window and see Blake out in his backyard
>it's like 10PM, wtf
>watch him take something out to the garden shed, which was raised up a little bit on cinder blocks, and slide it in the space underneath the shed
>next day, get called into the school counselor's office
>counselor says that she knows I'm best friends with Sarai and can I tell her anything about how Sarai has been acting lately and if I thought she might be ok
>ask why
>apparently Sarai tried to commit suicide the night before and was hospitalized, and the counselor wanted to know if I had ever seen her cut herself or if she had been talking about anything that had upset her
>mention the dead pets and that she was pretty upset about that, don't mention the ouija board
>couple days later, ask her mom if I can visit her in the hospital, go up there with them
>Sarai freaks out when she sees me, to the point where the nurses have to restrain her. her wrists and neck are all stitched up. her parents apologize and tell me that she's been talking nonsense ever since the suicide attempt and it's not my fault
>go back home, get to thinking
>wait til I see Blake leave with his mom, then go down to their shed and find the old cash box that Blake had put down there
>open it up
>inside are a couple of hunting knives, some rope, a stained square of moving drop cloth, some candles, various animal bones including what looks like a fresh cat paw
>go back home, tell parents
>parents tell police, but keep my name out of it, cops come and get Blake, I never see him again after that. his parents move out of town shortly after.
>Sarai comes home a couple weeks later, but doesn't come back to school. found out later that her parents had to send her back into a mental hospital
>don't know exactly what happened, whether Blake did something to the animals or hurt Sarai himself, but clearly he was involved somehow
>a week after Blake's parents moved, come home from school and there's a package on the porch. It has my name on it.
>open it
>it's the fucking ouija board set
i am terrible at this but fuck it,
i am autistic

Eyes? What am I expected to do with this?

>Look in mirror
>See I have eyes
>get spooked


>Have to take a shit
>Go to bathroom
>get spooked
C'mon escalators
>My face was so ugly everyone died
I actually want to write a short horror story to submit to a school zine, so this will help me.
interesting roll
Fuck, that doesn't work. Reroll.
That sucks, one more try
Actually I guess I'll keep on going until I get something I like.
Overdone, reroll
J.K. Rolling
rolling for possible inspiration
It wasn't monsters under the bed or spirits on the hall. I woke mid-run, my soft shag carpet replaced with the clean white polymer. It wasn't an ax wielding psycho kicking in my back door or Bloody Mary pulling me through the mirror and out of existence. I tripped and heaved, throwing up gelatinous strings of black eggs and nutritious jelly. They weren't even tall grays or little green men. The deafening scuttling of a billion chitinous legs in the walls told me they knew I was awake and they knew I was running. Another failed host. I saw Earth before they harvested my brain and dissolved my body into animo acids though, that was nice.
ITT: Rollin no content
Rollin' down a river
Bruh I roll in these threads specifically because I can't think of topics on my own. Reroll.
I'm not a fan of trolling, tbh.
bumping, coz I forgot to think up a story
re roll
Rolling. This'll give me something to do in the car
FUCK WHY DO I NEVER GET SOMETHING LIKE 49? reroll, I'll stick to this one no matter it it's shitty or not.
Brilliant idea op, rawlin'
i always have the problem that i tell myself i will roll and make a quick and short creepypasta, then 5000 words/3 pages later i hit myself in the face
How can revenge be 6zbocy9u?
>Natural Disaster

There was no way I'd do it. The mountain always looked so quiet, so peaceful in the distance. I saw it everyday as my parents drove me to school, I went on hikes to it with my buddies almost every month when I was a teenager, I started to practice mountain cycling and one year even won an ATB competition on those solid rock hills. I had plans to one day build a house on it, one where I could see the entire town from my balcony. That mountain was so close to me, and even so, that didn't stop it from betraying me.

I was 19 years old, and had just drove back from college. Listening to some Bob Marley tunes on the stereo as I was parking my second-hand Opel Commodore on the driveway, facing the house's porch, I was surprised by my parents and my sister rushing out of it, desperately carrying a bunch of travelling bags. Dad and sis ran to the Caddy, while mom went to my car's window, with a horrified expression:

"Mike! They just said it's going to happen, let's go!"

"What?! But.. "

"Magmatic activity is off the charts today, the mountain can erupt at any time!"

Erupt? But I've been here my whole life! I can't just leave! This town, this mountain, all of this means so much to me... I don't care if you're afraid, desperately wanting me to go away with the rest of you, I'm staying! I grew up in here, my life is here, this mountain is everything to me. You think you can drag me into your car? Think again, because I'm going to my room, and I'm locking myself, and I'm just going to continue watching the mountain, just like I did every morning when I woke up and looked out of the window. Go ahead dad, drive away and take mother with you, her crying and shouting isn't going to convince me to lefave this place. Neither is that explosion on top of the mountain, much less is the orange liquid dripping out of it, and certainly not that giant black cloud heading in my direction. I was born facing the mountain, and I shall die facing the mountain.
Well, that ended up shit. Also not interested in writing about confusion, so re-rolling.
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I currently have writers block with my story, so fuck it.
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lol, i will probably suck
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rolling x
mundane horror

It was just another day in my kitchen. Made some morning joe, looked up and saw my wife. No man should have to see that.
Take it you're the driver?
I was on my way to my tiny apartment on the southern side of Hyderabad, the sky was dark and the rain was thick, slicking the filthy pavement as i walked. I could smell the curry stained breath of dozens of people crowded the streets, eager to go home after a day of work.
But as i made my way out of the wet brown horde, i could feel the warmth of some person close to my back, for a while i thought it was a fellow apartment dweller. But as i got further away from the main streets, my follower got closer and i could feel his hand on my arm.
The wretch grabbed me and flung me at a pile of flattened cardboard, among other trash.
He threw off his coat, revealing his sweaty, hairy body and red member.
I tried to scream but the bastard taped my mouth, and started to pull my clothes off.
The beast then mounted me, and started to pump frantically, grasping by breasts with groans of delight. I soon fell unconscious at the horror of it all.
When i came to, i was alone and naked, no one even heard my plight!
I got up and cleaned myself, put on my clothes, and walked home, below the ominous clouds.
Eh, I decided to go back to immortality because I'm a cheating, honorless fraud. Ended up kinda shitty and shorter than I wanted. It's still too long to post along with this message, so here it goes.
A man biking in the graveyard at 4 AM. I made it sure there was nobody else; it would have been uncomfortable. A few weeks before, my son asked me to teach him how to bike and it came to me that I didn't knew how to bike myself. I kept making excuses when he asked every few days.

I couldn't practice in public. That'd have been embarassing. So that was the most private place I could think of. It was a small town. Short of necrophiles or grave-robbers, I don't think anybody had any reason to be there at that time.

Everything was going normally. My head was killing me, but that's what I gain for deciding to have so little sleep to go biking. What happened next was far more remarkable.

I heard them, the corpses. I heard them cry to me from the ground; a scream so great, so filled with anger and regret and melancholy, so plagued with disgust that it seemed to make my heart skip a beat and my spirit to tremble in uncertainty. That terrible sound echoed all over the graveyard.

Suddenly I remembered. That was not my child. That was not my bike. I didn't walk to the graveyard early at the morning. It wasn't me who wished him a good night or kissed his forehead, nor who snuck out of the room carefully so as to not disturb who I thought was my wife.

I needed a new body. The one I had was old and decayed, too far underground to be of any use. Then after what seemed like a lifetime someone by sheer chance fell to his death near my tombstone. So I took his shell over. And before his soul could have any leisure, I cut its wings off and made it fall beneath that damned soil, in the decrepit and restless body that used to be mine, and someone else before me.

Those cries, those screams from "beyond", were nothing more that the other ones, who perphaps recognized my essence and lamented their impotence. This man was but another voice in the grim chorus which always was glad to sing for me when I visited.

I chuckled. What a bunch of idiots.
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